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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by horror_spooky

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    WWE '12 is the latest entry in the long-running wrestling video game franchise 
    spearheaded by THQ. Featuring a revamped story mode and plenty more features, 
    WWE '12 is the quintessential video game package for any fan of the series. 
    This guide will help you complete the Road to WrestleMania and more!
    WWE '12
    Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2012
    Contact Information
    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Play
    A. One on One
    B. Two on Two
    C. Triple Threat
    D. Fatal 4-Way
    E. 6-Man
    F. Handicap
    G. Specialty
    3. WWE Universe
    4. Road to WrestleMania
    A. John Cena
    B. Sheamus
    BA. Road to Bragging Rights
    BB. Road to Survivor Series
    BC. Road to TLC
    BD. Road to Royal Rumble
    BE. Road to Elimination Chamber
    BF. Road to WrestleMania XXVII
    C. Triple H
    CA. Road to Extreme Rules
    CB. Road to Over the Limit
    CC. Road to Fatal-4-Way
    CD. Road to Money in the Bank
    CE. Road to SummerSlam
    D. Jacob Cass
    DA. Road to Survivor Series
    DB. Road to Clash of the Champions
    DC. Road to Royal Rumble
    DD. Road to Elimination Chamber
    DE. Road to WrestleMania
    DF. Road to Starrcade
    5. WWE Creations
    A. WWE Highlight Reel
    6. Online
    7. WWE Shop
    8. Roster
    A. Superstars
    B. Divas
    9. Unlockable Content
    A. Alternate Attires
    B. Arenas
    C. Entrance Themes
    D. Titles
    E. Wrestlers
    10. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Anything can happen in the WWE! So be prepared for the unexpected with this 
    guide to WWE '12!
    LT - Sprint
    RT - Counter
    A - Grapple
    X - Strike
    B - Irish Whip
    Y - Finisher/Signature
    LB - Exit ring/Interact
    RB - Various
    RS - Breaking Point Submission
    LS - Movement
    D-pad - Taunt
    Back - N/A
    Start - Pause
    NOTE: There are many different situations that you will encounter in WWE '12 
    that will feature control schemes slightly different than the one detailed in 
    the list above. The game will help you out with on-screen cues to make sure 
    that you are never lost when it comes to knowing what you're doing in WWE '12.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2. Play
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This option will get you right into Exhibition Matches without having to be a 
    part of the WWE Universe set up. There are a variety of match types available 
    to play:
    Matches available for one on one contests:
    Normal Match
    Extreme Rules
    Hell in a Cell
    Inferno Match
    Iron Man
    Last Man Standing
    Steel Cage
    Matches available for two on two contests:
    Tag Team
    Tornado Tag
    Elimination Tag
    Mixed Gender Tag
    Matches available for triple threat contests:
    Extreme Rules
    Hell in a Cell
    Steel Cage
    D. FATAL 4-WAY
    Matches available for fatal 4-way contests:
    Battle Royal
    Extreme Rules
    Hell in a Cell
    Steel Cage
    E. 6-MAN
    Matches available for 6-man contests:
    Normal Tag
    Armageddon Hell in a Cell
    Battle Royal
    Elimination Chamber
    Elimination Tag
    Matches available for handicap contests:
    One on Two
    One on Three
    Two on Three Tag
    Matches available for specialty contests:
    Championship Scramble
    Free Brawl
    Royal Rumble
    Match Creator
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. WWE Universe
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    WWE Universe mode features a series of Exhibition Matches that move through 
    WWE's calendear year. Players are free to completely change the match cards for
    each event and customize the rules as they see fit as they play through the 
    There are many achievements tied to WWE Universe Mode. WWE Universe Mode 
    encourages creativity, and is a more focused and refined version of the Play 
    mode detailed above.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Road to WrestleMania
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    -WEEK 1-
    The first wrestler you control is John Cena. Exit the dressing room, following 
    the crew member. A short scene will play in which The Big Show attacks Jack 
    Swagger. Then John will continue following the crew member, all the way to the 
    gorilla position.
    -WEEK 1-
    Oh, but what a twist! No, you're not playing as John Cena--you're playing as 
    The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! A heel! Indeed. Sheamus will attack Cena before 
    his match with The Undertaker can even take place, after which, you have 
    control of him.
    Throw Cena to the top of the stage using Irish Whips, or the B button. At the 
    top of the stage, beat the hell out of Cena until a "Y" button prompt appears 
    above his head. NOTE: If you're playing the PS3 version, "B" would be O and 
    "Y" would be triangle.
    At any rate, by pressing Y, Sheamus will High Cross Cena off the stage and 
    through a table. Then later in the night, Sheamus is scheduled to fight Daniel 
    Bryan in a one-on-one singles match.
    VS. Daniel Bryan
    -This is a standard wrestling match. You just have to beat Daniel Bryan in 
    order to advance. It's not going to happen in 18 seconds, so just attack him 
    until you've built up your signature move. Then perform one of Sheamus's 
    signature moves, and then one of his finishing moves. All of this is done using
    the Y button, by the way. Pin Daniel Bryan with the B button.
    -WEEK 2-
    Sheamus will cut a promo, but he is interrupted by Jack Swagger, The Miz, and 
    Wade Barrett. After a short war of words, Sheamus will charge the ramp in a 
    rage. Beat up Wade Barrett and then press Y when prompted, just like you did 
    last week with John Cena.
    with Drew McIntyre and William Regal VS. Team SmackDown
    -You will first be William Regal as the legal man, with the objective to 
    "weaken Miz in the ring". This is done basically by just beating him up and 
    using signture/finisher attacks. When this is done, Miz will tag out to Jack 
    -The second part of the match has a new objective to defeat Jack Swagger in the
    ring. By the way, if you are tired of using William Regal, you can tag out 
    using LB and pointing in the direction of the person that you want to tag. To 
    end this match, hit Jack Swagger with a finishing move. This will then cause 
    Jack to tag out to Miz, and then Wade will attack both of his partners, and 
    Miz will be pinned.
