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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CAHowell

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 04/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           T A C T I C A L           E S P I O N A G E          A C T I O N
       #    # ### ###  ## ##     #### ####   ## ####     ### ### #  ## ####   33333
       ##  ## ### ### ### ##     #### ####  ### #  #    ##   ### #  ## ####       3
       ###### #    # ## # ##     #    ##   #  # #  #    #### # # #  ## ## #       3
       # ## # ###  # #  # ##     # ## #### #  # ####      #  # # #  ## ## #   33333
       # ## # #    # #### ##     # ## ##   #### #  #     ##  ### #  ## ## #       3
       #    # ###  # #  # ####   #### #### #  # #  #    ##   ### ## ## ####   33333
                                  S N A K E      E A T E R
                                    V E R S I O N  1 . 7
        Email: cahowellguide@gmail.com
        Next update: Early April 2006
        Next Email sweep: Whenever I get emails!
        Next Additions:      (Snake Eater) Ponizovje Warehouse-Graniny Gorki Lab
                             (Bosses): The Fury-The Sorrow (On Hold)
                             (Items): Various (On Hold)
        Percent Complete: 51%
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                                   Table of Contents I
        ToC I:
        ||          Name                   ||           Section #               ||
        ||    Table of Contents I          ||             0C10                  ||
        ||    Version History              ||             0002                  ||
        ||    Walkthough                   ||             0003                  ||
        ||    -Start                       ||             00A3                  ||
        ||    Table of Contents II         ||             0C20                  ||
        ||    Various Items, etc           ||           0004-0008               ||
        ||    Easter Eggs                  ||             0009                  ||
        ||    Frog Locations               ||             0010                  ||
        ||    Mailbag: Q&A                 ||             00M1                  ||
        ||    Copyright Info               ||             0011                  ||
                                                                   /Code: 0002   |
                                   Table of Contents
        Version 1.5 (12/17/04): Yeah, it's been awhile. Been away due to work.
                                Now that I have the christmas break off, I
                                can finally work on a few things.
                                -First of all, I topped off the items list with
                                 a complete food item list. However, the
                                 locations are vague, but they will be changed
                                -Secondly, I added a second table of contents.
                                 Sound odd? Well, it's something new I am
                                 doing so sections can be easier to find.
                                -Thanks both to the Brady guide and a second
                                 playthrough, I will be able to add a few
                                 things. Expect more in the following months
                                -Added more things from the emails I have
                                Also, I added a schedual at the top, as well
                                as my email, and what I need to do at the
                                bottom. Think of it as something that will
                                keep me on track, and give you a idea when
                                I plan to work on it. Until then, don't
                                hesitate to email me (unless you have stupid
        Version 1.51 12/17/04:  Mailbag day! Read through a good 100 emails that
                                have been sitting in my inbox for weeks, meaning
                                that if your info or question isn't in the guide,
                                it's in my trash. One thing, though: Always try
                                to name yourself at the bottom of your emails so
                                I can give the proper credit. Anyways, here is the
                                -New boss strategies for The Pain, The Fear, and
                                 The End.
                                -New Easter Eggs
                                -Minor frog note
                                -New Q&A section
                                -Several new quota's added at the bottom.
                                Remember: Keep sending your info in! This isn't
                                just my guide: This is the peoples guide, meaning
                                all the help I can get will speed up the process.
        Version 1.6 3/30/2006:  HOLY JESUS GRANDPA A UPDATE! Yes, folks, I finally
                                started to update again. Ever since I started to
                                play Subsistence, I felt a bit guilty about
                                leaving this guide in the most retarted areas of
                                the game. Hopefully, I won't ditch the guide again
                                when I get bored (Which does happen)
                                Sorry to dissapoint, but the only thing I have
                                added is the the areas up o the first Ocelot
                                battle. However, with all the free time (and
                                better writting skills then 1 and a half years
                                ago), I should be able to complete this guide
                                in a fairly swift manner.
                                -Added areas up to the first Ocelot Squad
                                -Changed email (cahowellguide@gmail.com)
                                FOR SUBSISTENCE!
        Version 1.61 3/31/06:   OK, my origianal plan for the next update was to
                                update all the way to the area The Pain was in,
                                but I decided to do a smaller update for now.
                                -Added Chyornyj Prud
                                -Added Bolshaya Past South
                                I dare say 2 areas per update should help keep
                                the pace a little eaven. I also decided to put
                                the items/bosses updates on hold until I finish
                                the guide (Which should be in April sometime).
                                Anywho, next update should be up to The Pain
                                battle. Also, I will try to have the PAL/Japanese
                                Version Camos info up soon (The one with all the
                                flags on it, although thats more for Subsistence).
        Version 1.62 3/31/06:   Nothing major, just added another area and some
                                details on the Ocelot battle.
                                -Added Bolshaya Past Base
                                -Added Bolshaya Past Crevice (Ocelot battle)
                                -Cleaned up a few format issues.
                                -Added Tsuchinoko to the food section
                                I would do the cave area, but that area will be
                                a pain in the ass to write for, and will take
                                time. Should be added in the next update.
        Version 1.7 4/1/06:     Whew, added quite a bit to the guide in this
                                update. Few things are a bit vague (mostly item
                                locations), but they are still up. Here is what
                                was added:
                                -Added Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch
                                -Added Chyornaya Perchera Cave
                                -Added Chyornaya Perchera Cave Entrance
                                -Added Ponizovje South
                                -Added Ponizovje West
                                -Added Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior
                                Fortunatly, the worst parts are over (for now).
                                Hopefully, I will be able to have a fairly big
                                update next time (Although this one did go
                                above what I was planning). Anywho, enjoy.
                                                                   /Code: 0002   |
        Virtuous Mission (Beginning)                                          00A3
        When you first begin the game, you will be asked a few things. The first
        screen you come to asks if you liked MGS1, MGS2, or never played any of
        the games. Answer "I Like MGS2!" for a extra something later one. Then,
        select the difficulty to start the opening cutscene with snake.
        Dremuchij South:
        If you choose "I like MGS2!" you will recieve a extra raiden mask that
        you can use. Since you don't have anything to do, head to the north to
        continue. You can either crawl under a log (X + forward), or head to the
        right path and slide down. Once you are at the tree with moss on it, climb
        up with the Triangle button to reach the branch with the backpack on it.
        Then, push the triangle button again to enter hanging mode, and reach over
        to get your backpack.
        Once you do get your backpack back, you will recieve some camo's, a few
        field rations, a Tranq. Gun, and (may differ) another tranq. gun called
        the EZ gun that has unlimited ammo and has a unbreakable silencer, but
        forces you to reload after every shot. After the codec conversation, you
        can do a few things in the area to help you get adjusted to the controls.
        Once you have your backpack, head to the left to find a blocked path
        with some logs. Use the Triangle button to hop over the top log and get
        to the hidden area.
        In truth, there is not much you can do in this area, but you can get a few
        items. Use your Tranq. Gun to capture the giant snake in front of the tree,
        and shoot down some of the green fruits in the tree to get a few items.
        Once that is done, head back to the northern section where you got your
        backpack, and head to the next area (Exit's to the very north).
        Dremuchij Swamp Land:
        Another fun area to have some fun with. You can get a few animals in the
        grass (frogs, snakes) as well as a few mushrooms. Once you get to the
        quicksand area, try to be careful, since staying in the quicksand too long
        will cause to to sink and die. Also, be aware of the Gators in the area,
        although it wouldn't be a bad idea to kill a few, since they give 3 slots
        worth of food (Also, Gator meat does replenish quite a bit of health).
        Also, it is good to add that the Hornet's nest in the area replenishes
        almost all your stamina, so if you want to, shoot or cut it down. Although
        you will also get some ointment, hornets will attack you.
        Once you are done with that area, head to the northern area to continue.
        Dremuchij North:
        This is where it gets quite serious. Despite the codec convo saying to use
        stealth, you can use force against these guys. Since you do not have a
        lethal weapon yet, you will have to use your knife to do most of the
        dirty work. Best strategy to use is to drop them with a Tranq. Dart and
        then slash them with your knife when they are alseep, killing them (You
        can tell that you killed one when the Z's stop coming out of their head).
        If you want some quick fun, do a small side quest and hug the right wall
        until you reach a pathway. Continue down that pathway while hugging
        the south wall until you reach the SVD. While it's not recommended (You
        will lose it later), you can breeze through the next areas with ease.
        Fortunatly, the enemies in this area are spread out, and it's almost damn
        near impossible for them to find any of the dead guards (Unless you go
        into alert mode), so you don't have to worry about leaving them out in
        the open. The area is like a upside-down L, so head up and then to the
        right to find the enterance to the next area.
        This is a fun area! Basically, there are 3 parts for this area: South,
        North, and the bridge. There are about 3 soliders to the south (Where you
        begin), 1 on the bridge, and 2 to the north. Knock the ones in the southern
        part out first, and then slash them a few times with your knife to kill
        them. Be careful when crossing the bridge, though. While it won't break,
        it can cause you to slip and cling to the side (Use the triangle button
        to lift yourself up).
        Since there is quite a few guards, here is a few tactics you can use.
        First thing involves bodies. While unequiped, press the Triangle button
        to pick up a dead soldier and aim near a cliff or the side of the
        bridge. The body will fall over, and into the void. Secondly, cut the
        bridge to make it unstable for the 2+ guards that are on the bridge.
        Also, for a very short time, you can get the XM16E1 in this area. First,
        head to the left part of the north section of the bridge, and hug
        the wall. While hugging the wall (Or hanging), go to the right
        to find the XM16E1 and some ammo.
        Once you get to the northern section, head to the left to head to the
        next section.
        A small building area that Sokolov is being held in. There are two
        options: Take down the guards by force or use your camo's to sneak your
        way to Sokolov. If you do take down the guards, be sure to take them all
        out, or you will have a hell of a time to bring down the alert. If you
        want to use stealth, use the Tiger Stripe (Forest area), and Squares
        (Brick building) to get to Sokolov without bringing up your kill count.
        Also, you can get the M37 Shotgun in the first building area from the
        left, but it would be a waste of time in the end.
        If you want to have fun, go to Sokolov's window on the very right
        side of the building and play around a little. Doing things like
        shooting out his window, from throwing items in gets you various
        responces. While you can throw a grenade into the window, you will get
        the good ol' Mission Failure screen.
        Once you are ready to move on, approach the door on the right side of
        the ruins to proceed (as long as you don't have any alerts still in
        effect). Also, if you want to get all The Bosses radio calls, do it
        now. You won't have the options once you approach Sokolov and for
        the rest of the game.
        After the cutscene with Ocelot (heh), you can do a few things. While
        killing the unconcious or sleeping soldiers won't do anything, killing
        Ocelot will end the game with a Game Over. However, if you pick up and
        drop his body, you will get a mousetrap. Continue back south to reach
        (Story cutscene with The Boss, the Cobra's, and Volgin)
        Once the cutscene is over, you will find yourself on the bottom of the
        bridge and up-stream, with injuries. At this point, you will be introduced
        to the cure screen. Read the descriptions carefully, and use the right
        items for the right situations. If you don't hear a beep with the injury
        you are currently on, it still needs a additional item.
        Once you do that, you will be treated to the ending of the Virtuous
        Mission. Also, the first time the R1 button icon shows up, push it
        and look to the left to find a Skeleton (You will find out about this
        later). Once this is done, you will start the Snake Eater mission.
        Operation Snake Eater (Beginning)/Dremuchij East
        (Story cutscene with Snake, FOX, and the political leaders)
        Well, I hope you enjoyed the nearly 30 minute break you had since playing
        the game. Anywho, Dremuchij East is pretty boring. Nothing really to do
        besides save, talk to people on the radio (Sigint is now a option,
        replacing The Boss as your Weapons and Camo advisor). Once that is done,
        head north to...um...Dremuchij North!
        Dremuchij North
        Nothing too interesting besides food...Err, animals. Anywho, head east
        for a cutscene involving The Boss
        (Story cutscene with Snake and The Boss)
        Once she shoots up the wig, two soldiers will come to investigate, and
        put you in alert mode. It's also good to note that you are in Evasion
        mode, so put on your black face paint and camo and try to sneak past
        them (Best way is to wait in the grass until they go near the wig, the
        go north afterwards). Look familiar? Your back in the place 1 area
        away from the bridge you fell off. Nothing really interesting, so
        go North to Dolinovodno.
        Few things of interest, but all of them are past the bridge. First thing
        to do is take out the guard on the bridge. His path is set to walk all the
        way across from the northern part to the southern part, then head to the
        point right before you enter the bridge from the south point. Unless you
        are playing the Very Easy version/playing it a second time, you will have
        to take him out with your knife or knock him out with CQC. Once he is
        taken care of, go across the bridge.
