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    This FAQ is sort of an encyclopedia of information pertaining to the Metal
    Gear series by Konami. Everything from characters and weapons to music and
    the games are contained within this document, accompanied by a indepth (well,
    mostly) explaination of it. This is an evolving document, so expect drastic
    changes if a new game is entered into the series. And I don't think that is
    extremely far off...
    Table of Contents
    I.     Version History
    II.    Disclaimer and Copyright Notice
    III.   History of Tactical Espionage Action
    IV.    Notes and Miscellaneous Information
    V.     People
    VI.    Locations
    VII.   Organizations
    VIII.  Weapons
    IX.    Equipment
    X.     Vehicles
    XI.    Miscellaneous and Terms
    XII.   Music
    XIII.  Frequently Asked Questions
    XIV.   Credits
    XV.    Closing and Contact Information
    I. V e r s i o n   H i s t o r y
    Version 1.0 (5-3-02): Initial Release. The majority of the terms are complete.
    Version 1.1 (5-28-02): Monster Update
    -Redid Raiden's entry. 
    -Added a few more entries to the reference guide. 
    -Fixed a few errors in some entries.
    -Added some more FAQs
    -Added a -not so brief- summary of the "Outer Heaven Crisis" and "The 
    Uprising of Zanzibar.
    -Added the Colonel's insane codec transmissions.
    Version 1.2 (5-30-02): A moderate update (though it seems like a lot).
    -Added Otacon's proverbs.
    -Fixed a few errors.
    -Added some more FAQs.
    -Made placeholder sections for the Timeline and Music.
    -Reorganized the reference guide. Each part is now its own numbered section.
    Why? Because I CAN!!! *insert sinister laugh*
    -Jotted down stat bios for anyone I could find info for.
    -Fixed a bad mistake. Its _McDonnel_ Miller, not McDonald. No Happy Meal for
    -Added entries for Nariko Sand, Bush Barble floor, Footstep Reverberating 
    Material, Goliath Tank, Metal Gear G, and Sikorsky Chopper.
    This seems to be getting more and more random.
    Correction -- it's becoming more deep. Trust me.
    Version 1.3 (12-14-02): Sorry for forgetting this document.
    -Added some more FAQs.
    -Add more FAQs
    -Added a bare bones Music section.
    -Add voice actors for all the characters with one.
    -Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is released. Expect more later.
    Version 1.4 (...): Lost to the ether (hard drive crash.)
    Version 1.5 (5-20-03): Major overhaul of the document's format. Lots of new
    stuff as well.
    - Major FAQ visual overhaul.
    - Nifty Ascii label of the document.
    - Information from Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance added (game info, Snake Tales
    storylines information added to characters.)
    - Added The Documents of Metal Gear Solid 2 information.
    - Several things added and changed throughout.
    - Misc. info added to characters.
    What to do:
    - As always, fix up stuff.
    - Add more FAQs and misc terms.
    - I'm toying with the idea of adding in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel information
    into the FAQ. It might not be for a while if I do, though.
    II. D i s c l a i m e r   a n d   C o p y r i g h t   N o t i c e
    This document can and should be found only at:
    If I find it anywhere else without permission, you're gonna die (within the
    next 80 years).
    I took a long time making this FAQ. If I do find you plagiarize this document, 
    I will see you in court =)
    This FAQ was solely intended for the public use on the www. It cannot be
    reproduced, retransmitted, or re-written in any other form except by the
    notice of the author.  Any violation of this code will result in harsh and
    swift court action. If this legal document is portrayed  in any commercial
    use,  you are therefore stricken under the code of law and will be punished.
    This FAQ is only to be used by the public itself and cannot be sold.
    Revisions of this FAQ are only to be done with notice of the author before
    hand and may be done so as long as the name of the author of the document
    appears in due credit. This document may NOT be used for sales and
    broadcasting or commercial use.  This FAQ may not be included in a
    promotional  CD, magazine, or any other use of monetary product. This FAQ may
    not be used in a password protected area nor in a high security
    area/restricted area. This FAQ is in no way possible to be plagiarized,
    without facing court charges. Doing so will bring about damages in terms of
    law, whether the punishment be civil or criminal law. In other words:
    This document is copyright Ryan Kelly; 2003. All rights reserved.
    Metal Gear, Snake, and all locations, characters, and concepts are copyright 
    Konami Computer Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    III. H i s t o r y   o f   T a c t i c a l   E s p i o n a g e   A c t i o n
                               TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION
                                      METAL GEAR
    Metal Gear. The focus of this FAQ. But what is Metal Gear? When was the series
    created and what's some background to this great series?
    Metal Gear, the brainchild of one Hideo Kojima. Once a relatively unknown man 
    now a well know figure in the gaming world responsible for several great 
    games. But above all...Metal Gear. The following is a very brief overview of 
    the series from a non-story standpoint.
    Metal Gear (MSX, NES)
    Metal Gear was first released in 1987 on the MSX computer system. A format 
    quite popular in Europe and Japan, but pretty much unknown in the US. Made in 
    a time where platformers and Zelda-clones were all the rage, Metal Gear was 
    quite something out of the ordinary. Instead of going into a mission Rambo 
    style with guns blazing, Metal Gear relied on stealth and wits to make it 
    through the mission. The player assumed the role of "Solid Snake", a new 
    member in the Special Forces unit, "FOX-HOUND." At the start of the mission, 
    Snake was armed only with a pack of cigarettes and a "transceiver", which was 
    used to contact his CO, Big Boss, and other allies if, need be. With a 
    original and interesting storyline (okay, so maybe it wasn't that great, but 
    back then it was a great departure from the usual "save the princess" or "kill 
    all the bad guys...'cuz they're bad" stories of the day), innovative gameplay, 
    and a good amount of style doing it, Metal Gear became a smash hit. Metal Gear 
    was released in 1988 for the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System, 
    although there were a bit of things changed in the port. Several maps were 
    changed, enemies moved and dummied down, bosses changed or removed, a shoddy 
    translation (for the US version at least), and players never got to actually 
    fight Metal Gear in this version, and the US manual was made by a bunch of 
    stoners (more on that later). Although still good, the MSX version was better.
    Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)
    Released in 1990 for the MSX2 computer system in Japan ONLY. This game had 
    several new features added. The ever-useful radar was implemented in this 
    sequel. Snake had several new weapons and items, as well as the ability to 
    crawl. The graphics and music was also improved this time around (err...well, 
    maybe not the music, but the themes were a bit catchier.) The game was quite a 
    bit harder as well due to the fact that guards could now see at a 45-degree 
    angle, rather than straight ahead. The game once again placed you in the shoes 
    of Solid Snake, who was called back into service to infiltrate "Zanzibar Land" 
    who has kidnapped the genius Dr. Marv, the creator of OILIX, a substance that 
    can created highly refined oil. This was one of the best games in the series, 
    having everything that makes a Metal Gear game what it is.
    You can probably find the rom translated on easily, but I'm not telling where.
    Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear 2 (NES)
    Released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) under the Ultra 
    Games label. This game has NOTHING to do with the rest of the series, it is a 
    generic action game with the Metal Gear name slapped on to make more money. 
    Kinda like Street Fighter 200X: The Final Fight, or a certain movie released 
    last summer ;). It is officially stated that this game has nothing to do with 
    the rest of the series, but I will talk a bit about it later (mostly ridicule 
    and the like.) Featuring crap characters, a laughable story (really, reading 
    the manual made me laugh) and mediocre gameplay (HORRIBLE side scrolling 
    stages), this is pretty much the redheaded bastard child of the series. (No 
    offense to any red-headed bastard child readers ;)
    Metal Gear Solid (PSX, PC)
    After a while, the Metal Gear series fell into obscurity, after being 
    abandoned for a good seven years. That was until a sequel was presented at the 
    1997 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Dubbed "Metal Gear Solid", the game 
    was named the best game of E3 by several magazines and websites. Metal Gear 
    Solid would be released on the Sony Playstation. On the new format it would 
    feature a new 3D game engine, voice acting throughout the game, a brand new 
    story and several new elements. When it was finally released in September 
    1998, it flew to the top of the charts for that month and stayed near the top 
    for several months (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time took the top spot the 
    following month.) Metal Gear Solid is probably the most successful Metal Gear 
    game (though Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty might have beaten it...I 
    don't know.) Metal Gear Solid was later released on the PC in 2000.
    Metal Gear Solid Integral (PSX Jpn. only, PC)
    Released in Japan in 1999, this was a Special Edition of the original hit. 
    This version contained several new features including a Very Easy mode (start 
    with a weapon with infinite ammo), a 1st person mode, a few Easter eggs (Meryl 
    with the Sneaking Suit). Most importantly, this version contained a 3rd disc 
    with over 300 VR Missions, including three with a playable Ninja (sure not 
    much, but damn fun). This version never made it's way over to the US in this 
    form, but the VR mission disc did as...
    Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (PSX)
    Released in 1999, this was a special disc containing all the bonus VR Missions 
    added in MGSI. Although some parts were pretty boring, the later missions were 
    pretty fun. Featuring such modes as Training for all the weapons, a Mystery 
    Mode, Puzzles, and some other odd missions the game was a pretty interesting 
    package. The requirements were a lot easier to open up some missions compared 
    to Integral's requirements (in Integral, to get the Ninja missions you had to 
    get the BIG BOSS ranking!) All in all a pretty good package for those yearning 
    for more tactical espionage action, but not as good as the Integral package.
    Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (GBC)
    Released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color, this was an entirely new mission for 
    Snake on the GBC. Pretty much a Metal Gear Solid on the GBC, Snake sported 
    most of his moves from the PSX addition, except for the obvious ones (1st 
    person view). The graphics engine looked a lot like Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, 
    but still was quite good for the Gameboy Color. Featuring a complex and 
    interesting story, pretty good graphics, great gameplay, and several other 
    features, this was one of the best games to be released on the dying (pretty 
    dead now) platform.
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)
    Released in 2001 for the United States first (one of the few major games to be 
    released here first). This will probably be the most successful Metal Gear 
    game to date. First announced at E3 in 2000, this game has been one of the 
    most hyped releases ever. Boasting an incredible graphics engine, a sharp new 
    story, new moves for Snake, and a few little (and one huge) surprises, this 
    was a title to look out for.
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Xbox, PS2, PC)
    Announced just prior to E3 2002. This is to MGS2 as MGS: Integral is to MGS.
    Packed with loads of new features and extras, this is what MGS2 was meant to 
    be (why does that sound like something Capcom would say?) New features in this
    update are:
    - The main game is basically the PAL version, right down to the Europen Extreme
    - All features the NTSC version missed out on are added back in (Casting 
      Theater, Boss Survival, etc.)
    - 358 VR missions: The same sort from MGS: VR Missions
    - 153 Alternative missions: Missions set in the SOL areas (Tanker, Plant,
    Arsenal Gear)
    - 5 Snak Tales: Seperate fictional (not part of the main storyline) storie
      starring Solid Snake. The stories are all text based and feature the
      areas and characters in MGS2 in a Twilight Zone/Alternate scenarios.
    - The extra missions feature the ability to play missions as Pliskin, Tuxedo
      Snake, and MGS1 Snake (DAMN hard)
    - There are Missions for Raiden in a Gray Fox outfit as well (and one VR
      Mission with Naked Raiden)
    - A skateboarding mission for Raiden and Snake is included in the PS2 version.
      More of a demo than anything else though.
    The game is being released on PS2, Xbox, and PC. The Xbox version was released
    first, and is the worse version of the three unfortunately. Bad slowdown in
    certain parts (Aft Deck of Tanker and underwater sections have a horrible frame
    rate areas.) The PS2 (and PC I guess) version features more people in casting 
    theater, the skateboarding missions, and another boss in Boss Survival 
    (Arsenal Tengus.)
    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GCN)
    Mr. Miyamoto (you get slapped if you don't know who this guy is) recently
    confirmed that a Metal Gear game is in the works for the Nintendo Gamecube.
    Is it MGS2: Substance? Somehow I'm really thinking it's not, as it seems rather
    pointless to keep another port underwraps for so long. Not like it would be
    a big surprise or anything. The rumor making the rounds right now is that it is
    a remake of Metal Gear Solid (ala Resident Evil Remake.) MGS3 seems out of the
    question, as it would probably not be a great business move to alienate PS2
    fans by releasing the sequel on a console with an unestablished fanbase. 
    Personally, I'd kinda like a remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. That would
    be DAMN nice.
    Okie dokie. Things changed while I was doing this update. It's been announced
    that the mysterious Metal Gear game for Gamecube is infact a remake of Metal
    Gear Solid. Nothing is known except that Kojima and Miyamoto are supervising 
    the whole shabang and Silicon Knights (Blood Omen 1, Eternal Darkness) are 
    making the thing. It's gonna have Metal Gear Solid 2 or above quality graphics
    and I'm sure a buncha improvements as well. You can guarantee they're gonna
    incorporate the Patriots angle in there somewhere among other things. 
    A trailer of the game will hopefully be shown at E3 in a week or so. Sigh...
    there goes my hopes for a old school MG remake...
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2, ????)
    Said to be fairly far in development by a few sources. E3 holds what is in 
    store for the next chapter in the series. Hideo Kojima is back on board due to
    fan demand. Can't wait...
    Oi. I was just about to submit this update then the trailer for the game gets
    released. Ach. It seems that Snake has a taste for well...snakes. The new
    setting seems to be in a jungle area. The official MGS3 website has a outline
    of a snake with a map of the Russia area inside it along with the tagline 
    "Hungry for some snake." 
    Things we can see from the trailer aren't much aside from the new location.
    The whole thing is very, very Ramboish. Also, at the end of the trailer a 
    close-up of Snake is shown and he is only possessing one eye. Okay...
    Wild speculation and doubts of the credibility as the real deal are crossing
    the Internet like wild fire. Everything from it being a Metal Gear remake to
    it being a flashback with Big Boss to an evil zombie clone mutant vamp fusion
    French Snake and everything in between. Ack...my poor inbox...
    Check out the trailer on the official website:
    Oh to hell with Wisdom Teeth. I was all sent to send this update in and I get
    these damn things done out of the blue. Next thing I know my jaw hurts like 
    hell and it's E3. Oh well, not all bad.
    I'll just give you a little rundown of stuff. You can download the trailer from
    the official website:
    A few of the scarce things which may or may not be true:
    - Set in Cold War Era 60's. Everything seems to indicate this. From the USSR
    flags all over and the constant references to the 60's in the trailer and
    official website.
    - 60's would mean no Solid Snake. He wasn't cloned until the 70's. Big Boss
    on the other hand...
    - Many things seem to indicate that it might be Big Boss as the main character.
    At the very least he's gonna make an appearance. He may or may not be sporting
    a Scottish accent. =)
    - New setting is the jungle. Snake is apparently having to live off the land,
    eating snakes and fish raw and all.
    - Smoke grenades are a new weapon that I can definitely tell you. Also a
    combat knife for throat slitting fun. 
    - Release date is 2004.
    IV. N o t e s   a n d   M i s c e l l a n e o u s   I n f o r m a t i o n
    - If I screw up on a summary, don't get bent out of shape, just contact me and 
    it'll be corrected.
    - If there is spelling errors, tell me. This is a LONG FAQ, so there is bound 
    to be a few minor spelling errors and grammar mistakes (though hopefully not
    too many.) Hey, gimme a break. I did this whole thing purely in Wordpad.
    - This FAQ is on the ORIGINAL versions of all the games. In other words: Metal 
    Gear MSX, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake MSX, Metal Gear Solid PSX, and Metal Gear 
    Solid 2 PS2. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and Snake's Revenge are both not part of
    the offical storyline. Though I might add in Ghost Babel at a later date.
    - Here's the format for bios-
    Real Name: 
    Note that if nothing applies, it will not be included.
    - All of the information in this FAQ is official unless stated otherwise.
    Stuff like Mantis' second personality, Big Boss taking one in his money maker,
    and the crazy amount of overly detailed info on Zanzibar are all true. Don't
    believe me? 
    Amount of care: .
    Major soures for information include:
    - The games, genius.
    - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake instruction manual.
    - Metal Gear Solid official guide (character bios)
    - The Documents of Metal Gear Solid 2
    - Well, on with the show...
    V. P e o p l e
    Big Boss
    Nationality: American
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 89 kg
    Age: 70s -deceased-
    Family: Solid Snake -son-, Liquid Snake -son-, Solidus Snake -son-
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    An American who participated in LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) in 
    Vietnam, and afterwards, exploited his superior skills in SOG (Special 
    Operations Group), the Green Berets and the Wild Geese. He has completed more 
    than 70 missions. During the early 70's he was wounded in battle. After this 
    injury he was diagnosised as sterile (ouch...) US government highly valued his 
    warfare ability and agreed with Big Boss on a external fertilization program. 
    This was dubbed the Les Enfant Terrible project during which three clone's of 
    Big Boss were produced (Solid, Liquid, and Solidus). Despite ethical issues, 
    this was deemed a necessary step to assure national security during the Cold 
    War. In the late 80's, Big Boss participated in several regional conflicts and 
    race liberation wars. He was heralded as a true hero and made the front covers 
    of popular magazines in many countries. During this time he probably met Frank 
    yeager and his "sister" Naomi.
    In the late 80s, another injury cost him an eye. Big Boss then retired from 
    the front lines and began to concentrate on military education and training. 
    The 1990's arrived and he was nominated as general planning commander of the 
    international special forces squad FOX-HOUND. In the mid-90s Big Boss, 
    transformed by greed and ambitions of absolute power, managed to take control 
    of OUTER HEAVEN, (a military fortress nation in Salzburg) and tried to 
    establish world domination through the country's military powers. Still the 
    leader of FOX-HOUND, Big Boss sent in a rookie, "Solid Snake" to stop Outer 
    Heaven in operation Intrude N313. Big Boss used Snake as a guise to fool the 
    "west" and spread disinformation. Big Boss never imagined Snake would survive 
    the ordeal. Snake managed to destroy Big Boss's ultimate weapon, Metal Gear, 
    as well as defeat Big Boss himself and destroy Outer Heaven. With his 
    ambitions crushed, Big Boss fled to the Middle East.
    In the late 90s, Big Boss then established another armed fortress nation, 
    Zanzibar Land. He gathered mercenaries from all over the world as well as 
    build up armaments. Also the Czech scientist, Dr. Kio Marv, was captured (see 
    Kio Marv and OILIX for more information). FOX-HOUND once again sent in Solid 
    Snake to stop Zanzibar Land. Snake once again managed to defeat all that stood 
    in his way and was able to defeat Big Boss's right hand man, Gray Fox. Snake 
    then confronted Big Boss. Big Boss killed by Solid Snake in a battle between 
    the two. Later, his remains were taken into possession by the United States 
    government for gene therapy experiments.
    Big Boss' design is pretty much Sean Connery with an eye-patch in MG2. Just
    thought I should mention that.
    Black Color
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A member of NASA's top secret "Out-of-Earth Environment Special Force". He is 
    a hi-tech ninja who had heightened his flesh to the limit with drugs and 
    therapy. He is incased within highly advanced flex armors. The "Out-of-Earth 
    Environment Special Force", was dismissed after controversy rose regarding it 
    as a too dangerous existence. The unit was disbanded before they were even 
    implemented. It is assumed that all members were to be confined or killed 
    (they are supposed to be dangerous). A few members fled to Zanzibar Land and 
    joined its army. 
    Black Color, who Snake fights in Zanzibar, is actually Kyle Schneider, who
    helped Snake during the Outer Heaven incident. Apparently he, as well as other
    survivors of Outer Heaven, were used in the US's experimental projects. With
    nothing left to live for, Black Color fights and is killed by Solid Snake.
    Catherine Miller
    Appearances: None 
    McDonell Miller's daughter. She resided with him in Los Angeles after he and 
    his 1st wife, Nadine, divorced. Later on she either went to live with her 
    mother or moved out (dunno how old she is).
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Snake's evac helicopter pilot. He is late picking up Snake and Holly, but 
    manages to arrive just in time to save them from a group of soldiers.
    Appearances: None (Deleted from MGS2)
    Chinaman is a scrapped enemy to be included in Metal Gear Solid 2. A man of
    Chinese descent and having a dragon tatoo on his back, Chinaman had mystical
    powers which allowed his tatoo to come to life and attack Raiden. The Chinaman
    could walk on water, was extremely fast, and a good swimmer. Raiden was to
    battle Chinaman where Vamp is now located. Chinaman could control sharks in 
    the water which he used to attack Raiden. 
    An interesting idea, but ultimately Chinaman was scrapped and many of his 
    abilities were given to Vamp with little reason. Will Chinaman ever see the
    light of day? Umm...no.
    Clark, Dr.
    Appearances: None
    The former head of FOX-HOUND's medical staff before Dr. Naomi Hunter. He 
    initiated the gene therapy experiments after Colonel Campbell retired. He used 
    the body of a fallen soldier in Zanzibar Land to conduct his experiments, that 
    soldier was Gray Fox. Clark and the other researchers revived Fox and fitted 
    him with a highly advanced exoskeleton. He was kept drugged while Clark 
    performed the experiments that led to the creation of the Genome Army. The 
    official report is that he was killed in an explosion in his lab in 2003, but 
    in actuality it was Gray Fox who killed him.
    Colonel, The
    Voice Actor: Paul Eiding
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An artificial representation of Colonel Roy Campbell. Raiden is in contact 
    with the "Colonel" during his entire mission. When the FoxDie computer virus 
    effects Arsenal Gear, the Colonel begins to act erratic, spouting out insane 
    messages and messing with Raiden's Codec and such. Otacon later digs around 
    and finds that the Colonel's signal is coming from within Arsenal Gear, and 
    that the Colonel wasn't real, but a representation of what one would expect to 
    talk to during the mission (Raiden, having gone through countless simulations, 
    would expect the Colonel to be his CO, which is why the AI is represented as 
    Campbell.) The Colonel later reveals information on the Patriot's ambitions as 
    well as the S3 plan. He goes offline after Raiden kills Solidus Snake.
    Miscellanous Facts: 
    After a few requests, here it is. A complete list of ALL of the Colonel's 
    insane Codec transmissions.
    *You can here these from when you leave Arsenal Gear's stomach (torture room) 
    up until the end of the fight with the Metal Gear RAY army*
    [A video of the start of Metal Gear one is shown]
    -...Infiltrate... ...the enemy fortress... ...Outer Heaven!
    ...Destroy... ...the final weapon... ...Metal Gear! 
    (referring to Metal Gear 1)
    -Your mission is to infiltrate the fortress Galuade, rescue the hostages and 
    neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete.
    (referring to Metal Gear: Ghost Babel)
    [A video of Snake standing in front of two GIANT Genome Soldiers is shown]
    -Variety Level 13 Rescue Meryl, the "Return of Genola."
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions/Metal Gear Solid Integral)
    -Mind the gap.
    -President Baker should be somewhere to the south of where you blasted 
    through the wall. Hurry and save him before the terrorists discover his code.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid)
    -Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, 
    Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, 
    (referring to the Cyborg Ninja of MGS)
    -I noticed this a while back, but you have far too many Game Overs. Sorry to 
    be blunt, but you really stink at this game.
    -Honestly, though, you have played the game for a long time. Don't you have 
    anything else to do with your time?
    -You got a PSG-1? You can use that against Sniper Wolf. Hurry up and save 
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid)
    -You seem to get a real thrill out of slaughtering the enemy. Are you
    frustrated about something?
    -Even my patience has its limits. I just can't leave this thing up to
    you any longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home!
    -Actually, I am in really bad shape financially. I pay money to my ex-wife as 
    part of our divorce settlement, among other bills... I just had no choice but 
    to make you pay for lunch the other day. I'm really sorry.
    -An Anemone or Clematis plant's juice can cause a rash. When pruning
    them it's a good idea to wear gloves.
    -Big Boss here... Enter the track on the bridge to the right... Over.
    (referring to Metal Gear 1)
    -Actually, there is something I have been meaning to tell you but I just 
    couldn't... I think you should know, though. On Saturday morning last week I 
    saw a guy leaving Rosemary's room... How should I put it, it was like they 
    were... "intimate." I'm sorry. Sorry to bring this up during the mission, 
    -I say again. Your duty is to infiltrate Zanzibar Land. And seize Kio Marf, an 
    abducted Czechoslovakian biologist.
    (referring to Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Note: It's really Kio Marv, they had 
    a typo)
    -Snake, there's a fork in the conveyor belt. The machine is automatically 
    sorting cargo according to some system. Take a good look at the device.
    -Snake, take the power plant out. Set C4 explosives on four key points
    to destroy the structure.
    (referring to Metal Gear: Ghost Babel)
    -Snake, they've input both detonation codes. The only way to stop the launch 
    now is to use the card key to re-input the codes.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid)
    -Snake, destroy the power plant's main turbine. It's located in the B1 floor 
    of the plant. Break into the B1 floor.
    (referring to Metal Gear: Ghost Babel)
    -Variety Level 7 Shoot down the space invaders! Training will have to be 
    postponed if we are invaded by UFOs.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid VR Missions/Integral)
    -Weapon Mode Socom Level 01 Destroy all targets to reach the goal! Number of 
    targets: 3.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions/Integral)
    -Snake, like Shakespeare said: "Nought's had, all's spent, Where our desire is 
    got without content." Basically, it means that your desire can get you into 
    trouble if you're not careful. That goes for Items too. Don't get too greedy 
    or you might be sorry. Be careful, Snake.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid)
    -Snake, remember what De Gaulle said: "The graveyards are full of 
    indispensable men." Snake, you're all alone and surrounded by bad guys. Try to 
    be careful and avoid getting into a fight whenever you can.
    (referring to Metal Gear Solid)
    -Listen, you haven't reported in for a long time until now. You think you can 
    just CALL only when you want something? You disappoint me.
    -Communicator Entertainment Program Idea Spy 2.5 (Two-point-five) Episode 1
    New York. Here in the city where dreams come true and desires rule, something 
    is being bought, sold and thrown away, even as we speak. But behind the scenes 
    of business as usual, the nefarious J.E. (Junker Expensive) Corporation lines 
    its already bloated coffers with profits from worthless products. As J.E. 
    swindles yet another innocent into purchasing high-priced junk...the FBI 
    mobilizes a top-secret task force to put a stop to the menace. Now, the city's 
    best-kept secret spy is out there, briefed and ready to protect the people 
    from J.E., the catalogue of conspiracy -- just call him 2.5 (Two-point-five).
    (referring to another Hideo Kojima game, Snatchers)
    -I can't believe it -- that someone who has committed all those
    twisted acts in the woman's bathroom  would make it this far... this is the 
    end of the world.
    -Munch, munch...Um? Raiden? I'm eating right now. Get back to me later...
    munch, munch...
    -You wouldn't be trying to give yourself a bogus score using some ingenious 
    trick would you? That's just about as low as anyone could possibly stoop! I 
    can't believe you sometimes...
    -That reminds me, I saw Gubayama the other day in Shibomnigee. He said to give 
    you his best.
    -La-li-lu-le-lo! La-li-lu-le-lo!! La-li-lu-le-lo!!!
    -I'm not home right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP
    -I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those were the
    good old days... What were you in your former life?
    -I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space 
    with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
    I refer to the AI Colonel as "The Colonel" because he is never once said to
    be "Colonel Campbell" during the course of the game. Although he does have a
    rather generic "Campbell" name tag.
    According to the Documents of MGS2, the Colonel AI speaking to Raiden at the
    end of the game is JFK. o_O
    Commander South
    Appearances: None
    A bad mistranslation by the stoners that wrote Metal Gear's US instruction 
    manual. It's really Big Boss in case you’re wondering.
    Coward Duck
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A cowardly and dishonorable soldier. He was the former leader of Egg-Plant, an 
    extremist terrorist organization. He gets his name from his tactics of taking 
    hostages and using them as human shields. He and Snake fought in Outer Heaven 
    where he toke three POWs, including Jennifer's brother, hostage. Snake easily 
    dealt with the cowardly soldier.
    Cyborg Ninja
    Voice Actor: George Byrd
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    During the Shadow Moses operation, this is what most referred to as Gray Fox, 
    until he is later revealed to truly by Fox. Liquid and possibly Ocelot were 
    the only FOX-HOUND members to know whom the Ninja really was. He uses a 
    powered katana like sword as well as a plasma cannon like weapon later on.
    Miscellanous Info:
    The bizarre speach the Ninja says during the soldier slaughter scene and if
    Snake is busted out by him is as follows:
    Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, 
    Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, 
    What does it mean? It's train terminals in Japan.
    The Ninja originally wasn't going to be in MGS. But his concept design was
    too damn cool not to add in.
    Gray Fox is a major fan favorite. He appears playable in MGS: VR Missions and
    Raiden has a Gray Fox costume in MGS2S
    Decoy Octopus
    Nationality: Mexican
    Voice Actor: George Byrd
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Decoy Octopus was born in Mexico and grew up worshipping Hollywood make-up, 
    animatronics and special effects. When he became an adult he moved to 
    California and became an actor. His mimicry and special effects skills were so 
    accurate that the CIA approached him and offered him a position. He took the 
    job offer. Through his work in the CIA, he eventually became associated and 
    joined FOX-HOUND. Octopus can speak over 10 languages including English, 
    German, French, Spanish, Polynesian and even Ebonics (stereotypical ghetto 
    talk). When Octopus was assigned someone to impersonate his background check 
    of the individual will include that of the persons mannerisms and their 
    homeland's culture & history. In order to maintain the most realistic physical 
    identity he has shaved his cheek, jaw and nose bones, as well as cut off his 
    ears. Without his disguises, one would think he was a burn victim.
    Octopus can walk in any manner he chooses by dislocating his joints. This 
    meant that can also slip through narrow spaces like air ducts and the like. 
    His sense of touch can be controlled enabling him to grip very hot or cold 
    items (this is where he gets the name Octopus from). His metabolism must also 
    be changed to match who he was impersonating. Because of this he had to 
    constantly used steroids. When on a long term mission Octopus would even use 
    the persons blood as well as receive a bone-marrow transplant (meaning he 
    probably had type AB blood). However, the consequences of these missions are 
    so severe that Octopus almost completely forgets who he really is. It would be 
    almost as he became the person he imitated. He always asks the military for 
    thorough mental de-programming after a mission was completed.
    During the Shadow Moses incident, Octopus disguised himself as the DARPA 
    chief, Donald Anderson, after the real Chief was 'accidentally' killed by 
    Revolver Ocelot. However, during his meeting with Solid Snake, the disguised 
    Octopus was killed by coming in contact with the FoxDie virus. Snake later 
    found out from Vulcan Raven that the DARPA chief was really Decoy Octopus.
    Miscellanous Info:
    Before MGS2 was released, there was dozens of theories about Decoy Octopus
    reappearing in the sequel as everyone from the Vulcan Raven shadow to Snake
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A member of the Outer Heaven Resistance group. She was a former vocalist of 
    Thin Wall, the positive punk band (riiight...). She used her female charm for 
    intelligence activities in Outer Heaven. Having gone on several intelligence 
    missions in Outer Heaven, she knew much about the soldiers and armaments of 
    Outer Heaven. During Snake's mission to Outer Heaven, she was in contact with 
    Snake and helped him past several traps. She apparently had some feelings for 
    Snake, but never expressed them.
    Donald Anderson
    Real Name: Donald Anderson
    Nationality: American
    Height: 185cm
    Age: 50's
    Voice Actor: George Byrd
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The current chief of DARPA, Donald Anderson approved funding for the joint 
    project between ArmsTech and DAPRA; the Metal Gear REX project. During a 
    training exercise to test Rex, FOX-HOUND along with the Genome Army took 
    control of Shadow Moses and took the DARPA chief among others hostage. 
    FOX-HOUND's leader, Liquid Snake, demanded the password to activate Metal 
    Gear, but Anderson held out on them. Ocelot then tried to 'persuade' Anderson 
    on his torture device. However, the DARPA chief held out until the bitter end 
    and died from Ocelot's torture. Decoy Octopus then disguised himself as 
    Anderson and took his place in his holding cell. Solid Snake sees the real 
    Donald Anderson when he is imprisoned by Ocelot.
    Ellen Pettrovich
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Dr. Pettrovich Madnar's only daughter. She is a former Bolshoi Ballet star. 
    She is kidnapped and used to blackmail Pettrovich into working for Outer 
    Heaven. She, along with her father, are rescued by Solid Snake during his 
    mission to Outer Heaven. She later leaves for the United States after that.
    Emma Emmerich
    Real Name: Emma Emmerich-Danziger
    Nationality: American
    Age: 18
    Family: Julia Danziger -mother-, Hal Emmerich -step brother-
    Voice Actor: Jennifer Gale
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The step-sister of Hal Emmerich. Her full name is Emma Emmerich-Danziger. 
    Members of her family call her "E.E." Emma and her step-brother, Hal, were 
    very close. Since Hal didn't have many close friends, the two spent much time 
    together, playing house and such. When Emma was six years old, she and her 
    father (step-father actually, Otacon's father) were involved in a pool 
    accident. She survived but her father did not. Emma called for her brother 
    when it happened but he didn't come (Otacon was...err...see Otacon's section 
    for more). After that, Hal left home. Emma blamed him for abandoning her when 
    she needed him most. After that she grew a deep resentment for her brother. 
    After the accident, Emma's mother took her to England and raised her there. 
    After returning home to England, her mother married Robinson, a businessman. 
    Several years later, just before graduating from high school, Emma injured 
    Robinson in self-defense during an alleged assault on her person (update:
    according to Documents, it was a sexual assault). As a result of this incident,
    she followed in the footsteps of her stepbrother, and left home to enroll in 
    Oxford to become and majored in artificial intelligence and complex logic. 
    At this point, she was extremely angered by the fact that her brother failed 
    to protect her. Consequently, she lost all family connections and became 
    extremely resentful. While attending Oxford, she was noted for her success in 
    a deciphering event sponsored by British GCHQ. After she graduated she was 
    approached by the NSA for her computer genius which would be extremely useful 
    in intelligence. Although she didn't join at first, the government leaked her 
    the details of the Shadow Moses incident and her brother's involvement. Having 
    a chance to get back at her brother, she joined them. As a test of her skill 
    she was involved as one of the key crackers (professional hackers) in an 
    incident that is famous among hackers. On January 24th 2000, the NAS facility 
    in Fort Meade suffered a total system shutdown for a 73-hour period. The 
    result was a full review of NSA's safety measures, which in turn led to the 
    decision to shift the data-gathering operations to an isolated location that 
    would be safe from physical attack as well as cyber-terrorism (in other words, 
    the start of the Arsenal Gear project.)
    Sometime after that, Emma became the lead programmer of the Arsenal Gear 
    project. She created Arsenal's control core, GW, as well as its other 
    functions. She also created a virus that could destroy GW if need be, a 
    computerized version of FoxDie. When the Big Shell was taken over, Emma was 
    made to do the final check to start Arsenal Gear and was then put in a flooded 
    area of the Shell 2 core. Raiden later rescued her and the two set out to stop 
    Arsenal before it went active. Emma also came into contact with her brother 
    again after years of not speaking. While crossing an oil fence, Emma was 
    attacked by Dead Cell member, Vamp and was mortally wounded. Solid Snake took 
    her back to the computer room where her brother was waiting. After a short 
    reunion with her brother, she died in his arms.
    Nationality: American
    Voice Actor: Barry Dennen
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A member of the Dead Cell unit. He was born the son of a clockmaker. During 
    his childhood he was neglected by his parents and was without friends. He 
    spent a lot of time by himself in his father's workshop working on clocks. He 
    has had a tremendous fascination with clock mechanics. So much so that he 
    would hang around in the clock section of department stores. At the age of ten 
    he found a guidebook on the Internet that he eventually used to construct an 
    atomic bomb. After that he became known as Fatman (Fatman was the nickname of 
    one of the atomic bombs dropped during World War II). After that, Fatman 
    became a legend among those in the area of explosives. This fame within the 
    explosives field served to greatly boost his ego. However, he was shunned by 
    everyone in his school. Because of this, he locked himself from the outside 
    world and went on to focus all his energy on explosives. Fatman was also found 
    carrying a gun to school to give him more attention.
    Eventually, Fatman went to Indian Head, an exercise training facilities of the 
    NSEOD (Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal) at which Peter Stillman was a 
    lecturer. He learned all sorts of advanced bomb techniques. Indian Head was 
    known for having a very high failing rate due to the extremely difficult 
    curriculum. However, Fatman achieved extraordinarily high marks that were 
    without precedent. After leaving Indian Head, he joined up with NEST (Nuclear 
    Emergency Search Team), one of the most accomplished bomb disposal teams in 
    the world. In there he apparently got in serious trouble and was ousted from 
    the unit. He was then approached by Dead Cell. Fatman joined the unit and 
    sook revenge on his former unit in NEST.  Through a surprise attack 
    maneuvers conducted by Dead Cell, Fatman completely wiped out his former unit 
    in NEST.
    Fatman always had to have his hands moving. If he even had a bit of spare 
    time, he spent it disassembling and assembling his Glock, over and over again. 
    He's extremely vain about his hands -- keeps his fingers as slender and soft 
    as a woman's. They say he's always looking at his hands, giving himself 
    manicures. He also has a odd set of aesthetics, always leaving his cologne on 
    his bombs. Because of his obesity and the fact that he wears a bomb blast 
    suit for a large amount of time, he uses roller-skates to move around at great 
    During the Big Shell incident, Fatman was approached by the Patriots to 'test' 
    Raiden for their orchestrated training exercise. In turn, Fatman would have 
    the chance to kill his former instructor, Peter Stillman, and become the 
    greatest bomber to ever live. Fatman jumped at the chance. During the 
    operation, Fatman laid a trap and managed to kill Peter Stillman. However, 
    Raiden soon diffused the last of the bombs as well as Fatman himself. His last 
    words before he died was his one-liner: "Laugh and grow fat!"
    Fire Trooper
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Fire Trooper is a former member of Grenz Schutz Grouppe 9(GSG9). He is a 
    expert with the Flamethrower, being able to wield the weapon like a rifle. His 
    life is extinguished by Solid Snake during Intrude F014.
    Real Name: Helena Dolph Jackson
    Alias: Lady Luck
    Nationality: American
    Age: 20s
    Family: Scott Dolph -father-, Colonel Jackson -husband-
    Voice Actor: Maula Gale
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The Leader of Dead Cell. Her real name is Helena Dolph Jackson. But she is 
    known to her friends as Lady Luck. She received this name from her luck in 
    battle. Bullets seemed to veer away from her in battle. It is said to make up 
    for her bad luck in life. During the Tanker incident her father, Commandant 
    Scott Dolph, was killed. Soon after her husband, at that time the leader of 
    Dead Cell, Colonel Jackson, was convicted of false corruption charges and sent 
    to prison. Her mother then committed suicide over the grief of the loss of her 
    husband. At the time, Fortune was three months into pregnancy and the shock of 
    losing her family all at once led to her having a miscarriage. A few months 
    after that, Fortune's husband died in prison. In short, within a six month 
    period of time, Fortune had lost everything that mattered to her in life.
    After that, Fortune joined the military. Her uncanny luck earned her a 
    reputation in the forces. After that, she was appointment as the head of her 
    husband's unit, Dead Cell. Being the widow their former leader, Dead Cell 
    welcomed her with open arms. After that, Dead Cell became more and more 
    erratic and the unit was eventually devastated. The surviving members, 
    Fortune, Vamp, and Fatman, were approached by George Sears, the man who formed 
    the group. Sears explained who he really was and his ambitions. He promised 
    Fortune a chance to get back at the man who ruined her life, Solid Snake, if 
    she and her unit helped him. She took up the offer. 
    During the mission, Fortune eventually fought and defeated Snake. However, she 
    was soon betrayed by Solidus's ally Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot explained that all 
    Fortune's misfortune and 'luck' had been because of the Patriot's doing. 
    Fortune saved Raiden, Solidus, and Snake from Ocelot when he entered Metal 
    Gear Ray and tried to kill them. She died soon after that.
    Miscellanous Info:
    Both she and her father have blonde hair. Kinda odd for someone of African-
    American decent.
    Fortune's heart is on the right? The hell?
    Gary McGolden
    Real Name: Gary McGolden
    Nationality: American
    Family: John Dee -cousin-
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The author of "The Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses". A very paranoid 
    man believing in all sorts of government conspiracies and alien contact with 
    Earth. He was leaked information about the Shadow Moses conspiracy and had 
    some quirky adventures finding out what happened. After he wrote his book, he 
    disappeared, probably capped by the Patriot's goons... or maybe aliens got 
    him. Will probably never know...
    George Franklin
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A book reviewer for the New York Mirror. He reviews Natasha's book "In the 
    Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth". His column is called "All 
    Booked Up".
    George Kessler
    Real Name: George Kessler
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 90 kg
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A long time advisor and strategist for Fox-Hound. After his career in various 
    mercenary troops like South Africa mercenaries and French Foreign Legion, in 
    the "Zanzibar Independence War", (commonly referred to as "War of the 
    Mercenaries") he was severely wounded in his right thigh, and his professional 
    military career was over. He once worked as a negotiator but shortly 
    afterwards became a war informant using his battlefield experiences and 
    knowledge. For a very long time he has been serving as an advisor for 
    FOX-HOUND. At this moment, it is said there is no mercenary he doesn't know 
    of. On the other hand, it's also said that if you don't know him you are not 
    worth being branded a first-class mercenary. He was the advisor for Snake 
    during the Fall of Zanzibar. He informed Snake of whom Gray Fox really was 
    near the end of Snake's mission.
    George Sears
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Solidus Snake. But the public knew him by another name, President George 
    Sears. Sears was appointed to presidency by the Patriots (the elections were 
    and have been rigged). He had a rather uneventful Presidency during his term. 
    The day after the Shadow Moses incident, President and his Russian counterpart 
    were scheduled to sign the Start 3 Accord. The Start 3 would significantly 
    reduce Russia and the US's supply of nuclear missiles. President Sears 
    desperately wanted this one to go down in the history books, or so it was 
    said. However, after the blunder that revealed the existence of the Metal Gear 
    Rex project as well as the Genome Army (President Sears was publicly very much 
    against eugenics experiments) forced Sears to resign from Presidency. He was 
    then set up to be 'silenced' by the Patriots, but went into hiding by help of 
    Revolver Ocelot.
    Misc. Info:
    Solidus is either the 42st or 41st President. He resigned early, so I guess the
    current Vice President would have taken his place.