    -WEEK 3-
    VS. Cody Rhodes
    -Another standard wrestling match. Simply pin Cody or make him submit in order 
    to advance.
    -WEEK 4-
    with Drew McIntyre and William Regal VS. Albert Del Rio, Edge, and Mark Henry
    -Simply defeat the other team. When you go for a pin, the other members of the 
    other team will not interfere to break up the pin like in previous games, so 
    treat this as a regular match.
    Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown
    -This match is kind of weird. Only three members of each team are on the apron 
    at any given time. When one member of the other team is eliminated, then 
    someone comes out to replace them. It doesn't matter who you eliminate first, 
    but when they're eliminated, Big Show will rush to the ring to replace them 
    for Team SmackDown.
    -Big Show will eliminate Mark Henry and then William Regal on your team. Those 
    two will be replaced by Alberto Del Rio and Triple H. Your new objective is to 
    defeat The Big Show. You have to be Alberto Del Rio, and you can't beat Big 
    Show by pinfall. You have to deal a ton of damage to him to the point where you
    are able to build up two finishers and apply the Cross Armbreaker twice. The 
    second time, Big Show will counter and then eliminate Del Rio.
    -Now you will be in control of Sheamus, with the same objective of defeating 
    The Big Show. Use the same strategy as before: beat him up to the point that a 
    Y button prompt appears above his head. Then press Y to initiate a cut-scene 
    that shows Sheamus, Triple H, and Drew McIntyre (who replaced Del Rio) teaming 
    up against Show to eliminate him.
    -The next objective is a bit more lax. You can either "defeat" Miz or "defeat" 
    Randy Orton. You play as Triple H, and all you have to do is, yet again, beat 
    either Miz or Orton to the point that the "Y" button prompt appears above their
    head. Then press the button to initiate a cut-scene that sees Orton 
    disqualified, HHH eliminated by Miz, and then Miz defeated by Drew McIntyre.
    -As Drew, you need to now defeat the next entrant for Team SmackDown, Rey 
    Mysterio. Same strategy as before, wait for the "Y" button prompt, and then 
    press it. Unfortunately, it will result in Drew being eliminted by Rey-Rey 
    -This will cause Sheamus to come into the ring, and you will once again control
    him. Defeat Rey Mysterio as though this was a standard wrestling match, by 
    eliminating him via pinfall or submission.
    -Sheamus and Barrett will then suddenly turn on their remaining partners, Edge 
    and Jack Swagger respectively, and William Regal and Drew McIntyre will come 
    out to join them!
    -WEEK 5-
    Edge confronts Sheamus in the backstage area, and then reveals that Sheamus 
    will be involved in a multi-man tag team match at Survivor Series that will 
    determine the contenders for the titles. This then results in a backstage 
    brawl between the two. Beat Edge up, then while you are near the boxes that are
    to the immediate right of the vending machine, press Y. This will set Edge up 
    against the boxes. Press A to initiate a cut-scene.
    Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will then impose in the brawl as well. Take 
    the two of them out in the exact manner that you took out Edge. Edge will then 
    finish the brawling by Spearing Sheamus into a crate.
    -WEEK 6-
    VS. Alberto Del Rio
    -Standard wrestling match. Beat Del Rio to advance.
    -WEEK 7-
    with Wade Barrett VS. Jack Swagger and The Big Show
    -This is a tag match...but it has an objective that it really doesn't let you 
    know about for some reason. Basically, you will begin the match as Wade Barrett
    and you will be facing off against Big Show. It doesn't matter how much that 
    you tag in and out, but once you wear Big Show down enough, he will tag out to 
    Jack Swagger.
    -When Swagger is in, you just need to wear him down enough until the Y appears 
    above his head. Then press Y. Unfortunately, Wade and Sheamus will still wind 
    up defeated at the hands of The Big Show.
    -WEEK 8-
    It is determined by William Regal that Big Show is the biggest threat to the 
    new foreign super group. Wade and Sheamus confront Big Show in the parking 
    garage. Beat on him with Wade until a "Y" appears above his head, press it, and
    then Big Show will get the upperhand, eliminating Wade from the brawl.
    By yourself, resume the beating on Big Show until you are able to press Y again
    as it appears above his head. This time the brawl will result with Sheamus 
    slamming a car door on Big Show's head.
    Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
    -At the start of the match, you need to eliminate either Swagger or Del Rio. 
    They will tag each other in and out, but they will almost never tag in Edge. 
    Beat them up to the point where they can be pinned and eliminated.
    -When they're both eliminated, The Big Show will rush down to the ring and 
    take out Drew McIntyre. Your new goal is to once again beat Show up to the 
    point that you can press the Y button as it flashes above his head. Do this and
    Show will be eliminated, leaving only Edge on the opposing team left.
    -Repeat the process with Edge to win the match.
    -WEEK 9-
    VS. Kofi Kingston - United States Championship
    -U.S. title is on the line in this match, per the stips at Survivor Series. 
    Beat Kofi in this match to proceed.
    -WEEK 10-
    with Drew McIntyre VS. John Cena and Rey Mysterio
    -Tornado tag team rules. No pinning or submissions. Just beat up on them until 
    the Y button appears and yet again, use it to end the match.