        You have another guard to take care of on the western part of the area
        across the bridge. He goes from the northern part to the southern part
        of the area, so kill him/knock him out when he is facing away from you.
        Once that is done, head south on the western part of the area you are in
        to find a pathway to a few goodies. Lean against the wall (Or fall off
        and climb across while in hanging mode) to a small area with a Raindrop
        uniform, Life Medicine, and Smoke Grenade. The Raindrop uniform is pretty
        useless, but keep it for collection sake. Once you are done, head north
        to Rassivet
        No guards in sight! Anywho, time to get a few items. First: If you laid
        down the mousetrap from shaking down Ocelot from before, it should be
        at the same place you left it at (Plus, whatever it caught). Head to the
        area with all the boxes (It's to the left of Sokolov's old room) to find
        a Cardboard Box (A). After that, head to the very left of the ruins of
        the building (The one with the giant staircase) to get a AK-47. Next,
        head to the room below Sokolov's old room for the Mine Detector. Then,
        enter Sokolov's old room itself and look in the lower left corner for
        the Thermal Goggles. Exit the room for a cutscene.
        (Cutscene with EVA, Snake, and several GRU soldiers, then a cutscene with
         the Ocelot Unit)
        First enemy rush of the game! Your one and only goal is to take out the
        members of the Ocelot squad. Few things to note:
        -Take your new M1911A1 out (or the mk22 if you are going for no kills)
         from your bag and equip them. That, or the AK-47 (If you got it)
        -Headshots are a MUST. If you use the mk22, they will instantly be
         deducted from your enemy count once they pass out. Otherwise, aim
         for the head, heart, or balls.
        -The ocelot unit is spread out, for the most part. The first bunch
         seem to group around Sokolov's old room and try to frag you/shoot
         your ass until you are dead. One seems to hang out west of the old
         building, while two seem to hang out around the eastern side.
         Finally, there is one tricky bastard on the roof that you need to
         use the ladder on the eastern side of the building to reach.
        There should be about 9, if I remember correctly. Once they are all
        dead, head to the fenced area on the upper east side to start a
        (Cutscene with Snake, EVA, and Ocelot)
        Once that is done, it's time for a little more item collection! Head
        to the Eastern side (near the area the gate was at) for some Bug
        Spray. From there: Head up, then north of the building (From your
        perspective, there should be a smally ally near on the left side)
        to find the Zombie Face paint. Got everything? Good, now head through
        the previously closed gate to Chyornyj Prud.
        Chyornyj Prud
        QUITE a few items in this area. While there are no guards, there are still
        a few dangers you have to face. Indian Gavials (Crocodiles) are swimming
        in the water, and can kill you in one hit if you arn't careful. In truth,
        it may be a good time to stock up on food. Grenades work well here,
        although a shot to the head should kill it in one hit.
        There are also a few important items in this area. AK-47 bullets, WP and
        Smoke grenades can be found in the lower left part of the map. Some Chaff
        Grenades and the Ga-Ko uniform are found at the Eastern part of the map
        (They are a little left of the hump on the eastern side of the map).
        If you want to get the Croc Cap for later, you'll have to do a little
        swimming. Head to the Western part of the map intil you see a log blocking
        a area to what looks like a path. Swim under it, then emerge to find
        a hidden pathway. On the way, you can collect some Grenades and Mk22
        bullets. Once you go North, you should see a path. Unless you are
        ready to go on to the next section of the game, do NOT use that path
        yet. Head to the right to find a tree you can climb.
        Once on the branch of the tree, Press the Triangle button to enter
        Hanging mode, then climb across the wire until you see a second wire
        below it. Line yourself up, then press the X button to release, and
        right when you are about to hit the second wire, press Triangle again
        to grab onto the secone wire. Shimmy across the wire until you reach
        a small ledge (Which is straight in the middle of the Northern part
        of the map). Once you are sure you are over it, press the X button
        to release to get the Croc Cap. Once you have it, jump down the South
        side of the ledge you are on to collect some Stun Grenades and M1911A1
        bullets. Once you have all the food/items you need in this area, head
        over to the landmass to the right of the cliff to continue.
        Few notes before you continue: There is a spike trap that is set off
        by a rope. Look for the rope, then shoot it from a distance to set
        off the trap. You should have also recieved a call from EVA by now
        if you reached this point, so you will be able to call her for
        a variety of info on future bosses and info on Volgin and Ocelot.
        Once you are done in this area, head North to the next area (You
        can also use the west exit to reach Bolshaya Past North)
        Bolshaya Past South
        Whoo boy, this is a annoying area. In the first area with the electric
        fences, look for a rough dirt path under the fence to crawl through.
        However, whatever you do, always remain in crawl mode in the next area.
        Claymore mines are spread throughout, and can be set off if you are
        standing up and walking. However, crawling will allow you to pick them up
        and use them against your enemies. Head west of this area to find a
        climbable tree. Before you do jump down, take care of the guard dog
        so it won't attack you/set off the alert mode. Usually, a tranq dart from
        the Mk22 does well, but a headshot will also work well (although it does
        alert the guard to the East, but you can use that opprotunity to take out
        the guard as well once he investigates.) Once you position youself over
        the fence on the branch, jump down.
        Take knotice the guard to the east of the area you are in now, tranq/kill
        him and continue. You now have two paths (Western path and eastern path).
        Western path has less mud to slow you down, but doesn't have anything
        interesting. The eastern path has quicksand that will kill you instantly
        if you stand in it too long, but has the Splitter uniform. To get the
        Splitter uniform, go down the Eastern path (Past the quicksand) until
        you see a climbable ledge with a item box to the north of it on a
        seperate ledge. Hug the wall until you reach the second ledge (Make sure
        you are right over the camo before you let go, or else you will fall and
        have to do it again). Once that is done, drop down and head to the third
        Next part is a bit tricky. There are 3 guards: Two guarding the enterance
        to the next area, and one patroling right past the gate. Take out the two
        at the gate at the same time (AKA: Use headshots with the traq darts or
        just kill them with a normal gun), then take care of the one patroling
        before he has time to call backup. Also, there is a second camo for you
        to collect before you leave: The Choco Chip Camo. To get it, head to the
        Western part of the area that one guard was patrolling, and look in a
        tree trunk. While it isn't too useful now, it will in the later parts of
        the game. You can either take the Western or Eastern path to Bolshaya
        Past Base.
        *NOTE: This is a great area to catch the Tsuchinoko. If you have the
               mouse trap you took from Ocelot, you can use that to easily
               get one and get the Infinite Face Paint. Before you leave/begin
               this area, set it down and head to the next area for a little
               while. After a certain ammmount of time (Anywhere from 5 minutes
               or less to 40 or so), you will catch a Tsuchinoko (Since
               there are no other animals in the game). You will need to keep
               it in your inventory until you get captured, so don't eat it!
        Bolshaya Past Base
        Huge area with lots to do. First things first: The guards. There is one
        to the West of the building and dirt tunnels, one guarding the entrance
        to the south door to the building in the center, one patrolling along
        the the South-Eastern part, right near the dirt tnnels, one near the
        helecopter to the East, one to the north before the dirt tunnels, and
        one guard at the Ammunition shed. It's also good to note that there are
        turrets in this area you (or your enemy) can use, so note the areas
        they are in (If I remember correctly, the turrets are to the north and
        south respectively, although I don't remember too well). If you want
        to bypass most of it, do the Western route (Avoiding the building)
        and head north to the Ocelot battle. If you want to get the camo/face
        paint and other items, keep reading.
        The Snow Face paint can be found in the dirt tunnels around the center
        building (It's a little to the west), while Mk22 bullets can also be found
        in the same ditch (to the North, although I don't remember if they were
        in the ditch or not). The water camo can be found on the roof of the
        building (The ladder is right next to the southern entrance), so take
        out the guard and head up the ladder. In the central building, there
        is a Mousetrap, Mk22 bullets, and a Supressor for the M1911A1 (Under
        the bed). You can find these items in the eastern part of the Central
        building (Or the field hospital, if you want to call it
        There are also three supply buildings: A food storage, a medical storage,
        and ammo storage. The food storage is directly north of the central
        building (The door to the Food Storage is on the right), and it contains
        a mousetrap, Rations, and a Calorie Mate. The Medical Storage is at the
        northerastern part of the map and has Life Medicine, D Medicine, Bandage,
        and a Antidote. The Ammo storage is directly Northeast of the Medical
        storage (and has a guard). Inside is Ak-47 bullets, Stun, WP, and Normal
        Grenades, TNT, and M1911A1 bullets.
        Once you have everything, head to the pathway to the North to Bolshaya
        Past Crevice.
        *Note: You can blow up the Food and Ammo storage areas so the guards
               will have lest stamina/less ammo, but I am not 100% sure if
               that will effect anything past the Ocelot battle or not. It
               would be a great help if someone emails me about this. Thanks.
         Bolshaya Past Crevice
         (Cutscene with Snake, Ocelot, and various members of the Ocelot squad)
         Before the actual battle, I would like to note that there is Ak-47
         bullets, WP and Normal Grenades, and M1911A1 and Mk22 bullets on the
        |Boss: Ocelot |
        |Remember the first boss of MGS? Yeah, it's like that, only different.   |
        |Ocelot now has two revolvers and twice the challenge he has later in the|
        |series, but you can use that to your advantage. First of all, the battle|
        |takes place in a canyon, and because he is on the other side of a gap,  |
        |you cannot use your melee attacks.                                      |
        |                                                                        |
        |Now, for the setting. Your area has a snake for stamina, a tree for     |
        |better view, and ammo for your guns. Ocelot's area has rocks and trees  |
        |so that he can cover himself when one of his revolvers runs out of ammo.|
        |However, do note the bee hives on Ocelots side, since you can use them  |
        |to distract him while you get a hit in.                                 |
        |                                                                        |
        |My best recomendation for this battle is to head to the treetop and take|
        |him down from there. Since you can see over the rocks, you can get a hit|
        |in while he is reloading. Once his stamina or health is almost gone     |
        |(about 3/4's down), the battle will end.                                |
         *Note: Beating Ocelot via a stamina kill will get you the Animals Camo.
                Pretty useless, if you ask me, but still do it for your
                collection. You'll get it when you land in the cave.
        (Cutscene with Hornets, Ocelot, and Snake)
        After the cutscene, you will find yourself is Chyornaya Perchera Cave
        Branch (Wow, thats quite a bit to type!)
        Chyornaya Perchera Cave Branch
        Forgive me if I leave anything out...This place is HUGE. Anywho, there are
        two options for light: A torch, and Night Vision Goggles.
        For the Torch: Use your Cigar as a light, then head right until you reach
                       a fork in the pathway. Choose the leftmost fork and crawl
                       under until you reach a bigger cavern with water (Look
                       on your map under the Survival Viewer to see where you
                       are). The torch should be on a small bump on the eastern
        For the N.V.G: Do the same as for the torch, but when you enter that
                       cavern with water, head to the western wall and crawl
                       until you reach a circular cavern with water below.
                       The N.V.G are on the south of that circular area.
        *Note: You do not need the following items, but this is here if you
               want to explore. However, you get plenty of items before The
               Pain, so you might want to skip them.
        --------------------BEGIN MISC. ITEMS LOCATIONS---------------------------
    		There are a few other things to get, if you wish. M1911A1 and
    		AK-47 bullets can be found on the left path from when you first
    		enter the cave, while a battery and more Ak-47 bullets can be found
    		past the sunken path. At the fork in the road to the right of the
    		enterance, you can find Grenades and M1911A1 bullets if you crawl
    		under the rightmost path in the fork in the road.
    		C Medication and some Serum can be found in the room before you find
    		the N.V.G. Serum can also be found in the waterfall room you found the
    		torch in. Ak-47 bullets can be found in a underwater pathway on the
    		left path when you first enter (The enterance to the underwater part
    		is on the right).
    		Finally, Mk22 and MORE Ak-47 bullets can be found on the northern
    		passage from where you got the torch, while bug juice is to the
    		right a little bit above where you found the bullets.
    	  -----------------------END MISC. ITEMS LOCATIONS--------------------------
    	  However, in actuality, you can get through the cave with just your Cigar
    	  and the Survival Viewer. Quickest way is to head right from when you
    	  first dropped into the cave until you reach that fork in the road. Crawl
    	  under the leftmost path until you head to the waterfall area. Grab the
    	  Torch on the right wall (If you want to, you don't need it after this
    	  point) and then crawl under the northern wall until you reach a room
    	  with the Ak-47 and Mk22 bullets. Then, crawl again on the northern
    	  path until you reach Chyornaya Perchera Cave
    	  *Note: I always got through this section really quick, so I don't remember
    	         if you crawl or not to get to the next part of the cave.
