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    Foxhound Rank Walkthrough by Darkness_Slayer

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/07/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    Foxhound rank
    Step by step guide
    Table of Contents
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    0.0 Just to explain
    0.1 Legal stuff and Contact Info
    0.2 How to use
    0.3 What you need
    ---1.0 Virtuous Mission
    1.1 Dremuchy North
    1.2 Dolinovodno
    1.3 Rassvet
    ---2.0 Snake Eater
    2.1 Dolinovodno
    2.2 Ocelot Unit Battle
    2.3 Bolshaya Past South
    2.4 Bolshaya Past Base
    ---3.0 Ocelot & The Pain
    3.1 Ponizovje South
    3.2 Warehouse Exterior
    3.3 Graniny Gorki Lab
    3.4 Graniny Gorki Lab Back Through
    ---4.0 The Fear
    4.1 Warehouse
    4.2 Svytagorny West
    ---5.0 The End
    5.1 Mountain
    ---6.0 The Fury
    6.1 Groznyj Grad
    6.2 Torture room - prison cells
    6.3 Tikhogornyj
    6.4 Groznyj Grad Northwest
    ---7.0 Volgin
    7.1 The Chase and Shagohod
    7.2 Final Escape with Eva and… The Boss
    8.0 Credits
    0.0	Just to explain
    Yeah, I know no one ever reads this starting crap, but anyway here goes
    a quick explanation of what’s up. This guide is nothing more than MY way of 
    getting through the game, I have absolutely no doubts that there are many, 
    many other ways to do every scenario, so besides that I just hope this helps 
    to get you past some difficult part of the game :D Also, I’m not including a 
    specific strategy for every boss in the game, just some ideas and facts that 
    helped me when fighting them.
    Well, since this is Extreme mode, you should have at least passed the game 
    once, and so you must know the basics of where to go and what to do, this is 
    not a walkthrough of where to go at what time, it is just a guide of how to 
    deal with the enemies in the game. Areas that don’t have enemies and are not 
    really important, or items that I do not find necessary to progress through 
    the game, I’ll just skip.
     Version 1. 0 : well I started wrtiting the guide with some notes I had made
    while playing the game and trying to get Foxhound ranking. 
     Version 1. 1 : not too much new really, just added a few extra notes I 
    remembered afterwards and strategies sent to me
    Version 1. 2 : couple of extra ideas
    Version 1. 3 : Fixed some mistakes in the strategies sent to me, and some 
    grammatical mistakes on my side lol
    Version 1. 4 : Awesome, more Groznyj Grad strategies, don't have time to
    test them but there they are anyway :D
    0.1 Legal Stuff and Contact Info
    Well, if you are going to post this guide in any other place that is not 
    gamefaqs.com, at least give the proper credit to those that deserve it or 
    You’ll find you’ll be host for an innumerable amount of Spam and mail bombing 
    As for contact info, if you know any way that is easier than mine PLEASE send
    it to me, if you’re going to send anything concerning this guide, the title 
    must be MGS3: SA all caps or I’ll just delete, I get enough spam already.  
    Send it to: 
    And please, please try to avoid sending mail insulting me or attacking what I 
    did or anything like that, I just find it such a stupid waste of time. If you 
    have a better way, send it and you’ll be properly credited
    0.2 How to use
    First of all this guide is made specifically for EXTREME MODE I’ve played 
    normal and extreme, and soldier locations are quite different from one mode to
    another, so I would just use this for extreme.
    Also remember that the ONLY weapon in this guide is the Tranquilizing gun MK22
    If I ever use anything else in any area, I'll say so. 
    I’ve posted my way of getting through each soldier infested area, posted in 
    steps, and like I said, there are many ways to play this game, I just wanted
    to show a specific way , so besides that I just hope this helps to get you
    past some difficult part of the game
    0.3 What you need
    * You need to know how to use CQC
    * You need to know how to beat the bosses, I’ll just point out some ideas
    * You need to know how to get through the game
    * You need to know how to shoot with the Mk22…or at least have a decent 
    enough aim ( if you really cant do it, well if you equip the thermal goggles 
    it gives you a really crude crosshair, but I guess its better than nothing)
    Also I would just like to say that the last section of Groznyj Grad where you 
    have to escape ( the one before the sewers, with the tanks and all) definitely
     takes the prize for --Most annoying and difficult part to figure out--
    To get Foxhound rank you will need to get (copied from gamefaqs webpage):
    * No Special Item used. Not hard just start a new game
    * 0 Alerts. Well that's what this guide is for
    * 0 Kills. Read above
    * Under 10 Life Bars of Damage. Hmm not sure about this one
    * Under 5:00 play time. I don't think this is a problem either. Just remember
      to jump any cutscenes and jump through all radio conversations 
    * Under 25 saves. well if you use 25 saves....umm...jeez... 
    My saves were:
    1. Ocelot Unit battle (yeah I never found Virtous M. too hard)
    2. Ocelot battle
    3. Pain
    4. Fear
    5. End
    6. Fury (the later problem is escaping from Groznyj Grad lol)
    7. Volgin
    8. Boss
    * 0 Life Meds. I never needed one as far as I remember 
    * 0 continues. The reaaaaal tricky one, not dying. But you have 25 saves so 
      don't worry about it. However if you wanna do it tougher on yourself (like
      I did) you can try to save as few times as you can. Which means you will 
      sometimes have to fight against a boss because you were spotted or died
      a few minutes after. oh well. 
    As a note to this requirement if you get spotted use the Fake Death Pill and
    choose exit and reload your game to make the process faster lol
    AND you must remember that pausing the game and going to survival viewer won't
    stop the timer, thank you shinya for pointing this out.
