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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarkSun

    Version: 1.31 | Updated: 07/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        t  a  c  t  i  c  a  l    e  s  p  i  o  n  a  g  e    a  c  t  i  o  n
        |\/| |¯  ¯|¯  /\  |       |¯| |¯   /\  |¯|      |¯  |¯| |  | |¯\ ®    ¯|
        |  | |_   |  |__| |       |   |_  |__| |_|      |_  | | |  | | |      _|
        |  | |    |  |  | |       | _ |   |  | | \        | | | |  | | |       |
        |  | |_   |  |  | |_      |_| |_  |  | | |       _| |_| |_ | |_/      _|
                 S    N    A    K    E            E    A    T    E    R
                      "      After the end of World War II,
                      the world was split into two--East and West.
              This marked the beginning of the era known as the Cold War.     "
     (o DarkSun o)
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    v1.31 (15-10-05)
     - Changed email address
    v1.30 (06-09-05)
     - Spelling errors finally fixed
     - Fixed "Theme Movie Control" section (Brian P.)
     - More walkthrough alterations
    v1.25 (05-25-05)
     - Amendment to Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch (atstravis).
    v1.20 (03-02-05)
     - Additonal walkthrough editing
     - Kerotan section (rough) added
    v1.15 (02-20-05)
     - More slight walkthrough changes
     - Added Snake vs. Monkey stuff
     - Camo, weapons, items sections officially completed
     - Patriot isn't a special item as was previously listed
    v1.10 (01-28-05)
     - Slightly tweaked walkthrough and added missing info
     - Added txt maps for Virtuous Mission, more coming later
    v1.00 (01-24-05)
     - Walkthrough complete
     - Face paint complete, 2 missing uniforms
     - 1 missing weapon, items complete(?)
    v0.40 (01-12-05)
     - Walkthrough through The Fear
     - Face paint (9/12), Uniform (26/29)
     - Added Characters section
     - Added Codename section
    v0.20 (12-19-04)
     - Controls & Basics complete
     - Walkthrough through The Pain
     - Face paint (8/12) Uniform (24/29)
     - Weapons and Items almost complete
    |  INTRO |
    | Let me just start with the words "great game." You may find a lot of "duh"
    | info in here, but it's better to have it than not. I've put more work into
    | this than any other guide I've done (even though I haven't done many). This
    | guide has about everything you need for the game and so far only has a few
    | tiny holes that will fill in shortly. That's only due to the fact that the
    | information in here has to be accurate. FYI, all directions (North, South,
    | South-East, etc.) are abbreviated  (N, S, SE). Also, the guide may contain a
    | few teenie weenie spoilers. I said "teenie weenie." Relax.
    | The game is actually a prequel to the first two Metal Gear Solid games,
    | taking place in 1964 just after the Cuban missile crisis over the course of
    | just two weeks. Your codename is Naked Snake; you had been sent on a mission
    | in Russia to rescue a scientist deep within the jungle. If successful, the
    | FOX organization might have become a recognized branch of U.S. defense. But
    | during the mission something went haywire. An American Davy Crockett
    | portable missile system had been stolen and the anti-government Brezhnev
    | faction used it to demolish a key military research facility. The Russian
    | leader Khrushchev blamed the US, on the grounds that A: it was an American-
    | made missile system and B: a U.S. aircraft signature was reported over
    | Russian airspace about an hour prior to the event. If proof of innocence is
    | not presented within a week, Russia will unleash a full-scale nuclear
    | holocaust on the United States. What, specifically, did Khrushchev have in
    | mind? The destruction of the U.S. defectant deemed responsible for the whole
    | catastrophe--The Boss.
    |  CONTENTS |
    | 001 Controls
    | 002 Basics
    |     .Health
    |     .CQC
    |     .Intrusion View
    |     .Camouflage
    |     .Cure
    |     .Food
    |     .Alert
    |     .Suppressor
    | 003 Characters
    |     .Snake
    |     .Boss
    |     .EVA
    |     .Ocelot
    |     .Volgin
    |     .Zero
    |     .Para-Medic
    |     .Sigint
    | 004 Pre Game
    |     .Difficulty
    |     .No Kill
    | 005 Walkthrough
    |     .Virtuous Mission
    |     .Operation Snake Eater
    | 006 Post Game
    |     .Statistics
    |     .Rewards
    | 007 Weapons
    | 008 Items
    | 009 Camouflage
    |     .Face paint
    |     .Uniform
    | 010 Food
    | 011 Snake Vs. Monkey
    | 012 Kerotan Frogs
    | 013 Miscellaneous
    |  001.Controls |
    | Triangle - Action
    | o Climb ivy-covered trees
    | o Hang from tree limb
    | o Climb up from hanging
    | o Hop onto/over crates, logs, etc.
    | o Open/close doors
    | o Catch while falling
    | o Zoom in while using various items and weapons
    | o Change feed setting of some weapons
    | o Cut snare traps
    | Circle - CQC (Close-Quarters Combat)
    | o With weapon not CQC Ready equipped: melee
    | o With CQC Ready weapon equipped or with no weapon: CQC (covered below)
    | o When pressed against wall/tree: knock on object
    | o Use special item while item menu is open
    | o Attach/remove suppressors when gun is highlighted in weapons menu
    | o In menus: select
    | X - Position
    | o When standing: tap once to crouch (reverse is also true)
    | o When standing: hold down to enter prone position (" ")
    | o When running: tap to dive
    | o When running: hold down to dive and enter prone
    | o Drop from tree branches, ledges, etc.
    | o Dive into water
    | o When swimming: stroke
    | o In menus: cancel
    | o On radio: skip audio
    | o Skip cutscene
    | + Tip: the lower you are to the ground, the more accurate your shots will be
    | Square - Use Weapon
    | o Use equipped weapon (action varies according to weapon)
    | o With no weapon equipped: pick up bodies
    | Directional Pad - Stalk
    | o Move slowly while making little sound and with no decrease in camouflage
    | o In menus: navigate
    | L1 - Aim
    | o With SVD, Mosin Nagant, and RPG equipped: hold to look through scope
    | o With other side arms equipped: sighting
    | R1 - 1st Person View
    | o Look in FPV
    | o Movement is restricted other than crouching, sidestepping, and peeking
    | o Weapon quick equip/unequip may also be used in FPV
    | L2 - Item
    | o Hold down L2 to open item window
    | o Tap L2 to quickly equip or unequip last selected item
    | o When pressed against a wall or tree: move to the right / peek to the right
    | o In FPV: sidestep left (pressure sensitive)
    | o In FPV, press L2 + R2 to peek over stuff (pressure sensitive)
    | R2 - Weapon
    | o Hold down R2 to open weapon window
    | o Tap R2 to quickly equip or unequip last selected weapon
    | o When pressed against a wall or tree: move to the left / peek to the left
    | o In FPV: sidestep right (pressure sensitive)
    | o In FPV, press L2 + R2 to peek over stuff (pressure sensitive)
    | + Tip: unequipping a weapon will automatically reload the weapon with no wait
    |  time. Quickly tapping R2 twice with a gun out is the fastest way to reload
    |  as long as a clip/magazine is not depleted.
    | Left Analog Stick - Movement
    | o If tilted far, makes Snake run with noticeable sound and slight camo index
    |  decrease
    | o If slightly tilted, makes Snake stalk with little sound and no camo index
    |  decrease
    | o Press in the direction of a wall or tree to hug it (hold in that direction
    |  to stay)
    | o In FPV/scope/aim: aim camera/gun
    | o In Intrusion View: move forward/backward and rotate
    | o In menus: navigate
    | Right Analog Stick - Camera
    | o Move camera
    | L3
    | o In CQC chokehold: Interrogate
    | o With Active Sonar item equipped: Scan
    | R3 - Camera Lock
    | o Press to lock camera in place after being moved
    | Select - Radio
    | o Call for help from one of several specialists
    | o Save the game
    | o Listen to music
    | Start - Survival Viewer
    | o Change camouflage, change equipped items and weapons, eat Food, Cure what
    |  ails ya, set Options, view Map
    | o Skip cutscene
    | L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start - Soft Reset
    | o Resets game to title screen
    |  002.Basics |
    | Your Health is the upper bar in the top left section of the screen. Your
    | current health slowly regenerates at a rate determined by your Stamina (the
    | bar below it). Your maximum Health also increases very slowly as you play.
    | If you run out of health, Snake dies. You can also regain health by using a
    | Life Medicine.
    | + Tip: it's better to wait for Health to recover by itself if possible, since
    |  Life Medicine supplies are extremely limited throughout the game.
    | Stamina governs a couple concepts of the game: 1) How fast your Health
    | recovers, and 2) your aiming accuracy. Stamina decreases very slowly over
    | time, but the decay can be sped up by actions like running, swimming, and
    | especially wounds and diseases. The speed at which stamina is lost through
    | movement has to do with the total weight equipped between weapons and items.
    | Stamina may be regained by eating, and is also affected in various ways by
    | some camouflage uniforms' effects.
    | CQC
    | o Tap repeatedly for combo attack + knockdown
    | o With Left Analog Stick pressed in a direction, hit Circle to throw down
    |  enemy and render him unconscious
    | o With Left Analog Stick neutral, hold Circle to put enemy in chokehold. From
    |  chokehold:
    |   - Use Left Analog Stick to drag enemy around
    |   - Press L3 to interrogate enemy
    |   - Firmly press Circle to slit enemy's throat
    |   - Press Square to use equipped weapon while using enemy as a shield
    |   - Tap Circle repeatedly to choke the enemy and knock him out
    |   - Keep tapping Circle after he's unconscious to break his neck and kill him
    |   - Use Left Analog Stick + Circle to throw enemy to the ground (won't KO)
    | + Tip: draw your gun when he's on the ground to hold him up
    | By using the Mk22, you are able to knock out an enemy for a short period of
    | time. The speed at which the tranquilizer takes effect depends on the
    | placement of the darts and number of the darts. Getting a head or neckshot
    | will instantly drop them. Shooting them in the torso will take several
    | seconds to kick in, and shooting an appendage takes a very long time. If the
    | target does not go to sleep immediately, more tranquilizers can speed up the
    | process. They may also prolong the sleeping period, since after a little
    | while guards will begin to wake up. This takes several minutes at the least,
    | so even moving through an area very slowly should pose no problems.
    | Dogs might awake if you go near them after they have been subdued. It's
    | better off to just kill the dogs. What the FCC don't know won't hurt em.
    | Like when tranquilizing, a well-aimed bullet can kill in one blow to the
    | head. Chest shots take a few more hits, and arm/leg shots take even more
    | bullets. Additionally, hitting a soldier in their right arm will make them
    | drop their weapon, often resulting in their drawing a handgun if the arm is
    | not rendered useless. Shooting them directly in their radio near the left
    | shoulder will break it, preventing both incoming and outgoing calls. Even if
    | you cannot afford to kill anyone, using a lethal weapon to disable radio and
    | remove their weapon will not kill them but instead give you a greater
    | advantage.
    | Automatically engaged when crawling through thick grass and leaves and places
    | you can only travel through by crawling. You will be in FPV but without
    | restricted movement. You can enter FPV normally by pressing R1. Intrusion
    | view will cancel when you leave the covering or stand up.
    | Your Camo Index is at the top right of the screen. This shows the % of your
    | camouflaged-ness. Obviously the bigger the number the more hidden you are.
    | Choose the right camo and face paint for every environment you stay in for an
    | extended period. This means changing it often. There is a huge variety of
    | camouflage and its uses. See the camouflage section for all their locations
    | and effects.
    | HOLD UP
    | Draw your gun from behind an enemy or in close proximity to one without his
    | seeing you to hold him up. He won't make any moves as long as it's aiming
    | towards him. You can hold an enemy up in FPV or out of it.
    | CURE
    | Wounds restrict your maximum HP based on how many and to what extent your
    | injuries are. Telltale signs of an injury or sickness are bleeding, rapid
    | stamina loss, and the obvious red bar at the top of the screen. Injuries heal
    | slowly over time but can be cured partially or wholly by using either a
    | combination of or all the surgical items for each ailment.
    | o Broken Bone: Splint + Bandage
    | o Cut: Styptic + Disinfectant + Suture Kit + Bandage
    | o Gunshot Wound: Knife + Styptic + Disinfectant + Bandage
    | o Burn: Ointment + Bandage
    | o Leech: Cigar
    | o Bullet Bee: Knife + Styptic + Disinfectant
    | o Arrow Bolt: Knife + Styptic + Bandage
    | o Hypodermic Needle: Knife
    | o (The medicinal cures are self-explanatory)
    | + Tip: at the very least, extract all bullets with the knife, since you can't
    |  run out of that surgical item.
    | FOOD
    | Man's gotta eat. Eat to regain lost stamina. You can either find food on
    | guards occasionally or lying around encampments, but most of the time you'll
    | have to hunt for your food. By killing your food, it will spoil over time.
    | If food is tranquilized or caught with a mousetrap, it will never spoil,
    | obviously due to the fact that it is still alive. However, you only have 3
    | cages to keep small animals in but many more spots for killed (rationed)
    | animals. Some large animals such as Indian Gavials and Markhors cannot be
    | caged, so tranquilizing them will automatically turn them into rations. The
    | time it takes for each food to rot depends on the type of food (i.e.: meat
    | spoils faster than plants).
    | ALERT
    | There are 4 stages of an alert: no alert, caution, evasion, and alert. The
    | current alert status is displayed if there is any, and the counter shown
    | counts down to the next stage of alert.