    -WEEK 10 (SD)-
    With Wade, jump The Undertaker. Beat up on Undertaker in this little hallway 
    until the Y button prompt appears press it to get jumped by Kane!
    with Wade Barrett VS. The Brothers of Destruction
    -Beat up on Undertaker or Kane, whoever is legal, until the prompt appears. 
    Press it. The result is a DQ loss and escaping Kane and Undertaker.
    -WEEK 11-
    Layla and The United Kingdom VS. Christian, Ezekiel Jackson, and Natalya
    -You don't even play as Sheamus in this match! This is a standard wrestling 
    match, but the women HAVE to wrestle the women. If Natalya tags out to either 
    Christian or Zeke, you will be DQ'd if you fail to tag out to one of the male 
    partners on your own team, be that Drew McIntyre or Regal.
    John Cena vs. Sheamus - Tables, Ladders, and Chairs WHC Match
    -Don't bother climbing the ladder to pull down the belt. It won't work. You 
    just need to beat up Cena to the point that the button prompt appears, press it
    and then Cena will be defeated and the championship will be yours.
    -WEEK 12-
    VS. John Cena - World Heavyweight Championship Match
    -Beat Cena up to the point that the Y button prompt appears above his head. 
    Then press it and watch the scene.
    -WEEK 13-
    The United Kingdom VS. Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston - WWE Tag Title Match
    -Once again, you're not playing as Sheamus. Instead you are playing as the 
    WWE Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and William Regal. Your first objective 
    is to wear down Daniel Bryan to the point that he has to make the tag to Kofi. 
    I recommend playing as Drew for this part, since you are forced to play as 
    Regal for the next segment
    -When Bryan tags out to Kofi, continue to beat him up with Drew. Then when 
    Drew starts to get fatigued, tag out to Regal. As Regal, continue the assault 
    until the Y button prompt appears above his head, press it, and then watch the 
    subsequent events unfold.
    -WEEK 14-
    Edge hosts a segment of the Cutting Edge, with Arn Anderson as his guest. 
    However, it's a set-up, as Edge feeds Anderson to Sheamus and Barrett! As 
    Sheamus, beat up Anderson, press the Y button, and end the brawl.
    However, Sheamus and Barrett then turn on Edge. Now you have to brawl with him,
    and repeat the process.
    -WEEK 15-
    with Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett VS. Arn Anderson, Edge, and John Cena
    -This match is separated out into three parts. The first part involves you 
    against Arn Anderson. Beat Arn up to the point that he has to make the tag. He 
    will tag out to John Cena.
    -Continue the assault on Cena. Eventually Cena will be forced to tag out to 
    -Weaken Edge to the point that the prompt appears above his head and then press
    it. Due to shenanigans, Edge will actually pick up the win with a Spear.
    After Triple H wins the Rumble, Sheamus rushes out to attack him. This then 
    results in the typical brawl, where you beat up on him until you are prompted 
    to finish the segment with a press of the Y button.
    VS. John Cena - World Heavyweight Championship Match
    -Arn Anderson is the Special Enforcer for this match. Anderson will hop on the 
    apron occasionally, but besides that, he does nothing of note. You can throw 
    Cena into Anderson to send him flying off the apron if you want, and if 
    Anderson goes to give Cena advice, then that leaves an opening to attack Cena 
    from behind.
    -Don't bother going for pinfalls or submissions. Just weaken Cena until you can
    press Y. Then watch as the shocking events unfold!
    -WEEK 16-
    Just a cut-scene.
    -WEEK 17-
    William Regal VS. Mark Henry - EC Qualifier
    -Yet again, you don't play as Sheamus, but Sheamus is at ringside as the 
    manager of Regal. If Regal wins this match, he qualifies to enter the 
    Elimination Chamber that Wade Barrett is in to help him retain that title at 
    the show.
    -At any rate, this is a standard wrestling match. As Regal, simply defeat Mark 
    Henry by pinfall or submission to win the match. Sheamus will help you out by 
    attacking Henry throughout the match.
    -WEEK 18-
    Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz - EC Qualifier
    -You can't win this match by pinfall or submission. You have to weaken him to 
    the point that you can press the Y button prompt.
    -WEEK 19-
    Backstage brawl with Alberto Del Rio, but you have William Regal and Wade 
    Barrett to help you out. Just beat the crap out of Alberto, then press Y when 
    prompted. This will set him up against the crates in this hall. Then press A 
    to grapple him against the crates, which will finish the fight.
    Elimination Chamber Match
    -The first two entrants in the match will be Sheamus and John Cena. Beat up 
    Cena for a while. You can't eliminate him, so just wear him down until the next
    pod opens.
    -The next entrant will be The Miz. You have to beat Miz up to the point that 
    the Y button prompt appears above his head BEFORE the next pod opens. Focus all
    your attention on Miz and don't let up until this happens. Cena will nail Miz 
    with the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus will steal the pin and the glory.
    -Continue to fight Cena until the next pod opens up, revealing Daniel Bryan. 
    You have to defeat Bryan on the outside of the ring, on the steel. So throw him
    through the ropes and then fight him on the steel until the Y button prompt 
    appears to get rid of him.
    -Fight John Cena until R-Truth exits the pod. Then beat R-Truth inside the ring
    in the same manner that you did Miz and Bryan to eliminate him as well.
    -Now you have to eliminate Cena before the final pod opens. You don't have a 
    lot of time, so nail him with a few powerful grapple attacks quickly. This 
    should be enough to make the "Y" button prompt appear. Press it, and this match
    is done.
    -WEEK 20-
    Backstage brawl with Wade Barrett. You need to be in the area to the right of 
    the vending machine to end this. Beat him up. Press Y. You know the drill by 
    -WEEK 21-
    Exit Sheamus's locker room and then walk through the hallway. Walk by Rey 
    Mysterio, and walk by R-Truth. Between R-Truth and Edge/Christian, there will 
    be an open doorway that leads down a hall with more locker rooms. Go down the 
    hall, and then open the first door on the right to talk to William Regal.
    Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett will intercept the two of you as you exit the 
    room. The result is ANOTHER backstage brawl. You need to end this match to the 
    magical area to the right of the vending machine. Throw your opponents over 
    there and run there yourself.
    Then beat up on them until you can throw them against the boxes. Then grapple 
    them as they are on the boxes to defeat them one by one.
    -WEEK 22-
    with William Regal vs. Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett
    -Standard tag team wrestling match. Win by either pinfall, submission, 
    count-out, whatever. Just win the match! It doesn't matter who you win, there's
    no fancy button pressing, just a good, old-fashioned wrestling match!
    VS. Drew McIntyre VS. Wade Barrett VS. William Regal
    -There are no DQs in this match and it's Falls Count Anywhere! So don't be 
    afraid about using weapons. In fact, I highly recommend just beating the hell 
    out of William Regal with a chair or something to make this go faster. He has 
    to be defeated in the ring, though, so get that done with to eliminate Regal 
    from the match using the button prompt.
    -Drew and Wade will retreat to the backstage area. Chase Drew down the halls 
    until he is cornered in the parking garage. Then beat the crap out of him here 
    until you can use the button to defeat him.
    -Wade will try a sneak attack following Drew's elimination. Chase Wade down the
    hall, and remember, you can just push on the left analog stick to sprint, no 
    need to hold down the left trigger like you usually do in the ring. Run towards
    the vending machine and the boxes that you usually use to defeat people in this
    -Beat up on Wade until the Y button prompt yet again appears. You need to be by
    the double doors in order to have the opportunity to press it. After this, you 
    have completed the first Act of the game!
    VS. Sheamus - WWE Championship
    -HHH attacks Sheamus from behind at the start of this match, and Sheamus 
    begins crawling down the ramp. Simply push the left analog stick forward to 
    chase after Sheamus as he crawls towards the ring.
    -In the ring, beat up on Sheamus to make the Y button prompt appear. The easy 
    way to do this is to just pick up the WWE Championship belt and hit Sheamus a 
    couple of times with it.
    -WEEK 23-
    VS. Zack Ryder - King of the Ring Round 1 Match
    -Standard wrestling match. Beat Zack Ryder to advance.
    -WEEK 24-
    VS. Dolph Ziggler - No DQ King of the Ring Round 2 Match
    -Standard NO DQ Match. You can use weapons, so don't be shy about going out to 
    the ring and grabbing a chair or something to wail on Dolph with. Then beat him
    by pinfall or submission in the ring to end the match.
    -WEEK 25-
    VS. Jack Swagger - Tables King of the Ring Round 3 Match
    -To win this match, you have to put Swagger through a table. There's not much 
    else to it.
    -WEEK 26-
    VS. The Miz - Steel Cage King of the Ring Round 4 Match
    -Inside the cage, beat Miz up to the point that the Y button prompt appears and
    then press it.
    --->11 MONTHS LATER<---
    -WEEK 27-
    Triple H is injured in the steel cage at the hands of Miz, and then returns 11 
    months later, attacking Miz at WrestleMania. He is then traded to the SmackDown
    brand. When you arrive at the arena, walk down the hallway, past the soda 
    machine. Triple H will then automatically go to his locker room, get attacked 
    by Kevin Nash, and then exit to find Dolph Ziggler staring him in the face.
    Fight Dolph in the hallway and beat him to the point that the Y button appears.
    Then press Y to throw him against the boxes and then grapple him to knock him 
    -WEEK 28-
    Triple H interrupts a match between Chavo Guerrero and Ezekiel Jackson. Run 
    into the ring and beat them both up until you are able to take both of them out
    with Pedigrees.
    -WEEK 29-
    Exit the locker room to start a conversation with Randy Orton in the hallway.
    VS. John Morrison
    -Standard wrestling match. Defeat Morrison to advance.
    -WEEK 30-
    VS. Dolph Ziggler
    -Standard wrestling match. Defeat Ziggler to advance.
    -WEEK 31-
    You have to take out Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Zack Ryder on the outside 
    of the ring. And the last person you take out has to be on the side of the ring
    that is facing the ramp. They don't put up much of a fight, so just keep 
    hitting all three of them with Pedigrees as they come.
    VS. Randy Orton VS. The Miz - Extreme Rules WWE Championship Match
    -Focus most of your attention on Orton. There is no DQ in this match, so grab 
    weapons from under the ring to wear Orton down quicker. Then when the prompt 
    appears, press Y to end this match.
    -WEEK 32-
    Just a cut-scene.
    -WEEK 33-
    VS. Edge - #1 Contender's Match
    -Beat Edge up until the prompt appears.
    -WEEK 34-
    Edge is attacked by the Mizfits, aka Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, 
    and Cody Rhodes. Run out to the ring and then attack all four of the Mizfits 
    until the Y button prompts appears. Edge can also do his special to them and it
    will count, but once each member has been hit with a finisher, you advance to 
    the next week.
    -WEEK 35-
    with Edge VS. R-Truth and Randy Orton
    -Beat R-Truth up enough to the point that he wants to tag in Randy Orton. You 
    can use Edge or HHH in this match, it doesn't matter.
    -When Truth tags out to Orton, beat Orton up to the point that the button 
    prompt appears as Triple H.
    Backstage, you will now be involved in a brawl with Cody Rhodes. Beat up Cody 
    and win in the backstage area by KO using the traditional "smash your knee into
    his head and into a box" method.