    That's about it, so let's get this party started!!!
    1.0 Virtuous Mission
    You know what to do, run up to the tree and get your backpack...yay
    In the next are just go through the swamp, careful no to drown
    1.1  Dremuchy North
    Camouflage: Woodland/Leaf
    1)Ok, see that log that’s a bit to your left, it's hollow so run to the log, 
     go through it, hide in the grass and wait for the soldier to walk past you,
     then run up to where he came from and get him out of your mind :D
    2)Now here we have two choices, left or right ...take a left and run to the
     last bush or grass, there should be a soldier close to you so shoot him
    3) Stick to the left wall, go past the first hollow log, and then stay on the
     2nd log... look towards the exit and shoot the soldier through the trees. 
     Exit area sticking to the left wall
    1.2 Dolinovodno
    1) Not much here, you get a cinema with the beehive so shoot the beehive. 
     Run to exit
    1.3 Rassvet
    Camouflage: Splitter/squares
    1)From your current starting position move a bit to the road or what could be
     considered a road, and stay at the side of the left brick wall, crouch and 
     shoot the soldier closest to you, he should be behind the first tree to the
    2) After shooting the first one, look a bit upwards and shoot the soldier on 
     the platform at the top of the stairs
    3) Wait a bit and another soldier will pop out of the left side, where the 
     wall is or what could be considered the perimeter of the building, shoot him
    (since he may see the soldier you shot in number 1, you may have to shoot him
    more than once, as long as he doesn't wake up number 1)
    4) When he falls asleep, run to the to the stairs, start crawling, and to your
     right there should be some boxes, now to the north there should be a barrel
     that’s laying down in the middle of the area (one you can push)peek out 
    enough to shoot the soldier in the slope (still lying down)
    5) Walk down the slope, you can shoot the last necessary soldier through
     the holes on the right wall. Go to Sokolov
    2.0 Snake Eater
    Walk down the two scenarios, so we start this after The Boss’ ambush
    Camouflage: Tiger stripe or Black/ Black
    1) After you lose your weapon, if you walk a bit northwards, there is the 
     main path you need to go to, but two soldiers are coming, start crawling and
     hide in the soil to the right of the small passage/hallway path, after the 2 
     soldiers go check the drone, you move. After that I always stick to the left
     wall, but after that I've never encountered enemies
    Update: yes there are enemies that enter the area afterwards, however if you 
    just lay down in the ground near to the trees they will eventually go away to
    2.1 Dolinovodno
    1)Advance a bit and stay between the tree to the right, and the small drop. 
     Stay on your belly and in the grass, then wait a bit (or a lot) until there is
     no more caution, 2 guards will stay; eventually one will go over the bridge
    2) When he does, the other MUST be looking towards the chasm, when he does rise 
     to crouching position so the guard sees -something- then drop when he is not 
     looking towards you, crawl near the right wall, then follow the bridge soldier 
     BUT not so closely that he will notice you (I recommend crawling)
    3) Once his first foot touches the ground, CQC him unconscious (stalk him), 
     don't risk CQC on him while on the bridge because he can fall to the river
    4) Once on the other side of the bridge, watch the soldier on the other side 
     of the road loop (while staying in your side of the loop), when he turns 
    and starts walking the other way run for the Exit
    In the next area there are no enemies so just go for the room where you
    met Sokolov on Virtuous
    2.2 OCELOT UNIT BATTLE (10 enemies)
    1) Get THERMAL GOGGLES from the locker in the corner, then get beneath the bed
     and wait for ocelots to open the door, as soon as the door drops down, shoot 
     the first guy you see, don’t wait for the stun grenade to explode...after that
     wait for ocelots to come into the room.
    2) When they get inside the room, start shooting legs, with some time 
     difference, so they all go -Huh?- you should have shot at least 4 ocelots 
     by now
    NOTE: be careful, the guy nearest to the door is the ONLY one that crouches to 
    look below the bed, if he starts to do this shoot him ANYWHERE in the body
    for him to rise and forget about the bed.
    3) after the first 4 are asleep, wait some more, 2 more ocelots will come 
     into the room, shoot the legs too and after they leave you leave... after
     some time they'll both fall asleep
    4)Move the camera a bit to check if the ocelot on the roof is not there, if
     he's not, go to the next room, run upwards, left and drop down into the slope
     then run upwards towards the stairs, crawl and hide, soldiers can see you 
     here, CRAWL all the way up the stairs, when you are crouching in the platform 
     (never stand when you’re up there) shoot the soldier on roof first
    5) 3 more to go, look below and over the brick wall and shoot another, now 
     in the platform you're at there are some boxes with a small protruding ledge
     that is facing towards you the player...crawl there
    6) Look a bit to the left with thermal goggles, and shoot another soldier 
    7) Then peek as much as you can to the left and shoot the last guy
    In the Croc Swam, just go through the path to the left (with the two
    fallen trees)and get the Croc Cap if you want to
    2.3 Bolshaya Past South
    If you took the left path like I told you to then:
    1) Crawl down and pass the first fence, on the second one tranquilize the dog 
     and go up the tree and jump over the fence.
    2) Once you are in front of the next gate ( the one you need to roll through),
     notice there are 3 soldiers, 2 non-moving all the way to your right(left & 
     right soldiers) and 1 mobile.
    3) Shoot the right static soldier first, then the left static, finally shoot 
     the mobile one. (you may have to constantly shoot them if you missed the
     head shot) 
    4) If all are asleep roll through the fence
    5)Crawl through the hole in the next fence and stick to the left wall. If 
     necessary shoot the dog.
