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"Is it Worth a Trip Down Memory Lane"

Gameplay: The essence of Halo Anniversary is the untouched Halo experience we all remember from back in the day. So the feel of the game can feel dated when compared to more new Halo games. For example in the game your energy shields do take a while to charge back up and many of the games weapons can feel unbalanced at times. For instance the default pistol and rifle you possess in the game will most likely stay in your arsenal the whole campaign because they are the strongest guns in the entire game. As well the enemy A.I. is not as complex as more modern games today so some challenge is taken away as enemies blindly run towards their slaughter, but overall the rather dated A.I. does not ruin the battles within the campaign. This game does contain some epic entanglements and for a game made years ago these encounters still feel fresh and eventful to any gamer.

Graphics: The big selling point for Anniversary is the modern day graphics pasted over the older graphics from the original game. The game truly looks mesmerizing and the locals in the game range from sandy beaches, to jungles, to the insides of ships so you have lots of great variety here to gaze it. As well the improved graphics make map navigation in the campaign much more simpler than when the game was first released back on the original Xbox. But, the greatest part about the graphics in my opinion is the toggle button that allows you to jump back to the game's original graphics. This feature when I first used it, blew my mind once I saw the drastic improvements that have been made over the years in graphics in games.

Multiplayer: Halo Anniversary contains a classic map pack of some of Halo's all-time favorite maps in the series. For Halo veterans the redone maps will be a terrific homecoming as players once again can travel the urban landscape of headlong and fight in the tiny battlefield of beaver creek. For new players to Halo this map pack will be fresh and offer some great balanced maps for you to play online in Halo Reach. The maps can be downloaded off the game or played off the game disc so a Halo Reach disc is not needed to enjoy Halo Anniversary's maps. However, if you play on the Halo Anniversary disc you will not be able to access all of Halo Reach's maps so I recommend the map download instead.

Overall: Halo Anniversary offers something to new and old Halo fans alike. Newer players can experience the exact Halo story that the hardcore fans have known since the start and the old Halo players can take a great stroll down memory lane through the campaign. As well the map pack on the disc gives both new and old players something to enjoy and that carries over to Halo Reach as well. The negatives really with this buy is the occasionally dated feel of the campaign, but honestly if you really want to experience Halo you got to play it just like it was. So Halo Anniversary gets a seven out of ten meaning go out there and pick it up Halo fans, but tread carefully causals of the Halo series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/27/12

Game Release: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (US, 11/15/11)

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