    | o Alert Mode
    |   - Activated if directly spotted by the enemy
    |   - Enemies know where you are
    |   - Additional enemies will come as long as the alert is active, up to a
    |    certain point
    |   - Counter goes down when you are completely out of sight (speed is
    |    determined by the distance between you and the nearest enemy)
    |   - Counter disappears completely when all enemies that know of your presence
    |    are gone
    | o Evasion Mode
    |   - Activated by cancellation of Evasion mode
    |   - Enemies don't know where you are but are more alert than usual and
    |    patrol more aggressively
    |   - No more enemies will come as long as this mode is active
    |   - Counter goes down if you stay out of sight (speed " ")
    |   - Counter disappears completely when all enemies are gone
    | o Caution Mode
    |   - Activated either by cancellation of Evasion mode, if an enemy hears
    |    gunfire or is hit and not dropped, or if an unconscious soldier who knows
    |    you are here is woken up, but didn't necessarily spot you
    |   - Enemies may or may not increase in number, based on radio call status
    |   - Enemies are slightly more alert than usual
    |   - Counter goes down if you stay out of sight (speed " ")
    |   - Counter disappears completely when all enemies that know of your presence
    |    are gone
    | RADIO
    | A radio call for support has different effects depending on the situation.
    | There are three types of radio calls:
    | o Alert Call
    |   - If radio call is completed on alert mode, enemies will keep coming
    |    until no more can be spared
    |   - If radio call is interrupted, support group comes
    | o Caution Call
    |   - If radio call is completed, caution mode is activated, and may or may
    |    not request support group
    |   - If radio call is interrupted, support group comes
    | o Support Call
    |   - If radio call is completed, support group comes and may or may not
    |    activate caution mode
    |   - If radio call is interrupted, support group may or may not come
    | + If a call is "interrupted," the soldier was taken out somewhere between
    |  opening the call and completing it
    | This seems like really vague information, but in reality the effects of all
    | radio calls are hard to predict. It's also hard to determine whether or not a
    | call in no alert mode will be a caution or support call, but every radio call
    | completed in alert mode will produce many enemies. Therefore, it is possible
    | to enter alert mode and, if all witness guards are removed before the link
    | has been opened, alert mode will cancel. Also, leaving the area will not
    | affect the alert status, but it will nullify all support calls made. If
    | chaff grenades, for example, are used before the link is opened, the call
    | doesn't count.
    |  003.Characters |
    | Jack
    | Codename: Naked Snake
    | Sex: Male
    | Age: Unknown
    | Nationality: U.S.A
    | Birthdate: Unknown
    | Birthplace: Unknown
    | Address: Unknown
    | The main focus of attention, Snake is one of the CIA's chief operatives as
    | well as FOX's pointman. He was sent to Russia on a simple retrieval mission,
    | where a kidnapped scientist was to be secretly escorted back to the U.S. But
    | along the way the mission went awry and now he has America's biggest national
    | crisis riding upon his shoulders unbeknownst to every single American.
    | Codename: The Boss
    | Frequency: 141.80 (Virtuous Mission)
    | Sex: Female
    | Age: Unknown
    | Nationality: U.S.A
    | Birthdate: Unknown
    | Birthplace: Unknown
    | Address: Unknown
    | Snake's mentor and eternal friend, The Boss and Snake had an unbreakable
    | relationship up until her defection to the USSR. Now, Snake's sole purpose in
    | his mission is to find and destroy his best companion, whose bond to him runs
    | deeper than the meaning of "love." Will he listen to his orders or his heart?
    | Codename: EVA
    | Frequency: 142.52 (Operation Snake Eater)
    | Sex: Female
    | Age: 28
    | Nationality: U.S.A
    | Birthdate: 5/15/1936
    | Birthplace: Meridien, ID.
    | Address: Unknown
    | The sultry spy sent to aid Snake in his mission, EVA doubles as Colonel
    | Volgin's seductive suppressant in order to gain information about the
    | infamous Shagohod and of his other plans.
    | Codename: Ocelot
    | Sex: Male
    | Age: Unknown
    | Nationality: Unknown
    | Birthdate: Unknown
    | Birthplace: Unknown
    | Address: Unknown
    | This cocky sharp shooter is only after one thing--proving himself to Snake.
    | While all he does is pick fights, he and Snake share a strange symbiotic
    | relationship based on rivalry as opposed to hatred. Headstrong and unruly, he
    | submits to no one but his ego.
    | Colonel Volgin
    | Sex: Male
    | Age: Unknown
    | Nationality: U.S.S.R
    | Birthdate: Unknown
    | Birthplace: Unknown
    | Address: Unknown
    | Electricity violently pulsates through this man's body, allowing him to
    | unleash it at his whim. He can use his own hands as weapons, placing shells
    | between his fingers and exploding it using nothing but his own voltage. He
    | is the twisted commander of GRU, a Russian faction bent on overthrowing the
    | dominant power in the USSR as well as making Russia the world's dominant
    | super power. With possession of the Shagohod, that desire was manifested.
    | The Cobra Unit
    | N/A
    | The Cobra Unit--the "sons" of The Boss--was a specially formed task force
    | assimilated by The Boss herself and consisted of The Joy, Boss' former
    | codename; The Sorrow, the medium; The End, the sniper; The Fear, the stealth
    | tactician; The Pain, the main muscle; and The Fury, a fire-hardened
    | astronaut. Together they stormed the beaches of Normandy and faced many other
    | successes and hardships united, their bond only going stronger through the
    | years. They were to serve primarily as the Philosophers' protectors and
    | enforcers according to Volgin's plans. That is, until The Boss' prodigy
    | son--Snake--interfered.
    | Codename: Major Zero
    | Frequency: 140.85
    | Sex: Male
    | Age: 55
    | Nationality: U.K
    | Birthdate: 8/12/1909
    | Birthplace: Exeter, England.
    | Address: Portsmouth, NH.
    | This know-it-all Brit keeps Snake informed of every aspect of his mission at
    | all times. He serves as Snake's guidance at times and keeps everything moving
    | on schedule.
    | Codename: Para-Medic
    | Frequency: 145.73 (medic) / 140.96 (save)
    | Sex: Female
    | Age: 28
    | Nationality: U.S.A
    | Birthdate: 6/22/1936
    | Birthplace: Boston, MA.
    | Address: Boston, MA.
    | The over the top movie buff helps Snake out with all his medical concerns and
    | allows Snake to save the game at his desire.
    | Codename: Sigint
    | Frequency: 148.41 (Operation Snake Eater)
    | Sex: Male
    | Age: 24
    | Nationality: U.S.A
    | Birthdate: 11/11/1939
    | Birthplace: Nashville, TN.
    | Address: Langley, VA.
    | Sigint wrote the book on all military gadgetry and their design. He can
    | answer any questions Snake has about weapons, devices, and camouflage pattern
    | as well as provide some comic relief to the desperate situation.
    |  004.Pre-Game |
    | These are the following things you should consider before starting a new
    | game.
    | Extremely dense guards that are few in number. Free use of the EZ gun from
    | the start, where Camo Index stays at 80% regardless of anything and has
    | unlimited ammunition, although it has a one-bullet feed capacity. Maximum
    | ammo for weapons is on average 2x that of normal difficulty. Health starts at
    | about 75% and recovers quickly.
    | EASY
    | Slightly more alert guards and a few more in number as compared to very easy.
    | EZ gun no longer available. Max ammo and health are the same as very easy.
    | NORMAL
    | Average (game difficulty-wise) guards, numbers, and ammunition. Health starts
    | at about 50%.
    | HARD
    | Guards are more aware, greater in number, and maximum ammo is about 1/2 that
    | of normal. Health is the same as normal.
    | EXTREME (play through once to unlock)
    | Guards are completely aware and are very numerous. Maximum ammo is about the
    | same as hard, but health starts at about 25%.
    | //REWARDS
    | Your status of time taken, alerts set off, people killed, etc. is constantly
    | being recorded throughout your adventure. Depending on what kind of
    | credentials you meet, you may get rewarded with several valuable items. Jump
    | to the Post Game section if you're aiming for a certain reward, but for the
    | first time playing it's best to not worry about these things and just enjoy
    | the story. And you can easily replay this, seeing as the game itself isn't
    | too long.
    |  005.Walkthrough |
    | + The entire game takes place in Tselinoyask, Russia--"The Virgin Cliffs".
    | - Cutscene: Introduction / Mission Briefing / HALO Drop -
    |                /E/                   1. Life Medicine (LF MED)
    |               /  \_
    |              |  T  \_
    |               \    |1\
    |                \  /¯\ \                               N
    |            \¯¯\/  \__\ \                            W + E
    |             \_        /                               S
    |               \ S  /¯¯
    |                ¯¯¯¯
    | S = Start / E = Exit / T = Climbable Tree
    | Meet Snake, the first documented person to ever save the world single-
    | handedly while pulling off a mullet. MacGyver was the second. But let's get
    | started. Go E to pick up a Life Med, then drop down and climb the tree
    |(Triangle) and hang from the branch (Triangle) to retrieve your backpack.
    | Listen to Major Tom, Para-Medic, and The Boss (no relation to Tony Danza)
    | talk your ear out in the longest (not kidding) radio conversation in the
    | game.
    | - Cutscene: CQC Basics -
    | Continue on to the swamp.
    |                \E\                   1. Bug Juice
    |                | |                   2. Grenades
    |                | |                   3. Mk22 Bullet
    |             ___/ /_                  4. Mk22 Suppressor
    |            / 4     \
    |            \     3  \
    |            |  1  2 /
    |            / /¯\__/
    |            \ \
    |             \S\
    |             | /
    | Walk straight through this area, being sure not to hop on a croc. You can
    | kill em and eat em with either your knife or your gun, but there's no need to
    | stock up on food now. Be sure to pick up the Mk22 ammo and suppressor pack,
    | grenades, and bug juice in this area. Trudge through the mud when you're done
    | poking the crocs, but don't stray too far away from the shore.
    | - Cutscene: Soldiers? -
    |                /E|                   1. SVD
    |           ____| G \___               2. Stun Grenades
    |          /  G____     \              3. Mk22 Bullet (in stump)
    |          \4 /   _\  G4 \             4. Thermal Goggles (in log)
    |           \ \__/T      |             5. Grenades (in stump)
    |            \         3 |
    |            |G|¯¯¯\2 /¯¯
    |           (   \   ¯¯
    |            \   ¯¯¯¯\_
    |            / /¯¯\ 1 /
    |            |S|   ¯¯¯
    | G = Guard
    | After the radio call, it's time to experience your first encounter with the
    | dull, unsuspecting USSR soldiers of MGS3. Before you head N to engage them,
    | go W to a little side-area and pick up the SVD sniper rifle, your first
    | lethal weapon. Equip it from your Backpack in the Survival Viewer (Start).
    | Instructions are shown in the weapons window (R2) on operating it when the
    | gun is selected and the menu is open. It's best to go ahead and sneak around
    | and/or silently remove guards (this is crucial to success on higher
    | difficulties), but sometimes you might just have to face them. Remember that
    | if you hear a guard say "Who's that?" or something similar, first of all
    | don't move, crouch down, and hit him with more needles than a heroin druggie
    | if he comes close to you. If he doesn't move, he'll eventually say something
    | along the lines of "I must be seeing things" to let you know when you're in
    | the clear.
    | + Look over the Basics section for more information on dealing with soldiers.
    | When shooting at any and everybody in this game, always aim for the head or
    | right in the ol' jugular. If you're using a lethal weapon, a headshot will
    | take them out in one hit. The same applies to tranqs. When shooting the chest
    | and limbs, bullets will mysteriously kill them after so many, but it takes a
    | much more. A tranquilizer put in a chest or limb takes so much longer than
    | one put in the head. You either wait for it to kick in or waste more darts to
    | speed it up.
    | + Tip: try picking up bodies with Square. The fallen guards may drop various
    |  supplies when picked up.
    | - Cutscene: Hornets -
    |             __/E|___                 1. XM16E1
    |            /G       \                2. Mk22 Bullet
    |           (|      G  |               3. Pentazemin
    |            \\__  ____|
    |             ¯¯¯||\  
    |                || 1,2,3
    |             ___||___
    |            |    G   |
    |            \\       |
    |             \¯¯¯¯¯¯/
    |              ¯¯/S|¯
    | Shoot down the hornet nest to make the guard buzz off--which will hopefully
    | remove the guards from the other side as well--then waddle your way across
    | the bridge.
    | + Tip: you won't fall off the bridge when stalking
    | If you're up to it, hang onto the left side at the N end of the bridge by
    | running off (you'll catch the edge), drop down (X), catch the branch
    | (Triangle), climb up (Triangle), and grab the XM16E1, M22 ammo, and a little
    | something called Pentazemin, a suppressant that steadies your hands--ideal
    | for sniping. If you're not oh so daring, shoot down the other hornet nest to
    | the N if the guards are still there. Go around to the left and down the path
    | to the cave. Go N when you're ready.
    | + Tip: if you let a body drop off the bridge, then yes, Einstein, it does
    |  count as a kill if they're not dead already. So does pushing unconscious
    |  bodies into water, for future reference.
    | - Cutscene: Tight Security -
    |                  ___________/ /      1. M37 Shotgun
    |               __|_________  \/       2. XM16E1 Suppressor (upstairs)
    |              |     4 |  X L |        3. XM16E1 Bullet (upstairs)
    |              | GC   _|__ _| |        4. Life Medicine
    |      ________|  |         | |
    |     |   |23--|  |___C|__C_|G|
    |     | G  ¯¯--| G|    | G    |
    |     |   |1     CC  C        |
    |     | G  ¯ ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯ ¯  |¯¯¯¯
    |     |             G    |
    |     | S |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    | - = Stairs / C = Crawlspace / L = Ladder / X = Destination
    | * Guard positions here are relative and they will have greater patrol sweeps
    |  here than usual
    | The best way of going about this without raising any alarms is to shoot the
    | doosh (douche?) directly in front of you with the Mk22 (the XM16 is too noisy
    | now; if you want to use it get the SP at the top of the stairs first). Grab
    | the M37 after you've KO'd the guard near the bottom of the stairs. With the
    | shotgun you're the life of the party, which obviously attracts unwanted
    | attention. You can either be a spy or get your Rambo on. Move E along the
    | fence and remove the guard on the E side of the building. Climb up the
    | ladder, and at the top, shoot any potential problems in the neck before
    | jumping onto the deck below and getting the Life Medicine if you need it
    | before approaching the door. This is the first PONR (point of no return) of a
    | handful to come. Of course, this doesn't really matter since there's nothing
    | of significance here to come back to anyhow.