    Gray Fox
    Real Name: Frank Yeager
    Alias: Frank Hunter, Cyborg Ninja, Deepthroat
    Nationality: American-Vietnese German
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 85 kg
    Family: Naomi Hunter -adopted sister-
    Voice Actor: Geoge Byrd
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and Metal Gear Solid
    One of the greatest mercenaries to ever live and also the highest ranked 
    member of FOX-HOUND; the only person ever to receive the Codename: Fox. His 
    real name is Frank Yeager. Fox was born in Vietnam, his parents were Viennese 
    and American-German. Fox's age is never given, but he may be a bastard child 
    from the Vietnam War, or he might have been born beforehand. In any case, 
    after the war, half-whites were discriminated against and forced to grueling 
    labor. Fox was forced to work in hellish conditions day after day. A while 
    later he met Big Boss, who helped him out of that hell. Fox then became a 
    soldier, fighting in wars along side Big Boss and other young soldiers like 
    During this period of his life, in a mission within Rhodesia (present day 
    Zimbabwe), Fox met a girl in the middle of battle. The girl was searching for 
    her parents. Horrified, Fox realized that he had killed her parents. However, 
    he could not bring himself to kill the half-starving young girl. Fox shared 
    his rations with the young girl and protected her during the battles. The two 
    eventually made their way to Mozambique. There, Fox was captured by enemy 
    soldiers and held in a prison camp. Suffering horrible torture from the enemy, 
    Fox's future looked bleak. However, Fox was saved by his old benefactor from 
    Vietnam, Big Boss. Big Boss rescued Fox and took him and his adopted sister to 
    America. There, his sister was bought a new identity and papers and remained 
    there. Big Boss and Fox returned to Africa to continue the war. This was 
    probably around the late 80s to early 90s.
    In 1989, Fox met a woman in Calgary. Her name was Nastasha Markova. She and 
    Fox (going by the name of Frank Hunter), fell in love. The two tried to escape 
    the country and seek asylum in the United States, but they would not grant the 
    two a green card. Having failed to escape with her and knowing only of war 
    since he was a child, Fox returned back to the fight alongside Big Boss. He 
    never saw Natasha again.
    After Big Boss was injured in battle and forced to retire to the frontlines, 
    Fox joined Big Boss's newly formed "Fox-Hound" unit. After his piliminary 
    training after being recruited, Fox joined as the highest ranked member of the 
    unit. He then received his codename: Gray Fox (yeah, I should have been 
    calling him Frank beforehand...but that just doesn't sound right). The 
    following years Fox went on many missions in Fox-Hound. There, he met a young 
    rookie named Solid Snake. The new recruit, still green at the time, became 
    Fox's friend. Fox showed Snake the ropes of being in Fox-Hound. Although they 
    were friends, they never spoke of each other's past. In 1995, Gray Fox was 
    sent in to the armed fortress nation, Outer Heaven, to gather information 
    about the area. This operation was called "Operation Intrude N313". Fox 
    infiltrated the area but was captured by Outer Heaven's elite soldiers. He 
    made one last transmission before being captured:
    "...Metal Gear..."
    Fox was later rescued by Solid Snake, who had been sent in after Fox had 
    failed. Later, after Snake defeated Big Boss, Fox followed his commander after 
    he fled to the Middle-East. Fox helped Big Boss establish the fortress nation, 
    Zanzibar Land, and became Big Boss's most trusted lieutenant. Eventually, 
    Fox's former unit, Fox-Hound, dispatched an operative to stop Zanzibar. Fox 
    discovered that this operative was none other than his old comrade, Solid 
    Snake. Fox, still remembering his friendship with Snake, contacted Snake 
    several times claiming to be "one of his fans" and helping him. Fox attacked 
    Snake using the new Metal Gear model and unknowingly killed his former love, 
    Natasha. Later on, in the 100th floor basement, Fox battled Snake in the 
    fearsome Metal Gear D. Snake defeated the powerful machine however. Fox 
    escaped to a small room where he challenged Snake to a fight to the death. In 
    the middle of a minefield, Snake and Fox engaged in mortal combat. After a 
    long, hard battle, Snake came out on top, knocking Fox into a mine. Snake and 
    Fox talked for one last time. Before he died, Snake told him, "You're not 
    alone Frank. Natasha waits for you on the other side..." Fox remembered the 
    woman from his past. He thanked Snake for being his friend. He then died... 
    However...this was not the end of Gray Fox...
    After the Fall of Zanzibar, Gray Fox's body was recovered by the government. 
    The head of medical staff at FOX-HOUND, Dr. Clark, planned to Fox's body to 
    perform all sorts of genetic experiments. However, the experiments must be 
    performed on a living being, so Fox was fitted with a prototype exoskeleton 
    and "revived" by Clark. For years he was heavily drugged and used as a human 
    guinea pig for the experiments. Eventually, Fox escaped and killed Dr. Clark 
    and went into hiding with the help of his sister, Naomi. During this time, all 
    Fox could think about was to have one last fight to the death with Solid 
    Snake. In the years Fox had been gone, Naomi had joined Fox-Hound in hopes of 
    getting revenge on Snake. When the Shadow Moses takeover went down, Naomi 
    discovered that they were calling in Solid Snake to stop them. She informed 
    her brother that Snake would be at Shadow Moses. Fox then departed to Shadow 
    Moses a few hours before Snake arrived. He hid in the shadows, killing all 
    those who saw him. Eventually when Snake arrived, Fox found him battling a man 
    using an old Colt SAA revolver. An old, important looking man was tied to a 
    column surrounded by C4. Fox saw that the man was a skilled fighter, but he 
    wanted Snake to be in top condition for their battle. After the man sprung out 
    from behind a column, Fox saw his chance to end the fight and sliced off the 
    man with the revolver's hand. He also cut down the bound from his trap before 
    the C4 exploded. Fox then confronted his old friend. Snake asked who the hell 
    he was and the soldier replied:
    "I'm like you, I have no name."
    However, just then, Fox's need for his medication (he's still dependant on it 
    to survive) kicked in, forcing him to retreat. During his time recuperating, 
    Fox helped Solid Snake along the way to there final battle. He went under the 
    name of "Deepthroat" for these transmissions with Snake. Using information 
    leaked by Naomi, Fox found out that Snake was heading for the lab area to meet 
    an engineer there. Along the way to the labs, Fox was ambushed by a group of 
    soldiers. He quickly and brutally dispatched the troopers and continued on. He 
    then went after the engineer, Hal Emmerich. Before he could deal with him, 
    Snake arrived and stopped Fox. The two talked a bit and Fox engaged Snake in 
    battle. Memories of the past rushed back to Fox as the two fought. 
    Surprisingly, Snake had improved even more since Zanzibar and was even more 
    skilled of a warrior. After Snake had gained a bit of a upper hand, Fox's need 
    for his medicine kicked in again. Before he left, Fox revealed who he really 
    was, shocking is former comrade.
    Fox disappeared for some time until near the end of Snake's mission. Snake was 
    battling the terrorist leader, Liquid Snake, in the new prototype Metal Gear. 
    Snake was nearly killed by Metal Gear, but Fox rushed in to save him at the 
    last moment. He then revealed that he was really Deepthroat, who had been 
    helping Snake. Fox then blasted and severely damaged Metal Gear's weak point, 
    the Radome. Fox and Snake then took cover for a moment and talked. He revealed 
    to Snake that he was the one that killed Naomi's parents. He pleads with Snake 
    to tell Naomi that he was the one who did it. He then says he has one more 
    present, he'll stop it from moving. Gray Fox then rushes out and skillfully 
    dodges Metal Gear's gunfire. However, he is not quick enough to avoid a laser 
    blast that tears his arm off. Still able to fight, Fox lands on a ledge, only 
    to be greeted by the front of Metal Gear smashing him into the wall. Liquid 
    Snake taunts Fox telling him that in the Middle East they hunt Jackals and 
    starts crushing his strong exoskeleton. Fox yells to him, "A cornered Fox is 
    more dangerous than a jackal" and blasts the Radome to bits. This causes Metal 
    Gear's cockpit to open leaving Liquid Snake vulnerable to attack. Fox then 
    screams for Snake to fire the Stinger and destroy Metal Gear. However, Snake 
    can't bring himself to do it since it will kill Fox as well. Fox then tells 
    Snake how his suffering will finally end. Metal Gear then pushes Fox from the 
    ledge and crushes him under its foot. Before he passes on, Fox tells Snake:
    "Were not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing 
    -- the only thing I was good at. But... at least I always fought for what I 
    believed in. Goodbye, Snake..."
    Metal Gear then crushed him completely under its might. And so ended the life 
    of the warrior known as Gray Fox...
    Misc. Info:
    Gray Fox is NOT coming back. Just deal with it.
    Hal Emmerich
    Real Name: Hal Emmerich
    Alias: Otacon
    Nationality: American (Jewish)
    Height: 177 cm
    Weight: 62 kg
    Age: 30's
    Family: Emma Emmerich -step-sister-
    Voice Actor: Christopher Randolph
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Hal Emmerich is a brilliant scientist and engineer who worked for ArmsTech. He 
    was named after the Hal supercomputer of 2001 Space Odyssey. Hal has always 
    hated his name and prefers to be called Otacon for his love of Japanese anime. 
    Otacon comes from Otaku Convention. Otaku comes from the Japanese word for 
    house, in other words, a person who's at their house a lot. However, it is now 
    slang for someone who enjoys anime (however...its still pretty much calling 
    yourself a dork...I've never seen anyone call themselves an Otaku). Hal had a 
    bit of a troubling childhood. He never had any close friends and he spent most 
    of his time locked up in his room on the computer. This eventually got him 
    into some trouble when he hacked into ArmsTech's computers and caused some 
    After Otacon's father divorced her first wife and remarried, Otacon had a 
    step-sister named Emma. Since Otacon didn't have many friends, he and Emma 
    were around each other a lot and were very close. However during this time, 
    Otacon's step-mother, Julia, seduced Otacon and they had a relationship. It 
    went on for some time until Otacon's father found out about the two. When he 
    found out, he couldn't bare the thought of being cheated on with is own son 
    and took his own life in the family's swimming pool. Emma was also in the pool 
    at the time and nearly drowned as well. She called out to Otacon whose room 
    was in plain view of the pool, but he didn't come. Although this is mere 
    speculation, it heavily implies that Otacon and his step-mother were...*cough*
    ...at the time... After Otacon's father's death, he departed from home. Otacon 
    probably enrolled in college afterwards...I don't know his age so I'm not sure 
    (if he went to college, it might have been Oxford since Emma "followed in his 
    At the end of the 20th century, the world was facing a crisis from the Y2K 
    bug. Otacon wrote a program that would correct the problem and was harold the 
    savior of the computer world. However, Otacon did not copyright his work and 
    it was taken by another company and Otacon received no money for it. 
    Ironically, his program would be used for the GW's sub-system made by the 
    Patriots. Sometime after that, Otacon was employed by ArmsTech, the same 
    company he hacked when he was younger. Otacon was made the Chief Engineer for 
    ArmsTech's top secret project: Metal Gear Rex. Otacon naively believed that 
    the Metal Gear was a mobile TMD (Theater Missile Defense) system.
    During the Shadow Moses takeover, Otacon was locked in his lab and forced to 
    do the final checks on Metal Gear by the terrorists. During his time in 
    captivity, Otacon developed Stockholm Syndrome, falling in love with Sniper 
    Wolf. Later on, Otacon was attacked by a man in a cyborg ninja like 
    appearance. The ninja approached Otacon who promptly pissed his pants. Another 
    man, wearing a bluish uniform, confronted the ninja. Otacon thought it was 
    like a scene straight out of one of his animes. While the ninja was 
    distracted, Otacon ran and hid in a nearby locker. After several minutes of 
    battle between the two men, one of the men came to Otacon's locker and asked 
    him if he's gonna ever come out. The man introduced himself as Solid Snake. 
    Snake asked Otacon about his creation, Metal Gear. Otacon explained that it 
    was a mobile TMD used for defensive purposes. Snake grabbed Otacon and 
    demanded he tell the truth, saying that Metal Gear was a "nuclear equipped, 
    walking death-mobile." Otacon tells him that he didn't know anything about it. 
    He soon breaks down in anger.
    Otacon explains his families dark history laced with nuclear weapons. Otacon's 
    grandfather was a member of the Manhattan Project and Otacon's father was born 
    on August 6th 1945, the day of the Hiroshima bombing. Snake calms him down and 
    they talk some more. Otacon explains his reasons for becoming a scientist and 
    other banter. Snake asks Otacon to help him over Codec to destroy Metal Gear. 
    After they talk some more, Otacon shows Snake his stealth camouflage before he 
    Later, when Snake is stuck in a cell after being captured, he contacts Otacon 
    and asks him to find him a way out of her. Otacon arrives and gives Snake 
    rations, some ketchup, and a keycard to get out of the room. Snake tells him 
    that he has to take out the guard and get him out of there. Hal tells him that 
    he can't "take anyone out" and he'll be killed. He regretfully leaves Snake. 
    Later, when Snake escaped his cell, Otacon met up with Snake at the 
    Communications Tower. He wanted to ask Snake if "love could bloom even on a 
    battlefield." Snake said he thought love could bloom anywhere, but you have to 
    be able to protect the one you love. They talk some more and Otacon leaves. 
    The next time Otacon and Snake meet, Otacon's love, Sniper Wolf, was lying in 
    the snow on the brink of death. Otacon breaks down crying at the sight of Wolf 
    dying. Wolf asks him to get her gun for her. Otacon does so and then says his 
    goodbyes. Snake then ended her life... After that, Otacon screamed to Snake 
    asking him what was he fighting for? What was Wolf fighting for? What are you 
    fighting for? Snake says if they make it, he'll tell him.
    Otacon is contacted by Snake yet again when he asks him to find out some 
    information on the PAL Card. Otacon hacks into the system's computers and 
    finds out quite a bit about ArmsTech and also the existence of a new stealth 
    nuclear missile. Otacon eventually finds out about the PAL card's secret and 
    tells Snake. Some time after that, Otacon helps Snake yet again when he tells 
    him how to destroy Metal Gear Rex. Later, after Snake defeats Liquid and saves 
    Meryl, Otacon says he'll stay behind and open the security doors so Snake and 
    Meryl can escape. Snake thanks him as he signs off.
    After that, Otacon was rescued off of Shadow Moses island. A while later, he 
    and Solid Snake formed a group called Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear 
    organization officially recognized by the United Nations. Otacon and Snake 
    took out several Metal Gear variants around the world after Metal Gear became 
    a public weapon. Several years later, in the year of 2007, Otacon got a tip 
    from someone calling themselves "E.E.". Otacon recognized the name as her 
    step-sister's nickname. The tip was that a Tanker loaded with a new Marine 
    developed Metal Gear prototype was being transported upriver. Philanthropy 
    dispatched once more to take pictures of the new Metal Gear in development. 
    Otacon helped Snake throughout the mission, giving him advice and proverbs 
    like Mei Ling did. However, the mission ended badly and Snake was nearly 
    killed. Otacon and Snake were set-up and labeled as terrorists for the Tanker 
    Otacon and Snake kept a low profile for the next two years until the take-over 
    of the Big Shell. Otacon made "arrangements" to enter the base along with SEAL 
    Team 10. During the operation he met Raiden who was also on a mission to stop 
    the terrorists. Later on in the operation, Otacon was reunited with his 
    step-sister after 10 long years apart. However, the reunion did not last long 
    as Emma was mortally wounded by Dead Cell member, Vamp. E.E. and Otacon talked 
    one last time before she died. Otacon broke down in tears at the loss of his 
    sister. Snake convinced him to come to his senses and use the Kamov chopper to 
    escape with the hostages. Eventually, along with Emma's parrot, Otacon escaped 
    the Big Shell just as it sunk into the sea. After that Otacon gave Raiden and 
    Snake support over Codec for the remainder of the mission. After the Big Shell 
    mission was over, Otacon used the recovered Fox-Die computer virus disc to 
    find the names of the Patriots. The story of Hal Emmerich is not yet over...
    Misc Info:
    *After a few requests, here it is. This is a complete list of all of Otacon's
    "proverbs" from the tanker chapter. Some pretty funny stuff*
    *These are only found in the Tanker chapter. You can get the first series of 
    Proverbs by saving with Otacon prior to leaving the Engine Room after the 
    fight with Olga. The second half you can get after you pass the Engine Room.*
    Snake, you of course know the saying "One for all, all for one."
    What is this, all of a sudden?
    Oh, I figured you'd need a lot of motivation, so I came prepared. It's from 
    'The Three Musketeers' -- the book, not the candy bar. Anyway, it means that 
    if you go up against everyone by yourself, they'll gang up on you too. I 
    think. Since you're on your own on that ship, you need to take this to heart 
    and avoid confrontations. How was that? Just like the old days, huh?
    Almost reminds me of Mei Ling, but... You sure you got it right?
    Of course! And I'll teach you a lot more of these, you can count on it.
    Okay... There's a saying that goes "even a bird on high dies a glutton's 
    death, as do the fish of The Deeps." The lesson is -- er, don't be greedy. The 
    fish that belonged to a family called the Deeps died from overfeeding, and so 
    did a bird that got high on something -- probably fermented fruit.
    ...Okay. If you say so.
    I do, Snake. Don't take unnecessary risks just because you're greedy for more 
    Items. Remember the Deep family's fish.
    Another Chinese proverb: "Those who look to the Heavens prosper, those who 
    defy it are no more." Do you know this one? The meaning here is -- hold on a 
    sec -- that you can only survive as long as you're a part of the natural order 
    of things. You remember pre-ripped jeans? Manufacturers thought that just 
    because people loved old, broken-in jeans, they would want to buy new jeans 
    that looked old. So they purposefully --
    What do jeans have to do with nature and order?
    Denim should fray and rip on its own, naturally. Right? Some designers tried 
    to go against that, and -- no one bought them! The earnings report from that 
    fiscal year is enough of a proof!
    Hey, Snake, what's "Hardest won, most easily lost"? It's time, get it? Amazing 
    how relevant these Chinese proverbs still are! Once the moment's gone, it's 
    gone. Except for daylight savings time, of course. That extra hour to do 
    anything you like with every autumn... gotta love it. Then again, you lose an 
    hour every spring, so I guess the proverbs are right. Wow, they thought of 
    Did they even have daylight savings back then?
    Of course not! They knew how to save time. We're the ones that need to be 
    tricked into it.
    But you said --
    The moment never returns, Snake. Let's not waste it on idle questions.
    The Chinese have a saying: "Those who are lost never question a path, and a 
    drowning man doubts not the shallows." And it means -- means that you need to 
    make use of other people's help. Otherwise, you could be in trouble. If you're 
    lost, you don't even know whether a road you come across is a right one, and, 
    uh, what's the difference between shallow and deep if you've already 
    drowned... right? Anyway, the point is that help is always a good thing to 
    accept. So make good use of the Codec.
    Look -- this stuff seems nothing like what Mei Ling used to talk about.
    Hey, she couldn't do better herself!
    "Acquaintances agree. Friends argue." That's a straightforward one. The better 
    friends you are, the more openly you can disagree with each other. So feel 
    free to present a counterpoint if you don't agree with what I'm saying. Argue 
    Sure. All right.
    ...Not a promising start. OK, forget what I said -- just go along with my 
    Do you know the saying "One forgets the hurt once the wound has
    healed"? And that of course means -- uh -- where'd I put that piece of 
    paper --
    Did you say something?
    No, nothing. So, uh, forgetting the pain when the wound's healed means... Um 
    -- That you have to get better fast! Yeah, that's it. So stock up on those 
    rations and bandages.
    Is that really all it means?
    Hey, I'm the expert here.
    Snake, have you heard this one? "Evil is human nature, and his entire being, 
    falseness." The concept of so-called Original Sin. The idea that you're born 
    bad, so you can't help doing bad things...
    Hold on. I thought the idea of Original Sin was that you had to work even 
    harder at being good because you were born evil!
    Er -- oh yeah, that too. Very good, Snake.
    You know the story about Achilles and Paris? The moral here is -- er -- 
    something about his heel? Anyway, even the great and virtually immortal hero 
    Achilles was finally done in by Paris. Talk about a dangerous city. So don't 
    get complacent. The mission can turn around and get you.
    Wasn't Paris a person? Paris. I thought he was a --
    Snake, there's a time and place for conspiracy theories. Please, I'm trying to 
    concentrate here.
    Huh? Ah, sorry...?
    Do you know the saying "those who walk a hundred leagues think not
    that their journey is half ended until the ninetieth league"? That means... -- 
    what does it mean -- OK. It means that if you're planning to walk that far, 
    you'd better damn well know how to do simple arithmetic. Study! Stay in 
    This seems to be getting more and more random.
    Correction -- it's becoming more deep. Trust me.
    OK -- "A frog in a well knows not of the great ocean." Hey, I don't like this 
    one at all. Trapping a little frog in a well? That sucks, that's really cruel. 
    Of course it's not going to see the big blue sea the lack of sunlight alone 
    will kill it pretty quick. Sure, locking someone up is a good way to make sure 
    they don't see what you don't want them to. But this is a terrible saying, and 
    I don't like it at all. Poor little froggy...!
    ...I really think you've got this one wrong.
    The Chinese have a proverb that goes "Scholars hold in esteem
    knowledge, not acts." See, they just sit around thinking, instead of actually 
    doing which doesn't make them too useful. Action is what matters! I think.
    Look, what I heard from Mei Ling was that --
    Snake, have you noticed that you bring her up a lot?
    Huh? That isn't the --
    Here we go again. What am I going to do with you? Like I was saying -- You and 
    your hyperactive libido. It's a good thing one of us can keep all the details 
    This is my favorite Chinese saying: "Better to be first among roosters than 
    last among bulls." Of course, the meaning's clear: If you have to choose 
    between being a chicken or a cow, pick the chicken. Cows are always being 
    messed with by aliens -- cattle mutilations are up, you know. Why go looking 
    for trouble, right? If an enemy spots you, you'll be in more trouble than a 
    cow on a UFO. You stay out of their sight!
    Why would aliens be in an old Chinese proverb?
    Everyone knows they've been visiting us for thousands of years.
    ...News to me.
    Snake, do you know the Chinese proverb "Care avoids err"? Kung Fu word meaning 
    “what.” There are some linguists who think that this accounts for an almost 
    universal utterance of the syllable "er" when people are at a loss for words. 
    A kind of vestigial --
    What a crock! What did you do with that little cheat sheet I made you!
    Er --
    Oh, there it is -- Hey!
    Er, that's really a...
    How could you do that! You know how busy I am and you -- !!
    It's not what you think...
    Oh, so what am I thinking?
    What's going on over there?
    Oh, hi, Snake. Do you know that Otacon's been --
    Er, Mei Ling, we're in the middle of a mission and everything! So can we, you 
    Mei Ling:
    Fine. Sure. And Snake, the real meaning of "Care avoids err" is that if you're 
    cautious, you can avoid making serious mistakes. Even if you've gotten used to 
    the mission, watch what you do. Good luck!
    Yeah, Snake! Good luck!
    Mei Ling:
    You, I'm not done with.
    Ack... Let's discuss this, shall we?
    What happened to Mei Ling?
    Heh. She got mad and went offline.
    What did you do?
    Nothing! Now don't we need to get back to the mission? So much to do, so 
    little time...
    Misc Info:
    Otacon was originally going to be a fat guy who carried around a chocolate
    bar. o_O
    Otacon stands for "Otaku Convention." Otaku Convention is actually an 
    organization, notice the copyright in the MGS2 credits.
    Holly White
    Real Name: Holly White
    Nationality: American
    Height: 167 cm
    Age: 20's
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Holly is an American free-lance journalist. Born from a French mother and an 
    English father, she became interested in literature at an early age. Holly was 
    awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her shocking Afghanistan report. Moreover, she 
    is famous as a documentary program director for KTV, and won a Grammy Award 
    for her documentary, "Unknown Bloodstream". Her fame has multiple aspects, 
    like once being contracted as a fashion model for "Vogue" magazine. Later on, 
    she actively utilized her position and honor to the extreme, and became a spy 
    for the CIA. 
    Holly infiltrated Zanzibar Land under the guise of a journalist. During 
    Snake's mission, Holly supplied Snake with support and information on 
    Zanzibar. Midway through Snake's mission, Holly was captured and imprisoned by 
    the enemy. She was later rescued by Snake and later escaped with him at the 
    end of the operation. She and Snake had made a dinner appointment after they 
    escaped, however Snake disappeared into the night before Holly had the chance. 
    Holly is probably still enjoying a successful carrier to this day or she's an
    old, bankrupt, has been... =)
    Iroquois Pliskin
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Iroquois Pliskin, Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is the alias Solid Snake took 
    when he first met Raiden. At the time, Snake was posing as a Navy SEAL and 
    didn't trust Raiden. He used this alias until the battle with the Harrier 2 on 
    the Shell 1 and Shell 2 connecting bridge.
    Misc Info:
    Pliskin is referring to Snake Pliskin (Escape from New York, played by Kurt
    Russel) in case you're wondering.
    Iroquois is Sioux for Snake.
    Snake looks a lot like his MG incarnation in his Pliskin disguise, only his
    uniform is a different color.
    Pliskin was originally going to have his hair dyed blonde. A lot better 
    disguise than what he's got going now.
    Jackson, Colonel
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The original leader of Dead Cell and Fortune's husband. Jackson was framed by 
    the Patriots for corruption charges in order to carry out their plans for his 
    wife (long story...) He was sent to prison in Leavenworth. During his 
    imprisonment he lost the will to live and died soon after. With his death, 
    Dead Cell went out of control and began to become more and more erratic.
    James Johnson, President
    Real Name: James Johnson
    Nationality: American
    Age: 40's
    Voice Actor: Paul Lukather)
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The 43rd President of the United States of America. James Johnson was a son of 
    a US senator and was put into office by the Patriots (the tight political race 
    between him and his opponent was orchestrated by the Patriots). President 
    Johnson wanted absolute power and to be part of the Patriot's Wisemen's 
    committee. His ambition led him to join his predecessor, George Sears 
    (Solidus Snake) in taking over Arsenal Gear to use as a bargaining chip to get 
    him in. However, when Solidus sook to fight the Patriots, Johnson backed out 
    of the deal. Raiden later met up with the President in the Shell 2 core. 
    Johnson expected Raiden to be his assassin, not to be trying to save him. The 
    President then informed Raiden of Arsenal Gear and the existence of the 
    Patriots. He then demanded Raiden kill him in order to stop Arsenal Gear from 
    going active. Revolver Ocelot, however, would be the one to end the Johnson's 
    life. In his last moments, Johnson orders Raiden to Find Emma and stop Arsenal 
    "This is my last order...as your Commander-in-Chief... I'm counting on you..." 
    he says to Raiden with his last breath.
    Misc Info:
    Any fans of the Legacy of Kain series might regonize Johnson's voice. It's
    the same as the sadist vampire, Vorador.
    Johnson grabs Raiden's croutch because he thinks he is the female assassin
    sent to kill him by the Patriots (Olga.) Why he would grab there though is...
    beyond me.
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Jennifer was a member of the Outer Heaven resistance. Her brother was captured 
    and taken as a POW by the Outer Heaven's forces. Jennifer snuck into Outer 
    Heaven posing as one of its medical staff in order to find her brother. When 
    Snake's mission is taking place, a POW gives Snake her frequency. Jennifer 
    helped Snake during the operation both over transceiver as well as physically. 
    Snake found and rescued her brother during his battle with Coward Duck.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A hostage taken during the Big Shell operation. She might be the same Jennifer 
    as from the 1st Metal Gear, but in all likelihood it is just a Easter egg for 
    long-time fans.
    Jim Houseman
    Real Name: Jim Houseman
    Nationality: American
    Age: 60's
    Voice Actor: Fredrick Bloggs
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The Secretary of Defense during Shadow Moses. Jim Houseman was in operational 
    control from an E-3C AWACS during the Shadow Moses incident. Houseman was good 
    friends with the ArmsTech President, Kenneth Baker (the DARPA chief being his 
    friend was a screw-up. More on that later). The Genome Army as well as the 
    Metal Gear Rex projects were both initiated by Houseman acting alone. When 
    Metal Gear Rex was destroyed, Houseman took over complete control of the 
    operation and placed Campbell under arrest for the crime of high treason. 
    Houseman then contacted Solid Snake and informed him of his intentions and 
    what was happening. He planned to destroy Shadow Moses and all the evidence of 
    the operation using a nuclear warhead and then cover it up explaining it was a 
    terrorist act. Houseman then said he might have a change of heart if Snake 
    handed over the Optical Disc with Metal Gear's test data. Snake told him he 
    didn't have it. Houseman taunted Snake before he left:
    "Well, the bombs will be dropping soon and you two have a lot of catching up 
    to do. Farewell..."
    However, this did not fall in line with the Patriot's plans. The shadow 
    organization stepped in and canceled the orders and place Campbell back in 
    operational control. Richard Ames, who was overseeing the operation, contacted 
    Houseman and informed him that a air strike was a bad idea and had been 
    aborted. He then had Houseman restrained and told him he was to take the fall 
    for the blunder. Houseman would not accept this and several days later took 
    his own life. And that, as they says, is that...
    Real Name: John Dee
    Family: Gary McGolden
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The cousin of Gary McGolden, the author of "The Shocking Conspiracy Behind 
    Shadow Moses". John-Dee is a hardcore Alaskan and a big-eye tuna fisherman. He 
    helped Gary on his way to Shadow Moses.
    Johnny Sasaki
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A Genome Soldier that was involved in the Shadow Moses takeover. He gets the 
    flu (which he can later give to Snake) while stationed in Shadow Moses. He was 
    the sentry guarding Meryl's cell. When Meryl escaped, she beat up Johnny and 
    stole his entire uniform (and I mean ENTIRE, right down to boxers). Later, 
    Johnny is the guard who is assigned to watching Snake's cell. When Snake 
    escaped Johnny gave chase. However, before he could stop Snake, Johnny caught 
    another case of the runs and retreated to the bathroom. 
    Johnny somehow evaded being sent away with the rest of the Genome Army after 
    the incident and somehow got stationed as a guard at the Big Shell (or maybe 
    he was part of Gurlukovitch's men...I dunno...) In any case, Johnny caught 
    another case of the flu there and spent much of his time in the bathroom. When 
    Emma Emmerich was crossing the oil fence at the Big Shell, Johnny caught her 
    and held her up. However, his deep fear of girls led him to letting her go and 
    sending him back to the bathroom ("cute girls will give you a case of 
    diarrhea"). Who knows what happened to Johnny after that... I wouldn't be 
    surprised if he popped up in the next Metal Gear game.
    Julia Danziger
    Real Name: Julia Danziger
    Family: Emma Emmerich -daughter-, Hal Emmerich -step-son-
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Emma Emmerich's biological mother and Otacon's step-mother. Julia married 
    Otacon's father after her first marriage ended in divorce. During the 
    marriage, she and her husband's son, Hal, had a relationship. Once her husband 
    found out, he drowned himself in the family's pool. After that her 
    step-son/lover departed from home and she and her daughter departed for 
    England. She still kept in contact with Otacon through letters after he left. 
    Kenneth Baker
    Real Name: Kenneth Baker
    Nationality: American
    Height: 185 cm
    Age: 70's
    Voice Actor: Bert Stewart
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The President of the weapons development company, ArmsTech. Kenneth Baker is a 
    strong advocate of nuclear deterrence (if you nuke us, we'll nuke you). His 
    company had since fallen into debt and was on the verge of bankruptcy after it 
    lost its bid for developing the Next-Generation line of Jets for the army. 
    Although ArmsTech's model jet was more advanced than its competitor, it also 
    cost more and through under the counter dealings, the competition won the 
    contract. Fearing the loss of his company, Baker started the development of a 
    black project: Metal Gear REX, along with help from DARPA.
    After the exercise at Shadow Moses, Baker was to give Metal Gear's test data 
    to his good friend, the secretary of defense, Jim Houseman. However, when the 
    Shadow Moses takeover went down, Baker was taken hostage along with the DARPA 
    chief. Baker then went through extensive torture until he told Fox-Hound his 
    password to activate Metal Gear. After suffering Ocelot's 'sport', Baker 
    eventually talked. After that, Ocelot broke his arm and tied him to a trap 
    surrounded by C4 in order to lure out the intruder, Solid Snake. Eventually 
    Snake arrived and defeated Ocelot. Baker was released by the help of a 
    unknown, ninja like soldier. After that, Snake and Baker talked some and the 
    President handed him over the Optical Disc with the Metal Gear test data. 
    Sadly, Baker did not survive the encounter as he was soon killed by a 
    heart attack (actually Fox-Die).
    Kio Marv, Dr.
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Dr. Kio Marv, best known as the man who created "OILIX". Kio was a Czech 
    scientist who studied bio-technology. In the east he was conducting a study on 
    fertilizer evolution planning using bio-masses. By accident, he discovered the 
    "OILIX" prototype in one of his experiments. He made improvement after 
    improvement on it, and the world spotlight shined upon him and his 
    achievement. Marv had no family, but was regarded as a "video game maniac". He 
    himself designed many games and was thought of as a quality game designer. He 
    developed most (if not all) his games for the "legendary" MSX. On his way to 
    America to join the "International Energy Problem Conference", he was 
    kidnapped and taken hostage by the small 3rd World country of Zanzibar Land.
    Fox-Hound dispatched its best operative, Solid Snake, to retrieve Dr. Marv as 
    well as the formula for OILIX. It seemed, however, that Dr. Marv was not 
    destined to escape as he was murdered by his colleuge (who was his enemy all 
    along), Dr. Pettrovich Madnar. Although Dr. Marv would not live to escape, the 
    formula for OILIX was retrieved by Snake before his escape (it was encoded 
    into a MSX cartridge). Dr. Marv was truly one of the leading scientists of 
    his day.
    Kyle Schneider
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The leader of the Outer Heaven resistance. Schneider was a former 
    architectural engineer. He was forced to help build Outer Heaven upon its 
    creation along with many other natives. Schneider escaped from Outer Heaven 
    and formed a resistance group after his wife and children were murdered. 
    Having helped in its construction, Schneider knew much about Outer Heaven's 
    layout and helped Snake pass traps and the like during his mission there. Upon 
    some investigation, Schneider came to find that Snake's CO, Big Boss, was 
    really the leader of Outer Heaven, but was captured and killed before he got 
    the chance to inform him. 
    Actually, Kyle was not killed in Outer Heaven. He was actually captured by
    the US Government following Outer Heaven and subjected to one of the govt's
    black projects. He became Black Color following experiments. He escaped to
    Zanzibar following the liquidation of his unit. He is killed for good once
    Snake battles him there.
    Liquid Snake
    Nationality: British-American
    Height: 183 cm
    Age: 30's
    Family: Big Boss -father-, Solid Snake -brother-, Solidus Snake -brother-
    Voice Actor: Cam Clarke
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Liquid Snake, the (at the time) leader of Fox-Hound and the man who headed the 
    Shadow Moses takeover. Produced from the Les Enfants Terrible project, he is 
    Solid Snake and Solidus Snake's brother. At birth, Liquid was given from the 
    US government to the British government. This was to measure effects of 
    acquired surroundings and not only inherited traits. Under MI5 (England's 
    secret service agency) he was educated and received combat training. He is 
    fluent in seven languages such as English, Spanish, Malay, French, Japanese, 
    and speaks Arabic like a native. He did not serve in any formal or official 
    military but instead made his living as a mercenary and hired assassin.
    Due to his appearance, which cannot be linked to any nationality, as well as 
    his extraordinary fighting skills, he was recruited by the SIS (the British 
    Information Agency) to act as a sleeper (spy) in the Middle East for espionage 
    and similar activities. To further vitalize his skills, he was put in real 
    combat in his teens. In his late teens, he worked for the SAS (British special 
    forces) to destroy the mobile SCUD missile launchers during the Gulf War. 
    However, during the mission he was captured and became a Prisoner of War of 
    Iraq and disappeared. Due to his outstanding battle skills he was brainwashed 
    and used for terrorist activities in the Middle East.
    Due to his experience in Middle Eastern nations, he can withstand extreme heat 
    and cold from his time in the deserts. He was also a avid jackal hunter (the 
    middle-eastern equivalent of fox hunting.) Liquid also despises his "father" 
    Big Boss and his brother Snake seeing as he was told he was the inferior 
    member of the Les Enfants Terrible project. Liquid desperately hunted down Big 
    Boss to free himself from the burden of his birth. After the Uprising of 
    Zanzibar, Liquid Snake was approached and became an operative in Fox-Hound. 
    Eventually he made his way up to leader of the unit. 
    After he gained control of the unit, Liquid eventually learned of the new 
    Metal Gear prototype and the Genome Army. When Fox-Hound was assigned to 
    Shadow Moses at the Metal Gear Rex testing, he used his unit with aid of the 
    Genome Army and took control of the facility. He knew that Solid Snake would 
    be called in to stop them and this would be his chance to get revenge on the 
    man who denied him the chance to kill Big Boss. During Snake's mission, Liquid 
    posed as Snake's old comrade, Master McDonell Miller, and secretly gained 
    information as a spy. He also battled Snake using a Hind D when his brother 
    reached the Communications Tower.
    Later on, Liquid tricked Snake into activating Metal Gear Rex and revealed 
    that he was really posing as Master Miller. Liquid then battled Snake using 
    the new Metal Gear and succeeded in killing former Fox-Hound member, Gray Fox, 
    during the battle. Snake eventually succeeded in destroying the massive weapon 
    but Liquid still lived. Liquid tied up Snake and dragged him to the top of the 
    ruined Metal Gear (Snake was knocked out from the explosion.) On top of the 
    beast, Liquid explained about the Les Enfants Terrible project and other 
    matters. Liquid had also brought alone Meryl, who had been captured earlier, 
    and set off a timer attached to a nuclear bomb. The two Snakes then engaged in 
    battle. Liquid, the 'inferior one', could not defeat Snake and was knocked 
    from the top of Metal Gear to his apparent death. However, Liquid was STILL 
    not dead. While Snake and Meryl were escaping in a jeep, Liquid pursued the 
    two and a car chase to the surface ensued. The chase ended with a crash at the 
    exit. Snake and Meryl were trapped under their jeep, but Liquid, driven mad by 
    his desire to kill Snake, approached the two and aimed his rifle. But before 
    he could finish the deed, the deadly Fox-Die virus kicked in. Liquid slumped 
    to the ground and uttered his last word:
    "Fox..." In which Snake replied, "...Die". Liquid reached out to his brother 
    and then went limp and slumped over dead. However...that was not the end of 
    Liquid Snake...
    After that, Liquid's body was recovered by an organization that Solidus Snake 
    had connections to. For unknown reasons, Revolver Ocelot had Liquid's arm 
    grafted onto him (his own hand was sliced off by Gray Fox previously) by the 
    best surgeons in the world. This however had some...side-effects. Ocelot 
    would go through sudden, intense moments of pain from the arm. During the 
    Tanker incident, Liquid actually took over Ocelot's body and attacked Snake. 
    Liquid manifested himself through Ocelot once again while Ocelot was about to 
    kill Snake and Co. in Metal Gear Ray. After a speech, Liquid revealed that he 
    was the one who informed Otacon of the Big Shell being attacked by Dead Cell 
    and Liquid himself had aspirations to destroy the Patriots. It seems that 
    Liquid 'choose' Ocelot in order to find the names of the Patriots from the 
    mind of a Patriot spy. After that Liquid took off in Metal Gear with Solid 
    Snake following right behind. It is unknown as to what happened to 
    Liquid/Ocelot after that incident.
    Misc Info:
    Liquid Snake has white hair due to excellerated aging from Big Bosses cloned
    Machine Gun Kid
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A young Outer Heaven soldier that uses Machine Guns as his weapon of choice. 
    He once served in the Special Air Force Service. Snake kills him during his 
    operation in Outer Heaven.
    Max Smithton
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The editor-in-chief of Mega Surprise magazine. He is a old friend of Gary 
    McGolden and managed most of his book deals in the past. Gary was apparently 
    mailed Natasha's optic disc from him. But Smithton said he didn't know 
    anything about it.
    McDonell Miller
    Real Name: McDonell Miller
    Alias: Master
    Nationality: Japanese-American
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 85 kg
    Age: 50's
    Family: Catherine -daughter-
    Voice Actor: Cam Clarke
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid (not really though)
    Master Miller was born in the United States 60 years after his grandparents 
    immigrated there from Japan (he is half-Japanese). He served as a survival 
    master in SAS (Special Air Sky troopers of Britain), The Green Beret Squad, US 
    Marine boot camp, and most recently also Fox-Hound. He is also volunteered as 
    a coach in MERC SCHOOL (Mercenary School) twice a year but since retired. When 
    he served as a drill sergeant in the Fox-Hound, he was referred to as a 'Hell 
    Master' and draftees called him "Master Miller" with the utmost respect. Solid 
    Snake probably met him while in Fox-Hound's boot camp. 
    He divorced his first wife (Nadine), and resided in Los Angeles with his 
    daughter (Catherine) while serving as an advisor for Fox-Hound during 
    Campbell's days in the unit. After the Uprising of Zanzibar and Colonel 
    Campbell's retirement, Miller retired as well and moved to Alaska (I guess his 
    daughter left or something *shrugs*). He sometimes trained the Alaskan scouts 
    during his free time. However, three days before the terrorist takeover of 
    Shadow Moses, Master was attacked and murdered in his home. Liquid Snake, the 
    terrorist leader, then assumed Master's identity and posed as him during 
    Snake's mission.
    Mei Ling
    Real Name: Mei Ling
    Nationality: American (of Chinese decent)
    Age: 17
    Voice Actor: Kim Mai Guest
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Mei Ling is a visual and data processing specialist and a world-class designer 
    of military technology. She developed the Soliton Radar as well as the Codec 
    system. Mei Ling also studied many Chinese proverbs and has quite a knowledge 
    of her ancestry. When she was younger, Mei Ling always dreamed of being a 
    fighter pilot. She fell in love with jets watching them in the movies as a 
    child. However, she didn't want to kill people. However, Mei Ling learned the 
    US Air Force needed people to do BDAs, battle damage assessments. She went to 
    MIT, Mei Ling started to do research into aerial photography and air 
    intelligence and made it her major. However, there are no pilots that only do 
    BDAs, but by the time she discovered that, she had already become and expert 
    in her field. 
    Mei Ling however, still dreamed of becoming a pilot. She took an aptitude test 
    but failed due to her poor eyesight (she wears contacts). Mei Ling was 
    disappointed of her failure and she believed at such high speeds as jets go, 
    the naked eye is not really useful. Sophisticated electronics is need see 
    what's really going on. Because of this belief, Mei Ling developed the Soliton 
    Radar as well as the Codec to help soldiers on the battlefield make better 
    Mei Ling was recruited as a visual and data processing special list for Snake 
    during the Shadow Moses takeover. During the mission she saved Snake's 
    progress as well as manage his Codec calls. She also gave Snake proverbs to 
    help him on his operation. Toward the end of the operation, Snake instructed
    Mei Ling to make a hard copy of all the Codec transmission data of the mission.
    It would be used as proof as to what had happened hear later on.
    After the operation, Mei Ling stayed in contact with Otacon and Snake when 
    they formed Philanthropy (I'm not sure if she's a member of the group). She 
    also assisted them by diverting technology from the SSCEN (U.S. Army Soldier 
    Systems Center). Mei Ling also supplied Otacon with some proverbs to help 
    Snake out on his mission at the Tanker. Well...guess that's it.
