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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Rob

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    WWE 12 FAQ
    1. Introduction (INTRO)
    2. Guide Contents (GCON)
    3. Road To WrestleMania Walkthrough (RTWM)
      Villain Story (RTWMV)
        Week 1 - 24 (RTWMV#) ex. Week 1 = RTWMV1 ; Week 11 = RTWMV11
        Bragging Rights (RTWMVBR)
        Survivor Series (RTWMVSS)
        TLC (RTWMVTL)
        Royal Rumble (RTWMVRR)
        Elimination Chamber (RTWMVEC)
        WrestleMania (RTWMVWM)
      Outsider Story (RTWMO)
        Week 1 - 24 (RTWMO#) ex. Week 1 = RTWMO1 ; Week 11 = RTWMO11
        WrestleMania (RTWMOWM)
        Extreme Rules (RTWMOER)
        Over The Limit (RTWMOOT)
        Fatal 4-Way (RTWMOF4)
        Money In The Bank (RTWMOMI)
        SummerSlam (RTWMOSS)
      Hero Story (RTWMH)
        Week 1 - 24 (RTWMH#) ex. Week 1 = RTWMH1 ; Week 11 = RTWMH11
        Survivor Series (RTWMHSS)
        Clash Of The Champions (RTWMHCC)
        Royal Rumble (RTWMHRR)
        Elimination Chamber (RTWMHEC)
        WrestleMania (RTWMHWM)
        StarrCade (RTWMHSC)
    4. Unlockables (ITEMS)
      Superstars (UNLS)
      Arenas (UNLA)
      Titles (UNLT)
      Attires (UNLC)
      Extras (UNLE)
    5. FAQ
      Road To WrestleMania
      (RTWM-A) Why does it keep crashing at Elimination Chamber?
      Universe Mode
      (UNI-A) Why won't Demoliton unlock?  I've won the belts X times already!
    6. Contact Info and Legal Stuff (CONL)
    Thanks for checking out my guide.  I wasn't sure I would do a FAQ for WWE 12
    since the RTWM is 100% linear and the unlockables are automatic but after being
    requested by some users, I decided I may as well.  The Universe Mode
    unlockables were trickier to get as people were unlocking them with different
    methods and many (including myself) were using the Game Guide as our main
    source.  Short version: I made a topic for the unlockables on the X360 and PS3
    WWE 12 boards and my fellow posters were very helpful in working out the kinks
    in the Universe unlockables. My final findings after many save file deletions
    are below.  Special thanks to Hellion_Claire for being my PS3 tester.
    Usual stuff with any FAQ, please no hate mail, feel free to email questions you
    need answered, I might add them and of course let me know of any mistakes you
    come across.  All this information was acquired on my own through trial and
    error and assistance on the GF message boards, especially for the Universe Mode
    unlockables.  Nobody contributed directly to this FAQ and no other sources were
    copied, however I have asked questions on the boards and used other sources to
    assist me in writing this.
    Also, my apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes.  I use spellcheck
    frequently but stuff always slips through the cracks.  Please let me know if
    a mistake makes something difficult to understand.  As with my previous FAQ,
    this guide is written solely for GameFAQs and only GameFAQs has the right to
    host it.
    The different sections of this guide are meant to make your navigation easier.
    Section 3 is a detailed outline Road To WrestleMania (you will see SPOILERS).
    Please note that Outsider Story tags are using the letter O, NOT a zero (0).
    Section 4 is a list of unlockables in the same order they're listed in-game.
    Section 5 will contain a FAQ with some glitches and fixes and Section 6 is for
    legal stuff and contact information in case you want to help out (be sure to
    include your name or GameFAQs nickname so you can be credited).
    You start in control of John Cena after a real movie-like opening.  This should
    be good.  There's nothing to see back here so good left and up to James.
    Little segment with Big Show and Jack Swagger on your way to the ring.  John
    Cena walks out for his match with Undertaker and you are now in control of
    Sheamus, thus beginning the Villain Storyline.
    Week 1 (RTWMV1) 
    As Sheamus you are attacking John Cena, for reasons yet unknown.  There's
    really no point to wrestling right now, just irish whip him up the stage and
    use your finisher button when prompted for the cutscene.
      Match: Singles vs. Daniel Bryan 
    This is just a regular singles match, no cutscenes or anything so just finish
    off Daniel Bryan and you'll move to next week.
    Week 2 (RTWMV2)
    Sheamus will kick things off with a promo about wanting a title shot when he
    interrupted by Bragging Rights Team Smackdown.  He'll run up the ramp and Wade
    Barrett is volunteered for the brawl.  
      Match: Brawl vs. Wade Barrett
    After a few hits you can use your finisher button to trigger the cutscene.
      Match: 6-Man Tag w/ William Regal & Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz, Wade Barrett &
      Jack Swagger
    Objective: Weaken The Miz.  Okay, so you just need to beat on him for a while
    until he's critical; around the time you hit a finisher you should be close.
    He'll start reversing everything and trying to run to his corner; LET HIM.
    You can't pin him anyway for storyline reasons.
    Cutscene: The Miz ignores Barrett and tags Swagger.
    Objective: Defeat Swagger.  Continue beating on Jack until eventually you get
    another finisher button prompt.  Cutscene of Jack ignoring Barrett and tagging
    Miz, prompting Barrett to knock them both out with his magical fists.  Pinfall
    and win.  I can see this prompting situation is going to make for a long RTWM.
    Week 3 (RTWMV3)
      Match: Singles vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
    This is just a regular singles match, so just finish off Cody and move on.
    Week 4 (RTWMV4)
      Match: 6-Man Tag w/ William Regal & Drew McIntyre vs. Edge, Mark Henry &
      Alberto Del Rio.
    This is just a regular 6-man tag.  Luckily the partners don't interfere too
    much so you shouldn't have much trouble finishing this one.  After the match
    you get a cutscene of Edge and Sheamus staring each other down when Triple H
    interrupts and says to save it for Team SD.
    Bragging Rights (RTWMVBR)
      Match: 14-Man Tag w/ Mark Henry, William Regal, Alberto Del Rio, Triple H,
      Drew McIntyre & Edge vs. Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Big Show, Randy
      Orton, Rey Mysterio & Wade Barrett.
    Well, unfortunately THQ will not give us more than 6 on screen at one time so
    you guessed it: cutscenes.  You can't lose, you can't get DQed and nobody will
    tag out or interfere so it's only the people in the ring (unless noted).  I
    just wailed on Cody Rhodes and eliminated him; he doesn't try to tag out and
    nobody tries to stop the count.  Simple.
    Cutscene: Big Show enters the ring (who has replaced the fallen the pinned man
    in the 6-man format) and he eliminates Mark Henry and William Regal.  Alberto
    Del Rio and Triple H come out to replace them (off screen). 
    Objective: Finish Big Show.  Sounds simple but he's actual quite challenging
    for Alberto.  It took me until my second signature to get Big Show beaten
    enough for the cutscene prompt.
    Cutscene:  Big Show reverses Alberto's finisher and eliminates him.
    Objective: Finish Big Show.  WTF was that?  Anyway, again start beating on a
    refreshed Big Show; luckily you get your prompt much quicker this time.
    Cutscene:  Triple H and Drew McIntyre come in to help finish Big Show who is
    defeating by, of all things, a 3-man suplex.  Not that Alberto or Sheamus did
    anything more powerful than that by themselves, right?  Randy replaces 
    Big Show.
    Objective: Finish Randy or Miz.  Okay, so you're controlling Triple H now.
    Continue beating your opponents as you have been all match (and letting the
    cutscenes tell the story).  
    Cutscene:  Facing Randy in the ring, he will accidently hit the ref.  Miz
    throws him a chair and the ref, seeing this, DQs Randy.  Miz finishes off
    Triple H, but Drew hits the SCF on Miz and now we're all tied up.  (Note: if
    you get the prompt with Miz, the cutscene starts with Randy tagging Miz out and
    then the original cutscene starts so it makes no difference really.)
    Objective: Defeat Rey Mysterio.  You're controlling Drew McIntyre now.  Beat on
    Rey until you get the prompt.
    Cutscene:  Drew slaps Rey, Rey kicks him, 619, Drew is out.  You know, I don't
    like beating somebody just so I can lose.  Anyway, I'm not saying another word
    about this BS.  So now it's just a regular match.  Nobody will interfere, you
    still can't tag out, so controlling Sheamus, just defeat Rey.  After the
    Cutscene: Wade and Jack stare down Sheamus and Edge, then Wade and Sheamus turn
    and beat the crap out of Jack and Edge.  Drew and Regal return and the four
    leave the ring together.  I think Sheamus patting Wade on the shoulder was a
    nice touch, don't you?