    	         Nevertheless, the path written above is still the correct way to
    		Chyornaya Perchera Cave
        There are a few important items in this cave, so listen up. Head forward
        and you will see two paths: Right and Left. Choose the right path to get
        a few important items. Keep going down the right path to find a room with
        some Mk22 bullets and the M37 (A powerful shotgun that is extremely useful
        for taking out bosses and enemies). Once you get those, crawl underneath
        the northern passage and continue on until you find a break in the
        path. Go up to find the Snow Camo (Useless now, but extremely useful in
        the final battle).
        The left path is fairly boring, just some Ak-47 and M1911A1 bullets.
        Reguardless of the path, go north to find The Pain.
        (Cutscene with Snake and The Pain)
        Note that you can get Ak-47 bullets on the rock you are on, and M1911A1
        and Mk22 bullets to the rock on the right. There is also Grenades to the
        Northwest of where The Pain's rock is.
        |Boss: The Pain |
        |Your first cobra member, and quite different from any of the previous   |
        |metal gear games. This battle takes place in a cave, where the pain is  |
        |on a unreachable rock while you are in the water surrounding him as well|
        |as a few rocks.                                                         |
        |                                                                        |
        |Attacks:                                                                |
        |-Bullet Bees: The pain will launch these at random (although it's rare).|
        |              If they sting you, they will burrow into your skin. Use   |
        |              the cure command and use the knife to take them out.      |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Tommy Gun:   The Pain will randomly choose this. The tommy gun is      |
        |              basically a rapid fire gun. If he chooses this, dive into |
        |              the water to easily evade the gunshots.                   |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Grenade:     The pain will randomly choose this. As the name states, it|
        |              blows up, so dive into the water to avoid.                |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Pheromone Attack: A random attack by the pain. He will throw grenade   |
        |                   like items where you are standing and try to stain   |
        |                   you with a greenish substance. While harmless, it    |
        |                   will cause the bees to find you easier. If this      |
        |                   happends, change uniforms.                           |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Bee Swarm:   A swarm of bee's fly's over to you and covers your limbs, |
        |              making it next to impossible to escape, and taking damage |
        |              at the same time. Try to move the analog stick in any     |
        |              direction to get them off.                                |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Bee Shield:  A common defence move for The Pain. He will cover himself |
        |              with bees, making it impossible for you to attack. Either |
        |              throw a grenade or wait a few seconds for the bees to come|
        |              off.                                                      |
        |                                                                        |
        |For a quick death, either use the shotgun, grenades, or flamable        |
        |grenades (yeah, not the name, but still...) for quick damage. However,  |
        |if you want the camo, use the EZ gun or tranq. gun to bring his stamina |
        |down.                                                                   |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here's a fan strategy by Mike:                                         |
        |                                                                        |
        |"For The Pain use Smoke Grenades to loose the bee sheild, when using the|
        |Grenades you must throw them hard at the ceiling of the cave and "bank" |
        |them off to the floor by Pain's feet. This will allow the bee's to      |
        |disipate and give free shots."                                          |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Later, Mike adds the following:                                        |
        |"Also, I forgot to send out that The Pain does do another attack. On my |
        |5th game playing, he teleported his body over to the rock I was there.  |
        |I don't have much details on it, because I never seen it before, but    |
        |one second I was shooting at him at my lonely little rock, then the     |
        |next he was behind me. That was the first time I ever stood on a rock   |
        |for awhile, so my guess is that if you stay on a rock for too long he   |
        |does that attack. Pretty Harry Potter-ish, egh?                         |
         *Note: Beating The Pain via a stamina kill will get you the Hornet Stripe
                Camo. Like Ocelot's, I found The Pain's Camo almost useless. Get
                it for collection sake, though.
                However, to reach the Camo, you have to look for a small ledge
                to the right of the exit of the cave. Hug the wall until you
                reach a small platform directly above The Pain's rock. Line
                yourself up, then Roll onto the rock. If you are too slow about
                it, or didn't line yourself up, you will fall off and have to
                try again.
        Once you defeat The Pain, go North until you find the Chyornaya Perchera
        Cave Entrance (If you are looking for his Camo, read above. Once you go
        a little to the next point, you won't be able to get it for the rest of
        the game!)
        Chyornaya Perchera Cave Entrance
        Keep in mind that once you go forward, you won't be able to go back into
        the cave. Anywho, not much to see here. Keep going forward until you see
        a small hole in the wall on the left. Be warned that there are Claymores
        there, so crawl if you want to get the items. In truth, it's nothing
        special: just M1911A1, Ak-47, and MK22 bullets. Keep going north, while
        watching for holes in the ground and bottomless pits. At the end should
        be the pathway to Ponizovje South.
        Ponizovje South
        Ah yes, the section most will remember as the part of the MGS3 Trailer.
        Anywho, it's pretty much all water for the most part. However, there are
        two hovercraft guards that patrol and will send you into Alert mode if
        they spot you. In fact, this is the best (and in truth, ONLY) area you
        can use the Croc Cap to safely get by. Otherwise, put on some water
        colored Camo, and try to dodge their searchlights.
        In terms of items, nothing much besides some fish and Chaff Grenades on
        the left (Before you head down the right fork). There is also two paths:
        One to a optional area (only do it if you don't want to fight The End
        later) and the main path that leads to the cutscene. Since this IS a
        Guide, i'll do the optional one first. To reach it, stick to the
        left until you reach a small pathway. Continue down that path to reach
        Ponizovje West. Otherwise, continue going North until you reach
        Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior.
        Ponizovje West (Optional)
        Items galore! First, though, you need to take out the two guards. One
        is walking on the bridge area and goes back and forth, while the other
        guards the Ammo shed and walks side to side. In terms of items, there is
        a M1911A1 supressor in the water south of the bridge, M1911A1 and Mk22
        bullets in the first boat going from the south of the bridge, a WP Grenade
        in the boat on the left, and a Stun Grenade on the boat on the left past
        the WP Grenade. There is a Mk22 suppressor behind the crates to the
        In the shed, there is M37, Mk22 and AK-47 bullets, TNT, Grenades, and
        a SVD (A Sniper Rifle). If you want, blow the Ammo shed so the guards
        for the next few areas will run out of ammo quicker. Once you have
        everything, go back to Ponizovje South, then head North until you
        reach Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior.
        Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior
        (Cutscene with Sokolov, Ocelot, The Boss, Tanya, Volgin, The End, and
         several guards. Guest apperance of The Sorrow as well!)
        This is actually a small area, but there is quite a bit to do. If you got
        the SVD from earlier, equip it RIGHT after the cutscene ends and quickly
        shoot The End if you wish to avoid his boss battle (However, you will have
        to fight the Ocelot unit as a replacement if you do, so beware). There are
        three guards in this area: One on the docks, one to the west of the docks,
        and one near the enterance to the Warehouse. The sniper rifle works well
        here, although No-Kill players may want to be a bit more careful.
        In terms of items: There are SVD bullets in the water to the Southwest of
        the dock, Stun Grenades and Mk22 bullets to the left of the docks,
        M1911A1 and Ak-47 bullets at the docks to the south, M1911A1 supressor
        and bullets to the right, and some Smoke Grenades near the guard to the
        left of the docks. Once your item collection is done, go on to the
        warehouse (The enterance is to the right, not the big metal door).
         BOSSES (Note: Most, at this point, are out of order from their part
                 of the guide)
        |Boss: The Fear |
        |For some odd reason, quite a few people have trouble with this boss, so |
        |here is a in-depth look at The Fear. Basically, the field you are on was|
        |the one you were on previously, so you should realise the layout.       |
        |                                                                        |
        |In terms of the layout, there are two sections: The floor section and   |
        |the upper tree section. On the floor section is animals to revive your  |
        |energy, traps that can hurt either you or the fear, and a few tree's you|
        |can climb. The upper section is basically where the battle takes place. |
        |                                                                        |
        |Attacks:                                                                |
        |-Poison Arrow: The most basic attack he uses. As the name states, the   |
        |               arrow is coated with poison, so getting hit will, well   |
        |               poison you! Go to the cure screen and pull out the arrow |
        |               and treat the poison. Fortunatly, if you in a tree, you  |
        |               can easily avoid this attack.                            |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Flaming Arrow: A somewhat rare attack. Before he uses it, The Fear will|
        |                make a comment about the next one "being on fire".      |
        |                As the name states, it will set you on fire, so try to  |
        |                duck when he talks about it. If you do get hit, use the |
        |                ointment to cure the burns.                             |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Arrow Assult: A random attack. Basically, he will fire 3 or so non-    |
        |               poisonous arrows in the air, which will then come down   |
        |               from above. In actuality, they are easy to avoid, so it's|
        |               best you either take cover, or hide behind a tree.       |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Stealth Suit: !!!. Yeah, now we know that the Stealth Suit in the      |
        |               Previous MGS's was around during this time. Basically,   |
        |               the fear will be in stealth mode as long as his stamina  |
        |               is above 50%. The best way to track him is to look for   |
        |               ripples in the tree branches and to watch the tree       |
        |               branch animations. Once his stamina goes below 50%, he   |
        |               will attempt to gain more energy by hunting food on the  |
        |               floor section of the battle.                             |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Melee Attack: A rare attack he uses when he is on the floor section,   |
        |               and you get too close to him. Pretty weak overall.       |
        |                                                                        |
        |The best way to take the fear is to clim up into a tree and watch the   |
        |movements. Usually, you will see or hear the branches swaying, telling  |
        |you the direction he is coming from. Like I said above, once his stamina|
        |goes below 50%, he will go out of Stealth mode and go to the bottom     |
        |floor to hunt. When he is down there, it is a good chance for you to    |
        |both get a free shot, and see where he is when he goes back into stealth|
        |mode. I'm honesly not sure about his camo, since it's a pain in the ass |
        |to get his stamina down, but I dare say that once either that or his    |
        |health goes down, you will win the battle.                              |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Update: Here is a fan strategy submitted by Dave:                      |
        |                                                                        |
        |"Hello! I am writing about your Metal Gear Solid 3 guide on GameFaqs.   |
        |First of all, very good work on the guide! I have some useful           |
        |information for your bossfight walkthrough with The Fear. If players    |
        |have the thermal goggles by that point, they could use them to easily   |
        |spot out The Fear.                                                      |
        |                                                                        |
        |I had a very difficult time with this boss until I                      |
        |used the goggles, the thing is, however, you have to find the thermal   |
        |goggles earlier in the game(I think they are in the locker in the       |
        |room Sokolov was kept in earlier in the game). I think it would help    |
        |out players alot if you put this information in your walkthrough.       |
        |Thanks for your time!"                                                  |
        |                                                                        |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here's another fan strategy by Trent:                                  |
        |                                                                        |
        |"Shoot out some poison mushrooms but don't pick them up. He eats food   |
        |that is readily available which will be the mushrooms. It'll heep him   |
        |still while he reacts to the poison.                                    |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here's a fan submission from Mike that add's to the one listed above:  |
        |                                                                        |
        |"When fighting The Fear one stratagy I use is to put on the Thermal     |
        |Goggles, stand in one place, shoot and shoot! You can get his Camo      |
        |only by knocking his Stamina to Zero. It is quite easy if you use       |
        |Thermals and Shoot quickly. His camo's feature allows the wearer 80%    |
        |or better camoflauge at all times basically.(i have found no other      |
        |function.)"                                                             |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here is a fan strategy by AkanbonOrih                                  |
        |                                                                        |
        |"I was doing the Fear boss battle last night trying to tranq him to     |
        |death so i could get his camo... I spent soooo much time just sitting   |
        |there in a tree shooting away like crazy, but i could never finish him  |
        |off before he got some stamina back. Getting frustrated, I went into    |
        |my Backpack to see if there was anything else I could possibly try. Just|
        |when I was about to give up, I saw STUN G, or stun grenades. Thinking   |
        |"Why not?" I equipped them, got down on the floor and once the Fear came|
        |down I threw a grenade at a tree so it wouldn't fly too far, when the   |
        |Fear came near it it went off and not only took out like an 8th of his  |
        |stamina bar, but also put him in a dazed state letting me run over and  |
        |punch the crap out of him for about 3 seconds, if you get this strategy |
        |down, it makes this battle almost a joke!                               |
        |Boss: The End  |
        |Yep, it's the old guy from the beginning. If you didn't take care of him|
        |the last time you saw him (Yes, you could have killed him quite easily  |
        |by shooting at his wheelchair, but still..). Anyways, like EGM said,    |
        |this battle can easily take up to a hour to complete, so it requires    |