    Misc Info:
    Mei Ling is supposed to be Chinese-American, right? Then why does she have a
    Korean accent...?
    It never really states of Mei Ling is a part of Philanthropy. According to
    one of the Snake Tales, she is. Then again, she was also married to Solidus
    at one point in that story, so I don't think it is extremely reliable.
    In the Snake Tale stories, Mei Ling is said to be part of Philanthropy.
    In another dimension, Mei Ling is married to Solidus. Cute couple.
    Meryl Silverburgh
    Real Name: Meryl Silverburgh
    Nationality: American
    Height: 175 cm
    Age: 18
    Family: Roy Campbell -father-
    Voice Actor: Mae Zadler
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Meryl Silverburgh is the 'niece' of Roy Campbell. Her father was very 
    militaristic and Meryl was treated like a soldier during her childhood. 
    Instead of being like most children with parents in the military and 
    rebelling, Meryl embraced her military upbringing and became a soldier (she 
    was able to use a Desert Eagle from the age of eight). Meryl's father was 
    killed when she was younger, during the Gulf War. She joined the army as soon 
    as she could. She thought she could understand her father better by becoming a 
    soldier. When she joined, she requested psychotherapy to destroy her interest 
    in men (which worked...none to well I guess).
    Meryl was part of the soldiers that were sent in to make up for those who 
    didn't show up for the training exercise at Shadow Moses. In reality she was 
    sent in to blackmail Roy Campbell into cooperating and bringing in Solid Snake 
    for the mission. Meryl was captured and taken hostage along with the ArmsTech 
    President, Kenneth Baker. During her time with Baker, he gave her the 
    detonation override key for Metal Gear and kept it concealed by putting it in 
    a  "special place" (and she fits a LOT in her "special place"). Meryl met 
    Snake after she busted out of her cell and stole a guard's uniform (the WHOLE 
    uniform). She fought an onslaught of guards alongside Snake and had her first 
    kill (all her previous training had been done in VR). Meryl was later 
    contacted by Snake and told of his situation. She aided Snake via Codec up 
    until he rescued Hal Emmerich where she was attacked by soldiers and her Codec 
    was broken (err...isn't the Codec in your ear?)
    Snake met up with Meryl when she went to the woman's bathroom. The two chatted 
    a bit before they continued on toward the communications tower. On the way 
    there, Meryl's mind became controlled by Fox-Hound's psychic, Psycho Mantis. 
    Snake quickly knocked her out before she could bring harm to him or herself. 
    After that encounter, Meryl doubted her abilities but Snake said that it could 
    happen to anyone. They continued to the Communications Tower. When they 
    arrived on the path to the towers, Meryl was attacked and seriously wounded by 
    Fox-Hound's sniper, Sniper Wolf. She was then captured and taken hostage by 
    the enemy. During her time in captivity, Meryl suffered through torture and 
    things "much worst than that" (I've been told that it heavily suggests that 
    she was raped while in captivity in the original Jpn. dialogue...Ocelot's a 
    dirty old bastard).
    Near the end of Snake's mission, Meryl was used as a "sacrifice" for Liquid 
    and Snake's last battle where she was wired to an atomic bomb. After the 
    fight, Snake untied Meryl and the two escaped on a nearby jeep. Meryl drove 
    while Snake took out the enemies, including the still ticking Liquid Snake. 
    After that, Meryl and Snake escaped from Shadow Moses by driving across the 
    frozen sea on a snowmobile. After that they probably returned to Snake's home 
    in Twin Lakes to *cough*. What happened after that is unknown but some 
    dialogue heavily suggests that Meryl and Snake had a falling out and went 
    their separate ways. Heh, after Snake's whole speech about starting a new 
    life, and living for someone else, he dumps her like a Bond girl and goes back
    to battle...
    Misc Info:
    Meryl actually first appeared in another Hideo Kojima game, Policenauts. The
    game never saw an NA release, but scenes from it are shown in Otacon's 
    cutscene about Anime. In the game, Meryl is about 25 or so and has a lot more
    tough girl look.
    Meryl appears in MGS2:S as a boss fight in one of the Snake Tales. Too bad she
    moves, fights, and sounds exactly like Olga.
    Appearances: None
    McDonell Miller's first wife. The had one child, Catherine. They have since 
    been divorced.
    Naomi Hunter
    Age: 20's
    Family: Frank Yeager -adopted brother-
    Voice Actor: Carren Learning
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Dr. Naomi Hunter, the chief of Fox-Hound's medical staff at the time of the 
    Shadow Moses takeover. Her real name is not Naomi Hunter at all (although I'm 
    still gonna call her Naomi). Naomi was found on the banks of the Zambezi River 
    in Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe) by Gray Fox after he killed her parents 
    (although she doesn't know of this). Fox couldn't bring himself to kill her 
    two so he took her in as his adopted sister. The two fled to Mozambique. 
    There, Fox was captured and taken prisoner by the enemy forces there. 
    Eventually, he and Naomi were rescued by Big Boss, who brought them both to 
    America. While there, Big Boss bought identification papers for Naomi. The 
    papers belonged to a Naomi Hunter, who disappeared in the Middle East several 
    years ago. Naomi stayed behind in the United States, while her brother and 
    Big Boss returned to Africa to continue the war.
    During her time in America, Naomi got an education and became an expert in 
    genetics and nanotechnology. She was then recruited by the industry giant ATGC 
    soon after completing her doctoral program. She then  moved to California's 
    so-called Biotech Bay area. Led several genetic therapy programs. After the 
    Uprising of Zanzibar, Naomi found that a Fox-Hound operative, Solid Snake, had 
    killed her benefactor and sent her brother home a cripple (well...dead). Gray 
    Fox was taken in by the government and used to perform genetics experiments. 
    He eventually escaped and went into hiding with the help of his sister. Naomi 
    vowed revenge on Snake and joined Fox-Hound, seeing as it was her best chance 
    to get revenge on him. 
    For two years she waited until the day she could have her chance to kill Snake 
    for what he did. She eventually got the chance at the Shadow Moses takeover 
    where Snake was called back in to action. Naomi was assigned to the mission to 
    aid Snake and was also ordered by the Pentagon to inject Snake with a new type 
    of assassination weapon: FoxDie (see FoxDie for more info). Naomi, in her 
    quest for revenge, altered the FoxDie program before she gave the infection.
    Naomi helped Snake along his mission at Shadow Moses, giving him information 
    about Fox-Hound and other such matters. During one Codec transmission, Naomi 
    told Snake a bit about her past. She said her grandfather was an assistant 
    secretary in the FBI during Edgar Hoover's time. She continued on saying that 
    he was Japanese and he became a special undercover investigator to take down 
    the mafia. During the 50's in New York. Later on in the mission, Master Miller 
    contacted Snake about the matter. He said that Naomi might be a spy and the 
    story about her past was a big lie. Edgar Hoover, was a well-known racist and 
    there wasn't a single Asian investigator in the bureau. Furthermore, the 
    undercover mafia stings took place in Chicago, not New York, and were during 
    the 60's.
    Naomi was later found sending coded transmissions to Shadow Moses and was 
    placed under arrest as a spy. Naomi later got away from them and was able to 
    talk to Snake. She told Snake about her reasons for doing what she did and 
    about FoxDie. Snake said he understood why she wanted to kill him, but he 
    still had a job to do. Their conversation is cut short when Naomi is taken 
    into custody. For the remained of the operation, Naomi is interrogated on the 
    USS Discovery. At the end of Snake's mission, Naomi is release temporarily and 
    talked to Solid Snake one last time. She told him that she doesn't know when 
    or if FoxDie will strike, but Snake must remember "Choose life -- and then 
    After that, Naomi was formally taken into custody. Three weeks later, during 
    her debriefing, she managed to escape from the remote facility she was being 
    held at along with the help from an "unknown intruder". Her current location 
    is unknown.
    Nastasha Romanenko
    Real Name: Nastasha Romanenko
    Nationality: Ukranian 
    Age: 30's
    Family: Richard Ames -ex-husband-
    Voice Actor: Renne Collete
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Nastasha Romanenko is a strong advocate of nuclear abolishment. Nastasha was 
    born in the Ukraine in the town of Prypiat, three kilometers north of the 
    Chernobyl power plant. She and her family were showered by radiation after the 
    nuclear plant disaster in Chernobyl on April 26, 1986. She was evacuated to 
    another location after the disaster. Natasha was later found to be infertile 
    from radiation poisoning that gave her problems with her thyroid gland. In 
    1990, Nastasha’s parents were killed when they were exposed to lethal amounts 
    of radiation while helping in the clean-up. Nastasha then moved to the United 
    States. In 1992, she joined the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) where she 
    met Richard Ames. The two soon married. The marriage, however, did not last 
    long and the two divorced soon after. Natasha did not see Ames for many years 
    after that.
    After Natasha's divorce, she left the DIA and became a freelance military 
    analysist. During this time she wrote for several different magazines as a 
    journalist. In 1996, Nastasha attended the Canberra, the world's first 
    nationally hosted nuclear weapon abolition proposal committee. After the 
    Chernobyl disaster, Natasha had vowed to free the world from nuclear weapons. 
    After that, Natasha joined NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team) as a military 
    and nuclear analysist. 
    In 2005, Nastasha came into contact with her ex-husband, Richard Ames and 
    "asked" to help with the Shadow Moses mission as a nuclear analysist. She 
    helped Snake by giving him information on his weapons and equipment, as well 
    as the nuclear warheads in storage and such. At the mission's end, Richard 
    gave Nastasha a data disc containing information about FoxDie and helped her 
    escape before she was silenced for participating in the operation. She never 
    saw Ames again after that. Nastasha then went into hiding for some time. 
    During her time in hiding, Nastasha wrote the book "In the Darkness of Shadow 
    Moses", which exposed the true nature of what, happened in Shadow Moses 
    island. Her current whereabouts are unknown, she is probably still in hiding 
    (and still a heavy smoker =)
    Misc Info:
    Nastasha is credited for writing "The Darkness of Shadow Moses" in the game's
    credits. Heh...
    Natasha Markova
    Real Name: Natasha Markova
    Nationality: Czech
    Height: 165 cm
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Natasha Markova, a former Olympic class ice skater. Natasha was called "a 
    fairy on ice" in world championships and the Olympics, and won 2 championships 
    in a row. She also won a gold medal in the figure skating in a Olympics event 
    several years ago. In the late 80s, she came to know a western man while 
    Calgary, and she fell in love with him. That man was a mercenary named Frank 
    Hunter. She and Frank tried to seek asylum with him in the United States, but 
    were denied a green card. Frank then returned back to war and she never saw 
    him again. Soon after that, Natasha was stripped of her competition rights. A 
    few years after that in the mid-90s, she joined STB (Czechoslovakia 
    International Secret Police). In 1999, Natasha was assigned as a escort for 
    the famed scientist, Dr. Kio Marv.
    While on a flight to the States, the plane she and Dr. Marv were on was 
    attacked and hijacked by Zanzibarian soldiers. The two were captured and 
    imprisoned along with Dr. Pettrovich Madnar, who was also along with them. 
    Natasha, however, used her abilities to escape from her cell and secure a 
    enemy uniform. She posed as a guard until she met up with Solid Snake during 
    his mission. She accompanied him along with Dr. Pettrovich to find and rescue 
    Dr. Marv. All did not go well, however. While crossing a bridge across a large 
    valley, Natasha and Snake were attacked by Metal Gear (ironically being 
    piloted by her former lover, Frank Hunter). Natasha was seriously wounded and 
    gave Snake her brooch, which was the key to finding the OILIX data. She then 
    Night Sight
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Night Sight is one of the higher ranked soldiers of Zanzibar Land. He is a 
    survivor of a legendary guerrilla squad known as the "Whispers", which is 
    said to be more advanced than Green Berets about jungle warfare in North 
    Vietnam. His completely silent gun is called Wei Shen Sho Ciang, a gun with 
    few noise. He is also equipped with a prototype stealth camouflage unit as 
    well as a radar jamming device, making him nearly invisible and undetectable 
    by most means. Snake manages to see the invisible foe's weakpoint and kills 
    him during his mission.
    Olga Gurlukovitch
    Real Name: Olga Gurlukovitch
    Nationality: Russian
    Family: Sergei -father-
    Voice Actor: Vanessa Marshall
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The daughter of Colonel Sergei Gurlukovitch. Olga was born into a very 
    militaristic life-style and has been trained to be a soldier as long as from a 
    very early age. She joined her father's army later in her life after serving 
    in Russia's military. There she became second in command under her father. She 
    has only had the unit all her life. That is, except for one man, who she was 
    impregnated by. She has no idea who the father is. Druken one-night stand, eh?
    After she became pregnant, she promised her father that she would leave the 
    unit after one last mission, the takeover of a tanker housing a new Metal 
    Gear. The mission, however, did not go as planned. Solid Snake, the legendary 
    mercenary, infiltrated the Tanker as well. While searching the area, Snake 
    confronted Olga and a firefight ensued. Olga lost the fight, but was not 
    killed, seeing as Snake was using only tranq rounds. By the end of the 
    mission, many of Gurlukovitch's soldiers were dead and Olga's father himself 
    was killed.
    After that, Olga returned to Russia. The new leader of her father's army, Olga 
    allied herself with a Russian organization. This organization turned out to be 
    a sub-organization of the Patriots. When Olga went into labor, the hospital 
    she was in turned out to be run by the Patriots. When she woke the next day, 
    her child was gone and she was ordered to cooperate with the Patriots or her 
    child would be killed. She then became a spy for the Patriots, betraying her 
    own unit.
    Olga and her army was later approached by Solidus Snake to take over the Big 
    Shell along with Dead Cell. Olga agreed and she and her army joined the 
    operation. Olga was then ordered by the Patriots to watch over a soldier they 
    were sending in, Raiden. She was also told to disguise herself as a Cyborg 
    Ninja using a powered exoskeleton suit they gave her. Olga did so and 
    helped Raiden under the guise of a ninja calling himself "Mr. X".
    Later on in the mission, Olga got her chance and battled the man who killed 
    her father, Solid Snake. During their battle, Snake told Olga the truth of 
    what really happened, of how it was Ocelot, not him, who killed her Sergei. 
    Olga and Snake then worked together in order to stop Arsenal Gear. Olga later 
    revealed she to be Mr. X before she struck down Raiden. While Raiden was 
    captured, Olga released him and told him about what was happening.
    Later, during Raiden's battle with the Metal Gear Ray army, Raiden was nearly 
    killed before Olga intervened and saved him. She revealed herself to Solidus 
    of being a Patriot spy. Solidus then showed himself and dealt with Olga 
    because of her betrayal. Her last words to Raiden was for him to save her 
    child. Solidus then killed her. The location of Olga's baby remains a mystery, 
    but after the operation Raiden and Snake sent out to find it.
    Misc Info:
    Snake mistakens Olga for Meryl when he first sees her.
    Olga is about three months pregnant at the Tanker incident.
    In another dimension, Olga may or may not be going with Snake.
    Peter Stillman
    Real Name: Peter Stillman
    Nationality: American
    Voice Actor: Greg Eagles
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Peter Stillman, the man regarded as one of the experienced experts of bomb 
    disposal. Stillman was worked as a bomb disposal expert for many years and 
    helped to diffuse dozens of terrorist bombs. Five years ago, Stillman was 
    called in to diffuse a terrorist bomb in a famous church (dunno what church). 
    During the disposal, Stillman messed up and accidentally triggered the bomb. 
    The church was obliterated along with a playground that was nearby. Even with 
    all his experience, Stillman couldn't stop the bomb. Stillman couldn't bare to 
    face the public and families of the people who were lost in the explosion, so 
    he faked being injured by the blast and said he lost a leg in the explosion 
    (how the hell he pulled that off is anyone's guess).
    Peter then retired from bomb disposal due to his "injury" and became a 
    lecturer at NSEOD, Indian Head. Stillman also worked as a consultant to the 
    NYPD Bomb Squad. During this time, Stillman met and taught his best student, 
    Fatman. Never having had a son, Stillman taught Fatman everything he knew, 
    including demolition information and the like. This would prove to be a deadly 
    mistake in the future. At his time in Indian Head, he was referred to as 
    "Peg-legged Peter".
    Peter Stillman was called back into action upon the Big Shell terrorist 
    takeover as a bomb disposal consultant for SEAL Team 10. After the team was 
    attacked, Stillman took refuge in a kitchen. This is where he met Raiden and 
    Pliskin. He supplied the two with coolant and a sensor to detect and diffuse 
    Fatman's bombs. He then locked himself in a storage room and gave directions 
    to Raiden and Pliskin over Codec. During the two's quest to dispose the bombs, 
    Stillman noticed that all the locations were incorrect if Fatman intended to 
    destroy the Big Shell. During his spare time, Stillman constructed a Sensor to 
    detect any bombs without Fatman's scent just incase the bombs were a decoy. He 
    then asked Pliskin to take a look at the bottom of Shell 2 in case bombs were 
    planted there. He reported back to Peter that he was right and the other bombs 
    were decoys.
    Stillman said he would come down to Shell 2 and take care of the last bomb 
    himself. Raiden told him he couldn't do it with his bad leg. Stillman decided 
    he was through with living a lie and told Raiden and Snake the truth about 
    what happened. He then went to Shell 2 and looked at the bomb himself. 
    However, it seemed Fatman had surpassed Stillman in his skills and set a trap 
    for the legend. An unscented, proximity bomb was set and Peter walked right 
    into it. Stillman told Raiden what happened and made him go to the bottom of 
    Shell 1 before it was too late. The bomb then went off, taking Stillman and 
    that part of Shell 2 with him...
    Misc info:
    Stillman must have a body of steel being more or less intact after having a
    bunch of C4 blow up in his face.
    Pettrovich Madnar, Dr.
    Real Name: 
    Height: 187 cm
    Weight: 77 kg
    Family: Ellen -daughter-
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Dr. Pettrovich Madnar, a Eastern scientist and a expert in the field of 
    robotics. Pettrovich is a brilliant scientist and the original developer of 
    the Metal Gear unit. Pettrovich lived in the east (German maybe?) with his 
    daughter, Ellen Pettrovich. During the Outer Heaven Crisis of 1995, he and his 
    daughter were kidnapped and Pettrovich was forced to develop weapon 
    technologies for Outer Heaven or else his daughter would be killed. During his 
    time in captivity, he developed TX-55 "Metal Gear" and TX-11 "Arnold". He and 
    his daughter were rescued by Solid Snake during his mission to Outer Heaven.
    After the Outer Heaven incident, Pettrovich fled and sought asylum in the 
    United States, leaving his daughter Ellen, who wanted to stay in the East. 
    However, in the years that followed, Pettrovich became developing more and 
    more increasingly destructive weapons of war. His theories of using Metal Gear 
    and other such ideas were looked down by the scientific community and 
    Pettrovich was proclaimed a "scholar of madness". Pettrovich was then 
    contacted by Zanzibar Land's government, who were interested in Pettrovich's 
    ideas and would let him see them come true if he came to work for them. 
    Pettrovich agreed and went to work for Zanzibar, while at the same time 
    diverting new military technologies from the West.
    At this time, Dr. Kio Marv had become the focus of the world's attention with 
    his development of "OILIX". Pettrovich was an academic friend to Marv and was 
    extremely jealous at his fame for his discovery. With the help of Zanzibar, 
    Dr. Marv was abducted by Zanzibar in order for Pettrovich to retrieve and 
    utilize his OILIX formula. When Snake was dispatched to Zanzibar, he met up 
    with the doctor who posed as a prisoner as well. During their time, Pettrovich 
    was feeding the enemy information of Snake's wear abouts. 
    Later on, after Pettrovich was "captured", the scientist confronted his Dr. 
    Marv and demanded the formula for OILIX. The doctor refused and drove 
    Pettrovich into a mad rage. Pettrovich then injected the doctor with a lethal 
    poison just as Snake entered the cell. Jennifer then contacted Snake and told 
    him the Pettrovich was really here on his own accord and was working for the 
    enemy. Pettrovich then attacked Snake and the two had a brief scuffle, in 
    which the doctor was mortally wounded. Before Snake entered the underground 
    base of Metal Gear, he told Snake how to destroy Metal Gear before he passed 
    away. His last thoughts were of the daughter he left behind, Ellen.
    Misc Info:
    Pettrovich = Albert Einstein in design.
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    One of the soldiers Snake battled in Zanzibar. Predator is formerly from a 
    RECS (reconnaissance) commando squad. He is a professional in ambush and 
    favors guerrilla tactics. He was know as "an assassin without form". Snake 
    killed him in a short battle during his mission.
    Misc Info:
    Referring to the Arnie flick, Predator.
    Psycho Mantis
    Nationality: Russian
    Height: 190 cm
    Voice Actor: Doug Stone
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Psycho Mantis was one of the world's most powerful tactioners of 
    psycho-kinesis and telepathy in the world. In Mantis's childhood, he lived 
    in a small village in Russia. The first mind he ever dove into and read was 
    his father's. In it, he found that his father despised him due to his beloved 
    wife dying in child birth. Mantis feared that his father would go so far as to 
    kill him. This sudden shock changed him forever. Something snapped in Mantis's 
    mind and drove him to kill his father. The sudden awakening of Mantis's powers 
    caused a huge bust of psychic energy. The result was the town being 
    obliterated and the population of about 1000 people all dying due to brain 
    After his incident, the KGB was impressed by his psychic abilities and 
    recruited and trained him as a "psychic soldier". He was then sent to 
    "Dormitory School" to hone his psychic abilities. He then worked several years 
    for the KGB until the collapse of the Soviet Union. He then went to the United 
    States and joined the FBI as a "psychic spy". During his time there he was the 
    head of several cases as a psychic profiler. He would dive into the minds of 
    serial killers in the cases he was investigating and bring about the truth 
    much quicker then by normal means. 
    On one such case in 2000, Mantis dove too deep into a killer's mind and was 
    infected by the murder's thoughts. This lead to the creation of a second, 
    psychotic personality which he called "The Parasite". After that, he left the 
    FBI and became a psychic spy that worked for the highest bidder. He traveled 
    world-wide as a psychic assassin for several years until he was recruited by 
    Psycho Mantis participated in the Shadow Moses takeover. His skills were used 
    to control the minds of the Genome Soldiers into following the orders of 
    Fox-Hound. Solid Snake later confronted Mantis and a battle ensued. Mantis 
    easily dodged all of Snake's attacks, but Snake managed to make his mind a 
    blank slate (or switch control ports...whichever suits you) and defeat the 
    psychic. Before he died, Mantis helped Snake and Meryl by showing them the 
    secret route to the communications tower. It was the first time he used his 
    powers to help someone. "It feels...kind of...nice...", were his last words.
    Misc info:
    Psycho Mantis used to be musclar and well in shape.
    Mantis hates seeing his own face. That's why the statues of him are wrapped up.
    Why the hell he brought statues of him with him on a terrorist operation, I 
    shall never know.
    Real Name: Jack
    Age: 20's
    Family: Solidus Snake -godfather-
    Voice Actor: Quinton Flynn
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Raiden, the soldier sent in by "Fox-Hound" to thwart the Big Shell takeover. 
    His real name is Jack. When Jack was a child, his parents were killed at a 
    early age. He was then taken in by his godfather, (later to revealed to be 
    Solidus Snake. Unknowing to him, Solidus was actually the man who killed his 
    parents. Solidus then trained Raiden to be a child soldier and fight in the 
    "civil war" which was taking place deep in Africa. When he was barely ten 
    years old, Jack became the leader of the Small Boys unit. His outstanding 
    skill and kill record earned him several names such as "White Devil" and "Jack 
    the Ripper". After the war, Jack was taken in by NGO's and given a new life 
    in the States.
    Soon after that, Jack disappeared from the relief center. He was then taken in 
    by the United States government and heavily brainwashed to block all his 
    memories except for his combat experience. After that, Jack was sent into 
    extensive VR Training to hone his skills. After his VR training was complete, 
    Jack was sent to a military base somewhere in New York. One day while in New
    York, Jack was at Federal Hall for some reason or another.  A group of 
    middle-aged Japanese women came up and asked Jack which building King Kong was 
    climbing in the movie. He shrugged and told them it was the probably the 
    Chrysler Building. Standing nearby, another woman overheard the conversation 
    and told him that he was wrong. She said that it was the Empire State 
    Building, not Chrysler. Jack was convinced he was right and two argued about 
    the matter so long that when they went to talk to the ttourists again, they
    had already left. They ended up going to the Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park 
    to see who had the better recall. However, by the time they got there the 
    museum was closed. The two departed from there. 
    The next day, the two discovered that they worked in the same military base. 
    Upon this surprising discovery, the two introduced themselves to each other. 
    The woman's name was Rosemary. That night, Jack and Rose to the Empire State 
    building (and found that Jack really needs to brush up on his classic movies). 
    After that they went back to Jack's apartment and watched King Kong a several 
    times (aww how cute according to my girlfriend -_-'). After that I think we 
    should insert some funky music and let them two be =). 
    After that the two began dating. During their relationship, Jack would never
    let Rose get to close to him or know anything of his dark past. Jack would
    always leave her apartment in the night, so as she wouldn't hear his 
    nightmares of the past at night. He would also never let her into his room,
    as he thought his lack of belongings would make her uncomfortable. Eventually, 
    Rose became worried about Jack and forced her way into his room. Inside, she
    discovered a empty, barren room, devoid of anything except for a small bed and 
    a desk. Rose's forced entry enraged him and caused him to raise his hand 
    against her (for the first, and apparently not the last time.)
    At some point during their relationship, Jack went into Fox-Hound's training 
    regiment. He graduated and received the codename of "Snake", the 2nd highest 
    ranking. Soon after his clearing of the training program, the Big Shell take-
    over went down. "Snake" was assigned to a mission to handle the situation. He
    was fitted with a new model of highly advanced Sneaking Suit, called a "Skull
    Suit." Also, as his commanding officer, he was assigned the legendary Colonel
    Roy Campbell (though he didn't meet him, he was in contact with him over 
    Codec). "Snake" was then sent out to the Big Shell, which he entered using
    Scuba Equipment. 
    When he entered the installation, the Colonel informed Jack that his codename 
    wasbeing changed to "Raiden" for this operation. Raiden began his mission and 
    soon discovered yet another intruder was in the Big Shell other than him. The 
    Colonel then contacted him and informed him some more of his operation. He 
    then told Raiden that there was another person assigned to his support. Much 
    to his surprise and objection, it was Rosemary. Raiden protested her 
    involvement but eventually caved in and accepted it. Raiden then proceeded to
    the surface of Big Shell. During his ride up, the Colonel informed him why his
    codename had been changed. It was due to the fact that the terrorist leader 
    was apparently Solid Snake himself! Raiden was confused as to how the 
    legendary hero of Shadow Moses turned terrorist could still be alive after his
    confirmed death following the Tanker incident. Raiden didn't have time to 
    think about it and continued with his mission. Along his way, Rose asked him
    if he knew what day tommorrow was. He said he didn't know, and Rose seemed
    disappointed. He said he would try and remember in hopes to cheer her up. She
    said it was okay and let him carry on with his mission.
    Not too far into his mission, Raiden came into contact with Dead Cell member,
    Vamp and was nearly killed. He was saved however, by a surviving Navy SEAL,
    calling himself Iroquios Pliskin. Pliskin gave radio support following their
    meeting. Continuing with his mission, Raiden was forced to stray from his
    current objectives and disarm several bombs throughout the Big Shell with help
    from Pliskin and the legendary bomb-disposal expert, Peter Stillman (see 
    Peter Stillman for more details). After taking care of the bombs, Raiden had 
    to disarm one final bomb. However, this bomb was just a ploy in order to draw
    Raiden out. Raiden finally came face to face with the mad bomber, Dead Cell
    member, Fatman. Raiden quickly diffuse the bombers threat.
    After their encounter, Raiden started to make his way toward the interior of
    the Big Shell. However, his trip was halted by a mysterious Cyborg Ninja, 
    complete with a katana. The Ninja told Raiden that he was sent here to help 
    him, and called himself "Mr. X". Mr. X informed Raiden of where he could find
    someone who knew where the President was, a man by the name of Ames. Ames was
    being held in Shell 1 Core, and Raiden was presented with an enemy uniform 
    which he would have to utilize to enter the Shell 1 Core. After giving some
    more advice to Raiden, Mr. X disappeared as mysteriously as he had come.
    Raiden put on the enemy uniform along with a gun used by Shell 1 Core soldiers
    in order to complete the disguise. Raiden located the room where the hostages
    were being held and located Ames. Ames told Raiden of the situation and told
    Raiden he could find the President in Shell 2's Core. As they talked, Ames 
    noticed "Solid Snake" was coming and told Raiden to listen in. He did so and
    found several useful bits of information. After "Snake"'s conversation with
    two of his comrades, Revolver Ocelot and Olga Gurlukavitch, Ocelot began to
    leave the small room he was in and was approaching Raiden's position. Raiden
    quickly armed his gun and tried not to look suspicious. However, Ocelot 
    spotted Raiden and Ames. Ames claimed that the soldier was just helping him
    because he was ill, but Ocelot saw right through his ploy as he already knew
    who the man was, Colonel Ames. Ames yelled that he cannot stop the 
    "La-li-lu-le-lo" and was a fool to fight them. Ocelot prepared to execute 
    Ames, but suddenly Ames rose to feet and started stumbling toward Ocelot. It 
    appeared as though Ames was having a heartattack...or was it something else.
    Raiden just watched the scene unfold as Ames stumbled forward toward the 
    bewildered Ocelot and then fall dead to the ground. 
    After Ames's death, Ocelot turned his attention to Raiden. Several soldiers
    surrounded Raiden and unmasked him, revealing the intruder. Ocelot prepared to
    execute the intruder, but was stopped just in time by Mr. X, who made an all
    too familar entrance. With Mr. X's help, Raiden escaped the Shell 1 Core and
    made his way toward Shell 2. On his way there, Raiden got a call from Pliskin,
    informing him that he and someone he had brought in, Otacon, had secured an
    escape chopper and were going to save the hostages. When Raiden reached the 
    Shell 1 and Shell 2 connecting bridge, Pliskin flew past him in their newly
    aquired Katsaka. 
    Though, it seemed this would not be an easy passage. Near the entrance of 
    Shell 2, Raiden noticed someone standing in the shadows. The man had gray hair
    and was dressed in a black cape. Raiden couldn't help but feel he knew the 
    man. The caped man introduced himself as Solid Snake. Just as he did, Pliskin
    yelled that he was not Solid Snake and opened fire on the man. One of 
    Pliskin's bullets hit a detonator of a C4 trap which was planted nearby. The
    explosives went off, however the man claiming to be Solid Snake dashed forward 
    with incredible speed. His long cape burned away to reveal a highly advanced
    looking battle suit of some sorts. Pliskin continued his assault on the 
    imposter, who it seemed was the terrorist leader, Solidus Snake. Solidus 
    skillfully deflected all of Pliskin's bullets and informed him that he was a 
    whole different game from Liquid. Pliskin became frustrated and shot a grenade
    at Solidus, sending him off the edge of the bridge. 
    However, Solidus would not be defeated so easily. Waiting below was a Harrier
    2 being piloted by Vamp. Solidus got into the jet and began to engage the
    intruders. Pliskin saw that he couldn't handle a Harrier with a Kastaka and
    tossed Raiden a Stinger Missle Launcer and some ammo and told him to take down
    the jet. Raiden did so and made quick work of Solidus and his Harrier. The
    Harrier smashed into the bridge and plummeted below. However, it avoided 
    crashing into the depths by being rescued by Metal Gear Ray! Solidus and 
    company escaped for the time being. After that battle, Raiden contacted 
    Pliskin and asked him if he was really Solid Snake, since the last things said
    between him and Solidus seemed to make it quite likely. Pliskin confirmed that
    he was infact Solid Snake and told him a bit about what he and Otacon were 
    After their conversation, Raiden continued to Shell 2's Core. Upon reaching
    there, he located the President, James Johnson. President Johnson told Raiden
    a shocking story. It seemed that the new Metal Gear was not Metal Gear Ray,
    but in fact the entire Big Shell facility! The new Metal Gear, named Arsenal
    Gear (see Arsenal Gear) was apparently the key to the "Patriots" domination
    of the country. Johnson told Raiden of what the Patriots were, a secret shadow
    government which actually controlled nearly all factors of the country. All 
    this news was quite shocking to Raiden. Johnson also handed over a diskette to
    Raiden, telling him that it contains the FoxDie computer virus, which can stop
    Arsenal Gear. He told him that he needs to locate Arsenal's cheif developer,
    Emma Emmerich. With all that said, President Johnson demanded that Raiden kill
    him, so that the terrorists cannot launch Arsenal. Raiden refused, however
    Revolver Ocelot finished the job. Raiden, both shocked and confused why Ocelot
    would kill someone who was so vital to their plans, could not stop Ocelot 
    before he escaped. President Johnson told Raiden to let him go, and that his
    last order as his Commander-in-Chief was to stop Arsenal Gear. And with that
    President Johnson died...
    Raiden set toward the area were Emma was located. He was forced to swim 
    through flooded, mine-layed hallways in order to reach Emma. Also barring his
    path was Vamp, who proved to be a worth opponent, but was quickly disposed of
    by Raiden. After another short swim, Raiden finally reached Emma. After a 
    somewhat long conversation, and convincing Emma to swim through the flooded
    hallways (see Emma Emmerich for more details), the two escaped from Shell 2 
    Core and set out toward Shell 1 Core where they could use the FoxDie disc to
    stop Arsenal. However, this would not be an easy trek, as the two were forced
    to cross a guard and Cypher filled Oil Fence. Raiden, with help of Snake, used
    his sniper skills to help Raiden cross the unsturdy fence. 
    After a long seriesof snipering battles, Emma neared the other side of the oil 
    fence. But, beforeshe could fully cross, a figure dropped from above. Much to 
    Raiden's shock, itwas Vamp, still alive after their last encounter. Snake told 
    Raiden he couldn't get a clear shot, so it was up to him. Raiden took aim with 
    his rifleand set his sight on Vamp. With a bit of faith, Raiden took the shot. 
    The bullet soared through the air and found its mark at Vamp's head. The Dead 
    Cell member screamed and plummeted to his fate. Though, it didn't feel as 
    though everything was right. Much to Raiden's horror, he watched as Emma 
    stumbled forward and fell to the ground. It seemed Raiden wasn't quick enough
    in stopping Vamp. Snake rushed forward and took Emma to safety, back at the
    Shell 1 Core labs. Raiden quickly made his way across the oil fence and made 
    his way there as well.
    When Raiden arrived, he watched a tragety play out as Otacon held his dying
    sister in his arms. Snake asked for the FoxDie disc and Raiden handed it over.
    Snake popped the disc into the appropriate console. The virus agent uploaded,
    but the virus was suddenly stopped by an anti-virus program. After that, the
    drama between Otacon and his sister played out, ending with Emma dying soon
    after. Raiden stood silent as he watched Otacon break down in grief. Snake
    tried to console his friend and told him he needed to save those hostages. 
    After much consoling, Otacon finally came around and did his part.
    After Otacon set off on his mission, Snake told Raiden there was a friend he
    wanted him to meet. Suddenly, the ninja, Mr. X, fell from the ceiling in front
    of Raiden. He drew his sword as Raiden stood dumbfounded. Raiden tried to pull
    his gun, but was quickly halted. Raiden demanded to know what was going on, 
    and it seemed Snake was betraying him. Soon after that, Mr. X deactivated his
    helmet revealing...Olga Gurlukavich! Snake then told him it was nap-time and
    Raiden felt Olga's sword striking him, and a electrical serge thoughout his
    body. Everything went dark after that...
    Raiden awoke to find himself naked, strapped to a torture device. In front of
    him stood Revolver Ocelot and Solidus Snake. Seeing him this close, Raiden now
    knew for sure who Solidus was. It was the man from his past, his adoptive
    father. Solidus and Ocelot chatted a bit, before leaving Olga to interrogate
    Raiden. As the two left, Olga contacted Raiden on Codec and she told Raiden
    what was happening. He was now aboard Arsenal Gear. She and Snake were working
    together only because she needed Raiden alive. Raiden asked her as to why, and
    she informed him that she was actually a spy sent in by the Patriots. She 
    needed Raiden alive or else they would kill her child. The two chatted some 
    more and Olga told him that when she left, she would release his lock. After
    that he needed to head east of there to a hallway where Snake was waiting.
    Olga left him and his restraints were soon released. Raiden was then forced to
    make his way though Arsenal Gear, devoid of any clothing and surrounded by
    skilled Arsenal Tengus. Along his way there, Raiden received bizarre calls 
    from the Colonel (also hillarious as well). Enduring the utterly insane 
    situation he was in, Raiden eventually made his way to the hallway were Snake
    was. However, the legendary soldier was nowhere to be found. Raiden soon got a
    call from Rose. She then told Raiden a shocking story. She was actually a 
    spy of the Patriots, ordered to observe Raiden. She told him that she had to
    change her hair, her eyes, her personality, all in order to make her desirable
    to him to carry out her assignment. Raiden became outraged and disappointed 
    all at once. Rose tried to tell Raiden something, but her voice became 
    disorted and faded away. It sounded like she said something about a baby. 
    Raiden couldn't bother with this now, and ended transmission.
    Just as he did, he heard a voice from behind him. The voice was none other 
    than Solid Snake himself. Snake gave Raiden back his equipment and filled him
    in on their situation. There were at least 25 Metal Gear Rays being housed in
    Arsenal, and it seemed they might have to take them all on. They talked some
    more and Snake handed Raiden a gift from Olga, her katana from before. Snake
    said that he wasn't much of a fan of blades and he should use it. Snake 
    trained Raiden a bit with the sword. After that, the two talked some more. 
    Raiden asked Otacon, who had escaped with the hostages, to find where the
    Colonel's transmissions were originating from. Otacon said he would need some
    time and set to work.
    The two soldiers then advanced into the next room. As they did, a Cypher 
    spotted the two and the room was filled with a legion of Arsenal Tengus. Snake
    fought side by side with the legendary Snake and defeated the army of Tengus.
    As they cleared the 1st room, Raiden got a call from the Otacon. He told him
    that he had found the location of "the Colonel", inside Arsenal Gear! It 
    seemed the Colonel was not real at all, but actually an AI which manifested
    itself as the form of the Colonel through the memories and expectations Raiden
    had from his VR Training. Raiden couldn't believe that the Colonel was fake 
    this whole time. Snake told him that it didn't matter now and they proceeded
    into the next room. When they entered, Raiden received another Codec call. 
    This time it was the Colonel. He told Raiden that "they have Rose". Snake told
    him that he can't give into what the Colonel is telling him. That if the 
    Colonel isn't real, then his claim is probably BS as well. Raiden becomes 
    confused at all that is happening and wonders of Rose is real or just AI too.
    Snake tells him not to be weird, that she's his girlfriend. But Raiden still
    doesn't know what to believe. 
    The two then enter the next room and are ambushed by another horde of Tengus.
    The two quickly dispose of the Arsenal Tengus and are then confronted by Dead
    Cell's leader, Fortune. Snake tells Raiden to go on and leaves him behind to
    battle 'lady luck'. Raiden climbs a long latter and finds himself in a huge
    room within Arsenal Gear. The whole place has a surreal atmosphere to it. He 
    then suddenly hears the voice of Solidus, echoing from seemingly everywhere. 
    After he gives a short speech, Jack's godfather shows himself. He taunts his 
    "son" and gives him his final challenge. Suddenly, Raiden notices several huge
    shadows in the distance. Three of them move forward and to Raiden's horror, he
    sees they are the Metal Gear Ray units, now fully active. Solidus leaves 
    Raiden to his fate and rushes off. Raiden is then forced to battle the entire
    army of twenty-five Metal Gear Rays. 
    After a long and hard battle, Raiden runs out of missiles and out of hope. He 
    falls to his knees and declares it is hopeless. Solidus returns suddenly and 
    stops the Metal Gears. He says he's disappointed in Raiden and taunts him some
    more. He then motions for the Rays to resume their attack. However, something 
    was not right. The Rays began to shake violently and act erratic. Solidus 
    yelled to Ocelot what was happening and he told him that a virus had infected
    Arsenal. The Ray unit suddenly set their sights on Solidus. Solidus was 
    enraged at the machines actions and made quick work off all of them. He then
    returned his sights to Raiden. However, before he could do anything, he was 
    stopped by Olga, who appears in front of Raiden. Olga says he has to live in
    order to save her child. Solidus is enraged by the revealation of this traitor
    in his ranks and quickly executes Olga for her betrayal. Raiden watches in
    despair as Olga's brains are blown out and her body as cast to the ground. 
    Solidus then grabs Raiden but refrains from killing him, saying he still needs
    him. Raiden is then knocked out by Solidus.
    Some time later, Raiden finds himself on top of Arsenal Gear. Along with him
    are Solidus, Fortune and the defeated Snake, as well as Ocelot. Solidus 
    reveals his true plans to them all, to find a list of names...of the 
    PATRIOTS!! (sorry, had to do that...) Ocelot then begins to laugh at Solidus'
    plan. He then reveals himself to be a Patriot spy. Ocelot tells of how this
    entire operation was a carefully planned and orchestrated plot of the 
    Patriots. Raiden was a guinea pig for a Patriots project, codenamed "S3". S3
    stood for "Solid Snake Simulation" according to Ocelot. Raiden was sent on an
    operation which was a recreation of the Shadow Moses incident four years ago.
    After much more talking, Ocelot entered the nearby Metal Gear Ray and prepared
    to destroy the group. He was stopped however, by Fortune (see Fortune) who 
    managed to stop his assault. Ocelot was soon possessed once more by Liquid and
    fleed with Metal Gear Ray. Snake followed close behind. After that, Arsenal
    Gear began to move, straight into the center of New York City!
    Arsenal comes to a sudden stop and Raiden and Solidus plummet off the 
    monsterous machine and onto a nearby building. The two come to their senses
    and Solidus serveys the area. He then comes to the realization of where they 
    are and what day today is. Solidus begins laughing at the irony of it all.
    Raiden looks on confused as to what is so funny and Solidus fills him in. The
    place they are standing on is non other than Federal Hall and today marks the
    (approximately) 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of 
    Independence. Raiden then gets a call from someone. It is the Colonel (this is
    a lot of crap, so just see "Selection of Social Sanity" when I finish it). 
    Before signing off, Rose and the Colonel order Raiden to kill Solidus. It 
    seemed that Raiden would have to be the Patriots puppet one last time, as 
    Solidus through Raiden his sword, cutting him from his handcuffs and beginning
    the final showdown. Next followed an epic battle between the two men. Raiden
    and Solidus engaged in a brutal battle. Solidus pulled out all the stops, 
    however it would be Raiden who came out the victor. Solidus and Raiden are
    face to face in a standoff. Solidus strikes first but Raiden skillfully dodges
    and attacks his "father". His attack finds its mark across Solidus's back.
    Solidus stumbles forward. Blood gushes from his back and his power suit sparks
    and hisses from its damage. He stumbles to the edge of the building and looks
    back and Raiden before plummeting off the edge.