    Week 5 (RTWMV5)
    Cutscene:  Edge informs Sheamus there's another match coming up to determine
    number one contenders but attacks Sheamus now.
      Match: Singles Backstage Brawl vs. Edge
    Objective: Wear down Edge and finish him near the arena entrance.  You might as
    well just duke it out where you stand, and once you get the prompt move down
    the area that's lit pink (just south of where the bout started) and do it there
    for another quick cutscene.
      Match: Handicap Backstage Brawl vs. Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger
    Objective: Wear down Jack and Alberto and hit the prompt near the entrance on
    the last man.  Pretty much, after a short beating, I hit the prompt and it
    threw Alberto into the crates.  I then had to attempt a grapple in order to
    perform the same boot from the end of Edge's fight (which was cutscene).
    Afterwards, hit the prompt on your last foe in the designated area and cutscene
    Week 6 (RTWMV6)
      Match: Singles vs. Alberto Del Rio
    This is just a regular 1-on-1 match.  No prompts, nothing fancy, just beat Del
    Rio and move on to next week.  Must win.
    Week 7 (RTWMV7)
      Match: Tag w/ Wade Barrett vs. Big Show & Jack Swagger
    You start out as Barrett and you won't be able to pin anybody or lose.
    Basically you need to beat both of your opponents until you get the prompt.
    When one starts reversing everything, leave him alone and he'll run to his
    corner and tag his partner.  After another beating you should get the prompt
    and a cutscene of Big Show making a statement.
    Week 8 (RTWMV8)
    So you start out in Sheamus's locker room.  Nothing to see here so leave and
    Regal will tell you to come to the garage and beat up Big Show.  Turn right and
    follow the corridor.
      Match: Handicap Backstage Brawl w/ Wade Barrett vs. Big Show
    You'll get a prompt fairly quickly here to slam Big Show into the crates.
    Cutscene: Big Show knocks out Barrett.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Big Show
    Punch and stuff for a little while and you'll get another prompt.
    Cutscene: Sheamus slams Big Show's arm in a car door.  And that's it.  I think
    I spent more time trying to get to the garage than I did in both these
    Survivor Series (RTWMVSS)
      Match: 6-man Tag w/ Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett vs. Jack Swagger, Alberto
      Del Rio & Edge
    Objective: Defeat Jack and Alberto.  Regal is sitting this one out because Big
    Show is injured so you'll get some funny commentary from Regal.  He also
    reveals their faction is called the United Kingdom (classic).  Drew is stuck in
    there by himself, you can tag out (uh oh) and Jack and Alberto will tag out
    each other but never Edge (unless it screws up).  Anyway, there's nothing
    really to, beat them both.
    Cutscene:  Big Show enters and pins Drew.  So now it's 2-on-2.
    Objective: Defeat Big Show.  Beat him until you get the prompt.
    Cutscene:  Big Show throws Barrett out of the match, apparently knocking him
    unconscious (?), Regal gets a chair to the head (unconscious), and Sheamus
    knocks out Show with a big boot.
    Objective: Finish Edge.  Now it's down to you and Edge.  He had a finisher upon
    entering the ring so I was careful about my reversal but since I never stole it
    I'm assuming he never tried to use it.  Anyway, building up to your finisher
    should be enough to get the prompt.
    Cutscene:  United Kingdom with the victory.  What is gonna happen next?
    Week 9 (RTWMV9)
    John Cena is talking about TLC and facing Sheamus when Sheamus runs out.  Kofi
    interrupts and puts his title on the line against Sheamus.
      Match: Singles vs. Kofi Kingston (U.S. Title Match)
    No objective here or anything, just beat up Kofi, pin and you are the new
    champ.  You can't lose, and it might have been me but I had a fair bit of
    trouble reversing Kofi's moves.  Took two finishers but I got the pinfall.
    For being so reluctant, Sheamus sure is happy with that belt.
    Week 10 (RTWMV10)
    The United Kingdom get things started with a pretty funny segment
    re-introducing the European championship.  I never understood why they got rid
    of it to begin with but anyway.  Drew steps in it with Rey and he's got himself
    a match at TLC, much to his distress.
      Match: Tornado Tag w/ Drew McIntyre vs. Rey Mysterio & John Cena
    Beat your opponents until you get a prompt.  I focused on Rey and got my prompt
    after hitting my sig.
    Cutscene: Cena will hit the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus will knock out the
    ref in the process.  Barrett lays out Cena, throws Sheamus on top of him and
    the ref makes the count.  Finally beating somebody up and using the prompt
    actually results in a win.
    Week 11 (RTWMV11)
    So you start off backstage, looking for The Undertaker.  Follow Barrett and
    you'll get to his lockerroom.  You'll see Ted and Cody on the way put you can't
    talk to them or anything, so just follow Wade.  Cutscene, Wade is knocked out
    and you are left alone with Taker.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. The Undertaker
    Objective: Finish Undertaker near his lockerroom.  Well, you might as stay in
    that corridor for this fight.  It's not difficult but I would like to mention
    that Sheamus ended up going through the wall at one point.  Taker couldn't find
    him but luckily I was able to move right back into the corridor and everything
    resumed as normal.  Build up to your prompt.
    Cutscene:  Kane runs up with a chokeslam and changes you both to a tag match.
      Match: Tag w/ Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker & Kane
    Beat up your opponent until you get the prompt; you can't pin.  You must be
    getting used to that now.  Talk about repetitive.
    Cutscene: Your opponent goes for chokeslam, Barrett hits him with a belt and he
    and Sheamus take off. 
    Week 12 (RTWMV12)
      Match: Mixed 6-Person Tag, Layla w/ William Regal & Drew McIntyre vs. 
      Natalya, Ezekiel Jackson & Christian
    You should be able to finish this one with Layla if you keep on top of Natalya.
    The AI is smarter than last year so the guys most likely won't get DQed and
    thankfully this is a regular tag match, so go ahead, get the pinfall or
    submission and enjoy this rarity.
      Match: TLC vs. John Cena (World HW Title Match)
    So apparently Wade beat Undertaker for the WWE title, and Drew/Regal won the
    Tag belts AND Drew won the IC belt.  Pretty impressive.  On to your match, you
    must win (shock!).  There's no objective but this is a prompt match so bother
    pulling on the belt, it'll do you no good (tugged on it over 20 times, no
    dice).  Around my second finisher I got the prompt so you need to wear him down
    a lot.  United Kingdom is now on top.
    Week 13 (RTWMV13)
    United Kingdom debuts their new music and talk about being the greatest faction
    in history.  Honestly, a month old faction of 4 winning 5 different titles
    could make such a claim, but Arn Anderson takes exception to that and he's
    supporting Cena, who is cashing in his rematch clause right now.
      Match: Singles vs. John Cena (World HW Title Match)
    Cena is actually fairly easier than he was in the TLC match so have at it until
    you get the prompt (should be your first finisher).  
    Cutscene: Sheamus gets hit with an AA but hits the ref while counting.  Drew
    runs in, Arn runs in, mayhem ensues.  Cena hits the AA, 1-2-thr... Drew pulls
    the ref outside.  Arn goes back at Drew but the ref is forced to DQ Sheamus.
    (I can't help but think I've seen this on tv before.)
    Week 14 (RTWMV14)
    This week opens with a quick promo from Sheamus, and we find out Regal/McIntyre
    are defending their tag titles tonight.  To make matters worse, U.K. is banned
    from ringside.  Kofi throws out some witty comments at the pigmently-challenged
      Match: Tag, Drew McIntyre & William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston & Daniel Bryan
      (Unified Tag Team Title Match)
    Objective: Weaken Daniel Bryan.  You can actually tag your partner here so feel
    free to switch out if desired.  Right now your main goal is to beat down Daniel
    Bryan until he starts reversing everything and running to his corner.  Let him
    tag out.
    Objective: Defeat Kofi as William Regal.  No matter who you beat him up with,
    you'll only get the prompt as Regal.
    Cutscene: Kofi reverses, Power of the Punch from Regal and a 3-count.  Arn runs
    out to show the ref the Brass Knuckles and the ref reverses his decision but it
    doesn't really matter because U.K. still has all the gold.  I have a bad
    feeling about RR coming up.
    Week 15 (RTWMV15)
    Welcome to The Cutting Edge.  Our first guest, Mr Arn Anderson.  Our second and
    third guests, Wade Barrett and Sheamus.  You can see where this is going...
      Match: In-Ring Brawl w/ Wade Barrett vs. Arn Anderson
    Beat on him a bit and you'll get your prompt fairly quickly.  
    Cutscene: Edge will congratulate you but you'll have no part of a non-U.K.-er.
      Match: In-Ring Brawl w/ Wade Barrett vs. Edge.