     ( don’t forget choco chip uniform from hollow tree next to left wall)
    6) Exit and enter next area
    Here's and alternate strategy by Redha Hachani and his bro Seth:
    I tried your strategy on the part where you fight the 10 GRU operatives and I 
    believe that its lacking a bit. Still I find mine easier and done in less 
    time; here goes.
    1) Be sure to loot smoke nades from the stunned corpes you left behind
    2) Grab the thermal goggles in the locker ( yeah I know you know that one )
    3) Quickly run out of the Sokolov room and throw the smoke outside the room
     where you're standing.
    Equip thermal goggles and beat the crap out the 3-4 guards that are there 
    (if you threw it correctly they shouldnt be able too see you)
    Ugh i dont remeber the rest but i know that starting with this and finishing 
    with your  FAQ will be less time consuming.
    2.4 Bolshaya Past Base
    1) Ignore the guy to your left, when he moves and turns go straight up 
     (towards the main building) and shoot the soldier in front of you( if 
     necessary )
    2) Get to the rooftop. And look towards the exit, you should know which one
     is the exit. From there shoot the guy next to the building to your right.
     Get the Water Camouflage from the rooftop.
    3) Wait a bit and another one will walk into your field of vision from the 
     small wooden house structure below you, shoot him...
    4) Drop down and go into the wooden house for food, and go for the exit. 
     But look out for the soldier next to it (again, shoot if necessary)
    3.0 OCELOT
    Notes: Learn the spots  where he comes out of on each rock, careful when you 
    use beehives against him, soldiers will back him up. When he runs from rock 
    to rock or rock to tree, don’t stay in the open, and look out because he can 
    shoot you while he’s running. Also look out for the coral snakes next to the 
    (Inside the cave you must get the ANIMAL for beating Ocelot with tranquilizing 
    gun and the SNOW camouflage before the Pain battle!!!)
    Notes: When the battle starts you can get 2 or 3 quick shots at him before 
    hornets attack, remember water is your friend here. When he puts up his bee 
    shield throw grenades aiming at his crotch, that way they’ll almost always hit 
    close to him. Stay behind the 2 rocks that you can climb, you can also take 
    cover from “Tommy gun”  behind these.
    Exit the cave, and start moving
    On your way to the river don’t forget the mk22 ammo from the small cave, but 
    look out there are 2 claymores there, sometimes mice will blow them up for 
    3.1 Ponizovje South
    1) Avoid the lights but don’t swim, just walk. Equip water camouflage, just 
     walk near to the lights,since they stop at some point and then turn around to
     restart their patrol... when they start to move back just crouch and wait 
     for it to go past. 
    NOTES: Do not move when the lights are very close to you. Better safe than 
     If you went for the croc cap then use it.
     ***the 3rd and last sentry turns around REALLY fast! So look out***
    3.2 Warehouse
    Warehouse Exterior
    1) Crouch and look in First Person...shoot the soldier that is closest to you,
     (in the wooden planks) and then shoot the one you can see on the back, 
     near the stairs to the entrance
    2)When the one in the planks is asleep, get in the water and swim hugging the
     right wall, stop a bit before the wooden planks, wait and shoot the last 
     soldier that will come out from behind some boxes in the middle.
    3) Exit
    Warehouse inside
    1) Run up the stairs and come out the red door, from the wall before the 
     stairs you can shoot 2 soldiers, first one is to the right of your position,
     then look in front of you, shoot the 2nd that is between the boxes
    2) Look at the zigzagging staircase and shoot the soldier that is coming 
     -down- the stairs 
    3) Grab the Sp/Mk22 from top of the boxes
    4) At the top of the zigzagging stairs and before the exit towards the next
     area there is another soldier, shoot the 4th guard from the stairs (peek in
    first person) if you wish
    ----Get past the booby trapped forest and into G.G. Lab----
    3.3 Graniny Gorki Lab exterior: outside
    Camouflage: Tiger Stripe/Black
    1) Don’t move, crouch and crawl all the way to the left, hugging the left wall,
     when you are near the hole in the fence, shoot the guard in front of the fence
     and go through the hole
    2) On the wall facing the left side of your screen (the cement wall) , there is
     a hole, but you can't see it because it's hidden in the grass. Crouch and go
     through it
    Graniny Gorki Lab interior: outside
    1) Once inside equip the scientist camouflage and mask, and run to the 
     entrance or simply stand in front of any soldier
    Graniny Gorki inside
    1) Run to where Granin is at,when you get to the security post (is it?) get the 
    cig gas spray and equip it
    2) Open the door, there should be a soldier and a scientist when the scientist 
     is walking away from the TV and towards the lockers run through the room and 
     to the next one. 
    3) In this room with all the cubicles, just RUN through the room when 
     scientists are sitting down, but be careful not to crash into the soldier on 
    3.4 Graniny Gorki Lab Back Through
    After you meet Granin we need to go back through so:
    1) Open the door and stand next to the soldier (you should be facing the door)
     wait for scientist to examine you (turn around so they won’t notice you) when
     he turns to leave, put to sleep the soldier THEN the scientist with cig gas
     spray (this can be done with just one spray)
    2) Grab the SP/Mk22 from the first cubicle to the right, and run to the next 
     door if the scientist has not seen you, if he did see you just wait for him
     to return to his seat
    3) Open the door and turn around quickly, the scientist will probably examine 
     you. Wait for him to go back and walk with his back towards you (walking to 
     the lockers again), exit this room (this can be tricky since you don't have
     too much control of the camera)
    4) Get outside via the red door on ground level
    Graniny Gorki Lab exterior: inside…again
    1) The soldier that is in front of you should be put to sleep with cig gas,
      when he gets behind the small construction or wall or...something
    2) Get the rifle from depot above and then run to the exit
    Graniny Gorki Lab exterior: outside
    1) Once outside put on your camouflage, and shoot the guy to the south.. you 
     can't miss him
    2) Run to the corner of the wall and from there peek out and shoot the next
    3) From the grass shoot the dog
    4) If you can just shoot the last soldier and run to fence
    5) Grab the SP/Mk22 next to exit
    4.0 THE FEAR
    Notes: Obviously use thermal goggles, and remember to go get the mk22 ammo box
     (that’s to the right of your starting position, on top of a small hill) but do
     it before depleting half  of his stamina bar. Because Fear will start looking
     for food.