        |EXTREME patience. Anyways, here's the strategy I used to beat him:      |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Get the Sniper Rifle: There is a small supply room in the area The End |
        |                       battle takes place in. The Sniper Rifle should be|
        |                       in the supply room, as well as ammo.             |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Use the Thermal G/D. Mic: If you only have the D. Mic, then listen for |
        |                           The End to fall asleep. If you have the      |
        |                           Thermal Goggles, use them to find his        |
        |                           movement and body tempature.                 |
        |                                                                        |
        |-HAVE LOTS OF FOOD: While the End's Sniper Rifle Darts cannot hurt you  |
        |                    life wise, they can hurt you stamina wise. Once your|
        |                    stamina looks like it will go below 50%, eat        |
        |                    something.                                          |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Get to a High Point: Tree's are pretty much the best place to snipe,   |
        |                      but they do leave you wide open for a attack.     |
        |                      using a good camo and getting to a high point is  |
        |                      the best way to tacke The End.                    |
        |                                                                        |
        |-Look for a reflection: What is the reflection? His scope. Look for it  |
        |                        to shine, then put on your T. Goggles to see if |
        |                        that's him.                                     |
        |                                                                        |
        |Now, here's his attacks:                                                |
        |-Sniper Rifle Dart: The most common and most used of his attacks. The   |
        |                    End will find a point, lie down, and seek you out.  |
        |                    Once he finds you, he will shoot a Tranq dart at    |
        |                    you. While the Tranq. Darts won't damage you, they  |
        |                    will drop your stamina, and will continue to make it|
        |                    drop until you pull it out. Your best bet is to pull|
        |                    it out using the CURE menu AS SOON AS YOU GET SHOT  |
        |                    and eat something. Best way to avoid it is to use a |
        |                    good camo, and get to a point where he cannot find  |
        |                    you easily.                                         |
        |                                                                        |
        |Photosynthesis:     The freakiest of his attacks. Basically, it allows  |
        |                    him to recover a shit load of Stamina back. One     |
        |                    thing to note: Some people say killing his parrot   |
        |                    caused him to stop using the move, so that may be   |
        |                    something to do if you are going for his camo.      |
        |                                                                        |
        |Sneak Attack:       A really cheap move. Basically, if you just stand   |
        |                    around in FPV mode and stay in the same spot, The   |
        |                    End will sneak up behind you and shoot you in the   |
        |                    back, draining all your stamina and causing him to  |
        |                    carry you to the lab you were at before The Fear    |
        |                    boss. Others have also said that if you save while  |
        |                    looking around in FPV, it can also cause him to     |
        |                    sneak up on you (Take it with a grain of salt,      |
        |                    though, it isn't 100% confirmed). Best way to avoid |
        |                    this is to stay in the tree's or in hiding at all   |
        |                    times and change your sniper spot each time you get |
        |                    a direct hit on The End.                            |
        |                                                                        |
        |Stun Grenade:      If you get too close, he will use this to blind you  |
        |                   and get away. Some say he also uses smoke grenades,  |
        |                   though it still isn't 100% confirmed                 |
        |                                                                        |
        |Apperantly, his Camo is a major pain in the ass (Although everyone who  |
        |has used it says that it's the best in the game.) If you use the        |
        |strategies above, you should be fine.                                   |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here is another fan strategy sent in by Mike:                          |
        |"While fighting the End you can get  the Moss Camo by sneaking up on him|
        |and holding him up with a large gun(i used shotgun) The Moss Camo allows|
        |wearer Phtosynth. abilities(you heal if in sunlight) as well as good    |
        |camo. A good stratagy is to get a lot of food and a regular gun(not     |
        |sniper), from the start run to the north west and enter the second      |
        |Northern area, from there you can get behind The End and sneak          |
        |attack him, after hitting him put on your Thermal goggles and watch     |
        |him flee.                                                               |
        |                                                                        |
        |You can follow his footprintsand attack again from behind. you may take |
        |a few straight hits but just pop out the dart eat some food and follow  |
        |quickly. If you get close and he spots you get CQC close and do the     |
        |good ol' punch kick combo to knock hm to the ground, then shoot away.   |
        |Also he will use flashbangs after you sneak up so you need to be quick  |
        |with the foot tracking."                                                |
        |                                                                        |
        |Later, Mike Emails me the following:                                    |
        |"Also, the best place to sniper him in my own opinion is in West, with  |
        |the water. There is a steam there with a hollowed out log, crawl inside |
        |the log. Equip your tree bark camo, and wait about 5 minutes. The ol    |
        |man fell asleep which gives you the perfect opportunity to either sniper|
        |him, or if interested into his camo to walk up to him. Remember, if     |
        |walking close to him, you want to stalk him, don't do full run because  |
        |he will wake up easily, and use a grenade.                              |
        |                                                                        |
        |                                                                        |
        |*Here's a fan strategy..from..??? (Forgot, sorry)                       |
        |Here is another fan strategy by ??? (Forgot the name, sorry)            |
        |                                                                        |
        |I do have a problem with one thing : (Insert Anti-personnel info)       |
        |Problem is, this item is SO USEFUL in THE END battle... he stays still, |
        |you get the sensor, you kick his ass.                                   |
        |                                                                        |
        |He also added:                                                          |
        |1) You can grenade him to all hell, as I did, because of all the crap   |
        |   this guy put me through to find him the first time I played... took  |
        |   90 minutes of my life away from me. I used regular grenades, but     |
        |   experiment with stun grenades...                                     |
        |                                                                        |
        |2) Pull out that shiny M63 and laugh... maniacally. Probably the most   |
        |   fun, but don't expect to get his camo... Still, it's DEFINITELY      |
        |   worth the evil grin you get when you incapacitate an old guy in a    |
        |   wheelchair with a machine gun.                                       |
        |                                                                        |
        |3) Take out the ol' fashioned pea-shooter tranqs and get his camo.      |
        |   Boooooring. Pull out that machine gun."                              |
                                                                   /Code: 0C20   |
                                   Table of Contents II
        ToC II:
        ||          Name                   ||           Section #               ||
        ||    Table of Contents II         ||             0C20                  ||
        ||    Camoufalge                   ||             0004                  ||
        ||    Face Paint                   ||             0005                  ||
        ||    Health Items                 ||             0006                  ||
        ||    Weapons                      ||             0007                  ||
        ||    Items                        ||             0008                  ||
        ||    Easter Eggs                  ||             0009                  ||
        ||    Frog Locations               ||             0010                  ||
        ||    Mailbag: Q&A                 ||             00M1                  ||
        ||    Copyright Info               ||             0011                  ||
                                                                   /Code: 0004   |
        Camouflage: Camouflage, for the most part, is the biggest change in MGS3.
                    When you first start the game, you will recieve a few different
                    Camo's, but you will have various chances throughout the game
                    to get others. Camo's are the basis for the entire camoflage
                    meter, and your first line of stealth. Also, it's good to
                    note that you can download various other camo's online.
        Camo List 1.1: (As of 11/24/04)
        Naked Camo
        Profile: "Nothing worn on the upper body"
        Best used for: None
        Info: Quite possibly the worst type of camo you can use. Basically, it
              neither helps nor hurts, which makes it useless. Only wear it if
              you feel bad ass enough.
        Olive Drab
        Profile: "Uncamouflaged normal uniform"
        Best used for: Grass areas
        Info: Like the Naked Camo, it's also pretty useless. Although it is best
              suited for grass areas, the Tiger Stripe works much better. Not
        Tiger Stripe
        Profile: "Effective in trees, grass, or against soil
        Best used for: Any woodland area, all around.
        Info: The best camo to use. Not only is it great for grass, but trees and
              soil in general. Highly recomended for any time of the day, and for
              nearly all general situations.
        Profile: "Effective in underbrush"
        Best used for: Grass areas.
        Info: Much more effective then the Olive Drab, but not as good as the
              tiger stripe. Good if you are in some of the grass areas, but
              pretty useless besides that.
        Tree Bark
        Profile: "Effective when pressed against trees"
        Best used for: Wooded areas.
        Info: Almost as useful as the Tiger Stripe. It's best used for wooded
              areas with a large ammount of trees as well as the different stump
              cut outs.
        Profile: "Effective in brown backrounds"
        Best used for: Red Brick areas.
        Info: "I know, lets create a camo that makes you look like a dumbass, and
               easy to spot!" Meh, useless overall. Only use in the areas with
               red bricks or buildings.
        Profile: "Effective in dark areas or against black ground.
        Best used for: Night time areas, black soil
        Info: While it may seem useless at first, there are a few night-time areas
              in the game that this is pretty useful with.
        Profile: "Effective against white backrounds"
        Best used for: White buildings, fields with white in them
        Info: While it may seem next to useless, the snow camo can come in
              handy in higher difficulties (AKA: The final battle of the
        Profile: "Advanced combat suit developed by the USSR."
        Best used for: All around
        Info: One of the most useful camo's around. Not only will it cut damage
              in half, but will also decrease your stamina consumption. While
              not that useful in stealth, it is quite useful with battle and
        Profile: "The uniform scientist wear"
        Best used for: Area's where there are scientist
        Info: Pretty useless overall for sneaking. When you wear it, you cannot
              equip any type of weapons, so you are defenceless for the most
              part. Also, if you let the scientist see your face, he will call
              for security, so be careful. Only useful for getting past guards
              in areas with scientist in them (Although it won't work if you
              are in alert mode.)
        Profile: "The uniform Major Raikov was wearing"
        Best used for: Groznyj Grag Weapons Lab area
        Info: Unlike the scientist uniform, this is required to progress in the
              game. However, it's good to note that you will need the Raiden
              Mask to make good use of it. However, be warned that you cannot
              use weapons while wearing it, however if you have the Raiden
              Mask on, no one will question you about your idenity (Even in
              Alert mode). However, if Raikov's body is found, or you get
              to a certain point in the story, the suit becomes useless.
        Profile: "The Sorrow's camo uniform"
        Best used for: Sneaking
        Info: While it may seem useless at first, it is quite useful for getting
              around, since it eliminates footsteps. Useless in boss battles, but
              great for sneaking up on soldiers and silently killing them without
              much attention.
        Profile: "Snake pattern camo uniform. Provides the ultimate cover in
                  any enviroment"
        Best used for: Any
        Info: The reward for defeating the boss stamina wise. The Snake camo
              is pretty good in almost all enviroments, but it's not as useful
              in specific areas. Best use for casual sneaking.
        Profile: "Formal dress coat"
        Best used for: Showing off
        Info: Useless, for the most part. Although it's useful in dark areas,
              nothing says "shoot me!", then a formal tuxedo. Anyways, you can't
              apply face paint while wearing the tux, but you can use weapons,
              so it's all good.
                                                                   /Code: 0005   |
                                      Face Paint
        Face Paint: The second part of a disguise, Face Paint is minor in terms of
                    your Camo Index, but it does help with certain situations
                    (and in some, required). Like camo's, you can find these in
                    certain areas in rectangle boxes. You can also use mask's on
                    the same screen (although there arn't as many as face paint),
                    but are required at one point in the game.
        Face Paint and Mask List 1.0: (As of 11/24/04)
        No Paint
        Profile: "No face paint applied"
        Best used for: None
        Info: Standard for face paint. Neither hurts nor helps you. Best you only
              use it when you want to look like the classic snake.
        Profile: "For use in forest areas"
        Best used for: Almost any outside area of the game
        Info: A decent one overall. Similar to the Splitter Face Paint in many
              respects. Helps when you are in tall grass, up against a tree, or
              lying down.
        Profile:  "Black Face Paint"
        Best used for: Dark areas, segments with nightfall
        Info: This is more of a "situational" face paint then anything else. When
              it's daylight, it's crap, but when it's night, it's the best. Also,
              it's helpful in dark areas and in area's with dark durt. Decent
              face paint in the right situation.
        Profile: "Effective in mountain terrain"
        Best used for: Brownish areas
        Info: Very similar to the Woodland paint. Like the name says, it's useful
              in the mountains/desert areas. Even then, it's still pretty useful.
        Profile: "For indoor-ops"
        Best used for: Almost all situations
        Info: While the profile says "for indoor-ops", it's actually the face
              paint I used the most in the game. In actuality, it's useful in
              almost every area BESIDES the indoor areas. Ironic, eh?
        Profile: "Kabuki's female role face paint"
        Best used for: The final battle
        Info: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! White paint with lipstick, basically. More of a
              humor face paint then anything. Still, it IS quite useful in the
              final battle, besides the fact that you would look like a idiot
              in the first parts of the ending.
