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    Music FAQ by Kuja105 Reborn

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    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Music FAQ
    Copyright 2005 Mitch Stuekerjuergen (yodafreak@email.com)
    Version 1.7 (Last Updated on February 16, 2005)
    |---Table of Contents-------------------------------------------|
    1) Introduction
    2) Soundtrack Information
            Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty OST
            Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty: The Other Side
            Substance Ultimate Sorter Edition - White Version
            Substance Ultimate Sorter Edition - Black Version
    3) Conclusion
    4) Legal and Contact Information
    This FAQ was made in an effort to put an end to the "who composed what" 
    questions that crop every now and again, as well as to help gamers know 
    what's playing where.  Many of the titles are self-explanatory, but some 
    tracks, such as "Tanker Incident", contain 
    many songs all rolled into one.  
    There are three soundtracks for Metal Gear Solid 2: The Original 
    Soundtrack, The Other Side, and Substance Ultimate Sorter Edition (USE).  
    The first two are compilations of music found in the game (with one 
    exception), and the USE soundtrack, a particularly interesting item, 
    contains remixes and original renditions never heard in the game.  It's 
    also extraordinarily rare.  If you can track down a copy of it, I highly 
    recommend you buy it.  
    Most of the descriptions I give are done from memory, so if I'm a little
    off, please contact be by any of the means listed in the last section of
    this FAQ.
    *This FAQ contains spoilers.  While most are mild, some may be  *
    quite severe.  Don't go any further if you don't want to know!  *
    |---Soundtrack Information--------------------------------------|
    Each OST section contains two segments: Artist Information and Track 
    List And Description.  The Artist Information sections describe 
    who composed each track, as well as who played instruments in tracks 
    containing live instruments.  
    The List and Description are just that.  Each track from the OST is 
    listed and is described by location.  I may also give mini-reviews or 
    interesting trivia if I feel it's necessary.
    +-~-~Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty OST~-~-+
    Artist Information
    1 - Original music composed by TAPPY, arranged by Harry Gregson-Williams
    3,4,5,6,9,11,12,14 - Music Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams
    2,7,13,15 - Music Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.  Editing and 
    additional music done by Norihiko Hibino
    8,17 - Music, words, produced by Rika Muranaka, vocal: Carla White, 
    Piano: Onaje Allangumbs bass: Kenny Davis, drums: Eugene Jackson, 
    sax: Don Braden, Trombone: Robin Eubanks, conducted and played by Felix 
    Farrar Orchestra
    10,16 - Music composed, performed, mixed by Norihiko Hibino
    Track List And Description
    01 - "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme
    Plays during the opening movie (pre-title screen).  It includes the 
    Ocelot theme, which is not in the actual game opening, but is heard in the 
    02 - Opening Infiltration
    Plays during the first cinema of the game, from the George Washington 
    Bridge until the game's title appears.
    03 - Russian Soldiers from Kasatka
    This is a combination of the music you see when you first see the Russian 
    troops (before you start playing) and the track that plays when Snake 
    enters the Bridge and finally sees the Kasatkas.  Most of the first 
    scene's music is not heard in the track.  After only 37 seconds, it 
    switches to the track from the bridge scene.
    04 - Olga Gurlukovich
    The song that plays when Snake holds up Olga on the Tanker and when 
    Raiden first meets her on Big Shell.
    05 - Metal Gear?
    The song that plays when we first see RAY in the holds.
    06 - Revolver Ocelot
    Plays when Ocelot kills the guard near the end of the Tanker, as well as 
    when Ocelot "turns".
    07 - RAY Escapes
    This track is a slightly extended version of the song that plays when, 
    well, RAY escapes.  It also plays briefly when Arsenal is heading 
    towards Manhattan.
    08 - Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Piano Version)
    I actually had to go back through the game to find this because I always 
    skip this codec sequence.  "Jack, do you remember the day we met?" "Yeah, 
    we argued all day long."  "Oh Jack, we were destined for each other!"  
    That one.