    VS. Randy Orton - WWE Championship Match
    -Beat up Randy. Press the button when told.
    -WEEK 36-
    VS. Cody Rhodes VS. R-Truth - Fatal-4-Way Qualifier
    -This match can be kind of difficult. A good strategy is to hit one opponent 
    with your signature, then the other with your finisher, and try to pin them. 
    So, when you get your signature move, hit Truth with a Spinebuster, and then 
    Cody with a Pedigree, for example. Another good way to do this is to 
    incapacitate one of the opponents with a running grapple attack, or throw them 
    to the outside with a strong Irish Whip.
    -WEEK 37-
    Backstage brawl with Kane. Beat him up until the Y button appears and then 
    press it to advance.
    -WEEK 38-
    Backstage brawl with Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger. You need to 
    eliminate them one by one by throwing them into the boxes.
    -WEEK 39-
    VS. Edge VS. Randy Orton
    -Beat up on either Edge or Orton until the "Y" appears, then press it to end 
    this match.
    Then you have a backstage brawl with Dolph Ziggler backstage. Defeat him 
    against the boxes to end this little segment.
    R-Truth will approach you. Follow him to the dressing room area to find Kane 
    and Jack Swagger.
    Next you will brawl with Kane and Swagger in the hallway. Beat them up. Hit Y, 
    and then grapple them against the wall. Trips will either slam their head in a 
    door or smash the back of their head against the wall depending on their 
    VS. Edge VS. Kane VS. Randy Orton - Steel Cage WWE Championship
    -The trick to this match is to NOT let your opponents climb out of the cage. 
    I recommend sprinting to each opponent, one at a time, and nailing them with a 
    running + grapple combination attack. If they start climbing, grapple the side 
    of the cage and hold A to rip them off the cage wall.
    -To beat this match, one of the opponents, doesn't matter who, needs to be 
    hurt enough for the button prompt to appear. When it happens, tap Y, and enjoy 
    the cut-scene.
    -WEEK 40-
    VS. Kane and R-Truth
    -Standard Handicap Match. Just work over either Kane or R-Truth to the point 
    that you can pin or submit them. Try to make sure they don't tag in or out, 
    otherwise it will take a little bit more time to finish this match-up.
    -WEEK 41-
    Brawl with Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Cody Rhodes on the ramp and the top 
    of the stage. Beat up on each one of them until the "Y" button prompt appears 
    to Pedigree each one and get rid of them.
    -WEEK 42-
    VS. Randy Orton - Money in the Bank Qualifier
    -Standard singles match. Beat Randy Orton via pinfall or submission to advance.
    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    -Everyone in the match will constantly attack you and try to help Kane climb 
    the ladder. It's a pain in the ass. To counter this, just constantly try to 
    climb the ladder yourself. The first time you try to pull down the briefcase, 
    done by pushing up on the right analog stick to grab it, then pulling down on 
    the right analog stick to yank, a cut-scene will play.
    -Dolph Ziggler will get injured and taken out of the match. Your new goal is to
    hit every opponent left with a finishing move. The game will constantly build 
    you up to a signature move, so just hit each opponent with your signature move,
    and then your finisher. Once you've connected with a Pedigree on every opponent
    at least once, the match will end.
    -WEEK 43-
    With the sledgehammer, hit all the opponents on the ramp with the sledgehammer,
    and after you've hit them all, a scene will play.
    -WEEK 44-
    with Randy Orton VS. Edge and The Miz
    -You have to be Triple H for the match. Beat up on either Edge or Miz, doesn't 
    matter which, to the point that the "Y" button prompt appears. Then press it 
    to end the match.
    -WEEK 55-
    VS. Randy Orton
    -Fight Orton until the Y button prompt appears and press it.
    Next, you have to brawl with the Mizfits with Orton. Keep an eye on Orton as 
    you brawl because if a Y button appears above an opponent that Orton is 
    brawling with, you can tap Y and make Orton RKO that guy, making the job go 
    much easier and faster.
    The last opponent that you've beaten down needs to be taken out on the outside 
    of the ring, the one next to the ramp.
    -WEEK 56-
    Chase Miz through the backstage hallways until you reach the parking garage. 
    Then brawl with him until the Y button prompt appears and take him out.
    VS. Edge VS. Randy Orton VS. The Miz - WWE Championship
    -The first order of business is to damage Orton enough that you can press Y 
    when prompted. This is kind of annoying because Edge and Miz will attack you 
    and Orton all the time and ignore each other.
    -The next objective is a little confusing. It says to just perform a finisher 
    on Edge on the stage, but you really you have to damage him to the point that 
    you can press Y and eliminate him from the match. Just run to the stage and 
    Edge will follow. Miz will probably stay in the ring and taunt, but if he has 
    his finisher, he will come onto the stage as well. To get rid of Miz, just 
    Irish Whip him down the ramp, and then when he gets thrown back into the ring, 
    he will likely just stay there.
    -Beat Miz up on the stage and press Y.
    -Then The Mizfits will come out. R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and 
    Kane. Just attack all of them until you are able to hit Y and nail each one 
    with a Pedigree at a time until they have all been defeated. Just grapple 
    attacks on them will cause them to stay on the ground for a long time, so you 
    don't really need to worry about being overwhelmed by their numbers.
    Austin Aries! Yeah, the indy darling/current TNA superstar lends his voice for 
    Jacob Cass in this game. At any rate, the first order of business is to create 
    Cass. You can edit his appearance for as long as you'd like, including his 
    entrance and entrance attire. When you're done editing Cass, press RB to the 
    farthest tab on the right and then confirm that you have finished editing Cass.