    | - Cutscene: Sokolov / Secret Weapon -
    | Tom will call to check up on your standings with the mission. Snake will
    | have two different answers to Tom's question of how he handled the sentries
    | depending on whether you killed any or not. Get ready to watch one of the
    | coolest cinemas.
    | - Cutscene: Ocelot -
    | After Tom's call, it's back to the bridge. Don't bother collecting items,
    | food, etc. Trust me.
    | - Cutscene: Boss' Defection / Bye-Bye Sokolov, Hello Cobras -
    | Kuwabara?... Not only was the Virtuous Mission a complete failure, but Boss
    | has defected to the USSR and Snake has a splitting headache. Fix yourself up
    | in the Survival Viewer. Put a splint on your broken bones and styptic,
    | disinfectant, and sutures on the cuts. Don't forget to put bandages on; they
    | seem to heal up about every type of wound pretty well.
    | - Cutscene: Still Kickin' / Remember the Alamo -
    | - Save Prompt 01 -
    | - Theme Movie: "Snake Eater" -
    | - Cutscene: Proof of Innocence / A Regular Alan Shepard -
    | Just keep truckin', there's no one for miles. Be a glutton and catch every
    | animal that moves.
    | + Tip: You have 3 cages and a multitude of ration slots. If you kill or
    |  tranquilize animals that won't fit in a cage, it will be stored as a ration.
    |  Rations will spoil over time, so be sure to eat it before it spoils or throw
    |  it out when it does (if it's spoiled, the animal icon next to its name will
    |  have changed). However, if you tranquilize an animal small enough to occupy
    |  a cage, you can keep it and eat it whenever you wish without any fear of its
    |  going bad.
    |  Additionally, getting the Markhor codename (catch every animal) is about
    |  CATCHING, not killing, which means even animals you've captured in a cage,
    |  even if you set them free, will still be checked off the list.
    | Jump off the ledge to the N, go E, and...
    | - Cutscene: Go Home American -
    | The Boss just blew up your ride and f'n broke your gun (that's not all, you
    | had a pantload of suppressors with you!). What a bitch! First things first,
    | get down and hide. Guards are gonna come runnin when they see that mess you
    | made. Lay down beside the N passage and wait until they investigate the
    | crash. You can sneak by them, which will eventually raise a caution alert, or
    | you can throw a stun grenade at them before they call in to HQ for smooth
    | sailing. From there, go to the W fork and crawl between the sentries using
    | the grass and other obstacles as cover. Taking them on here isn't a smart
    | idea with only your knife and grenades, but if you simply can't resist, who
    | am I to say no?
    | Same ol, same ol, we're back at the bridge. It seems like Kojima compensated
    | for your lost gun by making the guards blind and deaf. Either way, you can
    | literally run up behind the guy on the bridge before taking him out with a
    | CQC throw--that is, if you don't fall off the bridge. After you do, drop off
    | the side near the end to get to the cave underneath (or crawl around to it).
    | Under there is the Raindrop uniform, Life Med, and some smoke grenades. Watch
    | out for the guy patrolling the path to the cave. If you fell down, you have
    | the advantage of taking him out from behind (assuming he's facing N).
    | Rest assured, this place is devoid of enemies. Grab the smoke grenades to the
    | NW, AK-47 up the stairs, the bug juice on the E side, Zombie face paint
    | behind the warehouse, and the cardboard box atop the crates. If you've got
    | some free time, keep calling Sigint with the box on. Once you squeeze a
    | reaction out of him, call him with anything else you fancy equipped. In the
    | room S of Sokolov's there's a Mine Detector in the SE corner. Enter Sokolov's
    | quarters, open the locker to the SW, Thermal Goggles are inside. What, did
    | you actually expect him to still be there? Exit.
    | + Tip: if you're unsure about any camouflage just call Sigint when you put
    |  it on. He'll also tell you the details of and possibly the history behind
    |  any weapons you have equipped.
    | - Cutscene: Who Are The Patriots? -
    | Para-Medic will second EVA's notion for your rest. Hm... I wonder why EVA
    | didn't say the password...
    | - Save Prompt 02 -
    | - Cutscene: Wakeup Call -
    | The guards outside are ready to kick your ass. That is, if they can find it.
    | The only way to go through with this is to immediately go under the bed and
    | have stun grenades ready. Toss one immediately when the door opens. If that
    | doesn't knock out 4 guards, keep tossing them (not all at once) until you're
    | stuck with 4 less enemies. From there, go down through the trap door in the
    | corner (Triangle) and shoot the guards on the E side and the one right in
    | front of the opening due S of you. You'll probably make several leg shots
    | that will take several seconds to get the job done. Don't bother wasting your
    | suppressor here, it won't do anything. Make your way to the E side and find
    | a spot where you can safely take the roofer out. Climbing up the ladder
    | without his seeing you is doable, but tricky. Either way, taking out the few
    | guards left from the roof is usually easy pickins with the exceptions of the
    | stragglers on the W sector of the complex. Once all of them have been
    | disposed of, raid the bodies for loot and go to the NE sector to initiate a
    | cutscene.
    | - Custcene: Bitch's Perfume -
    | Walk on to Chyornyj Prud.
    | This place is guard-free too. All you have to worry about are those damn
    | leeches and crocs. You'll pick up a leech every couple strokes in the water
    | without your bug spray on. You'll have to burn every single last prick off
    | with a cig in the Cure menu if you don't. Once in the water, swim underneath
    | the submerged log to the left, turning any croc that comes within 100 feet
    | of you into swiss cheese (yes, you can use guns underwater...). On land
    | you'll get a call from EVA. Blah Blah. Climb the tree and hang from the
    | branch. Work your way across the tightline until you come to another rope
    | underneath you. Drop down and catch it, then continue onto the island to
    | receive your honorary croc club hat. Really useful later on. Afterwards, go
    | to the next area through either exit; they both lead to the same place.
    | There are two guards up front, which you should be able to drop no problemo
    | without crossing to the other side of the fence. Shooting the transformers on
    | either end of the fence will disable the electric current for those of you
    | that can't help not running into it. If you see Claymores on the ground (the
    | small boxes; use thermals if you can't see them), just crawl over them to
    | pick them up. Now, STEPPING on one is a whole other story. On top of
    | receiving damage as well as nasty burns, it'll trigger a caution alert. Now
    | onto doggy style. Shoot out any dogs you see from here on, whether they're
    | sleeping or not. They'll bring attention to you if you go anywhere near them.
    | They'll also find you anywhere if they've picked up your scent; camo doesn't
    | do any good. Sometimes the guards nearby will hear the death whine of a dog
    | you shot and go to check on Sparky. Pop em. Make your way E to the mud and
    | disable the guard you see halfway through. Step on the small ledge on the
    | right and at the end of it is the Splitter camo uniform. Shoot anyone else
    | visible from that point. Continue N to d-bo the Choco Chip uniform from the
    | hollowed stump past the fence, and head up the NW path to exit.
    | Jump inside the trench and crawl around, picking up the Snow face paint along
    | the way. Head over to the large building, taking out every guard that comes
    | within sight of the trench, and climb up to the roof to receive the Water
    | uniform. There are a lot of guards to take out here; only take out the ones
    | with a clear view of the trench. But if you get lucky, the guards will keep
    | checking on the ones on the ground, allowing you to claim about half the camp
    | from one spot. Once you meet a guy at the N mounted machine gun, hold him at
    | gunpoint or whatever game you want to play with him before removing him. Yes,
    | those big beautiful guns look tempting but so much as one bullet fired will
    | raise an alarm if anybody's still up and about. Either exit the area, or if
    | you want to take the time to explore the buildings you'll an M19 SP in the
    | main building, food and a mousetrap in the one N of it, and ammo, grenades,
    | and TNT in the NE armory. Otherwise, move on.
    | + Tip: if you engage the enemy here or anywhere else, blowing up armories
    |  like the one in the NE corner here will severely limit their firepower and
    |  thus inflict less damage to your person. Blow them up either with the
    |  machine gun or TNT you found. It should only take about 2 or 3 explosives to
    |  ignite the building.
    | + Tip: always remember to take off suppressors during boss battles
    |    Also, the Mk22 pistol and stun grenades won't take off a boss's health but
    |    his/her stamina instead. Draining bosses' stamina instead of killing them
    |    won't add to your kill count and additionally will leave you with a goodie
    |    most of the time.
    | o Stalling him:
    |   - Shoot his hat off
    |   - Shoot down a local wasp nest
    |   - Walk to the N edge of the stage to initiate a quick-draw duel
    | o Ammo is mainly in SE corner; WP grenades are on top of tree
    | o Stamina kill: Animal uniform
    | Welcome to your first boss battle of the game. Camouflage does nothing here,
    | you ninny. The only thing keeping you safe from his bullets are trees, rocks,
    | and woodland creatures, although you can still get hit anywhere with
    | ricochet. The techniques used to beat him couldn't be any more basic--just
    | shoot him when he peeks his head out and when he decides to reload in the
    | open. On higher difficulties you'll need to take cover from his shots.
    | Ducking behind the rock on the left is usually the best choice. But on normal
    | and easier you can just stand still and take it if you're not a horrible
    | shot. He can't hide if you're on top of the tree branch, but keep in mind
    | that shooting from there makes you an easy target as well. Only try this if
    | you have excellent accuracy--if you shoot him first you won't be hit. 
    | Defeating him non-lethally (depleting his stamina rather than his life) will
    | earn you an Animals camo uniform. It's similar to the Choco Chip but has even
    | better coverage and grants non-shaky hands when holding a gun, regardless of
    | stamina position. A camo well worth the effort (my 2nd most favoritest camo).
    | - Cutscene: OFF, Anyone? -
    | You've passed another PONR. Don't forget to pick up your Animals uniform if
    | you defeated Ocelot with tranqs (first time playing I did it by accident
    | thinking I had my M19 out). Light up a cigar and take first the left path,
    | then go for a dip in the lake. Some ammo's at the bottom. Swim through the
    | passage underwater to emerge in another part of the cave. In there you'll
    | find the Night Vision Goggles and some rations. A battery and AK-47 ammo is
    | on land at the N end of the pool (thanks to atstravis). Backtrack to the 1st
    | room, equipping the NVG if necessary. Take the right fork this time, then go
    | left. Continue on to reach 2 waterfalls. Between them is a box containing a
    | torch. You can use this instead of NVG if you want to conserve battery
    |(although it will recharge over time), but keep in mind that usage in guard-
    | ridden areas makes you attractively visible. You can also use it as a weapon
    |(more entertainment than functional) to light the enemy ablaze. Backtrack a
    | little until you come to a crawlspace to the right. As vague as these
    | directions are you'll be able to find it. From here on it's pretty much one
    | direction without any note-worthy finds.
    | At the fork in the beginning, go right and enter the surprisingly roomy
    | crawlspace after picking up the M37 shotgun and Mk22 ammo. Gut any tasty
    | seafood you see along the way. Upon reaching the roof extension, grab the
    | Snow uniform and continue crawling. Nab some smoke grenades and meet up with
    | The Pain.
    | o Attacks:
    |   - hornet armor (invincible)
    |   - hornet sting
    |   - grenade
    |   - hornet suit (you're immobilized)
    |   - tommy gun
    |   - bullet bee
    | o Ammo is on the rocks, grenades are in water.
    | o Stamina kill: Hornet uniform
    | The Pain can be pretty mean and bumpy to strangers. You're in for an easy
    | brawl, seeing as he absolutely doesn't move the entire time. To start, simply
    | pelt him in the noggin with whatever you please. After a few he'll enter
    | pissy buzzy Hornet Armor mode--all attacks are neutralized. Throw any grenade
    |(besides chaff or smoke, brainiac) somewhere near him to blow it off, then
    | continue to plug the bug. If you toss a grenade when he's without armor, the
    | wasps may catch it and bring it back to you. Eventually Pain will sick his
    | buggers at you, at which point you should swim with the fishes. He'll also
    | whip out his tommy for you (oh! so big!). You can either throw a trusty
    | grenade the second he shouts out "Tommy Gun" or dive into the water for
    | safety (lucky you--this is a Japanese game; all the characters shout out
    | their attacks before using them). When in the water, you can occasionally pop
    | up to shoot him, but you can't grenade him too well. Climb back up on any
    | rock when it's safe. When you've got him down to 1/2 health or stamina he'll
    | launch his bullet bees (seen with red trails) which take off a serious amount
    | of health. They can be easily avoided when seen coming by--guess what--a dip
    | in the lake. Frankly, I don't even know why you're using a strategy guide for
    | this bastard.
    | Afterwards, step onto the thin ledge to the right of the exit, and at the top
    | roll onto the middle platform The Pain's camo is on if you tranqed him. This
    | grants you dominion over bugs and other various creepy crawlies. If you
    | squashed him with bullets, you missed out on some cool useless camo.
    | - Cutscene: Search Party -
    | Nothing much here. You'll find some D-Meds from the fruits lying around at
    | the beginning. You'll also find some ammo for the Mk22, M19, and AK-47. Just
    | watch out for the Claymores near it. Afterwards, walk on through.
    | Now would be a great time to try on that handy dandy Croc Cap. When swimming,
    | you're invisible with the Croc Cap is on, regardless of camo. Even if you're
    | standing up when a searchlight passes onto you, crouch down quickly and go
    | about your bisnass. About halfway through, pick up some chaffies underwater
    | and head W.
    | Take out the guards from the water before climbing to the pier. Easy as cake.
    | Inside the room is an SVD sniper rifle, TNT, grenades, and ammo. Backtrack.
    | Swim north to the warehouse with your Croc Cap still on.
    | - Cutscene: Russian Roulette -
    | There are 3 guards here which pose no problem. For some reason your Croc Cap
    | works here too. Once they're limp, step onto the barges to collect AK-47 and
    | Mk22 ammo and stun grenades. Behind the crates you'll find some Night Vision
    | Goggles if you missed them in the cave.