    Funny but you should actually get the prompt faster than you did with Arn.
    Another cutscene of U.K. making a point and that's all, folks.
    Week 16 (RTWMV16)
      Match: 6-man Tag w/ Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre vs. Arn Anderson, John Cena
      & Edge
    Objective: Weaken Arn.  Best thing about this match is that you can tag but
    your opponents won't (kind of). Same as usual, weaken Arn until he reverses
    EVERYTHING and let him tag out.
    Objective: Keep attacking Cena.  I guess they're trying to be creative with
    their wording.  Anyway, attack Cena until he starts reversing everything, then
    let him tag out.
    Objective: Finish Edge.  I'm not sure how many times "Finish" has actually
    resulted in winning the match... this time is no exception.  Destroy Edge until
    you get your prompt.  It doesn't matter which superstar you're using.
    Cutscene: Edge reverses into a floating DDT; unfortunately your teammates are
    preoccupied outside the ring and unable to assist.  Spear and done.  After all
    those beatings you still lose.
    Royal Rumble (RTWMVRR)
    Well, we begin the event by seeing that Triple H has won the rumble.  This
    should make for an interesting WM.  Sheamus will come out to congratulate him.
      Match: In-Ring Brawl vs. Triple H
    Beat him until you get the prompt and Cena will run out.
      Match: Singles vs. John Cena (World HW Title Match)
    Objective: Finish Cena.  Arn is playing "Enforcer" (shameless plug) to keep
    U.K. members from ringside so I don't recommend venturing outside; he'll
    actually walk around on the apron as well so be careful of that.  Otherwise,
    same as usual, Cena isn't very difficult here, though it seemed like it took
    unusually long to build up my finisher.  When I hit the prompt the scene didn't
    change right away but then a cutscene kicked in.
    Cutscene: Cena reverses into an STF, Sheamus crawls to the ropes, then outside.
    He grabs a chair, Arn stops him and Cena lifts up Sheamus for AA outside the
    ring.  Arn hits Cena with the chair, Sheamus gets the 3-count.  I honestly did
    not see that coming; considering the first 16 weeks I didn't think this RTWM
    had it in it.  Pleasantly surprised.
    Week 18 (RTWMV18)
    As Arn and Edge alluded to, U.K. is breaking up their team for a better shot at
    successfully defending their titles at Elimination Chamber.  First up:
      Match: William Regal vs. Daniel Bryan
    Very straight forward match.  No tricks or anything, just beat Daniel and
    celebrate with Sheamus.  Regal is actually in Barrett's match tho so let's see
    what happens next week for Sheamus.
    Unlockable (Attire): Sheamus With Suit
    Week 19 (RTWMV19)
    RAW has a surprise:  Finally The Miz... has come back... to... oh wait, wrong
    THE.  Anyway, Miz wants his shot at the Elimination Chamber, so here goes.
      Match: Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz
    So apparently whatever Miz says, goes because Barrett has left ringside.  Well,
    there's no objective but any pinfall attempt just picks Miz off the mat so beat
    him until you get a prompt.  I actually found Miz reversed a fair bit in the
    match but it's nothing too troublesome.
    Cutscene:  The ref gets knocked out, Barrett hits McIntyre with the big boot by
    mistake and The Miz is going to Elimination Chamber.  Sorry Sheamus...
    Unlockable (Attire): Wade Barrett With Suit
    Week 20 (RTWMV20)
    Sheamus throws Wade up against the wall but Regal is there to calm everything
    down and figure out a solution.  Alberto Del Rio is outside their lockerroom so
    Regal suggests they take him out which should also put McIntyre back in the
      Match: Backstage Brawl w/ Wade Barrett & William Regal vs. Alberto Del Rio
    Same as usual; get Del Rio down to that area that's lit up purple and beat him
    until you get the prompt.  This would be easier by yourself because you may
    find Regal and Barrett just getting in the way but, you know, for the
    storyline.  Ugh... just keep at it, it's not too painful.
    Custcene: Uh oh, dissension.
    Elimination Chamber (RTWMVEC)
    Regal and Sheamus are there to congratulate Barrett on his world title
    defense... or are they?  Dun-dun-duhhh... no surprise there.
      Match: Elimination Chamber vs. John Cena, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth &
      Drew McIntyre (WWE Title)
    So you start off with John Cena.  Beat him for a while and The Miz will enter.
    Objective: Defeat The Miz before the next pod opens.  You shouldn't have any
    problem here since Cena pretty well ignores you.  You'll get the prompt after
    he's damaged enough.  Cutscene of him being eliminated and then it's you and
    Cena again.  Cena is still damaged, continue his pounding until Bryan enters.
    Objective: Defeat Daniel Bryan outside the ring.  Beat him until you see the
    prompt, then move him outside (if you're still in the ring) and cutscene.
    Continue pounding on Cena until R-Truth joins the match.
    Objective: Defeat R-Truth in the Ring.  The fact that Cena is getting saved for
    what I'm assuming is last makes me thinks Drew is going to cost Sheamus the
    match.  Let's see.  I had a sig built up by the time R-Truth joined in, and
    after hitting my sign and finisher only, I received the prompt so it's
    happening pretty quickly.  Cutscene.  
    Objective: Defeat John Cena before the next pods opens.  Oh well.  There goes
    that theory.  Continue beating on Cena AGAIN until you get the prompt.
    Cutscene:  Cena fights back and McIntyre pretends to go after Sheamus but
    Future Shocks Cena instead. 1-2-3.  Barrett then comes up through the floor and
    knocks out Sheamus then gives McIntyre the World title.  Well, we knew Sheamus
    wouldn't be leaving with the title.  This has to be the fastest implosion ever.
    Week 21 (RTWMV21)
    Move Sheamus out of the lockerroom and towards Wade who's doing an interview.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Wade Barrett
    Objective: Defeat Wade to the right of the vending machine.  Same as the
    others, just beat him enough until you see the prompt.  You should already be
    to the right of the vending machine so if you stay around here you should be
    okay.  Cutscene of Sheamus showing up how stupid he is.
    Week 22 (RTWMV22)
    If you listen to the commentary before the week starts you'll find out that
    U.K. is involved in a Fatal 4-way match at WM for all the gold.  Meaning
    whoever wins gets all the belts.  Which is crazy.  Sucks for Drew since he has
    three of them himself.  And how does one person holds the tag titles?  With
    some degree of difficulty I would wager.  And what about Triple H's title shot?
    Anyway, Sheamus needs to go track down Regal. Move out of the lockerroom, and
    towards that hallway with all the doors (right, then right).  You can't talk or
    interact with anybody so just move along.  It's the door on the right.
    Cutscene: Sheamus and Regal come to an understanding, then Drew and Barrett
    show up.
      Match:  Backstage Brawl w/ William Regal vs. Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre
    Same as always.  Get one of them to the right of the vending machine and hit
    the prompt.  You know, I think I would rather have all that pointless backstage
    exploration back (from 2011) then have to do these for the next 48 weeks.
    Anyway, you can slam one of their heads in the door on the left of the vending
    machine to knock him out, then get the remaining man near the purple area.  One
    thing I should point out, the prompt pretty much just throws him against the
    crates and you need to grapple or attack him to get the ending cutscene, so you
    can end this without using the prompt.  I'm sure you figured this out by now,
    just thought I'd mention it.
    Week 23 (RTWMV23)
      Match: Tag w/ William Regal vs. Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre
    You should be able to end this one with Barrett still in there.  The other man
    doesn't break up pins so just beat him until you get the victory.
    WrestleMania (RTWMVWM)
      Match: Fatal 4-Way vs. William Regal, Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre
    This match is an elimination, falls count anywhere match as well, so it's
    divided up.  
    Objective: Defeat William Regal in the ring.  Focus your attention on Regal and
    you should get a prompt around the time you get a sig or finisher.  Cutscene of
    betraying Regal and the others are running away.  Chase McIntyre to the garage
    (which is down past Big Show).
    Objective: Defeat Drew McIntyre in the garage.  Again, you don't need to
    actually use the prompt button, you just need it to be there.  Anyway, cutscene
    and now we're chasing Barrett.  Just go back towards the entrance and you'll
    get a cutscene of Barrett jumping you from inside the ambulance.
    Objective:  Defeat Wade Barrett near the entrance.  Here, I got the prompt
    which slammed Barrett's head into the crates but it didn't end it.  I had to
    hit prompt again which triggered the cutscene.
    Cutscene:  Barrett goes for wasteland into a light, but Sheamus reverses and
    Barrett ends up in the spot light.  As the ref is putting all the belts on
    Sheamus the announcer calls the next match... for the WWE Championship!
    Triple H attacks Sheamus and brings him to the ring.
    Unlockable (Extra):  Outsider Story.