    -WEEK 57-
    Jacob Cass wins NXT off-screen. Exit the dressing room and then you will be 
    attacked by Husky Harris in the backstage area. Move to the area to the right 
    of the pop machine. Beat him up, press Y, and then watch the cinematic that 
    -WEEK 58-
    VS. Daniel Bryan
    -Standard wrestling match. Defeat Daniel Bryan to advance.
    -WEEK 59-
    with Daniel Bryan VS. Husky Harris and Justin Gabriel
    -Standard wrestling match. Defeat Harris and Gabriel with either Cass or Daniel
    Bryan in the ring to advance.
    -WEEK 60-
    VS. Justin Gabriel
    -Beat up on Justin until the button prompt appears.
    Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
    -You will start the match as Daniel Bryan against Husky Harris. Beat up on 
    Harris until you can hit Y and then do so to complete the first section of the 
    -Repeat the process as Rey Mysterio against Justin Gabriel.
    -Then it will just be Cass, Barrett, and Husky left in the match. Eliminate 
    them one at a time. When they've both been eliminated, the match will be over.
    -WEEK 61-
    VS. Alberto Del Rio
    -Standard wrestling match against Del Rio. Defeat him in any manner to advance.
    -WEEK 62-
    with Husky Harris VS. Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd
    -Husky won't get on the apron, so you can't tag him in. This is essentially a 
    handicap match because of that fact. At any rate, beat up on Kidd until the Y 
    button prompt appears.
    Vader and Animal will run to the ring and attack. Try to focus your attacks on 
    Vadeer. If you knock down Animal, he will stay down for a long period of time, 
    leaving Vader open to a series of attacks uninterrupted. When the Y button 
    prompt appears, press it.
    -WEEK 63-
    Rey Mysterio VS. Eddie Guerrero
    -This is a replay of a match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio that 
    happened on WCW Monday Nitro. So no Jacob Cass this week, evidently. You play 
    as Eddie. Defeat Rey to advance to the next week.
    -WEEK 64-
    VS. Husky Harris
    -Standard match against Harris. Defeat him in any manner to end the match.
    VS. Booker T
    -Standard wrestling match against Booker T. Defeat him in the match to finish 
    up your performance at the pay-per-view.
    Later, Cass will be involved in a big brawl between a bunch of old WCW guys 
    with John Cena. Just fight off the WCW guys, which consists of Arn Anderson, 
    Vader, Booker T, and Animal. When enough time has passed, you will advance to 
    the next week.
    -WEEK 65-
    A backstage brawl with Vader. End it by throwing smashing his head into one of 
    the boxes near the entrance to the ring. Or the big grey double doors.
    -WEEK 66-
    VS. Kofi Kingston - Royal Rumble Qualifier
    -Standard wrestling match against Kofi. Defeat Kofi to advance.
    -WEEK 67-
    Exit the dressing room. You will be attacked by Booker T and Vader. Take the 
    two of them out by throwing them into the boxes backstage as you do during 
    every backstage brawl.
    -WEEK 68-
    VS. Animal
    -Defeat Animal in a standard wrestling match to advance.
    Royal Rumble Match
    -Jacob Cass enters at #36. Eliminate everyone, but ignore The Big Show and then
    Cody Rhodes once he enters. You can't eliminate either of them, but everyone 
    else can be eliminated, and it doesn't matterwhat order.
    -WEEK 69-
    As Randy Orton, your goal is to take out Arn Anderson, The Big Show, and Vader.
    Head to the announce table and fight them all off in that area. Hit Y whenever 
    you get the chance until all three men have been taken out with an RKO near the
    announce table.
    -WEEK 70-
    with Rey Mysterio VS. Cody Rhodes and The Big Show
    -Standard tag team match. You can defeat Cody and Big Show by defeating either 
    of them as either Cass or Mysterio.
    -WEEK 71-
    VS. Vader - Steel Cage Match
    -Defeat Vader either by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage to end the 
    -WEEK 72-
    VS. Booker T, Cody Rhodes, and Vader
    -The first person in the ring will be Vader. Fight him until he tags out to 
    Cody. Then fight Cody until he tags out to Booker. Then wear Booker down until 
    the Y button appears above his head to end the match.
    Elimination Chamber Match
    -It will be just you and Booker T at first. Fight Booker T until Sheamus enters
    the match. Then continue to beat on Booker until the "Y" button appears. The 
    resulting cut-scene will see both Booker and Sheamus eliminated.
    -Kevin Nash will be the next entrant in the match. Fight him until Edge is 
    entered into the match. Then press Y to see Edge eliminated and for the match 
    to end.
    -WEEK 73-
    Brawl with Big Show on the stage until the "Y" button prompt appears and then 
    press it to end this segment.
    -WEEK 74-
    with Triple H VS. Animal and Cody Rhodes
    -Standard tag team wrestling match. You can be either Jacob Cass or Triple H 
    and you can pin/submit/whatever either Animal or Cody Rhodes. No fancy button 
    prompts to worry about.
    -WEEK 75-
    VS. The Big Show
    -This is not a standard wrestling match. You just have to keep fighting Big 
    Show until the "Y" button prompt appears. At that point, press the button to 
    end the match.
    -WEEK 76-
    Exit the dressing room. Then you have a brawl with Vader and Animal. Using the 
    crates to the right of the vending machine, defeat both of them to end this 
    with Triple H VS. Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio
    -Tag out to Triple H to end the first section of the match.
    -The second section will be between Cass and Rey Mysterio. Beat up on Rey until
    the "Y" button prompt appears. At some point during the match, a QTE will occur
    but it doesn't matter if you complete it successfully or not. The only possible
    outcomes are you win and you do extra damage to Rey, or you lose and Rey does 
    extra damage to you.