    | There are 3 guards here, too: one at the bottom of the small stairs, one 
    | patrolling the far crates, and one near the top of the larger staircase.
    | Knock out the first two and you can take the third out from the left wall by
    | moving very slowly. Make sure backup doesn't come. Grab the Desert face paint
    | behind some boxes to the S. Notice the door at the bottom of the stairs you
    | just went down. You'll have to come back to it eventually. Pick up a Mk22 SP
    | pack atop the stack of boxes by jumping over the rail above it. Behind the 
    | door halfway up the tall stairs is some Noodles, a Calorie Mate, and a
    | mousetrap. Skeedaddle.
    | Here you'll find a lot of bad eats, but you will find a few Instant Noodles
    | spread about and a book (Japanese spread models; not exactly my taste but
    | still entertaining). You can throw those about to distract some horny guards.
    | The rope-triggered traps here you can crawl under or roll over, and snare
    | traps--the ones that pick you up and dangle you by your feet--can be disarmed
    | with Triangle. Pitfalls can be ran over, just don't stop. Whatever you do, do
    | NOT stop or de good Lawd have amussy on your soul. All traps can be easily
    | seen with Thermal Goggles, strangely. Don't bother going through here setting
    | off all the suspiciously placed traps; they'll just be reset later.
    | Kill the dog first and then you can easily take out the other guards. Crawl
    | through the hole in the fence to the far left. Once you're sure everybody's
    | takin a break (by that I mean they're dead, etc.), pick up an M19 SP on the
    | W wall. The crawlspace below you is quicker but the other way's easier. If
    | you go to the E side, you'll find a door. Locked. No problem, just ask
    | somebody to let you in. Put your back up against the door and knock on it
    | with Circle. Then, play a little ding dong ditch by diving into the grass on
    | your right. Shoot him when he opens the door. Sucka.
    | If you went through the door, crawl along the outside wall to reach the grass
    | patch right in front of the door (not the big doors, the smaller one to the
    | right). There should be a guard patrolling the area. Pop him. There are also
    | a few walking around way on the other side of the area. These are the guards
    | you'll see up close if you went through the crawlspace. Take them out either
    | way. Head to the NE armory to find TNT and M19, M37, and AK-47 ammo and
    | reunite with your badass XM16E1. Exit the shack and you'll find some
    | claymores and smoke g's on the back of the W wall past the guards. Go about
    | halfway down the wall and you'll find a crawlspace to enter the lab. Take off
    | your facepaint and slap on that Scientist uniform EVA gave you. With that on
    | it's like Where's Waldo. You're impossible to find. You can either get the
    | Oyama face paint by using the crawlspace or you can just go through the front
    | door if you don't really feel like collecting the goofiest face paint ever.
    | Crawl through the ducts and pick up the Oyama face paint. Keep going until
    | you reach the courtyard. Go through the door to the W. In the lab, don't
    | start anything. To not make trouble with any guards, say, if you run into one
    | or make a weird motion, look them in the eye when they yell at you. Leave
    | when they tell you to. And don't do anything that would obviously get you
    | shot at. Also, don't let any scientists see your face. If they look at you,
    | turn your back and leave. Of course, if for some reason you wanna take anyone
    | out whether it be guard or 4 eyes scientist, do it from behind and hide the
    | body in a locker, for instance, when no one's looking so as not to raise a 
    | caution alert. Anyways, if you need some supplies, head downstairs to B1
    | East. If not, head upstairs to 2F.
    | In the guard's office you'll find Mk22 bullets and some Antidotes. Under his
    | desk is M19 and M37 ammo. Go to the end of the hall and into the 2nd prison
    | cell. When no one's looking, crawl under the bed to pick up a Life Med.
    | There's nothing in the ducts. A mousetrap is in the 3rd cell. When you're
    | done snooping head back up the stairs.
    | Keep going upstairs.
    | Go N. In the first door you'll find a Mk22 SP. In the 2nd you'll find the
    | bathroom. Notice the last stall is locked. When no one is around punch the
    | shit out of the door. It'll pop off (and possibly crush you in the process)
    | and inside is the Fly camo. Sweet! Awesome! Idiot! In the hall, go to the end
    | and check the first two lockers on the left to find XM16 and AK-47 ammo. Go
    | through the door if you didn't pick up the Choco Chip uniform in Bolshaya
    | Past South. Else, go back and head SW. In the next door you come to a Calorie
    | Mate and two Instant Noodles are laying around. In the last door you'll find
    | another balcony. Here you'll find a book. That's everything on the 2F. You
    | can drop off the balcony for fun or go back down the stairs. Either way is
    | fairly safe.
    | Go S and in the 3rd locker you'll find some M19 bullets. Go into the
    | library--the door across from the lockers--and pick up Med supplies. Be
    | careful of the scientist. Here, I think it's easier to just KO throw him from
    | behind with your labcoat off, but only if it's mano-y-mano. No one else can
    | see you. If you removed the outfit, put it back on and exit. Move W, N, then
    | W through the lobby and down the stairs to B1 West.
    | Go in the door on your right and the end of the hallway to pick up the Cigar
    | Gas Spray. This is really the only weapon you can use as a scientist, plus
    | it's non-lethal. Exit and go into the door across the hall. There's another
    | dude in here too. Light up a Cuban in his face (the gas spray one...). Go
    | into the next room, stepping over the geek's limp body. Here, just avoid
    | the poindexters rather than try to knock them out. There's a battery right
    | when you walk in. Run down the isle like you don't wanna get married and meet
    | up with your next objective.
    | - Cutscene: Nice Shoes / Philosopher's Legacy -
    | Now make your way through to the stairs. Easy as it was walking in.
    | Run through the computer area. In the room after that, immediately use the
    | Cig Spray after opening the door. Then, just go back to the duct in the
    | courtyard. It's a lot easier to leave through there than it is the front
    | door.
    | Take your scientist coat off and for Pete's sake smear something on your
    | face. Do the same thing you did before, only backwards. Take out all the
    | guards then exit through the hole to the SW.
    | Same goes for here, too. Nothing's changed. Take out any guards you see and
    | prepare for a fight.
    | o Ammo is everywhere
    | o Stamina kill: Spider uniform
    | First and foremost, Cure the venom and remove and bandage the bolt. Once
    | that's taken care of, take out your Thermal Goggles--you'll rely on them
    | heavily throughout the battle. He'll pretty much stay in the trees, and stop
    | occasionally for you to shoot him while he shoots back at you. If you're
    | using a blood thirsty full auto, it'll be over pretty fast, but using the
    | Mk22 takes a little longer. Both ways are incredibly easy, seeing as your
    | shots deal more damage than it did on Pain. The only difference is The Fear
    | will start to look for food when his stamina gets low. Shoot up some Poison
    | Dart Frogs and poisonous mushrooms for him to snack on (with a lethal
    | weapon). He's a lousy shot, so whipping him up some poisonous food even while
    | he's firing like a maniac is still a walk in the park. He will eat everything
    | you prepare when he's hungry. Plus, he's very vulnerable when climbing down
    | to look for some food. But get too close to him on the ground and he'll bowl
    | you over. Think of this as "training" for your next big showdown. This battle
    | will be over quickly if you don't set off too many traps on yourself.
    | After it's over, go SW a little to pick up the Spider camo if you tranqed
    | him. It gives 80% coverage ANYWHERE but drains stamina very fast. If you want
    | to get the Infinity Face Paint the easy (*cough* cheater) way, place
    | mousetraps around here to pick up a goofy looking Tsuchinoko. You'll have to
    | constantly check the traps (a jingle will signal something is caught) and
    | reset them for a solid 10 min before you get Mr. T. Make sure he stays alive.
    | + To the best of my knowledge, there's only one Tsuchinoko in the game, so
    |  eating it when trying to get the IFP is a huge no-no.
    | We're back here to enter the previously locked door. But if you want a little
    | something special, you'll have to go the extra mile. In order to get the
    | Water face paint, you'll have to backtrack all the way to Ponizovje South
    |(the river). I'm not gonna lead you step by step. Just look underwater near
    | the entrance to Peschera Cave. BTW, all the guards that were patrolling the
    | river have left, so there's no skill involved, only patience. Anyway, getting
    | through the warehouse is the first priority. There's no one on the top level
    | where you are. From the edge of the catwalk, you should be able to take out
    | all the guards on the ground floor with your silencer on if they all go to
    | check on each other. That just leaves the guy on the 2nd level. Get in the SE
    | corner beside the staircase and while crouching hit him when he's at the end
    | of his walkway (it's a tough shot). From there, either go get the Water face
    | paint or go through the previously locked door to Svyatogornyj. It's that
    | sliding door right next to the one you came through on your first visit here.
    | Take a few steps and you'll get a call from EVA. There aren't any guards in
    | the area. Just stock up on food, wait for health to recover, take a break if
    | you need it. There's a book around here somewhere...
    | This isn't necessarily tough to get by here, it's just the fact that the
    | guards don't stand out too well. There's quite a handful of them around here.
    | Use thermals if you need any help. Make your way north using the grass, logs,
    | rocks, whatever for cover. There're no items here, so go on through without
    | searching. At the fork ahead, take a detour and go E instead of N, where your
    | target is.
    | Head E so you won't have to deal with any guards in the woods and carefully
    | make your way to the cottage. There's only a few guards outside that need to
    | be removed. Only shoot at them if you can take em out in one hit. You don't
    | want support arriving, not here. Crawl underneath the supports and in the
    | very back, towards the center, there's a door you can climb through. Claim
    | your M63. There's someone walking around; be careful if you're going through
    | the rooms. He's pretty loud, though, so you'll know if he's near. You can
    | find some SPs if you check the place out. Leave through the door in the floor
    | you came through. The storage shed to the NW has 2 Calorie Mates and a
    | Ration. When you're satisfied, go SW and return to Svy W.
    | Head N, avoiding everyone as best you can. Half of the guards behind you you
    | won't have to worry about unless you trigger an alarm. You've only got a few
    | of them between you and Sokrovenno.
    | o Favorite hiding spots:
    |   - Sokrovenno South: high ledge just right of the path to Sokrovenno North
    |   (to get there, go to Sokrovenno North, go E up a large hill, then S to
    |    come back out on the ledge)
    |   - Sokrovenno North: on any of the places on the N ledge
    | o Hiding spot giveaways:
    |   - He gives off heat (thermals, geenious)
    |   - He will doze off if you take too long finding him (plus he snores)
    |   - His scope sometimes reflects sunlight at you (look for a small flash)
    |   - His bald noggin sticks out a little.
    | o Ammo is in armory in Sokrovenno South
    | o Stamina kill: Mosin Nagant
    | After you finish your chit chat with EVA, the fight will start. I'll say it
    | up front: if you absolutely DO NOT want to fight this dude, save your game,
    | and you can either wait 10 days in the real world or set your PS2 clock 10
    | days ahead. When you open your game, it turns out The End is dead. But if you
    | do this you forego the Moss camo--one of the best--and his Mosin Nagant
    | sniper rifle--also the best (even though you don't get to keep the Nagant
    | when starting a new game anyways). This fight is very time consuming and
    | extremely aggravating. First off, look at the map. He's hiding in one of
    | several sniper spots. The possible locations will appear on the map as
    | circles. Your job is to find him. He should be on the ledge due N of your
    | position when you start off. If he fires, you're in sight of him. Crawling
    | around everywhere can't hurt when you don't know where he is. Running around
    | will definitely get you shot. If you are shot, be sure to remove the needle
    | immediately to prevent rapid stamina loss. Look on the map again--it'll show
    | where he's hiding whenever he fires. He'll more than likely stay put until
    | you fire back at him or he sees you come close to him.
    | + It's rumored that shooting down his parrot on top of the armory in the S
    |  section will stop the End from regaining stamina while not moving.
    | Baldy will almost always be laying down in tall grass even though he has been
    | guilty of crouching behind the occasional rock or something. It doesn't
    | matter. Just sneak around behind him. Once you manage to track him down,
    | either by using the techniques above or by pure luck of guessing, DON'T
    | CHARGE HIM, GO AROUND you big ninny. Hold him at gunpoint until he surrenders
    | his Moss uniform (try aiming your gun at him, jerking the gun to the side,
    | then aiming at him again a few times). With this you gain 100% Camo Index
    | laying in grass plus you regain stamina in sunlight! Anyway, shoot the
    | bastard once he coughs it up. This is where the battle is won or lost. He'll
    | get up, throw a stun (turn your back) and run. Fill him up, leaded please.
    | Attach your thermals and follow him, shooting as you go with a lethal weapon,
    | even if you're not gonna kill him. He'll surprisingly outrun you, but the
    | more you shoot him the more he'll stall, allowing you to get in more trigger
    | time (stamina kill: pull out the Mk22 when he gets close). If you manage to
    | catch up beside him he'll throw another stun. You can keep up the process,
    | but if he does manage to get away, put your thermals on--his tracks glow. If
    | you don't hurry, the footprints will lose their heat distribution. Also,
    | watch his stamina. When it's draining fast he's on the move. When it stops
    | he's waiting for you. So don't just follow his footsteps blindly. Again,
    | check your map. Check it often. When you see the prints leading you straight
    | to a sniper spot sneak around behind him. Shoot him in the back as many times
    | as you can before repeating the chase process and receiving chastisement for
    | shooting an old fart from behind (alternatively, he'll praise you if you
    | snipe HIM).
    | + Whenever you sneak up on him, take time to look at all the tranquilizer
    |  darts on him if you used the Mk22. Like a porcupine.
    | Since you're watching his stamina, aggressively pursue him when he's runnin
    | on empty. He'll start to hunt, and that's the last thing you want. One meal
    | and he's back at his peak and the battle starts all over again. Lastly, if 
    | End holds YOU up you'll be put in a cell back at the looney bin in the
    | Graniny Gorki lab. Just don't lose track of the End and you'll wipe the floor
    | with his grimy geriatric ass sooner than you think.
    | To show the dead guy what a good sport you are, shoot down his pretty parrot
    | pal on top of the armory and eat it if you haven't already. Or you can just
    | cabbage patch. Whatever you do, don't forget to pick up his Mosin Nagant in
    | the middle of Sokrovenno North if you tranqed him and the SVD in the armory
    | if you passed it in Ponizovje.