     WHEN he needs to eat, he always does 2 jumps. First one from his 
    current branch to another one. And from that one he does the second jump to 
    another branch from where he’ll try to grab fruit. Remember this and wait for
     his 2nd jump and you don’t even have to move at all.
    Seriously: GET the Spider Camouflage
    4.1 Warehouse
    Note: these steps must be done fast and as it is written
    1) Go downwards and stop in front of the 2 black barrels, from here you need
     to crawl all the way to the first step of the stairs. From here stand if you 
     want to and go all the way past the box and smash into the railing
    2) Snake should be facing you and he should be near the railing. Look to the 
     left (snake's right) and below you, shoot the guy on the shoulder... DO NOT 
     headshot him
    3) Look to the left(snake should be facing you again) and crouch, shoot the 
     soldier that’s walking towards the exit stairs, as soon as you shoot him crawl 
     back  past the box (that last soldier looks up to where you're at)
    4) Stick to the wall to the right past the box, hit it so soldier below will 
     hear something. Then run back past the two barrels and stay hidden where the 
     rail meets the wall. (camera should be aiming at exit to where you just fought
     the fear)
    5) Soldier will start coming up and then notice the sleeping soldiers, when he 
     turns around and starts going down the stairs drop down and CQC him
    6) Go down the stairs and stay on the little ledge where that soldier was at.
     Grab the items from the room and come out, walk southwards and down the 
     platform, grab the disinfectant and serum and stay there (snake should be 
     facing you) go into FPV and watch the stairs to the exit and wait for last 
     soldier to go down these, shoot him. 
    Get the sp/mk22 and leave...phew
    4.2 Svytagorny West
    1) Go left near the wall, and notice that ground divides into mud and grass, 
     stay on the grassy zone. Crawl through the grassy side (below you may see 
     one soldier), get to the other wall and into the “hallway” type of area
    2) At the end of that hallway shoot the soldier that should be northwards
     in front of snake (tread carefully so you dont run into him)
    3) Next stick to the right wall (should be bottom wall I think) when you 
     exit the hallway, and hide in the first grass you see. Look at the logs in 
     front of you and shoot another soldier
    4) Go to the sleeping soldier and hide on the grass in that central area with
     trees all over, look to the left and shoot the last soldier
    5) Exit
    5.0 THE END
    Notes: His 1st sniping spot is always next to storehouse where the SVD is at 
     in the southern part, get his camouflage and use it (by aiming at his head and
     then aiming elsewhere 3 times...he will drop it). There is mk22 ammo in the 
     storehouse in case you need it. Use thermals to follow his footprints, and
     microphone to pinpoint his position. Stalk when close to him or End will 
     hear you and shoot you. 
     When he is more that 2 stamina bars down, if you take too long he’ll
     do photosynthesis and recharge a LOT of his stamina.
     Mosin Nagant is useful for Fury and Volgin battles, so I recommend getting it.
    5.1 Mountain
    Mountain Base
    1) Well I got lazy, so as soon as you have to turn the corner to start facing
     enemies, equip the Spider camouflage and run to the exit
    Equip the moss camouflage to get you stamina back, after you’re finished equip 
    animal camouflage
    1) Run and grab the items, and start going upwards that ramp/slope type of 
     ground. Before this first ramp/slope ends, peek up and shoot the guard
    2) Go all the way up the next ramp, wait for soldier to turn and shoot him
    3) From your current position, long-shoot the next soldier in front of you
    4) Go up the next ramp, and get into the hole on the side, so you come out 
     the other way. Hit wall above the hole you just got out of and get in quickly,
     wait for the soldier to come check it out, shoot him.
    5) After coming up the next ramp, you can go left(on ground level), or walk to
     the right and go up the platform. Go to the platform and walk all the way to 
     the end of it.
     When you get to the end, shoot the left soldier (nearest to the edge of the
     mountain), and quickly the right one, if you can...then shoot the third one,
     if you can't then get between the 2 bunkers and shoot from there.
    -----Don’t forget to get the Splitter camouflage to the right----
    1) Get in the fox hole, and crawl through it, shoot first soldier you see in
     the foxhole.
    2) Wait for another soldier to go check the first sleeping soldier and shoot 
    3) Move up more, and shoot the next one you see (again, tread very carefully. 
     Time is not a problem here)
    4) Move more and shoot the next one...shouldn't be too hard
    4) Finally shoot guy near the exit(near the antiaircraft weapon) and Exit
    Mountaintop again
    After Eva’s little scene we need to go back through...yay
    1) Go down the foxhole and shoot the soldier with flamethrower when he goes 
    up that big step and next to the antiaircraft
    2) Go up that big step, and go to the right of the antiaircraft weapon, drop
     into the small cache in the wall
    3) Peek out to the left (your left), and shoot the green soldier, wait for him
    to fall asleep
    4) Drop and Exit
    6.0 THE FURY
    Notes: Use mosin nagant, 1st stamina bar half is really easy, just remember 
    that if you get burned roll and stay on your belly and the flames will go out.