    Raiden climbed to the streets below. He standed alone, confused and unsure of
    himself. Suddenly, Snake appeared from nowhere and convinced Raiden he was
    doing the right thing. 
    *que a long speech from Snake about passing on knowledge to the next 
    After his speech, Snake tells Raiden that there is someone waiting for him.
    Raiden turns around to see Rose waiting amid the crowd. Raiden turns back to
    Snake but he is nowhere to be found. He then turns back and goes to Rose. The
    two talk and Raiden realizes what day it was. Today was the day he and Rose
    had met. He then proposes to Rosemary as the mission comes to a close. And 
    they all live happily ever after, unless a sequel with bad luck for Raiden 
    rolls along.
    Misc Info:
    Raiden was designed to be a "beautiful man." He ended up a girly, pretty boy.
    The civil war Raiden was involved in was actually the Liberian Civil War.
    Raiden naturally has white hair. Unless he decided to bleach it while he was
    a brainwashed soldier in the war.
    Red Blaster
    Type: Peron
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    An elite assassin that was part of Zanzibar's army. He received a special 
    operations degree in Rumumba University of USSR. He was then recruited and 
    worked within Spetsnaz for several years. He is also known to use explosives 
    such as grenades for his assassination operations. He is killed by Solid Snake 
    after setting a ill-fated trap.
    Revolver Ocelot
    Alias: Shalashaska
    Nationality: Russian
    Height: 182 cm
    Age: 50's
    Voice Actor: Patrick Zimmerman
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Revolver Ocelot, a expert in torture techniques and a formidable gunfighter. 
    During his younger days, Ocelot was a member of Spetsnaz. During this time he 
    first met his long-time friend, Sergei Gurlukovitch as well as Vulcan Raven. 
    He stayed with them until the crumbling of the Soviet Union. After that, he 
    joined and served in the Russian Tax Police's elite swat team. Some time after 
    that, he joined the SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency, which was 
    formerly a part of the KGB. There he learned his advanced torture techniques 
    and became a bit of a sadist while serving in the KGB (Lubianka Prison is 
    located within KGB Headquarters). He was regarded as one of the KGB's best 
    officers, but he grew dissatisfied with the KGB's ridge and outdated system 
    and left the service.
    After that, he became a mercenary (don't they all) and fought in many wars in 
    Africa and the Middle East. This included areas such as Mozambique, Eritrea, 
    Chad, Afghanistan, and many other minor nations. Among the Mujahaddin 
    guerrillas, Ocelot gained the name "Shalashaska" due to his sadistic and 
    brutal ways. While fighting in Afghanistan, his chopper was shot down by 
    Afghan guerillas and he is said to have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) 
    from the incident.
    During his time as a merc, Ocelot met and was scouted by Big Boss. He then 
    joined Big Boss's mercenaries dispatch company, "Outer Heaven", and stayed 
    with them until the destruction of Outer Heaven by Solid Snake. Ocelot 
    probably worked as a mercenary for a few more years until he was recruited by 
    the United States government and joined Fox-Hound. During this time he may 
    have met Solidus Snake...I really don't know.
    Ocelot to part in the Shadow Moses takeover. He used his connections to align 
    himself with Russia's KGB, which was being lead by his old friend, Colonel 
    Sergei Gurlukovitch, at the time. Ocelot approach Sergei and offered him the 
    new Metal Gear prototype in order to "renew Mother Russia" with its awesome 
    power. Gurlukovitch agreed and supplied Ocelot and Fox-Hound with most of its 
    heavy firepower in order to takeover the base. During this operation, Ocelot 
    really intended to steal Metal Gear's data for himself and was actually under 
    the orders of the President at the time, George Sears (Solidus Snake).
    Ocelot was in charge of finding the passwords from Kenneth Baker and Donald 
    Anderson through his special 'tactics'. However, Anderson recognized him and 
    Ocelot was forced to kill him as to not reveal his identity. Ocelot wrote it 
    off as a "accident". Later on, after Snake began his mission, Ocelot set a 
    trap for the legendary soldier. He tied ArmsTech President, Kenneth Baker, to 
    a column in the center of a small abandoned room, and placed a trap of C4 
    around him. When Snake arrived, the two dueled in a gunfight. After a short 
    battle, Ocelot leapt out to attack Snake and was suddenly attacked by a 
    soldier using stealth camouflage. The unknown attacker sliced Ocelot's right 
    hand off and released Baker before the C4 exploded. Ocelot screamed in agony 
    as blood gushed from his wound. He then retrieved his hand and retreated from 
    the area.
    Later on, after Snake was captured by the terrorists, Ocelot put Snake through 
    brutal torture. Ocelot told him if he gave in and submitted, he would kill 
    Meryl, who was also captured. He also took the Optical Disc with Metal Gear's 
    data from Snake as well. Snake managed to survive the torture and not give in 
    to the pain and escaped from Ocelot after some time. Ocelot then put Meryl 
    through the same torture (and things "much worst" according to Meryl. Dirty 
    old bastard...)
    Near the end of the incident, Ocelot and Liquid were the only survivors of 
    Fox-Hound. The two discussed their plans to use Metal Gear while the whole 
    time knowing Snake was standing outside the room they were in. Ocelot managed 
    to blow Snake's PAL card away from him before he could react once he was 
    spotted. After that, Liquid went to "prepare" for Snake, Ocelot quietly 
    sneaked off with Metal Gear's data in toe. He then reported into his superior, 
    the President of the United States, and reported that he had successfully 
    completed his mission.
    After the Shadow Moses incident was exposed and Solidus was planned to be 
    killed by the Patriots, Ocelot helped Solidus go into hiding until he was able 
    to regroup. Ocelot also used the Metal Gear test data and sold it on the 
    black-market, netting him enough money to purchase a small country. Using 
    connections Solidus had, Ocelot, for unknown reasons, had Liquid Snake's hand 
    grafted on to replace his own. This would have unforeseen affects later on. 
    Around this time...or maybe a lot earlier...I don't know...but in any case, 
    Ocelot was soon approached by the Patriots and began to work with them in 
    Two years after the Shadow Moses takeover, Ocelot was asked by his old friend, 
    Sergei, to help him hijack the new Metal Gear prototype in order to "revive 
    Mother Russia". Ocelot agreed, while in actuality he planned to steal the 
    Metal Gear for the Patriots. Ocelot betrayed Sergei and hijacked Metal Gear, 
    killing Sergei and many of his soldiers in the process along with sinking the 
    tanker. While on his way to activate Metal Gear, Solid Snake confronted Ocelot 
    in front of the massive weapon. Upon seeing Snake, Ocelot's...or should I say 
    Liquid's hand began to twitch and convulse. A massive serge of pain went 
    through Ocelot's body and he felt something creeping into his mind. Somehow, 
    Liquid managed to take control of Ocelot's body in order to communicate with 
    Snake. Eventually, Ocelot regained control of himself and escaped along with 
    Metal Gear Ray.
    Two years after that, Ocelot took part in Solidus's takeover of the Big Shell. 
    However, he was also given orders by the Patriots pertaining to the S3 Plan 
    (see S3...next update =) During his time there, Ocelot killed the President, 
    James Johnson, along with betraying Solidus. Toward the end of the mission, 
    Ocelot exposed himself to be a Patriot spy and revealed the Patriots 
    attentions. He also told Fortune of how the Patriots manipulated her and her 
    family and how her "luck" was all their doing. Fortune tried to take her 
    revenge on him but found that her luck had run out. As a parting gift, Ocelot
    launched a barrage of missiles from Ray. However, Fortune managed to use her 
    "power" (most likely the Patriots helped out, not wanting Raiden dead.) 
    Frustrated, Ocelot felt a sudden jerking in his hand. Suddenly it started to 
    spasm and take control of Ocelot once more. It would seem Liquid had once 
    again taken over. Liquid used Ocelot's body to communicate to his brothers 
    before rushing off to deal with the Patriots. It is unknown what became of 
    Ocelot after the incident...that is until the sequel.
    Misc info:
    Ocelot is obsessed with Spaghetti Westerns. Evident with his Colt Single
    Action Army and outfits.
    Ocelot can jump like really high. He'd due Mario proud.
    Richard Ames, Colonel
    Real Name: Richard Ames
    Nationality: American
    Family: Nastasha Romanenko -ex-wife-
    Voice Actor: Pete Renaday
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Much of Richard Ames's past is unknown. At a young age he joined the DIA 
    (Defense Intelligence Agency). There, he met Natasha Romanenko. The two fell 
    in love and soon married. The marriage, however, did not last long as the two 
    often argued. They divorced soon after and went their separate ways. Ames 
    stayed at the DIA, while Natasha became a freelance military analyst. Richard 
    would not see Natasha for many years. Some time after their divorce, Richard 
    was approached and came under the command of the Patriots. 
    Flash forward several years later to the Shadow Moses takeover. Ames was 
    ordered by the Patriots to oversee the operation to handle the situation. He 
    then, rather aggressively, asked his ex-wife, Natasha, to help with the 
    situation using her nuclear weapons knowledge. At the end of the operation, 
    knowing Natasha was in danger for having knowledge of the incident, Ames gave 
    Natasha a disc containing all the Fox-Die information and helped her to escape 
    before the Patriots goons could get to her. After that, it was assumed by 
    Natasha that Ames had been capped by whatever forces were behind the scenes. 
    However, that was not the case.
    After the incident, Ames apparently left the DIA and joined the Secret 
    Service. He eventually rose to be the head of the President's security detail 
    (James Johnson was the President at the time.) Ames accompanied President 
    Johnson on his trip to oversee the Arsenal Gear construction at the Big Shell. 
    It was then that Solidus and his men attacked and took control of the 
    compound. Ames along with several other VIPs were taken hostage.
    Raiden, during his mission to stop the terrorists, learned from the mysterious 
    Mr. X that Ames knew of the location of the President and was being held at 
    the Shell 1 Core along with the other hostages. Raiden proceeded there and 
    found Ames using a Microphone Amplifier which could detect Ames's pacemaker 
    (oh yeah...Ames has a pace maker ;) The rookie then spoke with Ames and 
    learned more about the terrorist's operation and the location of the 
    President. The two were then discovered by Revolver Ocelot. Ames tried to 
    cover-up the two's discussion, saying he asked Raiden (who was disguised as a 
    guard) to remove his straps. Ocelot saw right through Ames's story, already 
    knowing whom the man truly was, a Patriot lackey. Ocelot pulled his revolver 
    on Ames. However, before he could fire, Ames started feeling a extreme pain 
    coming from his heart. Ames rose from the ground and started stumbling toward 
    Ames, yelling that he knew what Ocelot was up to. He then died, apparently 
    from a heart attack. It would later be revealed that it was actually the 
    Patriots shutting down Richard's pacemaker via his nanomachines, in order for 
    it to look like FoxDie had killed him (long story as to why.)
    Nationality: American
    Voice Actor: Lara Cody
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Raiden's somewhat annoying girlfriend, Rose ;). Much of Rose's true past (or 
    any past for that matter) is unknown. Rose is in actuality a Patriot spy. She 
    was ordered by the Patriots to change her appearance to match what Raiden 
    would find to be his perfect match. As a result she changed her appearance, 
    clothing style, even the color of her eyes in order to met the standards of 
    Raiden's psyche profile. 
    Rose met Jack (Raiden) in front of Federal Hall two years prior to the Big 
    Shell incident. A group of middle-aged Japanese women came up and asked me 
    Raiden which building King Kong was climbing in the movie. Raiden told them it 
    was the Chrysler Building. Rose overheard the conversation and told him that 
    he was wrong at that it was the Empire State Building. The two argued about 
    the matter so long that the tourists had already left. They ended up going to 
    the Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park to see who had the better recall. 
    However, by the time they got there the museum was closed. The two departed 
    from there. 
    The next day, by "coincidence" the two discovered that they worked in the 
    same military base. Rose and Jack went on their first date that night to the 
    Empire State building. After that they went back to Jack's apartment and 
    watched King Kong a bunch of times, before...well...you get the idea. As per
    the Patriot's orders, the two began dating. Though during the relationship, 
    Jack would often be distant and not let Rose know too much about himself or
    his past. He would never spend the entire night with her and would never let
    her into his room. Eventually, Rose forced her way into his room. Inside, she
    discovered a empty, barren room. Only a small bed and a desk was within the 
    room. Rose's forced entry enraged Raiden and caused him to raise his hand 
    against her (for the first, and apparently not the last time. Add woman 
    beating bastard to Raiden's "reasons for sucking" resume.)
    Two years after they first met, Raiden was called in for his mission to the 
    Big Shell. Rosemary was also called in as Raiden's support during the mission, 
    under the orders of the Patriots. This upset Raiden, but he soon accepted her 
    being involved in the mission. Rose supported Raiden on his mission by giving
    him information, saving his progress, and going in long, boring, and 
    inappropriate conversations ;). Late in the mission, Raiden was captured by 
    the enemy. Rose contacted him in order to give him his support. It was then 
    that he told Rose of his true past as a child soldier. Soon after that, 
    unknown to Raiden, Rose was removed from the operation and held by the 
    After Raiden had stopped Arsenal and killed Solidus, Rose was apparently 
    released (or just allowed to leave, without force) by the Patriots. The two 
    talked a bit and Rose revealed that she was pregnant. Jack then proposed to 
    Rosemary. And the two lived happily ever after, unless they decide to screw 
    the two over in the sequel.
    Misc Info:
    Casting Theater.
    Scene = Solidus' death.
    Raiden = Solid Snake
    Solidus = Rosemary
    Outcome = Justice.
    Rose's original hair color was blond. She was going to have her hair changed
    during the ending, but I guess they left that out.
    She also wears colored contacts.
    Rose is designed to be Hideo Kojima's ideal woman.
    Roy Campbell
    Real Name: Roy Campbell
    Nationality: American
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 77 kg
    Age: 50's
    Family: Meryl -daughter-
    Voice Actor: Paul Eiding
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    The former head of FOX-HOUND, Roy Campbell. Campbell has been a member of 
    several units in his earlier field days. He served in the United States Marine 
    Corps (USMC), the Delta Force, and the Green Berets. During his field days, he 
    was known by the codename "Chicken Fox". Campbell eventually gained the rank 
    of Colonel in the Marines. In the mid 80s, Roy had an affair with his 
    brother's wife in which they had an illegitimate child, Meryl. His brother 
    never had any knowledge of this and went on thinking it was his child up until 
    he was killed in battle during the Gulf War. Campbell was later approached and 
    joined the special forces unit, FOX-HOUND. He rose quickly in the ranks and 
    soon became vice-commander under Big Boss.
    After Big Boss's apparent death at the hands of Solid Snake, Campbell became 
    head of Fox-Hound. His strategic planning ability was clearly evident, 
    Campbell was more prone to detailed, thought out tactics in contrast to Big 
    Boss's dangerous and unorthodox approaches. One of Campbell's first acts as 
    head of Fox-Hound was to discarded the code name system. He then built up the 
    already hi-tech special force team by utilizing recon satellite orbits and 
    other implementations, creating a completely new Campbell-way FOX-HOUND. 
    During his time as commander of Fox-Hound, Campbell met and became friends 
    with a Fox-Hound advisor, McDonell Miller. In 1999, during the Uprising of 
    Zanzibar, Campbell located and called the former Fox-Hound operative, and the 
    man who single handedly took down Outer Heaven, Solid Snake, back into action 
    to deal with the situation. The Colonel stayed in contact with Snake during 
    much of his mission. After the incident, Campbell received several medals for 
    handling the situation. However, Campbell soon stepped down as Commanding 
    Officer of Fox-Hound after the introduction of genetic treatment for its 
    soldiers, of which he was strongly opposed to.
    After leaving Fox-Hound, Campbell retired for several years. That was, until 
    2005 when Campbell was asked to return to service in order to handle a 
    terrorist situation which had come to light on Shadow Moses Island. At first 
    Campbell refused, however the government "persuaded" him by telling him his 
    neice, Meryl, was being held hostage on the island. Campbell agreed to help. 
    There was only one man who could stop the terrorist threat, and that man was 
    Solid Snake. Campbell quickly located Snake, who was living in Twin Lakes, 
    Alaska. He then sent soldiers to "escourt" Campbell to the an awaiting 
    submarine where he was stationed. Campbell informed Snake of the situation 
    and asked him to help them get out of it. After much persuation, Snake 
    eventually agreed to take on the mission. 
    During the incident, the Colonel served as the figurehead commander of the 
    operation and as Snake's support. Nearing the end of the operation, after the 
    prototype Metal Gear which was being housed on Shadow Moses was destroyed, 
    Campbell learned that they were planning to bomb the entire island using a 
    surface piercing tactical nuclear missile. Roy attempted to issue an order 
    which would stop the bombing, however he was arrested for the crime of "high 
    treason" by the Secretary of Defense at the time, Jim Houseman, who had an 
    ulterior motive. Campbell was not held under arrest for long, as a high power
    overturned Houseman's orders and had Campbell released. He was just in time to
    find that Snake and Meryl had successfully escaped the base. Campbell thanked
    Snake for saving his neice. He then said goodbye, since they probably wouldn't
    see each other again. Snake told him that he would drop by for a visit. Roy 
    told him he'd like that and said goodbye. After the operation, Campbell 
    returned to enjoying his retirement.
    Running Man
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The so called "fastest mercenary in the world", the Running Man. Earlier on in 
    his life, he was a star track athlete, earning fame for participating in the 
    Barcelona Olympic. However, an addiction to dope ended his athletic career. 
    Disgraced and unwelcome in the athletic community, RM began a career as a 
    After some time as a merc, Running Man joined and soon came to be a 
    sub leader within an extremist terrorist group known as the "Les Enfants 
    Terribles". Running Man became acquainted in detonation techniques, and used 
    his quick legs to lay traps for unsuspecting prey. He later joined Zanzibar 
    Land's mercenary army. While there, he came face to face with the mercenary, 
    Solid Snake, and lost his final race.
    Misc Info:
    Name refers to another Arnie flick, The Running Man.
    Scott Dolph, Commandant
    Voice Actor: Kevin M. Richardson
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Commandant Scott Dolph, the head of the Marines' Metal Gear Ray project. Not
    much is known of Dolph's past. He has a daughter, Helena, later to be known as
    the Dead Cell leader, Fortune. It is also of note that Dolph is bisexual, and
    had a relationship with another Dead Cell member, Vamp. Scott Dolph initiated
    the Metal Gear Ray project in order to deal with the growing threat of rogue
    Metal Gear's throughout the world after Revolver Ocelot sold the plans of the
    weapon on the black market.
    When the Ray project neared completion, Dolph had the Metal Gear transported
    in a disguised Tanker in order to take it to a remote training location. Dolph
    himself traveled aboard the Tanker and delivered a speach to his men and the 
    higher ups for support for the project. However, all did not go according to
    plan. Revolver Ocelot, the man who originally caused the need for Ray to be 
    constructed, appeared on the Tanker along with a army of mercenaries. Dolph
    was grabbed and held at gunpoint by the ex-Russian Colonel, Sergei 
    Gurlukovitch. Dolph would not leave this encounter alive, as Ocelot betrayed
    Sergei and planned to steal Metal Gear for himself. Enraged, Gurlukovitch 
    pushed Dolph in front of him and turned his gun on Ocelot. However, Ocelot had 
    the quicker draw and took down Sergei first. Gurlukovitch's shot missed its 
    intended target and hit Commandant Dolph in the back, killing him. And so ends 
    the story of Scott Dolph.
    Misc Info:
    Scott Dolph is one of the lead translators for MGS2. He also voices one of the
    hostages in the game.
    Sergei Gurlukovitch, Colonel
    Real Name: Sergei Gurlukovitch
    Nationality: Russian
    Family: Olga -daughter-
    Voice Actor: Earl Boen
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Colonel Sergei Gurlukovitch, the russian colonel in line to purchase Metal 
    Gear Rex from Liquid Snake during the Shadow Moses incident. Not many details 
    are known of Sergei's past. Sergei has a daughter, Olga, who is in the 
    military just as he is. Sergei served in the Russian KGB where he met and 
    became friends Revolver Ocelot. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Sergei 
    remained in the KGB and eventually became head of the department. Gurlukovitch 
    however, longed to return Russia to its former glory. Several years later, 
    Sergei was contacted by his old friend, Ocelot, and was offered a new type of 
    weapon which could realize his dream. That weapon, was Metal Gear. As a down 
    payment for the weapon, Sergei supplied Ocelot and his cohorts with a Hind D 
    and other such weapons in order for them to complete their mission. It would 
    seem that Sergei would not see his dream forfilled, as the mission to steal 
    the new Metal Gear was a failure.
    Frustrated, Sergei left the KGB, taking many dissatisfied soldiers with him, 
    including his daughter, Olga. He then formed a private mercenary army in hopes 
    of fighting to one day revive Mother Russia. Two years later, Gurlukovitch 
    was once again contacted by  Ocelot and asked to help hijack a new model of 
    Metal Gear which was being transported via a Tanker. Gurlukovitch agreed to 
    the operation. He gathered his troops and prepared to head out to battle. Olga
    also wanted to join the operation as well, however Sergei would hear nothing
    of it. After much persuation, Olga finally made him break down ONLY on the 
    condition that she would leave the unit once the mission was over. Olga agreed
    and they prepared for the mission.
    Gurlukovitch and his men quickly boarded the tanker via chopper and disposed
    of anyone on board. They secured the area and made their way to the ships 
    holds, where Metal Gear was being housed. Sergei and his men positioned 
    themselves in order to ambush the Marine Commandant, Scott Dolph, and use him 
    as a hostage in order to prevent a costly firefight. Ocelot distracted Dolph 
    and his men and turned their attention away from where Sergei was positioned. 
    Gurlukovitch took this chance and snuck up behind the Commandant and quickly 
    grabbed him and took him hostage. 
    However, it would not seem that all would go according to plan. Ocelot 
    betrayed Sergei and told him he planned to take Ray and "return it...to the 
    Patriots". Ocelot then told Gurlukovitch that he and his daughter would die 
    here. Sergei became consumed with rage and tossed the Commandant forward and 
    trained his gun on his "friend". Before he could fire, Ocelot quickly drew his 
    gun and fired on Sergei. "Traitorous dog..." Sergei muttered as he collapsed 
    to the floor. Ocelot then blew the Tanker and escaped with Metal Gear. Sergei 
    died soon after, his last thoughts were with his daughter...
    Misc Info:
    In one of the Snake Tales, the Colonel and Sergei are bitter rivals. He 
    manipulates Meryl just to get back at the Colonel. Too bad she shoots him dead
    at the end.
    Shoot Gunner
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Shoot Gunner was the first high level mercenary which Snake defeated during 
    his time at Outer Heaven (in other words, the first boss of the series.) Shoot 
    Gunner was a former member of USSR's Spetsnaz. He came to use riot guns as his 
    weapon of choice. After the fall of the USSR, he became a mercenary and 
    eventually joined Big Boss's Outer Heaven Mercenary Dispatch Company. Shoot 
    Gunner was assigned to guard a top-secret prison during Snake's mission to the 
    fortress nation. There he battled and was killed by the rookie, Solid Snake.
    Sniper Wolf
    Nationality: Iraqi (Kurdish)
    Height: 176 cm
    Age: 20s
    Voice Actor: Julie Monroe
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    FOX-HOUND's sniper, the beautiful and deadly Sniper Wolf. Sniper Wolf is a 
    member of an Iraqi tribe known as the Kurds. Needless to say, the Kurds have 
    not been treated very well in past years. Nearing the end of the war between 
    Iran and Iraq, Sniper Wolf watched in horror as her village fell victim to a 
    gas attack by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops. Over 3,700 people died in the 
    attack, including Wolf's parents and siblings. Now an orphan, Wolf was taken 
    in by the Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs, and subjected to extensive 
    brainwashing as well as rigorously training as a sniper. She was trained by a
    Gurkha in Nepal, who was said to be one of the world's most accurate snipers. 
    Several years later, during an battle within Iraq soon after the end of the 
    Gulf War, Wolf escaped and fleed to a Kurd refugee camp. There, the Secretary 
    of State along with Fox-Hound's leader, Big Boss, were surveying the camp. It 
    was here that Big Boss witnessed Wolf's great talent and hired her as an 
    operative of the US Goverment (though not Fox-Hound). Wolf was brought to the 
    United States, where she received counselling and deprogramming to rid her of 
    Iraqi brainwashing. Only her fighting ability learned there was left behind. 
    Wolf thanked Big Boss for helping her and from then on referred to him as 
    Saladin, who had defeated the Crusaders in the 12th Century A.D. Sniper Wolf 
    fought under the command of Big Boss up until his death at the hands of Solid 
    Snake. Several years later, Wolf was approached by Liquid Snake, who scouted 
    her for the special forces unit, Fox-Hound. 
    Wolf has such incredible patience, so much that she can keep aiming at her 
    target over a week without eating or drinking. It is said that sometimes Wolf 
    watches a target so long, waiting for the perfect shot, that she even falls in 
    love with them. Wolf's weapon of choice is the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle. It is also 
    of note that she uses special mercury ordinance (bullets packed with mercury). 
    Wolf also has an addiction to Diazepam, a anti-anxiety drug which helps to 
    relieve stress as well as stop muscle spasms, perfect for snipers. Wolf also 
    has a deep love for animals as well, especially wolf-dogs.
    Sniper Wolf took part in the Shadow Moses takeover, along with the rest of 
    Fox-Hound. There, Wolf met the head scientist of the base, Hal Emmerich. The 
    soldiers were planning on killing the Wolf-Dogs wandering outside, as they had 
    attacked several soldiers. However, Wolf stopped them, not wanting to see them 
    mercilessly destroyed. Because of her love for the dogs, Emmerich developed 
    Stockholm Syndrom and fell in love with Wolf, though it is unknown whether 
    Wolf felt the same. Later in the incident, Sniper Wolf ambushed Solid Snake, 
    who was on a mission to stop the terrorists, and Meryl Silverburgh, Snake's 
    'partner'. Wolf gunned down Meryl and used her as bait to lure out Snake for a 
    clean shot. Snake was forced to retreat and find a weapon to fight back. 
    Meanwhile, Meryl was taken captive by Wolf's men. When Snake returned, he and 
    Wolf exchanged shots in an intense sniper battle, with Snake managing to get 
    a flesh wound on the skilled assassin. Wolf quickly moved into hiding before 
    Snake could come to her position. She then managed to ambush him once again 
    and take him captive as well. Before doing so, Wolf left her 'mark' on Snake 
    and told him that she would only think about him until she killed him.
    Sniper Wolf encountered Snake one last time in yet another duel. Wolf layed in
    wait in an open snowfield outside of the Communications Tower en route to the
    Underground Base of Metal Gear. When Snake finally arrived, Wolf attacked him
    and managed to get a flesh wound on him. She then contacted him and told Snake
    that she was very close by. Otacon tried to stop the two from fighting, but 
    neither side would hear anything of it. The two began a deadly duel in the 
    snow covered clearing.
    The battle ended when Snake managed to get a mortal blow onto Wolf. Snake then
    approached Wolf's position and found her laying on the ground, nearing death.
    Wolf told him that she was lung shot and there was nothing he could do for 
    her. She went on to tell Snake that she had always dreamed of a peaceful place
    such as this. She continued on, telling Snake of her horrible life as a Kurd 
    and the mistreatment of her and her people. After her sad tale, Snake drew his
    pistol and readied to end her suffering. Just then, Otacon arrived, 
    heartbroken by the drama which was playing out. Wolf awaited her end, but had 
    one finally request. She asked for her gun, her faithful companion in her sad
    life. Otacon quickly furfilled her request.
    "Everyone's here now... Alright hero, set me free..."
    And with that, Snake pulled the trigger...
    Misc Info:
    Sniper Wolf is addicted to diazepam.
    Solid Snake
    Real Name: David
    Alias: Iroquios Pliskin
    Nationality: American-British Japanese
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Age: 30's
    Family: Big Boss -father-, Liquid Snake -brother-, Solidus Snake -brother-
    Voice Actor: David Hayter
    Appearances: All
    The man, the myth, the legend. Solid Snake. Solid Snake is a product of the 
    Les Enfants Terrible project, a cloning project in which duplicates of the 
    greatest soldier to ever live were created. Snake is Japanese-British, with an 
    IQ rating of over 160. After his birth, Snake was taken in and trained by the 
    United States Government to be a soldier from an early age. He is conversant 
    in 6 languages, well trained in high-altitude skydiving, scuba-diving and free 
    climbing. In the mid 90s, Snake was scouted and joined the special operations 
    squad, Fox-Hound, which was being led by Big Boss at the time. After the 
    training regiment of Fox-Hound, Snake first gained the codename of "Solid 
    Snake", the second highest rank in the unit. During his time in Fox-Hound, 
    Snake met and became friends with another Fox-Hounder, Gray Fox. The two were 
    war buddies of sorts, never talking about personal matters, only the battle. 
    In 1995, a crisis outbroke in a small fortress military nation deep in South 
    Africa, Outer Heaven. Gray Fox was sent in to handle the situation in a 
    mission codenamed: "Operation Intrude N313." However, Fox-Hound lost contact 
    with Gray Fox and he was feared captured. In a surprising tactic, Big Boss 
    ordered the rookie, Solid Snake, to take Fox's place and complete his mission. 
    Snake entered Outer Heaven and single-handedly defeated all enemies which 
    stood in his way. Nearing the end of his mission, Snake was contacted by a 
    member of the Outer Heaven Resistance, who was in aiding him throughout his 
    mission. The resistance member informed Snake that the leader of Outer Heaven 
    was none other than Snake's CO and leader of Fox-Hound, Big Boss! Snake was 
    stunned by this news and pressed on to met his ultimate nemesis, who he had 
    been in contact with all along. Snake managed to destroy the ultimate weapon 
    being housed there, a nuclear equipped walking battle tank, known as "Metal 
    Gear". He also confronted and defeated Big Boss in battle. Snake left Outer 
    Heaven as its main base was blown to bits. 
    After the operation, Snake retired from Fox-Hound and moved to the Canadian 
    wilderness. His retirement didn't last for long however, as Snake was soon 
    scouted by the CIA and became a deep cover agent for the organization. His 
    time there did not last for long, and after 6 months, frustrated by the 
    bureaucracy of the current system he left them. He then worked for a number of 
    years as a mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. His many jobs 
    earning him enough money to semi-retire and needing a break due to a large 
    amount of political assasinations over the world, Snake retired in deep 
    seclusion in the central-Canadian wilderness. 
    Snake's retirement would not last for long it seemed, as he was re-instate 
    back into active service by Colonel Campbell, the new head of Fox-Hound after 
    Big Boss's defeat. Campbell required Snake's services due to a volitile 
    situation developing in a country deep in the Middle East, Zanzibar Land. The 
    country's soliders had seized the Czech scientist, Kio Marv, and his formula 
    for a oil purifying agent, OILIX. Snake's misssion was to recover the good 
    doctor and his formula for OILIX. Snake agreed to take the mission and suited 
    up and headed for Zanzibar. During the operation, Snake came into 
    confrontation with his old friend, Gray Fox, who was working for Zanzibar. It 
    seemed that Big Boss was still alive and controlling Zanzibar and Gray Fox had 
    followed his old commander. Snake also discovered a new model of Metal Gear 
    was developed and constructed in Zanzibar. Snake managed to destroy the new 
    Metal Gear, which was being piloted by Gray Fox.
    Snake was then forced to a final battle with his old friend in the middle of a 
    mine field. Snake managed to defeat the skilled warrior in battle, knocking 
    him into a mine. Snake and Fox had one last conversation as old war buddies, 
    before Fox died. Snake then continued on to meet his final nemesis, Big Boss. 
    Snake soon located his former commander and the two talked a bit. Big Boss 
    told Snake of why he had done what he had done. He then informed Snake that he 
    was actually Snake's father! This news shocked Snake and filled him with an 
    incredible hatred for the man which had haunted his dreams for so long. The 
    two did battle and Snake managed to kill his father in battle. Snake then 
    escaped Zanzibar along with a reporter he had met there, Holly White, and the 
    OILIX formula in toe.
    After the operation, Snake left Fox-Hound once again and disappeared, this 
    time into the Alaskan wilderness. Snake moved to a small cabin in Twin Lakes, 
    Alaska, where he would spend the next several years. The traumatic experience 
    of the last two missions overwhelmed Snake and caused him to suffered severe 
    PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). This led to him suffering intense 
    confusion and hallucinations. In an attempt to banish the pains of his past, 
    Snake indulged in racing Huskie Sleighs.
    Several years later in 2005, while asleep at his home, Snake heard a noise 
    coming from outside his cabin. Snake quietly made his way to the windown and
    looked outside. In the darkness, he could see several heavily armed soldiers
    advancing on his cabin. Snake got his gun from a cupboard and was prepared to
    take out the intruders. However, the soldiers had Snake surronded and forced
    him to surrender. He was then taken away by the soldiers to an Ohio Class
    Submarine, the USS Discovery. Snake was then strip searched and confined in a
    small room. 
    After several minutes of waiting in the cold room, the door 
    finally opened and in walked a man from his past, Roy Campbell. Campbell 
    informed Snake of the situation they were in. Fox-Hound, Snake's former unit,
    along with members of the Next Generation Special Forces unit had taken 
    control of a nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island. They had taken
    hostages and demanded the remains of Big Boss, or else they would launch a 
    nuke. Snake was reluctant to go back into battle, but after much persuasion, 
    as well as Campbell showing Snake the leader of Fox-Hound, a man known as 
    Liquid Snake, who was apparently Snake's brother, he agreed to take the 
    Snake infiltrated Shadow Moses Island and began his mission. Soon after the 
    start of the operation, Snake discovered that a new model of Metal Gear was 
    secretly in development on the base. Also, something was apparently amist. 
    Snake attempted to rescue the high profile hostages on the island, ArmsTech 
    President, Kenneth Baker, and DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson. However, both 
    times the men died from an apparent heartattack. Snake then located Metal 
    Gear's chief engineer, Hal Emmerich. However, Emmerich was being attacked by a 
    Cyborg Ninja, who Snake had seen in an earlier battle. Snake and the Ninja did 
    battle in the labs with Snake managing to defeat the fearsome opponent. During 
    the battle, the ninja seemed as if he knew Snake from somewhere. After the 
    battle, the Ninja gave a large hit as to who he was before running off. 
    Shocked, Snake informed Campbell that the Ninja was none other than Gray Fox! 
    Campbell said that was impossible, but Snake was convinced. He then returned 
    to the mission and located Emmerich, who told Snake a bit about Metal Gear and 
    its location in a Underground Base several miles to the north. Snake also met 
    Roy Campbell's niece, Meryl Silverburgh, who was stationed at the facility 
    before its takeover. Meryl gave Snake a PAL card which could stop Metal Gear's 
    launch, but there was only one when three keys were needed. Meryl and Snake 
    travelled toward Metal Gear's location, but were seperated when Meryl was 
    injured by gunfire from Fox-Hound's sniper, Sniper Wolf. Meryl was captured 
    and soon Snake himself was captured and confined as well.
    Snake was then submitted to grueling torture from Liquid's right-hand man, 
    Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot told Snake if he submitted to the torture, then 
    Meryl would be killed. Snake suffered through the severe torture and 
    eventually escaped with help from Otacon. Snake continued on his mission and
    and eventually made his way to Metal Gear's underground base. However, during 
    his time there several disturbing twists took place. Master McDonell Miller, 
    who was also assigned to the mission, informed Snake that Naomi Hunter, 
    another member of Snake's support (see Naomi Hunter for details) was actually 
    a traitor, possibly working for the enemy. Master digged around some more and 
    found of a new assassination weapon which Snake may have been injected with. 
    The weapon targets only specific victims and kills them in a manner which 
    simulates a heartattack. Colonel Campbell found out about this and placed 
    Naomi under arrest after finding she was sending coded transmissions to the 
    Later on, Naomi managed to get away from Campbell and the others and contacted 
    Snake. Naomi told Snake that she was actually Frank Jaegar's (Grey Fox) 
    adopted sister. Snake was shocked at finding this. She then confirmed that she 
    had injected Snake with the FoxDie virus, but it was not her decision, it was 
    part of the mission. Naomi was then placed back under arrest before she could 
    explain more. Snake demanded to know what was going on but Campbell was 
    unresponsive. Snake then continued to Metal Gear's chamber. There he found the 
    key to deactivation Metal Gear. Apparently the PAL card was actually all three 
    keys, and Snake needed to warm and cool the keys in order to change them into 
    the desired key. Snake did so and activated all three keys. However, instead 
    of deactivating Metal Gear, the walking battle tank was actually activated due 
    to Snake's actions. It seems Snake had been set-up all along. He then got a 
    call from Master. He told Snake that he had been useful as a pawn and his 
    purpose was now over. He then revealed himself to be none other 
    than...Snake's brother, Liquid Snake.
    Snake rushed out of the control room after Liquid and confronted him in front
    of Metal Gear. The two talked a bit about Liquid's intentions. Before Snake
    could react, Liquid leapt into Metal Gear's cockpit and activated the 
    monsterous weapon. To his horror, Snake watched as Metal Gear springed to 
    life. Just as in the past, Snake battled Metal Gear. Otacon told him the key 
    to destroying Metal Gear. Snake had to first destroy the vehicle's "Radome", 
    which controlled its sensors. He then had to fire a missile into its cockpit,
    which would destroy the beast. Snake managed to slightly damage the Radome,
    but his Stinger Missiles just didn't seem to be enough. Liquid advanced on
    Snake and prepared to kill him under the vehicle's weight. Just before he had
    the chance, Gray Fox reappeared and saved Snake at the last moment. The two
    had one last conversation and for his last act as Snake's friend he destroyed
    the Radome. Fox was soon after killed for a final time by Metal Gear. Snake
    was consumed with rage for the death of his friend and finished off Metal Gear
    with a final missile into the vehicle's cockpit. Metal Gear exploded in a
    brillant light. The force of the explosion sent Snake flying into a nearby 
    wall, knocking him unconcious. Before he went under, Snake heard what sounded
    like footsteps nearing him. 
    When Snake came to, he found himself tied up on top of the wreckage of Metal 
    Gear with Liquid Snake standing in wait in front of him. Liquid and Snake
    chatted for a bit. Liquid told him that they didn't have long before the end.
    Snake asked if he ment FoxDie, but Liquid told him that he was referring to
    a missile attack which the Pentagon had issued. Snake contacted the Colonel
    who confirmed Liquid's story. Campbell told Snake that he would help him out, 
    to repay him for all the lies. He said he would issue an order to stop the
    launch which would disrupt the chain of command and give him time to escape.
    This plan would not unfold however, as Campbell was placed under arrest by the
    Secretary of Defense, Jim Houseman, who had orchestrated the Metal Gear 
    project and was trying to cover up the incident. Houseman said they had a lot
    of catching up to do and broke contact.
    Liquid then showed Snake a little surprise of his. Behind him, Meryl was 
    laying unconcious. Next to her was a small nuclear bomb with a timer. Liquid
    said she would be the sacrifice for their final battle. He then untied Snake
    and prepared for the fight. Liquid activated the timer and so the battle 
    begun. Snake and Liquid began a battle, filled with hate for each other and 
    what they represented. The battle ended with Liquid being knocked from the top
    of Metal Gear to his apparent death. Snake then deactivated the nuke and 
    untied Meryl who was thankfully still alive. The two conversed a bit before
    Snake got a call from Otacon. He said he would stay behind and open a path for
    the two of them to escape. Snake thanked him and he and Meryl descended from
    Metal Gear and started off to their escape.
    Meryl and Snake jumped into a nearby jeep and rushed toward the exit of the
    facility, gunning down any guards along the way. However, their escape would
    not go unhindered, as Liquid Snake, who was somehow still alive, chased after
    the two. The two rushed toward the exit and the chase ended with a crash just
    at the end of the tunnel. Snake and Meryl were alright, however they were both
    trapped under the jeep. Though, the same was not true for Liquid, who stumbled
    forward, fueled only by his hate for Snake. Liquid raised his gun and trained
    its sights on the two. Before he could fire, Liquid was attacked by the FoxDie
    virus and collapsed to the ground dead.
    The two freed themselves from underneigh the wreckage. The Colonel contacted
    Snake and told him the bombing had been called off. He then informed him that
    that there was a snowmobile nearby which could take them to Fox Island where
    a evac chopper awaited. Naomi then spoke with Snake, telling him that she 
    didn't know when or if FoxDie would kill Snake. He would later find out that
    Naomi had programmed the virus to strike at a random time. Meryl and Snake
    then departed from Shadow Moses and disappeared into the Alaskian wilderness.
    After the operation, Meryl and Snake most likely had a short relationship. The
    two soon went their seperate ways (poor Snake got dumped most likely.) Snake 
    then spent his time in Alaska, drinking heavily and in a deep depression. He
    was then contacted by Otacon, who survived the Shadow Moses incident. Otacon
    told Snake of how Ocelot had sold Metal Gear's data on the black market and
    of the rogue Metal Gears now throughout the world. Otacon told Snake that he
    could make a difference and convinced him to join him in forming a new group,
    Philanthropy, a anti-Metal Gear organization offically regonized by the United
    Nations. For the next two years or so, Otacon and Snake destroyed dozens of
    rogue Metal Gears. 
    Two years later in 2007, Otacon got a tip from someone of a new, highly 
    advanced Metal Gear which was being developed by the Marine Corp. He and Snake
    planned a mission to infiltrate a tanker which was carrying the Metal Gear and
    take photos of it. Then leak the photos to the press and bring the black 
    project to light. However, all would not go according to plan. After Snake 
    made his way aboard the Tanker, the ship was taken over and hijacked by an
    unknown group of soldiers. All of the crew in the upper decks were killed. 
    Snake took a photo of the apparently leader of the group, a Russian looking
    military man. He asked Otacon to get a ID on who the man was.
    Snake then made his way through the Tanker, dispatching any enemy soldiers 
    which got in his way. Snake then encountered a woman soldier on one of the
    front decks of the ship. The two did battle with Snake managing to subdue the
    woman. The woman's tomboyish appearance reminded him of Meryl. After defeating 
    the woman, Snake spotted a Cypher, a type of flying security camera type of 
    device. Otacon then contacted Snake and told him the ID of the man from 
    before. He was one Colonel Sergei Gurlokavitch, the leader of a private 
    mercenary army. Snake then proceeded into the holds and finally into the 
    chamber of Metal Gear. Along the way he avoided the legion of Marines which 
    were watching the Marine Commandant in charge's speach. Snake managed to get 
    the desired shots of Metal Gear and send them to Otacon.
    However, before Snake could make his escape, a man from his past appeared and
    confronted the Marine Commandant and his men. That man was Revolver Ocelot.
