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    Skull Guide by ObligatoryFate

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    The Halo CEA Skull Guide
    Version 1.02
    Email:  ObligatoryFate[a(t)}gmaild0tcom
    © Copyright 2011 ObligatoryFate
    1.  Legal & Contact Info
    This FAQ was produced by Mr. Jay Burke - known on the gameFAQs boards as
    ObligatoryFate.  My XBL GT is ObligatoryFate as of 2011.
    This is a published work and you were given notice.  Do not plagiarize - in
    part or the whole - somebody else's work.  It legally gives me the right to
    call you a ninny if you do.  If you plagiarize this, then there could be
    legal ramifications for such illegal activity.
    If you want to learn more about copyrights visit this site:
    If you have additional information, then you may e-mail me.  I'll probably
    add your information if it is pertinent.  I'll even use your wording if it
    makes sense and is written well.  If I made any typographical errors you may
    contact me.  My e-mail is listed at the top of the page, just get rid of the
    symbols and replace the word 'dot' with a period and 'at' with a circle-A.
    2.  Table of Contents:
    1.  Legal & Contact Info
    2.  Table of Contents
    3.  Apology
    4.  Version History
    5.  Skull Information
     5a.  Skulls in Lists
     5b.  Skull Hunting Basics
    6.  Skull Details
    7.  Credits/Special Thanks
    8.  Authorized Hosting Sites
    3.  Apology
    Dearest reader,
        This FAQ I wrote to give an account of something dear to many who love
    the Halo franchise.  Halo 2 pioneered a new set of semi-collectible objets
    d'art, the skull.  At first it was just one that was discovered, called
    Blind, that cleared your Heads-Up Display (HUD)and made your screen devoid of
    all assets of the Master Chief's helmet.  Then, more were found.  The skull
    was new, an object that alters game mechanics in ways that range from
    delightfully enjoyable to positively infuriating.  The game gained great
    longevity as people searched the mysteries of the skull, combined effects
    from multiple skulls, and theorized malarkey.  People made and traded extra
    game profiles where the playable character was located close to the location
    of skulls - I have saves on my XBOX and PC crouched in front of all the Halo
    2 skulls.
         Years later, Halo 3 had a frantic and frustrated online community
    scavenger hunt for skulls.  Also, the game introduced a menu to activate and
    deactivate previously acquired skulls.  The ease of changing the game
    mechanics in Halo 3 was so much easier than in Halo 2 - and the menu was a
    welcomed change.
         Sadly two Halo games would pass by and betray the player by including
    the skulls as prepackaged items.  There was no mystery, no excitement, and
    no adventure pertaining to skulls in Halo 3:  ODST nor in Halo:  Reach.
    These games were terrific, though many felt that the skulls being given to
    the player was simply lazy on the game makers' part and otherwise a shame.
         This FAQ details a game's small and most exhilarating new addition.
    Originally released a decade ago, a true gem, Halo:  Combat Evolved, now
    rereleased as Halo:  Combat Evolved Anniversary (Halo CEA), now heralds the
    return of a long lost friend, the skull.  Your return was long anticipated,
    we missed you, and we hope that you are here to stay.
    4.  Version History
    1.00  The complete and original guide uploaded to GameFAQs.com
    1.01  Updated to accommodate the ridiculous reformatting performed by
          neoseeker - may their format tool suffer throughout infinitude.  I had
          to remove the tilde over the 'n' in the word 'pinata,' the umlaut above
          the 'o' in 'mjolnir,' the circle-c that represents copywrite, and some
          fun characters utilized for formatting all due to neoseeker's awful
          format tool.  I retained the nice characters in versions of my document
          not posted on neoseeker.  Also, a few spelling and grammar corrections.
          'Circle' is a word that I cannot type fast, apparently.
    1.02  Added addenda to Bandana Skull 'How to Acquire' section and Grunt
          Funeral Skull 'Effect' section.  Added 'Additional Thanks' to those who
          have contributed to making the greatest Skull Guide ever produced.
    5.  Skull Information
    Definition of a skull from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/skull as of the
    26th of November, 2011.
    1. The bony or cartilaginous framework of the head of vertebrates, made up of
         the bones of the braincase and face; cranium.
    2. Informal The head, regarded as the seat of thought or intelligence: Use
         your skull and solve the problem.
    3. A death's-head.
    This section contains skull lists and hunting basics.