    09 - Big Shell
    The opening of the Plant chapter of the game (where Raiden is still 
    "Snake").  The very beginning was also used for the title screen of the 
    10 - Fortune
    This plays when SEAL Team 10 attempts to take Fortune down...and fails 
    miserably.  It's kind of a bland song, but I do like the way Fortune's 
    theme is played at the end.  It made that part of the cinema memorable.
    11 - Kill Me Now!
    Interestingly enough, this track *ONLY* appears in the trailers.  It is 
    heard in the E3 2001 trailer (I think) when Snake is fighting Fortune.  
    In the final game, the normal boss theme is used.  I prefer this one for 
    the battle, though I couldn't see this used for any other bosses.
    12 - Vamp
    Five today...or rather, six?  This plays when Vamp is killing the final 
    SEAL soldier.
    13 - The World Needs Only One Big Boss!
    Solidus loses the cape to this track on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge, 
    when we learn (as if we didn't already know) that Pliskin is really Snake.
    14 - It's the Harrier!
    Plays immediately before the battle with the Harrier, as well as on the 
    Tanker when Ocelot blows sets off the Semtex.
    15 - Arsenal Is Going To Take Off!
    This plays once Arsenal has emerged and Liquid takes off with RAY.  It 
    also plays when Liquid (or is it Ocelot yet?) takes off in RAY at the 
    end of the Tanker chapter.
    16 - Who Am I Really?
    The section of the ending starting after Solidus dies (the cinema 
    beginning with a shot of a building).  It's a little dull on its own, but 
    works fine for the cinema.
    17 - Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Full Version)
    The end titles.  This is the jazzy little piece that plays during the 
    credits.  Most people tend to not like this song, but I actually like it 
    more that "The Best Is Yet To Come", the Metal Gear Solid/Twin Snakes 
    ending theme.
    +-~-~Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty: The Other Side~-~-+
    Artist Information
    All tracks composed by Norihiko Hibino
    Saxophone on 4,5,8,9,11,13,18 - Norihiko Hibino
    Trumpet on 006 - Masumi Yamauchi
    Piano on 12, 16 - Aya Nakata
    Drums on 5,17, Takashi Sugawara
    Drums on 11 - Masahiro Tajika
    Conga on 5, 17 - Takero Ogata
    Conga on 11 - Takashi Nakazato
    Vocal on 17, 18 - Sanae Shintani
    Sound effects - Sotaro Tojima
    Track List And Description
    01 - Tanker Incident
    This track essentially sums up the whole Tanker section of the game up 
    to the end of the Olga battle.  It starts and ends with sounds of the 
    raging storm, and includes the normal sneaking music from most levels, 
    the battle music, the (one-time only) Solid Snake boss battle music, as 
    well as the bit of music following the Olga battle when Snake sees the 
    Cypher.  The only missing part, as far as I can tell, is the song that 
    plays on the Bridge.
    02 - The Elevator Up to Hell
    This picks up immediately after Tanker Incident with more sound effects, 
    but this time of calm waters and seagulls.  This is the elevator scene 
    that formally introduces us to our main playable character of the 
    game - Raiden.
    03 - Vamp's Dance
    A familiar scene of blood-splattered walls greets Raiden in Strut B.  
    This plays during the cinema that shows SEALs getting slaughtered by 
    04 - Infiltration
    Strut A - Pump Room is the first place you'll hear this.  It's one of 
    the normal sneaking tracks played in Big Shell.
    05 - Battle
    Raiden's normal battle music.  Maybe it's my imagination, but the beat 
    in the background sounds awfully similar to Snake's battle theme in Metal 
    Gear 2: Solid Snake.  I'll have to check that out.
    06 - Peter's Theme
    Peter Stillman's theme plays in a couple of locations.  The first is 
    when you meet up with him in Strut C and he tells you how he lost his 
    leg.  The second is when he admits he was never injured in the explosion.  
    It's actually a nice song, though it took me a while to realize it.  
    07 - Countdown to Disaster
    An annoying little quirk of the Metal Gear Solid games is that outdoor 
    area usually don't have music except for Alerts, Cautions, Evasions, and 
    Bosses.  This is no exception, and it always made me mad.  This plays on 
    Big Shell whenever a timer is ticking down, and will reset every time you 
    enter a new room from outside.  You may be surprised as to how long this 
    manages to go on, as the longest time you probably spent listening to it 
    in the game was 15 - 20 seconds.