    Ocelot distracted the Commandant long enough for Colonel Gurlokavitch to grab
    and take the Commandant hostage. Ocelot's men then arrived in the room and
    secured the area. Snake moved in for a closer look as he watched the drama
    unfold. Ocelot then betrayed his allies and shot Gurlokavitch and several of
    his men, before blowing a hole in the tanker and making his way toward Metal 
    Gear's cockpit. Snake rushed in to stop him. Ocelot looked down at his old foe 
    and felt an odd feeling. He screamed in agony as his hand convulsed and 
    throbbed. Ocelot then spoke, but not in his own voice. His voice was that of 
    Liquid Snake. Snake, confused as to what had happened, demanded to know what 
    was going on. Liquid told Snake that he lived on though Ocelot's arm, which 
    was actually Liquid's grafted on.
    Their conversation was cut short as a gush of water slammed Snake into a wall
    and knocked him out for a moment. Liquid/Ocelot then lept into Metal Gear and
    activated the machine. He then made his way out of the Tanker. Snake followed
    close behind. Snake emerged on the surface of the wreckage of the Tanker. He 
    was then greeted by Metal Gear Ray, which stood in front of him menancingly.
    Ray then backflipped into the water behind him and sent a massive way toward 
    Snake. Ocelot was satisified that Snake was finished and retreated with his
    new toy. However, that was not the end of Snake. Otacon soon arrived in a 
    small boat and rescued Snake from a watery grave.
    Once the two returned to land, they leaked Metal Gear Ray's existence to the
    press. However, a more interesting story would overshadow their deed. Snake
    and Otacon had been set-up as the fall men for a massive conspiracy. The two
    were labeled as the worst ecological terrorist of all time for the sinking of
    a Tanker which caused a massive oil spill in the Hudson Bay area. Their 
    actions lead to the creation of an offshore oil decontamination facility, the
    Big Shell. 
    For the next two years, Snake and Otacon kept a low profile after being marked
    as terrorists. That was, until 2009 when Otacon was leaked information about
    a new Metal Gear being developed at the Big Shell. Snake set off for the 
    facility and found it was captured and taken over by another terrorist 
    organization. Snake infiltrated the area and disguised himself as a Navy SEAL
    in order not to raise suspicion. During his mission, Snake found a member of
    Fox-Hound, a man calling himself "Raiden" who was sent in by the organization.
    Snake found that strange, seeing as Fox-Hound had been disbanded following
    Snake's destruction of the group. Snake did not fully trust the man and 
    refrained from reveal his identity. He called himself "Iroquois Pliskin" 
    (see Iroquois Pliskin for the story behind the name.) 
    Snake then aided the rookie on his mission, giving him advice about weapons,
    the enemy, and the facility. Soon after their first meeting, Snake found
    Raiden once again confronting a middle-aged black man. Snake regonized the man
    to be the legendary bomb disposal expert, Peter Stillman. Stillman informed 
    the two of the situation. Fatman, a member of Dead Cell, had planted bombs
    throughout the Big Shell. Stillman gave the two a device which could stop the
    bombs. Snake then set out to the Shell 2 area to defuse the bombs there while
    Raiden stayed in Shell 1. Snake reported into Stillman each time he found a
    bomb. Stillman thought that the bomb placement was completely wrong and asked
    Snake to take a look at the bottom of Shell 2. Snake did so and found a huge
    amount of C4 explosives there. Several events then happened (see Peter Stilman
    for more) and part of Shell 2 was destroyed. Snake was caught near the 
    explosion and knocked out for a while. 
    After he came to, he and Otacon discovered the location of the new Metal Gear. 
    The entire facility WAS the new Metal Gear, or rather a guise for the 
    fortress. Snake continued his mission while Raiden did the same with his. 
    Otacon and Snake managed to hijack a Kamov chopper which they planned to use
    to rescue the hostages which were taken during the takeover. Before they had
    the chance the terrorist leader, claiming to be Solid Snake, confronted Raiden
    on a bridge between Shell 1 and Shell 2. Enraged by his claim of being Solid
    Snake, Snake opened fire on the man. Snake managed to knock the man from the
    bridge, only to be find that a Harrier 2 was lying in wait to ambush them. 
    Snake, knocking he couldn't take out the Harrier with a Kamov, tossed Raiden
    a Stinger Missile Launcher and some ammo and instructed him to take out the 
    Harrier. He then supported Raiden with cover fire as he battled the jet. 
    Raiden managed to defeat the Harrier and send it crashing below, only to have
    it scooped up by Metal Gear Ray. Ray then fired on the facility, damaging the
    Kamov in the process. Snake and Otacon were forced to land the helicopter.
    After that, Snake revealed that he really was Solid Snake and Iroquois Pliskin
    was just a made up name. Snake then proceeded to explore the Big Shell in 
    hopes of finding a way into Arsenal Gear. While in Shell 2, Snake was attacked
    and battled a Cyborg Ninja, much like Gray Fox from Shadow Moses. Snake 
    discovered that the Ninja was actually Olga Gurlokavitch, who Snake fought two
    years ago on the Tanker. Snake explained to Olga what really happened on the
    Tanker, and of Ocelot's betrayl to her father and his men. The two decided to
    work together for mutual benefit.
    Snake was then contacted by Raiden. Raiden needed cover support for helping
    Arsenal Gear's engineer and Otacon's sister, Emma Emmerich, cross a Oil Fence
    under the Big Shell. Snake rushed toward the scene and helped Raiden defend
    Emma. However, Emma was ambushed and seriously wounded by Dead Cell's 
    subleader, Vamp. Snake rushed to the girl's side and carried her back to the
    computer room where Otacon was located. He tried to patch her up the best he
    could, however it seemed Vamp got some internal organs and he couldn't stop 
    the bleeding. Snake asked Raiden if he got the disc from Emma which could stop
    Arsenal. Raiden handed it over and Snake loaded the program into Arsenal's
    activation console. All did not go according to plan (as usual) and an anti-
    virus agent stopped the virus before it could be completed. In the meantime,
    Otacon and Emma had a last conversation. She soon died.
    Otacon broke down in greif at the loss of his sister. Snake convinced Otacon 
    to go on, that he still had a job to do. He was the only one who could save
    the hostages. After much convincing, Otacon agreed to save the hostages. After
    Otacon left, Snake revealed a "friend" of his to Raiden. The ninja, who was 
    actually Olga. Snake told him that it was bedtime for Raiden and Olga knocked
    Raiden out with her High Frequency Blade. Olga then took Raiden to her 
    superiors and Snake snuck aboard Arsenal along with her. 
    Now aboard Arsenal Gear, Snake changed back into his sneaking suit. He thanked
    Olga and was about to continue on with his mission. Before he went, Olga gave
    him her HF Blade to give to Raiden. I bit confused, Snake agreed to give it to
    him. Snake then advanced into the bowels of Arsenal and waited for Raiden's
    arrival. Snake found him in a long hallway, completely naked. Snaked laughed 
    at the sight and gave Raiden his equipment back. He then handed over the HF
    Blade, as Olga had asked. Snake gave Raiden a few tips on how to wield the 
    After he was done training, he and Raiden advanced into the next room. They 
    were then attacked by an onslaught of Arsenal Tengus. The two fought side by 
    side and annihilated the legion of soldiers in the next two rooms. In the 
    following room, after killing the enemy soldiers, Dead Cell's leader, Fortune,
    confronted Snake and Raiden. Fortune claimed that he had killed her father,
    the Marine Commandant Scott Dolph. Snake told her that it wasn't him, but she
    would hear nothing of it. Snake then told Raiden to go on and he'd handle her.
    Snake did so. Snake then began a hopeless battle and was defeated by Fortune
    and taken captive.
    Snake found that Raiden too had been captured. He watched as the scene 
    unfolded between Solidus, Fortune, and Ocelot. After several events, Ocelot
    became possessed by Liquid Snake once again. Liquid called out to his brothers
    and told them of his plans. He then jumped into Metal Gear Ray and prepared to
    leap off the side of Arsenal. Snake could not allow Liquid to get away and 
    managed to muster enough strength to break his damaged handcuffs. Liquid 
    laughed at seeing Snake persue the massive vehicle. Metal Gear lept off the
    side of Arsenal and Snake lept in right behind it. Snake was unable to keep
    up with the powerful Ray, but he did manage to plant a tracker on it.
    Snake then returned to shore and located Raiden, who had killed Solidus and
    now stood alone in front of Federal Hall. He convinced Raiden that he had done
    the right thing and went on about the future and such. He also informed him 
    that the disc containing the FoxDie computer virus could also be used to 
    locate the Patriots. Snake then disappeared into the shadows as soon as he 
    came. Soon after the mission, Otacon analyzed the FoxDie disc's data. He told
    Snake he found who the Patriots were and that all twelve of them were dead.
    Snake asked him when it had happened. Otacon replied, "about a hundred years
    ago." All Snake could say was "what the hell?" 
    It would seem the legend continues...
    Misc Info:
    Solid Snake is designed after Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell, Escape from New 
    Snake is undergoing accelerated aging from Big Boss' cloned genes, which is
    why he looks a lot older in MGS2 compared to MGS.
    Snake has all the recessive genes of a soldier, yet he kicked damn near every
    major soldier's ass. Hmph...guess genes don't mean all that much.
    Solid Snake...Liquid Snake... sexual innuendo abound.
    Snake and his brothers are steril, not impotent.
    Snake finds snakes tasty.
    Solidus Snake
    Alias: George Sears, Solid Snake
    Family: Big Boss -father-, Solid Snake -brother-, Liquid Snake -brother-
    Voice Actor: John Cygan
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Solidus Snake...but the public knew him by a different name, President George
    Sears. Solidus is the third member of the Les Enfant Terrible project. Neither 
    Solid nor Liquid, he is a "perfect combination of the two." Much of Solidus's 
    early days were unknown. His training and the like and what became of him 
    after his birth are both unknown. In the 80's, Solidus was apparently fighting 
    a civil war in Africa (though not alongside Big Boss, seeing as Solidus didn't 
    seem to know what he looked like.) While fighting there, Solidus gathered war 
    orphans from the battle torn region and made them into child soldiers. One of 
    these soldiers was a child named Jack. Solidus killed Jack's parents and took 
    him in as his own. Jack displayed incredible fighting abilities and gained 
    several nicknames including "White Devil" and "Jack the Ripper". 
    After the end of the civil war, Jack disappeared from the relief camp he was
    stationed at. Solidus would not see him for several years. After that, it is
    unknown what Solidus did, but he eventually came into contact with the 
    Patriots and rose high in their favor. Solidus also came to know a mercenary 
    known as Shalashaska, also known as Revolver Ocelot. Solidus was eventually 
    appointed presidency under the name of "George Sears" (the elections were and 
    have been rigged). He had a rather uneventful Presidency during his term. It 
    would seem that Sears's term would end rather uneventful. However, after the 
    blunder that revealed the existence of the Metal Gear Rex project as well as 
    the Genome Army, Solidus was forced to resign from Presidency. He was then set 
    up to be 'silenced' by the Patriots, but went into hiding by help of his man, 
    Revolver Ocelot.
    Solidus spent the next two years in hiding, planning and waiting to get his
    revenge on the Patriots. Upon finding information on a new model Metal Gear
    which was being transported via a Tanker controlled by the Marines, Solidus
    sent Ocelot along with the Gurlukavitch Private Army, to steal the Metal Gear
    Ocelot betrayed his former ally and stole Metal Gear Ray, destroying the 
    Tanker and most everyone on board. Now, armed with the new Metal Gear, Solidus
    layed in wait for his chance to strike. That chance would come two years 
    Solidus found that a new Metal Gear, Arsenal Gear, was under construction at
    the Big Shell oil decontamination facility. Arsenal Gear was the key to the
    Patriot's complete control, and Solidus planned to use it for his own ends. He
    then came into contact with the current President of the United States, his
    successor, James Johnson. Solidus made Johnson an offer he couldn't refuse. 
    Solidus needed Johnson's cooperation by activating Arsenal Gear's "black box"
    in order to make the fortress go active. In exchange, Johnson would be able to
    use the Arsenal Gear as a bargining chip in order to trade his way into the
    Patriot's ranks.
    Solidus gathered mercenaries from all over to help his mission. He contacted
    the rogue group, Dead Cell, as well as Gurlokavitch Private Army for his 
    operation. He promised them all a cut of the bounty they would get from 
    completing the operation. He then set his plan forth into action, having 
    Johnson schedule a meeting at the Big Shell and then Solidus's men striking 
    and taking over the facility. The terrorists coined themselves "The Sons of
    Liberty" and Solidus claimed to be the legendary mercenary "Solid Snake", who
    was thought to be dead after the Tanker incident which lead to the Big Shell's
    However, the operation did not go as Johnson would have wanted. Solidus 
    actually planned to use Arsenal Gear to challenge the Patriots. As a result of 
    their actions, the Patriots sent in an operative, codenamed: Raiden, to stop 
    Solidus and his men. Solidus encountered Raiden midway through his mission on 
    a bridge which connected both sections of the Big Shell. Upon seeing the man,
    Solidus had a odd sense that he had known the him from somewhere. Solidus then
    introduced himself as "Solid Snake". Just then, the REAL Solid Snake attacked
    Solidus from a Kamov chopper. However, Solidus, with help of his powered 
    exoskeleton, managed to skillfully avoid and deflect Snake's fire. Snake 
    managed to blast Solidus off the edge of the bridge he was standing on. 
    But Solidus would not end this way. One of Solidus's men, Vamp, caught Solidus
    in midair using a Harrier 2 jet. Solidus then vowed to destroy the two for 
    interferring and a battle ensued. 
    Raiden managed to heavily damage the Harrier 2. The plane quickly lost 
    altitude and slammed into the bridge, nearly taking Raiden out with it. 
    Solidus and Vamp managed to escape from death as Metal Gear Ray, the same one
    that Ocelot stole two years ago, leapt from the depths and caught the Harrier
    with its 'mouth'. Solidus however, did not walk away unscathed. The crash had
    sent splinters of debris at Solidus's face, costing him his right eye. Ray,
    along with its cargo, made a hasty retreat for the time being.
    Some time later, Raiden was captured by Olga and was imprisioned in the now
    activated Arsenal Gear. Having a closer look at the soldier, Solidus finally
    realized who he was. It turned out that Raiden was actually the boy Solidus 
    had taken in and trained as his own son so long ago. Solidus explained to 
    Ocelot who Raiden really was. He then left Ocelot for he had more pressing
    matters to attend to. Solidus then went to Arsenal Gear's inner chamber, and
    awaited to test his son's abilities. When Raiden finally arrived, Solidus 
    sent a legion of Metal Gear Rays, all of which were Arsenal Gear's protection,
    after Raiden. 
    The onslaught of Metal Gears were overwealming and Raiden soon gave up hope. 
    Solidus, disappointed, sent the last of the Metal Gears to finish off Raiden. 
    Just then, Olga Gurlukavitch, the leader of the mercenary army Solidus hired, 
    revealed herself to be working for the Patriots. Upon finding this betrayal, 
    Solidus promptly confronted and executed her for her treason. Meanwhile, the 
    virus which Snake and Raiden had implanted within Arsenal earlier had taken 
    effect. The Ray units now began to turn their sights on Solidus himself. In a 
    rather impressive display of skill, Solidus took out all three Metal Gears 
    which were present. Solidus then turns his sights on Raiden, but decides he 
    still has a use for the boy.
    After that, Raiden and Solid Snake were captured. Solidus then explained his
    true intentions. He wished to use the Arsenal Gear to find a list of names. 
    The names...of the Patriots! Solidus intended to find and hunt down each 
    member of the group. At hearing this, Ocelot began to laugh. Solidus demanded
    to know what was so funny. Ocelot explained his true role, that of a Patriot
    spy. He explained the carefully planned out plot of the Patriots. How the 
    FoxDie computer virus had only deleted what Ocelot intended to find, the 
    Patriots identities. Enraged, Solidus turned his gun on Ocelot, though was 
    unable to hurt him due to a shield he had implaced which made him impossible
    to hit. Ocelot then jumped into Metal Gear's cockpit and fired upon the group.
    Several events then happened, Ocelot became once again possessed by Liquid 
    Snake, who spoke with his brothers and then departed on Metal Gear Ray, 
    intending to kill the Patriots himself. Solid Snake followed right after him.
    Arsenal Gear then began to move. Its final destination was right into the 
    middle of Manhattan! Upon crashing into the city, Solidus and Raiden fell from
    the top of Arsenal. They found themselves to be on the roof of a building. 
    Solidus realized where they were and what today was. The irony sweapt over him
    in an instant. He announced to Raiden that they were on top of Federal Hall 
    and today was April 30th, approximately 200 years ago from this day, the 
    Constitution was signed by the original Patriots.
    After some banter, Solidus through Raiden his sword and drew his own. He 
    intended to have one last fight to the death with Jack. The two had a final
    battle, father versus son. An epic battle which would decide the fate of many
    lives. After a long and grueling battle, Raiden managed to get in a fatal blow
    to Solidus's spine. Solidus stumbled forward toward the edge of the building.
    He turned back and looked at his son one last time. He then muttered something
    which was inadudible and dropped from the roof of the building. Upon landing,
    Solidus found himself at the feet of a statue of the father of the country, 
    George Washington. He reached up to the original patriot, with regrets that he
    could not free the country from its manipulative leaders. He then died. And so
    ends the story of the Patriot, Solidus Snake. 
    Solidus Snake was designed to be Solid Snake but 10 years older. Which would
    put him about 50. Or, when Big Boss was cloned. Hmm...
    Unlike Liquid who despised Big Boss, Solidus idolized him. Making his 
    appearance just like his father. He is even happy when he losses his eye in
    the Harrier crash.
    The tentacle things on Solidus' power suit are called "Snake Arms."
    Originally, an American flag was going to fall and drop over Solidus after he 
    died. Que patriotic music.
    In the final Snake Tale, Solidus is a dimension hopping madman hell bent on
    saving his own ass. He's also married to Mei Ling.
    Nationality: Romanian
    Voice Actor: Phil La Marr
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Vamp is the sub-leader of Dead Cell under Fortune. He was born in Romania. 
    When he was a child, he lost his family to a terrorist bomb that went off in a 
    church they were attending (note that this is NOT the same bomb as Peter 
    Stillman screwed up on). His body was pierced by a crucifix and Vamp was 
    buried under the rubble for two days before he was finally rescued. During 
    those two days, he survived by feeding on the blood of his family to quench 
    his thirst. Because of this he acquired a taste for blood and became his 
    current gothic self. 
    Vamp joined Dead Cell at its initial formation under Colonel Jackson. After 
    Jackson was imprisoned, Vamp took over temporary control of Dead Cell until 
    Fortune joined. He welcomed her with open arms as it reminded him of a man 
    from his past, Fortune's father and Vamp's former lover (yep, he's bisexual) 
    Scott Dolph (in a lot of legends about vampires, a lot of them were bisexual). 
    Vamp's weapon of choice is knives, which he has mastered the use of. It is 
    also of note that Vamp has incredible supernatural powers, such as the 
    ability to run on water, survive gunshot wounds to the head, and dodge bullets 
    just be seeing the movements of one's muscles.
    Vamp, like the rest of Dead Cell, was involved in the Big Shell takeover. 
    There, he killed all of SEAL Team 10's Alpha Team as well as encounter Raiden 
    and Snake. During a fight with Fortune, Vamp came to speak with her about 
    Fatman's erratic actions. During their conversation, Raiden jumped out from 
    behind a crate and fired on Fortune. Due to her extraordinary 'luck', the 
    bullets veered away from Fortune and struck Vamp in the chest and head. Vamp 
    slumped to the floor, quite dead. Fortune broke down at yet another loss of 
    someone he loved. However, Vamp was not yet finished. He suddenly began to 
    breath again and proclaimed "I already died once, I cannot die again."
    Later on, on the way to save Emma Emmerich, Raiden encountered Vamp once more 
    sitting in the center of a pool of water waiting for him. After a short speech 
    explaining Dead Cell's plans and Arsenal Gear, Vamp and Raiden did battle over 
    the deadly waters below. Although having supernatural powers and incredible 
    agility, Vamp was no match for Raiden and fell into an apparently watery 
    grave. However, Vamp was STILL not dead. On her way crossing Big Shell's oil 
    fence, Vamp attacked Emma Emmerich and mortally wounded her. Raiden used his 
    honed sniping skills and landed a shot directly on Vamp's head. The Dead Cell 
    member plummeted in the waters below, not to be seen again. However...who is
    that in the background behind Jack and Rose during the ending... 
    *insert dum-dum-DUUUUUUM*
    Vamp was originally a woman. Err...
    Vamp always has iced breath since he's like supernatural dead guy and stuff.
    Vamp don't mean vampire...
    Vamp can read people's muscles to judge their aim and dodge. Raiden's skull
    suit hinders muscle movement, so he can be hit by him. That still doesn't
    explain why the hell he can dodge a full clip from an assault rifle at point
    blank range.
    Vermon CaTaffy
    Appearances: None
    All I have to say is "what the !@#$". This is according to Metal Gear's US 
    instruction manual:
    Vermon CaTaffy, Terrorist at Large. 
    Colonel Vermon CaTaffy, a once tranquil shepard boy, who grew up on the
    remote banks of the Sam River in outer Mongolia with his 27 sisters,
    turned to terrorism at an early age.
    Now after years of pillaging innocent people, he has taken control of Outer 
    Heaven, a small nation on the outskirts of South Africa.  Here, he is sole 
    tyrant and radial dictator. He rules with bullets and bombs, and in only in 
    a few months he has outlawed democracy and turned harmless villagers into 
    mercenaries for a global terrorist network.
    Umm...what the !@#$ were they smoking when they wrote this...
    Vulcan Raven
    Nationality: Native American-Inuit (eskimo for those who don't know)
    Height: 210 cm
    Voice Actor: Chuck Farley
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Vulcan Raven is half Native American and half Inuit (stereotypically called 
    "Eskimos"). Raven was born with a raven birthmark on his forehead (0_o) and 
    because of it he was raised as a shaman and said to have supernatural powers 
    (Native Americans and Inuit worship Ravens). Raven is able to withstand 
    extreme cold temperatures (as just about everyone seemed to be able to do) 
    because of his amazing physical prowess and outdoor experience. Though at 
    glance he may seem to be all muscles and no brains, Raven actually a graduate 
    emeritus from the University of Alaska.
    During an extremely cold winter, Raven traveled across the frozen Bering Sea 
    and visited Russia. He then joined the Russian Bimpel, the Soviet Special 
    forces unit. There he came to know Revolver Ocelot, who was a member of the 
    GRU at the time. In 1993, he was demoted by President Yeltsin following his 
    coup d'etat in Moscow. He then fled the country and became an mercenary. Raven 
    eventually joined Outer Heaven mercenary dispatching company under Big Boss. 
    After the destruction of Outer Heaven, he went back to being a mercenary for 
    several years until he joined Fox-Hound after a strong recommendation from 
    Revolver Ocelot. His weapon of 20 millimeter Vulcan cannon usually seen 
    mounted on fighter planes. He is able to wield it as easy as a rifle and his 
    incredible strength allows him to carry a ammo barrel on his back.
    Vulcan Raven took part in the takeover of Shadow Moses where he battled Snake 
    two times. The first was in a snow covered valley where he ambushed Snake in a 
    M1 Tank. This was just a test of Snake's strength. After that he battled Snake 
    in the underground base on the way to Metal Gear. This was to be a glorious 
    battle to the death, as Raven put it. Despite Raven's superior firepower, 
    Snake was able to defeat the giant. Raven gave Snake one last clue, informing 
    him that the DARPA chief was really Fox-Hound member, Decoy Octopus. Snake 
    then left him as his ravens 'returned' him to nature by completely devouring 
    Misc Info:
    Vulcan Raven is a big fat racist. Stupid eskimo.
    Yozef Norden
    Real Name: Yozef Norden
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 95 kg
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A zoologist, also known as a UN endangered species preservation authority. Has 
    been acquainted with Pettrovich since they were college graduates. He was once 
    a Green Peace member when he was young. Norden is currently the vice president 
    of WWARF (World Wide Animal Rights Federation) and also a living matter 
    accountant for the science magazine "Maxwell". He also stayed near Zanzibar 
    Land to investigate animals indigenous to the area. He helped Snake with any 
    matters dealing with animals or the environment during his mission.
    Misc Info:
    Yozef is the most useless character in the entire series.
    VI. L o c a t i o n s
    This section contains most of the major locations mentioned in the series. In
    a future update I plan to include the sub locations and a blurb about them.
    Big Shell, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A massive offshore oil clean-up facility located 20 miles off the shore of 
    Manhattan. It was constructed after the "terrorist" Solid Snake sunk an oil 
    tanker off the coast. The facility has become a symbol of environmental 
    protection. During a visit by President James Johnson, the rogue group Dead 
    Cell along with Gurlukovitch's Private Army seized control of the facility and 
    took all people present hostage. Most of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 
    takes place here. However, the Big Shell is not truly an oil decontamination 
    facility. Its true purpose is to mask the construction of Arsenal Gear (see 
    Arsenal Gear) without detection. The facility is destroyed when Arsenal goes 
    The entire facility is shaped like two octagons end-on-end. The two sides or
    shells contain 6 Struts a piece. There are also a Shell Core in the center
    of each of the octagons. Also, there is an oil fence on each side of the
    Sub Areas:
    Shell 1
    - Strut A Pump Facility
    - Strut B Transformer Room
    - Strut C Dining Hall
    - Strut D Sediment Pool
    - Strut E Material Distribution Facility/ Heliport
    - Strut F Warehouse
    - Shell 1 Core
    Shell 2
    - Strut G Oil Processing Facility
    - Strut H Warehouse
    - Strut H Oil Fence
    - Strut I Assembly Facility
    - Strut J Power Plant
    - Strut K Biochem Lab
    - Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
    - Strut L Oil Fence
    - Shell 2 Core
    Fox Archipelago
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    An archipelago nearby where Shadow Moses Island is located.
    Fox Island
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    An island close to Shadow Moses. There is a evac chopper waiting to pick 
    up Snake and Meryl there after the mission.
    Outer Heaven
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A country located 200km north of Salzburg, deep in South Africa. The country's 
    borders are completely fortified and it is refer to as a "armed fortress 
    nation". The country was taken over by Big Boss in the mid 1990's where he 
    became the sole dictator of the country in secret. The nation began to 
    increase its military power and planned to challenge the world with its 
    military might. Outer Heaven was destroyed following Solid Snake's mission to 
    the country in the Crisis of Outer Heaven in 1995.
    After the fall of Outer Heaven, the country underwent massive bombing raids 
    from the United States and many of its survivors were integrated into various 
    black projects for the government (Genome Army, Black Color, etc.)
    Appearances: None
    A country deep in South Africa. Outer Heaven is located 200km from this 
    Shadow Moses Island
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is the location where Metal Gear Solid took place. An island off the Fox 
    Archipelago, a government nuclear weapons disposal facility if officially on 
    this island. However, that is not truly the case. The island really houses a 
    civilian base, owned and operated by the weapons development company, 
    ArmsTech. The facility was being used to construct a new model Metal Gear, 
    codenamed "Rex", in secret. When Rex was nearing completion, the ArmsTech 
    president, Kenneth Baker, along with the Chief of DARPA, Donald Anderson, 
    traveled to the facility to oversee the final tests of Metal Gear. FOX-HOUND 
    was also called in, along with the Next Generation Special Forces in a 
    training exercise. However, the two groups seized control of the island and 
    took the two officials hostage as well as took over the new model Metal Gear. 
    Solid Snake was dispatched in order to deal with the terrorist threat. 
    By the end of his operation, many parts of the island's facility were damaged 
    or destroyed. After that, the island was restricted and soldiers patrolled the 
    area to keep out intruders (such as Gary McGolden). The island became a 
    legendary place, much like Roswell, New Mexico or Area 51. That is, until 
    Nastasha Romanenko uncovered the truth of what happened there...
    Twin Lakes, Alaska
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Snake's home in Alaska. A small town in a remote part of Alaska. Snake lived 
    in a cabin in a forest outside of the town.
    Zanzibar Land
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The location of Operation Intrude: F014. It is a small 3rd World Country lead 
    by Big Boss.
    An inland nation surrounded by Pakistan, USSR, China and Afghanistan. South is 
    desert area, and north is formed by steppe high mountains and highlands. 
    Climate is of dry nature, and the temperature difference between daytime and 
    nighttime is extreme. Zanzibar Province was once a minor-race self-rule domain 
    included in USSR, however, the opposition toward former regime rose in early 
    1990s, with the Baltic and similar crisis as detonating cause, it proclaimed 
    independence in 1997, and won independence through "Zanzibar Land Independence 
    War", and became armed fortified nation. 
    Despite the intervention of large nations of both East and West, this small 
    tribal nation won a victory; it is said it was achieved through efforts of 
    mercenaries from all around the world.
    From this, the war was also called as "War of the Mercenaries", and let the 
    world informed about the existence of the professional who choose the war as 
    their job.
    Official Name: Zanzibar Land (ZL)
    Population: 40,000
    Area: 450 square km
    Capital: Zanzibar
    Governmental System: Republic
    Head of the State: Unknown (Big Boss)
    Political Party: One-party rule by Zanzibar Land Party 
    Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Uzbek, Vietnamese and French 
    Race(s): 100 of every world races including Caucasian, Negroid, Ukrainian, 
    Russian, Uzbekian, German, Chinese and French. 
    Currency: Zanje 
    National Finances: Unknown 
    Defense Outcome: 75% of total GNP 
    Products and Resources: Iron, Coal, Bouxite, Tangsten, Beetroot, Flour, Oat, 
    Potato, Corn, Super Mentha, Jijirium, Bizanium, Eltonium and Pegimin-H
    Percentages of Field Suitable for Agriculture: 24% 
    Average Life Span -Male-: 41.5 years
    Average Life Span -Female-: 40.31 years
    Birthrate: 20 for every 1000 population 
    Death Rate: 35.8 for every 1000 population
    Of the soldiers of Zanzibar Land which even reach number of 40,000, 60% of 
    them are these "Zanzibar Land Guards". Working in shifts, they guard every 
    part of Zanzibar Land. Their first topmost concern is staying alert, so they 
    are noted to be quite unexpectedly light-armed than other troops.
    Weapons and Equipment:
    Up until 1998, an English assault rifle called Enfield L85A1 was registered as 
    standard rifle, but from 1999 it was replaced by Steyr AUG which was once 
    standard in Austrian army.
    They hang M68 shrapnel grenades from their waists. In Zanzibar Land fortress 
    where most places are close quarters, they are almost never used but they are 
    loved as a kind of "talisman" by soldiers. Protection goggles shutters 
    sandstorms and ultra-violet rays in desert, and in night time they are 
    designed to work as nocturnal scopes. By switching them to telescope mode, 
    they magnifying rate of x60 is possible.
    Camouflage is brownish woodland pattern. It suits well with jungle, desert, 
    highland and quagmire in Zanzibar Land. Red beret, which signifies them most 
    in their outlook, has a national signature "ZL" attached to it. It is worn in 
    normal duties (guarding), but in real operations a camouflaged helmet and a 
    bulletproof vest is permitted to be worn.
    -Protection Goggles: All-purpose goggles, that can also be used as an infrared 
    night viewer. As an unique feature, an electric processor is attached on lens 
    sides, all the time observing the movement of the eyeballs and eyelids of a 
    soldier, and when an eyelid stays closed for more than 0.4 second, a subtle 
    electrical shock is applied to the side of the head - a "nap prevention 
    system" is installed in them. 
    -Helmet: In normal times berets are worn, but helmets are equipped depending 
    on necessity. This helmet is made of agamid plastic new fiber, and for each 
    same unit of weight, it is 2 times sturdy as nylon and 8 times as iron. 
    -Gas Mask (M18-A 2): This gas mask comes with a voice emitter so you can talk 
    easily, endurance of a filter (cartridge type) is as long as 70 days, and you 
    can drink water while wearing this mask. Mainly mandatory for those on duty in 
    gassy areas like research section. 
    -Equipment Harness 
    -M68 Shrapnel Grenades 
    -Combat Boots 
    -Combat Knife 
    -Ammo Case 
    -Water Bottle 
    -Wireless Transceiver 
    -Pocket-sized Buzzer 
    -Steyr AUG: An assault rifle, which was developed by Steyr Co. of Austria. To 
    hasten the magazine replacement during the battle, two magazines are attached 
    with tapes.
    Military Armaments -Land-:
    -Zanzibar Land Tactical Army
    -Heavy Tank Legion 2 Goliath, Challenger, Melkapa-4, Abrams and others
    -Machined Infantry Legion 3 Mass-produce Metal Gear G x45 
    -Light Tank Legion 2 Piranha, Aggress, Type-90 and others x30 
    -Special Task Force 3 Nuclear-mounted Metal Gear D and G x10 
    Military Armaments -Air-:
    -Assault Helicopters Hind D, Hind E and others x15 
    -Fighters SU-29 Franker, Mig-A Fulcrum and others x25 
    -Scouts Phantom RF-4C and others 5 
    -Cargo/multi-purpose Hercules C130, Gigant and others 29 
    -Special Task Force Contents 
    VII. O r g a n i z a t i o n s
    This section contains all of the Organizations within the series and any known
    members of them.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    A weapons development company owned by Kenneth Baker, they were the number two 
    weapons developing company during World War II. However, ArmsTech had since 
    fallen from its once lofty position. The company had been facing serious 
    financial problems since the many budget cuts that have taken place in 
    national defense. Also, ArmsTech lost its recent bid to develop the army's 
    next generation fighter jets despite having superior technologies. In a 
    desperate attempt to regain its status ArmsTech, in cooperation with DARPA 
    began a black project codenamed: Rex. The project was to create a bipedal tank 
    capable of performing a nuclear strike from anywhere on the earth. The project 
    was based on the technologies of the fearsome weapon of the Outer Heaven and 
    Uprising of Zanzibar incidents: Metal Gear. 
    When the project had neared its end, a operation was to take place at a remote 
    location in the Fox Archipelago on an island known as Shadow Moses (see Metal 
    Gear Solid section for more details). This operation ended with the death of 
    the company's president, Kenneth Baker, as well as the Metal Gear Rex project 
    exposed to the world. It is unknown whether ArmsTech went under after the 
    Shadow Moses incident.
    Known Members:
    Kenneth Baker- President (deceased)
    Hal Emmerich- Employee (no longer with them)
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The Defense and Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA. Donald Anderson was  
    the chief of DARPA. A joint venture between ArmsTech and DARPA led to the 
    creation of the Metal Gear REX project. In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of 
    Liberty, the Arsenal Tengus' as well as Solidus's suits were developed by 
    DARPA. Raiden's Skull Suit might have been developed by them as well, but it 
    was never told.
    Known Members:
    Donald Anderson- Chief (deceased)
    Dead Cell
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The Navy SEAL's special anti-terrorist training squad. They were a special 
    forces unit created by  former President George Sears (aka Solidus Snake). The 
    name was originally intended to reflect its anti-terrorist functions. The unit 
    would launch unannounced assaults on government complexes, for the ultimate 
    terrorism simulation. They were needed to show VR troopers how to deal with 
    real exercises. 
    Around the time their original leader, Colonel Jackson, died in prison the 
    unit began to unravel. The group was said to always be close to the edge, 
    and after Jackson's death they became more and more extreme. Dead Cell began 
    was said to go on missions after U.S. allies, even civilians. It was estimated 
    that no fewer than a hundred people died on accidents the Dead Cell 'arranged' 
    on their own. However, these allegations may not be the truth seeing as it 
    could have been the Patriots setting up Dead Cell as Vamp said. 
    In late 2008, the group was devastated during a mission and all but three 
    members were killed. The Patriots most likely had a hand in their downfall. On 
    April 29th 2009, Dead Cell being led by Solidus, along with Gurlukovitch 
    Private Army attacked and seized control the offshore oil decontamination 
    facility, the Big Shell. They took hostages, including President James 
    Johnson. The group was finally destroyed by the end of the operation.
    Known Members:
    Colonel Jackson- Original Leader
    Fortune- Leader
    Vamp- Subleader
    Appearances: None
    An extremist terrorist organization that Coward Duck was a leader of.
    Known Members:
    Coward Duck- Former Leader
    Appearances: All
    High Tech Special Forces Unit FOX-HOUND. A group of highly elite soldiers 
    first formed by Big Boss in 1990. The unit was first formed to fight against 
    local rebellions, regional conflicts and terrorism. FOX-HOUND is a team which 
    sneaks single-handedly into "non-official combat" cases, in situations which 
    diplomacy and military power is not an option. FOX-HOUND is officially a 
    secret branch of NATO that deals with non-official covert missions.
    All members of FOX HOUND have mastered various sky trooper techniques, 
    thoroughly acquainted with secret invasion technique from underwater and over 
    the water, so they can sneak secretly by any kind of breaching path. Moreover, 
    they have masteries and knowledge over survival over extended length in 
    bushes, jungles and desert, acute tailing, furthermore detonating operation, 
    wireless communication, seizing and reusing enemy weapons, collecting 
    information, various martial arts, emergency medical operations, linguistic 
    and hi-techs, anything required for being as a hi-tech special squad. 
    In 1995, its existence went into close-up worldwide through "OPERATION INTRUDE 
    FOX-HOUND members are never chosen out of external non-military people, but 
    are chosen out of recruits and self-nominees from various special force 
    [Selection Procedure] The aspirants initially receive exams in three aspects- 
    physical, psychological and intelligence exams. 
    Physical Exam :
    -Basic physical ability 
    -Short-range run 
    -Uninterrupted 80 push-ups 
    -Uninterrupted 100 sit-ups 
    -50 meters free swimming 
    -Underwater diving ability 
    -Lone wilderness march (carry a backpack of 30kg, and conquer 64 km of length 
    in 15 hours) 
    Psychological Exam:
    -Mental recovery, concentration, endurance, self-control, tough inner self 
    which are required to overcome the duties 
    -ESP expectancy score 
    -Marksman ability 
    -Recognizing and making decision on emergency environment 
    Intelligence Exam:
    -Non-domestic geology 
    -World situation 
    -Hi-tech technologies 
    -Medical in outdoors 
    -Detonation operation 
    -Concealed communication 
    -Foreign weaponry
    Training Drills 
    Those who passed the selection course are forced to take following 
    professional training courses:
    -Battlefield survival test (14 weeks) 
    -Shooting practice (very high standard is required; 100% to the target 548 
    meters away, 95% to the target 914 meters away) 
    -Conquering mountain 
    -Martial arts (fighting) 
    -Border crossing 
    -Guerilla combat 
    -Land navigation 
    -Map reading practice 
    -Escape - avoiding dangers 
    -Field combat medics 
    -Rebelling ranger practice 
    -Nautical control and navigation 
    -Diving, underwater sneaking 
    -Parachute skydiving practice (4 weeks) 
    -Assault paratroopers skydiving practice: H-A-L-O and H-A-H-O 
    -11 normal skydiving, 15 in full gears, 2 in nighttime, 2 mass-tactical 
    strategic diving. 
    -Intelligence operation 
    -Language and customs of destination country (4 weeks) 
    -Sneaking technique 
    -Improved flammable operation 
    -Utilizing hi-tech arms 
    -Communication (16 weeks) 
    -Medical (10 weeks)
    FOX-HOUND is a non-official combat squad, so in usual "INTRUDE" operations 
    anything that can indicate the identities should be acquired in enemy side, 
    including weapons and equipment. For sneaking missions, they enter with a 
    special via-satellite transceiver, a reactive radar and nothing else. The 
    mission assigned to them is to act concealed and complete without leaving any 
    clues, so they always prepare equipment and weapons in their destination they 
    However, in drills, and in rare cases which they go to support the formal 
    fighting troops (3 times so far), so we would like to introduce their standard 
    gears here.
    FOX-HOUND has no formal uniforms like "service uniform" nor "dress uniform", 
    only "field uniform". Also, they don't have even service caps nor hats, and on 
    their field uniforms there are nothing that can reveal identities and 
    nationalities like military clothing labels, insignias nor instruction labels. 
    Therefore, there is no danger that they reveal your identity.
    Field Uniform:
    Field uniforms can be divided into roughly cold and hot regional types, both 
    supporting variable-camouflage system with internal heat and luminous sensors. 
    They are hi-tech suits colloquially referred to as "chameleon suits".
    Moreover, a polyester shield with few radar reflection ratio called 
    "camouflage screen" is being used together. 
    The purpose of camouflage is to blend the subject into background, and 
    transform the unique specific figure which the subject own in itself. 
    Variable-camouflage system achieves high camouflaging ratio by wisely 
    compounding existing color patterns and the "chameleon color" which assimilate 
    into the surrounding. 
    Uniform Camouflage Data:
    Area Color Percentage 30% 30% 5% 5% 30%
    COLD Evergreen Forest: green Field drab Sand Black Chameleon 
    Snowy Forest: green White Sand Black Chameleon
    HOT Desert (gray): Sand Field drab Earth yellow Black Chameleon 
    Desert (red): Sand Field drab Earth yellow Black Chameleon 
    Tropical Rain forest: Forest green Dark green Light green Black Chameleon
    Urban: Urban gray White Dark gray Black Chameleon
    NOTE) Chameleon color changes adapting to the surrounding
    Combat Boots:
    They were developed over the advancement of every jungle and combat boots 
    various special forces wear. Together with "footstep noise contamination 
    system" which suppresses "footstep sounds" which are fatal to sneaking 
    missions and "footsteps jamming system" which can misguide enemy pursuits, 
    there are taken precautions to make them suitable for secret mission in the 
    enemy area. 
    To defend against traps like bungee stakes, there is an iron plate in inserted 
    each boots. 
    Combat Gear:
    -Ammunition belt, leather harnesses, low-temperature ammo cases, flexible 
    slings, suspenders, thermos, backpacks, etc.
    -Bandana: While main aim is to stop sweats falling from forehead, but chemical 
    combustion can turn it into either comfortable cooler or heater equipment.
    -Special goggles:
    Not only sand- and wind-proof, but a real advanced stuff that can act as 
    nocturnal vision in its infrared mode. Ultra-small lightweight fan motor and 
    temperature sensors are embedded, and when the moisture within the goggles 
    exceeds over 70%, motor automatically activates.
    -Binoculars: High-tech general-use telescopes with various sensors NASA 
    planetary investigation technologies applied to them. They can even analyze 
    what human eyes cannot see. However, they are heavy and difficult to carry 
    -Wireless transceiver: It can contact through satellites to anywhere in the 
    world. For transmission purpose, it depends on special burst-signal conversion 
    via computers, so decoding is not easy even if tapped. A greatest of items in 
    FOX-HOUND, where information is regarded important over anything else.
    (Used in OPERATION INTRUDE N313 and F014)
    -Wireless-only income: Lightweight flexible income equipped with a 
    high-ability microphone. It can concentrate sounds without vocal microphones, 
    using a system that directly picks sounds from vibration of ear bones.
    (Used in OPERATION INTRUDE N313 and F014)
    -Mobile object reactive radar: A reactive radar that was introduced last 
    year. It tells you anything moving in close range. Other than that, various 
    sensors can be equipped as option.