        Mask (AKA: The Raiden Mask)
        Profile: Mask used for disguise
        Best used for: Raikov mission
        Info: Heh, another funny little bit Kojima threw in. Early in the game,
              you can use it to "play" as Raiden in a way, but you will need
              it later to disguise yourself as Raikov. Also, try putting it on
              once you lose a eye to see what happends. One note, though: the
              lips do not move, so...
                                                                   /Code: 0006   |
                                       Health Items
        Health Items: After the first part of the virtuous mission, you will be
                      introduced with using cure items. One of the new parts of
                      Snake Eater have you curing yourself when you get a gunshot
                      wound, or getting a burn. If you don't cure yourself,
                      certain items will remain inside you (AKA: arrows, etc).
                      Also, when you get a major injury, the life bar will
                      either have a red line on it, or start blinking.
                      If it's a red line, it means that it won't recharge up to
                      that point, and flashing either means your low on health,
                      or poisoned. To cure yourself, press start and go to the
                      cure screen to see what is wrong with your body, and how
                      you should treat it.
        Cure Items  (Surgery)
        Survival Knife/Fork
        Profile: "Useful for removing bullets and arrows. Press the O button to
                  Pull out the object"
        Best used for: Bullets and Arrows
        Info: Fortunatly for you, since both have unlimited uses, you don't have
              to worry about running out of supplies. In actuality, you will be
              using this the most during boss battles/or if you get into a
              firefight with any of the soliders.
        Suture Kit
        Profile: "Effective for treating cuts. Press the O button to sew up the
        Best used for: Knife cuts, Traps
        Info: While it's somewhat rare that you will get cuts, it still does
              happen quite a bit. Also used with spike traps.
        Profile: "Effective for treating burns, cuts, gunshot wounds and broken
                  bones. Press the O button to wrap it around the wound"
        Best used for: Burns, cuts, gunshot wounds, broken bones.
        Info: One of the main items you will be using the most (and chances are,
              running out of). Since it's the basis for nearly all medical
              conditions in the game, it will be easy for you to run out, so make
              sure you stock up each time you head to a building.
        Profile: "Effective for helping broken bones to heal. Press the O button
                  to fix it in place"
        Best used for: Broken bones
        Info: So...how do you even get broken bones, you ask? Well, most of the
              time, it's either falling from a high place, or jumping from a
              high point thats too high. Then there's the final boss battle,
              and soldiers. Anyways, you won't be using the sprint too much if
              you are careful.
        Profile: "Effective for treating cuts and gunshot wounds. Press the O
                  button to apply and stop the bleeding"
        Best used for: Nearly everything
        Info: Just a small hint, when it says something about "bleeding", that
              means to use the Styptic. Like the bandage, you will be using this
              quite a bit, so make sure you stock up on them if you are running
        Profile: "Effective for treating cuts and gunshot wounds. Press the O
                  button to apply"
        Best used for: Nearly everything
        Info: In essence, it is pretty much the same as the Stypic, seeing as how
              you will use nearly all three of them when you get a gunshot. Like
              always, stock up on it when you get to a building.
        Profile: "Effective for burn treatment. Press the O button to apply"
        Best used for: Burns
        Info: One of the cure items you will use the least, burns are actually
              very rare (only time you will ever need it is either late in the
              game or at The Fury battle).
        Profile: "Used for removing leeches from the body. Press the O Button to
                  press the cigar against the leech"
        Best used for: Leeches
        Info: Like the knife/fork, you will never run out of Cigars, so that is
              good. However, the only time I have ever had leeches is early in
              the snake eater mission, so it's pretty much the most useless
              item in the game.
        Cure Items  (Medicine)
        Profile: "Effective for treating venom poisoning. Press the O button to
                  use the Serum"
        Best used for: Poisonous animals/poison arrows
        Info: Basically, if you are bitten by a poisonous animal and the health
              bar starts flashing, treat this ASAP.
        D Medicine
        Profile: "Effective for treating stomach aches. Press the O button to use"
        Best used for: Stomach Aches
        Info: I lied, THIS is the most useless item in the game. Basically, if
              you eat food that you have had for awhile, you will get a stomach
              ache. However, you will almost NEVER have to use this, so
              don't worry about it.
        C Med
        Profile: "Effective for treating colds. Press the O button to use"
        Best used for: Colds
        Info: Just as useless as the D med. Never got a cold, never used it. Don't
              even bother.
        Profile: "Effective against food poisoning. Press the O button to use"
        Best used for: Poisonous animals you eat
        Info: Never had to use Antidotes either, but if you do, use it ASAP.
                                                                   /Code: 0007   |
        Weapons: The main point of the game. While you start out with only a few
                 useable weapons, you quickly gain an arsonal of weapons that
                 can help you in nearly any situation. Unlike other Metal Gear
                 games, your arsonal is somewhat different due to the time
                 period. While most weapons no longer have laser points to help
                 you, the game makes up for it by balancing out the advantage
                 with a bigger library of weapons that you would expect from
                 other games.
        Weapons List 1.0 (As of 11/24/04)
        Survival Knife
        Profile: "A large-bladed knife for field operations. Cane be used to
                  defeat enemies without making a sound."
        Type: CQC, Short Range
        Ammo Max: Infinite
        Info: While the knife might bring back some not so good memories of
              running out of ammo in Residen Evil/Biohazard, it is quite useful
              in this game. While the knife does take a few hits to kill
              someone, it is useful for saving ammo, and slitting someone's
              throat is MUCH faster and more silent then using a gun. Also, it's
              very useful for killing animals in one hit. One more thing, it is
              also used to pull out bullets in cure mode, so the knife is a all
              around useful weapon.
        Profile: "A fork. Used for Eating. Can be used in place of the survival
                  knife. Plants and Animals nabbed using the fork can be eaten
                  on the spot."
        Type: CQC, Short Range
        Ammo Max: Infinite
        Info: Pretty much a weaker form of the knife. But wait! There is one good
              use for the fork, and that's using it to eat animals in boss
              battles and during combat without having to navigate through list
              of items! Still, for combat, use the Survival Knife.
        Cigar Gas-Spray
        Profile: "A sleeping gas pistol shaped like a cigartte. The gas it sprays
                  puts enemies to sleep"
        Type: CQC, Short Ranged
        Ammo Max: 50
        Info: Feels more like a James Bond weapon then anything else. While it
              may sound bad-ass, it's pretty useless. Basically, it emits a
              knock-out spray that makes anyone in that radius fall asleep.
              Too bad the radius is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Like I said, useless...
        Profile: "A handkerchief soaked in anestetic. Can be used to put enemies
                  to sleep after grabbing them with CQC"
        Type: CQC, close ranged
        Ammo Max: 120
        Info: Similar to the Cigar Gas-spray, but a bit more useful. Basically,
              it allows snake to put people to sleep if you grab them at
              close range (or sneak up behind them, which is more effective).
              However, it's still pretty useless. One odd thing I would like
              to note is when I was experamenting with this, it put Snake
              HIMSELF to sleep at one point. Glitch, or a little easter egg?
        Profile: "A modified special ops verson of the Mk22, a supressor-equipped
                  tranquilizer gun being developed by the Navy. Because it uses a
                  slide lock mechanism for added supression capability, it can
                  be fire once before reloading. Open the window and press the O
                  button to attach/detatch a supressor."
        Type: Handgun, long ranged, 1 round before required to be reloaded
        Ammo Max: 81
        Info: The name says it all. The MK22 is basically the Snake Eater version
              of MGS2's M9, minus the laser pointer. Since it is a tranq gun, it
              won't count against your death count to use it on a soldier, as well
              as the fact that it is helpful in getting bosses to give up their
              special camo's. However, there is one tranq gun that is better
              then the Mk22...
        Profile: "The M1911A1. A .45 gauge automatic pistol that boasts high
                  reliability and massive stopping power. Magazine size is
                  7 rounds. Open the window and press the O button to attach
                  a suppressor."
        Type: Handgun, long ranged, 7 rounds before required to be reloaded
        Ammo Max: 71
        Info: In essence, it is the lethal form of the MK22. Basically the
              Snake Eater version of the SOCOM/USP minus the laser guiding.
              Like all guns, shoot guards in the head to kill them instantly
              (and quickly), we well as being a decent weapon for the bosses.
              Great weapon overall.
        EZ Gun
        Profile: "The EZ Gun. A supressed tranquilizer gun developed especially
                  for FOX. The supression function is built into the gun itself.
                  Also equipped with a internal laser sight. When equipped, causes
                  stamina to recover faster and keeps the Camo Index high. Also
                  eliminates footstep noise.
        Type: Handgun, long ranged, 1 round before required to be reloaded.
        Ammo Max: Infinite
        Info: H o l a y  s h i t. Not only is is a perfect version of the M9 from
              MGS, but it helps with stamina, footsteps, AND the camo index. Quite
              possibly the best gun to use on bosses, and in general. Plus, add
              the Infinite ammo from the start, and you got a kick-ass weapon.
        Profile: "The XM16E1. A state-of-the-art assult rifle currently being
                  field-tested by the U.S. Army. Uses small calibur, high muzzle
                  velocity 5.56 X 45 ammunition. Magazine size is 20 rounds.
                  Features several modifications geared toward jungle combat. Open
                  the window and press the O button to attach/detatch a supressor;
                  press the triange button to switch between semi-auto, full-auto,
                  and 3-shot burst fire."
        Type: Modable assult rifle, long ranged, 20 rounds before required to
              be reloaded.
        Ammo Max: 201
        Info: A rather wierd weapon. Basically, you can mod it to be like a
              AK-47 from MGS2 (full-auto mode), a Handgun (semi-auto), or
              a controlled handgun (3 shot burst). Very useful with different
              sitations, and eliminating a large wave of enemies very quickly.
        Profile: "The AK-47. A Soviet-Made assult rifle. Reliable, durable, and
                  highly precise. Uses 7.62 x 39 ammunition. Magazine size is
                  30 rounds. Equip in First Person View and press the L1 button
                  to aim from the sholdier. Open the window and press the triangle
                  butto to switch between semi-auto and full auto fire."
        Type: Moddable assult rifle, long ranged, 30 rounds before required to
              be reloaded.
        Ammo Max: 301
        Info: A somewhat toned down version of the XM16E1 with a higher ammo
              percentage and longer time before needing to be reloaded. The
              AK-47 can switch between being a assult rifle (Full auto), and
              a handgun-like weapon (Semi-auto). Decent, but thr XM16E1 is
              much better.
        Profile: "The M63. An American-made system weapon. Belt-fed light machine
                  gun version. Uses 5.56 x 45 ammunition. Magazine size is 100
        Type: Assult rifle, long ranged, 100 rounds before required to be reloaded
        Ammo Max: 1001
        Info: Holy hell...Although you get this very late in the game, it is
              quite useful for the time you do use it. Not only can you drop a
              large ammount of enemies without effort, but you can change the
              bullet outake by how hard you press the square button.
        Profile: "The SVD. A Soviet-Made automatic sniper rifle known for its
                  high precision. Uses 7.62mm x 54 rimmed cartriages. Magazine
                  size is 10 rounds. Press thre L1 button to use the scope. Press
                  the triangle button to change the magnification ratio of the
        Type: Zoom-able sniper rifle, 10 rounds before required to be reloaded
        Ammo Max: 101
        Info: Ah, a old-school sniper rifle. Quite different from the MGS2 model.
              Anyways, the main changes between the SVD and the PSG1 from MGS2
              is that you have a limited zoom (Either basic sight, 3X zoom, or
              10X zoom). However, the zoom screen is a bit better then the
              MGS2 zoom screen, and it has all the power that the PSG1 had.
              Good for taking out enemies ahead of time.
        Profile: "The RPG-7. A state-of-the-art Soviet portable anti-tank rocket
                  launcher. The rocket-propelled grenade warheads are loaded with
                  HEaT, a plastic explosive. Press the L1 button to use the scope"
        Type: Rocket Launcher, 1 round before required to be reloaded.
        Ammo Max: 50
        Info: Think a HIGHLY toned down stinger launcher where you have to
              aim it yourself, with no heat-seeking options, and a long-ass
              reload time. Fortunatly, it does have a zoom feature, and it
              can pretty much take down anyone/thing in 1/2 hits.
        Profile: "A torch made from white birch soaked in turpentine. Press the O
                  button to swing it around as a weapon. Press the square button
                  to light/extinguish it.
        Type: CQC, close range
        Ammo Max: Infinity
        Info: This isn't even really a weapon (although it can be used as one).
              Basically, it is used to help you in the cave section of the game/
              furry boss fight. One thing, though: DO NOT USE IT IN BATTLE. Not
              only will it make you a target, but it's weak as hell. Only swing
              it when vampire bats try to attack you.
        Profile: "A Soviet-made blast fragmentation grenade. Deals damage to
                  enemies with both the blast and the ensuing srapnel."