    *This FAQ was written as I was going through RTWM for the first time. This
    comment was added after completion because I thought it was necessary to
    prepare you.  Triple H's RTWM is very tedious and annoying.  You will be doing
    the same thing many times and have many pointless matches/brawls, but stick
    with it and the Hero Story (as well as unlockables) will make up for it.
    You are now controlling Triple H who has his sights set on Sheamus's WWE title.
      Match: Singles vs. Sheamus (WWE title)
    This should be quick; after a few punches I hit Sheamus with the WWE title and
    received the prompt.
    Week 1 (RTWMO1)
    Triple H starts out with a promo that Miz interrupts.  Tonight begins the KotR
    tournament that he plans on winning at Extreme Rules.  Triple H is also
    included with his qualifier right now.
      Match: Singles vs. Zack Ryder
    Standard match.  No prompt or anything, just beat Zack as usual.  I found Ryder
    actually reversed a fair bit here but nothing difficult.
    Week 2 (RTWMO2)
      Match: Singles No DQ vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Standard match.  No prompt or anything and actually easier than Ryder.
    Week 3 (RTWMO3)
      Match: Singles Table vs. Jack Swagger
    Nothing fancy, again no prompt.  I find Tables matches are easiest by leaning
    against the ropes and throwing your opponent into them rather than having to
    drag them to a table that's setup.  Build up to you sig, finish him, cutscene.
    Week 4 (RTWMO4)
    RAW Finals. 
      Match: Steel Cage vs. The Miz
    Objective: Weaken The Miz.  You know what this means: prompt.  This match
    should be your easiest so far; you should get your prompt by the time you have
    a finisher.
    Cutscene:  Miz, Swagger and Ziggler handcuff Triple H to the cage and beat on
    his knee with a steel chair.
    Week 53/WrestleMania (RTWMOWM)
    Really!  Enjoy the cutscene.
    Week 5 (RTWMO5)
    Well, let's just keep this by the game's count.  Triple H is back after almost
    a year off, and he's feeling a little off his game.  While looking for his
    lockerroom (which is North of the arena entrance) he'll have a little
    confrontation with the NEW King of Kings.  He'll call an old friend for a
    little pep talk and that's where we have a stupidity.  Apparently he doesn't
    really the person he's talking to is standing next to him, then BOOM, Jackknife
    in the lockerroom and Kevin Nash seemingly disappears.  Maybe this was meant to
    be in his head or something but either way they failed miserably.  Triple H
    heads out of his lockerroom to see that Ziggler has spray painted SUX under
    Triple H's name plate (the one that wasn't there while we looked for the
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Did this match a few times and Ziggler reversed like crazy out of the gate but
    once I got some offense going he quickly went down.  Once the prompt is there,
    get him thrown into the environment and grapple to finish him off.
      Match: Brawl vs. Chavo Guerrero & Ezekiel Jackson
    Objective: Defeat Chavo and Zeke, beat the last man in the ring.  A couple
    grapple moves will usually keep one man down long enough to punish the other.
    This is pretty easy and you'll get a prompt quickly.  After the first man is
    down, get in the ring and beat the other until you get the prompt.  Cutscene.
    Week 6 (RTWMO6)
    Leave your lockerroom and you'll get a cutscene with Orton and Henry.  Orton
    tells Triple H that Miz and his "cronies" are making life hell on SD so he
    wants them to work together until that situation is resolved.  Triple H blows
    him off (no surprise).
      Match: Singles vs. John Morrison
    Standard match, no prompt.
    Week 7 (RTWMO7)
      Match:  Singles vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Standard match, no prompt.  Ziggler actually poses a challenge this match
    because he reversed me like crazy.  If he didn't have his sig built up by the
    time I hit mine I'd say he was close.  If I retried it might be different
    though so you may have an easier time.'
    Week 8 (RTWMO8)
    Cutscene: Miz and Randy Orton signing the contract for the WWE title match at
    Extreme Rules when Triple H's music hits.
      Match: Brawl vs. Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder
    Objective: Knock out Rhodes, Ziggler and Ryder and finish the last man on the
    side of the ring with the ramp.  This is much easier than it first appears.  A
    couple of grapples and each man will stay on the mat for longer than typical.
    Also, it doesn't take much damage to get the prompt so hit each one as you can.
    Remember you must finish the last one on the side of the ring with the ramp
    (left side).
    Cutscene: Triple H wants in on the title match, The Miz is more than happy to
    oblige (something's up) so Randy agrees.  Ziggler puts himself through a table
    in a bad attempt at humour.
    Extreme Rules (RTWMOER)
      Match: Triple Threat vs. The Miz & Randy Orton (WWE Title)
    Objective:  Defeat Randy Orton.  Okay, so you know that means prompt.  Now,
    this is actually a very quick match.  I used several taunts to get my sig
    quickly and hit both on Orton and the prompt was up.
    Cutscene:  Ziggler and Swagger attack Triple H while Orton pins The Miz.  They
    handcuff him and attack Orton while Miz recovers.  Miz orders them to get the
    steel steps but while he's carrying them towards Triple H, Orton dives at him,
    taking out his leg resulting in the steps falling on The Miz.
    Week 9 (RTWMO9)
    Cutscene: Triple H complains about Randy when Miz shows up in a wheelchair with
    some interesting news.
    Week 10 (RTWMO10)
    Cutscene:  Miz wants to give Triple H his title shot at Orton when Edge
    complains about Triple H getting so many opportunities.  The Miz makes a #1
    Contender's match instead.
      Match: Singles vs. Edge
    No objective here but you will have to wait for the prompt.  Edge isn't
    difficult but I had to wait until after a few grapples after I hit my finisher
    to get the prompt.
    Cutscene: Edge reverses the Pedigree into a Small Package but Ziggler runs out
    and rolls them over so Triple H has Edge pinned. 1-2-3, nobody knows what
    happened but Triple H is the #1 Contender.
    Week 11 (RTWMO11)
    Cutscene: Edge is doing a promo, accusing Triple H of being in cahoots with The
    Miz.  He calls out Triple H but gets attacked by the "mizfits".
      Match: Brawl vs. Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder & Jack Swagger
    Objective: Hit all opponents with a finisher.  This is pretty easy because even
    though there's an extra guy this time, Edge is there to help occupy them.  Edge
    will even (sometimes) hit a finisher if a guy has a prompt icon over his head.
    Worse thing about Edge though is he might get in the way when you're down to
    one.  Oh well.  Took me about an extra minute to end it thanks to his "help".
    Cutscene: Orton hits Triple H with an RKO.
    Week 12 (RTWMO12)
      Match: Tag w/ Edge vs. R-Truth & Randy Orton
    Objective: Defeat Randy Orton in the ring.  Beat up R-Truth until he tags in
    Orton, let him because you can't pin R-Truth anyway.   Continue beating Orton
    until you get the prompt, doesn't matter if you're Edge or Triple H.
    Cutscene:  The mizfits attack and Triple H follows Cody Rhodes backstage.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Cody Rhodes
    Okay, so you should have these down pat by now so I'm not going to describe
    them in any great detail unless there's something different about it.  Anyway,
    finish Cody, doesn't matter where this time.
    Over The Limit (RTWMOOT)
      Match: Singles vs. Randy Orton  (WWE Title)
    Beat Randy until part of him is red to get the prompt.  This might take until
    you get your second sig, maybe sooner.
    Cutscene:  Ziggler goes after Triple H with the handcuffs but Triple H catches
    him and uses it to strangle him.  Kane comes in with a chair but Edge spears
    him to save Triple H.  Match ends in a draw.
    Week 13 (RTWMO13)
    The Miz gets to choose one of Randy's opponent at Fatal 4-Way and the other two
    will be decided in qualifier matches.  Also, his contract will be terminated if
    he interferes in any more PPV matches.  Sweet.
      Match: Triple Threat vs. R-Truth & Cody Rhodes
    Triple Threat and Four-Way matches tend to take a while longer than typical.
    This one is no exception, you'll need to wear both opponent down until you can
    get the pinfall.  To avoid having the pinfall broken up, knock one opponent
    down, throw the other from the ring, then go for the pin on the other man.
    Simple but you can't do it early.
    Week 14 (RTWMO14)
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Kane
    Objective: Finish off Kane near the arena entrance.  You know, that purple/pink
    lit area.  Kane reversed like crazy with me and had me beaten to the point of
    being able to end the match before I had him to that point so this one may be
    difficult unless you keep at him.
    Cutscene: Kane chokeslams you onto the concrete floor and tells that he's Miz's
    hand picked man for the WWE Championship match.  So that whole thing was
    Week 15 (RTWMO15)
    Edge will call Triple H and ask him to keep the mizfits from interfering in his
    match.  Triple H agrees and walks out of his dressing room to issue the
    challenge to his awaiting audience.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes
    No trouble since the prompts come quickly and the guys stay down longer, as is
    custom.  Once the match is over Triple H will ever Cole/Lawler saying Edge has
    won his spot in the match.