    | When Kojima decided to push the limits of the PS2, he did it in the most
    | unthinkably maniacal way possible: to put a ladder in the game that you never
    | reach the end of... Well, you do... eventually. Set the controller face down
    | so that it's pushing up on the left analog stick. In the time it takes to
    | climb MGS3's ladder of doom you could be saving on hundreds in car insurance.
    | Why haven't you called GEICO yet?
    | Another PONR. This is the toughest area to get by so far. When you get to the
    | large open area go to prone and grenade the guard in the ledge right ahead of
    | you (you may not see him but toss one over anyway). From there, snipe the guy
    | on that high point on the rock wall. There should be a crawlspace near the
    | first guy you removed. Go through it and you'll be on that killer position.
    | Toss the guy over if you want to. From there you can easily take out anyone
    | you need to. Don't bother shooting everything that moves. In this area the
    | guards will pretty much stay put; shoot only the guards that are directly in
    | your way. Pick up ammo underneath the archway rock near the exit.
    | Take extra caution that you don't invoke the wrath of the almighty Hind
    | chopper. That's the last thing you want happening. If a guard sees you, you
    | could be looking at a missile aiming right between your butt cheeks from that
    | eye in the sky. Use the many holes in the mountainside to work your way
    | around the guards and at the top, there are two ledges that lead to the small
    | camp to the W. If you get on the higher one you can pick up some Mosin tranqs
    | and snipe the guards below with either gun, but watch your back; the guards
    | will check that spot. If you don't mind killing, set a claymore behind you to
    | discourage them from finding you. But if all else fails, there are several
    | mounted machine guns on the mountain... Check the shacks for lots of cool
    | goodies, including the coveted RPG. Lots of fun with this gun.
    | Just like in Bolshaya Past base, jump in that trench and wreak havoc from
    | there. As long as you are very careful of the few guards patrolling the
    | trench you should have no problem. Use the small holes linking the trench to
    | the supply sheds to your advantage. Here, too, you don't need to take out
    | every guard, just the ones that are necessary. You shouldn't need to remove
    | more than half the guards. EVA's waiting for you in that shack at the top.
    | - Cutscene: Wild Beast / Groznyj Grad -
    | Head back through the building, collecting ammo and noodles on the way, and
    | out to the base.
    | There's more enemies now than there were, including flamethrowers. Shoot
    | their backpacks for a laugh or you could just sneak as usual. This time
    | you're aiming for that red door halfway up the encampment.
    | Stock up on lethal ammo at the bottom of the stairs and Mk22 bullets near the
    | barrels on the catwalk. Continue to the left and climb down the ladder.
    | o Ammo is found everywhere
    | o Stamina kill: Fire uniform
    | Don't worry, this is nothing like The End. The Fury's much easier. Very easy.
    | In fact, you shouldn't lose any life to him. There's really no strategy
    | here besides to put on black camo and don't even hide--just find a spot
    | at either end of a hallway, crouch, and when he noisily clanks on by nail him
    | as many times as you can. Then just run and pick another spot to shoot when
    | he sets everything on fire. If you're caught on fire, just roll. But you can
    | easily avoid the fire if you keep your distance from him.
    | Yet another PONR, as indicated by the now-blocked passageway. Pick up the
    | Fire camo if you tranqed him and proceed. The only place you use this is...
    | well... fighting Fury! Really there's no real reason to get this other than
    | to just expand your collection. Snake's backpack is really starting to bulge
    | with all that crap in it. Hard to believe he has an RPG and sniper rifles in
    | there. They must be collapsible.
    | - Cutscene: The Fortress -
    | This area isn't that tough to get through. For now, anyway. Don't worry. All
    | guards are in easy access and usually hang out in the open spaces where you
    | have plenty of room to shoot at them if they suspect something's up. I won't
    | cover all the sections of the exterior of Groznyj Grad but feel free to
    | explore, although there's nothing really valuable to find. Go to the door
    | roughly N of your starting position.
    | Go around to your right and head for that red door somewhere to the N. Don't
    | get caught in the spotlight.
    | Same thing as the lab: put on your Scientist coat and take off your face
    | paint. Only here you can't explore the entire place completely unguarded. You
    | need to find Raikov. Who? It's the only dude with blonde hair. I'd recommend
    | doing this before tearing the place apart looking for goodies. Once you find
    | him (I guess it's a him...), follow him/it until he goes to the lockers
    | upstairs, knock it out, kill him, or do both when nobody's around.
    | - Cutscene: Goodnight Blondie -
    | Was he sportin the g-string? Anyway, put on his uniform and--hey! Put on
    | that phenomenally convenient mask you've had with you this whole time. You're
    | the big cheese now, do whatever you want. Crawl everywhere, salute plants, 
    | drop a log in the toilet without flushing, or even beat the living shit out 
    | of anybody and they won't do anything as long as you're Raikov. An XM16 SP is
    | in the 5th locker, 1st row. There are also a few rations in some other
    | lockers. On the 1st floor in the previously off limits NE room you'll find a
    | Scorpion, Mk22 SP, and ammo. In the room right below the stairs there are
    | med supplies and in the SE room a mousetrap is on the crates. In the library
    | there's a book on the floor (hm...) and in the bathroom there's nothing.
    | Well, besides the usual urinal lineup, piss stains and such. Go through the
    | door at the bottom of the locker room.
    | Go through the long hallway after sneaking a peek at the famed Shagohod and
    | enter through the door at the end.
    | Walk up to the sentries in all your royalness to trigger a long intermission.
    | - Cutscene: Phase 2 / Lost Hope / Fairy Disguise -
    | - Save Prompt 03 -
    | - Cutscene: Torture Room / Defaced -
    | For a little bonus, save your game here and reset. You're in for a surprise
    | when you load it. Trust me, you'll be happy you didn't miss it. When you
    | regain consciousness, you'll find you're stripped of all your belongings and
    | you're in your birthday suit, but at least the gents gave you a fork.
    | Apparently they don't know U.S. seals are trained in the ancient art of fork.
    | The guard will toss you food every so often. Plan your escape once you've had
    | your fill. Remove the transmitter and fake death pill from your body through
    | the Survival Viewer. Once again, as always, you have an option as to your
    | mode of escape, but the first way is more fun: 1) Wait until he gives you 
    | some rotten food, then throw it back at him through the hole. He'll eat it
    | and--uh oh, mudslide's a'comin. Call the frequency Sorrow gave you in the
    | cutscene if you went to FPV: 144.75, or: 2)Just use the fake death pill and
    | revive yourself the instant he leaves. Unleashing fork-fu on him is another
    | option but has a high alarm chance. You can't make it through this area with
    | an alert if you're playing on the difficult levels. Zero will call you when
    | you exit, but don't pick up if you're not in a talky mood. Notice that from
    | now on you can't see completely in FPV; the right side is blocked. It doesn't
    | really put you at that much of a disadvantage though. Also take note that for
    | some jewish reason you can't CQC anymore. You can find a camera in the
    | guard's office. With this you can take pictures of damn near anything and
    | save them on your memory card. You get to keep the camera when you start a
    | new game. Pick up some med supplies in his bedroom if you need any, then exit
    | through the W hallway. As long as you left without his seeing you in person
    | or the empty cell you're safe.
    | The SAA you have for some reason is the very essence of cool. Why? Not only
    | can you spin the right analog stick with it equipped to play with it, but
    | when shooting it, you can ricochet bullets off walls to hit people like
    | Ocelot did. Only difference is, you need practice. Now the only thing you
    | need are bullets. You'll find SAA ammo around here in various locations; some
    | you can pick up from guards (use the KO roll rather than the throw). When you
    | head around the building to the right pick just pick up Cardboard Box C. If
    | you want to get some SAA bullets, hop down in the drainage tunnel just N of
    | the building (you'll have to take out that guard N of the cardboard box). But
    | that way brings you a lot farther away from your objective than just going
    | through the crawlspace in the wall to the W. Either way, you'll end up in the
    | same area, but in different starting positions. You can also take the door,
    | but there's no advantage there.
    | If you manage to make it to the door on the W in one piece, go through it by
    | all means. But there are some guards you just can't sneak by. This is where
    | the cardboard box comes into play. If you hear "Who's that?" then throw on
    | your Sunday best and wait till they come over to check you out. They will
    | first kick the box then peer inside. Give em hell when they lift it off. This
    | doesn't let you get by without raising any alarms, just taking out guards
    | individually without support coming. Don't just leave your box if they take
    | it off you when you're done with them. But all in all it's better just to not
    | even get caught. Head W.
    | The sewer entrance you're aiming for is in the NE corner. You're gonna have
    | to go near the tanks on the left to get by the searchlight. It's pretty easy
    | sneaking around the people patrolling here. It's the dogs that are the
    | problem. You can shoot them if you have bullets, but that'll raise caution.
    | The obvious choice is to just not go near them; if you do, stalk or crawl.
    | SAA bullets are on the truck just past the tanks. Head N and if you crawl
    | behind those barricades no guards should notice you. Be careful of the dog
    | near you, though. If you're crawling he shouldn't be a problem as long as
    | you don't bump into him. Go through that gate just past the dog and crawl
    | under the pipes to reach the ladder.
    | EVA will call you. Turns out everybody knows you're gone and the sewers have
    | been sealed. Hey, no problem for creepy crawly Snake. Grab the Life Med, head
    | down the stairs, and run. Run like the dickins. This area's not a straight
    | shot, but isn't a maze either if you don't screw yourself up. Just run along
    | the main path until you reach a gate, then crawl through the left hole and
    | you'll pop out on the other side. Keep running. At the second gate, go
    | through the right hole. Now run like a nigga.
    | - Cutscene: Waterlogged -
    | LOCATION: ???
    | Don't worry. This isn't a "boss battle" boss battle. All you have to do is
    | walk towards the end of the river, avoiding all the people you have killed
    | along the way. Yup, the whole gang is here, from that guy you blew up to the
    | guy who got his throat slit open. And they seem pretty pissed by the sound of
    | that groaning. Don't bother shooting at anyone here, there's no need. Just
    | keep on walkin. When you are killed (or you kill yourself from boredom) use a
    | revival pill at the continue screen. At the end of the river--the long, long,
    | very long river--you'll see his lifeless body floating there and you'll
    | instantly die when you touch it. If you do, you'll get my favorite camo--
    | Spirit (recover stamina when choking guards and, even better, completely
    | silent movement) when you get your stuff back. Likewise, use the revival
    | pill. It is honestly worth all that walking (or trudging, actually). But if
    | you already have it, just drown in the river before using the revival pill to
    | save yourself from all that walking. I don't know what's worse, this or that
    | damned ladder.
    | - Cutscene: The Sad Truth -
    | Zero's unfallibly timed radio call will fill you in on all the tidbits you
    | missed about Sorrow. When that's finished you'll touch base with EVA before
    | setting out. Cross the river to get to the E bank and walk on the log up
    | ahead. There's a huge variety of food here if you need a quick bite. Go 
    | behind the waterfall from the ledge.
    | - Cutscene: Need a Towel? -
    | - Save Prompt 04 -
    | - Cutscene: Russian BBQ / Gameplan -
    | Hey, check out the new eye patch. Ever see that movie Captain Ron? Grab the
    | Kabuki face paint at the bottom of the pond outside the waterfall, its only
    | purpose being to brighten your day! You can also find your Tsuchinoko in the
    | area if you had one alive in your inventory at the time of capture (it'll be
    | in the open this time, just shoot it w/ Mk22). Go N while picking up Mk22 and
    | M19 suppressors and bullets, various medical supplies, and the Cardboard Box
    | B.
    | - Cutscene: Bad Luck -
    | Did you miss your guns? I bet you did. They look a little rusty. Why not dust
    | em off and put em to good use? Getting by here should be no problem with your
    | once long departed firearms. Go through the SE door.
    | You're in the middle of boot camp. The people here aren't focused so much on
    | finding you, rather they're focused on their hated instructor. As much as you
    | hate sneaking, it's easier to go by them than take them all on. You will have
    | to put out the guards that aren't running around and actually patrolling,
    | though. Mk22 ammo and grenades are in the truck to the N. Walk through that
    | oh so familiar red door we all know and love.
    | Do I really have to explain what to do here? I mean by now you realize what
    | to put on when you're in here. Well, sure as hell not the Raikov suit; that's
    | been exposed. Revisit the locker room to find 2 great uniforms, one in the
    | 3rd row, 5th locker (sneaking), and one in the last row, 2nd locker
    |(maintenance). That XM16 SP is still in the same spot, but at this point in
    | time you really don't have a use for it. Put on the maintenance suit and go
    | through the door EVA showed you. In case you don't watch cutscenes, you're
    | automatically pointed towards the door when you walk in.
    | Pull out that maintenance suit and that C3 of yours and plant it on the 4
    | liquid fuel tanks (if you can't put some C3 down, it's not a liquid fuel
    | tank). The whole scientist deal applies here too: don't let any workers see
    | your face. EVA will give a ring after 2 C3 pieces have been put down.
    | Afterwards, finish off the other two. When you're done, you're done.
    | Badabing. Forgetaboudit.
    | - Cutscene: Butterfly Kiss -
    | Call from the Major. You've now reached the final PONR. From here, it's only
    | one-way until the end. Oh, and get ready for a good clean fight (clean, ha!).
    | - Cutscene: Caught Red-handed -
    | - Save Prompt 05 -
    | - Cutscene: Philosophers' Legacy -
    | o Vulnerable when:
    |   - His frontal shield is overpowered
    |   - His back is turned (running, recharging)
    | o Ammo will be thrown down occasionally from Ocelot
    | o Stamina kill: Cold War uniform
    | I'm not gonna lie to you, this is a beast of a battle. You have 5 minutes to
    | kill this shmuck. He's pretty much invincible when he has his shields up.
