want to know why this game isnt cool,AT ALL ?

  1. heres why.
    1-constantly being overwhelmed.i was being bombarded by all kinds of junk.i dont feel like im advancing because of my talents but because of luck.
    2-the sensor is Stupid ! IF i dont nail everything 100% perfcect,little good comes out of all of my effort.im pumping my arm like a piston to fire enough times to hit the 3457876 things that are all over me and unless they happen to walk in the path of my lightning,they dont get hitmy arm felt better when i was firing of a real gun all day..
    3-the telekinesis is next to useless.i know what you're thinking..lightning from one hand and telekinesis from the other ? i would be a sith lord ! .you are nowhere close !.the green energy just shoots off and misses 99% of the time.and its hardly ever needed in a fight.and when it is needed,it doesnt work very often at all.
    4-the cues are liars ! they prompt me to lean left to avoid danger and then BAM i get smashed !
    5-the elevation of monsters happens WAY too fast ! i was fighting 2345678876 hobbes and i was just riding through and hoping for the best and then im up against an earth elemental ! i had my first fable:the journey meltdown just then.
    6-the deflection power is next to useless too.this effing earth elemental is throwing boulders at me.it says dodge and i get hit.i can blast them apart but the lightning will just as easy arc around it and fly helplessly away.theres the telekinesis which hardly ever works.and now deflection.the deflection skill means you have to stand right in front of danger and put your arm out horizontaly to deflect it.99 % of the time,i got smashed.
    7-im not normaly one to complain about the $50 i spent on it or having a video game i will never beat because its programmed all dumb.but this one is crap !
    8-WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY ! some small group of nerds put this together knowing full well modern technology could have made it 12345678987654 times better.
    9-well ive written off rockstar except with GTA and red dead and now i think lions head are the next to go.
    10-the #1 thing that kinects needed to do to be awesome or crap was to make the sensor do what you do and it failed miserably on this one.

    User Info: manic2

    manic2 - 4 years ago


  1. No offence, but I don't think the game is your problem. Try calibrating the Kinect or trying a different game.

    User Info: MorosePeregrine

    MorosePeregrine - 4 years ago 0 1
  2. You need to calibrate your Kinect. I rarely miss, and when I do, it's my fault. I have played through the game twice now and I haven't been overwhelmed even once. I've never been mislead b y a cue.

    User Info: tehhatster

    tehhatster - 4 years ago 0 0

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