    What I did was use tactical reload, if he is WALKING and is at the SAME ground 
    level as you are just aim with mosin nagant, shoot him once...tactical reload 
    quickly without moving at all, shoot with mosin nagant again (dont even have to
    look through scope) then change quickly to Mk22 and shoot again lol, if you
    can pull this off 3 times hes pretty much done for.
    However I believe it is possible if you have a fast enough trigger finger to
    shoot the mosin nagant 3 times in a row using tactical reload. Hard but possible
    you can take fury out in about 2 or 3 minutes
    6.1 Groznyj Grad
    1) Climb the boxes, and in the wall to the right there is a hole, crawl
     and exit towards Southeast quickly
    2) Get below the car to the north, and shoot the soldier, get on the roof. 
     Drop on the other side and run towards exit to northeast. Look out for soldier
     near the door though...as always shoot if necessary
    3)Here hide behind the small boxes in front of you, shoot the soldier that is 
     standing between all the big boxes near the entrance to the facility
     Move up to one of these boxes and wait, if another soldier sees him, CQC him
     (sometimes it happens and the soldier moves towards your position)
    4) EXIT
    1) RUN!!!!No I'm serioues just RUUUUUN up the stairs that are in front of snake 
    (to your right), once in second floor, press yourself against the wall BEFORE 
     the lab entrance, you should be between a railing and a wall overlooking 
     the stairs...when soldier comes that way CQC him (wait for him to go a little
     past you)
    2) Wait for Raikov to come out of lab, when he starts to check the soldier CQC 
     him, then quickly drag him to lockers
    Note: The Lockers that are in the same floor you are, if you did not realize 
     this before, you can use Raikov to open the door that would otherwise be 
     closed to you, drag him close to the door and then turn his body towards it.
    6.2 Torture room - prison cells
    1) Grab the R. bat meat, and save it DON'T eat it…then let Johnny turn around
     and walk to the other side of the room to exit. 144.75. hit him to knock him
     out, 1 combo from behind then combo him when he starts to rise so he doesn’t
     call an alert....KICK must always hit even if punches do not (that way you 
     don’t give him the chance to see you)
    2) Once outside the cells, wait like 5 seconds in the stairs and stalk to the
     south past the car, and into the hole in the wall to southeast
    3) go to big box at the top, and wait there for all soldiers between the first
     row of boxes and the wall to leave (use FPV duh), run through and get between 
     the 2 bunker like structures, go up between one of these and a truck. Check 
     around you and if it's clear (it should be) exit
    4) Peek out the box so soldier sees something, wait and run for Northeast
    --------step 5 must be followed exactly. Timing is everything here---------
    Please if somebody knows of a better way to get through this part MAIL IT!!
    5) Run hugging the south wall, eventually you’ll run into some boxes, stay
     behind those, from there you can see between the two rows of tanks, notice 
     that there is a soldier walking there, watch out for that soldier, wait a bit 
     after he stops, then move, but you must still stay as close to the bottom 
     wall as you can. HE MUST NOT SEE YOU AT ALL.
    Keep running hugging the bottom wall, then go upwards running near the fence 
    to the left, pass the first car, and in the FIRST tank near the fence, 
    (you should be between fence and tank) crawl below it, grab the ration and 
    go back the way you came. 
    Quickly move up to the 2nd tank and STAND there ( not crouching or crawling ) 
    wait for the dog to spot you, as soon as it sees you crawl below tank. 
    While you are below it you should hear a "Huh?", exit through the FRONT of the 
    Move to the next tank and move the camera to see the soldier move parallel to 
    You (you should be between the tanks), when he passes the tank you’re at, run 
    forwards and pass all the tanks, Then in the car that’s at the top crawl and
    hide under it.
    Here we wait, see that soldier that is walking in the highway, that is our
    Take the time to spot the dog that’s sleeping between the red stop 
    markers. So anyway, once the soldier I told you about is right in front of
    the front of the car (lol) again and walking past you, come out from the side 
    of the car, not the front! you should be between the car and the blue box.
    As soon as you rise move snake a bit closer to the highway, that is stick his
    body a bit past the blue boxes and a soldier will see something, he’ll go to 
    check it out. 	
    When he gets close enough, get on the exact other side of the box,
    (that should be between the wall and the boxes) and throw the R. Bat meat to 
    where the dog was or is, doesn’t have to be exact but close enough. As soon as
    you throw it. RUN LIKE HELL!!! to your right, more or less to where you threw
    the food at, but run exactly in a straight line, and once you hit the next 
    wall, run upwards and to the exit (that is you need to make an "_|" shaped run)
    wake up the dog if you must, it will see the food and ignore you, finally 
    crawl and exit towards the sewers YAY!!!	
    Get past the sewers and past the Sorrow battle...
    Alternate Strategy sent by Kurdboy, I've never tried this strategy but here it 
     1)As soon as you end up in the torture room there is a rat, so kill it (don’t
    use the fork as snake will eat it). Then the guard should throw you a meal
    and keep that too as you will need it later. Now you after the guard turns
    around you type the code 144.75 and open the door. Now knock him out from 
    behind. You can also pick the guard and drop him too and you will get instant 
    noodles. I would eat the noodles because later on snake stomach will 
    start making noises and alert the guards. Now leave the torture room and 
    go outside.
     2)When outside wait for 5 seconds in the stairs and walk to the south past 
    the car to the to the southwest wall and into the hole. 
     3)Now as soon as u come out of the hole run north under the bunker like 
    things, as the 2 guards cant see you. Wait for the first guard and second 
    one to BOTH face south and crawl west to next bunker. From there wait for the
    second guard there and run west to the corner (but don’t pass the wall as there 
    will be a guard facing south. Try to move the camera to see when he turns around
    and heads north. Wait about a sec and run (don’t let the guard hear your 
    footsteps). When u get to the truck run straight to the exit. 