    Week 16 (RTWMO16)
      Match: Triple Threat vs. Edge & Randy Orton
    No objective here but you can't pin, you just need to beat them until you get
    the prompt.  Ziggler and Rhodes run down to attack Orton and Triple H chases
    Ziggler to the back.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Objective: Defeat Ziggler to the right of the vending machine.  As usual.  THQ
    didn't really think this through before they did it.  Anyway, no surprises here
    Afterwards, R-Truth will run up and say they were attacked by the mizfits.
    Once he approaches the lockerroom, Kane busts the door open, knocking out
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Kane & Jack Swagger
    They stay down longer than usual once they start getting some damage so keep at
    them and you can finish them off anywhere, doesn't need to be the entrance
    Fatal 4-Way (RTWMOF4)
      Match: Fatal 4-Way vs. Randy Orton, Kane & Edge (WWE Title)
    Objective: Weaken all opponents.  You need to get all of them in the red, so
    try to focus on one area of one opponent, then move to the next.  Once they
    start staying down for extended periods you should be clear to move on.  They
    will try to escape during the match so you'll need to keep an eye on that as
    well.  Once all three have beaten enough you'll get the prompt.
    Cutscene: R-Truth climbs the outside of the cage to assist Orton but instead
    slams his head into the cage.  Edge spears Triple H and gets the 3-count while
    Kane watches, the two hoist Orton and HHH on their shoulders and R-Truth hits a
    double Doomsday Device from the top of the cage.  Epic.
    Week 17 (RTWMO17)
      Match: Handicap vs. Kane & R-Truth
    Actually easy considering because the other man won't interrupt pinfalls.  Try
    to keep R-Truth in the ring and wear him down, as usual if your pinfalls are
    being broken up, hit your finisher, knock the illegal man off the apron and
    quickly go for the cover.
    Week 18 (RTWMO18)
    Triple H starts with a promo telling Edge he's getting a rematch at Money 
    The Bank.  Miz comes out explains Edge was smart for teaming with him and
    received the title as a result.  Edge comes out in a wheelchair and says he'd
    give HHH that title shot IF he didn't sprain his ankle.  Triple H runs up the
    ramp after them but the mizfits intercede.
      Match: Brawl vs. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes & Zack Ryder
    This is as easy as the previous ones.  Just beat them until you get the prompts
    and finish it.  Simple.
    Week 20 (RTWMO20)
    Triple H is doing another promo when Miz interrupts and gives him an
    opportunity at MitB IF he can defeat Randy Orton.
      Match: Singles vs. Randy Orton
    This was easy until I hit my finisher.  Orton kicked out at 2 and then started
    reversing me like crazy and my reversals were suddenly harder to time.  Anyway,
    another Pedigree got the 3-count.
    Money In The Bank (RTWMOMI)
      Match: Money In The Bank vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger &
    Guess you saw this coming as well.  Anyway, you'll have automatic sig/finisher
    the whole time but what you need to do is get up that ladder and grab the title
    to initiate a cutscene.
    Cutscene: Paramedics will take Ziggler away but Swagger will knock you off the
    Objective: Hit everybody with a finisher.  Make sure nobody gets at the
    briefcase too long, you can even knock over the ladder and bring it outside if
    you want.  It's not difficult to hit your finisher and it'll keep them down so
    it gets easier everytime.
    Cutscene: Triple H is climbing the ladder and Miz is ringside watching.  He
    panics and jumps out of his wheelchair, knocks HHH to the outside, then carries
    R-Truth up the ladder for the win.  Wonder if he'll be fired?
    Week 21 (RTWMO21)
    The Miz, Edge and R-Truth are having fun in the ring when Triple H comes out
    with his sledgehammer.
      Match: Brawl vs. Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger
    Objective: Hit you opponents with the sledgehammer near the ramp.  Really,
    that's all you have to do: one sledgehammer shot and he's down (times 4).
    Simpler than simple.
    Cutscene: Triple H hits Edge and R-Truth with the sledgehammer, then tells Miz
    that since he lost his GM job, Triple H got him his old job back, as well as
    getting him in the WWE title match at SummerSlam.  Then some Sledgehammer in
    the face.  Awesome!
    Week 22 (RTWMO22)
      Match: Tag w/ Randy Orton vs. Edge & The Miz
    Objective: Defeat your opponents as Triple H.  If you want, try to tag Randy
    before the prompt a little cutscene, but you're doing this alone.  You can't
    pin Edge so, as we've done before, weaken him until he starts reversing
    everything, then let him tag out.  Beat Miz until you get a prompt.
    Cutscene: Randy begs for a tag and Triple H gives in, only to be RKOed.  Randy
    leaves resulting in a loss by countout.
    Week 23 (RTWMO23)
      Match: Singles vs. Randy Orton
    Beat Randy until you get a prompt.  The ring will be surrounded by mizfits and
    you'll need to clear them out together.
      Match: Brawl w/ Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth & Kane
    Objective: Defeat all opponents with a finisher, finishing the last man near
    the ramp.  You may recall you did this with Edge a while back.  Same thing here
    beat them until you get a prompt, hit the finisher, move on.  Last one needs to
    be outside the ring on the ramp side.
    Cutscene: Orton offers Triple H his hand which HHH accepts but then pedigrees
    Orton.  You knew that was going to happen.
    Week 24 (RTWMO24)
    The WWE title match is a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Last Man Standing Match.
    Triple H and Miz do a promo, then HHH follows Miz backstage.  Run to the garage
    where Miz will jump you; the garage is down past Zeke if you forgotten.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. The Miz
    Beat Miz until you get the prompt.  He'll jump in his car and drive off.
    SummerSlam (RTWMOSS)
    The Miz enters with Triple H's throne and his King of Kings theme.  Guess
    that's unlocked now.
      Match: Fatal 4-Way Elimination Last Man Standing vs. Edge, The Miz, Randy
    Objective:  Finish off Randy Orton in the ring.  Okay, so this will apparently
    be very similar to the Villain RTWM.  Anyway, focus your attention on Randy.
    You should get the prompt around the time you receive a second sig/finisher.
    Cutscene of DDTing Randy outside, and he's out.
    Objective: Perform a finisher on Edge on the stage.  You start outside the ring
    so either throw Edge up the ramp or run up there yourself and beat Edge until
    you get the prompt.
    Once you beat The Miz until he's in the red, hit the prompt to end it all! Or
    not.  Triple H will put The Miz in a figure four and keep it on him even after
    Miz taps out... in... this... Last Man Standing match...?  Miz will call out to
    his mizfits and you'll have another section of your match.
      Match: Brawl vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Jack Swagger & R-Truth
    Objective: Weaken your opponents and hit them with your finisher, finish the
    last man on the stage.  Well, they'll break up your finisher attempts so this
    can be a little difficult, especially since those shots will take their toll.
    Keep plugging away and make sure you finish the last man on the stage.
    Cutscene.  Well, I really don't want to spoil it... so I won't since there's no
    reason to.
    Unlockable (Extra):  Hero Story.
    This one begins with Cole and Lawler discussing the NXT participant Jacob Cass.
    It will lead into a character creation screen where you will create him.  I
    don't recommend spending too much time on him since his moveset and everything
    will be automatically created for you.  Unless you plan to take JC into
    Universe mode or something, don't bother putting too much time and effort into
    it.  Personal opinion.
    Week 1 (RTWMH1)
    Cole and Lawler announce JC won NXT and will be in his first match tonight.
    You'll start in the lockerroom and when you try to exit Husky Harris will jump
      Match: Brawl vs. Husky Harris
    Same as always, finish him near the purple-lit area.  Rey will jump in for the
    Week 2 (RTWMH2)
      Match: Singles vs. Daniel Bryan
    Well, your moveset isn't too bad.  Your music sucks though.  This matchup isn't
    hard, your sig and finisher are both vertical so that's good.  You also find
    out Rey was JC's mentor on NXT so that explains the save last week.  Also,
    forgot to mention Jacob is now added to Universe mode.
    Week 3 (RTWMH3)
      Match: Tag w/ Daniel Bryan vs. Husky Harris & Justin Gabriel
    This match is easy since partners don't interfere, however, I don't know if
    JC's attributes suck but Husky kicked out of my sig and finisher.  Anyway, got
    the 3-count shortly after.
    Cutscene: Wade Barrett attacks JC and big boots Mysterio who came out for the
    Week 4 (RTWMH4)
      Match: Singles vs. Justin Gabriel
    No objective but you need to beat Gabriel until you get the prompt, should have
    it after you finisher.