    -WEEK 77-
    VS. Edge and The Miz
    -Beat up on Miz until he tags out to Edge. Then beat up on Edge until the "Y" 
    button prompt appears.
    -WEEK 78-
    Backstage brawl with Vader and Animal. Defeat them to the right of the vending 
    machine in the typical fashion.
    Then you have to chase Cody Rhodes down the hallways and to the parking garage.
    In the garage, you have to fight off Booker T and Cody Rhodes in the same way 
    that you fought off vader and Animal before. This time you KO them by throwing 
    them into the cars around the garage after they have been weakened enough.
    Hell in a Cell Match
    -The match will start with Cass and Vader. It's kind of like a War Games Match 
    from the old WCW, but with elimination rules. The next entrant will be Booker 
    T, and then after that, John Cena for your side. Following Cena is Big Show. 
    The key to this is to just survive. Keep the attack on your opponents, and wait
    out the time until the next entrant. The next entrant, by the way, is Sheamus, 
    and his appearance will trigger a cut-scene that results in his quick 
    -Triple H will enter the match next. At this point, focus your attention on 
    Booker T. When enough damage has been done to him, you will be able to press Y 
    and then subsequently eliminate him from the match-up.
    -The next person that needs to be worn down is Vader. Beat up on him and focus 
    your efforts until the "Y" button prompt appears above Vader's head as well.
    -Now it will be you, HHH, and Cena all against Show, giving Team WWE the very 
    important man-advantage. Keep beating up on Show until Animal enters the ring. 
    Animal's entrance will result in the elimination of John Cena, evening out the 
    teams again.
    -Next focus all of your efforts on Animal, wearing him down. Mr. McMahon will 
    eventually join the match for Team WWE, once again putting Team WWE at an 
    advantage. Once McMahon enters, Animal can be worn down to the point that the 
    "Y" button prompt appears, and he can then be eliminated from the match.
    -You'd think the next person to worry about would be Rey Mysterio, but in all 
    actuality, it's time to focus on eliminating Big Show. Rey Mysterio will enter 
    the match at some point, and at that time, you are able to eliminate Big Show 
    if you have worn him down sufficiently.
    -Keep fighting Rey until Kevin Nash enters the match. Nash will then eliminate 
    Triple H.
    -Fight off Nash and Mysterio utnil The Undertaker enters the ring. When he 
    does, then that means you are now able to eliminate Mysterio. Beat up on Rey 
    until the "Y" button prompt appears above his head. During the following scene,
    Undertaker will also be eliminated from the match.
    -Along with Mr. McMahon, focus your attention on Kevin Nash. When enough damage
    has been done, you can press Y. Unfortunately, the subsequent cut-scene depicts
    the elimination of Mr. McMahon, leaving only you and Nash left in the match.
    -Beat up on Nash until the Y button prompt appears. Press it to kickstart a 
    cut-scene, which will conclude with Nash and Cass fighting up to the top of the
    Hell in a Cell.
    -Resume beating up on Nash on the top of the Cell until once again, the Y 
    button appears. Press it to send Cass and Nash crashing through the top of the 
    Cell, falling through the ring mat.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    5. WWE Creations
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In WWE '12, players can create a variety of different things in order to make 
    their WWE '12 experience feel truly unique. The following is a list of the 
    items that can be created and/or customized by the player:
    Finisher Move
    The most prominent aspect of WWE Creations is the Highlight Reel. During your 
    matches, you can save clips from them through the pause menu. Then later you 
    can go to this mode and use it to create video montages of the best of the best
    of your matches and share them online.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    6. Online
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    WWE '12 features an online multiplayer component like in the previous games. If
    you didn't purchase the game brand new, then you have to buy an Online Pass in 
    order to play the multiplayer content. If you did buy the game new, then all 
    that you have to do is redeem your code in order to start playing online!
    Through the online functionality, you are also able to download the community 
    creations such as created superstars, storylines, etc. Activating your online 
    pass will also allow you to upload your own creations to the WWE '12 online 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    7. WWE Shop
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    WWE Shop is the DLC hub for WWE '12. The follow is the list of DLC available 
    and its price on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Please note that 
    the list may have more items added to it in the future:
    The Rock - 80 MSP/$1
    Hawk, New Attire - 80 MSP/$1
    Christian, New Attire - Free
    Kane, New Attire - 80 MSP/$1
    Mick Foley - 80 MSP/$1
    Randy Savage - 80 MSP/$1
    Brodus Clay - Free
    Batista - 80 MSP/$1
    Brie Bella - 80 MSP/$1
    Nikki Bella - 80 MSP/$1
    Kharma - 80 MSP/$1
    Vickie Guerrero - 80 MSP/$1
    Alicia Fox - Free
    Trish Stratus - 80 MSP/$1
    Edge, New Attire - 80 MSP/$1
    Animal, New Attire - 80 MSP/$1
    Shawn Michaels - 80 MSP/$1
    Jim Ross - 80 MSP/$1
    Jerry "The King" Lawler - 80 MSP/$1
    Michael Cole - 80 MSP/$1
    The Miz's Awesome Attires - 80 MSP/$1
    Superstar Attribute Customizer - 80 MSP/$1
    All Unlockables - 80 MSP/$1
    WWE '12 Fan Axxess - 960 MSP - $12
    Online Axxess - 800 MSP - $10
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    8. Roster
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The following is the entire list of the WWE superstars that can be played in 
    the game (excluding DLC characters) and their Overall Scores.