        Type: Explosive, distanced
        Ammo Max: 40
        Info: If you don't know what this is, I will hit you. Good ol' grenade
              is the same as it's always been, it blows the shit out of everything
              within a distance. Not to mention that it's extremely powerful
              and great with large clusters of enemies. To throw it farther or
              longer, go into first person and position your sight into the
              air to make it go further, or down to make it go shorter. However,
              be careful, as it can damage you as well.
        WP Grenade
        Profile: "A Soviet-made incendiary grenade. The intense flames created by
                  the white phosphorus inside cause all living beings in the area
                  of effect to suffer severe burns."
        Type: Explosve, Fire based, distanced
        Ammo Max: 40
        Info: Think of it as a rich mans molotov cocktail. Basically, it causes
              anything within the radius of it's explosion to break out into
              flames (including you, if you are close enough). Same controls
              as the grenade.
        Chaff Grenade
        Profile: "A electronics jamming grenade developed by the Soviet Union.
                  upon detonation, scatters a large quatity of metal fragments
                  into the air, jamming radio signals and redering electronic
                  devices inoperative."
        Type: Explosive, disruption based, distanced
        Ammo Max: 40
        Info: Good ol' chaff. To tell you the truth, I never really used it in
              the game, but based on how the description makes it sounds, you
              can use it to make troops radio's jam up (meaning they can't call
              for back up), plus the Shagohad battle (never tried it, but if
              it's like the previous metal gears...)
        Smoke Grenade
        Profile: "A Soviet-made smoke grenade. Upon detonation, releases a cloud
                  of white smoke blocking the enemy's field of vision."
        Type: Explosion, evasion based, distanced
        Ammo Max: 40
        Info: Pretty much, the most useless type of grenade. Sure, it can help
              you get away from some situations, but thats why we have GUNS THAT
              MAKE YOUR TARGET GO TO SLEEP! Yeah, useless overall...
        Stun Grenade
        Profile: "A flash-bang type grenade developed by the Soviet Union. Upon
                  detonation, produces an intense flash of light and a loud bang,
                  disorenting and even knocking out human targets in the area of
        Type: Explosion, Stun, distanced
        Ammo Max: 40
        Info: Reminds me of counter-strike. Anyways, flash bangs are actually
              very useful, unlike it's younger brother the smoke grenade. Not
              only can it cause a group of enemies to instantly be knocked
              unconcious, but can be used in boss battles for a quick win.
              Solid, overall.
        Profile: "A used ammo magazine. Press the Square button to throw it"
        Type: Discarted item, distraction
        Ammo Max: 100
        Info: The trash of each gun's ammo consumption. The only real thing you
              can use it for is to distract guards, but even that sends them
              into alert mode. Useless, overall...
        Profile: "Trinitrotoluene (TNT). A military-grade explosive equipped with
                  a remote-controlled detonator. Press the square button to plant
                  the bomb, then press the O button while equipping the TNT to
                  detonate the planted bomb."
        Type: Explosive, detonation
        Ammo Max: 16
        Info: Think C4, only more kickass. Quite useful, since you can put it
              in food supply rooms and armories and blow them up, making the
              guards have less ammo/more fatigued.
        Profile: "A Western-made, military-grade plastic explosive obtained from
                  EVA. Composed of 77% RDX and 23% plasticizer.
        Type: Explosive, timed
        Ammo Max: 4
        Info: Why did I even bother to write this? Anyways, C3 is pretty much
              the same as TNT, only difference is C3 is a event item. Also,
              you won't get any more C3 past the "certain event" so don't
              even bother. Now, get off my lawn! Damn children and their MGS3...
        Profile: "An american-made anti-personnel directonal mine. Modified by
                  Soviet technicians to automatically detonate when it detects
                  a moving object witghin the trigger areas to its front and
        Type: Explosive, radius
        Ammo Max: 16
        Info: Same as it was in MGS and MGS2. When you lay it, you will be given
              the option of the direction where you want to lay it. If something
              gets in that radius, then it will automatically detonate, damaging
              anything in the area of explosion. Just make sure you remember
              where its at...
        Profile: "A picture book for "gentlemen". Full of stunning photos of young
                  female models."
        Type: Distaction, PORN!
        Ammo Max: 20, and PORN!
        Info: IT'S PORN, ALRIGHTY?!?! Anyways, it can be used to distract guards
              while they do...stuff...Although it's not that useful, it's fun
              to see the unfortunatly clothed women on it. Still, it's PORN!
        Profile: "A trap equipped with bait to lure small animals and capture
                  them alive. Press the Square button to set the trap. It will
                  automatically capture small animals alive. Crawl over a trap
                  to pick it up
        Type: Hunting, automatic
        Ammo Max: 16
        Info: Pretty useful if you want to do two things at once. Although it's
              only useful for smaller animals, it allows you to lure them out
              without distracting the guards.
        Directional Mic
        Profile: "A high-performance directional microphone. Picks up sound in
                  the direction it is pointed. Can be used to pick up the
                  footsteps of distant enemies and other sounds normally too
                  faint to hear."
        Type: Espionage, sound
        Ammo Max: Infinite
        Info: Just like in MGS2. Although it has no story related elements to it,
              it's main use is to see if there are any enemies in the area. Also
              a important items in The End boss battle.
        Single Action Army (SAA)
        Profile: "The Single Action Army. A .45 calibur, six-shot revolver. Equip
                  in First Person View and press the L1 button to aim precisely.
                  Can also use the right analog stick to do tricks"
        Type: Handgun, long ranged, 6 rounds before needing to be reloaded
        Ammo Max: 60
        Info: Remember the revolver Ocelot likes to use during the MGS series?
              Yep, you can finally get one. Anyways, the revolver is a extremely
              strong gun (although it's best that you use it in FPV, since you
              can't walk around while aiming), and can also have the bullets
              bounce off walls (like in MGS).
        Profile: "The Patriot. An assult pistol developed for The Boss. Uses 5.56
                  x 45 ammunition. The feeder mechanism inside the drum magazine
                  forms a "Infinite" shape"
        Type: Assult rifle, long ranged, infinite rounds, no reload
        Ammo Max: Infinte
        Info: Holay shit again...Although you can't unlock it your first the
              through, you can once you beat the game. Infinite ammo, no reload,
              fast as hell, can kill someone in a shot or two. It's pretty much
              the best gun in the game.
                                                                   /Code: 0008   |
        Items List 1.0 (As of: 11/25/04)
        Life Medicine
        Profile: "Developed by USSR. Restores LIFE. Press the O Button to use."
        Max: 20
        Info: Pretty much the Snake Eater form of the Ration. You get 5 when you
              start, and have to search for more after that (Although, to tell
              you the truth, I never found any others bedies the 5 I had). Still
              great in certain situations
        Fake Death Pill
        Profile: "Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can fake death temporarily.
                  Use w/O button in window.
        Max: 10
        Info: Fun fun fun...the fake death pill may seem like something minor, but
              it's quite helpful. You can use it when large ammounts of enemies
              are after you to make them think your dead. Also, it can be used
              to distract some of the bosses as well as get a few responces.
              You can also use it in The Sorrow boss to end the battle quickly.
              Just make sure you also take the revival pill as well, or else
              you will die for real...
        Profile: "Highly addictive and hazardous to your health."
        Max: Infinite
        Info: Like in previous MGS's, Cigars will slowly run down your health.
              However, like MGS, it's quite useful in certain sitiations. For
              example, you can use it as a light while in the cave section.
        Revival Pill
        Profile: "Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can wake up from fake
                  death. Use w/O button in window.
        Max: Infinite
        Info: Use it right after you take the F.D. Pill to wake yourself up.
              Also, make sure you take it as soon as you get killed in The Sorrow
        Profile: "Military binoculars allowing long-distance recognnaissance.
                  Zoom in with the Triangle button, zoom out with the square
        Info: Just like the scope in previous MGS games. You can use it to
              look ahead, and see if there is any traps/enemies you need
              to take out.
        Thermal Goggles
        Profile: "Visulizes heat source distributon. Allows one to see in the
                  dark. Consumes battery power while used."
        Info: VERY useful in this game. While the Thermal Goggles are somewhat
              useless outside battle, they can be used to find the position
              of solders, as well as greatly help you out in The Fear, End, Fury,
              and final boss battle.
        Night Vision Goggles
        Profile: "Electronically amplified weak dim light for visulization. Allows
                  one to see in the dark. Consumes battery power while being
        Info: Not as useful as the thermal goggles, but great in darker areas
              where you have trouble seeing (Caves, dark buildings, etc).
        Profile: "Press the O button to take photos. Zoom in with triangle button
                  zoom out with Square button."
        Info: As the name says...it's a camera. While never used in the main
              game, it can be used to save things you have seen or done to
              your memory card...as long as the M. Card isn't some crappy 3rd
              party one...
        Motion Detector
        Profile: "Sensor that detects an objects motion. Does not detect
                  stationary objects. Consumes battery power while being used."
        Info: Pretty much a toned down version of the MGS radar. It's quite
              useful for finding both the enemy and a quick snack. Too bad
              that it drains battery power like a bitch.
        Active Sonar
        Profile: "Sensor that detects animnals w/sound waves. Press L3 button to
                  emit waves. Consumes battery power while used.
        Info: Good for finding stationary animals and bosses, but then again,
              almost everything in the game moves, so the Motion Detector is
              the better choice of the two.
        Mine Detector
        Profile: "Makes sounbd upon detection of Claymores on the ground. Equip to
                  use. Consumes battery power while being used."
        Info: Old fasioned mind detector...Anyways, like the name says, it's
              for finding claymore minds (how many depends on the difficulty
        Anti-Personnel Sensor
        Profile: "Vibrates when detecting lifeforms. Equip to use. Consumes
                  battery power while used. All other vibrations will be OFF when
        Info: Meh, pretty vague, and only useful if a female friend wants a
              sex toy. Seriously though, it's not that useful (and never
              really has been..).
        Cardboard Box (All)
        Profile: "Equip to wear. Says "::Insert area with description here::" on
                  the side."
        Info: Good 'ol cardboard box...Anyways, depending on what box and what
              area you are in, you will have a better chance of not getting
              detected. Also, if the game's engine is still as it was, I dare
              say you can use the trucks and corrisponding boxes to get to
              certain areas quicker. Don't know if that still works, though..
        Key A
        Profile: "Card key obtained from Granin. Opens red door in the southeast
                  of Ponizovie warehouse.
        Info: Like the previous MGS games, you don't have to have the key
              equipped to use it. Anyways, story item, and needed to get
              to the area with The End in it.
        Key B
        Profile: "Key obtained from EVA. Opens door in the east of Krasogorje
                  mountain top."
        Info: Story item. Used to progress and to get to The Fury battle.
        Key C
        Profile: "Key obtained from EVA. Opens door to hangar at weapopns lab main
        Info: Story item. Used to progress and to get to the Volgin battle.
        Bug Juice
        Profile: "A bug repellent. Keeps away hornets & leeches while lasring.
                 Apply w/O button in window.
        Info: Pretty damn useful for The Pain battle, as well as a few of the
              water areas with leeches in them.
                                                                   /Code: 0009   |
        Food: Plants, Etc.
        Russian Oyster Mushroom
        Letter Name: Mushroom A
        Normal Location: Stumps and logs
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Ural Luminescent Mushroom
        Letter Name: Mushroom B
        Normal Location: Stumps and Logs
        Stamina Recovery: Food Poisoning
        Siberian Ink Cap
        Letter Name: Mushroom C
        Normal Location: Stumps and Logs
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Fly Agaric
        Letter Name: Mushroom D
        Normal Location: In the ground
        Stamina Recovery: Food Poisoning
        Russian Glowcap
        Letter Name: Mushroom E
        Normal Location: Various, normally dark areas
        Stamina Recovery: Recovers battery power
        Letter Name: Mushroom F
        Normal Location: Tree trunks
        Stamina Recovery: Makes you fall asleep, but recovers health and Stamina
        Baikal Scaly Tooth
        Letter Name: Mushroom G
        Normal Location: Tree Trunks
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Yabloko Moloko
        Letter Name: Fruit A
        Normal Location: Tree branches
        Stamina Recovery: Minimal
        Russian False Mango
        Letter Name: Fruit B
        Normal Location: Tree branches
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Letter Name: Fruit C
        Normal Location: On the ground, and on trees
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Vine Melon
        Letter Name: Vegtable
        Normal Location: Tree branches, misc.
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Instant Noodles
        Letter Name: Noodles
        Normal Location: Buildings, store rooms
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Russian Ration
        Letter Name: Ration
        Normal Location: Buildings, misc areas.