    Cutscene: JC messes up a move and Gabriel (apparently) goes crazy.  Cole
    receives an email saying there will be a new GM for both RAW and SD and he'll
    be introduced at Survivor Series.  No finish to the match so I don't know if JC
    is still undefeated (not that it matters).
    Survivor Series (RTWMHSS)
      Match: 6-Man Tag w/ Rey Mysterio & Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett, Husky
      Harris & Justin Gabriel
    You start as Daniel Bryan vs. Husky Harris and you can't tag out.  There's n
    objective here but you need to wait for a prompt so just concentrate on one
    Cutscene: Barrett saves Harris from elimination, Harris is then able to beat
    Down to 2, Gabriel steps in against Mysterio.  Same as before, go until you get
    the prompt, shouldn't take as long since Rey has better stats.
    Cutscene: Barrett saves Gabriel from elimination, pulling Mysterio outside and
    hitting Wasteland.  He throws Rey back in and Gabriel gets a 3-count.  JC
    hurries in and rolls up Gabriel for a 3-count.  In comes Barrett.
    No interference from the partner here and no prompts so take out Barrett and
    Harris as usual for the win.
    Cutscene: Barrett will take exception to the loss and attack JC.  Cole will
    announce the new GM is going to reveal himself and Kevin Nash comes out and
    jackknifes Barrett.
    Week 5 (RTWMH5)
    Nash does a promo saying their doing a Clash of Champions tribute show at the
    end of the month and he's going to be bringing back some old time WCWers as
    guest hosts.  He introduces Arn Anderson who announces the CoC title match will
    be John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio for WHC.  Alberto Del Rio comes out and says he
    deserves to be part of the title match so Arn says if he can get past JC
    tonight, he'll get his title match.
      Match: Singles vs. Alberto Del Rio
    Del Rio is tough but not difficult so if you it might take more than your
    sig/finisher to get this one done.  Thankfully, no prompts so just win the
    match as usual.
    Week 6 (RTWMH6)
      Match: Tag w/ Husky Harris vs. Tyson Kidd & Ted DiBiase
    Nash booked this to see if you could work together; the winner also gets to
    compete against RW Animal and a mystery partner at CoC.  You'll notice Harris
    isn't on the apron so you won't be tagging out here.  Beat Kidd until he tags
    out and then beat DiBiase until you get the prompt.
    Custcene: Harris sabotages you and DiBiase wins with a small package.  LoD
    music hits and Animal comes out then Vader appears beside him and they walk
    down towards the ring.
      Match: Brawl vs. Vader & Animal
    Objective: Defeat Vader in the ring.  Same as every other time, try to focus on
    Vader eventually you'll get the prompt.
    Cutscene: Vadersault and JC is done.
    Week 7 (RTWMH7)
    Rey Mysterio does a promo about WCW memories which prompts this flashback
      Match:  Singles, Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
    You control Eddie and you're in the Nitro arena.  Pretty spiffy.  Seeing Eddie
    in the ring really brings back some memories.  Anyway, you can lose this match,
    it doesn't matter.
    Week 8 (RTWMH8)
    Booker T is this week's guest host and he's arranged for a Loser Leaves RAW
    match between JC and Husky Harris.  Also, the winner gets a match against him
    at CoC.  Very well.
      Match: Singles vs. Husky Harris
    Standard match, no prompt or anything.  Harris goes to attack JC after but JC
    gets saved by Booker.  JC then bows to Booker and gets a scissors kick for the
    Clash Of The Champions (RTWMHCC)
      Match: Singles vs. Booker T
    Regular match, no prompt or anything so just beat Booker T as usual.  He's not
    difficult.  After your win, Rey Mysterio will come out and ask for you to watch
    his back against Cena.
    Cutscene:  Mysterio and Cena are in the middle of their match when Arn
    Anderson. Vader, Booker T and Animal come out, take out Mysterio and attack
    John Cena. 
      Match: Brawl w/ John Cena vs. WCW
    Your objective is just to keep fighting, so after a while, I guess when one of
    your opponent's goes red, another cutscene will play.
    Cutscene:  JC gets knocked out with a superkick and they continue to beat on
    Cena who starts a comeback.  Nash comes out to help Cena but instead gives him
    a jackknife and sets up him for a vadersault.  Nash, Vader and Booker than
    spell out WCW.
    Week 9 (RTWMH9)
    Randy Orton calls out Kevin Nash regarding Mysterio's and Cena's injuries,
    Kevin Nash says whoever wins the Royal Rumble will be WHC.  Orton then runs
    after Nash but is blocked by Animal and Vader.  Cut to backstage where JC
    leaves his lockerroom in time to see John Morrison get chokeslammed by Vader.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Vader
    Wow, I don't know what's up with this, but I lost this one three times.  I
    don't know if it's JC's attributes or my timing suddenly sucks but my reversal
    rate dropped to about 25%. Anyway, nothing I can really say except stay on him
    and try to move the fight down the entrance area because he can finish you
    anywhere but you can only finish him down there.  After the win, JC walks away
    pretty cocky hearing Taker, Orton and Big Show have cleared out the ringside
    area of WCW.
    Week 10 (RTWMH10)
      Match: Singles vs. Kofi Kingston
    Standard match, no prompt.  Gotta say I'm loving these "real" matches, none of
    this prompt stuff.  Anyway, Kofi poses no real challenge and I guess JC's stats
    are increasing because I can now get a 3-count after my finisher (could on
    Booker T as well).  
    Cutscene: While celebrating the victory, Animal and Arn Anderson attack JC.
    They go for the Doomsday Device when Big Show hits knocks Arn off the
    turnbuckle and Randy RKOs Animal.  Randy sets up the punt kick but Arn pulls
    Animal to safety.
    Unlockable:  Road Warriors- Animal & Hawk.
    Unlockable:  WWE Tag Team Titles.
    Week 11 (RTWMH11)
    You start in your lockerroom, so just leave to find your brawl.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Vader & Booker T
    Surprisingly easier than last week's (I don't know, maybe my timing is better).
    You can sort of focus on one man, and when he starts staying down for extended
    periods, punish the other man.  Finish the last man near the arena entrance
    Cutscene:  After the win, Kevin Nash beats on you with a crowbar.
    Week 12 (RTWMH12)
      Match: Singles vs. Animal
    You'll begin in a weakened state and Animal will be going for the pin early so
    be careful. I needed two finishers to put Animal away, luckily no prompts
    required.  Good match.
    Royal Rumble (RTWMHRR)
      Match: Royal Rumble, #36 (World Heavyweight Title)
    Objective: Eliminate Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Rey
    Mysterio & Ricky Steamboat.  Cody Rhodes & Big Show will also be here but can't
    be eliminated, so either you're supposed to lose or there's a cutscene.  Or
    both.  It doesn't matter who eliminates who as long as the objective is
    Cutscene: Kevin Nash shows up and Big Show & Rhodes hold you back and hit you.
    Rhodes attempts a CrossRhodes but JC reverses it into an elimination.  Big Show
    comes up from behind with a huge fist and JC is eliminated.  Nash presents Show
    with the WHC and he spray paints WCW on it.  (Guess what you just unlocked.)
    Week 13 (RTWMH13)
    No JC this week.  Big Show and Cody Rhodes are in the ring explaining why they
    turned their backs on WWE.  Taker's music hits but he comes out with Vader and
    Arn Anderson pummelling him.  Orton's music hits...
      Match: Brawl, Randy Orton vs. Arn Anderson, Big Show & Vader
    Objective: Hit your finisher on all three men, finish the last one near the
    announce table.  Rhodes ran off so you only have to face three.  As if you
    haven't done this countless times already.  This isn't too bad because they
    don't interfere too much so you should be able to focus on one long enough to
    get your prompt.  Once two are down, make your way towards the announce table
    and finish the third.
    Cutscene: Orton punts Anderson, then Show charges through the steel steps.
    Week 14 (RTWMH14)
      Match: Tag w/ Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show & Cody Rhodes
    Standard tag match.  You should be able to finish this one yourself but tags
    are working.
    Cutscene: After the win, Kevin Nash comes out and tells Rey he has to decide.
    Mysterio shakes his hand and Show hoists him up the air.  Cole says JC returns
    backstage but Mysterio starts punching Show in the head.  JC is nowhere in
    sight and Show throws Mysterio from the ring and thru the announce table.
    Week 15 (RTWMH15)
    JC starts with a promo about WCW eliminating some top names and puts Big Show
    on his hit list.  Show comes out and says he can't compete at Elimination
    Chamber, but since Taker can't defend his title, the winner will be crowned the
    new WWE champion.  Got a feeling we won't be winning this one but anyway.