    Next part don’t wait or anything run immediately hugging the south wall to exit.
     4)This part is where the magic is. Ok RUN exactly west past the first tank. 
    NOW if you look on the ground wile you’re running the ground is divided into 2
    colored concrete. The tanks are on the dark colored concrete and you’re running
    about 2 feet away on going strait west. The first guard 2-3 tanks away walks 
    out and sees something and say ?HUH?.
    Just before you reach the second tank go (not too much inn though, just barely 
    through it) on the dark colored concrete (still running at full speed). The
    guard all the way back also says ?HUH?. Then after you touch the dark 
    concrete come back to the south side of the tank never (never stop running).
    Go around that tank straight north and summer salt to the next tank to the
    north and to the first guard just past you and wait a little for the 
    second guard to get in front of the tank your standing next to then run 
    straight to the next row of tanks to the east. Then wile still running go
    pop out to let the guard north see you and he will say ?HUH? and run
    around that tank to the tank north of you and wait for the 
    guard to pass the tank that you are next to. As soon as that happens run 
    northeast behind the guard there and crawl behind him slowly. Crawl behind 
    him for about 2-3 seconds and bring out the rat meat and throw it west of the
    dog and it will make a popping sound. Don’t through it too far away from guard
    because he will not hear it. If the dog wakes up before you through the 
    meat don’t worry and through it quickly as they can’t resist meat. The guard
    will also hear or see the dog eating so he will go to investigate. As soon
    as the guard reaches the meant, throw the second meat northwest a bit and 
    he will got to it as well. At this time the dog is eating meat and the guard is
    investigating. As soon as the guard is on his way to the second meat run
    straight to the fence and crawl under the 2 pipes. Don’t run around the two
    pipes and crawl under the last to east as there is another guard to the
    northwest. Don’t worry if any guard says I think I saw something? or 
    anything like that, just keep going. Note that all this has to be done fast 
    and don’t hesitate. Most of this part is running and should be easy, it could
     take a few times to get used to it.
    This one could be the end of all our nightmares!lol
    Thanks to Redha Hachani and his bro:
    Starting from the prison cell:
    1) Grab the fork and kick the rat
    2)Wait till the guard throws the bat and pick it up ( do not eat the rat or 
     stab him with the fork,do not eat the bat)
    3)wait till the guard faces south again and do the frequency that opens the door
    4)DO NOT RISK HARMING THE GUARD.... just run outside
    5)Outside. use your first meal and aim for the pile of red metal beams, your
     meal should bounce and land in front of the guards
    6) As soon as you hear him say HUH! run to the wall on the other side. You 
    should see a grilled surface on the ground. Start stalking at that point
    7) As soon as the other guard near that wall goes south, run and crawl through 
      the little opening
    8) Entering Northeast: just stick to the South wall and run
    9) Now arriving Northwest
    10) this part is Very tricky and requires skills, few people are able to do the 
    same without gettin an Alert...First equip your other meal and run towards the 
    spotlight BUT do not get in.
    Then aim for the Inside out corner of the building. Aim high and make a long 
    throw,just keep the button pressed for a longer time (u know the bridge u 
    cross to get into Grodznij Grad west facility, where sokolov was being kept,
    THAT inside out corner, near the tower)
    11) As SOON as u hear the thing popin run towards the other guard near the 
    stairsand either have ur SAS equip (no ammo in) and do a roll and then 
    aiming at his back so you can say Freeze, OR, if ur skilled in the art of 
    gettin a punch punch kick combo without gettin spotted, do that with the SAS 
    unequiped and as soon as u kick him and he falls, equip the SAS and aim at 
    his back
    Its important that u hear Snake say freeze and the guard say UGH..VERY IMPORTANT
    After that just run to the sewers and avoid the sleeping dog by going left
    But no too much to the left, since there's a guard on the left
    Which means you'll get an alert...
    And you'll be pissed
    Here's another one sent by niall paterson
    Knock out the gaurd patrolling around the tanks. 
    Hide beneath the top tank (beside the armoured car) looking out at the other 
    When the gaurd wakes up the game goes into a caution. Although reinforcements
    are called the patrol routes of the gaurds change and you are given an 
    opportunity to reach the sewers without being seen. Watch out for the gaurd with
    the shield. He will walk around the yard then he will head south. As soon as you
    can come out from beneath the tank without being seen by this gaurd run for the
    sewers. None of the other gaurds will be nearby at this point. 
    Here's another one by	kcbrax:
    An alternate way to escape from the pison without an alert is to throw three
    meals back to the gaurd and this will begin a cut scene where he will give you a
    pack of cigarettes.  But these are the CIGARETTE SPRAYS that you aquired earlier
    in the game :D.  It might not be as fast a the other methods, but its smooth ;).
    After I got out of the cell I went straight down... waited for the gaurd to turn
    around and walk away.  I sprayed him then made a right and crawled under the
    wall into the area where I began after beating The Fury.  Then headed to the
    right to the last crate and put my back against it.  Waited for the guy in the
    back to turn and go on his path.  when he did this I walked to the end and
    waited for the guy around the corner to turn around STALKED him and sprayed him.
    Then after this I ran all the way to the area with the tanks.  This was a tricky
    part for me but I pretty much sprayed everybody here.  Head up to the second
    tank without being spotted by the gaurd.  Afer he turns STALK and then spray
    him.  Then run back one tank and show yourself to the gaurd that is out in the
    open, he will come to see what was there, and u must run around the tank to come
    up behind him a spray him.  Then run up to the guy that is under neath the tower
    that the search light is housed(By now he wouldnt be underneath the light but he
    is in the genral area somewhere between the boxes).  Spray him then wait for the
    dog that is adjacent to you to go to sleep then sneek past it, and then wait for
    the gaurd that is by the opening to the tunnel hatch to walk away. Run like hell
    to the hatch opening and then you are done.  
