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    PAL/US Dog Tag Difference FAQ by MPewo

    Version: Final | Updated: 03/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    PAL/US Dog Tag Difference FAQ-Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty-PS2
    Version Final-2/26/03
    Matt Pewo  -  mpewo_faqs@yahoo.com
    Also known as MPewo on the GameFAQs Message boards
    This FAQ is Copyright 2003, Matt Pewo, All rights reserved!
    -Ask before you post this FAQ elsewhere
    -You may print a copy, save a copy on your PC, and fold, spindle, and/or
    mutilate this if you wish.
    -You may not wipe your feet on this FAQ!
    -If you find anything that you think will help me in the Next Version please
    e-mail me at mpewo_faqs@yahoo.com
    -You may not use this FAQ for Profit!!
    Version Final-2/26/03-4 Pages-This FAQ starts, and ends.
    a)Tanker Tag Differences
    b)Plant Tag Differences
    c)Marine Dog Tags
    a)Tanker Tag Differences
    {US becomes PAL}
    *Very Easy*
    006/Kim K Christensen becomes Kumi Sato
    020-023 Marine Tags
    006/Mark W Bruce becomes Nobuyoshi Nishimura
    007/Yukho Wong becomes Tomomi Kato
    013/Marcin A Cieslinski becomes Gackt
    021-025 Marine Tags
    002/Rodrigo Spinetti becomes Kim K Christensen
    003/Bryan D Scheibe becomes Larry D Lionberger
    004/Ho Yeung Tsang becomes Chul Kwon
    006/Frank Gther becomes Hoshiko Kamata
    025-032 Marine Tags
    011/ Larry D Lionberger becomes Toshio Noguchi
    016/Youssel Fassi-Fihri becomes Achim Amann
    018/Lars Crama becomes Tommy Blunt
    023/Christian Nordster becomes Shintaro Naka
    024/Jonathon Murphy becomes Natsuyo Tanaka
    026-034 Marine Tags
    002/Pawel Majewski becomes Aki Hitachi
    004/Cory A Noll becomes Yoshinori Onodera
    026-033 Marine Tags
    b)Plant Tag Differences
    *Very Easy*
    001/Carlos I Siu becomes Hiro Takada
    022/Yuki Miyata becomes Takahiro Omori
    015/Nicholas J Schreiber becomes Shiro Mukaide
    016/Achim Amaan becomes Rie Nishiki
    017/Tommy Blunt becomes Mariko Nakamura
    018-043/ There is one less dog tag on strut D.  This causes the list to be
    shifted up after #18 (US18 = PAL17)
    044/Peter Stillman becomes No One (PAL has only 43 tags)
    001/Christopher J Uzdanovich becomes Sotaro Tojima
    026/Rafael Estaregue becomes Daisuke Mogi
    030/Jason B Wray becomes Koichi Nakano
    032/Iiro Karvinen becomes Sachiko Hara
    034/Hiro Takadabecomes Carlos I Siu
    040/Yutaka Negishi becomes Renata N Csio
    041/Renata N Csio becomes Yutaka Negishi
    043/Paul M Blacketer becomes Sevak N Fair
    044/Dennis J Krimpelbein becomes Paul M Blacketer
    045/Stanley A Garcia becomes Charles P Quivers
    046/Charles P Quivers becomes Stanley A Garcia
    047/Sevak N Fair becomes Dennis J Krimpelbein
    017/Gary K Yong becomes Hiroyuki Tsuchida
    021/Andreas Ebeler becomes Takaaki Tsuchida
    022/James N Janovsky becomes Ryoko Yoshimura
    023/Nathaniel Lord becomes Yoshiteru Kobayashi
    025/Gary J Davidson becomes Nicholas J Schreiber
    026/Carlos Kiho becomes Kenichiro Kano
    027/Andrew N Bartlett becomes Hiroki Satoyoshi
    028/Tim U Chan becomes Shuyo Murata
    048/Chul Kwan becomes Satoru Kobayoshi
    007/Hiro Miyajima becomes Hironobu Matsui
    018/Alex C Wilson becomes Masashi Watanabe
    025/Micheal A Hare becomes Ryosaku Ueno
    c)Marine Dog Tags
    Most marine tags are just tags that were taken from other areas of the game
    when it was translated for Europe.
    Very Easy-3 tags are moved to marines
    Easy-4 tags are moved to marines
    Normal-7 tags are moved to marines
    Hard-6 tags are moved to marines
    Extreme-8 tags are moved to marines
    GameFAQs/CjayC, Neoseeker, and PSX Codez-Hosting this and my other FAQs
    Nick Pewo-For beating the game so many times in order to get the tags
    Big^Mike, Dark Angel, DEngel-For filling in the blanks in my tag lists.
    Me-For writing this

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