    | Keep shooting until they fall or you can grenade him. He can only block shots
    | from the front. Shooting him from behind, although the opportunity rare,
    | always delivers damage. Whenever he hits you with a lightning bolt, you'll
    | lose all the bullets in the clip. Either unequip your weapon if you think
    | you're gonna be struck or just don't let it hit you. Pull out an automatic
    | weapon regardless of whether you're going to kill him or not and keep
    | unloading on him, stopping only when he's about to hit you with lightning.
    | You'll break his shield eventually. Keep firing if you're putting him 8 feet
    | under or quickly change to the Mk22 if you're a lover and not a fighter. Save
    | your grenades for later. Vogin'll lose energy with every attack he makes and
    | every hit he takes, so he'll have to recharge even if you're not hitting him
    | although doing so speeds up the process. The room starts out blue when his
    | energy has peaked and the color fades as he loses power. Be ready when the
    | hue has disappeared and shoot the second he turns his back to recharge. When
    | the battle is halfway complete, you get a little break where Volgin asks for
    | help and the complex is evacuated. When the battle resumes, your opponent
    | will appear with a few new tricks, like the bullet wave. Lay down when this
    | happens, you absolutely do not want to be hit with this. He'll also fire a
    | bigger electric bolt, but the mechanics of the fight remain constant. Use up
    | all your grenades on him now (remember: stun grenades only for lowering
    | stamina). This is probably the toughest fight to pull off; it might take a
    | few tries. If you short circuited his stamina you'll get the Cold War
    | uniform. With this on you stick out like a sore thumb anywhere but guards
    | can't shoot you from the front. Its only practical use is coming up.
    | - Cutscene: Inevitable Fight -
    | Well, the Shagohod's still intact and is right on your tail. EVA's driving
    | while you shoot in the car. Get ready for the ride of your life. All your
    | weapons have infinite ammo, even grenades. Besides that, if you missed the
    | RPG on the mountain you'll automatically have it here (it's vital to the
    | story). Just pick your most favoritest WMD and start blasting. I think you
    | are given some leeway in the accuracy department, with you moving and all.
    | There's no strategy here, just hit everything that moves with all you got.
    | However, that Cold War camo you got if you defeated Volgin non-lethally has
    | its chance to shine here. For a pure adrenaline rush, get out of FPV
    | whenever you can to witness the adrenaline pumping, motorcycle maneuvering,
    | giant legged tank smashing, stuff blowing up ripped out action. EXTREME!
    | - Cutscene: To the Bridge / In Debt -
    | Same here. Just shoot everything you need to.
    | - Cutscene: Hello Comrade -
    | Yawn. Keep shooting. What did you expect?
    | - Cutscene: Watch Out Ocelot -
    | Volgin'll try to run you over. Nothing you can do but lose some health. You
    | could slow it down with a few RPG hits to its treads, but it doesn't really
    | do much.
    | - Cutscene: One Chance -
    | Here, shoot out the blinking C3 on the right with your SVD that's already
    | equipped and wait for the tank to come onto the bridge. On EVA's command blow
    | up the second explosive.
    | - Cutscene: It's Over...? -
    | o 1st Battle:
    |   - Riding in sidecar
    |   - Treads can be stopped with RPG
    |   - Shagohod vulnerable in rear
    |   - Ammo is unlimited
    | o 2nd Battle:
    |   - Walking
    |   - Volgin can only be shot from in his back
    |   - Shagohod attacks include duel machine guns, particle beam, missiles
    |   - No additional ammo can be found
    | o Stamina kill: sorry, nada
    | Holy tap dancin jeezus Batman! That thing's still alive. This battle is split
    | into two parts, but this is all no sweat. In the first round, shoot a tread
    | with an RPG and it'll lock up. Then blast the tank in its back where sparks
    | are coming out. Rinse and repeat until you go into part 2, where you go it
    | alone on foot. EVA will distract it while you blow the stuffing out of
    | Volgin, who ingeniously decided to pilot it from the top. As always, you
    | can't hit him from the front for some reason, so do the honorable thing and
    | pop him in the back. Once shot at, Volgin will wise up and turn his attention
    | to you. Spend most of your time under the tank (not under the tread), rolling
    | underneath when it passes over you, then turning around to plug a missile up
    | Volgin's butt (or the Mk22 for the non-killing Ghandi method--don't worry, it
    | takes off a much bigger chunk here than it did before, just aim for his
    | peabrain). If you're in the mood, hop into any of the mounted guns, but
    | readily abandon it if the tank starts barreling towards you. Just keep
    | hitting him in the back and don't get run over and you'll do fine. Not as
    | much as you'd expect from the "weapon from hell."
    | - Cutscene: A Fitting End -
    | Another easy bike chase. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. BTW, despite the
    | explosions and rag doll bodies experienced by bike and hovercraft drivers
    | when shot, if you tranquilized them it doesn't add to your kill count.
    | Now them hoverfolks is chasin yeh. I reckon yeh cud shoot em with that thar
    | boomstick a' yurs.
    | More chasing, more shooting. When will the killing stop? Who knows? Who
    | cares?
    | ZAOZYORJE WEST (a.k.a. Zaozyorje South)
    | - Cutscene: Only a Flesh Wound -
    | Heal up EVA and continue. She'll lose stamina mad fast, so keep stuffing her
    | face frequently through the Survival Viewer (she has to be near you). She'll
    | move to your position with Triangle if she's in sight. When you get about 1/2
    | way through the forest,...
    | - Cutscene: On the Trail -
    | Guards will be closing in from behind. Lay down in the grass and EVA'll do
    | the same. Shoot everything coming towards you (haven't you learned by now?).
    | Once every guard in sight has been removed, you should be able to run to the
    | exit before the next batch arrives, keeping EVA with you, if you don't stop
    | moving. Gather any and all good food you see along the way, which will be
    | mostly snakes and fruits, but do it quickly. At the end you'll have to lift
    | EVA up before pulling yourself up--in other words you can't exit the area
    | without her bitch ass.
    | ZAOZYORJE EAST (a.k.a. Zaozyorje North)
    | Hide in the first patch of grass you see. The enemies will notice you easily
    | and run at anything they see move. All the douchebags in this area can be hit
    | from the entrance. They'll be walking around and are very careful as to your
    | hiding spot. They won't miss you if they come anywhere near you. Some golova
    | fruits here should be enough to fatten up EVA. After the unit in this area
    | has been wiped up, continue on until you reach a drop. DO NOT go down there,
    | instead, using a sniper and thermals if you need them, snipe all the guards
    | in hiding. When you think you're done, instead of jumping down, fire off a
    | few unsuppressed bullets to rile any survivors up. Squeeze as much ammo out
    | of the dropped sentries as you can before continuing to the final boss
    | battle. Remember not to leave EVA behind. If you left EVA behind before
    | dropping down, well, I can't help you there.
    | - Cutscene: Beautiful End / Meaningless Competition / Empty -
    | o Ammo: none
    | o Stamina kill: Snake uniform
    | Good news! This is the only time in the entire game you get to use your dusty
    | old Snow camo. Wait, there's more! You even get to fight this battle seeing
    | as much cleavage as EVA shows off. At the start, she'll charge. You can
    | either dive out of the way or counter with CQC. To do this, wait until she
    | bumps into you (don't attack too early) and do either a KO throw or chokehold
    | maneuver (the button combination is the same but the results ain't). You'll
    | disable her assault and leave you ample time to shoot her, hit her, whatever.
    | It only works one-way; you can never go up to HER and use CQC. Only she can
    | come to you. Disappear in the flowers after you deliver your attack, cause
    | she'll start shooting at you. Laying down, peek with L2 and R2 and follow her
    | with your gun sights. If you lose her, try the thermals (they don't help
    | much) or the Motion Tracker, but waiting for the trail of flower petals she
    | kicks up when she runs should suffice. When she's stopped moving, fire off a
    | clean suppressed headshot. She'll start to blast away with her Patriot
    | regardless of whether she actually knows where you are. If the firing stops
    | after a short time, you're golden. If not, find a new spot. This battle is
    | all hide and seek but it has a time limit, which Boss will notify you of the
    | time you have left every now and then. Don't worry about the time, though,
    | since there is more than enough time for you to make well aimed shots if
    | you're going at a steady pace. The only thing you have to worry about is if
    | her intuition leads her immediately to you. This rarely does happen, but then
    | again, it's possible. When you're hungry, snack on the three delicious white
    | snakes found only in this area (Solid, Liquid, and Solidus... where have I
    | heard that before...), all 3 hanging out by different logs. If you defeat
    | Boss non-lethally you'll start a new game with the Snake uniform in your
    | pack. No, it doesn't look like her shiny jump suit, and yes, all it does is
    | give you another reason to play dress-up with Snake.
    | - Cutscene: Eternal Parting -
    | After the game's only non-skippable cutscene, you can zoom in with Triangle
    | while you pull the trigger manually on your beloved Boss. By now you should
    | have a bigger tear on your cheek than the Indian on that old TV commercial.
    | Or not; it's only a video game. Get ready for some trippy cutscenes.
    | - Cutscene: Field of Blood / Prolonged Fight -
    | When the game resumes play, select the SAA on the right and you'll get to
    | start your next game with one.
    | - Cutscene: Duel! -
    | Depending on which gun you select, you can initiate two different cutscenes.
    | Choosing the left one will let you win the duel but won't give you an SAA on
    | your next game. Winning the duel doesn't mean you kill him, either--it was a
    | blank anyhow.
    | - Cutscene: Close Call / Miracle -
    | Oh, it's you, Zero... What do you want now?
    | - Save Prompt 06 -
    | - Cutscene: Love Machine / True Patriot / Big Boss / The Unsung Hero -
    | - Closing Credits: "Way to Fall" -
    | - Phonecall from Ocelot to Chief Director -
    |   ~  Fin.
    | + Bet none of you figured out ADAM was Ocelot. He was working for the CIA the
    |  whole time, but you would've known that already if you were paying
    |  attention. There're also more discreet inferences in the story I'll leave to
    |  you to piece together, such as the identity of the Boss' child and the true
    |  destination of the Legacy. After fully enjoying the whole experience, see
    |  how you did.
    |  006.Post Game |
    | Some statistics are kept track of during the game. You will receive a
    | codename based on these statistics as well as a reward for having met certain
    | stat requirements (see next subheading). The following stats are displayed
    | upon completion of the game:
    | o Difficulty
    | o Play Time
    | o Save Count
    | o Continue
    | o Alert Mode
    | o Humans Killed
    | o Seriously Injured
    | o Total Damage (in life bars)
    | o Life Medicines Used
    | o Plants & Animals Captured
    | o Meals Eaten
    | o Special Item Used
    | //REWARDS
    | The following rewards are given when the following requirements are met. The
    | maximum amount of items able to be received in one run is not limited.
    | Automatically given upon completion of the game
    | Automatically given upon completion of the game
    | Automatically given upon completion of the game
    | SAA
    | Given only if you selected the pistol on the right in the duel with Ocelot
    |  in the WIG.
    | EZ GUN (!Special Item!)
    | Given if the following requirements are met upon completion of the game:
    | o All plants and animals must be captured (even medical plants)
    | STEALTH CAMOUFLAGE (!Special Item!)
    | Given if the following requirements are met upon completion of the game:
    | o Continue: 0 times
    | o Alert Mode: 0 times
    | o Life Medicines used: 0
    | o Special Item: not used
    | - or -
    | o All 64 Kerotan frogs have been shot
    | INFINITY FACE PAINT (!Special Item!)
    | Given if the following requirements are met upon completion of the game:
    | o Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Extreme
    | o Play Time: 5:00:00 hours or less
    | o Save: 25 times or less
    | o Continue: 0 times
    | o Alert Mode: 0 times
    | o Humans Killed: 0
    | o Seriously Injured: 20 times or less
    | o Life Medicines used: 0
    | o Special Item: not used
    | - or -
    | o Captured Tsuchinoko must be alive in cage upon completion of the game
    |  007.Weapons |
    | Locations listed aren't necessarily the only place to find the weapons, just
    | the first places at which they are available.
    | For close combat. Press Square button to slash, press firmly to stab. Press
    |  it repeatedly to make a combo attack. (0.5kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | FORK
    | Press Square button to slash, press firmly to stab. Animals and plants
    |  captured with this can be eaten on the spot. (0.1kg)
    | Groznyj Grad: Torture Room: in cell on the floor
    | Gas-spray gun disguised as a cigarette. Puts enemy to sleep. Press Square
    |  button to hold, release to emit gas. (0.3kg)
    | Lab B1 West: inside guard's office
    | Mk22
    | Tranquilizer gun. Press Square button to aim, and release to fire. Put on/off
    |  suppressor w/ Circle button. (0.8kg)
    | - Start out with - / Rassvet: automatically obtained from EVA
    | M1911A1
    | .45 auto. Press Square button to aim, release to fire. Put on/off suppressor
    |  w/ Circle button. (1.0kg)
    | - Start out with on Operation Snake Eater -
    | .45 revolver. Press Square button to hold, release to fire. Aim w/ L1 button,
    |  play w/ right analog stick in 1st person view. (1.0kg)
    | Groznyj Grad: Torture Room: already in your inventory when you wake up
    | EZ GUN (!Special Item!)
    | Special silent tranquilizer gun w/ built-in laser sight. Camo Index & stamina
    |  fall in lesser amounts.
    | Receive Markhor Codename or play game on Very Easy difficulty
    | The Boss' assault pistol. Press Square button lightly to hold, firmly to
    |  fire. Feeding mechanism in drum mag is 8-shaped. (1.5kg)
    | Beat the game
    | .32 caliber sub machine gun. Press Square button lightly to hold, firmly to
    |  fire. Toggle semi/full-auto w/ Triangle button in window.(1.3kg)
    | Groznyj Grad: East Wing: in NE room accessible to Major Raikov
    | XM16E1
    | Hold in 1st person view & shoulder-aim w/ L1 button. Toggle firing mode w/
    |  Triangle button, put on/off suppressor w/ Circle in window. (2.9kg)
    | Dolinovodno: cave under bridge / Lab Exterior: Inside Walls: NW armory
    | AK-47
    | Soviet Assault Rifle. Hold in 1st Person view & shoulder-aim w/ L1 button.