    And yet another one by Chris Germon
    After a little experimentation, I found what I think is the easiest way out of
    the hard groznyj grad part. This method gets you past this area in about 30-40
    seconds and mostly just involves running to certain points, making it fairly
    easy.You only need one meal for this, but an extra is recommended. To get two
    meals, either kill the rat without the fork or shakedown johnny. I used the same
    route to get to the northwest part, and once there this is how I got out.
       ***Steps Must Be Followed Quickly and Exactly***
    NOTE: For the purpose of easily visualizing this, I'm using the following system
    for describing the layout of the tanks. A number corresponds to what row each
    tank is in with respect to THE SOUTH, the lower the number the closer to the
    south. The letter signifies left or right. So, tank 1R is the tank closest to
    you upon entering, and would have 3 tanks above it and be on the right. Tank 1L
    being the tank directly left of it. That being said, the actual maneuvering is
    fairly simple.
    1) As soon as you enter the area run so that you are below tank 1R and cannot be
    seen by either soldier. NOTICE the squares on the ground in the tank yard, these
    will be units of measure for a few parts. Once you are on the lower left side of
    tank 1R, wait about 3 seconds for the soldier walking to the right's head to be
    in line with the tip of the cannon of the tank he is in front of. Run downwards
    the distance of 1 square, then left 2 squares so that you are 1 square below the
    right side of tank 1L. The guard facing you will see something and start walking
    to investigate. 
    2)As soon as the guard sees you, drop another square, and run back 2 squares so
    that you are 2 squares below the left side of tank 1R. run in small circles in
    that space until the other guard sees you, he will come too. If you did this
    right, both guards are almost next to eachother and coming for you.
    3) Now, you're going to run (nearly) without stopping until you are behind the
    guard by the stairs. Once both guards on your left pass the tank, run straight
    up, go between tanks 2R and 3R into the center, then run straight up to left
    side of 4R. When you turn to go between tanks 2R and 3R, the guard walking
    towards you in the road will see you and go to that spot to find you. When you
    get to the left side of tank 4R, press the wall and wait for the guard that just
    saw you to pass,(it'll only take about a second), then run straight up, pass the
    car, then run right all the way to the stairs.  The run, starting from the side
    of 1R, looks like this 
     | CAR
     .TankR4 <---Guard passes you here
     -------.<---Guard see's you here
      TankR1.<---Pass tank patrol here
    4)Now it's just a guard and a dog in your way. Equip your meal, and stalk the
    guard to a distance of 1 square behind him (Roughly 5 steps). WARNING. The dog
    wakes up from the soldier walking over it. As soon as this happens, throw your
    meal towards the weapons storehouse, but at a distance close enough the the
    guard in front of you will go to investigate it. This is the only slightly
    tricky part. The dog is now taken care of, and if you made a good throw you can
    stalk right around the barrels, behind the guards back, and crawl under the
    pipes and out of sight before the guard turns. If not, he will catch you as you
    are crawling. This is why i recommend throwing your second meal when you have
    stalked directly in front of the fence and are about to enter. Throw it further
    in front of the guard, giving yourself and extra 5 or so seconds, which is
    plenty of time to escape.
    6.3 Tikhogornyj
    1) Cross the river, and run up and near the fallen tree trunk to cross the 
     river back through, when the soldier turns go after him and stalk right behind
     him, stop behind him, he will be looking slightly to the right, then suddenly
     look slightly to the left…so move to his right side, so you have the chance to 
     walk past him when he turns around and walks back the way he came. Yeah
     (I know it's pretty lame lol but it works...basically always stay next to his 
     back so his "cone" of vision does not see you)
    2) 2nd guard, just get past him when he comes back and starts getting into 
     higher ground
    3) 3rd guard, stay behind the rock in the river, run a bit so he’ll hear 
     footsteps, run around the other side of the rock while he's busy checking.
    4) 4th guard, go up the riverbank and stand behind some trees to your right 
     and before him, hit the tree, when he comes to check. RUN
    5) Exit
    6.4 Groznyj Grad Northwest
    1) Shoot the guy that is blocking the two doors, when he’s asleep run for 
    2) Go down and hide behind the first boxes you see and wait for soldier to run 
     upwards, run for next side
    3) Get to the corner of the bunker like structure, and wait for soldier to walk
     back towards you to shoot him
    4) Shoot the guy to the left, you should stand behind the 2 barrels, wait for 
     him to fall asleep
    5) Run to the car, wait for the soldier between the big boxes to turn around 
     then run and enter the facility
    1) Equip Scientist uniform and run to locker room (through the other stairs, 
     not the ones you climbed the first time through because you can't), you 
     should stick close to the wall that has the entrance to the library (if you 
     don't a soldier may see you sometimes)
    2) Get maintenance AND sneaking suits from lockers
    3) Get in worker outfit, and go into the room, I'm going to start planting from
     right to left
    4) plant the 1st c3, on the side of the tank that has a console and is facing 
    5) 2nd c3  on the side of the tank that is facing the boxes
    6) 3rd on the side of the tank that is facing north, on the console that is 
     facing the big gate
    7)4th on the side of the tank that is facing the wall
    7.0 VOLGIN
    Notes: Put on the mask + sneaking suit , wait a bit for him to “recognize” you 
    and take out the mosin nagant, shoot him in the face, use tactical reload and 
    shoot him in the face again, take out the mk22 and shoot him quickly one more
    When he does the “Here it comes!!!” thing, get behind him and mosin nagant his
     neck. Afterwards continue the fight as normal. 1st part of fight, make him 
    use his lightning to blow up your gun, on 2nd half just run around him and 
    wait for him to waste his charge trying to hit you. For his bullet rain 
    attack, just crawl.