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Calorie Mate
        Letter Name: Calorie
        Normal Location: 2x in beginning, also in various store areas and
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Food: Animals
        King Cobra
        Letter Name: Snake A
        Normal Location: Various. Normally in tall grass and various other areas.
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Taiwanese Cobra
        Letter Name: Snake B
        Normal Location: Various
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Thai Cobra
        Letter Name: Snake C
        Normal Location: Various
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Coral Snake
        Letter Name: Snake D
        Normal Location: Forest Areas
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Milk Snake
        Letter Name: Snake E
        Normal Location: Forest Areas
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Green Tree Python
        Letter Name: Snake F
        Normal Location: Various tree branches
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Giant Anaconda
        Letter Name: Snake G
        Normal Location: Caves, swamps
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Retuculated Python
        Letter Name: Snake H
        Normal Location: Various
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Snake Liquid, Solid, and Solidus
        Letter Name: I, J, and K (in order)
        Normal Location: Final battle area
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Otton Frog
        Letter Name: Frog A
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Tree Frog
        Letter Name: Frog B
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Poison Dart Frog
        Letter Name: Frog C
        Normal Location: (Rare) Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: Food Poisoning
        Bigeye Trevally
        Letter Name: Fish A
        Normal Location: Water areas
        Stamina Recovery: Food Poisoning
        Maroon Shark
        Letter Name: Fish B
        Normal Location: Water areas
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Letter Name: Fish C
        Normal Location: Water areas
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Letter Name: Bird A
        Normal Location: The End's parrot. If he is still alive, you can hunt it
                         in the Sokovenno South area.
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        White-Rumped Vulture
        Letter Name: Bird B
        Normal Location: Mountain areas. Can be seen in the air, but will come
                         down if enemies have been killed and are exposed.
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Red Avadavat
        Letter Name: Bird C
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Letter Name: Bird D
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Sunda Whistling-Thrush
        Letter Name: Bird E
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Cobalt Blue Tarantula
        Letter Name: Spider
        Normal Location: Buildings and caves
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Emperor Scorpion
        Letter Name: Scorpion
        Normal Location: Mountains
        Stamina Recovery: Food Poisoning
        European Rabbit
        Letter Name: Rabbit
        Normal Location: Forest areas
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Hornet's Nest
        Letter Name: Nest
        Normal Location: Tree branches, rare
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
        Indian Gavial
        Letter Name: Gavial
        Normal Location: Swamp areas
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Japanese Flying Squirrel
        Letter Name: Squirrel
        Normal Location: Forest areas, in the air
        Stamina Recovery: Normal
        Kenyan Mangrove Crab
        Letter Name: Crab
        Normal Location: Water areas, caves
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Letter Name: Markhor
        Normal Location: Hills, some forests
        Stamina Recovery: High
        Letter Name: Rat
        Normal Location: Buildings, caves
        Stamina Recovery: Fair
        Vampire Bat
        Letter Name: Bat
        Normal Location: Caves
        Stamina Recovery: Small
        Letter name: ??? (I'll update later)
        Normal Location: Can only be caught via mousetrap, and is very rare unless
                         placed in a area without animals. However, once it is
                         taken away with your other food items before the torture,
                         it will appear near the base of a tree at Tikhogornyj
                         (The area with the waterfall). The tree is a little bit
                         to the east of the waterfall.
        Stamina Recovery: Very High
                                                                   /Code: 0009   |
                                      Easter Eggs
        -Once you get the uniform from the Raiden look alike, call Major Zero to
         get a reference to how people reacted to MGS2 Raiden.
        -Try opening the locker you stuffed him in and look at the side. MGS2
         picture galore.
        -Try saluting to different people (Triangle button). Soldiers will let
         you pass, while scientist will tremble with fear when they see you.
        -In the Sorrow battle, you will see raidenwhateverhislastnamewas nude,
         streaking like Raiden was in MGS2, and with part of him censored.
        -Eva is pretty much a combination of Emma and Meryl when it comes to
         AI. Attack her a few times to get attacked yourself, and so on.
        -Use the EZ gun to knock her out, and hear some of the responces. While
         the first few are about food, it gets stranger over time. One minute,
         she's dreaming naughty thoughts about Snake, then about The Boss (The
         hell!?!?), and THEN starts dreaming about someone/thing called Fido,
         a dog maybe? Is Eva a bisexual/has a farm fetish?
        -Like snake, you can have her throw up by rotating her in the cure
         screen. Also, give her a few food items, and hear what she says.
        -Quite possibly one of the biggest references in the game, kill her to
         hear a speach from Roy Cambell himself! You can also get the same
         responce with killing Ocelot early in the game, but you don't get as
         much dialogue as if you would kill Eva.
        -Fun with medical stuff. Go to her medical record to find out she had
         brest enlargements. Furthermore, look at her chest area to see, well,
         you'll see. Also, read her Diet record to see a few interesting items.
        Snake VS Ape
        -Throughout the conversation with Roy, you will get several references to
         many different things. First thing he mentions is Spike and Jimmy, the
         main characters of Ape Escape 1 and 2, as well as making a reference to
         Natallie and the Prof (Two supporting characters in both Ape Escapes).
         Secondly, he makes several MGS references (Figting metal gears, Otacon,
         etc). Last, but not least is the Sam and Gabe reference (Splinter Cell
         and Syphon Filter).
        -Obviously, the monkeys are taken from Ape Escape (AKA: Ape Escape 2 in
         reality), as well as a few of the sound bites.
        -The core mechanic of the mini-game is actually very similar to Ape Escape
         (although it is very watered down).
        -The sounds snake makes (Got Ya! and so on) are lines taken from the Ape
         Escape series.
        -Like Mei Ling and Rose, Para-Medic has her own form of Codec save
         discussions: AKA movies (Obviously). There are a few interesting
         convo's to have with her.
        -One of the Save Codec convo's is about a movie with clones. After
         awhile, snake makes a a few ironic comments about cloning as well as
         "I wonder if it will eventually happen to me". Wink wink.
        -Throughout some of the bases, you can find quite a few MGS2/MGS3 related
         magazines lying around. Some include: Gamepro, tips n tricks, and the
         MGS:TTS comic.
        -In the cutscene with that one russian man (Rival of Socolov, makes a
         reference to metal gear), he will show you a paper with a rather
         interesting picture on it. It is none other than good ol' Metal Gear
         Rex! Or so it looks...
        -When you get captured, the guard who feeds you is none other then
         Johnny Sasaki's grandfather, or something of that matter. Like the
         future Johnny's, he will occasionally get Diahrea (and gloat about
         it, too). Also, wait around and he will give you various food items.
        -Save right after you get thrown in jail, then load it back up. You
         will get this wierd mini-game that has you killing these zombies in
         a classic-urban setting. Oddly enough, it seems that you can win a
         few food rations for playing it (After I played it, my cell was filled
         with about 4 random food items).
        -The Sorrow fight is rather interesting. In all, you will see everyone
         you have killed as a zombie, including bosses and various other people.
         Also, the sorrow does appear randomly before and after the boss battle
         (AKA: Showing you the codec number to get out of your cell, which is
         144:75, showing the remaining time before the Volgin battle)
        -The fake death pill has quite a few uses, along with it being the basis
         for The Sorrow battle. You can either use it with trying to get out,
         scaring Eva later on. Also, try using it in the final battle to get
         a funny responce.
        *Submitted by Joseph Annelli:
        -In the Room with Granin, there's also a model of Jehuty from Zone of
         the Enders behind Granin's desk, and a Model of Metal Gear RAY to the
        *Submitted by BlackMageWarrior:
        A couple of things you can add to your FAQ, if you want to:
        The Moss camo from The End is one of the best in the game. If you lay in
        the sun wearing it, you will replentish your stamina over time (remember
        that The End is photosynthetic). Also it provides up to 100% camo index
        in the forest areas. You can get it by sneaking up on The End and holding
        him up 3 times.
        The Chocolate chip camo is great for the mountain setting. It's on the
        level where you have to climb the tree to get over the electric fence.
        The Fly camo is in the Granin lab on the second floor in the bathroom.
        No practical use, but funny.
        Some of the important frequencies:
        Fire Support: 148.56; 147.32
        Call off Alert: 149.63; 148.87; 140.01; 141.45
        Healing Radio: 148.96; 144.86; 141.85
        *Submitted by Riku1590
        During the end of the game in MGS3, when EVA is working with Snake in the
        jungle, you can learn several interesting things (make sure you hold her
        with the knife to her throat for a while, and she'll start talking, don't
        put the knife down until she repeats).
        If you take her hostage, you learn:
        -There is some type of cheat using up, up, down, down, left, right, left,
        right (Which is the Konami Code -Jason)
        -She loves instant noodles
        -She did something when she was 17
        -Her measurements (35-24-36 i believe)
        *Submitted by Mike (Not a easter egg, but there's no where to put it
         right now...)
        -The Male Kabuki Mask can be found just after Eva gives you your stuff
         back in the cave. Just go back out to where you came and dive into the
         water. from the cave it will be on the far right side.
        *Submitted by Wiltewarrior:
        -Oh yeah, I forgot about one of my favorite easter eggs in the game.
         you rendevous with Eva after escaping Groznyj Grad without removing
         the transmitter you'll get what I think is one of the most hillarious
         scenes in a video game ever. Therell be a couple of guards next to
         the waterfall sure but its worth it.
        *Submitted by Steve Metzger: (Once again, not a easter egg, but there's
         no where else to put it right now...)
         If you dress up as Major Raikov (the Raiden lookalike) in the battle
         with Volgin inside the warehouse (before you *begin* the long escape
         sequence), Volgin will hesitate, and cry or something. After a while
         (or after you attack him, I think), he will get wise of your antics
         and attack you again. You can only use this once. I have yet to try
         it in the battle against the Shagohod.
         Strategy: Jungle just before the Lake, fourth to final area.
         If Eva is running out of stamina and you are out of food, put her to
         sleep with the Mk22. Make sure all enemies have been dispached and hunt
         for food in the area until you think you have all of it in that area
         (use the Thermal Goggles if you haven't yet grasped their sheer
         wonderness over the last six years). Fill your stamina and drag Eva's
         body to the exit of the area. Use CQC to kick her and wake her up. Repeat
         if necessary, especially since it's easier to do than calling her over to
         you. In the last area before the lake there are plenty recovery items in
         nature. Use the thermal goggles to get them all, you'll probably need
         them for The Boss.
         *Submitted By Brent
         I noticed something about EVA after reading your guide on
         In the Clinical Records you said EVA got breast implants.
         well look at this too.
         Cut <- from the branch impalement
         Gunshot Wound <- from the bike chase
         Blow Sustained <- Kicked by Volgin
         Electrical Burn <- Volgin
         Blow Sustained
         Electrical Burn
         Electrical Burn
         Blow Sustained
         Blow Sustained
         Blow Sustained  <--- ROUGH SEX
         Blow Sustained
         Proctitis    <---- in the ass
         Lower-Back Pain  <---from the implants? (theres 2 of
         Electrical Burn
         Stomachache    <--dunno, maybe from food poisoning
         Finger Sprain
         Food Poisoning
         ect ect....
         thought you might wanna know about the proctitis tho
         look it up on http://www.dictionary.com
         *Editor note: I looked up what it meant, and here is the definition:
         "5 entries found for proctitis.
         proc·ti·tis   Audio pronunciation of "proctitis" ( P )  Pronunciation Key
         (prk-tts) n.
         Inflammation of the rectum or anus."
         So yeah, I guess Eva was a whore...Good to know one of the main
         characters enjoys it in the ass...Anyways
         *Submitted by choc
         Here is my contribution:
         If you chokehold one of the enemy at map Bolshaya Past Base, interrogate
         him and he will give you a frequency 147.08. After that, check your radio
         frequency list and you will find a new menu: "Healing Radio". Snake will
         heal stamina when you listen to one of the frequencies in there.
         Note: I have done this in Easy mode and when one of the guards call for
         help on the radio. I have tranquilized the backup who went in to help his
         comrades. Therefore, I have interrogated a total of 6 or 7 guards. I just
         do not know which one will give you the frequency.
         Also, one of the guards that I mentioned from my previous mail will
         give you a password for Metal Gead Acid. The password is: "VIPER"
         *Submitted by ??? (Deleted the email before I forgot the name. Sorry)
         *Corrected for spelling*
         Hey I read your faq page on metal gear, and I do not remember if you put
         the different radio stations for snake.  148.96 is pillow talk/ starry.k
         and I have come across others but do not know there freqencies.  I got
         this by holding up guards. They also give out stations that can call off
         guards on alert and fire support. These frequencies change after you use
                                                                   /Code: 0010   |
                                     Frog Locations
        *Written by wilhitewarrior
        Virtuous Mission
        **PLEASE NOTE**: I modified wilhitewarriors most recent update. If you
                         wish to get the frogs in order, please read numbers
                         56-60 first, so that you know a few of those on the list
                         do NOT come in order. I should update the numbers in a
                         later update
        1. S. Dremuchij:
           Behind some trees above the cliff in the NE.up at the large hole in the
        2. Dremujij Swanplands:
           In the far North beyon the swamp behind some trees in the East. Look
           close because its hard to spot.
