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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Fable: The Journey is a spin-off in the Fable franchise that uses Microsoft's 
    spiffy Kinect peripheral. This guide will help you complete the entire game, 
    beginning to end, offer tips and advice, and point out cool things along the 
    Fable: The Journey FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2012
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    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    The Open Road
    Saved by the Sun
    In the Palm of Your Hand
    Rockmite Caves
    Thorndeep Forest
    The Forge of Fire
    Road to Echo Hills
    The Shattered Prism
    Road to The Spire
    The End
    3. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Gabriel is scorned often for his beliefs in "fables". His daydreaming gets him 
    in trouble with his tribe as he tends to lag behind as they travel across 
    Albion. However, there are terrible forces at work, and Gabriel soon finds out 
    that those fables he grew up hearing are much truer than he could have ever 
    This game is a title that requires the use of Microsoft's Kinect peripheral. 
    Because of this, every action in the game is done using other motion controls 
    or voice command. Throughout my time with the game, I learned of two different 
    voice commands:
    "Fireball" - Equips the Fireball spell
    "Magic Shards" - Equips the spear spell
    Fable: The Journey is not split up into chapters or missions. Because of this, 
    I have arbitrarily named and sectioned out pieces of the game myself. I base 
    these split points based on if something significant has happened in the story,
    or if an entirely new location is being explored.
    This guide should still be easy to follow thanks to the linearity, on-rails 
    nature of the game
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    2. Walkthrough
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    Before the game truly begins, a video will play teaching you the proper way to 
    use Kinect. If you have been a longtime owner of the peripheral, then this 
    video will be obvious. Fable: The Journey is a Kinect game in which the player 
    plays the game sitting down, so it is not quite as demanding when it comes to 
    space to actually play the game.
    To finish the video, hold up your left arm horizontally. Hold your left arm in 
    this position until the circle meter fills, and the game will take you to the 
    main menu. From here, you can choose which mode you'd like to play. "Start 
    Game" will take you to the story mode, which is what this walkthrough is made 
    Seren is your horse, so get to know her well. You play as Gabriel. Your first 
    task is to call Sheren to you, so literally shout her name at your TV. Then 
    you have to brush her using the motion controls. Wave your hands around to 
    brush her until she is sufficiently brushed.
    From there, you'll be taught how to control her on the road. Hold your hands in
    front of you to hold on to Seren's reigns. Keep your hands low and center with
    your torso. First, you will teach Seren how to gallop by flicking both your 
    wrists in order to crack the reigns on her.
    Listen to Gabriel's conversation with his superior while riding on the road. 
    It is a straight shot for now. Take notice of the various icons on the screen,
    such as Seren's speed, which is indicated by a meter at the bottom of the 
    screen. A trot is identified when the first meter is filled. A gallop is 
    signified when the second meter is filled. And a sprint is signified when the 
    third meter is filled.
    For now, you can only gallop. This journey with Sheren is used to teach you 
    basic concepts of the game. You will learn how to steer her to the left and 
    right with your hands. To move to the right, pull your right arm close to your 
    body, and then bring your left arm outward. Do the opposite to steer Seren to 
    the left. There will be a few boulders in the road as obstacles and corners to 
    turn, but this segment is practically on-rails anyway.
    The game will also teach you about orbs. There are orbs that are lying around 
    on the path that can be collected. Green orbs are experience orbs, and they 
    are the only type you'll see in this level. Collect as many as possible when 
    you see them.
    The game will also ask you to teach Seren how to slow down. To make her go 
    from a gallop to a trot, pull both your arms close to your body. This will pull
    back on the reigns and slow down her speed. This is used to traverse rough 
    terrain, like jagged rocks, without doing damage to Seren. You will also be 
    taught to bring her to a complete stop by raising both your hands quickly over 
    your head.
    As you continue, an optional side-area will also come up in the form of a 
    fortune teller. When there are side-areas to explore, the game will tell you in
    the form of a pop-up window. You are then able to stop inside the glowing 
    golden circle to experience the side-area if you so wish. If not, just gallop 
    on by and act like nothing happened.