    7.1 The Chase
    Run away
    1) Well, what can I say, stun grenades are your friends, and EVA is not
     affected  by them (now that's one hell of a driver if you ask me). 
     So just try to throw them more or less towards the  soldiers. Use the 
     sneaking suit to half the damage.
    2) When you start being chased by bikes, face forward and throw your grenades
     in  front of you, that way they’ll go below you and hit the bikes behind in
     the face, if bikes attack you from the sides, throw the grenades to your side, 
     not towards them or you’ll miss, always a bit ahead of them
    Thanks to Redha Hachani and his bro Seth for pointing this out:
    I've seen your faq at the end you say use the Sneaking suit for the escape,
    youre just making it hard on yourself, use the COLD WAR camo that Volgin 
    Enemies won't shoot you with it
    Notes: Not much really, use RPG-7 and tactical reload to beat it quickly. If 
    it shoots missiles use a chaff grenade, if he starts to machine gun you, just 
    shoot a tread. How fast CAN you shoot that RPG-7 huh?  muahahaha
    Notes: RPG-7 and Mosin Nagant only(or Mk22 duh), shoot the tread and QUICKLY
     shoot Volgin, if he shoots missiles get below shagohod and he’ll hit himself, 
    if he machine guns you, run diagonally and backwards. 
    Use these 2 boss fights to recover lost Life..seriously they shouldn't even hit
    More runaway
    1)Well, more stun grenades, same thing as last time, but be careful with the 
     logs in the way through, (that’s what the rifle is for, shoot the logs when
     you must) but when enemies hit you from the sides throw stun grenades to 
     the side and a bit to the front
    7.2 Final escape with Eva
     Well, first of all USE MOSS CAMO
    1) Start moving until you get the cut scene, and as soon as you get control 
     over snake and Eva again, move as fast as you can straight down, and at the 
     first tree you see in the left turn (you have two choices here to go down
     or to go up the slope that is to the left), turn around...crouch and aim for
     the soldiers that should already be there
    2) Shoot the one to the left (that is what would be the leader of the party) 
     first, on the chest, but do not headshot
    3) Then shoot any of the guys to the right of him, 1 or 2 soldiers that get 
     shot should be enough to gain you some time, then let them run back, the first
     one wont run though
    4) Shoot the first one you shot again and again until he falls
    Now, why I did this: When you shoot the first one, he will freeze wondering 
    what happened, and so will the guys next to him, however these will start 
    running ifyou dont shoot them quickly. When you leave, the enemy team will be 
    hiding, andthe leader will be asleep where they can't see him (yet). When the 
    team starts moving, they'll see the body and check it and move again. Another 
    enemy shouldfall asleep and the team will stop a bit longer and so on...you get
     the picture, it should gain you enough time to get away...
    5) Rise and go up the slope ( the left turn I told you about) get into the 
     little cave that’s there before the fallen tree, make Eva get inside 
     (or as much as you can) and wait for all the soldiers to pass you
    6) Go past the log and start going down the slope, when you see you're close 
     enough to the soldiers, start crawling and peek out of the last tree before 
     the area where all the soldiers are at. (you should tell Eva to stop before
     doing this though)
    7) Start shooting soldiers, it doesn’t matter what order just shoot them all
    8) Once they're all asleep, QUICKLY go back for EVA, more soldiers should be
     coming behind you, if they are, shoot one or two of them, at least one of
     them must fall asleep. I do they go "huh?" then run back to hide, and then 
     go back and check the first soldier that is asleep. It's the same trick we
     used when the first enemy team attacked at the start of this scenario...
     That way you'll have  enough time to run to the exit.
    9) Run towards the exit. Soldiers should be busy checking what happened.
    Notes: You must keep at least 6 or 7 bullets for the next area
    Final Runaway..2
    Note: Thermal Goggles are really convenient here
    1) As soon as you can move snake again, look to your left and shoot the guard 
    and wait 
    2) Wait a long time, until you see only 2 (or 3, I forgot) soldiers below you,
     shoot them and wait for them to fall asleep 
    3) Shoot Eva so she doesn’t use so much stamina. Then go shake one or two 
    bodies to get more mk22 ammo
    4) Move up and take a right in the crossroad, 2 soldiers should be coming down
     the path, if they're not wait, trust me they will come......shoot them. 
    5) Go back for Eva, drag her or heal her, and go down, this time take the left
    6) Stay at the edge, don’t drop down. Just crouch and shoot 2 soldiers to your
     left, then notice that there are 2 snipers in the area too, one is directly 
     below you, the other one is a bit further away, but to the right as well.
     Wait a bit to check if there are no more soldiers around. If there is another
     one shoot him, then check your back if everything is clear, move to the exit. 
    Notes: you can use counter CQC if you’re good enough to do it. If not, you 
    should have the snow camouflage from the caves, so...equip it and use the mosin 
    nagant, other than that this fight shouldn’t be too hard...I guess
    Congrats, you just beat MGS3 in Extreme, with no alerts and no kills. 
    GJ on getting Foxhound rank..yay!
    8.0  Credit
    Well of course credit to myself for playing this game so much.
    Kurdboy for the alternate strategy to Groznyj Grad
    Redha Hachani and Sethfor the strategies to the O. Unit and G.Grad
    Konami and specially to Hideo Kojima for creating the MG series!!!
    www.gamefaqs.com for giving me the chance to post my first actual guide
    And gamefaqs.com game boards where every day you learn something new
    Copyright 2005 Darkness Slayer

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