    |  Toggle semi/full-auto w/ Triangle button in window. (3.5kg)
    | Rassvet: up stairs
    | M63
    | American light machine gun. Press Square button lightly to hold, firmly to
    |  fire. (4.5kg)
    | Svyatogornyj East: cottage
    | M37
    | 12 Gauge shotgun. Press Square button to hold, release to fire. Can blow
    |  enemy away. (2.9kg)
    | Rassvet: SW corner of walls / Chyomaya Peschera Cave: take E fork
    | SVD
    | Dragunov sniper rifle. Use scope w/ L1 button. Press Square button to hold,
    |  release to fire. Adjust scope w/ Triangle button. (4.6kg)
    | Ponizovje West: inside building
    | Tranquilizer sniper rifle. Use scope w/ L1 button. Press Square button to
    |  hold, release to fire. Adjust scope w/ Triangle button. (4.4kg)
    | Defeat The End non-lethally
    | RPG-7
    | Portable rocket launcher. Use scope w/ L1 button. Press Square button to
    |  hold, release to fire. Can't equip in prone position. (6.3kg)
    | Kraznogorje Mountainside: inside shack
    | TORCH
    | Wave w/ Circle button, press repeatedly to swing around. Light or put out
    |  fire w/ Square button. (0.5kg)
    | Chyomaya Peschera Branch: between 2 waterfalls to the W
    | Press Square button to hold, release to throw. How strong button is pressed
    |  varies distance. (0.3kg)
    | Light enemies on fire. Press Square button to hold, release to throw. How
    |  strong button is pressed varies distance. (0.8kg)
    | Stuns enemy temporarily. Press Square button to aim, release to throw. How
    |  strong button is pressed varies distance. (0.5kg)
    | Causes radio wave disturbance. Press Square button to aim, release to throw.
    |  How strong button is pressed varies distance. (0.8kg)
    | Blinds enemy w/ smoke screen. Press Square button to aim, release to throw.
    |  How strong button is pressed varies distance. (0.5kg)
    | Empty magazine. Press Square button to hold, release to throw. How strong
    |  button is pressed varies distance. (0.1kg)
    | TNT
    | Explosive w/ remote detonator. Press Square button to set. Press Circle
    |  button - w/ TNT equipped - to detonate. (1.6kg)
    | Lab Exterior: Inside Walls: NE armory
    | C3
    | Plastic explosive. Press Square button to set near warehouse liquid fuel
    |  tanks. Can be set on liquid fuel tanks only. (1.6kg)
    | Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall: automatically received from EVA
    | Anti-personnel landmine w/ front sensor. Press Square button to set. Can be
    |  retrieved if crawled over. (1.6kg)
    | BOOK
    | Publication w/ adult-oriented material. Full of girly photos and interesting
    |  columns. (0.1kg)
    | Trap to capture small animals. Press Square button to set. Can be retrieved
    |  if crawled over. (0.4kg)
    | Microphone that can pick up small sounds. When equipped, it picks up sounds
    |  in the pointed direction. (1.5kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | [FOOD ITEMS]
    | Press Square button to hold, release to throw. How strong button is pressed
    |  varies distance. (0.3kg)
    |  008.Items |
    | Developed by USSR. Restores LIFE. Press Circle button in window to use.
    |  (0.2kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | Benzodiazepine anti-depressant. Serves as muscle relaxant, treats autonomic
    |  imbalance. Use w/ Circle button in window. (0.1kg)
    | Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can fake death temporarily. Use w/
    |  Circle button in window. (0.1kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can wake up from fake death. Use w/
    | Circle button in window. (0.0kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | CIGAR
    | Highly addictive and hazardous to your health. (0.1kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | Military binoculars allowing long-distance reconnaissance. Zoom in with
    |  Triangle button, zoom out with Square button. (1.0kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | Visualizes heat source distribution. Allows one to see in the dark. Consumes
    |  battery power while used. (1.0kg)
    | Dremuchij North: inside hollow log / Rassvet: Sokolov's locker
    | Electronically amplifies weak dim light for visualization. Allows one to see
    |  in the dark. Consumes battery power while used. (1.0kg)
    | Peschera Cave Branch: lake
    | CAMERA
    | Press Circle button to take photos. Zoom in with Triangle button, zoom out
    |  with Square button. (0.7kg)
    | Groznyj Grad: Holding Cell: inside guard quarters
    | Sensor that detects an object's motion. Does not detect stationary objects.
    |  Consumes battery power while used. (1.8kg)
    | - Start out with -
    | Sensor that detects animals w/ sound waves. Press L3 button to emit waves.
    |  Consumes battery power while used. (3.2kg)
    | Makes sound upon detection of Claymores on the ground. Equip to use. Consumes
    |  battery power while used. (3.0kg)
    | Rassvet: in SE corner of room before Sokolov's
    | Vibrates when detecting life forms. Equip to use. Consumes battery power
    |  while used. All other vibrations will be OFF when activated. (1.5kg)
    | Equip to wear. Says "To the Weapons Lab: East Wing" on the side. (0.6kg)
    | Rassvet: on top of crates W of Sokolov's room
    | Special Effect: invisible in the east wing of Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab and in
    |  storerooms
    | Equip to wear. Says "To the Weapons Lab: Hanger" on the side. (0.6kg)
    | Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall: at the end of tunnel
    | Special Effect: invisible when in the hanger of the weapons lab and in
    |  storerooms
    | Equip to wear. Letters on the side cannot be read. (0.6kg)
    | Groznyj Grad: Southeast: far E beside the building
    | Special Effect: invisible in storerooms, etc.
    | Equip to wear.
    | Chyornyj Prud: on an island accessible by swimming under the fallen log to
    |  the far left and navigating the ropes tied to trees (1.6kg)
    | Special Effect: invisible when crouching or swimming in water
    | STEALTH CAMOUFLAGE (!Special Item!)
    | Activates when equipped. Can optically deceive enemy eye, helping you to
    |  hide. (2.5kg)
    |(see Post Game section for details)
    | A mask that mimics a monkey. (0.1kg)
    | Get 1st place in all 5 Snake vs. Monkey missions
    | KEY A
    | Card key obtained from Granin. Opens red door in the southeast of Ponizovje
    |  warehouse. (0.1kg)
    | Lab B1 West: automatically received from Granin
    | KEY B
    | Key obtained from EVA. Opens door in the east of Kraznogorje mountain top.
    |  (0.1kg)
    | Kraznogorje Ruins: automatically received from EVA
    | KEY C
    | Key obtained from EVA. Opens door to hangar at weapons lab main wing. (0.1kg)
    | Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall: automatically received from EVA
    | A bug repellant. Keeps away hornets & leeches while lasting. Apply w/ Circle
    |  button in window. (0.7kg)
    |  009.Camouflage |
    | + Tip: Thermal Goggles can detect camouflage boxes (or any other supply and
    |  food boxes for that matter)
    |  Also, the camouflage that covers best may not always be the seemingly
    |  obvious choice; trust the numbers, not the look of it
    | //FACE PAINT
    | NO PAINT
    | No face paint applied.
    | - Start out with -
    | For use in forested areas.
    | - Start out with -
    | BLACK
    | Black face paint.
    | - Start out with -
    | WATER
    | Effective when underwater.
    | Ponizovje South: near Peschera Cave, available after talking to Granin
    | DESERT
    | Effective in mountainous terrain.
    | Ponizovje Warehouse: southern alcove in the storeroom
    | For indoor-ops.
    | - Start out with -
    | SNOW
    | For cold environments.
    | Bolshaya Past Base: in the trench under a board
    | KABUKI
    | Face paint that mimics a Kabuki character.
    | Tikhogornyj: at the bottom of the pond under waterfall, available after
    |  meeting with EVA
    | ZOMBIE
    | Face paint that mimics a zombie.
    | Rassvet: N of the facility
    | Special Effect: may briefly startle enemies
    | OYAMA
    | Kabuki's female role face paint.
    | Lab 1F: enter through the crawlspace outside the lab on the W wall
    | MASK
    | Mask used for disguise.
    | - Start out with -
    | INFINITY (!Special Item!)
    | Face paint with infinite power.
    |(see Post Game section for details)
    | Special Effect: infinite ammunition for weapon when equipped
    | //UNIFORM
    | All uniforms besides the Scientist, Officer, and Maintenance uniforms are
    | kept even after completing the game. The three mentioned must be received
    | every time you start a new game.
    | NAKED
    | Nothing worn on the upper body.
    | - Start out with -
    | Special Effect: stamina drops faster
    | Uncamouflaged normal uniform.
    | - Start out with -
    | Effective in trees, grass, or against soil.
    | - Start out with -
    | LEAF
    | Effective in underbrush.
    | - Start out with -
    | Effective when pressed against trees.
    | - Start out with -
    | Effective in desert or mountain environments.
    | Bolshaya Past South: inside a hollowed tree stump past 3rd electric fence
    | Effective in an urban environment.
    | Bolshaya Past South: end ledge on the right of the mud
    | Effective in the rain.
    | Dolinovodno: cave under north end of bridge, available in Operation Snake
    |  Eater
    | Effective against brown backgrounds.
    | - Start out with -
    | WATER
    | Effective when underwater.
    | Bolshaya Past Base: roof of the large building
    | BLACK
    | Effective in dark areas or against black ground.
    | - Start out with -
    | SNOW
    | Effective against white backgrounds.
    | Chyomaya Peschera Cave: after 1st crawlspace in the right fork of the path
    | Advanced combat suit developed by the USSR.
    | Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing: available after you meet with Sokolov;
    |  in the same locker you shoved Raikov in
    | Special Effect: damage is greatly reduced
    | The uniform scientists wear.
    | Automatically received from EVA in Rassvet
    | Special Effect: allows you full access to Graniny Gorki Lab and partial
    |  access to Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab; CQC and some weapons and items are
    |  disabled
    | The uniform Major Raikov was wearing.
    | Automatically stripped from Raikov in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing
    | Special Effect: allows you full access to Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab; CQC and
    |  some weapons and items are disabled
    | The uniform the maintenance crew wears.
    | Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing: in locker room: last row, 2nd locker,
    |  available after meeting EVA in Tikhogornyj
    | Special Effect: allows you full access to the hangar in the main wing of the
    |  Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab; CQC and some weapons and items are disabled
    | TUXEDO
    | Formal tailcoat.
    | Reward for beating the game
    | Special Effect: CQC is disabled
    | The Pain's camo uniform.
    | Defeat The Pain non-lethally
    | Special Effect: hornets will follow you and attack enemies
    | SPIDER
    | The Fear's camo uniform.
    | Defeat The Fear non-lethally
    | Special Effect: Camo Index stays at 80% anywhere; stamina drops much faster
    | MOSS
    | The End's camo uniform.
    | Hold up The End
    | Special Effect: recover stamina in sunlight
    | FIRE
    | The Fury's camo uniform.
    | Defeat The Fury non-lethally
    | SPIRIT
    | The Sorrow's camo uniform.
    | Use a revival pill at the continue screen when The Sorrow kills you
    | Special Effect: silent movement; recover stamina when choking guards
    | COLD WAR
    | Volgin's camo uniform.
    | Defeat Volgin non-lethally
    | Special Effect: guards won't shoot you from the front
    | SNAKE
    | Snake pattern camo uniform.
    | Defeat The Boss non-lethally
    | Fur pattern camo uniform.
    | Defeat Ocelot non-lethally (found shortly afterwards)
    | Special Effect: gun is always steady
    | FLY
    | Stinky camo uniform.
    | Lab 2F: knock down door to last stall in bathroom
    | Special Effect: guards sometimes won't go near you (you stink!)
    | BANANA
    | Banana pattern camo uniform.
    | Get 1st place in all 5 Snake vs. Monkey missions
    | MUMMY
    | ??
    | Download
    | ??
    | Download
    |  010.Food |
    | This doesn't give medical plant locations. Also, stamina recovery listed is
    | for Snake. EVA's may differ slightly.
    | AROWANA (Chyornyj Prud, Peschera Cave, Ponizovje, Tikhogornyj)
    | A large fish.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | BAIKAL SCALY TOOTH (Svyatogornyj, Sokrovenno West, Tikhogornyj)
    | A brown mushroom.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | BALTIC HORNET'S NEST (Dremuchij Swampland, Dolinovodno)
    | A hornet nest.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | BIGEYE TREVALLY (Ponizovje, Tikhogornyj)
    | A fish with silver eyes.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | CALORIE MATE (Bolshaya Past Base, Ponizovje Warehouse, Lab 2F)
    | Never seen a food like this before.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | COBALT BLUE TARANTULA (Ponizovje Warehouse, Lab B1 East, Kraznogorje Tunnel)
    | A large spider.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | CORAL SNAKE (Chyornyj Prud, Svyatogornyj South)
    | A brightly colored snake.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | EMPEROR SCORPION (Kraznogorje Mountain)
    | A large scorpion.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | EUROPEAN RABBIT (Graniny Gorki South, Svyatogornyj, Sokrovenno)
    | An ordinary rabbit.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | FLY AGARIC (Graniny Gorki South, Tikhogornyj)
    | A red mushroom.
    | Causes food poisoning.
    | GIANT ANACONDA (Dremuchij, Peschera Cave, Sokrovenno West, Tikhogornyj)
    | A large snake with black spots.
    | Great stamina recovery.
    | GOLOVA (Dremuchij, Chyornyj Prud, Sokrovenno, Zaozyorje East)
    | A large fruit.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | GREEN TREE PYTHON (Svyatogornyj, Sokrovenno, Rokovoj Bereg)
    | A large green snake.
    | Moderate stamina recovery.
    | INDIAN GAVIAL (Dremuchij Swampland, Chyornyj Prud)
    | A large crocodile.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | INSTANT NOODLES (Ponizovje Warehouse, Graniny Gorki South, Lab 2F)
    | Apparently turns into a noodle meal.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | JAPANESE FLYING SQUIRREL (Dremuchij East, Graniny Gorki South)
    | A large squirrel.