    Toward the end of this level, you'll be tasked to catch up to your group. The 
    game then teaches you officially about sprinting. To make Seren sprint, crack 
    the reigns again while she's already in a gallop. If you want to make her keep 
    sprinting, repeatedly crack the whip. However, be wary of the sprint meter 
    below the speed icons on the bottom of the screen, as Seren will take damage 
    if she is pushed too hard.
    Catch up to the caravan and then watch the cut-scenes. There seems to be a 
    mysterious storm at the Spire, and Gabriel has problems following asleep at the
    wheel...er, reigns...
    Gabriel falls asleep and loses his tribe. The storm that was engulfing the 
    Spire has reached him, and he desperately needs to catch up with the rest of 
    his tribe.
    Get Seren to start sprinting by cracking the reigns on her back. There are red 
    experience orbs lying around here. These are XP orbs that can only be collected
    if Seren is sprinting, so the sprinting serves a double purpose for this 
    segment of the game.
    As for obstacles, you'll need to steer Seren to avoid anything that is in the 
    way, and obviously avoid falling off the side of the cliff. Collect the red 
    orbs to the best of your ability, and keep Seren going at a steady pace. Rough 
    terrain will show up, so be sure to slow to a trot when this is encountered.
    During one section of rough terrain, the game teaches you about blue experience
    orbs. These are the opposite of the red orbs in that they can only be collected
    if Seren is moving at a trot pace. Eventually, you'll reach the bridge as your 
    tribe is already moving across it.
    The bridge will collapse and Gabriel will be separated from his tribe, and is 
    forced to take an alternate route. Keep going as you have been doing on this 
    alternate route, and eventually a village will come into view. Gabriel stops at
    the village, and there he meets Theresa.
    Theresa is being pursued by an evil force, and this is a part of the game where
    you really need to perk up and get into it, or else Seren's hearts will run out
    and you will die. The evil force is enveloping the land all around you, turning
    everything into vile black goo that deals damage, and you have to make some 
    serious lefts and rights with Seren while continuing down the path.
    Obviously, avoid the black goo. There will be one part where the group will 
    move through a cave, and the ceiling will start falling down. Avoid these 
    falling rocks as well. Just avoid everything. Seren will be in constant-sprint 
    mode for this part of the game. Avoid the black goo and continue forward until 
    eventually the sun comes out and saves the day.
    It seems Seren has been injured while running away from the "evil". Her heart 
    level is very low, as you can see by checking the upper lefthand corner of the 
    screen. A horseshoe sign points to a spot to stop and rest and take care of 
    Seren, so lead her over to this area, marked by a stable.
    Now it's time to pull the "splinter", as it were, out of Seren's side. Hold 
    your right arm up as though you were actually holding onto the splinter. Then 
    very slowly pull back to pull the splinter out of Seren. Remember to move 
    slowly and carefully to avoid damaging Seren.
    With the splinter out, Theresa will point out that Seren is poisoned and is 
    going to die. However, she knows of a place that may hold the answer to curing 
    Seren. Ride down the road a ways, but be sure to do so quickly because Seren's 
    life is running out.
    Gabriel and Theresa will go into a strange cave. Continue directing Seren 
    through the cave until you come to a stop. Then Gabriel will move to the Pool 
    of Sight, which can give visions. Stick your hands into the Pool of Sight by 
    holding out both your right and left hands. Visions will start to occur that 
    seem to depict the end of the world. The Pool of Sight will then begin to glow 
    brightly, and Gabriel will be transported somewhere strange.
    This is where the game teaches you how to use spells and it also takes this 
    time to calibrate your Kinect. First, you will learn the Bolt spell. To use the
    Bolt spell bring your hand up to your shoulder and thrust forward, aiming at 
    whatever object you're trying to hit. For now, you will be attacking statues of
    Hobbes, so focus on destroying them all.