        3. N. Dremuchij:
           On top of a hollow tree stump in the North East.
        4. Dolinovodno:
           On top of a post at the south end of the bridge.
        5. Rassvet:
           On the wall in the NW section of the building there is a hole in the
           wall. Look through the hole and you should see it.
        Snake Eater
        1. E. Dremuchij:
           Amongst a pile of logs in the West of the middle section
        2. N. Dremuchij:
           Atop the hill in the middle of the northern area. Shoot from the west
        3.Dremuchij Swamplands:
          On the ground behind a tree on the West side of the swamp.
        4. S. Dremuchij:
           In the far South Western corner atop a high ledge. Climb over the logs
           to get a shot at it.
        5. Dolinovodno:
           On top of a post on the North side of the bridge.
        6. Rassvet:
           Underneath the stairs on the West side of the building.
        7. Chyornyj Prud:
           Underwater next to a tree in the far northern part of the pond.
        8. Bolshaya Past South:
           In the middle of a group of trees on the South Eastern side of an
           electrical fence in the North.
        9. Bolshaya Past Base:
           Under the corner table in the baracks (bedroom).
        10. Bolshaya Crevice Past:
            In the area to the South where Ocelot's soldiers are. (Climb the tree
            and look to the south and you should see it.)
        11. Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch:
            From the area where you get the torch go through the path on the left
            follow it then crawl through the holes in the ground until you finally
            come to a hole in the ground with water below. DONT JUMP IN! Instead
            look to the South in first person mode and you should see it. There is
            also a set of night vision goggles here, so be sure and get them
            because they can really come in handy here.
        12. Chyornaya Peschera Cave:
            In the area where you fight The Pain (or TP as i call him) look up at
            the large hole in the ceiling, you should see it right on the edge.
        13. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance:
            In the middle section there is a small area with some ammo and mines
            planted. Go in and look up above the way you came in and you should
            see it.
        14. S. Ponizovje:
            At the very beginning of the area look to the North West and you should
            see it on the land.
        15. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior:
            There is a red gate in the SouthWest. The frog sits on top of it.
        16. Ponizovje Warehouse:
            High, high up on the ceiling on the rafters above the stairs. Look
            close because its hard to spot. You'll have to look from the ground
            in the South because you cant see it from the top of the stairs.
        17. Graniny Gorki South:
            In a tree in the NorthWest corner. Climb one of the trees to the
            SouthEast of this one and look NorthWest and you should see it.
        18. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls:
            In the inside of the electric fence in between some trees in the West.
        19. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior:
            Inside Walls - There is a small building in the East that cannot be
            entered but has a barred window. Look through this barred window and
            you should see it.
        20. Graniny Gorki Lab 1F:
            On top of the lockers near the stairs. NOTE: There is not one on the
            2nd floor. The 1st &2nd floors count as one area.
        21. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East:
             In plain sight in the Westernmost cell.
        22. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West:
            On a table against the West wall in the room with the TV.
        23. S. Svyatogornyj:
            At the very beginning at the top of the wall with the door you entered
            the area through.
        24. W. Svyatogornyj:
            In the SouthWest area. It is to the West of a crawl through log and a
        25. S. Sokrovenno:
            Right outside the building with the sniper rifle against the Northern
        26. N. Sokrovenno:
            On the ground next to a tree at the North end of the upside-down U
            shaped area in the South.
        27. W. Sokrovenno:
            The far South at the end of the river.
        28. Krasnagorje Tunnel:
            About halfway through the tunnel on the ground. (before climbing the
            endless ladder.)
        29. Krasnagorje Mountain Base:
            Near the end of the area at the NorthWest end look up. You should see
            it on the hill.
        30. Krasnagorje Mountainside:
            At the end of t. he area on top of the building with the food inside.
        31. Krasnogorje Mountaintop:
            The SouthEast corner. Stand next to the building with the bullets and
            stuff to get a good shot.
        32. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins:
            On a shelf near the entrance. (To Mountaintop.)
        33. Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins:
            On the radio tower at the Southeast of the base about halfway up. This
            one's hard to spot so look close.
        34. Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel:
            In the area where you fight The Fury on top of a red pipeline. Stand
            near the Red door and look up and to the South and you should see it.
        35. SW. Groznyj Grad:
            The building in the West, the middle one. Look in the slightly open
            door to see it.
        36. NE. Groznyj Grad:
            In the crawlspace behind a grate. The entrace to the crawlspace is in
            the NorthEast just above the food storehouse.
        37. SE. Groznyj Grad:
            On top of the building, SouthEast corner. Climb the stairs to get to
            where you can see it.
        38. NW. Groznyj Grad:
            On an inaccessible staircase in the SouthWest. Clim the boses to
            get a shot at it.
        39. Groznyj Grad Torture room:
            Underneath the desk in the room in the NorthWest.
        40. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing:
            On top of a bookshelf at the far North end of the 2nd floor locker
        41. Groznyj Grag Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor:
            Look out the window to the South at the large pole with the sirens on
            it. It will be on top.
        42. Tikhogornyj:
            At the South end of the river under the log.
        43. Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall:
            In the room with the ladder it is sitting on top of a pipe in the
        44. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing:
            In between two of the computers in the West. (On the West side of the
        45. Groznyj Grad B1F (Area where you fight Volgin):
            Next to some boxes in the West up above the platform. (On the 1st
        46. Groznyj Grad:
            Oh, yeah. These are alot of fun. You have to shoot them while riding on
            a motorcycle. I strongly suggest saving at the beginning of every one
            of these levels so that if you miss one you can restart it and go back
            and get it. With most of these the sniper rifle will give you the best
            shot. Early in the level when you stop on account of some guards look
            up at the watchtower on top of the spotlight, it should be there. Note
            that you'll move soon so shoot quick.
        47. Groznyj Grad Runway S.:
            The first time you stop because of some soldiers there will be a
            forklift to the left of the soldiers (your left not theirs). The frog
            will be on the seat.
        48. Groznyj Grad Runway:
            On the second part of the level be looking back and to the left side of
            the rode. It will be on one of the signs on the side of the road. It's
            pretty early into the area that youll see it. You'll need your sniper
            rifle for this.
        49. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge:
            At the base of the radio tower in the West. At least you're on foot
            for this one.
        50. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge N.:
            At the roadblock at the very end of the level. Its in between the left
            and middle barricades.
        51. S. Lazorevo:
            Near the beginning of the area it will be on the ground in front of a
            rock just a little to the right (looking ahead). A log will be in front
            of it and you will pass it by quick so look and shoot fast!
        52. N. Lazorevo:
            On a rock on the left (looking ahead) near the beginning of the area.
            Whew! Did you get all those? What do you mean no? Then go back and get
            them! Okay. good news: no more motorcycle!
        53. S. Zaozyorje:
            On the Western path below the log bridge. Stand on the log bridge and
            look down and to the East.
        54. E. Zaozyorje:
            At the fork where the paths split in the South there is a tree. The
            frog is in between that tree and the hill. look close because it's a
            tight space.
        55. Rokovoj Bereg:
            On the highest point of a tree in the South.
        ***READ HERE FIRST***
        56. W. Ponizovje:
            This area is very easy to miss. In S. Ponizovje near the end of the
            level there is a hard to spot path in the canyon on the left. The
            frog is underwater behind a grate in the North. Also, in the building
            in this area you can get your sniper rifle early.
        57. E. Svyatogornyj:
            This place is also easy to miss. When you leave West Svyatogornyj make
            sure to take the exit in the NORTHEAST not northwest. There is a large
            building in the NorthEast section of this area. The frog is on a shelf
            in the bedroom.
        58. Groznyj Grad Runway (pt. 1):
            On a sign on the left side of the road after you turn about halfway
            through the area.
        59. Groznyj Grad Runway (pt. 2):
            It will be on one of the signs on the right side (looking ahead) of the
            road. It's pretty early into the area that youll see it. You'll need
            your sniper rifle for this.
        60. Groznyj Grad Rail Brigde (Sniping Part):
            On the arch underneath the bridge on the left side of the bridge. You'll
            need to stand up to see it.
        Once you shoot all the frogs, you will get the stealth camo.
        *Note from AV
        Anyway, if I'm sending you this email, it isn't to congratulate you (but
        it should, I'm sure you don't get praised enough for your work), but to
        warn you of a little mistake : in your frog location FAQ, you mention the
        same frog two times : the one sitting on a sign to the left, after a
        crossroad, that you have to shoot while in the motorcycle. Their numbers
        are 48 and 58.
        *Editor Note: Yeah, I know. I will fix that later. Thanks for the warning,
                                                                  /Code: 00M1   |
                                     Mailbag: Q&A
       Due to the hundreads of emails I get each week, I have decided to put up
       a Q&A for those questions I am too busy to answer. If you have emailed
       me, or are looking for something not in the main guide, you may want to
       look here. As long as they arn't stupid questions, I will answer them.
       Q. I was wondering if you know anything about the game automatically
          switching the difficulty of the game up one level after you beat it
          once and load it for a second go around? Example i beat it on normal
          and now i am doing it again so is it on hard now or did i just not pay
          attention to my life level the frist time and now see that it's not all
          that high?
       A. In actuality, the game uses the same health system that MGS1 used. In
          the origional, you got health for doing something big or beating a
          boss. However, Konami changed it in MGS2 so your health was the same
          no matter what you did. In other words: you get more health when you
          beat a boss. Anyways, no, the level of difficulty will always stay
          on the same level, no matter what.
       Q. The ONLY thing I can't understand is how to get out of the Grosni Grad
          prison cell. if you could email me back ASAP with an answer, I would
          greatly appreciate it.
       A. There are several things you can do to get out. One: You can use the
          frequency you saw in the torture scene (Sorrow holds it up, press R1
          when the game shows the icon to see it). If you forgot the frequency,
          you can get it by tossing out 3 pieces of food out the cell to trigger
          a cutscene with Johnny's father (Press R1 when he takes the picture
          Secondly, you can get the fork, go into the CURE screen, and dig out
          the bullet The Boss shot into your leg. Use the Fake Death Pill
          that comes out (Although make sure Johnny is nearby), and once he
          opens the cell, use the Revival Pill and kill him.
       Q. I've beaten the game, but I don't seem to have the patriot. I started
          a new game on extreme, but I don't see it in my inventory. I loaded my
          beaten game and i didn't see it their either.
       A. Every item, even if it is a unlockable, always goes to the backpack
          first. Once you recover your backpack from the tree in the beginning,
          look in your backpack section and it should be there.
                                                                   /Code: 0011   |
                                  Copyright and Credits
        This guide is Copyright of Jason Howell. While using it on websites is
        fine, editing or selling this guide will warrent legal action. All
        written material has been written by Jason Howell, and not copied from
        other guides without giving credit. Quotes used in the items secion are
        borrowed from the Peasant's Quest game, which was produced and hosted
        by Homestarrunner.com. Please don't be a bad boy, or I may have to have
        my lawyers spank your money =O
        If you have any questions, comments, or whatnot, please email me at
        Also, if you have something to add, please email me at the address above.
        I will accept alternate boss stratigies, section additions, any items
        I have not added, and so on. If you can, please give a brief bio on
        the item if that's what you wish to contribute. You will get full
        credit on it.
        Brady's guide: Helped me with everything else I didn't know about the
                       game. Including items, names, bosses, and so on.
        wilhitewarrior: For his excelent Frog guide, and letting me use it. Thanks!
        Wiltewarrior, Mike, Riku1590, BlackMageSoldier, Joseph Annelli,
        Dave, Steve, Trent, AkanbonOrih, Brent, choc, AV:
        All either submitted a fan strategy for a boss, or a easter egg. Thanks
        guys for your info!
        ??? (2): Random people who sent me info via email. If you see anything you
                 contributed, email me and I will give you credit.
        -Walkthrough (25% complete)
        -Various items (80% complete)
        -Controls (0% Complete)
        -Radio Section (0% Complete)
        -The Fury, The Sorrow, Volgin, Shagohad, The Boss (0% Complete)
        -Frogs (95% Complete)
        -Q&A (0% Complete)
        -Snake V.S. Monkey (0% Complete)
        -Animal Locations (0% Complete)
                                    END  OF  DOCUMENT

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