    Alberto Del Rio - 89 (Raw)
    Alex Riley - 78 (Raw)
    Animal - 89 (Legend)
    Arn Anderson - 87 (Legend)
    The Big Show - 92 (Raw)
    Booker T - 89 (Legend)
    Brock Lesnar (Legend)
    Chavo Guerrero - (SmackDown)
    Christian - 87 (SmackDown)
    CM Punk - 94 (Raw)
    Cody Rhodes - 85 (SmackDown)
    Daniel Bryan - 84 (SmacKDown)
    David Otunga - 74 (Raw)
    Dolph Ziggler - 87 (Raw)
    Drew McIntyre - 83 (Raw)
    Eddie Guerrero - 92 (Legend)
    Edge - 93 (Legend)
    Evan Bourne - 80 (Raw)
    Ezekiel Jackson - 80 (SmackDown)
    Hawk - 89 (Legend)
    Heath Slater - 78 (SmackDown)
    Husky Harris - 74 (Raw)
    Jack Swagger - 84 (Raw)
    John Cena - 95 (Raw)
    John Morrison - 87 (Raw)
    Justin Gabriel - 78 (SmackDown)
    Kane - 90 (SmackDown)
    Kevin Nash - 90 (Legend)
    Kofi Kingston - 85 (Raw)
    Mark Henry - 87 (SmackDown)
    Mason Ryan - 82 (Raw)
    Michael McGillicutty - 78 (Raw)
    The Miz - 90 (Raw)
    Mr. McMahon - 79 (Legend)
    Randy Orton - 94 (SmackDown)
    Rey Mysterio - 91 (Raw)
    Ricky Steamboat - 89 (Legend)
    R-Truth - 85 (Raw)
    Santino Marella - 77 (Raw)
    Sheamus - 87 (SmackDown)
    Sin Cara - 85 (SmackDown)
    Steve Austin - 94 (Legend)
    Ted DiBiase - 80 (SmackDown)
    Triple H - 93 (Raw)
    Tyson Kidd - 78 (SmackDown)
    The Undertaker - 96 (SmackDown)
    Vader - 88 (Legend)
    Vladimir Kozlov - 80 (Raw)
    Wade Barrett - 87 (SmackDown)
    William Regal - 79 (Raw)
    Yoshi Tatsu - 75 (SmackDown)
    Zack Ryder - 75 (Raw)
    Ricardo Rodriguez
    B. DIVAS
    Beth Phoenix - 75 (Raw)
    Eve - 73 (Raw)
    Kelly Kelly - 70 (Raw)
    Layla - 70 (SmackDown)
    Maryse - 66 (Raw)
    Michelle McCool (SmackDown)
    Natayla - 73 (SmackDown)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    9. Unlockable Content
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Arn Anderson Civilian Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Dashing Cody Rhodes - Road to WrestleMania
    Drew McIntyre Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Edge Entrance Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    HHH Street Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    John Cena Puprle Attire/John Cena with T-Shirt - Play two different WM matches 
           that feature John Cena in WWE Universe
    Kevin Nash Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Mr. McMahon Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Randy Orotn without Beard - Play as Randy Orton in WWE Universe at WrestleMania
    Sheamus Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Sheamus T-Shirt Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Undertaker Hooded Attire - Play as Undertaker in WWE Universe at WrestleMania
    Wade Barrett Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    William Regal Suit Attire - Road to WrestleMania
    Bragging Rights - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Clash of the Champions - Road to WrestleMania
    Extreme Rules - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Fatal-4-Way - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Hell in a Cell - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Money in the Bank - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Night of Champions - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    NXT Arena - Road to WrestleMania
    Over the Limit - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Starrcade - Road to WrestleMania
    Survivor Series - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    TLC - Win a match at this PPV in WWE Universe
    Tribute to the Troops - Play one year of WWE Universe
    WCW Monday Nitro - Road to WrestleMania
    Jacob Cass Entrance - Road to WrestleMania
    King of Kings Theme - Road to WrestleMania
    Mr. McMahon Entrance - Road to WrestleMania
    Undertaker Entrance - Win a match with Undertaker at WrestleMania in Universe
    United Kingdom Entrance - Road to WrestleMania
    Champion of Champions Title - Win a title at Night of Champions
    Classic Intercontinental Title - Win the Intercontinental Title
    ECW Title - Win a title at Extreme Rules
    European Title - Road to WrestleMania
    Hardcore Title - Win a title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Light Heavyweight Title - Win a title as Rey Mysterio
    Million Dollar Title - Win a title with Ted DiBiase
    WCW Spray Painted World Heavyweight Title - Road to WrestleMania
    WCW Spray Painted WWE Title - Road to WrestleMania
    WCW Title - Road to Wrestle Mania
    World Tag Team Title - Win the titles on SmackDown
    WWE Attitude Era Title - Win the WWE title with Steve Austin
    WWE Tag Team Title - Win the titles on Raw
    WWE Undisputed Title - Win the WWE title with HHH at a PPV
    Arn Anderson - Road to WrestleMania
    Booker T - Road to Wrestle Mania
    Brock Lesnar - Win a singles match in WWE Universe
    Demolition - Win the Undisputed Tag Titles in WWE Universe
    Eddie Guerrero - Road to WrestleMania
    Edge - Road to WrestleMania
    Goldust - Win the Intercontinental Championship as Cody Rhodes in WWE Universe
    Kevin Nash - Road tO WrestleMania
    Michelle McCool - Win the Divas Title in WWE Universe
    Ricky Steamboat - Road to WrestleMania
    Road Warriors - Road to WrestleMania
    Steve Austin - Road to WrestleMania OR defend the WWE Title in WWE Universe
    Vader - Road to WrestleMania
    Mr. McMahon - Road to WrestleMania
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    10. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat WWE '12!
    E-mail me at horror_spooky@hotmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or 
    concerns about this guide.
    You can check out all my other stuff here:
    Legal Information
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