    08 - Lady Luck Revisited
    The pre-Fortune battle cinema of Fortune descending on the Strut A 
    elevator.  These has always been a favorite song and scene of mine.  I 
    thought they were both great and went well together.
    09 - Yell "Dead Cell"
    One size fits all boss battle music.  The only boss battles you don't 
    hear this during are Olga, the RAYs, and Solidus.  It's a nice song, but 
    Twin Snakes and Snake Eater have spoiled me.  Now I really do prefer songs 
    for different bosses. 
    10 - Metal Gear's Already Active!
    Metal Gear!? comes flying out of the water to catch a wounded Harrier, 
    and our hero is stunned.  And people say he and Snake aren't the same 
    at all.  Ha!
    11 - Arms Depot
    As you might imagine, this plays in the Strut F Armory. It's another 
    one of the normal sneaking songs in Big Shell.
    12 - Memories of Hal
    Hal and I were....in love.  But he cheated on me with my mother, and 
    that made me jealous.  I can't swim because of him!  Or  something 
    like that.  This is another one of those self-explanatory tracks.  
    It plays when Emma is reminiscing about her childhood days with 
    13 - Twilight Sniping
    This song actually appears twice, but only once in full form.  The first 
    is a slowed-down version that plays when you are leading Emma around by 
    the hand (or dragging her) through Big Shell.  The full version plays 
    during the sniping section on the oil bridge.  It ends with the cinema 
    music from when Vamp drops down and nabs Emma.
    14 - Will the Virus Still Work?
    Do you need me to tell you?  This plays in the Computer Room scene when 
    the virus upload stops at only 90%.  It doesn't include that part where 
    Emma finally dies (that's in "Comradeship").
    15 - Comradeship
    Raiden and company leave Emma behind (I really felt terrible during this 
    whole part, I must admit) to stop Solidus and save the hostages.  This 
    includes the music that plays during the slow-motion exiting of the 
    computer room and the Otacon/Snake handshake-to-hug thing.  It ends 
    with the tiny section of song that played at Emma's death and again 
    when Otacon falls to his knees.
    16 - Reminiscence
    This is the part where people start to get...uncomfortable with the 
    story.  Poor Otacon admits to being seduced by Emma's mother.  The song 
    is real nice, though I rarely watch this scene when playing.
    17 - Arsenal's Guts
    The normal sneaking music from Arsenal Gear, plus the battle music you 
    hopefully only encountered when you were with Snake.  
    18 - Prelude to the Denouement
    Ocelot unloads RAY's missiles on Fortune and she deflects them.  The end of 
    this song is when Liquid takes over Ocelot's body.  It also appeared in the 
    Tanker sequence when Liquid made himself known to Snake.
    19 - Father and Son
    The battle music for both the mass-produced RAYs and Solidus Snake.  I
    really enjoyed this piece and rank it quite high on my favorite song list.
    20 - Freedom to Decide
    This is essentially an extended version of "Who Am I Really?" from the 
    first OST.  It starts off with the music that plays during Solidus' fall 
    and death, and then launches straight into the other track.
    +-~-~Substance Ultimate Sorter Edition - White Version~-~-+
    Artist Information
    *Note* - While the Artist Information may seem incomplete, that was the 
    only information available to me.  If you have additional information, 
    please contact me and provide me with evidence.
    1 - Carla White
    2,3,4,5,6,7,18 - Harry Gregson Williams
    8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16 - Norihiko Hibino
    15 - UME
    17 - Rika Muranaka
    Track List And Description
    01 - Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Complete Mix)
    While this song is just over 3 minutes longer than the game's version, 
    I can't seem to pin-point the extended segments. In case you were 
    wondering, the original mix runs 4:22, while this runs 7:36.  I don't 
    know what I'm missing, but rest assured that it stands out and I'm just 
    too deaf to find it.