    | Small stamina recovery.
    | KENYAN MANGROVE CRAB (Chyomaya Peschera Cave, Ponizovje, Tikhogornyj)
    | A large crab.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | KING COBRA (Dremuchij North, Bolshaya Past Crevice)
    | A large, gray snake.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | MAGPIE (Svyatogornyj, Graniny Gorki South)
    | A bird with a long tail.
    | Slight stamina recovery.
    | MARKHOR (Dremuchij South, Sokrovenno, Tikhogornyj)
    | A large goat.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | MAROON SHARK (Chyomaya Peschera Cave, Ponizovje, Tikhogornyj)
    | A fish resembling a carp.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | MILK SNAKE (Chyornyj Prud, Lab Exterior)
    | A brightly colored snake.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | OTTON FROG (Peschera Cave, Kraznogorje Tunnel, Tikhogornyj, Zaozyorje East)
    | A large frog.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | PARROT (Sokrovenno South)
    | A bird that looks familiar.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | POISON DART FROG (Chyornyj Prud, Graniny Gorki South, Svyatogornyj South)
    | A brightly colored frog.
    | Causes food poisoning.
    | RAT (Rassvet, Bolshaya Past, Peschera Cave, Graniny Gorki, Kraznogorje)
    | A common rat.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | RED AVADAVAT (Lab Exterior, Svyatogornyj South)
    | A small red bird.
    | Slight stamina recovery.
    | RETICULATED PYTHON (Dremuchij, Peschera Cave, Graniny Gorki, Zaozyorje)
    | A large snake characterized by a mesh pattern.
    | Very good stamina recovery.
    | RUSSIAN FALSE MANGO (Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance, Zaozyorje West)
    | A yellow fruit.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | RUSSIAN GLOWCAP (Peschera Cave, Underground Tunnel)
    | A glowing mushroom.
    | Recovers battery.
    | RUSSIAN OYSTER MUSHROOM (Dremuchij East, Dremuchij South, Sokrovenno South)
    | A flat-headed mushroom.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | RUSSIAN RATION (Bolshaya Past Base, Groznyj Grad, Zaozyorje West)
    | A portable ration issued by the Russian military.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | SIBERIAN INK CAP (Dremuchij, Graniny Gorki South, Sokrovenno, Zaozyorje)
    | A brown mushroom.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | SNAKE LIQUID (Rokovoj Bereg)
    | A mysterious white snake.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | SNAKE SOLID (Rokovoj Bereg)
    | A mysterious white snake.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | SNAKE SOLIDUS (Rokovoj Bereg)
    | A mysterious white snake.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | SPATSA (Graniny Gorki Lab 1F, Svyatogornyj South)
    | A grey mushroom.
    | Induces sleep.
    | SUNDA WHISTLING THRUSH (Dremuchij North, Rassvet, Lab Exterior, Tikhogornyj)
    | A large black bird.
    | Good stamina recovery.
    | TAIWANESE COBRA (Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch, Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior)
    | A snake marked with a spectacle pattern.
    | Moderate stamina recovery.
    | THAI COBRA (Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance, Kraznogorje)
    | A brown snake.
    | Moderate stamina recovery.
    | TREE FROG (Ponizovje West, Svyatogornyj)
    | An oddly large tree frog.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | TSUCHINOKO (Graniny Gorki South, *Tikhogornyj*)
    | Never seen a snake like this before.
    | Excellent stamina recovery.
    | URAL LUMNESCENT MUSHROOM (Svyatogornyj West)
    | A mushroom that resembles a shiitake.
    | Causes food poisoning.
    | VAMPIRE BAT (Chyomaya Peschera Cave, Underground Tunnel)
    | A large bat.
    | Barely noticeable stamina recovery.
    | VINE MELON (Svyatogornyj South, Tikhogornyj)
    | A melon that grows on a vine.
    | Decent stamina recovery.
    | WHITE-RUMPED VULTURE (Kraznogorje Mountain)
    | A large vulture.
    | Very good stamina recovery.
    | YABLOKO MOLOKO (Dremuchij, Dolinovodno, Graniny Gorki South, Sokrovenno)
    | A red fruit.
    | Small stamina recovery.
    | *If certain conditions are met (see Tikhogornyj walkthrough section).
    |  011.Snake Vs. Monkey |
    | I won't cover the details of the mini-game since you really don't need to
    | steal somebody else's strategy, just keep playing it. It should take anywhere
    | from 1-10 tries depending on memory, and--more importantly--luck for all you
    | mediocre Metal Gear Soldiers. It's not hard at all to score 1st place in
    | these missions. Just have perseverence. Go team! Yay!
    | Monkeys = 9
    | Time to beat: 1:00:36
    | - Automatically unlocked -
    | Monkeys = 15
    | Time to beat: 1:45:36
    | - Automatically unlocked -
    | Monkeys = 21
    | Time to beat: 2:00:36
    | Unlocked when Rassvet is reached
    | APE FEAR
    | Monkeys = 18
    | Time to beat: 3:00:36
    | Unlocked when Bolshaya Past Base is reached
    | Monkeys = 18
    | Time to beat: 2:30:36
    | Unlocked when Graniny Gorki Lab is reached
    | Shatter all the 1st place records in all five levels and you'll get both the
    | outrageous banana camo uniform and the shockingly sexy, FPV-nullifying monkey
    | mask for use in the real game! Just be sure you save your SVM game data (it's
    | a save file that's separated from your actual MGS3 story data).
    |  012.Kerotan Frogs |
    | Shooting the whole lot of Kerotan frogs will get you the stealth camo upon
    | completion of the game; an alternative to the no-alert strategy. In my
    | opinion this is far more tedious, but allows you to kill everything that
    | breathes and still wind up with MGS3's coveted stealth camouflage. This is
    | kind of an unfinished (and somewhat inaccurate) listing of the frogs; I'll
    | polish this later on.
    | + Tip: make sure you go through this list in order, to save any possible
    |  backtracking, with the exclusion of the sidetrack needed for 2 frogs at the
    |  beginning of Operation Snake Eater.
    |  Looking in FPV a lot will really help you find these frogs. Go ahead. Try
    |  it.
    | 001 DREMUCHIJ SOUTH  [ ]
    | Climb up the tree and shoot the frog atop the rock SE of your position.
    | On the path past the mud that stretches to the exit.
    | 003 DREMUCHIJ NORTH  [ ]
    | Sitting on a log in the large area to the E.
    | 004 DOLINOVODNO  [ ]
    | Perched atop the bridge's left post at the S end.
    | 005 RASSVET  [ ]
    | Shoot the frog through the hole in the wall at the bottom of the stairs.
    | 006 DREMUCHIJ EAST  [ ]
    | Hidden under some logs.
    | 007 DREMUCHIJ NORTH  [ ]
    | Climb the tree in the middle of the area and shoot the raised frog W of you.
    | At the base of a tree in the center island.
    | 009 DREMUCHIJ SOUTH  [ ]
    | In the high NW corner of the secluded area blocked off by logs you need to
    | hop over.
    | 010 DOLINOVODNO  [ ]
    | On top of the left post at the N end.
    | 011 RASSVET  [ ]
    | Underneath the stairs.
    | 012 CHYORNYJ PRUD  [ ]
    | Underwater at the N edge of the area.
    | 013 BOLSHAYA PAST SOUTH  [ ]
    | At a tree base near the 3rd electric fence.
    | 014 BOLSHAYA PAST BASE  [ ]
    | In the barracks inside the main building, you'll see something green poking
    | out from under a desk...
    | It's in the SE corner of the area, just out of plain view (I can't believe
    | they put one in a boss battle. Bastards...).
    | - PONR -
    | Enter the passage in the W part of the room with the torch. Enter the
    | crawlspace and make your way through; and the one after that. At the end,
    | look through the gaping hole and you should see that perky mug of his.
    | The frog took a load off at the top of the cave sunroof over The Pain area
    |(it's best to pop him after the boss fight).
    | In the small alcove housing two claymores, you'll find the frog sitting over
    | the entrance if you're in FPV facing S.
    | 019 PONIZOVJE SOUTH  [ ]
    | The frog is semi off-screen to the W a little bit up the river.
    | 020 PONIZOVJE WEST  [ ]
    | Behind a grate in the NW underwater corner.
    | In the SE corner above a red door.
    | Stuck in the ceiling to the NE-ish region of the warehouse.
    | 023 GRANINY GORKI SOUTH  [ ]
    | Atop a tree to your immediate left in the N end.
    | On the W wall, the frog is hanging around some trees. Go fig.
    | Through the window of the shack with the locked door.
    | 026 GRANINY GORKI LAB 1F  [ ]
    | Atop some lockers near the stairs.
    | 027 GRANINY GORKI LAB B1 EAST  [ ]
    | In plain view in the last cell.
    | 028 GRANINY GORKI LAB B1 WEST  [ ]
    | Also in plain view in the NW corner of the large room with a small TV.
    | Look in the general area above the door you just came through.
    | 030 SVYATOGORNYJ WEST  [ ]
    | Somewhat N of the hollow log you run across.
    | 031 SVYATOGORNYJ EAST  [ ]
    | On a shelf inside the cottage.
    | 032 SOKROVENNO SOUTH  [ ]
    | Above and behind the armory.
    | 033 SOKROVENNO WEST  [ ]
    | Hiding in the mouth of the river (the S end).
    | 034 SOKROVENNO NORTH  [ ]
    | At the base of a tree at the bottom of the N ledge.
    | About halfway up the tunnel, hidden behind a protruding wall.
    | - PONR -
    | Perched on a rock just past the initial flatlands.
    | Hanging around a shack near the end of the area.
    | Hop on the first mounted machine gun to get a bearing on it.
    | About halfway up that radio tower in the distance. Sneaky.
    | On a shelf above the bed.
    | Sitting on a red pipe in The Fury stage.
    | - PONR -
    | On the prison roof.
    | Under a desk in the N room.
    | In the hangar through the doors.
    | 045 GROZNYJ GRAD WEST  [ ]
    | Approach the stairs to the far left.
    | Behind a grate in the sub-level drainage tunnels.
    | In the room N of the locker room, on a shelf.
    | - Get Officer Uniform -
    | Look to the window to the W.
    | 049 TIKHOGORNYJ  [ ]
    | In plain view at the S end of the river
    | Turn around in FPV when you reach the ladder to pick it out.
    | Near the front side of the Shagohod.
    | - PONR -
    | In the Volgin boss battle, up in the NW corner.
    | - Chase sequences #53 - #56 -
    | 053 GROZNYJ GRAD  [ ]
    | Inside a guard tower near the tank lineup.
    | 054 GROZNYJ GRAD  [ ]
    | On a forklift.
    | If facing S in FPV, it's on the boxes to the left after the turn.
    | 056 GROZNYJ GRAD RUNWAY  [ ]
    | If facing S in FPV, it's on the boxes on the right near the beginning.
    | When sniping the planted C3, it's on top of the bridge's support arches.
    | In a tower during the Shagohod boss battle.
    | - Chase sequences #59 - 61 -
    | Wedged between barricades near the end.
    | 060 LAZOREVO SOUTH  [ ]
    | In front of a boulder on your right near the entrance.
    | 061 LAZOREVO NORTH  [ ]
    | On top of a rock on your left also near the entrance.
    | 062 ZAOZYORJE WEST  [ ]
    | Froggie, froggie, who's got the froggie?
    | 063 ZAOZYORJE EAST  [ ]
    | Behind a tree in the central area between the two guard circles.
    | 064 ROKOVOJ BEREG  [ ]
    | In the Boss fight, sitting at the top of a tree. Hoo! Done. 
    |  013.Miscellaneous |
    | The following frequencies can be called to cancel an Alert status, but each
    | may only be used once only.
    | o 140.61
    | o 141.45
    | o 141.53
    | o 141.98
    | o 142.48
    | o 142.79
    | o 144.40
    | o 144.61
    | o 144.87
    | o 146.67
    | o 147.11
    | o 148.04
    | The following frequencies pick up radio stations that seem to have some
    | purpose. The frequencies are only picked up on the very easy and easy
    | difficulties.
    | o 147.08 - Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
    | o 140.52 - Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
    | o 142.94 - Pillow Talk / Starry.K
    | o 144.06 - Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
    | o 147.59 - Sailor / Starry.K
    | o 140.01 - Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
    | o 141.24 - Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
    | o 149.53 - Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka
    | Press R1 to hear "Snake Eater" whisper
    | Press L3 to change credits (English, Japanese, Korean*, Russian, Snakes)
    | Press R3 to change moving objects
    | Use Left Analog Stick to move credits
    | Use Right Analog Stick to create/control moving objects
    | * Thanks to Brian P.
    | Press Triangle to invert colors
    | Press R1 to speed up actions
    | Press R2 to slow action down
    | Press L1 to swap layers
    | Press L2 to swap layer colors
    | Use Left Analog Stick to change background motion
    | Press L3 to change background pattern
    | Press R3 to change the color scheme
    | When you're captured in Groznyj Grad by Volgin, save the game from the cell
    | and reset. When you load it, you'll get to play an awesome mini-game,
    | possibly starring another of Kojima's characters. Kind of a Devil May Cry
    | sorta thing. I won't cover the details here since there's more mechanics in
    | the game than you might expect for something this short-lived. They could
    | make a full title game outta this stuff. Hell, they just might.
    | o Square attacks
    | o X jumps
    | o Circle performs special attack
    | o Start pauses
    | At the prompt before the difficulty select, where it asks your familiarity
    | with the MGS series, selecting "I like MGS2!" will start you out with that
    | Raikov mask stuck to your face. There's really no point behind it other than
    | an additional dull cutscene.
    | E-CAMO
    | Connecting MGS3 to the internet will allow you to download the Mummy and
    | Grenade camouflage uniforms. I've never tried em seeing as I'm too cheap to
    | actually pay for the whole online thing. Those nazis.
    | On a table in Granin's office is a model of Jehuty from the Zone of Enders
    | series, also Kojima's work. That's it. Just thought it was neat.

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