    (Used in OPERATION INTRUDE F014)
    -Parachute: With "untie inversion skirt net" applied to prevent the mishap of 
    opening to reverse direction, a special parachute which ensure low altitude 
    skydiving. It can open even from low height of 150 metes, is planned that it 
    can be sufficiently employed in low altitude assault skydiving missions like 
    HALO. Moreover, it is stealth and does not react to enemy radar.
    (Used in INTRUDE F014)
    -Electro-magnetic compass: A compass given birth from "mono-pole" theory. Acts 
    normally even in thick forest, which jams normal compasses.
    -Knife: Two, a close-situation combat knife (developed inside FOX HOUND) and a 
    survival army knives are always being carried, being selected upon need.
    -L-shaped torch
    -Water bottle
    -Glove: Its structure decreases perspiration rate, and prevents slipping due 
    to sweat. 
    (Used in OPERATION INTRUDE F014)
    -Socks, underwear and towels 
    -Camouflage mat 
    -Bugs repellent, antidote against vipers and harmful insects with electronic 
    micro suction pump 
    -Emergency medical kit 
    -Vitamin pills, Origo-all P, salt 
    -Water distiller pills 
    -Wire cutter
    -Weapons:  Automatic handgun (Beretta 92SB-F or S&W M459), Sub-Machine Gun 
    (Ingram MAC 11 or Heckler & Koch MP-5)
    (NOTE: Equipment of large firearms is dependent on missions)
    Snake was recruited into Fox-Hound in 1995. His first mission was the famous 
    Operation Intrude N313 in which he destroyed Outer Heaven end defeated the 
    current leader of Fox-Hound: Big Boss. A while after that, Colonel Roy 
    Campbell took control of Fox-Hound. At this point, Campbell built up 
    Fox-Hound's technological advancements as well as did away with the codename 
    system of Big Boss's time. Solid Snake was brought back into Fox-Hound for 
    Operation Intrude F014 (the Fall of Zanzibar). After that operation, Colonel 
    Campbell soon retired from Fox-Hound. The codename system was reimplimented 
    after he left the unit. A few years after that, Liquid Snake became leader of 
    Fox-Hound. The Shadow Moses incident marked the end of Fox-Hound after Solid 
    Snake single-handedly wiped out the unit after it seized control of the Shadow 
    Moses facility. The Fox-Hound unit was officially disbanded after that. 
    However, another soldier with the codename of 'Snake' was assigned to 
    Fox-Hound for a mission involving the Big Shell. This however was just a front 
    since the real Fox-Hound was disbanded years ago.
    Big Boss Era:
    Big Boss (Commander)
    Gray Fox
    Solid Snake
    Campbell Era:
    Colonel Roy Campbell (Commander)
    McDonell Miller (Consultant)
    George Kessler
    Solid Snake
    Charlie (Pilot)
    Post-Campbell Era:
    Dr. Clark (Head of Fox-Hound's medical staff)
    Liquid Snake Era:
    Liquid Snake (Commander)
    Revolver Ocelot
    Sniper Wolf
    Psycho Mantis
    Vulcan Raven
    Decoy Octopus
    Dr. Naomi Hunter (Head of Medical staff)
    Post Fox-Hound:
    The Colonel (Commander)
    Genome Army
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is a secret army made up of genetically enhanced soldiers. The army's 
    existence is highly classified, due to the president at the time, George 
    Sears', strong opposition to eugenics experiments. The army's members are 
    highly advanced soldiers who all have IQs of around 180 (i.e. genius, although 
    I don't believe in IQs as being accurate in the least bit. The Genome army 
    proves it =). The Genome Army's members are trained through VR Missions, many 
    have never been on a real mission. A large portion of the army is made up of 
    former soldiers of the Outer Heaven merc dispatch company. The Genome Army 
    took part in the Shadow Moses takeover along side Fox-Hound. After the 
    takeover, the army's survivors were transferred to the Peace AFB in New 
    Hampshire, where they are being held as prisoners to this day.
    Known Members:
    Johnny Sasaki
    Gurlukovitch Private Army
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A band of mercenaries formed by Colonel Sergei Gurlukovitch after the collapse 
    of the Soviet Union. They were in line to work with Liquid Snake and the 
    others during the Shadow Moses takeover. They were in line to steal the new 
    model Metal Gear from the Marines during the Tanker incident. However, the 
    unit was betrayed by Revolver Ocelot who was working with the army. Ocelot 
    killed their leader, Colonel Gurlukovitch, and a large portion of the army 
    itself was killed in the disaster. After that, the unit was taken over by 
    Sergei's daughter, Olga Gurlukovitch. The army was hired by Solidus Snake to 
    work in cooperation with Dead Cell to take over the Big Shell tanker facility 
    in order to steal the new Metal Gear being housed there. After the mission, 
    Olga was planning on disbanding the unit and letting everyone live on their 
    own. However, things did not go as planned and Olga was killed as were quite a 
    few of the army's members. It is unknown what happened to the army after 
    Arsenal crashed into Manhattan, but in any case Gurlukovitch's Private Army no 
    longer exists after the operation.
    Known Members:
    Sergei Gurlukovitch- Former Leader (deceased)
    Olga Gurlukovitch- Leader
    Les Enfants Terribles
    Appearances: None
    An extremist terrorist group, stationed in France, that the Running Man was 
    once a sub-leader of.
    Known Members:
    Running Man- Former sub-leader
    Outer Heaven Mercenary Dispatch Company
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A mercenary dispatch company formed by Big Boss in the late 80's to early 
    90's. They offered their services to the highest bidder and were highly 
    skilled. The company was disbanded following the destruction of Outer Heaven 
    and Big Boss's defeat. Many of Outer Heaven's soldier's contracts were bought 
    out by the US government and they became part of the Genome Army. Vulcan Raven 
    was among them.
    Known Known Members:
    Big Boss- Leader
    Machine Gun Kid
    Shoot Gunner
    Flame Trooper
    Coward Duck
    Vulcan Raven
    Revolver Ocelot
    Outer Heaven Resistance
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A guerilla resistance group against Outer Heaven. The resistance group was 
    formed and lead by Kyle Schneider and lasted until the destruction of Outer 
    Heaven in 1995. Jennifer and Diane were members of this group as well.
    Out-of-Earth Environmental Special Forces
    Appearances: None
    A NASA top-secret project team. They were hi-tech ninjas who had heightened 
    their flesh to the limit with drugs and encased themselves within flex armors. 
    A controversy rose regarding its existence as too dangerous, and the troop was 
    dismissed before its actual debut. Some of its members, including Black Color, 
    took asylum in Zanzibar Land
    Patriots, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The Patriots are the true power that controls the United States' government. 
    The Patriots control all government activates from behind the scenes and has 
    influence world-wide. The organization is known by very few people and their 
    existence is of the utmost secret. Political proposals, voting, funding, even 
    the appointment of the President are all controlled by the Patriots. However, 
    with the dawn of the Information Age, the Patriots are not able to keep up 
    with the blindingly fast distribution of information across the Internet. They 
    are not able to control and suppress information not in their favor at the 
    rate it spreads through the Internet. Because of this, the Patriots main 
    project, Arsenal Gear along with its GW system was started (see Arsenal Gear 
    and GW for more).
    The President at the time, James Johnson, wished to steal Arsenal Gear and use 
    it to make his way into the Patriot's ranks. He joined Solidus's cause as a 
    result of this want of power. Solidus, however, wished to challenge the 
    Patriots and wished to find the names of the Patriots with Arsenal, and 
    destroy them. Seeing Solidus's plans, the Patriots dispatched a spy within 
    Solidus's ranks. Solidus's right-hand man, Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot was sent in 
    to thwart Solidus' plan and protect the identities of the Patriots. After the 
    ordeal, Snake and Otacon use the data from the FoxDie Computer virus to find 
    the names of the Patriots. They also find...
    ...they've all been dead for about 100 years...
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An anti-Metal Gear organization official recognized by the United Nations, 
    although it is a fringe group. They are on a mission to destroy illegal rogue 
    Metal Gears throughout the world. Solid Snake and Otacon are members of this 
    organization, and Mei Ling is associated with them as well. It may only be 
    that the unit is made up of Snake and Otacon...but I'm not sure.
    Known members:
    Solid Snake
    Hal Emmerich
    Mei Ling?
    Rivermore Labs.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    An organization which worked along side ArmsTech in the development of Metal 
    Gear Ray. Rivermore Labs. supplied ArmsTech with much of Rex's weapons. They 
    also had developed a new type of nuclear weapon. One which utilized Metal 
    Gear's rail cannon and was able to fire a nuclear weapon with stealth, and 
    which circumvented many treaties since it wasn't technically a missile (there 
    is no jet propulsion.) Rivermore Labs. probably came under some heat after the 
    Shadow Moses incident was exposed.
    Misc. Info:
    Congraturations! Ehem...the actual organization is Livermore National Labs.
    Sons of Big Boss, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The term the terrorists that took over Shadow Moses called themselves. The 
    members included the leader, Liquid Snake, the Fox-Hound unit, and the Genome 
    Army. They called themselves this due to the fact that Liquid Snake 
    was...well... the son of Big Boss (as were the Genome Army in a sick sense). 
    Known Members:
    Liquid Snake- Leader
    Revolver Ocelot
    Psycho Mantis
    Sniper Wolf
    Vulcan Raven
    Decoy Octopus
    Genome Army
    Sons of Liberty, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The Sons of Liberty are what the group who took over the Big Shell called 
    themselves. The members include the leader, Solidus Snake, Dead Cell, and 
    Gurlukovitch Private Army.
    Known Members:
    Solidus Snake- Leader
    Revolver Ocelot
    Olga Gurlukavitch
    Gurlukavitch Private Army
    Thin Wall
    Appearances: None
    Thin Wall, the positive punk band. Diane was a vocalist in the group.
    Ultra Box
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    An assassination squad that specializes in close-quarters combat. Its members 
    come from such organizations as the SAS, GSG 9(Grunz Shutz Gruppe), and UDT 
    (Underwater Detonation Team). They are known to use elevators to perform sneak 
    attacks on its target. These mercenaries were stationed in Zanzibar Land and 
    ambushed Snake as he rode an elevator. The unit was completely wiped out by 
    the elite Fox-Hounder.
    Whispers, The
    Appearances: None
    A legendary guerrilla squad "Whispers" in Vietnam that Night Sight was a 
    member of. It was said to be more advanced than Green Berets about jungle 
    warfare in North Vietnam. The group was apparently completely wiped out with 
    the exception of Night Sight.
    Wisemen's Committee, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A committee which consists of the twelve highest ranked members of the 
    Patriots. While the exact members are all unknown, their influence is felt 
    thought the country and even the world. President Johnson wished to use 
    Arsenal Gear as a bargaining chip to get his way into the Wisemen's. Solidus, 
    however, wished to use Arsenal to find the names of the members of the 
    committee and to destroy them.
    VIII. W e a p o n s
    This section contains most every weapon in the series. Eventually I'll get 
    around to including ammo for each. But...
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The AK is an outstanding rifle in terms of precision and reliability. As 
    evidenced by widespread licensed manufacturing -- not to mention large 
    quantities of illegal reproductions -- the AK is in high demand around the 
    world. It is often used as reference for the design of new rifle models. 
    Designs for Israel's Galil, Finland's Valmet, and other rifles are based on 
    the basic structure of the AK. This is a smaller model of the AKS-74 that was 
    designed for use by Special Forces personnel. The stock will only extend to a 
    maximum length of 726mm. This feature makes the rifle easier to handle in 
    small spaces. The AK can be fitted with a suppressor as well. Raiden needed 
    this weapon along with the enemy uniform he received from Mr. X in order to 
    sneak into the Shell 1 Core.
    C4 Plastic Explosive
    Appearances: All
    An explosive containing inert plasticizers, it's a white, claylike material. 
    A very stable explosive with over 1.3 times the power of TNT. Immune to heat 
    or shock, C4 will only explode when triggered by a detonator. The wireless 
    detonator is equipped with both a scrambler and encryption, so there is no 
    worry about the C4 being accidentally triggered by other wavelengths such as 
    those emitted by jamming devices. Used to mostly destroy walls in Metal Gear 
    and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. In Metal Gear Solid, Ocelot uses C4 as a trap 
    to contain President Baker. He also uses it to destroy the USS Discovery 
    tanker. Fatman's bombs are also C4 model.
    Claymore Mine
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The claymore is a directional mine that can be set up on the ground. It's 
    mainly used for ambush or defense. It can also be used against light vehicles 
    and other soft-skinned targets. This mine goes off when it detects someone 
    approaching from the front. The explosion fans out shrapnel and metal balls to 
    create a fan-shaped destructive zone, like the blast of a shotgun.
    Colt Single Action Army Revolver
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the weapon of choice of Revolver Ocelot. An antique six-shooter pistol
    popular in the Wild West. It has a long reload time which makes it dangerous
    against someone with a modern gun. But Ocelot loves the reload 'cuz... well
    that was his boss gimmick.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty -beta-
    A bullpup style assault rifle. It is durable and easy to use. Very resistant 
    to overheating, it is a reliable weapon with smooth action. It can fire up to 
    1,000 rounds per minute. On full auto, you will empty a 25 round magazine in a 
    few seconds. It is also equipped with a laser sight, but it only activates 
    when ammo is low. This weapon was originally planned to be in the Tanker 
    chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, but was later removed for 
    unknown reasons (you can get it in the demo via Gameshark.)
    Flame Thrower
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A flamethrower that Solid Snake rigs by instructions from Master Miller. It is 
    made from a spray can of flammable contents as well as a Zippo lighter. Solid 
    Snake uses it to kill Big Boss.
    Gas Grenade
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A grenade used to suppress riots. Emits CN1 gas to the wind direction upon 
    explosion. The model is Neutralizing Gas ABC M25A2.
    Appearances: All
    An anti-personel weapon. It is thrown and explodes sending shrapnel at its
    targets. Not much to it.
    High Frequency Blade
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is a extremely powerful blade given to Raiden by Olga via Snake. The 
    blade Raiden has, as I'm told, is a Ninja-To blade. The sword is able to cut
    through any opponent with ease. It is also has the ability to be turned around
    and use the blunt edge for all you pacifists and Rouroni Kenshin fanboys out
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An assault rifle Raiden finds during the Big Shell mission. The M4 is an 
    assault carbine favored by the U.S. SOCOM. It's a descendant of the M1 carbine 
    used in World War II. The "4" refers to the fact that it's the fourth carbine 
    to be officially adopted by the American military. Basically, it was developed 
    for the Special Forces using the M16-A as a base. The M4 carries thirty rounds 
    of 5.56mm x 45 SS109s. Also, the carbines are short-barreled rifles originally 
    developed for cavalry use.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A converted Beretta M-92F, designed to fire tranquilizer rounds. The impact of 
    the tranq rounds cause the mixing of two chemicals in the shell. The 
    resulting gas compresses a tiny piston and injects the tranquilizer in the 
    bullet's tip into the target's skin. The tranquilizer's effects are felt at 
    different times depending on where the bullet lands. A head or heart shot will 
    take effect immediately, but a round that hits somewhere like feet or hands 
    will take a while. It is also of note that this model is fitted with a 
    silencer. Snake used this gun during the Tanker incident that lead to the 
    creation of the Big Shell.
    Nikita Missile Launcher
    Appearances: All
    A remote-controlled missile launcher. Referred to as Nikita, it's a wireless 
    guided projectile. It's a surveillance missile based on Micro Air Vehicle 
    technology. The user controls it by watching the image transmitted from the 
    CCD camera mounted on the missile. Although it's primarily designed for 
    scouting missions, it carries a small explosive charge that allows a 
    long-distance attack. It can also be remotely detonated as well.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the rifle used by Solidus Snake. It is extremely powerful and has a
    very high firing rate. I really don't know much about this, so anyone wants
    to help me out here, I would be more than thankful.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The PSG1 is an anti-terrorist automated sniper rifle. It features 
    roller-locked action which allows a full free-floating barrel. The end result 
    is an automatic rifle with precision equal to that of a bolt-action sniper 
    rifle. The rifle has a 5-round group capacity of 50 mm at a range of 
    approximately 270 meters. The PSG1 is one of the finest sniper rifles in the 
    world. This was the rifle used by Snake in Shadow Moses and was the weapon of 
    choice of Sniper Wolf. Raiden also used this in the Big Shell mission.
    PSG-1 T
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The PSG1-T that you have there is a PSG1 with a modified barrel for firing 
    tranquilizer rounds. It handles like a PSG1. It features roller-locked action 
    which allows a full free-floating barrel. The end result is an automatic 
    rifle with precision equal to that of a bolt-action sniper rifle. The rifle 
    has a 5-round group capacity of 50 mm at a range of approximately 270 meters. 
    It was used by Raiden in the Big Shell.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The RGB6 is the model grenade launcher used by Raiden in the Big Shell. It is 
    a Croatian manufactured 40mm, 6-round grenade launcher. The RGB6 has a 
    spring-driven revolver-type cylinder for handling six grenades. It delivers 
    grenades with greater accuracy than throwing, and it's effective for taking 
    out enemies with body armor -- not to mention those hiding behind objects. 
    Since a launched grenade travels on a parabolic trajectory, hitting a target 
    depends on your angle of fire and ability of the user.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Sometimes referred to as the "Terrorists' C4", this is a variation of C4
    Plastic Explosive favored by Terrorists. Revolver Ocelot uses it to sink the
    Tanker and steal Metal Gear Ray. It is also used as a trap for Raiden on the
    Shell 1 - Shell 2 connecting bridge.
    Socom Pistol
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    It's a 45-caliber Offensive Handgun designed for the American Special Ops 
    Command. With twelve rounds of 45ACP's, it has outstanding stopping power. The 
    SOCOM has a minimum service life averaging over 6,000 rounds, and has a 
    five-round group capacity that extends within a 1.4-inch radius. It also comes 
    equipped with a laser aiming module. The suppressor uses multiple partitions 
    to reduce gas discharge and keep sound and muzzle fire to a minimum. By 
    keeping the internal baffles moist, sound can be reduced by approximately 
    thirty-eight decibels. That suppressor can be screwed and secured to 10 
    different positions. This function allows you to adjust the gun's impact 
    point. This was used by Snake and Raiden during their missions.
    Stinger Missile Launcher
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A portable surface-to-air missile launcher. They are equipped with a thermal 
    homing device, so once they locked on they will automatically pursue the 
    target. However, the Stinger you have hasn't been updated to deal with 
    countermeasures. The missile's seeker might be thrown off course by flares. 
    Don't forget that. Stingers are very potent, short-range, low-altitude SAMs. 
    In Afghanistan, the Mujahaddin shot down hundreds of Soviet aircraft with 
    them, forcing them it change their tactics.
    Stun Grenade
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    It's a non-lethal weapon often used in hostage situations. It is designed to 
    daze enemies with a blinding flash of light and an ear-splitting bang. Because 
    of this it is often called a flash-bang grenade. When it goes off, it emits a 
    flash equivalent to 2.5 million candles and an explosive sound of over 160 
    decibels. In simpler terms, that's over 120 times the brightness of a police 
    flashlight and the sound of a jet during take-off. There is also a lot of 
    heat. But that's only at the millisecond level. The sound emission is also at 
    the millisecond level so there's no permanent damage to the victim's hearing.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A handgun that Olga Gurlukovitch and later Solid Snake used during the Tanker 
    incident. The USP comes in a variety of calibers, from a 9mm to a .45. This 
    was a 9mm, with 15 rounds per magazine. It's also equipped with a flashlight 
    for nighttime shooting.
    IX. E q u i p m e n t
    This section contains every non-offensive piece of equipment, no matter how
    overlooked or forgettable.
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A special antenna that can be fitted on Snake's transceiver in order to use it 
    in areas with radio jamming.
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    An antidote to poisonous scorpion bites.
    Anti-Personnel Sensor
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An anti-personnel sensor that can detect the heartbeats of guards in the area. 
    The drawback of this device is that it disables all other vibrations.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An enemy field uniform that Raiden disguises himself in to infiltrate Shell 1 
    core. Raiden needed a AK74-u to complete the disguise. It becomes useless 
    after Ocelot’s men unmask him.
    B1 Ration
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A ration containing ham, pork, beef, and eggs pastes, tuna fish, a chocolate 
    bar, and some crackers
    B2 Ration
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A ration containing tomato-boiled peas mixed with meatballs, potato-boiled 
    peas mixed with German sausages, sauce-boiled beef, and potato-boiled beef.
    B3 Ration
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A ration containing chicken, turkey, sauce-boiled ham, spaghetti with beef, 
    blocks of cheese and turkey, as well as coffee.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A gel bandage designed to quickly stop bleeding. The bandage is a type of 
    alginate dressing. It's a highly absorbent pad that gels blood and other 
    fluids on contact. It releases calcium ions during absorption, hence the 
    coagulating effect.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    After Meryl and Snake escaped from the Nuclear Disposal compound on Shadow 
    Moses, Meryl found a bandana on the snowmobile they found on their escape. She 
    game it to Snake for them to remember the incident by. The bandana gives Snake 
    infinite ammo...somehow (and yes, it ACTUALLY gives him infinite ammo 
    story wise 0_o) In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Snake could receive a 
    infinite ammo bandana by collecting dogtags. This bandana was insanely long, 
    nearly to Snake's feet.
    Appearances: All
    A pair of digital high-end military model binoculars with auto-focus and zoom 
    features. In Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, the model is Nikos F500.
    Body Armor
    Appearances: All
    Body armor interwoven with a special fiber made from high-performance polymer 
    materials. The special fiber tangles around a bullet to cushion and spread out 
    the impact to keep damage at a minimum. The model in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake 
    is the S.P.S.- Silent Partner Special.
    Bomb Blast Suit
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A heavily protective suit worn by bomb disposal personnel. It has maximum 
    protection while still giving the user much mobility. Snake needed the weight 
    of the bombsuit to cross the wind traps on the rooftops of Outer Heaven. In 
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Fatman wears a similar Bomb Blast Suit, 
    which makes him impenetrable to Raiden's bullets.
    Brooch of Natasha
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A brooch that Natasha gives to Snake before she dies. It has the sent of 
    Natasha's perfume. Its shape is that of Zanzibar Land's symbol. The brooch is 
    actual the key to the locker where Kio Marv's OILIX data is stored in a MSX 
    Camouflage Mat
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A mat that can be laid on any surface and will transform into the color of 
    the terrain. Useful to avoid aerial observation.
    Cardboard Box
    Appearances: All
    The trademark odd item of the Metal Gear series. A cardboard box usually 
    consists of a thin pasteboard with a corrugated paper center. They are usually 
    made of recycled paper. It was first invented in Europe over a hundred years 
    ago. It was originally used to absorb one's sweat when wearing hats. With the 
    same amount of wood to make one wooden box, you can make six or seven 
    cardboard boxes. And since it's recyclable, it's highly economical. In 
    addition, It is strong and easy to store. That's why it's widely used for 
    packing. But to avoid damaging weapons and other delicate instruments when 
    shipping them, they should be packed in stronger boxes, like wood or 
    something. Also, the crevices should be filled with Styrofoam to prevent them 
    from moving around. ...So anyway, what's with the box? =) Snake seems to have 
    a deep respect for the cardboard box...
    Chaff Grenade
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    An electronic warfare weapon designed to disrupt electronic equipment and jam 
    transmissions. Detonated with a small charge, the grenade releases chaff and 
    a miniature active jammer. The grenade renders electronic equipment useless 
    for a brief period of time.
    Appearances: All
    If you don't know what cigarettes are, I'll hit you. Cigarettes contain 
    benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer. When benzopyrene enters the 
    body, it changes to benzopyrene diolepoxide (BPDE) and attaches to the 
    receptors on the P53 gene, the gene which causes lung cancer. The BPDE 
    attaches to the P53 gene in three specific locations and causes pre-cancerous 
    changes to the lung tissue (Naomi's explanation.) Solid Snake, Natasha 
    Romanenko, and Raiden have all been avid smokers. In Metal Gear 2: Solid 
    Snake, Snake smokes Lucky Striker brand cigarettes. In Metal Gear Solid 2: 
    Sons of Liberty, Snake uses a smokeless brand of cigs.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A type of transmitter developed by Mei Ling. The Codec is placed in ear of an 
    individual and only can be heard by the one wearing it. Although I'm not 
    certain, it seems that the Codec might also be a sort of digital telepathy, 
    seeing as it apparently allows people to communicate without making noise. 
    This is done quite a few times but never fully explained.
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    A standard compass. Snake uses it to get through the desert in Outer Heaven.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A type of coolant spray used to disable Fatman's C4 bombs. Peter Stillman gave 
    one of these to Raiden and Pliskin in order to diffuse Fatman's bombs. When 
    the coolant is exposed to the open air, it changes into a gel and adheres to 
    the C4 and stays at a low temperature. It can also be used to put out fires 
    and spray away pesky bugs.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty -demo-
    A benzodiazepam based anti-anxiety drug. It has a strong effect on the central 
    nervous system and it's often used as a psychotropic drug. It is also 
    effective as a muscle relaxive. It is widely used to treat psychosomatic 
    disorders such as autonomic ataxia or as pre-anesthetics to relax patients 
    before an operation. An adult should take no more than one to four doses per 
    day, with each dose being .25 to .5 milligrams each. If too much is taken, it 
    can become addictive like alcohol or several other drugs. Sniper Wolf is 
    addicted to the pills, constantly swallowing them even when not sniping. Snake 
    used these pills to help him sniper during Shadow Moses. They were in the 
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo, but were replaced by Pentazemin. 
    Probably some people protested or something *shrug*
    Digital Camera
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A high quality digital camera. When a picture is taken, the screen data is 
    first stored in the camera's internal memory. Then it's automatically 
    processed through various algorithms to protect against tampering. Each 
    picture is electronically stamped and distinctively encrypted. So, in the off 
    chance that someone alters the data during transmission, the sender would know 
    immediately. The camera's memory is limited to either six shots (Tanker 
    mission) or as much space on your 'disc'. This was a special item in Metal 
    Gear Solid, it could be used to take pictures of Shadow Moses' many 'ghosts'. 
    In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Snake uses this camera to take photos 
    of the prototype Metal Gear.
    Directional Microphone
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A highly sensitive piece of equipment that picks up the slightest sound. It's 
    a high-precision mike that's been designed to pick up sounds in front of it. 
    The microphone comes equipped with a miniature amplifier that will pick up a 
    heartbeat if it's pointed properly at a living target's heart.
    Gas Mask
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    A double eye-piece model gas mask. Be careful. Unlike the transparent shield 
    type, it will restrict the user's field of vision. It is equipped with a voice 
    emitter, so there is no worry about not being heard. The outside is made of 
    reinforced plastic and the inside are made from an acetate weave. The eye 
    pieces are specially treated so they won't fog up. Commonly used in riot 
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A standard, camouflage colored hang-glider. Snake uses this to cross a large 
    valley in Zanzibar Land after Gray Fox destroys the bridge.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    A ordinary handkerchief that belonged to Sniper Wolf. It had faint scent of 
    Wolf on it. She gave it to Otacon while he was in captivity. Later, Otacon 
    gives it to Snake while he is confined during his torture. Snake later returns 
    the handkerchief back to its owner after he kills Sniper Wolf.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    A standard bottle of ketchup that Otacon gave to Snake while he was captured. 
    It's exactly the right color and consistency to look like blood. Snake could 
    use it to escape from the guard assigned to him.
    Appearances: All
    PAN (Personal Area Network) keycards used in most high security areas. They 
    works together with the user's body's own electrical field. It transmits data 
    using the salts the body as the transmission medium. As the user approach the 
    door's security devices, they'll read the data stored in the card and 
    automatically open.
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A Zippo lighter that Snake used along with a aerosol can in order to rig 
    a flamethrower. It was used to kill Big Boss.
    Mine Detector
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The model in Metal Gear Solid is a standard metal detector variety of mine 
    detector. In Metal Gear Solid 2, it is a new model mine detector. It isn't a 
    metal detector. It's based more on the various systems used in chemical 
    detectors. In short, it doesn't respond to a mine's metallic casing. It 
    actually detects the elements used in explosives. That's why you can 
    accurately detect the location of mines despite the fact that you're in a 
    metal-based structure. It works along with the Soliton Radar.
    MSX Cartridge
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    This is a MSX Cartridge that housed Dr. Kio Marv's OILIX formula. Being a huge 
    video game fan and designer, he stored his final work on the disk along with 
    his signature.
    Night Vision Goggles
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A high quality pair of night vision goggles. The goggles are equipped with an 
    image intensifier that amplifies even the lowest levels of light to produce 
    clear images. Night vision devices were introduced in the 1940s. Since then, 
    they've undergone several modifications to improve both sensitivity and 
    resolution. Incidentally, this set is a fourth-generation model.
    Optic Disc
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is a Optical Disc that Snake received from Kenneth Baker before he died. 
    It contains all of Metal Gear's test data. Baker was to personally give it to 
    Jim Houseman, but died before he had the chance. Revolver Ocelot took the disc 
    from Snake when he was captured and later sold its data on the black market 
    making him rich enough to buy a small country.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Pentazemin is a benzodiazepinate anti-depressant used in the treatment of 
    disorders such as depression and autonomic imbalance. In addition to its 
    calming effect, it also relaxes muscular tension and combats convulsions. The 
    result is a steady set of hands. This is useful for soldiers who are snipering 
    in order to prevent muscle spasms.
    Sensor A
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Aside from C4, explosives continually release their own specific particles. 
    Based on ion mobility spectrometry technology, Sensor A is capable of 
    detecting particle clusters. The detected C4 appears on radar as a cloud-like 
    shape. The cloud indicates the rough location of the explosive. This version 
    was specifically made to locate the scent of Fatman's cologne.
    Sensor B
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This sensor was designed to pick out the "odorless" C4 set up by Fatman. 
    Unlike Sensor A, which detects explosive particles, this unit detects the 
    explosive inside an object sealed by neutron emission. The sensor should be 
    able to detect C4, despite the fact that it's been securely sealed to prevent 
    "odor" or more specifically the diffusion of explosive particles. When 
    neutrons pass through an object, the hydrogen material it contains interacts 
    to produce a rear diffusion. By measuring this rear diffusion with the 
    detector, the resulting value is analyzed to determine the existence of an 
    Soliton Radar
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A new technology developed by Mei Ling. The Soliton Radar is the radar used in 
    Shadow Moses as well as the Tanker and Big Shell missions. It uses the body's 
    biological magnetic fields as input. These estimated enemy positions are 
    projected onto a map according to reference points collected via GPS signals 
    and field personnel reports. Although it is not effected by weather, areas 
    with strong harmonic resonance will jam it, as will be discovered by the 
    enemy. During the Big Shell mission, Raiden had to log onto "nodes" to 
    activate the radar.
    Spray Can
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A can of highly inflammable lacquer spray with LP gas included. Snake used 
    this along with a Zippo lighter to make a flamethrower which he used to kill 
    Big Boss. The brand was "Mrs. Spray" (o_0).
    Stealth Camouflage
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Stealth camouflage, a new technology developed by Hal Emmerich. Stealth 
    camouflage works by bending the light around the user in such a way that 
    they're rendered nearly invisible. It is not as effective in better lit 
    areas as a outlining of the user can easily be seen. In the Shadow Moses 
    takeover; Otacon, Gray Fox, Psycho Mantis, and four enemy troopers all used 
    this technology. After Shadow Moses, Snake used the camouflage to sneak aboard 
    the USS Discovery, but it broke upon impact on the ship.
    Thermal Goggles
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A top of the line model of Thermal Goggles. These goggles provide night vision 
    by creating images from heat distribution. The goggles have a resolution of 
    over 400,000 pixels. This performance is largely attributed to the use of a 
    two-dimensional solid projection system with outstanding electric charge 
    transfer capability. Useful for seeing mines, weak walls and hiding guards.
    It is of note that in MGS2 Substance, the Thermal Goggles have gone from
    infared to body heat display goggles. I like the latter better, it looks
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The standard communication device in Fox-Hound during its earlier days. It can 
    contact through satellites to anywhere in the world. For transmission purpose, 
    it depends on special burst-signal conversion via computers, so decoding is 
    not easy even if tapped. The frequencies range from 140.00 to 140.99. It was 
    later replaced by the Codec.
    X. V e h i c l e s
    Arsenal Gear
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Created to be the core of the country, Arsenal is an impregnable fortress 
    carrying a payload of over a couple of thousand missiles including nuclear 
    warheads. It is protected by several (25 or so) Metal Gear RAYs. It has full 
    access to the Military's Tactical Network, giving it the ability to exercise 
    absolute control over the nation's armed forces and nuclear armament. 
    Arsenal's main purpose is the filter out information that the Patriots do not 
    see in their best interest. In short it is created to be a form of global 
    censorship controlled by the Patriots. Its main control center is the "GW" 
    (see GW for more info). The entire tanker incident as well as the construction 
    of the Big Shell was just a front for the construction of Arsenal. Solidus's 
    main goal was to seize control of Arsenal and find out the names of the 
    Patriots from it. After the fortress was infected by the FoxDie computer 
    virus, it crashed straight into the middle of Manhattan. It is unknown what 
    became of it after that.
    Misc. Info
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Umm...a standard bulldozer. Outer Heaven soldiers tried to run Snake down with 
    this but were quickly destroyed.
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The Zanzibar Land Main Battle Tank. It was originally designed to be a boss in
    the game, but was cut for unknown reasons. It is still visible in storage 
    during the course of the game.
    A main force tank which holds heavy tank legions in the Zanzibar Land tactical
    force army; 50 are ready at any time. 
    An MBT developed for the U.S. Army through collaboration of Chrysler, 
    General Water, and Omni Corporation in the early '90s. Form architecture 
    planning took the best concepts from Abrams, T-72, T80, Leopard2, Type 99 of 
    Japan Defense Force and others. 
    Goliath is, asits name implies, a "huge" heavily-armed tank, but is equipped 
    with a 2000hp engine and maintains high maneuverability even at its top speed 
    of 75km/h. 
    Main gun can fire 30 rounds per minute through an "Auto-reload and Supply 
    System". It can utilize thermal images, so you can adjust the bend of the 
    barrel to correct artillery. But, even by today's standards, with digital 
    computers, passive nocturnal sight options and other high-tech 
    implementations, it's the tank of the future.
    Crew: 4 
    Overall Length: 8.050 m 
    Overall Height: 2.980 m 
    Overall Width: 3.960 m 
    135mm smooth bore tank gun as main armament 
    2000hp gas-turbine engine - SAT2000 Gas Turbine (a product of Omni Co.) 
    Max. Speed: 75 km/h 
    Fully-loaded Weight: 54.5 tons 
    Armor: Ceramic hybrid armor, layers of anti-shell nets and a Chobham plate 
    Stores 100 135mm gunshells 
    Equipped with an artillery control mechanism, YG radar distance-locater, 
    thermal & air-pressure and wind direction sensors, and a high-digital 
    With a muzzle brake which neutralizes backfire from gunshots.
    Harrier 2
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The Harrier 2, a formitable fighter plane piloted by Solidus Snake during the
    Big Shell incident. Solidus used the Harrier 2 to shoot down the two SEAL
    choppers after they dropped of their passengers. It was later used to battle
    Raiden and Snake as Raiden crossed the bridge between Shell 1 and Shell 2.
    The Harrier 2 was destroyed in the battle against Raiden and Solidus lost one
    of his eyes in the crash.
    -Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM Missiles)
    -Air-to-Surface Missiles
    -Cluster Bombs
    -25mm Guns
    Hind D
    Appearances: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and Metal Gear Solid
    A Mir Mi-24 HIND-D ZL Russian Gunship. This vehicle was used in Outer Heaven 
    as well as was the main helicopter of Zanzibar Land. Colonel Gurlukovitch gave 
    a Hind D to Liquid Snake as down payment for the Metal Gear prototype which 
    they were in line to steal. Liquid Snake is an expert pilot with the Hind, 
    being able to fly it and shoot down two F-16s.
    An Overview of the Hind D:
    Along with similar Mir Mi families like "Hip", "Haze" and "Hound", most 
    strongest gunships are HIND series, including this Mir Mi-24. HIND D is a most 
    important helicopter in Warsaw Treaty armies, and in contrast, is most feared 
    by Western land forces. 
    Speaking of the origin, HIND-D is an upgraded HIND-A with reinforced arms and 
    four-barrels electric Gatling gun equipped on its nose, to have it both 
    applicable for anti-surface and air-to-air attacks. This HIND-D ZL is modified 
    from Russian original in Zanzibar Land, trying to achieve increase of ability 
    and firepower. 
    Upon modification, opinions of seasoned veterans were applied, and adjustments 
    were made by many weapon strategists and scientists. For example, even the 
    "manipulated attack against the rotor from surface" which was most fatal 
    to the gunships was taken care of, and it cannot be shot down with small 
    About the equipment, 57 mm rocket pod, At-2 Swatter anti-tank missiles are 
    needless to say, and even "AT-6 Spiral" anti-tank missiles, "Stinger" anti-air 
    missiles or "Sagar" anti-tank missiles are able to be equipped. (Stinger which 
    player can use during the game was initially there to be equipped with this 
    HIND). 132 rounds of rocket are supplied all the time, and can be switched 
    between anti-air and anti-surface depending on the occasions.
    Crew: 8 
    Output: 2200 horsepower, two TV3-118 turbo-shaft engine with upgraded 
    Maximum Speed: 340 km/h at altitude of 1200 meters (no external equipment) 
    290 km/h with external equipment 
    Practical Levitation Limit: 4500 m 
    Strategic Action Radius: 24 km 
    Whole Cargo Load: 1200 kg 
    Main Rotor Diameter: 17.00 m 
    Overall Length: 17.00 m 
    Overall Height: 4.25 m 
    Main Rotor Rotation Path Coverage: 227.0 square meters 
    Periscope sensor is attached to its mast sight, making "periscope attack" 
    hidden under dense forest possible. 
    For amphibian operations, boat-shaped hulls on both side of the cockpit and 
    float to hold the tail are able to be equipped. 
    Exterior is of titanium armor.
    M1 Tank
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is the model tank that Vulcan Raven ambushed Snake with during his 
    mission. It has a crew of about 3-5 people. The M1 tank is equipped with 
    advanced vetronics. Once it locks on to a target, its main gun automatically 
    tracks it. The main gun has a range of around 3000 meters or so. However, the 
    system is vulnerable to chaff grenades so it isn't perfect. The M1 tank's 
    maximum speed is 45 mph. It is also equipped with a powerful chain gun on the 
    top which one soldier can operate.
    Metal Gear
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The original walking battle tank created by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar under the 
    orders of Big Boss while he was taken hostage. The fearsome vehicle is the 
    center of most of the story of the Metal Gear series. The original model in 
    Outer Heaven was not yet fully operational and was easily destroyed by Snake 
    before it could be activated.
    The Tactical Role of Metal Gear:
    Firstly, a Metal Gear is a nuclear-mountable walking tank, in other words a 
    walking tank that can fire nuclear, and the main purpose of the series is to 
    launch various missiles with nuclear warheads to all around the world from any 
    locations, depending on various situations.
    Appearance of this system, to the West which relied on SNW "trinity" like 
    ICBM, SLBM, BS, B-B, and to the East which relied on ICBMs, posed as a real 
    Until then, launching ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), which is 
    known as a tactical method with range over 5500 kilometers, was possible only 
    from various nuclear sites. This fact left some warfare questions unsolved. 
    Needless to say, vigilance from both East and West are 24 hours over these 
    sites, and at the same time target of enemy attacks. Even a slight move will 
    be detected, and provide a chance for counterattack. This is a effect that 
    might be referred as "security power" which is natural to nuclear, anyway...
    On the other hand, SLBM (Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile) can be, as its 
    name indicates, fired from any sea area as long as it is underwater, but 
    cannot be launched from the land. Even less from mountains and desert area, a 
    ridiculous dream. And about dropping from long-range bombers, the success rate 
    to reach the drop point is low, and unlike submarines which can act completely 
    independently, there are problems like refueling and several others.
    Metal Gear series have solved all these matters, and furthermore, not only 
    that they can fire middle-range nuclear like LINF with ranges shorter than 
    5500 kilometers and SINF (550 to 1000), but even short-range nuclear with 
    range below 500 kilometers. By simply changing every kind of nuclear modules, 
    they can fire any missiles. And they are mobile by their own, and adding to 
    that, they can fire from where tanks even tanks cannot enter. They can fire 
    from all the area, all the points which were not included in world nuclear 
    warfare map. 
    At the same time not only as a role of mobile nuclear launcher, they are 
    equipped with weapons (Vulcan guns, machine guns and missiles) which support 
    their own launching of nuclear, so can act independently in regional 
    This is why East, West, and all the world fear existence of these war 
    machines. The appearance of Metal Gear is a dangerous occasion, which might 
    collapse world military balance and nuclear security balance. 
    Metal Gear D
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The Metal Gear D was the second incarnation of the fearsome Metal Gear. It was 
    also created by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar. However, this time Dr. Pettrovich 
    voluntarily aided in making the Metal Gear. This version is a huge upgrade to 
    the first Metal Gear and is fully operational. It is piloted by Gray Fox while 
    Snake is on his mission in Zanzibar. It is later destroyed by Snake in the 
    100th floor basement of Zanzibar when Snake and Gray Fox due battle.
    -Overall Height: 8.5 m (including sensors and a nuclear module) 
    -Overall Length: 7.9 m 
    -Overall Width: 5.76 m 
    -Crew: 1 
    -Standard Weight: 61.05 t (standard equipped) 
    -Maximum Speed: 45 km/h 
    -Armor: Chobham plate + special heat-resistant ceramic 
    -Power Generator Output: 6,500 kw 
    -Valid Sensor Radius: 12,500 m
    Class 1 Weaponry- Standard Equipment: 
    -60 mm Vulcan Gun: Multiple-barrel type with 3 barrels 
    -5.56 mm Machine Gun: Shell type - Duplex, AP and flex-jet 
    -Missile Pod with 6 Loads: Warhead types: 
     - Radar homing 
     - Environmental Searching 
     - IR (infrared-ray) tailing 
     - X-ray line-scanning 
    -Smoke Discharger x2 
    Class 2 Weaponry- Optional Equipment, equipped optionally depending on 
    attacking areas and mission purposes:
    -Double Launcher Pod 
    -Surface-to-air Missile 
    -75 mm cannon gun 
    -Class 3 Weaponry 
    -Nuclear, Short- to middle-ranged nuclear missiles are equipped (up to 6 
    Usually, long-range transportation of Metal Gears (excluding Metal Gear G) is 
    done through air by "Gigant", a Sikorsky-type cargo helicopter. 
    Not exaggeration , a Metal Gear D, unlike sky trooper's tanks, has the size of 
    6 meters (even compacted) and 60 tons of weight, so it cannot not be loaded in 
    existing large cargo planes like C130, and a large cargo helicopter customized 
    to carry Metal Gear is necessary. 