    02 - Opening Infiltration A (Harry's Original Mix)
    This is an extended version of the first half of "Opening Infiltration" 
    from the first OST.  It's the part that plays while Snake is walking 
    along the bridge.  It doesn't include the jump music.
    03 - Opening Infiltration B (Harry's Original Mix)
    This is an extended version of the second of "Opening Infiltration" from 
    the first OST.  It's the part that plays from when Snake jumps off the 
    bridge until he lands.  It actual sounds quite a bit different from the 
    final product.  Ocelot's theme music is not present.
    04 - Revolver Ocelot (Harry's Original Mix)
    Same as the last two tracks, this is an alternate version of the song by 
    the same name on the first OST.  The tempo is different in the middle of 
    the track, as well as at the very end.
    05 - Arsenal Is Going To Take Off! A (Harry's Original Mix)
    Holy cow!  This song is a massively extended version of the first 35 
    seconds of "Arsenal Is Going To Take Off!" from OST 1.  It now clocks 
    in at 2:10!
    06 - Arsenal Is Going To Take Off! B (Harry's Original Mix)
    A 50 second version of the second half of the song.  It's actually a bit 
    shorter than the final product.  No noticeable changes, though.
    07 - The World Needs Only One Big Boss! (Harry's Original Mix)
    What an exciting opening!  I like this a lot more for listening purposes, 
    but the final version works better for the game.
    08 - Yell "Dead Cell" (VR Remix)
    I don't remember this remix actually being in any VR Missions, but I will 
    go back and check (or you can contact me about it).  In any case, this 
    is a remix of the boss battle theme "Yell 'Dead Cell'".  The normal 
    version is on the USE Black Version.
    09 - VR "Remixed" Weapon Mission
    Another remix, but this one covers a Substance-only track: "Snake in VR 
    Mission (Weapon)".  It's an OK song, but not the best of the remixes.  
    The normal version is on the USE Black Version.
    10 - VR "Remixed" Sneaking Mission
    A remixed version of "Raiden in VR Mission (Sneaking)" from the Substance 
    VR missions.  The normal version is on the USE Black Version.
    11 - VR "Remixed" Variety Mission
    If "VR Variety Mission" wasn't weird enough to begin with, this one expands 
    on it.  This is the only song of the disc I didn't like.
    12 - Tanker Incident (Alternative)
    A remix of "Tanker Incident".  It actually starts out unrecognizably 
    soft, and then builds up into Snake's battle music.
    13 - Electronica Emma
    Another quirky little song, but I like this one.  This remix is based on 
    a song used in the game that, to the best of my knowledge, never made it 
    onto an OST.  If it is on an OST, it's either  "Memories Of Hal" or 
    "Reminiscence".  I don't believe it's either, but I may be wrong.
    14 - Next Generation (Part 1)
    One of the ending songs for "Snake Tales", a Substance-only extra.
    15 - Next Generation (Part 2)
    The other ending song for "Snake Tales", a Substance-only extra.
    16 - "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme (Document Remix)
    Exactly what it says - a remake of the Main Theme for The Documents of 
    Metal Gear Solid 2.
    17 - Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday (Piano Remix)
    This is a piano remix of the end theme of Metal Gear Solid 2.  I don't 
    think it's featured anywhere in-game.
    18 - "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme
    The exact same as "'Metal Gear Solid' Main Theme" from the first OST.  
    It plays during the opening sequence of the game.
    +-~-~Substance Ultimate Sorter Edition - Black Version~-~-+
    Artist Information
    *Note* - While the Artist Information may seem incomplete, that was the 
    only information available to me.  If you have additional information, 
    please contact me and provide me with evidence.
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 - Norihiko Hibino
    14 - Kanji Onari
    Track List And Description
    01 - "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme (Document Remix)
    This is the same song as on the White Version - a remix of the the 
    "'Metal Gear Solid' Main Theme" for the Documents of Metal Gear Solid 2.
    02 - Snake in VR Mission (Weapon)
    Weapons VR mission music for Solid Snake.
    03 - Snake in VR Mission (Sneaking)
    Sneaking VR mission music for Solid Snake.