    Lawler and Cole mentioned the qualifiers will be held tonight in steel cage
      Match: Steel Cage vs. Vader
    I don't know what's up but Vader is ridiculously hard for me to reverse.  I got
    this first time but he had me beat pretty badly.  After I hit my finisher I was
    straight up the cage and barely managed to escape in time.  If he catches you
    going up then I'd suggest throwing him into the lower left turnbuckle and
    superplexing him from there to open the door and go out that way.
    Week 16 (RTWMH16)
    Lawler and Cole reveal your EC opponents are: Vader, Cody Rhodes, Booker T,
    Animal & Kevin Nash.  And tonight, 1-on-3 Handicap match for you.
      Match: Handicap vs. Vader, Cody Rhodes & Booker T
    Well, you'll notice you can't go for a pin but there's no objective either so
    beat on Vader until he reverses everything, he'll over and tag in Rhodes.
    This took me until I got my sig.  I immediately hit Rhodes with my sig and
    finisher, then after a few more grapples he tagged in Book.  Get The Book in
    the red and you'll finally get your prompt.
    Cutscene: Nash comes out and jackknifes JC.  Book will go for a scissors kick
    but Triple H's music will hit.  He comes out and pretends to pedigree JC but
    instead clotheslines Nash outside the ring and pedigrees The Book.  He then
    tells Nash that WWE means more to him than the Kliq and he's the new GM of SD
    and RAW, BUT... BUT Nash is still in the EC match.
    Elimination Chamber (RTWMHEC)
    Man, I love the EC music.  Made it my CAW's theme (in Universe) actually.
    Anyway, JC walks into his first EC match.
      Match: Elimination Chamber vs. Booker T, Sheamus, Edge, Kevin Nash & Mystery
    Objective: Defeat Booker T before Kevin Nash enters.  So you'll notice the
    participants are different AND one pod is empty; that would be the mystery
    opponent.  Anyway, you'll have plenty of alone time here so really go all out
    of Book, once he's in the red (usually after a finisher), Sheamus will come out
    and you should soon get a prompt.
    Cutscene: Sheamus double-axe handles JC by mistake and Booker T delivers a Book
    End for the 3-count.  JC gets up and super kicks Book's head off for a 3-count.
    Then Nash appears.
    Objective: Defeat Kevin Nash before the mystery opponent arrives.  As before,
    you should get the prompt around the time Edge's cage opens.
    Cutscene: Big Show slips Nash a crowbar.  Nash hits JC and avoids a spear, then
    hitting Edge with the crowbar and getting the 3-count.  The lights flash and
    Mysterio appears in the empty cage.  Nash points to Cass who is laying on the
    middle rope, Mysterio hits the 619 and Nash pins JC.  Finger Poke of Doom later
    and Mysterio is the new WWE champion.  A little spray paint later...
    Week 17 (RTWMH17)
    Mysterio and Nash have a funny promo when JC comes out and asks Mysterio what
    happened.  Mysterio says he couldn't refuse their offer and then offers JC a
    place in the group.  JC refuses and Big Show appears behind him.
      Match: Brawl vs. Big Show
    Objective: Defeat Big Show on the ramp.  Another prompt match; Big Show is very
    easy (for me) compared to Vader.  No idea what the difference is, but anyway.
    Beat him until you get the prompt.
    Cutscene: Once again you beat somebody up enough for a cutscene to show you
    getting owned.  Well, almost.  Thanks to Triple H for the save.  HHH asks Nash
    what all this is about and Nash says he wants to go back 10 years when WCW and
    himself ruled the wrestling world; he wants to destroy RAW and bring back
    NITRO.  Triple H wants the titles back so Nash makes him a once-time offer:
    WrestleMania Tag match.  Jacob Cass & Triple H vs. Kevin Nash & Rey Mysterio.
    HHH accepts.
    Week 18 (RTWMH18)
      Match: Tag w/ Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes & Animal
    Standard tag match, no prompt.  They're pretty easy so you should be able to
    finish them yourself but you can use HHH if need be.
    Week 19 (RTWMH19)
      Match: Singles vs. Big Show
    Non-title, prompt match.  This is for WM practice as well but it might not end
    so well.  Big Show can take a lot of damage meaning if Show starts mounting
    offense he might be able to pin you before you get the prompt.  As usual the
    prompt relies on getting him in the red so try to focus on a specific body
    part.  He should be red by your second finisher, keep in mind you can make some
    changes to JC's moveset to focus more on specific body parts if you're having
    Week 20 (RTWMH20)
    Open your lockerroom door to see Vader pounding somebody (off screen).  You'll
    yell at him to knock it off and Vader and Animal will start walking towards
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Vader & Animal
    I was really hoping these were done with, or at least the Vader ones who seems
    to have my #, but oh well.  But after doing the match I may have spoken out of
    turn since they're pretty easy.  As usual they'll stay down longer than normal
    allowing you to focus on one so you'd best use that to your advantage.  Running
    grapples are usually successful as well (always a good tactic for large
    groups).  Finish the first man wherever but the second near the purple area.
    Cutscene: JC walks towards Mysterio and says the time for words is over.  Nash
    proceeds to lay him out with the crowbar.  Mysterio seems remorseful.
    WrestleMania (RTWMHWM)
    JC is admiring the audience, feeling doubtful but after a Triple H pep talk,
    it's time.
      Match: Elimination Tag w/ Triple H vs. Kevin Nash & Rey Mysterio
    Objective: Tag in your partner.  For real; that's all you have to do.  Don't
    bother wasting your time with Nash because the cutscene splits the match in
    Cutscene:  Triple gets tagged in, Nash slaps him, Triple H knees him in the
    gut, Pedigree, 3-count.  Mysterio hits him from behind, 619, 3-count.  Just
    like that it's down to 2.  Now we put Mysterio in the red to get a prompt.
    Cutscene: JC hits his finisher but the ref is knocked out.  Mysterio starts
    getting up so he runs to the ropes and Nash hits him with the crowbar AGAIN.
    1-2-3 and WCW is back.  Nash spray paints the ring NITRO.
    Week 21 (RTWMH21)
    Everything is Nitro in WWE now and Nash is soaking it up when Triple H
    interrupts his promo.  Triple says this is WWE and although he's got the
    banners and the ring he doesn't have legitimacy; WCW is still dead.  HHH offers
    a 12-man HiaC for total control of RAW, no one-year stuff.  Nash accepts but
    the match will take place at StarrCade.
    Week 22 (RTWMH22)
    Edge and Miz blame JC for losing RAW so he challenges to a match, which they
      Match: Handicap vs. The Miz & Edge
    This is a prompt match but you won't want to throw the controller afterwards so
    don't worry.  As usual, beat Miz until he starts reversing everything and runs
    for the tag.  Believe it or not he started reversing everything right when I
    went for my finisher so guess what he stole?  Edge then took it into the match
    but he didn't use it oddly enough.  Anyway, once Edge is in the orange you'll
    get the prompt.
    Cutscene:  JC is handling Edge when Miz attacks him from behind.  JC is resting
    against the bottom turnbuckle when Miz hits a bronco buster!! No, I'm just
    kidding.  Vader and Booker T come out and attack Miz and Edge, JC gets to make
    the save.  Edge offers a handshake then prods Miz into one.
    Week 24 (RTWMH24)
    I don't know where week 23 went but anyway. Open JC's lockerroom door and get
    attacked by Vader and Animal. (sigh)
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Vader & Animal
    This one is even easier than the last one.  Finish the last man near the purple
    area.  Then Cody will call out to JC and you'll chase him to the garage.
      Match: Backstage Brawl vs. Cody Rhodes & Booker T
    These guys can take a lot of damage before you get the prompt so make sure they
    don't damage you took much or you'd better be excellent at reversals.  Just
    finish them in the garage, there's no reason to leave the area anyway.
    Cutscene: Triple and Sheamus show up, HHH gets an idea and JC & Sheamus throw
    Cody Rhodes into the trunk of a car and HHH drives off.
    StarrCade (RTWMHSC)
    Triple H interrupts Nash's promo to introduce the rest of team WWE: John Cena,
    The Undertaker and... Mr. McMahon.
      Match:  12-Man Elimination Hell In A Cell w/ John Cena, Sheamus, Triple H,
    Mr. McMahon & vs. Vader, Booker T, Big Show, Animal, Rey Mysterio & Kevin Nash
    So JC starts the match with Vader.  Cole/Lawler kindly explain the rules: 2 men
    start the match, then every minute another man enters, alternating from each
    team and the team that eliminates all their opponents wins.  Not sure if that's
    a whole minute (didn't feel like it) and Booker T comes into the match.  I
    concentrated on Vader and by the time Cena came in, I had him in the red.