         5a.  Skulls in Lists
    Here are some lists with the skulls ordered alphabetically, by earliest
    acquirablilty, and in the order they are found in the Skulls Menu.  In the
    lists are search codes [listed in brackets] for jumping to the section of the
    FAQ for each skull.  Simply use your search feature and type the brackets and
    the four letters - many may access the search feature by utilizing the key
    combination [ctrl] + [f] on their keyboards.
    Listed in alphabetical order, with search code, and level:
    ·Bandana-----------------------[bndn]-----------Silent Cartographer
    ·Black Eye---------------------[blck]-------------------The Library
    ·Eye Patch---------------------[yptc]-------------------The Library
    ·Famine------------------------[fmnx]-----------Silent Cartographer
    ·Fog---------------------------[fgxx]---Assault on the Control Room
    ·Foreign-----------------------[frgn]------Truth and Reconciliation
    ·Grunt Birthday Party----------[gbdp]-----------------------The Maw
    ·Grunt Funeral*****************[gfnr]****************Pre-order Only
    ·Iron--------------------------[xrxn]--------------Pillar of Autumn
    ·Malfunction-------------------[mlfx]---Assault on the Control Room
    ·Piñata------------------------[pntx]-----------------Two Betrayals
    ·Recession---------------------[rcsn]--------------343 Guilty Spark
    Listed in order first acquirable:
    ·Pre-order Only****************[gfnr]*****************Grunt Funeral
    ·Pillar of Autumn--------------[xrxn]--------------------------Iron
    ·Truth and Reconciliation------[frgn]-----------------------Foreign
    ·Silent Cartographer-----------[fmnx]------------------------Famine
    ·Silent Cartographer-----------[bndn]-----------------------Bandana
    ·Assault on the Control Room---[fgxx]---------------------------Fog
    ·Assault on the Control Room---[mlfx]-------------------Malfunction
    ·343 Guilty Spark--------------[rcsn]---------------------Recession
    ·The Library-------------------[blck]---------------------Black Eye
    ·The Library-------------------[yptc]---------------------Eye Patch
    ·Two Betrayals-----------------[pntx]------------------------Piñata
    ·The Maw-----------------------[gbdp]----------Grunt Birthday Party
    Listed in menu order, for no apparent reason:
        Iron           Mythic         Foreign        Recession      Black Eye
        [xrxn]         [mthc]         [frgn]         [rcsn]         [blck]
        Fog            Famine         Boom           Bandana        Grunt Funeral
        [fgxx]         [fmnx]         [bxxm]         [bndn]         [gfnr]
        GBP            Piñata         Eye Patch      Malfunction
        [gbdp]         [pntx]         [yptc]         [mlfx]
         5b.  Skull Hunting Basics
         In Halo CEA,  skull acquisition is a little different than in previous
    franchise installments.  In Halo 2 the player found the skull and held 'X' to
    grab the skull - even though there was no prompt for the player to do so.  In
    Halo 3 the player did receive a prompt to grab the skull by holding 'X.' Both
    Halo 2 and Halo 3 would allow the player to then carry the skull and use the
    skull to bash in enemies' skulls - dealing heavy damage.
         However, in Halo CEA the skulls are not something the play grabs at all.
    Instead, the player simply walks over the skull and it is counted as
    acquired.  To see and acquire the skull, however, the player must NOT have
    the Classic view enabled - that is to say that the NEW graphics must be ON.
    Once acquired, the skull will disappear and will never appear again on the
    level for the player.
         Playing Cooperatively has some rules that must be considered also.  If a
    player who has acquired a skull is playing over XBox Live (XBL) with a player
    who has not acquired the skull on the level which is being played, then the
    player who has acquired the skull will still not see the skull and the player
    who has not yet acquired the skull will see the skull. 
         Finally, playing split screen has additional rules.  If the hosting
    player (player 1) has previously located a skull, then the skull will NOT be
    available for player 2 to retrieve.  If the hosting player (Player 1) has NOT
    located a skull previously, then BOTH players may see the skull; this means
    that regardless of whether player 2 HAS previously found a skull or NOT, if
    player 1 has NOT, then both can see the skull and acquire the skull - when
    either player acquires a skull, then player 1 will have acquired it.
    6.  Skull details
    Now, the part you've waited and wanted to read.  The details of the skulls;
    where they are located in the levels, descriptions of what they do, and also
    the game maker's in-game description of the skulls.  The skulls are presented
    in the following format:
    Skull Name [4 letter search code]
    "Game maker's in-game description."