    To carry a Metal Gear on air, it should endure at least 60 tons of weight. For 
    this purpose, Gigant, with 5 turbo-shaft engines was developed. While 
    carrying, a form which a Metal Gear is being hung by wires to a helicopter is 
    taken. On any type of Metal Gears, hooks for air transportation are attached. 
    Metal Gear is most vulnerable under this status, so during such trips a few 
    guard gunships should always escort. The transportation plan is thought as the 
    first key point for every strategists. 
    Transportation is done in nighttime up to 20 to 30 kilometer far from the 
    destination, and a Metal Gear travels by its own then 
    (maximum speed: 45 km/h). 
    The Tactical Role of Metal Gear:
    Firstly, a Metal Gear is a nuclear-mountable walking tank, in other words a 
    walking tank that can fire nuclear, and the main purpose of the series is to 
    launch various missiles with nuclear warheads to all around the world from any 
    locations, depending on various situations.
    Appearance of this system, to the West which relied on SNW "trinity" like 
    ICBM, SLBM, BS, B-B, and to the East which relied on ICBMs, posed as a real 
    Until then, launching ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), which is 
    known as a tactical method with range over 5500 kilometers, was possible only 
    from various nuclear sites. This fact left some warfare questions unsolved. 
    Needless to say, vigilance from both East and West are 24 hours over these 
    sites, and at the same time target of enemy attacks. Even a slight move will 
    be detected, and provide a chance for counterattack. This is a effect that 
    might be referred as "security power" which is natural to nuclear, anyway...
    On the other hand, SLBM (Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile) can be, as its 
    name indicates, fired from any sea area as long as it is underwater, but 
    cannot be launched from the land. Even less from mountains and desert area, a 
    ridiculous dream. And about dropping from long-range bombers, the success rate 
    to reach the drop point is low, and unlike submarines which can act completely 
    independently, there are problems like refueling and several others.
    Metal Gear series have solved all these matters, and furthermore, not only 
    that they can fire middle-range nuclear like LINF with ranges shorter than 
    5500 kilometers and SINF (550 to 1000), but even short-range nuclear with 
    range below 500 kilometers. By simply changing every kind of nuclear modules, 
    they can fire any missiles. And they are mobile by their own, and adding to 
    that, they can fire from where tanks even tanks cannot enter. They can fire 
    from all the area, all the points which were not included in world nuclear 
    warfare map. 
    At the same time not only as a role of mobile nuclear launcher, they are 
    equipped with weapons (Vulcan guns, machine guns and missiles) which support 
    their own launching of nuclear, so can act independently in regional 
    This is why East, West, and all the world fear existence of these war 
    machines. The appearance of Metal Gear is a dangerous occasion, which might 
    collapse world military balance and nuclear security balance. 
    Metal Gear G
    Appearances: None (planned for MG2:SS)
    The Mass-Produce Metal Gear Gustav. This was originally a enemy planned for
    the 1st floor of the Zanzibar Building.
    A mass-produce metal gear developed as a heavy walking tank for local combat. 
    Nuclear modules are removed, and it is emphasized in lightweight and mobility. 
    Sensors are improved to assist in infantry fighting in local areas (where 
    tanks cannot enter). 
    One is available for each infantry troop, and its main service is to serve as 
    a sensor for the troops, supply, and cover soldiers. Usually, those who ride 
    in the Gustav are communication officers, information processing personnel and
    commanders, those who are considered "2nd class" in the military force. 
    It is opposite to Metal Gear D, which is covered with weapons from head to 
    toe. This mini-Metal Gear is called a "walking control tower", because it 
    processes all the information and battle status it receives, then transmits 
    the analysis to all soldiers in the troop in real-time. And, it enables all 
    soldiers to scope out a single target through its sensors! 
    Among soldiers it is called "OSTRICH", inspired by its form. 
    While it is just an assistant war machine, equipped weapons rival the power of 
    MTB armored vehicles. You can mount optional weapons on its option latch, 
    depending on the situation. Equipped wisely, it is now possible to use as an 
    economic alternative to main force war machines, such as tanks. 
    Crew: 1 
    Overall length: 3.85m 
    Overall height: 3.10m 
    Overall width: 2.07m 
    Weight: 18t 
    Max. speed: 50km/h 
    Armor: Chobham Plate and Tangsten Armor 
    Equipment: 12.5 mm Vulcan gun, 20 mm machine gun
    Why this unit was scrapped? I suppose it would make the Metal Gear seem less
    formitable if they were mass produced and used by common soldiers. It would
    loose its "Ultimate Weapon" feel it has. Well, the Vs. 20 Metal Gear Ray
    fight in MGS2 really cheapens Metal Gear as a badass war machine.
    Metal Gear Ray
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A new Metal Gear prototype developed by the Marine Corps in a project headed 
    by Scott Dolph. It was designed as a countermeasure to deal with the 
    black-market Metal Gear variants around the world. The RAY unit was stolen by 
    Revolver Ocelot with help from Gurlukovitch Private Army in the incident that 
    led to the creation of the Big Shell. After that it was redesigned to be 
    guards for the Patriot's Arsenal Gear. There are two versions of Metal Gear 
    Ray. The prototype that Ocelot stole which is manned by a single pilot, and 
    the mass-produced Metal Gear Rays which are controlled by AI to defend Arsenal 
    Gear. There are around 25 of the mass-produced Ray units in storage on Arsenal 
    Gear. Raiden fights and defeats the majority of the units, but it would 
    probably be a different story if they were not being controlled by AI (if 
    people with the skill of say Liquid Snake were piloting them, Raiden would 
    probably be toast).
    -70mm Vulcan cannons equipped on both 'knees' of the vehicle
    -Surface to air missiles. This includes HEAT missiles which the Metal Gear Rex 
    variants' armor is vulnerable to.
    -A jet of super-pressurized water that is shot from its mouth. Fundamentally, 
    it's a hydro-cutter, but the power is on a completely different scale. It is 
    able to cut through even the strongest of metal with ease.
    -Anti-personnel cluster missiles.
    Some Technical Information:
    The engine system of Metal Gear RAY is outfitted with artificial muscle 
    tissue. The artificial muscle consists of actuators that resemble human muscle 
    tissue. It's made of a macromolecular fiber that conducts electricity. This 
    system is different from ordinary engines based on mechanical activators and 
    oil pressure. It's capable of many different kinds of movement using a single 
    kind of engine. In other words, it's capable of performing a complex series of 
    motions smoothly and effortlessly. RAY's movements are both quick and precise. 
    RAY's armor is made of a state-of-the-art ceramic-titanium alloy. A network of 
    simple sensor arrays stretches around the body, including conductive nanotubes 
    that connect the surface and the interior of the armor. When the condition of 
    the armor changes, self-diagnostic systems located throughout the armor detect 
    and respond to this change, like a network of autonomic reflex nerves. This 
    acts as a damage control response system, performing functions such as 
    shutting down a damaged section or rerouting signals through auxiliary 
    circuits. At the same time, any holes and tears in the armor are repaired to 
    some degree by a kind of "nanopaste" that's secreted automatically from valves 
    near the damaged area. This nanopaste almost makes RAY seem like it's 
    Metal Gear Rex
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is a Metal Gear prototype that was designed by ArmsTech in cooperation 
    with DARPA. It was constructed and housed at a dummy nuclear disposal facility 
    located on Shadow Moses Island. It was designed by the ArmsTech engineer, Hal 
    Emmerich. The final training exercise of Metal Gear took place on the day that 
    Shadow Moses was taken over by Fox-Hound along with the Genome Army. They 
    planned to activate Metal Gear and use it to launch a nuclear strike if their 
    demands were not met. They then planned on selling the unit to the head of the 
    Russian GRU, Colonel Sergei Gurlukovitch. The initial prototype was destroyed 
    by Solid Snake, but the unit's test data was recovered and sold on the black 
    market by Revolver Ocelot. After that, every country and dotcom could have 
    it's own Metal Gear variant.
    -A free-range electron laser: The laser is mounted on its 'belly'. It's a 
    laser weapon that discharges a laser beam into an electron beam that's been 
    accelerated using giant magnets. It can generate an incredible amount of 
    energy, up to 100 megawatts. That's ten times greater than any other laser 
    out there at the moment.
    -Anti-tank HEAT missiles: The missile launchers are located on both of its 
    knees. They're a laser semi-active homing type that doesn't use wires. The 
    shooter uses a laser illuminator to bounce a laser beam off the target. After 
    that, the missile uses the light reflected off the target to home in on it.
    -Twin 70mm Vulcan Cannons
    -A Rail Cannon: The rail cannon uses magnetism to fire projectiles. By 
    perfecting the process of shell acceleration, the rail gun is able to fire a 
    projectile with a muzzle velocity of over 100 kilometers per second. It was 
    originally going to be used, as part of SDI, to shoot down enemy ICBMs outside 
    the atmosphere. However, it was remodeled to fire nuclear warheads. There 
    however, is still major problems with the cannon's accuracy that haven't been 
    worked out yet.
    Rex's operation and defenses:
    Rex's armor is impregnable. It uses the latest advances in compound armor. The 
    only way you can pierce it is with a high performance HEAT (high explosive, 
    anti-tank) round.  Rex's pilot seat operates exactly like a VR system. It has 
    multiple sensors connected to a high tech interface used for the controls. 
    It's completely self-enclosed and shut off from the outside environment. The 
    round shield like device on Rex's 'arm' is called a Radome. This device 
    controls Metal Gear's sensors. In the situation that the Radome is destroyed, 
    Metal Gear's cockpit will open, leaving it vulnerable to attack. While the 
    armor is nearly impregnable, the interior is a different story. When the pilot 
    seat is exposed, a single stray missile can destroy the unit if it impacts on 
    the interior. This is a "character flaw" that was developed by its designer, 
    Hal Emmerich.
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The Sikorsky- HH-64 D Dragoon. This is the model of chopper which picks up 
    Snake and Holly at the end of the Uprising of Zanzibar. In MG2:SS, it is 
    piloted by a pilot named Charlie.
    A NATO helicopter for carrying heavy cargo only. This Dragoon is an upgraded 
    version of Sikorsky Stallion series used by U.S Marines, planned for the 
    purpose of carrying goods, transferring troops, rescuing combatants and so on. 
    Above others, the Dragoon which is on duty for the [OPERATION INTRUDE] was 
    modified for the purpose of transferring and rescuing VIPs under special 
    While it is different from gunships and with design customized for cargo, 3 
    turbo shaft engines are installed and has overwhelming firepower of three .62 
    mm machine mini-guns equipped on either sides and rear. 
    The potential of these mini-guns which can fire up to 4000 rounds per minutes 
    can be understood once you have seen the ending of the game. As crews, special 
    force members wearing parachutes, called PJ ride in and cover the rescued. 
    Overall Length: 20.50 m 
    Overall Height: 7.95 m 
    Diameter of Main Rotor: 25 m 
    Diameter of Tail Rotor: 5.08 m 
    Output: 4400 horsepower 
    3 T98-ME-V8 turbo shaft engines 
    Weight: 15,400 kg 
    Maximum Load Which Allows Leaving Ground: 2,065 kg 
    Maximum Speed: 365 km/h 
    Armor: Titanium alloy, titan carboid (TIC)
    USS Discovery
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is the name of the Ohio Class submarine that Colonel Campbell as well as 
    most of Snake's support is stationed on during the Shadow Moses takeover.
    USS Discovery
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the name of the Tanker the Metal Gear Ray prototype was housed on. It 
    was sunk by Revolver Ocelot.
    XI. M i s c e l l a n e o u s   a n d   T e r m s
    If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it will here. This is pretty much a hodge-
    podge of information.
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    Twin highly advanced cyborgs developed by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar under the 
    orders of Big Boss while he was imprisoned in Outer Heaven. They are both 
    destroyed by Solid Snake.
    Misc. Info:
    It is Aur-nald. A direct rip-off of the Terminator. Not like they try to hide
    it, though.
    Bush Warbler Floor
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A floor inspired by ancient Japanese architectures. If one walks over them, 
    they produce "bird cries" like sounds. Used in Zanzibar Land as a method of
    Codename: Fox
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    The highest possible rank one can receive in FOX-HOUND. Only Frank Yeager has 
    ever held this title, although he "gave" it to Snake before he died in Metal 
    Gear 2: Solid Snake.
    Codename: Snake
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 
    2: Sons of Liberty
    The second highest rank one can receive in FOX-HOUND. The only known "Snakes" 
    are Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Raiden.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Solid Snake's real name is David. Hal and Dave, nice joke...
    Deep Throat
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The informant in the Watergate scandal, Gray Fox took up this name when he 
    helped Snake via Codec. Olga Gurlukovitch while disguised as the Ninja also 
    used this name for a moment, but Raiden recognized it as the same name used in 
    Shadow Moses.
    Eve Project, The
    Appearances: None
    Another name for the Les Enfants Terrible project. It is only used in an 
    official bio of Big Boss.
    Footstep Reverberating Material
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    A double-structure plate which enhance footstep noises. Embedded in decks 
    and various vital parts of the bases to announce the presense of an intruder.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A DIA developed assassination weapon. It is a virus that only attack 
    specifically programmed DNA patterns. When it strikes, it simulates a 
    heart attack, making it undetectable by anyone without knowledge of it. It 
    would just look like a normal heart attack.
    FoxDie is a type of retrovirus that targets and kills only specific people. 
    First, it infects the macrophages in the victim's body. FoxDie contains smart 
    enzymes, created through protein engineering. They're programmed to respond to 
    specific genetic patterns in the cells. The enzymes respond by becoming 
    active, and using the macrophages, they begin creating TNF epsilon. A type of 
    cytokine, a peptide which causes cells to die. The TNF epsilon is carried 
    along the bloodstream to the heart, where they attach to the TNF receptors in 
    the heart cells. The heart cells then suffer a shock and undergo an extreme 
    apoptosis. The victim then dies.
    FoxDie was injected into Solid Snake along with the nanomachines during his 
    briefing in the Discovery. He then served as a carrier and infected the 
    FOX-HOUND members present. Decoy Octopus, Kenneth Baker, and Liquid Snake all 
    die from the FoxDie virus. Sniper Wolf manages to survive do to the pills she 
    constantly takes and Psycho Mantis survived most likely due to his gas mask. 
    Revolver Ocelot was not infected due to the fact he was working against 
    FOX-HOUND the whole time. Solid Snake himself is still infected with the 
    FoxDie virus, but Naomi programmed it so it would strike at a random time, 
    leaving Snake to fear a sudden death at any time.
    In MGS2, it is a computer virus which targets specific areas of coding in
    a computer system. Though it is more of a worm cluster than a virus. It was
    made by Emma Emmerich.
    Frank Hunter
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    This is the name Gray Fox went by ten years prior to Zanzibar Land (the late 
    80s or so). Natasha Markova knew him by this name. yeager translates to Hunter 
    in English. Gray Fox's adopted sister, Naomi, goes by the last name of Hunter 
    as well.
    Frank Yaeger
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    This is Gray Fox's real name. George Kessler informs Snake of Fox's real name 
    while he battles him in the middle of a mine field. He is also called Frankie 
    for short by Naomi.
    General Ivan
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2
    This is what Vulcan Raven calls Revolver Ocelot after their battle in the Snow 
    Field. It is a derogative term for Russians (Crazy Ivan) NOT, I repeat, NOT 
    Ocelot's real name. Vulcan Raven seems to be a big bald racist, since he calls 
    Solid Snake an apparent derrogative term as well. General Ivan refers to Ivan 
    the Terrible, a Russian historical figure who was known as a ruthless and
    oppressive ruler.
    Vamp also refers to Ocelot as Ivan.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The "core" of Arsenal Gear. Created by Emma Emmerich, GW is "an optic neural 
    AI that has a parallel processing capacity of 980 trillion hammets" (whatever 
    the hell that means 0_o) In other words, GW is the Artificial Intelligence 
    system that decides what information on the Internet will be stored and what 
    will be deleted, in the best interests of the Patriots. GW is the Patriot's 
    key to keeping control of everything in the fast paced information age. 
    Arsenal Gear is a fortress used to protect the GW system. Arsenal Gear 
    protects GW similar to the antibiotic function of a living creature's immune 
    system. Surveillance of the inner system is handled by periodic scans using a 
    number of agents with the capacity for detecting data that doesn't belong in 
    the system. Once the agents detect any invading data, the information is 
    passed on to an antibody production system. From there, a program referred to 
    as an antibody agent is autonomously produced to neutralize or eliminate the 
    invading data. Added to that, there's a solid barrier existing between GW's 
    optic neural net -- its physical and logical base -- and the other general 
    nets. Referred to as the Bit Brain Barrier, this wall is a filtering system 
    for preventing the infiltration of foreign data. This security system makes it 
    very difficult to attack the system from the outside. 
    The actual subsystem that allows GWs censorship to be effective is implemented 
    in within our social structure. It is within the Y2K countermeasure program -- 
    (in this timeline Y2K would have caused major !@#$) using the Internet at full 
    capacity. The program was distributed to every governmental organization and 
    every key facility throughout the world. In addition, the same program was 
    included in an OS application for distribution among the public.
    Though highly advanced, GW was still lacking the necessary factors for judging 
    situations in which to carry out its functions. Raiden's entire operation was 
    a simulation base for giving GW the necessary judgment abilities it needed.
    Misc. Info:
    GW = George Washington. Although it is never stated, give me another 
    signficant US historical figure with the initials GW.
    Hell Master
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A nickname of McDonell Miller. Draftees call him this because of how strict he 
    is as a coach in Merc School. The name "Master Miller" is said with the utmost 
    In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A best-selling book written by Nastasha Romanenko after the Shadow Moses 
    takeover. The book revealed the conspiracy and cover-up of the covert 
    operation in Shadow Moses Island. This book revealed much information that the 
    Patriots did not want to make public. It also made Snake a bit of a hero as 
    well. After it was written, Nastasha disappeared, probably going into hiding.
    Intrude F014
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    The official name of Snake's operation in Zanzibar Land. It was issued by 
    Colonel Roy Campbell.
    Intrude N313
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The official name of Snake and Fox's operation in Outer Heaven. It was issued 
    by Big Boss.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is what Vulcan Raven calls Solid Snake when he confronts him in their 
    second meeting. I've heard it’s a derogative term for white people...but I'm 
    not sure.
    La-li-lu-le-lo, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    Another term for the Patriots. Scott Dolph and Richard Ames both use this 
    term. It is a theory that the "La-li-lu-le-lo" is actually the codenames for 
    the Patriot's highest members. Another theory is that "la", "li", "lu", "le", 
    and "lo" are actually deleted parts of the alphabet (remember what Emma said 
    about that.) Well...as far as I know, it’s just a codename for the Patriots.
    Misc. Info:
    I've been told these are from the Japanese alphabet. Since I know like...ten
    romanized Japanese words...I dunno.
    Les Enfant Terrible
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    Les Enfant Terrible - The Terrible Children. This is the codename for the 
    project to make clones of Big Boss that produced Solid, Liquid, and Solidus 
    Snake. The project took place in the early to mid 70s after Big Boss was 
    wounded in battle and unable to...function (ouch). The clones of Big Boss were 
    produced by using Analog Cloning techniques. Eight cloned children were 
    inserted into a fertilized egg that was implanted in an unknown woman. After a 
    while, five of the clones were aborted in order to assure the highest chance 
    of survival for the other embryos. The Genome Soldiers are in a sense members 
    of the project as well since they were given Big Boss's "soldier genes" in 
    order to make them better soldiers. However, the Genome Soldiers are showing 
    signs of symmetry and beginning to show mutations and die. As of now, only 
    Solid Snake is the surviving member of the project.
    Master Miller
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
    This is the name that McDonell Miller is called by trainees. It is uttered 
    with the utmost respect.
    Mr. X
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the name that Olga Gurlukovitch calls herself while she is disguised 
    as the Cyborg Ninja.
    Nariko Sand
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    A product imported from Okinawa, Japan. It was used as a security measure in
    Zanzibar Land. If you walk over them, they "squeak". Much of this sand was
    placed in a desert of Zanzibar, dubbed "Nariko Desert" because of it.
    Next-Generation Special Forces
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is the official name of the Genome Army, the army of genetically enhanced 
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Scientific name, Botulliococcus Ozuma Brownie, commonly referred to OILIX for 
    short. OILIX is the brainchild of Czech scientist, Dr. Kio Marv. He and the 
    formula for it were taken by Zanzibar Land which lead to the Operation Intrude 
    Technical Information of OILIX:
    *By modifying gene of Botulliococcus Brownie the vegetable plankton, one of 
    single-cell algae specimen, now it can produce large amount of liquid carbon 
    hydrate of good quality, equivalent to raw mineral oil. Furthermore, by 
    upgrading reproduction method, it can be produced in large scale under few 
    cost. This is a bio-mass, which you can expect as alternative energy to oil to 
    satisfying degree. You can extract 0.8 kg of raw oil out of 1 kg of this 
    algae. From the raw oil you can get approximately 70% of gasoline and 25% of 
    aviation fuel. This gasoline contains high-level 96 octane value
    For each 1 hectare, 85 kg of oil can be acquired in one day. 
    Large-scale reproduction is possible.
    Reproduction Conditions:
    If basic conditions "Warm, Dry and Long Sunlight Hour" are met, it can be 
    reproduced even in provinces with few water supply.
    Zanzibar Land is dry, hot and sunlight is abundant throughout the years, so it 
    is most suited to reproduce OILIX.
    The Inventor, and Upgrader of Reproduction Technology:
    KIO MARV of Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic today...I think)
    OILIX was represented in Praha World Energy Conference of 1999, and it was 
    meant to receive interest from not only advanced but also developing countries 
    as one of remedies for energy matters. In developing countries in Africa or 
    else, energy shortening is getting more serious than food problems. This 
    happened because wood cutting was regulated to protect ozone layer. After its 
    appearance into public, large oil companies from every nations were expected 
    to show up for contracting rectifying process, and a subtle ray of hope might 
    have shone onto energy crisis.
    Origin of the Term:
    A compound from "OIL" and "MIX". Also, it was developed under the code name 
    "OIL-X", so eventually it was called as oil-X, transliterated as OILIX.
    Energy Crisis of the end of the 20th Century:
    As the background which produced "OILIX", an energy crisis plays a role. After 
    two Oil Shocks, world concentrated over development of energies to take over 
    oil, one of them nuclear.
    Then late 1990s arrived, as alternatives, development of electric power plant 
    based on solar, wave, oceanic water-temperature gap, and also nuclear 
    high-speed reproductive engine and fusion plant went forward, decreasing the 
    reliance to oil as a source of electricity, but reliance rate to oil as heat 
    source for transportation vehicles still remains high.
    From the "Third Oil Shock" caused by oil scarcity of 1998, price of raw oil 
    was raised largely, world economy went into dismay from much confusion, 
    financial lowliness and inflation. Among such situation, the nominees as 
    alternative fuel to mineral oil were "automobile methanol", "sand oil", "shale 
    oil" and "rectification by bio-mass". Most of all, the man-made oil production 
    which do not rely on seismic energies - "Raw oil rectification using micro 
    organisms" was seen as more optimistic method than others were. Issues of 
    scientists are rectification ratio and amount, and cost that much them. 
    "OILIX" can be said as a practical alternative energy which satisfy all those 
    One-Eyed Uncle
    Appearances: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    This is what the war orphans in Zanzibar Land refer to Big Boss as.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the name Hal Emmerich prefers to be called, since he despises his 
    given name. It stands for Otaku Convention. Otaku is a Japanese word meaning 
    "house". It is also referred to people who spend a lot of time in their house 
    (i.e. nerdy dudes like Otacon). As a bit of counter-culture, it is now 
    referred to someone who is a fan of Japanese Anime (although...none to many 
    refer to themselves as that...since it is kinda calling yourself a dork).
    Misc. Info:
    Otacon is an actual organization.
    Outer Heaven Crisis
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The famous incident which took place in 1995. This was Snake's first operation
    of which Snake was assigned to. The following is an indepth summary of the 
    Outer Heaven Crisis (aka Metal Gear).
    The year is 1995, the world was split between East & West.
    Outer Heaven, a military fortress nation located 200 km north of Galsburgh, 
    South Africa. It was founded during the late 1980s by a mercenary that was 
    heroic and insane at the same time. It is rumored that Outer Heaven is 
    developing a top-secret weapon that could change warfare forever. To 
    investigate this rumor, the Western nations called upon Top Secret Army Fox-
    FOX-HOUND sends its best member, Gray Fox, to Outer Heaven. The name of this 
    operation is Intrude N313. A few days later, communication with Gray Fox is 
    lost. His last message was simply two muttered words: "Metal Gear..."
    Superiors found this crucial, and again ordered FOXHOUND, leaving all their 
    hopes in code name "SOLID SNAKE".
    And so it begins...
    As the mission begins our hero, Solid Snake, finds himself swimming through a 
    river toward his destination. The fortress nation Outer Heaven. Snake stops in 
    the waters in front of the base and gazes at it for a moment. Coming to his 
    senses, the rookie swims to the shore and is contacted by his 
    Commander-in-Chief: Big Boss. Big Boss tells Snake that his mission is to 
    infiltrate the terrorist base, Outer Heaven. Big Boss tells him he has two 
    mission objectives:
    1.) Infiltrate Outer Heaven and locate the missing FOX-HOUND operative, Gray 
    2.) Locate the Ultimate Weapon, Metal Gear, and destroy it.
    Big Boss then tells Snake that his frequency 120.85 and to contact him if he 
    needs any help. Before signing off, Big Boss tells Snake to take care not to 
    be discovered. Snake makes his way into the fortress and searches for Gray 
    Fox. Making his way past the guards in the area, Snake picks up a Lv.1 Keycard 
    and a gun. He then goes to the elevator to the next floor of the compound. 
    Snake sneaks around and locates a POW. After freeing him, the hostage tells 
    Snake that another soldier infiltrated Outer Heaven a few days ago, but was 
    captured. Maybe there is a chance that Gray Fox is still alive. Continuing on, 
    Snake locates a Remote-Controlled Missile launcher. He uses it to destroy a 
    control panel past an electrified floor. Continuing on, Snake locates another 
    POW. This hostage informs Snake that a member of the Outer Heaven resistance 
    can help Snake at frequency 120.33. Snake makes a note of that and proceeds 
    with his mission. Along the way Snake makes his way past several traps and 
    rescues POWs along the way. One of the hostages tells Snake that Gray Fox is 
    imprisoned in a secret cell. Continuing on, Snake rescues another hostage. 
    This one tells Snake that the only way he'll be able to get to the missing 
    FOX-HOUNDer is to be captured himself. This upsets Snake a bit, but if it's 
    the only way... Snake proceeds on to the next room. When he enters he hears 
    "Don't move!" from behind, followed by a sharp pain in the back of his head. 
    Everything fades to black as the enemy captures Snake...
    When Snake comes to, he finds himself alone in a cellblock. He then gets a 
    call from Big Boss. He informs Snake that the walls in the cell are weak and 
    he should be able to punch them down. Snake ends the transmission wondering 
    how Big Boss knew that. He shrugs and takes his commander's advice. Punching 
    his way through the wall, Snake finds himself in the cell with the missing 
    FOX-HOUND operative, Gray Fox. After releasing Fox, the fellow FOX-HOUNDer 
    tells Snake that Metal Gear is equipped with a nuclear missile! It must be 
    destroyed before it is complete, or Outer Heaven will be unstoppable. Snake 
    asks how Metal Gear can be stopped. Fox suggests that he get in touch with 
    Metal Gear's designer, Dr. Pettrovich Mandar. Snake says he'll find him and 
    leaves the cell by punching through another wall. Snake finds himself in a 
    sewer looking location, the Basement of Outer Heaven Building 1. Having no 
    equipment or weapons, Snake carefully makes his way past the sentries. In the 
    next room, Snake finds himself face to face with the head guard of Outer 
    Heaven's prison, Shoot Gunner! The soldier opens fire on Snake, who takes 
    cover behind a stack of crates. Big Boss calls Snake and tells him that his 
    equipment must be in one of the rooms nearby, and that he should punch through 
    to get to them. Snake does so and finds his items. After re-equipping, Snake 
    runs across the room dodging the riot gun master's gunfire. After Snake gets 
    to a good position, the rookie has a brief fire fight with the soldier and 
    quickly disposes of him. Snake has his first kill against a high level member 
    of Outer Heaven's army.
    Snake carries on, but as he proceeds he notices a beeping sound coming from 
    his equipment. Upon inspection, Snake locates a Transmitter that was giving 
    away his location. He quickly disposes of it and continues on. In the next 
    area, Snake avoids several guard dogs and traps. Along the way he picks up a 
    Bomb Blast Suit and an Enemy Uniform. They might be useful later, Snake thinks 
    to himself. After a bit, Snake rescues another imprisoned hostage. This one 
    tells Snake that the only way to the courtyard is to use a parachute. A while 
    later, Snake finds yet another POW. This one informs Snake that Dr. Pettrovich 
    Mandar is located in the solitary cell in the courtyard area. Snake thanks him 
    for the info and continues on. In a nearby room, Snake finds himself up 
    against the Machine Gun Kid. A brief firefight ensues, with Snake coming on 
    top against the child. After the fight, Snake locates a parachute in the room. 
    Just what I need, Snake thinks to himself.
    Having the parachute, Snake proceeds to the roof of Building 1 so he can reach 
    the courtyard. When Snake steps out onto the roof, he is slammed back into a 
    wall by a powerful gust of wind. Big Boss then calls up and tells Snake that 
    the Wind Barrier is up and that he'll need a Bomb Blast Suit to get past. 
    Luckily, I have one, Snake thinks as he equips the suit. Snake makes his way 
    through the roof and past several guards and deadly traps. Eventually, Snake 
    makes his way to a heliport. On the heliport, a Hind D sits with a guard 
    sitting idle in the cockpit. As Snake walks by, the guard notices him and 
    activates the Russian gunship and starts firing at Snake. Snake equips his 
    Grenade Launcher that he picked up earlier and fires several shots at the 
    grounded chopper. Despite it's thick armoring, Snake's onslaught is too much 
    for the Hind and it explodes taking the pilot with it. Relieved to have 
    destroyed the powerful chopper, Snake locates a balcony overlooking the 
    courtyard. Taking a leap of faith, opening the parachute as he does, Snake 
    finds himself in the courtyard...
    Snake slowly drifts to the courtyard. When he lands, he finds himself in 
    between three guard dogs! Talk about bad luck, thinks Snake as he disposes of 
    the vicious dogs of war. Continuing on, Solid Snake looks around for the 
    doctor, but instead finds another POW. The hostage tells Snake the doctor has 
    been moved to Outer Heaven Building 2, approximately 10 kilometers north of 
    here across a mine covered desert. Snake thanks him for the tip and proceeds 
    north to the desert. Making his way through the shifting sands, keeping a 
    careful eye on the mine detector while doing so, Snake eventually finds 
    himself confronted by a Tank. Using the mines that he picked up while crossing 
    the small desert, Snake uses them against the fearsome vehicle and destroys it 
    Snake proceeds north. A little ways later he sneaks up on three guards 
    talking. A higher ranking soldier tells the other two that a FOX-HOUND member 
    (Snake) has infiltrated Outer Heaven and must be stopped at all costs. He 
    tells them that no one except for soldiers are allowed in from now on. Big 
    Boss then calls up Snake. He tells Snake that he has reached the checkpoint. 
    Snake will need a uniform to trick the guard to let you inside, Big Boss 
    tells him. He also informs Snake that his new frequency is 120.13 before 
    signing off. Snake makes a note of it and takes his commander's advice by 
    equipping the uniform he located in Building 1. Using his disguise, the guard 
    opens the door to Building 2 for Snake. Snake makes his way around Building 2 
    and eventually finds himself in a drainage system. While proceeding through 
    the drainage area, he finds himself in a small room with Bulldozer waiting for 
    him. Snake arms his grenade launcher and fires and destroys it before it can 
    make Snake into roadkill.
    Snake carries on and makes his way to the roof. As soon as he enters the area 
    the alarm sounds and Snake is ambushed by three guards. Snake rushes to safety 
    in a nearby room, which happens to have a hostage in it. Snake releases the 
    captive man who in turn tells him that Pettrovich is located in the Building 2 
    basement. Solid Snake thanks him and exits the room. Rushing past several 
    sentries, Snake locates an elevator and takes it to the first floor basement 
    where the doctor is located. In the basement, Snake sneaks past several guards 
    and through gas filled hallways. He also rescues a POW along the way. Finally, 
    Snake enters a room and finds Pettrovich Mandar in it. As he walks forward, he 
    senses something is wrong. The doctor then starts laughing and tells Snake 
    that he has fallen into a trap! The real Pettrovich is on the second floor. 
    Suddenly, the floor begins to collapse into an abyss. Snake quickly runs 
    before he is swallowed up into the hole. Snake searches to find an elevator to 
    the second floor. When he does locate on he is stopped by Fire Trooper. Though 
    the trooper was skilled with the flamethrower, using it like a rifle, he was 
    still no match for the skill of a FOX-HOUND member. Snake fires several shots 
    and ends the life of the Fire Trooper.
    Snake continues on and eventually gets a call from Big Boss. He tells Snake 
    that the transceiver was jammed, but is functioning now. Farther on, Snake 
    rescues yet another POW. This one tells Snake that the drainage system also 
    leads to Building 3. Snake uses the advice and reaches Building 3. Snake uses 
    a nearby elevator and goes to floor 2 of the building and continues on. In one 
    room Snake spots a pair of cyborgs, but chooses not to bother them just yet. 
    He has to focus on finding the doctor. A little ways after that, Snake finds 
    another POW. This one tells Snake that a local resistance member, Jennifer, 
    can be reached at frequency 120.48, but she is very proud and might not answer 
    if Snake hasn't helped the resistance by saving hostages. Snake says it 
    shouldn't be a problem then, since he has saved as many as he could. Snake 
    exits the room and contacts Jennifer. She tells Snake that she can arrange a 
    Rocket Launcher for him for his help. Nearby Snake finds the Rocket Launcher 
    she was talking about. He thanks her and continues on. After a bit of 
    traveling, Snake finds the REAL Pettrovich Mandar. He introduces himself to be 
    Dr. Pettrovich Mandar. He then tells Snake that his daughter, Ellen 
    Pettrovich, has been taken hostage as well and he won't discuss Metal Gear 
    until she is safe. Having covered most of the area, Snake remembers the two 
    cyborgs and backtracks to the room they were standing guard in. Snake enters 
    the room and does battle with the twin cyborgs, called "Arnolds". Using his 
    newly acquired Rocket Launcher, Snake fires off several shots and makes quick 
    work of the two.
    Continuing with his mission, Snake finds a locked door he can't get past with 
    a keycard. He calls up Jennifer and asks her to help. She tells him to wait a 
    moment and she will unlock the door. She does so and Snake continues. A few 
    rooms later, Snake locates yet another captive man. This POW tells Snake that 
    he will need a Compass to pass by the "Scorpion Desert". Snake continues on 
    with his mission and gets several calls from resistance members Diane and 
    Schneider to avoid the abundance of traps in the area. Snake carefully makes 
    his way past the traps and eventually finds himself back in Building 1's 
    basement. As Snake walks down the corridors he hears someone yelling for help. 
    He follows the sound of the voice and eventually finds a dead end. He taps the 
    wall and hears the same sound of all the other weak walls in the compound. He 
    tells the person on the other side to stay back and Snake blows a hole in the 
    wall with some Plastic Explosives. On the other side of the wall, Snake will 
    find a young girl. She introduces herself as Ellen Pettrovich, and thanks him 
    for rescuing her. She says her father was forced to construct Metal Gear or 
    else she would be killed. Snake gets her to safety (err...maybe not, but she 
    does get to safety) and makes his way back to Dr. Pettrovich. Snake returns 
    and tells the doctor that his daughter is safe. He is relieved to hear that 
    and asks him what he wants to know about Metal Gear. Snake asks Pettrovich 
    where Metal Gear is and how to destroy it. Dr. Pettrovich tells Snake that 
    Metal Gear is located in the 100th floor basement of Outer Heaven Building 3. 
    He then informs Snake that the only way to destroy Metal Gear is to use 
    Plastic Explosives on it's in a specific order:
    Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, 
    Right, Left, Right, and...
    Pettrovich forgets the final one, much to Snake's dismay. The doctor then 
    tells Snake a little bit about the robots he fought, the TX-11 Arnolds. After 
    a short conversation, Pettrovich tells the rookie, that it is up to him to 
    stop Metal Gear. Solid Snake then exits the room. Eventually, Snake will reach 
    the Scorpion Desert. True to name, the desert is filled with poisonous 
    scorpions. Our hero quickly makes it past the desert and to the area near the 
    Building 3. There, he gets a call from Big Boss telling him to enter the truck 
    on the far right. When he does, four guards ambush Snake! Something seems to 
    be up with Snake's commander, having such bad instincts is not like him. After 
    dispatching them, Snake continues to Building 3. He is ambushed yet again by 
    guards. Could it be that someone is leaking mission information to the enemy? 
    Or maybe security has just gotten a lot tighter. Either way, something is 
    abound, Snake thinks to himself. Snake now proceeds through booby trap ridden 
    corridors toward the elevator leading to Metal Gear. When he finally reaches 
    the elevator, Solid Snake rides it down far into the abyss...
    When Snake reaches the bottom he presses forward and eventually gets a call 
    from Jennifer. She tells him that there is an Oxygen-Tank on the other side of 
    the nearby wall. He can use it to swim through the flooded areas of Building 
    2. Snake retrieves it and rides back to the surface. It seems it is not time 
    to face Metal Gear just yet. Snake presses on to Building 2 and swims through 
    the flooded areas of the basement. Snake makes his way past an electric floor 
    trap and into a room. In this room he gets a call from a Schneider. He tells 
    "The leader of Outer Heaven is..."
    Suddenly, there is a crash and the radio goes dead. It seems the Schneider has 
    fallen into the enemy's hands. Snake mourns the lose of his comrade and 
    continues on with his mission. In the next room, Snake finds another Outer 
    Heaven soldier, Coward Duck. Coward Duck gets his name from using hostages as 
    human shields against enemies. True enough, there are several hostages in 
    front of the pathetic soldier. Jennifer calls up and says that Coward Duck 
    holds Card lv.8. She also says her brother is one of those hostages, so Snake 
    must make sure not to kill any of them for fear of her brother's safety. Snake 
    uses his expert marksmanship to put an end to the cowardly soldier's life. He 
    then rescues the three POWs. One of them tells Snake that he is Jennifer's 
    brother. Before Snake goes, he tells the FOX-HOUNDer that if he needs to 
    escape from Outer Heaven, he should use the ladder on the left. Snake thanks 
    him and continues. Snake now has all of the Outer Heaven security cards. Snake 
    stocks up on supplies in the area and proceeds to Building 3's elevator. The 
    FOX-HOUND rookie stands in front of the elevator to Metal Gear's floor for a 
    moment and then proceeds inside and rides it into the depths of 
    Outer Heaven...
    There are no guards on the 100th Floor Basement, but Snake still must avoid 
    the laser equipped cameras. Eventually Snake finds a solitary POW on the 
    floor. The POW has most startling news. He tells Snake that the leader of 
    Outer Heaven is...
    FOX-HOUND Leader and your Commander-in-Chief: BIG BOSS!!!
    This new shocks Snake. Snake had been talking to the leader of the enemy all 
    along. It all made sense to Snake now. Why would they send a green, new 
    recruit on such an important operation unless he wasn't supposed to return 
    alive. Snake leaves the room and continues on to stop Metal Gear. Big Boss 
    then calls and tells Snake that this operation has ended and Snake must stop 
    at once. He screams at Snake to end the mission and turn off the MSX ("Err...
    how do I turn off the MSX?", thinks Snake =) Snake ignores the traitor and 
    proceeds to the final fight. Eventually, Snake finds himself in the last 
    hallway before Metal Gear's chamber. The floor here is electrified, but there 
    doesn't seem to be a switch. Jennifer calls up and tells Snake that he'll need 
    to run through it. Snake readies himself and runs as fast as he can across the 
    electrified floor, enduring the brutal pain. Solid Snake makes it to the other 
    side and stands in front of the last door. He enters...
    When Snake enters the door, he finds himself in front of the nuclear equipped 
    walking battle tank: METAL GEAR!!! Metal Gear is not yet active but its 
    security system surrounding it is and begins firing lasers at Snake. Snake 
    remembers Dr. Pettrovich's words. He breaks out his Plastic Explosives and 
    places them on Metal Gear. R, R, L, R, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, 
    Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, and... Snake 
    chooses right for the last explosive... and it proves to be right. Metal Gear 
    explodes in a brilliant explosion. The explosion triggers Outer Heaven's self 
    destruction system. A timer begins to count down as a door lock is released to 
    the left of Snake. Snake rushed to escape, however in the next room he was 
    confronted by the man responsible for all this: Big Boss.
    Big Boss laughed at the astounded Snake and told him the truth behind his 
    mission. While serving as commander-in-chief of FOX-HOUND Big Boss also ran a 
    mercenary dispatch company utilizing his connections and capitals from his own 
    years as a merc. He was planning on to build this company a larger military 
    establishment, and he built Outer Heaven as its base. His purpose for sending 
    the rookie Snake was to cause information confusion amongst the west. However, 
    Big Boss miscalculated. He never thought Solid Snake would make it this far. 
    Snake had destroyed his dream and stopped his ambitions. But Big Boss would 
    not go down along, Snake would die with him. His screamed echoed in the 
    Diane called up and told Snake that she didn't know how to beat Big Boss and 
    that she lo... Snake asked what was wrong, but she said it was nothing. On the 
    100th floor basement, the battle between the 2 men commenced- free of 
    ideology, dogmas, and politics. Despite being the best soldier to ever live, 
    the "Legendary Mercenary" was defeated by a mere rookie. Perhaps age had 
    caught up with the traitorous Big Boss. In any case, Snake left the traitor to 
    die down there. Snake rushed to the exit of Outer Heaven, remembering 
    Jennifer's brother's words of advice to take the ladder to the left. Before he 
    does, Snake lights up one of his favorite cigarettes he took along for this 
    The armed fortress nation Outer Heaven collapsed. The impenetrable fortress 
    made from the best military technology and occupied by the toughest 
    mercenaries burned in flames. Behind him, the flames reached skyward, as Outer 
    Heaven fell leaving Solid Snake all alone...
    Solid Snake then makes a call to Big Boss's frequency and says that Metal Gear 
    had been destroyed and Operation Intrude N313 was a complete success. He then 
    tunes into a radio station that reports that a huge explosion was seen over 
    Outer Heaven at midnight.
    It seems Big Boss had met his fate at the hands of Snake, however after the 
    credits rolled, there is a final message... Big Boss, is still alive! He says 
    it's not over yet and that he and Snake will meet again some day...
    And on that ominous note, so ends the Outer Heaven Crisis...
    Parasite, The
    Appearances: None
    This is what Psycho Mantis calls the single celled mental parasite within him. 
    It is his second, more psychotic, personality, which he gained after diving 
    too deep into a killer's mind.