    04 - Raiden in VR Mission (Weapon)
    Weapons VR mission music for Raiden.
    05 - Raiden in VR Mission (Sneaking)
    Sneaking VR mission music for Raiden.
    06 - VR Variety Mission
    VR Variety Mission (drop-hang combos, etc.) music for both Snake and 
    07 - VS Genola
    This actually plays when you're fighting against or sneaking around the 
    Gurlugon.  I believe Genola does make an appearance during the Snake 
    Tales mission "External Gazer", but I never did try to get it.
    08 - Tuxedo Snake
    I think this is a fun track.  It plays during the VR missions where you 
    play as Tuxedo Snake.  It's a catchy tune, but gets old after you hear 
    it for every mission.
    09 - Mission in the Dark (Sneaking)
    This song plays for both Raiden and Snake when sneaking during the 
    nighttime VR missions.
    10 - Mission in the Dark (Action)
    The battle music for both Raiden and Snake during the nighttime VR 
    missions, as well as Zako Survival.
    11 - Alternative Mission (Photo Shoot)
    This is a nice, calm song.  I like it.  This plays during the Photograph 
    Mode in the Alternative Missions section.
    12 - MGS1 Snake in VR Mission (Weapon)
    I know retro is in...but this is a bit much.  This plays during the 
    hardest Weapons VR missions - those of Metal Gear Solid 1 era Solid Snake.
    13 - MGS1 Snake in VR Mission (Sneaking)
    This is better.  This song has a history in Metal Gear.  It was first 
    used in Metal Gear as "Theme of Tara", then used again as the sneaking 
    music in the Metal Gear Solid special menu VR missions.
    14 - "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme (Skateboarding Remix)
    This is a rock remix of the "Main Theme" used in the PS2-only skateboarding 
    demo for Evolution Skateboarding.  It's one of my favorite USE tracks.
    Overall, I was very impressed with these soundtracks when I first heard 
    them.  Over the past three years, I've grown a little tired of a few of 
    them, but they are still exceptional.  To this day I contend that the 
    soundtrack to this game is superior to Metal Gear Solid.  Both Harry 
    Gregson-Williams and Norihiko Hibino have found permanent spots in my 
    top 5 list of favorite game composers.
    If I had to make any complaints, it would be that some of the tracks 
    begin to become dull after a while.  Several times I found myself 
    thinking that a particular song could have been played faster, or at 
    least not become so repetitive.  I realize how important the  repetition 
    is for game music, but I felt some of the tracks could have gone on a 
    bit longer before repeating (such as the boss battle theme).  I was also a 
    little upset that, despite all the soundtracks they put out, several songs, 
    like the title screen of flashback music, never made it onto a CD.
    Minor gripes aside, I felt it was an excellent soundtrack that perfectly 
    fit the moods and situations.  I give them an 9/10 for in-game use, and a 
    8/10 for soundtrack presentation, even though I was a little off-put by 
    having to buy several OSTs and not even get all the music..
    I'd also like to thank the following people, because they rock:
    **CJayC - Because I just plain like you.  And your website.
    **El Greco - For providing me with some artist information when I couldn't 
    track down one of my soundtracks.
    **Snake Plissken of MetalGearSolid.org - For helping me out with more artist 
    information, as well as other various information I was uncertain about.
    **Angela101 - For getting me a lot more interested in the music of Metal 
    Gear than I initially was.
    |---Legal and Contact Information-------------------------------|
    This FAQ is the property of Kuja105 Reborn and is meant for use only at 
    www.GameFAQs.com, www.MetalGearSolid.org, and www.philosopherslegacy.fu8.com.  
    If you want to copy this onto your own website, there are several ways to 
    contact me.  Feel free to ask, I promise I'll say yes.  Also, feel free to 
    send in any comments or errors you find.
    How to find me:
    Email: yodafreak@email.com
    MSN: yodafreak@hotmail.com
    AIM: Kuja105
    Frequented Boards: 
       On GameFAQs - Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 *Social* boards
       Elsewhere on the Web -  MetalGearSolid.org forums.
    If you can't find me through any of these, I've probably died.  Or gone 
    on vacation.

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