    Effect:  What the blasted thing does.
    Avatar:  The picture associated with the skull.
    Level:  The level wherein the skull is located - so you load the right level.
    Location:  Where in the level the skull is located.
    How to acquire:  A description of the steps necessary to obtain the cheese.
    Bandana Skull [bndn]
    "Infinite Ammo."
    Effect: Infinite ammunition.  You still have to reload weapon clips you are
         using, and you can pick up ammo and grenades. However, the amount of
         ammo, grenades, rockets, and energy in the battery will never decrease!
    Avatar:  A skull with a bandana.
    Level:  Silent Cartographer
    Location:  This skull is located above the tunnel inside the security
    How to acquire:
    This skull is one of the more difficult to acquire.  When you arrive at the
    security station there will be two hunters inside.  After killing them you
    may proceed through a tunnel which leads to the security override.  Once at
    the override you may walk around on a ledge in a large open shaft.  In this
    open shaft you can look at the tunnel through which you walked.  If you are
    looking at the area where you first entered the tunnel, then you'll notice a
    little white bump - the skull.  Some recommend using a grenade jump.  Simply
    throw a grenade at your feet and then run and jump in the direction you want
    to fly.  You could always use an overshield (at the entrance of the security
    station) to do a double grenade jump (throw a plasma and then a frag grenade
    at your feet for added vertical distance).
    I think it is much easier, however, to activate the security center and leave
    without getting the skull at first.  After leaving the security center look
    over the cliff's edge to where the Pelican just crashed and you'll notice a
    Rocket Launcher - and some Covenant.  I used the cliff's edge to slide down,
    grabbed the rocket launcher, and hiked back to the security override.  Once
    there, I grabbed an overshield (very important) and performed a rocket jump.
    Just point the rocket launcher straight down, run in the direction you want
    to launch yourself, JUMP, and then shoot the rocket.  Once on top of the
    tunnel, claim your prize - INFINITE AMMO.  Turn off the classic view to get
    the skull.
    One person tells me that he has trouble performing a rocket jump, so I will
    elaborate.  Gather the overshield and rocket launcher, then return to the
    security override.  While facing the security override turn right, go through
    the doorway into the shaft and turn right to see the tunnel through which you
    have traversed to get to this location.  You will see (if using the new
    graphics) a wall composed of 5 panels; you want to get on top of this wall.
    If you look down, then you will see two areas on the floor where the pattern
    seems to point in parallel with the tunnel.  The one to your right (as facing
    the tunnel) is the one of interest.  Imagine a line from this second pseudo-
    'pointer' and the break between the 4th and 5th panel (from the left).  Align
    yourself on this line.  Now, point the rocket launcher STRAIGHT DOWN (to -90°
    OR 270°).  Run towards the edge of the platform on which you are standing,
    then jump and fire a rocket - almost simultaneously.  You should land on the
    structure (on any difficulty level you select).  Do NOT have the Boom Skull
    enabled.  I did this on Legendary with a full (green) overshield and full
    For another method, Legend Carisso points out this link:
    which shows Gurnitz performing a neat respawn maneuver that will net you the
    Black Eye Skull [blck]
    "Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.  Bash your way to better
    Effect:  Shields only regenerate when you melee an enemy.  However, they are
         restored super fast - unlike in past games where the melee cause the
         shields to slowly recharge - so when you melee an enemy you have your
         shields back!  As a side note, there is - sadly - no melee to overshield
         status.  WHAT A RIP!
    Avatar:  A skull with bone where an eye socket should be in a broken circle
         (the open portion is to the lower left).  And the skull in the menu has
         a shiner (a black eye).
    Level:  The Library
    Location:  In the sixth vent of the level - just prior to entering the index
    How to acquire:
    When you start the level you'll notice that there are some vents, in pairs,
    along the left side, and where Flood frequently spawn.  Continue forward 'til
    you reach the sixth vent - it is also the last vent prior to entering the
    chamber of the index.  Kill lots of Flood to make the next part less trying.
    A well performed grenade jump will land you on the box structure close to the
    vents, and a jump to the right vent will land you a skull.  The skull is in
    the vent a short ways, you will have to walk in - which will take you up a
    slope - and you need the new graphics on.
    Boom Skull [bxxm]
    "Explosions have twice the damage radius.  Light fuse, run away."