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    The codename which stands for either "Solid Snake Simulation" according to 
    Revolver Ocelot, or "Selection for Social Sanity", according to the AI Colonel 
    and Rose. You decide who is telling the truth, I really don't fully believe 
    either party, but the second option is a lot more spacey then the first o_O
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is a nickname Revolver Ocelot gained among the Mujahaddin guerrillas, due 
    to his sadistic and brutal ways. Shalashaska means "prison" or so I'm told.
    Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses, The
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is the best selling book written by Nastasha Romanenko. It uncovers the 
    truth of Snake's operation on Shadow Moses Island, as well as the what really 
    happened there. This book was a serious problem for the Patriots.
    Skull Suit
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    A new model of Sneaking Suit used by Raiden during the Big Shell incident. It 
    utilizes electro fiber technology, a by-product of fiber-optics research. It 
    is made by a material similar to rubber, but protects against a wide range of 
    toxic substances. The suit itself has a wide array of built-in sensors. It is 
    referred to as “Smart Skin” in military R&D. Data about damage to different 
    regions of the body, including blood loss, is exchanged between the suit and 
    the intravenous nanomachines to create a bio-feedback system. The suit also 
    applies varying pressure to major internal organs to maximize performance and 
    safeguard their functions. All in all, it looks quite similar to Psycho 
    Mantis's outfit o_O
    Sneaking Suit
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    A special operative suit which utilizes the latest in poly-thermal technology.
    The suit protects the user from extreme hot or cold temperatures as well as a 
    slight protection against chemical agents such as nerve gas. The suit also is 
    non reflective, so it is harder for a device such as a security camera to 
    detect the user. Snake uses this suit during Shadow Moses as well as in the 
    Tanker and Big Shell.
    Solid Snake Simulation
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    This is what the S3 Plan is according to Revolver Ocelot. According to him, S3
    stands for "Solid Snake Simulation", a plan to create a soldier with the skill
    of Solid Snake by putting them in the right conditions. Raiden's entire 
    operation was a recreation of the Shadow Moses incident, in order to simulate
    the conditions Snake endured and be used as a final training cornel for the 
    project. It is unknown whether this, or A.I. Colonel and Rose's meaning for S3
    is true.
    START3 Accord
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    The follow-up treaty to the START 2 accord. The negotiations began in the late 
    1990s. According to the terms of START 3, both Russia and the U.S. were to 
    reduce the number of their nuclear warheads in deployment to between 2,000 and 
    2,500 missiles. The START 3 was scheduled to be signed the day following the 
    Shadow Moses takeover. It is never mentioned if the treaty was signed 
    following the incident.
    TX-11 -Arnold-
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The technical term for the Arnold units developed by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar.
    TX-55 -Metal Gear-
    Appearances: Metal Gear
    The technical term for the Metal Gear unit developed by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar.
    Uprising of Zanzibar
    Appearances: Metal Gear Solid
    This is the term often used to call the Zanzibar Land incident. The Uprising
    of Zanzibar took place in 1999 and was the second major operation of which
    Solid Snake single-handedly kept the situation under control. The following is
    an indepth summary of the Uprising of Zanziber (aka Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)
    With the frigid relationships between large nations like USA-RUSSIA and 
    CHINA-RUSSIA thawing, they lead to the settling down of local conflicts, and 
    the world is finally beginning to neutralize. It is 1999, the nuclear threat 
    of this century is leaving us, and we are ready to welcome the new stable 21st 
    However, a fraction of the populace does not like peace... 
    In the Middle East, a breeze of unstableness is blowing. Zanzibar Land - a 
    small republic just next to Russia, China and the Arab nations - founds a 
    military government. It raids "Nuclear Arms for Disposal Storage" sites around 
    the world and robs weapons still not disposed of, making it the sole 
    nuclear-armed nation in the world, and begins non-discriminate invasions of 
    nearby countries. In a world which disposes of nuclear employment, Zanzibar 
    Land's nuclear power is becoming a real emergency. A nuclear threat is budding 
    once again. 
    At the same time, oil resources are quickly growing scarce. Despite the 
    foretelling that they would last more than 30 years, the world is facing a 
    serious energy source crisis with no alternative supply to oil. Then, a Czech 
    biologist named Kio Marv invents a micro specimen - "OILIX", which rectifies 
    high-quality oil. The world is once again in a tension regarding "OILIX". Dr. 
    Marv is kidnapped by Zanzibarian radicals on his trip from Czechoslovakia to 
    America. Zanzibar Land is trying to gain its military superiority through 
    nuclear arms and "OILIX" ...A micro-organism the size of a few micrometers is 
    going to decide the fate of the world. 
    A top-secret order goes down to SOLID SNAKE, former FOX-HOUNDer. 
    Single-handedly sneak into Zanzibar Land, and rescue Dr. Kio Marv! Save the 
    world from nuclear threat!! 
    Zanzibar Land. Solid Snake begins his mission on a wind swept cliffside. He 
    climbs to the top of the ridge to the "Sneak Point". And so it begins... 
    Solid Snake reaches the summit of the cliff and rests for a moment. As he 
    slowly stands to his feet, he gets a call over his transceiver. It is Colonel 
    Roy Campbell, the new Commander-in-Chief of FOX-HOUND. Replacing the former 
    leader and traitor of FOX-HOUND, Big Boss. Campbell briefs Snake on the 
    current mission. The Colonel tells Snake that Dr. Kio Marv is being held 
    somewhere on the facility. He has an emitter on his tooth, so he will show up 
    as a red dot on Snake's radar. Campbell wishes Snake good luck and the mission 
    begins. Snake makes his way through a maze of fences toward the main building 
    of the area. Avoiding guards along the way and picking up a pistol from a 
    supply truck, Snake eventually makes his way to the Zanzibar Building, however 
    the entrance is under a extreme level of security. Campbell contacts Snake and 
    tells him it's impossible to get in through the front. Snake will have to find 
    another way into the facility. Looking around a bit, Snake notices an open air 
    vent into the building. When the guards are not looking, Snake quickly dashes 
    into the opening and crawls into the inners of the building.
    Making his way through a short series of vents, Snake eventually finds an 
    opening to a walkway overlooking a couple of tanks. Snake carefully makes his 
    way down the walkway when he suddenly gets a call on his transceiver. It is a 
    young woman with blond hair. The woman introduces herself as Holly White, a 
    journalist who has been in Zanzibar Land for the past month. She says she'll 
    help Snake on his mission, and that her frequency is 140.15. Snake makes a 
    note of it and carries on. Making his way stealthily through the Zanzibar 
    compound, Snake locates an elevator and rides it to the third floor. When he 
    exits the elevator and looks at his radar. He notices a red blip on the radar. 
    It must be Dr. Marv! Snake makes his way past the guards in the area and 
    several other traps. When he finally reaches the room with the red blip on 
    radar, Snake finds a man wearing a scientist lab coat. Snake senses something 
    to not quite be right. Is this really Dr. Kio Marv? Snake wonders. Suddenly, 
    the man says he has fooled Snake and that he is really the Zanzibar Soldier: 
    Black Color. Black Color reveals that he is, in fact, Kyle Schneider, the Kyle
    Schneider, the member of the Outer Heaven Resistance group who was apparently 
    killed during the incident. He explains that the US government took him after
    the battle and used him in their experimental projects, along with many other
    survivors. Black Color then attacks Snake using deadly ninja skills he learned 
    while in the Out-of-Earth Environment Special Forces unit of NASA, against 
    Snake, but he is no match for the skill of a FOX-HOUND operative. Snake makes 
    quick work of the soldier and locates ID card 2 on Black Color's dead body. 
    Solid Snake has his first confirmed kill of a high level Zanzibar Soldier, but 
    more will sure to be ahead.
    Snake snakes his way around the Zanzibar Building using his newly acquired 
    keycard. He eventually locates a guard that is entering the jungle area of 
    Zanzibar Land. Snake quietly follows the soldier in hopes that he will lead 
    Snake to something of interest. Eventually the guard leads Snake to a 
    Confinement Cell. Inside the cell, Snake notices a white blip on his radar. He 
    walks over to the wall and hears a strange tapping sound. Listening to it a 
    couple times, Snake notices it to be tap code. It is a transceiver 
    frequency...140.82. Snake opens up his transceiver and calls the frequency. To 
    his surprise, Snake will find it is Dr. Pettrovich Mandar, the creator of the 
    original Metal Gear in Outer Heaven! Dr. Pettrovich explains that he was on 
    the same plane as Dr. Marv when it was hijacked by the Zanzibarian terrorists. 
    Snake asks Dr. Pettrovich if he knows where Dr. Marv is. Pettrovich tells him 
    that the doctor was transferred to the Tower Building. The doctor then gives 
    most startling news. A new Metal Gear is in development right here in Zanzibar 
    Land. Snake concludes that Big Boss must be the leader of Zanzibar Land. The 
    doctor then talks a bit about his daughter, Ellen Pettrovich, who Snake 
    rescued in Outer Heaven. Before signing off, the doctor tells Snake the 
    frequency of Yozef Norden, an animal expert that is stationed nearby.
    Snake heads back into the jungle toward the Tower Building. As he travels 
    through the jungle, Snake comes to a large open field. He then gets a call on 
    his transceiver. An unknown person claiming to be "one of Snake's fans" tells 
    him that he is entering the Nariko Desert and that the place is mined. He then 
    ends the transmission. Snake wonders who "one of his fans" is, but takes the 
    man's advice. Snake crosses the desert and picks up some equipment in the 
    area. He then returns to the Jungle and eventually makes his way to a swamp. 
    When he enters the area, he finds a small child. The boy tells him that if he 
    attempts to cross the swamp, he will drown. Snake ignores the odd boy and 
    presses forward across the swamp. With a bit of difficultly, Snake eventually 
    makes it across the deadly swamp to the Arsenal.
    When Solid Snake enters the area, he is greeted by the Running Man, the 
    "fastest mercenary in the world". The room suddenly fills with gas as the 
    soldier takes off running. Although quite fast, Snake laid a trap of mines, 
    which the Running Man was too quick to see. After disposing of the quick 
    soldier, Snake collects ID card 3 off his corpse. Snake continues on in the 
    Arsenal and finds two more children. A boy there tells Snake that there were 
    several missiles here, but they were moved to the Zanzibar Building. Snake 
    crosses the swamp and returns to the building to pick up the Stinger Missiles. 
    A powerful weapon that could come in handy later. Snake returns to the part of 
    the Nariko Desert that he skipped before. Here, he finds a helipad with a Hind 
    D on it. As soon as Snake approaches the gunship, it lifts off and begins to 
    attack Snake. Although a powerful helicopter, with Snake's newly acquired 
    Stinger missile launcher, Snake turns the Russian gunship into a burning pile 
    of twisted metal with ease; just as he did in Outer Heaven.
    After the battle, Snake continues north and finally reaches the Tower 
    Building. The Tower Building is a 30-story tall, heavily guarded building. 
    There appears to be no way in without getting discovered by the enemy. The 
    Colonel then contacts Snake. He suggests that Snake disguise himself as 
    luggage to enter the facility. Maybe if Snake used a Cardboard Box, he could 
    fool the guards. Campbell also informs Snake that his new frequency is 140.66. 
    He then signs off. Snake searches a bit and locates a Cardboard box in a 
    nearby truck. He leaps on a conveyor belt leading to the Tower Building and 
    hides under the box. In a few moments, Snake successfully reaches the inners 
    of the Tower Building. As he proceeds forward, Snake gets a call from Holly. 
    She tells him that she tried to contact Dr. Marv, but was caught and thrown in 
    jail. She is also in the Tower Building, but is not sure of exactly where she 
    is. She says there is "an elevator to the right, pumping noises to the left, 
    and from front and behind it sounds like water streaming." Snake says he'll 
    save her and signs off.
    Continuing through the Tower Building, Snake finds several more children. One 
    asks Snake if he is a friend with a "blond haired girl". Another child tells 
    Snake that "My one-eyed uncle" said to tell a "man wearing green" that the 
    "girl" is not here. Could this "one-eyed uncle" be Big Boss, as Snake 
    suspects. In any case, Holly isn't here. Snake continues on and eventually 
    finds an area with the sound of pumping noises and running water. It sounds 
    like the area Holly described. Snake taps on the wall and it makes a strange 
    noise. He then takes out his Plastic Explosive and uses it on the strange 
    sounding wall. On the other side of the wall Snake finds Holly safe and sound. 
    The reporter thanks Snake for rescuing her. She then tells Snake that Dr. Marv 
    is safe. She also mentions that the doctor released a Carrier Pigeon that has 
    some kind of clue on it. She said she caught it but it got away and now the 
    guards are searching for it. It seems to have flown to the rooftop. Before she 
    leaves, she tells Snake her new frequency is 140.76 and gives him an ID 
    card 4.
    Snake continues searching for the doctor. Along the way he finds several more 
    children wandering the area. A few mention how their "one-eyed uncle" is a 
    good father, others mention "green pineapples". Snake searches for these 
    "pineapples" and discovers a cache of grenades. After liberating several of 
    the explosives, Snake continues to search the Tower. Soon later, Snake finds 
    an elevator and rides it to the top, the 30th floor. When he exits the 
    elevator he is greeted by another Zanzibarian soldier, the explosives expert: 
    Red Blaster. Snake is suddenly surrounded by wires that hinder his movement. 
    The maniacal Red Blaster lobs grenade after grenade at the handicapped Snake. 
    However, Snake turns the tables and fights fire with fire. Using his own 
    "green pineapples", Snake quickly blows away the enemy and continues his 
    mission. The way is now clear and Snake enters the rooftop.
    Solid Snake enters the rooftop of the Tower Building and looks about for the 
    pigeon that Holly was talking about. He notices a bird flying around near the 
    roof's edge. Snake sneaks up to the bird and tries to catch it, but the pigeon 
    is too quick for him and flies to another part of the roof. Snake then decides 
    to try contacting the animal expert, Yozef Norden, which Dr. Pettrovich gave 
    Snake the frequency to. Snake dials up Yozef. The two chat a bit and Yozef 
    tells Snake that pigeons like to eat meatballs, potatoes, and peas. Thinking 
    for a second, Snake realizes that is the same contents of one of his rations. 
    Snake takes out a B2 Ration from its pouch and places it on the ground and 
    waits. After a few moments, the pigeon swoops down and starts eating the meal. 
    Snake catches the pigeon as soon as it lands and examines it. There is a 
    message attached to the bird's leg. Snake removes the message and releases the 
    pigeon. The message reads:
    "Help! WIS.OhIO Kio Marv..."
    It is a fairly simple code. The scrambled words translate to: 140.51, the 
    apparent frequency of Kio Marv. Snake calls up Dr. Marv and is surprised to 
    find...the doctor can't speak a word of English. The doctor speaks in Slovak 
    and Czech (or so I'm told). Frustrated, Snake contacts Dr. Pettrovich to see 
    if he can help. Pettrovich says he doesn't know a word of either of the 
    languages. However, the special forces escort that was on the plane with them, 
    Natasha Markova, does know the languages. He says that she was captured along 
    with the two doctors, but managed to subdue a guard and steal his uniform. 
    Natasha might be near a woman's bathroom in the building he's in. Frustrated, 
    Snake signs off and starts heading toward the Zanzibar Building.
    Snake backtracks all the way back to the Zanzibar Building. There, using his 
    new keycards, Snake searches the facility for Natasha. Sneaking past several 
    traps and dozens of guards, Snake eventually sees a guard enter the woman's 
    restroom. He rushes in and finds the woman he was looking for. The woman 
    introduces herself as Natasha Markova. Snake follows suit. Snake notices 
    something about Natasha and asks if he's seen her before. Natasha accuses 
    Snake of hitting on her. Snake then remembers where he saw her, she won a gold 
    medal at the last winter Olympic games. Snake tells Natasha that he needs help 
    communicating with Dr. Marv. He hands Natasha the transceiver and she speaks 
    with the doctor. After they are done talking, Natasha tells Snake that Dr. 
    Marv is imprisoned in the Detention Center north of their location. Natasha 
    says she knows the way and will show Snake. The two then head toward the 
    detention center.
    Natasha and Snake enter B3 of the Zanzibar Building and head through the 
    sewers. Along the way, they come to the Confinement Cell where Dr. Pettrovich 
    is located and Snake releases him from his cell. The doctor thanks Snake for 
    rescuing him. Snake notices that Pettrovich has gotten thinner since they last 
    met. Pettrovich says that he tried to escape the cell through the elevator, 
    but it could only open from within. He then gives Snake a Lv. 5 ID Card. The 
    trio continues through the sewers toward their destination. After a bit, Dr. 
    Pettrovich says he is tired and needs to "do his natural desire" (use the 
    bathroom...I hope...) The doctor then walks off to do so. Natasha comments 
    that it is strange. Snake says the doctor is old, although he doesn't seem so. 
    Natasha says that it's not that, it is strange that a famous scientist, an 
    Olympic gold medallist, and a FOX-HOUND special agent are all traveling in the 
    sewers together. Snake writes it off as fate. Natasha then tells a bit about 
    herself. She talks about her mother how her mother ran with her through the 
    sewers of Poland to escape the Nazis during World War 2. She tells that her 
    mother was so covered in mud from the sewers that one couldn't recognize her. 
    Snake asks why she quit figure skating and joined the STB.
    "The ice became cold", she replies. Natasha then asks Snake if he has a wife. 
    Snake replies that he has no family. He then asks Natasha the same question. 
    She says that she isn't seeing anyone right now. She does mention that she 
    almost married once back when she was still a skater, a man named "Frank 
    Hunter".  But he went off to war years ago. She once thought about giving up 
    skating to follow him. A while later Natasha and her family fell on hard 
    times, and soon after that Natasha joined the STB. She says she has learned 
    many things of the world since then. Snake asks what happened to Frank Hunter. 
    Natasha says she never saw him again after he left. After that, the doctor 
    returns from doing his business and the trio continue toward the detention 
    Solid Snake, Natasha, and Dr. Pettrovich continue toward the Detention Center. 
    On their way there they come to an old bridge suspended across a deep valley. 
    Natasha says they should go one at a time, since it might not support all of 
    them. Dr. Pettrovich goes first, since he is old. Natasha then crosses the 
    bridge halfway, before calling to Snake to come on. Snake starts to cross the 
    bridge, when suddenly from out of nowhere a missile is fired at the bridge 
    near Natasha. Snake and Natasha go flying into the air and land on the side of 
    the valley where they started. Snake gets to his feet and rushes over to a 
    badly wounded Natasha. He yells at her to hold on. Natasha says she has seen 
    many deaths in her life, it is a pity that she will die just after meeting a 
    nice guy. Snake tells her that she is going to be all right, and that he wants 
    to see her skate again. Natasha thanks Snake and hands him an ID Card 6. She 
    also hands Snake her brooch and tells him to use it well. With her last 
    breath, Natasha mutters:
    She then dies...
    On the other side of the destroyed bridge, Dr. Pettrovich calls out to Snake. 
    Snake looks up just as the doctor is taken away by soldiers. Suddenly, there 
    is a loud rumble and Snake's old menace, Metal Gear, appears on the other side 
    of the bridge. From over its speaker, a hauntingly familiar voice speaks. It 
    is Gray Fox, the missing FOX-HOUND operative that Snake rescued during Outer 
    Heaven! He is in control of Metal Gear. Fox says that he won't be letting 
    Snake cross this bridge, and that Pettrovich is coming with him.
    "Hey Snake, were good buddies. I can let you go. Just leave this country at 
    once!", yells Snake's old war buddy. Snake screams, "Fox!! I'll never give 
    up!" as Metal Gear leaves Snake behind.
    Filled with rage over his friend's betrayal, Snake heads back toward the 
    Zanzibar Building to find another way across the valley. He then gets a call 
    from Holly. Holly tells Snake that there is a balcony overlooking the valley 
    on the 20th floor of the Tower Building. There is a hang-glider in the 
    Zanzibar Building that Snake can use can cross the valley. Snake backtracks to 
    the Zanzibar Building once again and after some searching finds the 
    hang-glider. He then heads to the Tower Building in order to cross the valley. 
    Snake enters the facility and takes the elevator to the 20th floor. Halfway 
    there, Snake gets a call on his transmitter. It is Gray Fox! Fox says he's 
    disappointed that Snake didn't listen to him before and there friendship ends 
    "This place will be your coffin", Fox slyly says. He then tells Snake that he 
    sent a close-combat specialist hit-squad to finish Snake. Fox bids Snake a 
    fond farewell and ends the transmission. As he does, Snake finds himself 
    surrounded on all sides by the top notch hit-squad, Ultra Box. Snake is nearly 
    killed in the dangerous close range encounter, but his expert skills put an 
    end to the deadly Ultra Box. After the last one of the four man team is dead, 
    Snake recovers an ID Card 7 from the dead body of one of the soldiers. 
    Suddenly, the elevator freefalls down to the first floor.
    Snake exits the broken elevator and starts climbing back toward the 20th 
    floor. He avoids several deadly traps along the way and eventually makes it to 
    the 20th floor of the building. When he enters the balcony, Snake gets a call 
    over his transmitter. It is the mysterious man from before, still claiming to 
    be "one of Snake's fans". The unknown informant tells Snake that he needs to 
    use the hang-glider when the wind is blowing north. He then suggests that one 
    of Snake's items might do the trick to find the wind direction. "Snake's fan" 
    then ends transmission. Using one of his Gas Grenades that he recovered 
    earlier, Snake successfully uses the hang-glider and crosses the valley. After 
    he lands, Snake continues forward when he is suddenly attacked by yet another 
    dangerous foe, the Predator. Predator is a master of ambush and stealth. He is 
    able to hide himself so well in the nearby grass that he disappears from 
    Snake's view and even radar. Though a master of stealth, Predator turns out to 
    be a poor fighter and is eventually dispatched by Snake. After killing the 
    stealthy soldier, Snake searches his corpse and discovers ID Card 8. Snake 
    uses his new keycard to finally make his way to the Detention Center (although 
    he does take a detour to the Zanzibar Biolabs first.)
    Snake sneaks through the corridors. He eventually finds an elevator leading 
    down to the B1 area of the building. While he rides the elevator, Snake gets 
    yet another call from "one of his fans." Snake's "fan" asks him if he ever 
    heard of group called "The Whispers". Snake responds that he had heard of the 
    disbanded guerilla group. The "fan" says that a survivor of the group, Night 
    Sight, is in the room with him. Night Sight uses the latest in stealth 
    technology, making him invisible to the eye as well as radar. Furthermore, his 
    gun is also completely silent, making him a dangerous threat. The "fan" wishes 
    Snake luck and signs off. Just as he does, Night Sight attacks from the 
    shadows. Although the soldier was completely invisible, Snake was able to find 
    where he was by seeing where his bullets came from when fired. After 
    dispatching the guerilla, Snake continued with his mission.
    Continuing on a bit, Snake finally comes to the room where Dr. Marv is being 
    held. When the FOX-HOUNDer enters, he discovers Dr. Marv lying on a bed, dead. 
    Dr. Pettrovich is standing next to him. Pettrovich explains that Snake is too 
    late, the doctor's heart gave out on him. Snake walks to the late doctor's bed 
    and looks at him. He notices an odd stain on the doctor's neck. Pettrovich 
    then goes on to explain that Dr. Marv was a hardcore gamer. He concealed the 
    formula for OILIX in a MSX cartridge made by a Japanese game company known as 
    Konami (*cough*cheap plug time*cough*) "The legendary worldwide computer! I 
    hear some freaks still use it today", exclaims Snake. Pettrovich says that the 
    cartridge is in a locker in the room, but he couldn't find the key. Snake 
    walks toward the locker when he gets a call. It's Holly, she says she has been 
    digging up some information on Pettrovich. Apparently, after his rescue from 
    Outer Heaven, the Western scientists (us evil Americans =) exclaimed that his 
    theories were misguided and that he was a "Scholar of Madness". After that he 
    became isolated from the rest of the world, and in time him and his theories 
    were forgotten. Holly goes on to explain that Pettrovich received an 
    invitation from a Zanzibar agent. Having connections with the scientific 
    community, he made a deal with Zanzibar land to illegally ship in all the 
    latest technologies. Snake hypothesizes that he must have been involved with 
    Dr. Kio Marv's kidnapping and is after the formula for OILIX to redeem his 
    tarnished name. Snake ends the transmission. 
    Pettrovich tells Snake that everything she said was true. After he returned to 
    the United States he wanted to complete Metal Gear. "Your politicians weren't 
    interested, but Zanzibar Land was", he explains. He then made a new and 
    improved Metal Gear with Zanzibar's help. He continues, saying that he killed 
    Kio Marv because he wouldn't give him the formula for OILIX. He then goes on 
    to explain that he was the one that informed Gray Fox that they were crossing 
    the bridge before. He did it when he went to perform his "natural desire". 
    Pettrovich then demands that Snake give him Natasha's brooch, as it is the key 
    to the locker. When Snake does not comply, the mad doctor leaps onto Snake's 
    back and starts attacking him. Snake tosses the doctor off his back and fires 
    several rounds at him. The shots meet their target. Mandar Pettrovich falls to 
    the floor, apparently dead. Snake walks to the locker and tries to use the 
    brooch, but it doesn't work. Maybe if Snake cools it down, it will work. Snake 
    goes back outside and cools down the brooch. It works, and the brooch changes 
    shape. Snake returns to the locker and uses it. The locker opens. Snake is 
    surprised to find...nothing. However, upon farther inspection, Snake discovers 
    a small hole in the wall willed with rats! Snake disposes of the vermin and 
    reaches into the hole. Inside he finds an old MSX cartridge.
    Snake shuts the locker door and starts to walk away. He hears a voice near him 
    and is surprised to find that Pettrovich is still alive.
    "S-Snake...he will never let you go. He will use Metal Gear deliberately", the 
    mortally wounded doctor gasps. Pettrovich then murmurs, "...Ellen...". He then 
    says there is a way to destroy it. "A way to destroy Metal Gear!?" Snake asks. 
    Pettrovich goes on to explain that he was torn between the East and Western 
    world. He explains that his daughter, who stayed in the East, was different 
    from him. Snake says that he understands and asks how can he destroy Metal 
    Gear. The doctor says that Metal Gear's legs are very lightly armored and he 
    should be able to destroy it with Grenades. "That is the only way to destroy 
    it", he explains. Suddenly, the floor collapsing under Snake cuts their 
    conversation short.
    Snake climbs to his feet and finds himself in a dimly lit room. Suddenly, Gray 
    Fox's voice is heard. He yells that there is no way to destroy the new Metal 
    Gear. Snake demands to know where Fox is. Fox says that he'll see him soon 
    enough. He then tells Snake to go through the door to his left. Then there is 
    silence. Snake enters the door and finds himself face to face with the new 
    nuclear-equipped walking battle tank... Metal Gear! Gray Fox sneered at his 
    former comrade and Solid Snake looked with without hate at his foe. After a 
    moment, the epic battle began. Snake followed Pettrovich's advice and used the 
    grenades whenever he could get the chance, but it was not easy. Gray Fox used 
    Metal Gear’s capabilities to the fullest, firing the machine’s powerful Vulcan 
    Cannon and deadly missile off at Snake with incredible ability. After a tough 
    battle, Snake finally inflicts more damage than Metal Gear could sustain. 
    Metal Gear is destroyed and the lights flash and go dead. After a moment, the 
    lights go back on and Snake is engulfed in flames. Gray Fox, still alive, 
    screams to Snake.
    "I'll take the cartridge... Burn and Die!!"
    Just then, Snake gets a call from Campbell (remember him?) who tells Snake to 
    throw off all his equipment that's on fire. Snake throws away all his weapons 
    and items. Unarmed, Snake pursues Gray Fox. When he enters the room Fox went 
    into, he finds himself in a dark room face to face with his FOX-HOUND rival. 
    Snake asks what this is all about. Fox then challenges Snake to a fistfight.
    "You mean a chicken fight", Snake mocks. "You were always my big rival in 
    FOX-HOUND. I've always waited for the day I could settle up with you!", Fox 
    responds. "Fox! I'll kick that twisted mind out of you!", Solid Snake yelled 
    to him getting into a fighting stance. "Snake! Learn the value of the Fox 
    title!", yelled Gray Fox who followed suit. Just then, Snake gets a call from 
    another FOX-HOUND member. George Kessler, FOX-HOUND's strategist. Kessler 
    tells Snake everything he's found in Gray Fox. Fox's real name is Frank 
    yeager, however ten years ago he was know as Frank Hunter (yeager is Hunter in 
    German.) Ten years ago he was involved with a woman living in the east. They 
    fled to the United States to seek political asylum, but the US wouldn't grant 
    them a green card. Snake asks what the woman's name was. Kessler tells Snake 
    her name was Natasha Markova, a Czech figurer skating gold medal winner. 
    "Natasha!?", Snake exclaims. Kessler then tells Snake that if he beats Fox, 
    he'll be the best mercenary in the world. He then ends transmission. And so 
    the battle begins...
    In the midst of a minefield, Snake and Fox fought without any weapons. A 
    fist-to-fist duel involving no hatred or murderous intent. During that moment 
    of purity the two were bound by forces transcending words and emotions. 
    Landing a powerful punch that sent Gray Fox into a nearby mine, Solid Snake 
    won the tough but pure battle against Gray Fox. Snake walks over to the dying 
    Fox who speaks to him. "Snake... Perhaps its time to hand over the Fox title 
    to you..." Snake asks why he did all of this. Fox explains that he is in an 
    awkward position. Big Boss may have only been a supervisor to Snake, but he 
    had saved Fox twice in the past. Fox explains, the first time was in Vietnam. 
    During and after the Vietnam War, half-white were discriminated against and 
    forced to grueling labor. Big Boss helped Fox out of that hell, like he has 
    helped the children Snake has seen here. The second time was in Mozambique. 
    Fox was being held and tortured as a Renamo Soldier. Snake yells, "You think 
    you're paying back! By this..." Fox goes on, "No, I hate war. Just like the 
    children here. But... I need war. We cannot live in normal societies. We are 
    war men...we need battlefields. The boss provides us areas to fight. You 
    cannot fool the fighting instinct inside you... I was born on a battlefield... 
    And there I shall die... Making others fortunate...especially women...is not 
    possible... Dying in action suits me." Fox also reveals that he was "Snake's 
    fan", that he made all those calls helping Snake.
    "You're not alone Frank. Natasha waits for you on the other side..."
    "...Natasha... ...Thank you, Snake..."
    Gray Fox then dies...
    Sad at the loss of his only friend, Snake continues on into the next room. 
    Waiting for him there is his old nemesis, Big Boss. Big Boss welcomes Snake to 
    Zanzibar Land. Snake says he'll kill Big Boss to end the nightmares he's had 
    for the past four years. Big Boss tells him that there is no way to get rid of 
    the nightmares. Men like Snake and he live only for one thing, and that is 
    war, he tells Snake. He tells Snake that he is providing just that. War... a 
    means to live. He goes on, telling Snake of the children here. Rescued from 
    wars in many different nations, being trained for soldiers for the next war. 
    He says that conflicts will never end in this world, it is their goal, and 
    also a way of living.
    "Without war, you'd be out of your job. Is that what your saying!?", Snake 
    sums it up. Snake says that he has only one battle. To defeat Big Boss and be 
    freed from the nightmare.
    "Whoever wins, out battle does not end. The loser is freed from the 
    battlefield, the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life 
    as the warrior until he dies” Big Boss explains. "Let me free you from your 
    agony", the arrogant Big Boss taunts. Snake says he will kill him. Big Boss 
    laughs at him, a lowly, unarmed soldier against the greatest mercenary in the 
    "Even in a cornered situation, always imagine success. Those were your words", 
    Snake tells him.
    "Even I make mistakes... Snake!! This time once and for all... COME ON!!!"
    Big Boss draws his weapon and fires at Snake. Cornered and extremely 
    disadvantaged, Solid Snake takes cover from Big Boss' fire and thinks of a way 
    to defeat his nemesis, to end the nightmare. Snake runs from room to room 
    searching for a weapon to beat the pursuing Big Boss. In a pool of acidic 
    water, Snake notices something gleaming and finds a Lighter. In another pool 
    of water, Snake discovers a spray can. Just then, Snake gets a call from 
    Master McDonell Miller, a combat consultant for FOX-HOUND. Master tells Snake 
    that he can use the lighter and the spray can together to make a flamethrower 
    to use against Big Boss. Armed with his new weapon, Solid Snake heads out to 
    face his ultimate enemy. Big Boss laughs at the seemingly unarmed soldier and 
    goes in for the kill. When Big Boss rounds the corner, he is greeted by a 
    stream of flames. Big Boss collapses to the ground, burning in agony.
    "Snake...Not yet...Not yet...Snake...Sn.."
    Snake leaves Big Boss to die in that room. Heading out into the next corridor, 
    Snake hears someone yell "HALT!" from behind. Startled, Snake spins around and 
    sees the soldier take his mask off to reveal...Holly. They talk a bit and 
    Holly hands Snake a gun she nabbed off a guard. Holly asks how there going to 
    get out of here. "Shall I call a limo?", Snake asks. Holly scolds him and says 
    this is no time for jokes. Snake then takes out his transceiver and contacts 
    Charlie, the pick-up zone helicopter pilot. Charlie says he'll be at the 
    pick-up point right away. Snake asks Holly if she can run non-stop to the 
    pick-up point. She says it'll be rough, but she can. Snake and Holly dash 
    toward the pick-up point, with Snake taking out any guards along the way. When 
    they reach their destination, Charlie still isn't there. Snake calls him up, 
    but he says he's still 10k away. Suddenly, soldiers come from all directions 
    and ambush the two. "Damn, out of ammo", Snake exclaims. It seems to be the 
    end for the two, when suddenly a hail of bullets takes out the enemy soldiers. 
    It was the chopper, just in time. Snake wonders if they'll make it home in 
    time for Christmas (it's Christmas?) The chopper picks up the two and they fly 
    off into the sunset...
    After the credits, presumably back at base. Campbell asks if Snake will rejoin 
    FOX-HOUND. Snake tells him that the nightmare is over. Campbell says that is 
    too bad. Campbell then asks if the cartridge Snake got is truly the one from 
    Dr. Marv. Holly suggests they open the cartridge. Snake says there is no need, 
    they should just put it in a MSX and see. Campbell says he has one right here, 
    "my good old MSX!" (guess he's one of those freaks that still use it =) They 
    insert the cartridge and nothing seems to happen.
    VRAM: 0IK bytes
    Campbell says Snake is right. Holly doesn't see anything, but Snake tells her 
    that his signature is right there. KIO MARV. Campbell exclaims that the world 
    is saved thanks to this game. "He left us a game that saved us all, didn't he 
    Snake?", Holly says to Snake, but the hero was nowhere to be seen. It seems 
    his place is no longer here. Snake goes off alone into the night...
    And so ends Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake...
    XII. M u s i c
    This section contains a listing of all the music in the series. Sorry if it
    is a bit sparce at the moment. I'll make it better in another update
    Metal Gear Solid OST
    Metal Gear Solid Main Theme
    Intruder 1 
    Intruder 2 
    Warhead Storage 
    Intruder 3 
    Mantis' Hymn 
    Hind D 
    Blast Furnace 
    Rex's Lair 
    End Title - The Best Is Yet To Come 
    VR Training 
    Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit) 
    Metal Gear Solid Control Mix (Mixed by Quadra) 
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty OST
    Metal Gear Solid Main Theme 
    Opening Infiltration 
    Russian Soldiers from Kasatka 
    Olga Gurlukovich 
    Metal Gear 
    Revolver Ocelot 
    RAY escapes 
    Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Piano Version)
    Big Shell 
    Kill Me Now ! 
    The World Needs Only One Big Boss ! 
    It's the Harrier ! 
    Arsenal is Going To Take Off ! 
    Who Am I Really? 
    Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Full Version) Vocal: Carla White 
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Other Side OST
    Tanker Incident 
    The Elevator up to Hell 
    Vamp's Dance 
    Peter's Theme 
    Countdown to Disaster 
    Lady Luck Revisited 
    Yell "Dead Cell" 
    Metal Gear's Already Active! 
    Arms Depot 
    Memories of Hal 
    Twilight Sniping 
    Will the Virus Still Work? 
    Arsenal's Guts 
    Prelude to the Denouement 
    Father and Son 
    Freedom to Decide 
    XIII. F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s
    Any asked questions you might send in will go here...so send them you lazy 
    fool. I know your dying to tell me and as long as it's competent, it will be 
    answered. Hair brained theories are welcomed as well.
    Q: Can I use -insert bio- in my FAQ/website?
    I shall consider it. If using information in your FAQ you must include a copy
    of the FAQ in your mail. If you wish to use information on a website, please
    include the url. Any free domain websites (geocities, angelfire, tripod, etc.)
    will be ignored.
    Q: Hey, you forgot to put -insert term-.
    A: Well then, tell me about it and I'll add it.
    Q: Is there really a Colonel?
    A: Of course there is. I don't believe a computer can father a child.
    Q: When did Rose go from being real to AI?
    A: Rose was the real Rose from up until when Raiden left the Torture Room.
    Q: D00D Raiden sux Snake ownz j00.
    A: That's nice...
    Q: Snake's getting pretty old. Shouldn't he be retiring from the field?
    A: Big Boss was considered the greatest soldier of all time, and he was still
    fighting in his LATE 70s! I'll let you think about that.
    Q: Raiden is really girly and !@# looking. What is up with that?
    A: Part of Japanese culture. Girly guys look good to Japanese girls. 
    Buishonen (sp?)
    Q: Will you be updating this document once a new Metal Gear comes out?
    A: But of course, as long as one comes out within the next 4 years.
    Q: I heard Hideo Kojima said there isn't going to be another Metal Gear game.
    A: Kiddos, Hideo Kojima said there isn't going to be another Metal Gear game
    DIRECTED by him. The entire ending leads up to a sequel, why would they leave
    us hanging?
    Q: Where does Metal Gear: Ghost Babel fit into the story?
    A: It doesn't, it is a sort of alternate universe or something. Well, it 
    actually does fit in. If you complete all the special missions of the game,
    you will get a text ending screen which gives congrats to...Jack. So it 
    would seem the entire mission was one of Raiden's VR Training.
    Q: I heard Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is gonna be on the Xbox. Is 
    this true?
    A: I'm not really sure. From what I heard, the project has been cancelled/
    delayed/never existed.
    Q: What is this "Metal Gear Solid Substance" I've heard of?
    A: Hmm...from what I've heard it has been made out to be Metal Gear Solid, VR
    Missions, and Metal Gear Solid 2. Metal Gear Solid and VR Missions (guess I
    should call it MGS: Integral) is said to have its graphics and game engine
    upgraded to MGS2's standards (in other words, the looks and moves of MGS2). I
    don't really know if this is true or not, I've seen it pop up on a few 
    reliable websites, yet what it -actually- is hasn't been said. Well, I dunno.
    Personally I'd enjoy Metal Gear Solid playing as well as MGS2 =)
    Here's the 411 on Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in case you haven't heard. 
    MGS2:S is pretty much to MGS2 as Metal Gear Solid: Integral is to MGS. Its a
    updated 'special edition' version of MGS2. Sort of think of it as the special
    edition DVDs that come out for movies. The first version is just the bare 
    bones movie, while the special edition is overflowing with extras. Anyways,
    the new features in MGS2:S are:
    -Over 200 VR Missions (yipee!)
    -Over 100 'alternate missions' (Skateboarding Snake...yeah, its weird)
    -5 story oriented "Snake Tales"
    -New costumes and characters to play as (Raiden in Tanker, Snake in Shell. 
    Snake has tuxedo, Pliskin, and MGS1 uniform. Raiden has a Grey Fox skin.)
    -Boss Battle and Demo Theater added in (yipee!)
    and probably more... (like Meryl is in it o_O)
    Q: Where do Snake's Tales fit in?
    A: They don't. It's sort of a parellel universe Twilight Zone-esque world.
    Q: What happened with no updates for several months?
    A: It's like this:
    -Computer Broke
    -No Internet Connection
    -Computer Died
    -Bought New Computer 2 months later
    Q: What happened to the "Timeline" section?
    A: It died. Too many events are vague and MG2's timeline given is just...
    stupid (peace in the Middle East, Nukes and Chem. weapons banned world wide.)
    The games happen these years in case you're wondering:
    1995- Metal Gear
    1999 (Christmas Eve) - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    2005 - Metal Gear Solid
    2007 - Tanker Chapter: Metal Gear Solid 2
    2009 - Plant Chapter: Metal Gear Solid 2
    Q: Why is the MGS remake coming out for GCN? That is teh ***.
    A: Because nobody love you.
    Q: I think in the MGS3 trailer Snake is really ba...
    A: *delete*
    Q: What are all the Metal Gears and makers real quick?
    1995 - Metal Gear -     Pettrovich Madnar - Outer Heaven
    1999 - Metal Gear D -   Pettrovich Madnar - Zanzibar
    2005 - Metal Gear REX - Hal Emmerich  -     ArmsTech
    2007 - Metal Gear RAY - Marine Corps. -     Marine Corps
    2009 - Arsenal Gear -   Emma Emmerich -     Patriots
    Come on now, send me some more questions.
    XIV. C r e d i t s
    I'd like to thank:
    My Friends and Family- For obvious reasons.
    Hideo Kojima and KJEC- For making this great series.
    CjayC (www.gamefaqs.com)- For running one of the best gaming related sites on 
    the web and for hosting this FAQ.
    Animaraptor- For providing me with the briefing sequence of Metal Gear Solid 
    in order.
    RazorC- for supplying me with some very obscure official bios for Metal Gear 
    Solid characters. Hope you can get me those last ones soon.
    The Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake English Translation Team- for translating 
    Metal Gear 2 and its manual into English. Big thanks.
    Any people who submitted questions or their support.
    and you! No, not the guy outside the window stealing your lawn gnome. You,
    for reading this whole thing. Oh, and there's a guy stealing your lawn 
    And anyone else I've forgotten!
    XV. C r e d i t s   a n d   C o n t a c t   I n f o r m a t i o n
    Feel free to contact me if you have a question, comment, want to use this 
    FAQ on your site (see copyright), or have a correction. But first, follow 
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    - Use good sentence structure.
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    try to respond.
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    Any gameplay questions shall be ignored.
    - Be rude.
    - Speak in 1337 (I'm not gonna go to through the trouble of reading it.)
    - Curse like a sailor.
    - Do NOT stick attachments to your e-mail. I was sent approximately 40 copies
    of the Klez virus that was going around. If your e-mail is more than 1-10k, 
    then it is destined for the trash.
    -Don't send me any ****ing viruses.
    Please observe these guidelines and there is a good chance you'll get responds 
    right away. Thank you.
    Well, this is the end of the road. If your still reading...your weird. Go
    outside or something. If you read this in one sitting, your superhuman...or
    very bored. Now go outside, go now! This guide was a pain in the ass. Also,
    try checking out my other FAQs (yeah, cheap plug):
    - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game script
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    - Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Snake Tales FAQ/Walkthrough
    Until next time.

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