    Cutscene of Vader stopping JC at a 2-count to go for a vadersault, JC moves
    and rolls Vader up for the 3-count.  (I never received the prompt to break out
    of the cell either so I don't think that's an option in this match.)
    The match then continues wherever it left off so I still have The Book and Cena
    in here. Big Show is next in but I'm concentrating on Book since he's yellow.
    Sheamus made his entrance to trigger a cutscene of him getting owned by Show
    and we're all even. Few more grapples and Book is red so another cutscene.  JC
    throws Book out of the ring and Book tries for a Book End onto the steel steps
    but JC reverses into a "MASSIVE" brainbuster, then throws him into the ring for
    a 3-count.
    Start on Big Show and Cena kind of just stands there and watches (mostly).
    Animal is next in and triggers a cutscene of Cena getting speared by Show and
    defeated.  This can be tough because unlock all those backstage brawls, these
    two are constantly trying to hit you.  Shortly after Triple H will enter and
    he'll be followed by Rey Mysterio, followed by Mr. McMahon.  Big Show and
    Animal really put a hurting on JC here and he got pinned, restarting the match
    with all the current participants but everybody was refreshed.  Just wanted to
    point that out.
    You can't finish Mysterio here so go after either Animal or Big Show (after
    McMahon is out).  For Animal, Triple H breaks up a pinfall attempt on JC, hits
    the Pedigree and gets the 3.  For Show, Mr. McMahon hits a low blow from behind
    and JC, HHH and McMahon pile up for the 3-count.  Once they're both out another
    cutscene triggers of Nash appearing, jackknifing and eliminating Triple H.
    It's you and McMahon against Mysterio and Nash.  Taker will show up and once
    Mysterio is red, he can now be eliminated (but not Nash) to trigger the next
    cutscene.  Taker will try to Last Ride Mysterio onto a chair but Mysterio will
    reverse and kick Taker into the chair, getting the 3-count (weak).  JC will
    then slam Mysterio into the chair and get the 3-count (new champ maybe?).
    Now it's Nash against JC and McMahon.  Once he's red, you can trigger another
    cutscene.  Nash will run and grab the crowbar, hit JC with it, then absolutely
    brutalize McMahon.  Nash will pin McMahon, then lazily lay across JC
    conveniently enough to not see JC's arm shoot up before the three count.  The
    audience goes wild but Nash thinks he's won.  A refreshed Nash will begin
    beating on you and I found the best way to put him in the red was pound him
    with the steel steps.  However you do it, you'll get a prompt.
    JC has some impressive offense going and he doesn't stumble on the ropes this
    time.  Nash is on the outside and JC flies through the ropes, only for Nash to
    sidestep and JC takes out the cell wall.  JC gets back up and Nash goes for a
    jackknife outside the ring but JC grabs the cage wall and starts climbing.
    Nash follows...
    You're both refreshed again so wear him down AGAIN until you get the prompt.
    Enjoy the (brief and sudden) ending.  Congratulations.  The Hero Story was
    really good but it doesn't quite make up for the stupidity of the Villain Story
    or the tedious, boring, repetitiveness of the Outsider Story in my opinion.
    Hopefully you enjoyed it more than I did but I will say I'm glad they ended it
    with a strong story.
    This list is separated and organized the same as the lists in-game.
    Superstars (UNLS)
    Brock Lesnar: win first 1-on-1 match
    Stone Cold: defend either Major title at PPV
    Demolition: win Unified Tag titles (also unlocks World Tag titles)
    Edge: complete Bragging Rights (week 4.5) of Villain RTWM
    Arn Anderson: complete Royal Rumble (week 16.5) of Villain RTWM
    Kevin Nash: complete week 5 of Outsider RTWM
    The Rock: complete SummerSlam (week 24.5) of Outsider Story (WII ONLY)
    Vader: complete week 6 of Hero Story
    Eddie Guerrero: complete week 7 of Hero Story
    Booker T: complete week 8 of Hero Story
    Road Warriors-Animal & Hawk: complete week 10 of Hero Story
    Ricky Steamboat: complete Royal Rumble (week 12.5) of Hero Story
    Mr. McMahon: complete Hero Story
    Goldust: win singles match w/ Cody Rhodes (*some report having to win IC title)
    Michelle McCool: win Divas title
    Arenas (UNLA)
    Over the Limit: win any match at PPV
    Fatal 4-Way: win any match at PPV
    Money In The Bank: win any match at PPV
    Night of Champions: win any match at PPV
    Hell In A Cell: win any match at PPV
    Bragging Rights: win any match at PPV
    Survivor Series: win any match at PPV
    TLC: win any match at PPV
    Extreme Rules: win any match at PPV
    Tribute To The Troops: completed first year in Universe mode
    NXT Arena: complete Survivor Series (week 4.5) of Hero Story
    Clash Of The Champions Arena: complete CoC (week 8.5) of Hero Story
    Nitro Arena: complete WrestleMania (week 20.5) of Hero Story
    StarrCade Arena: complete Hero Story
    Titles (UNLT)
    Hardcore Belt: win any title w/ Falls Count Anywhere enabled (Match Creator)
    Million Dollar: win any title with Ted DiBiase
    World Tag Titles: win Unified Tag titles (also unlocks Demolition)
    WWE Tag Team Titles: complete week 10 of Hero Story
    Undisputed Title: win any title w/ Triple H
    Classic ECW title: win any title in Extreme Rules match ("Customize Freely")
    Attitude Era's WWE Championship: win either Major title w/ Stone Cold
    Champion of Champions Title: win any title using Clash of the Champions arena*
      *Choose any title match, or make one, and use Select Arena (Pre-match screen)
    Classic IC Belt: win IC title
    Light HW title: win any title w/ Rey Mysterio
    European Title: complete week 10 of Villain RTWM
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship: complete RR (week 12.5) of Hero Story
    WWE Championship (WCW) Title: complete EC (week 16.5) of Hero Story
    WCW Championship: complete Hero Story
    Attires (UNLC)
    John Cena Entrance Attire: complete week 1 of Villain RTWM
    The Miz Entrance Attire: complete week 2 of Villain RTWM (WII ONLY)
    Sheamus With T-Shirt: complete week 5 of Villain RTWM
    William Regal With Suit: complete Survivor Series (week 8.5) of Villain RTWM
    Drew McIntyre With Suit: complete week 13 of Villain RTWM
    Edge Entrance Attire: complete week 15 of Villain RTWM
    Sheamus With Suit: complete week 18 of Villain RTWM
    Wade Barrett With Suit: complete week 19 of Villain RTWM
    Triple H Street Attire: complete 2nd Wrestlemania (week 4.5) of Outsider RTWM
    The Miz With Suit: complete week 9 of Outsider RTWM (WII ONLY)
    Arn Anderson Civilian Attire: complete week 5 of Hero Story
    Kevin Nash With Suit: complete week 14 of Hero Story
    Mr. McMahon With Suit: complete Hero Story
    Dashing Cody Rhodes: complete week 4 of Villain RTWM
    Hooded Undertaker Entrance Attire: participate in match at WrestleMania***
    John Cena Purple Attire: participate in match at WrestleMania***
    Randy Orton Without Beard: participate in match at WrestleMania***
    Zack Ryder's Headband: participate in match (or even Royal Rumble -untested)***
      ***Match must be created by Universe; does not need to be completed.
    Extras (UNLE)
    United Kingdom Entrance Video/Music: complete TLC (week 12.5) of Villain RTWM
    Outsider Story: complete Villain Story
    Hero Story: complete SummerSlam (week 24.5) of Outsider Story
    King of Kings Music: complete SummerSlam (week 24.5) of Outsider Story
    Jacob Cass Entrance Video And Music: complete week 2 of Hero Story
    Mr. McMahon Entrance Video And Music: complete Hero Story
    5. FAQ
      Road To WrestleMania
      (RTWM-A) Why does it keep crashing at Elimination Chamber (Hero Story)?
        Answer:  This is a glitch that might happen if you change Jacob Cass's
        moveset.  The general fix is to go back into the moveset and set it to
        default again.  I'm not 100% but I think it only happens if you remove the
        superkick from JC's finishers.
      Universe Mode
      (UNI-A) Why won't Demoliton unlock?  I've won the belts X times already!
        Answer:  Sometimes just winning the belts without editing the match at all
        isn't enough.  Some people have reported only unlocking them at
        WrestleMania (and not even year 1 WM).  I know you can unlock them on the
        first RAW of Universe mode but if you're past that, try to win the belts
        at WM and see if that does it.
    Sorry, just remove the special characters except the @ (obviously) and type in
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Thanks for checking out my FAQ, I hope it helped you out.
    Copyright 2011 Robert Parrill (aka The Rob, aka theoriginalrob). 

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