    Effect:  Explosions have an increased power.  The damage radius caused by all
         splash damage is roughly twice the size, and the damage the explosion
         causes is massive.  If an explosion happens near you, then you will
         surely perish.  Also, when combined with Grunt Funeral Skull, killing a
         grunt which drops grenades will clear out a very large area - the grunt
         explodes, then lots of grenades explode, and then lots more grenades and
         grunts explode.
    Avatar:  A picture of an explosion
    Level:  Halo
    Location:  On the hill to the right side of the tunnel after Foehammer
         delivers the first Warthog (but can be obtained by skipping the 'Hog).
    How to acquire:
    When you reach the first large structure with a big blue pulse that shoots
    mysteriously into the sky you'll protect a few people from an onslaught of
    enemies which are delivered by dropship.  After that Foehammer will deliver
    some wheels and you would normally travel over a hill, down a hill, and into
    a large metal tunnel - which Cortana announces "is not a natural formation."
    Instead of traveling down the hill you should travel up the hill on the right
    and claim this skull - if you remembered to disable the classic view.
    Eye Patch Skull [yptc]
    "Auto aim features disabled for all weapons.  You'll miss it when it's gone."
    Effect:  Auto-aim is disabled! I've awaited this for a decade.  However, I
         did not anticipate the difficulty which would arise when piloting or
         driving a vehicle - such as the Banshee.  Without auto-aim the vehicle
         fires exactly straight ahead and you only ever shoot where the reticule
         is IF you are travelling straight and at a certain distance from the
         target.  It is very difficult to use vehicles.  I do like that the
         reticule is not effected by enemies - especially when sniping and one
         enemy crosses behind or before another enemy.
    Avatar:  A skull with an eye patch, in a broken circle (the open portion is
         to the lower left).
    Level:  The Library
    Location:  At the very end across the elevator that takes you to the index.
    How to acquire:
    When you reach the very end of the level there is a door that opens and you
    would normally walk straight across a bridge and end the level on the
    elevator which leads to the Index; however, the skull is located beyond this
    (the opposite side of the level) so you'll have to take a small hike around
    to get there. Do NOT get on the elevator or you will trigger the ending
    sequence for the level, and then you will have to work your way all the way
    back.  I simply jumped around the center area over the obstacles 'til I was
    across from the battle, and between two box structures is the skull.
    Finally, after a decade of Halo we can deactivate auto-aim! You must have on
    the new graphics.
    Famine Skull [fmnx]
    "Weapons dropped by AI have half the ammo they normally would.  You might
         want to pack an extra magazine."
    Effect:  Weapons that you pick up have considerably less ammo - and thus the
         ammo you find is sparse.  Which actually is a nice challenge in Halo CEA
         because you never run out of ammo in the original.
    Avatar:  A skull, in a broken circle (the open end is at the top), and a line
         beneath the circle for dramatic effect!
    Level:  Silent Cartographer
    Location:  On the plateau where the Pelican crash site is located.
    How to acquire:
    At the very start of the level you can acquire this skull by simply
    travelling around the island in the opposite direction of the fight.  When
    you round the corner you will see a large rock plateau.  Later in the level
    (after activating the security override) there will be a Pelican crash site
    here with ammo, a rocket launcher, and enemies at ground level and on top of
    the rock.  All you have to do is walk up to the top of the rock and claim
    your prize!  You'll need the new graphics enabled.
    Fog Skull [fgxx]
    "The motion tracker is disabled.  You'll miss those eyes in the back of your
    Effect:  You have not a radar.
    Avatar:  A plume of fog caught in a wisp of the wind, creating a nice spiral,
         in a broken circle (open side down).
    Level:  Assault on the Control Room
    Location:  In the first large square room with sleeping grunts in a structure
         that is affixed to the ceiling.
    How to acquire:
    After progressing in the level like normal you will cross a big bridge, enter
    a room full of Covenant, and finally ride down an elevator.  At the bottom of
    the elevator you will be in a large squarish room.  Inside you will find some
    sleeping grunts, a patrolling elite, and some jackals patrolling the center
    of the area.  In the center there is a large glass column (with what I assume
    is steam inside) and a structure above it with an opening on each side (four
    in total).  Take note of the structures that stick up from the floor
    surrounding the glass column.  The tallest structure is your target.  I used
    the perimeter of the room (above the long, skinny glass window) as my start.
    I used a grenade jump to get on the tallest structure.  One jump up and I was
    in the structure in the ceiling.  The skull is in the center, but can only be
    seen with the updated graphics.
    Foreign Skull [frgn]
    "Covenant weapons:  How do they work?  Player cannot pick up or use Covenant
    Effect:  No Covenant weapons can be obtained.
    Avatar:  A question mark ('?') in a broken circle (open aspect at the top).
    Level:  Truth and Reconciliation
    Location:  In the large hanger with the docked dropship.
    How to acquire:
    The large hanger where the dropship is located has a quite few enemies to
    fight on the lower level, and it can be frustrating that there are a few more
    on the second level that will shoot at you, too.  You enter the room in what
    I'll arbitrarily call the lower left corner; you need to get in the locked
    door to the upper right corner of the room.  The only way in the door is to
    let enemies storm you or wait for the hunters to come out.  If you take the
    door and you are surrounded by enemies, then I hope that you have the new
    graphics on, or else you won't be able to get it and you'll likely die.
    Grunt Birthday Party Skull [gbdp]
    "Kill a grunt with a headshot and see a spray of confetti, to the delight of
         children everywhere."
    Effect:  Shooting Grunts in the head is made more rewarding than usual with
         confetti and shouts of joy from invisible, on-looking little children.
    Avatar:  A lit candle with wax running down the sides.
    Level:  The Maw
    Location:  On the bridge (access junction 4c) where Foehammer is going to
         extract you.
    How to acquire:
    When you are escaping the doomed Pillar of Autumn (and Halo for that matter)
    you will arrive at an area outside the ship where Foehammer gets shot down by
    two Banshees.  On this bridge there are some rails.  On the rail to the right
    of the door through which you must travel is this entertaining skull.  You
    could grenade jump, but it's just as easy to park the 'Hog near the base of
    the rail (near the bridges center) and jump.  Walk to the end of the rail and
    check this one off your list... if you have the old graphics off.
    Grunt Funeral Skull [gfnr]***
    "Grunts die in a blaze of glory.  And plasma."
    Effect:  Upon expiration, Grunts go out in a blaze of blue glory - they
         explode like a plasma grenade and their bodies disappear for ever.  It
         does NOT matter who killed the Grunt nor how the Grunt died.  If you
         have on the Boom Skull, then I would recommend against meleeing Grunts.
         Also, the areas with sleeping Grunts are made much more difficult
         because a melee to any Grunt means that the rest will be awake soon.
         Shockwave_S08 "noticed that when Grunts explode and disappear with the 
         Grunt Funeral skull on, their weapons go with them to the great food
         nipple in the sky, making it that much harder to find charged Plasma
         Pistols and Needler ammunition."  Apparently, the Grunts never drop
         weapons when they die.
    Avatar:  A Grunt face with 'X's for eyes - symbolizing its death.
    Level:  REAL LIFE!, pre-order only
    Location:  If you pre-ordered the game, then you'll have to enter the
         ridiculously long redemption code to claim your prize for supporting
         the machine.
    How to acquire:
    If you haven't acquired this skull, then it's going to be somewhat difficult
    to obtain at this point....
    Iron Skull [xrxn]
    "Death carries a heavy price.  Dying in co-op resets you at your last saved
         checkpoint.  Dying solo restarts the level."
    Effect:  When the player dies on single player, then the whole level is
         restarted.  When a player dies on cooperative play, then the reverts
         to the last save.
    Avatar:  I large  hammer - perhaps Mjölnir - in a broken circle (opening at
         the bottom).
    Level:  Pillar of Autumn
    Location:  At the very start of the level, indeed the whole game.
    How to acquire:
    In the first room of the game go the corner opposite the door, look behind
    two barrels with blue stripes.  It really is just that simple, as long as
    you have which graphics?  The new ones, that's right.
    Malfunction Skull [mlfx]
    "Every time you respawn, a random element of your HUD is disabled."
    Effect:  When you die some element of your HUD won't be on screen.  It could
         be your radar, your ammo or grenade counters, your health or shield
         gauges, or your aiming reticule (ouch) will no longer be visible.
         Reverting will not change the random element.  When either player dies
         in cooperative mode, then they both lose the same new random item.
         element.  This is actually a little fun and very original.
    Avatar:  A skull with a big lightning-esque crack through the cranium.
    Level:  Assault on the Control Room
    Location:  In the large underground area with the long bridge and the broken
    How to acquire:
    After travelling through the tunnel (with the Scorpion!) you enter a large
    cavernous area with a bridge to the left and a broken bridge to the right
    with a Shade turret on it.  Look down into the pit and you will notice a
    conduit to the left of the broken bridge.  Walk off the edge and onto the
    conduit to nab your new skull... if you're using the updated graphics.
    Mythic Skull [mthc]
    "All Covenant AI have twice the health.  All Sentinels have energy shields."
    Effect:  Field promotions for all the enemies - even Sentinels!  Although the
         gamemaker's description does not say so, the Flood have twice the health
         also.  Think the Library of DOOM!
    Avatar:  Four broken, concentric circles.  From the middle circle and
         progressing outwards the gaps in the circles are in the following
         locations:  upper left, lower right, upper left, and the bottom.
    Level:  Halo
    Location:  Behind a rock to the right of the waterfall straight ahead from
         the start of the level.
    How to acquire:
    Just take off straight ahead when the mission starts.  There will be a
    waterfall to the right.  On the right side of the waterfall is a large rock,
    and the skull is behind the rock.  Of course, you can neither see it nor
    obtain it if you are using classic view.
    Piñata Skull [pntx]
    "Punching enemies makes them drop grenades.  Beat them 'til candy comes out!"
    Effect:  Melees to enemies cause grenades to drop - you will never run out
         again.  Combined with Boom, this can be interesting; combined with Grunt
         Funeral, this can be deadly in close combat.  Yes, even the little Flood
         drop grenades... interesting.  If you melee the Flood that explodes
         ("Fatty"), then it will drop a grenade and fall like usual and explode
         which will set off the grenade and kill all the little Flood it
    Avatar:  A piece of tasty candy, standing upright.  Mmmm... tasty!
    Level:  Two Betrayals
    Location:  Above the tunnel's exit at the chapter 'Final Run.'
    How to acquire:
    When you exit the underground cavernous area through the tunnel the chapter
    title 'Final Run' will appear.  When this happens you are approximately just
    below the skull.  The easiest way to get the skull is debatable.  If you
    consider the fight to the Banshee easy, then get a Banshee and fly back here.
    Otherwise, (if you're me) go out and to the left.  I recommend the classic
    view for this part; jump on the rock, then on the snow bank, then up to a
    narrow ledge, then one last jump to the top.  It might be possible to grenade
    jump from the rocks on the right side of the tunnel, but I have yet to try.
    Anywho, when you reach the top you will need the new graphics enabled to see
    the skull near the edge to the right (facing towards the frozen lake) of
    where the Shade turret was located on Assault on the Control Room.
    Recession Skull [rcsn]
    "Every shot is worth twice the ammo.  Save those bullets, playa."
    Effect:  When you shoot a weapon it expends two rounds.  Exempli gratia,
         the Sniper Rifle may fire twice before the clip is empty.  This is an
         interesting concept - basically you have ½ a clip.
    Avatar:  A five-shooter revolver's cylinder with one bullet loaded in the 
         chamber to the lower left, in a broken circle (open to the lower left).
    Level:  343 Guilty Spark
    Location:  The very beginning of the level in the swamp.
    How to acquire:
    At the start of the level you'll get off Pelican E419. Turn left to face the
    left side of a very large green glowing tree. Basically you need to keep this
    heading walking straight ahead and avoiding obstacles. You should come upon a
    hill with two trees and a bush in the middle. The skull is behind the bush.
    ~~alternate way~~
    At the start of the level go forward and a little left to reach the downed
    Pelican drop ship. Jump on the Pelican. The Pelican is facing a tree with a
    large lower trunk and a rock at its base; left of this tree is another tree a
    little farther away. Face the right side of the tree farther away and start
    walking. When you reach this tree you will see a tree about straight ahead;
    you need to walk straight toward this tree and around it (don't change your
    bearings). After walking a ways you will run into the steep hill that is the
    level boundary; to the right you'll see a hill with two trees with a bush
    in-between them. The skull is behind the bush. You must have on the updated
    graphics to obtain the skull - by now you should know this.
    7.  Credits & Special Thanks
    I give my thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving us our Savior.
    Thank you CJayC for hosting GameFAQs.
    Additional Thanks:
    Legend Carisso - for the YouTube link.
    Gurnitz - for making the YouTube video.
    Shockwave_S08 - for the additional Grunt Funeral Skull effect information.
    8.  Authorized Hosting Sites
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