    When the game is satisfied that you are able to use Bolt effectively, the next 
    step is teaching "Push". Use your left hand to grab onto objects and then you 
    can fling them any which way. To test this ability out, first you'll have to 
    push back a Hobbe statue a few feet. Then you'll have to practice flinging 
    objects around.
    For the latter, there will be four Hobbe statues with a spiked ball in the 
    middle of the area. Grab onto the spiked ball and then fling it to the left 
    and to the right to destroy all of the statues. Moving on, two more Hobbe 
    statues will appear, and the game will instruct you to grab onto them and then 
    knock them off the sides of the bridge by flinging to the left and to the right
    with Push.
    Next you'll learn about "Aftertouch". This ability is where you can do 
    something to a spell after casting it. For Bolt, you can fling your right arm 
    in any direction while the spell is still going to redirect the attack where 
    you'd like. To test this, there will be more Hobbe statues that rise out of the
    water, except these will be protected by rocky barricades. Use the Aftertouch 
    feature to send the attacks flying at the statues and to bypass the barricades.
    And finally, the game will teach you how to dodge attacks by using the "lean" 
    move. During certain combat scenarios, the battlefield will be somewhat 
    explorable, in that Gabriel can move to the left side, middle, or right side of
    the area. This is useful to get a better position on an enemy or to dodge 
    attacks. To perform this action, you have to literally lean your body to the 
    left or to the right, depending on what direction you'd like to go.
    The game tests your abilities at this by having there staircases rise out of 
    the water. Boulders will fall down two of the staircases, and one will be free 
    of danger. Lean your way to that staircase, stand there, and wait for the 
    boulders to roll off. Repeat this two more times so that the game is convinced 
    Gabriel has the "leaning" moves necessary to survive.
    Shortly after this, real Hobbes will have to be dealt with, and what a perfect 
    way to learn the Counter move. Basically, whenever an object is flying at you 
    or an enemy is about to attack, red symbols will appear around them. Hold your 
    right arm in front of you, across your chest horizontally, to deflect the 
    incoming attack. 
    This will be practiced on with Hobbes that will throw rocks at you from afar. 
    Knock the rocks back at them to take them out with one hit. Then continue 
    fighting both the faraway Hobbes and the Hobbes that run right up and attack 
    with their melee weapons.
    With the Hobbes defeated, Gabriel will approach a basin similar to the Pool of 
    Sight. Stick your hands inside this water as well, and Gabriel will be granted 
    with the Gauntlets, which can harnass magical power. Following the scenes, 
    Gabriel will rush back to Seren's side.
    To heal Seren, move one of your hands on top of her big purple wound. Hold your
    hand there until the wound is completely healed, and Seren is free from the 
    poison that was once plaguing her veins.
    With Seren healed and ready to go, continue onward down the cave. The Devourer 
    will be outside, so there is no turning back. Keep going until you come across 
    a special door that can only be opened using magic.
    There are three blue orbs on the door. As you can imagine, you need to blast 
    the three orbs with Bolt. Once this is accomplished, the door will open. 
    Gabriel will then automatically move on ahead to open the next door, which 
    requires you to hit the green orbs on it with Push.
    The next room will see a bridge that is raised, which means that there is no 
    crossing it. Gabriel will crawl through a tunnel, and on the other side, you 
    will start having to fight with rockmites. Rockmite are gravely spiders that 
    will run up and try to attack. Nail them with Bolt spells, and if you want to 
    trip them up, use Push on them as well (this will also earn you extra style 
    As Gabriel continues through the cave, he'll encounter other rockmites, which 
    includes ones that are somewhat tougher. These guys have a much better chance 
    of actually reaching Gabriel before they can be fried, so I recommend using 
    Push on them to trip them up and then hit them with Bolt repeatedly to kill 
    Gabriel will eventually realize that these bugs are crawling out of holes in 
    the ground. When there are stalagtites on the ceiling to bring down, use Push 
    to grab onto them and then thrust your left hand in a downward motion to bring 
    the stalagtite down to fill the holes. At one point, Gabriel will come across a
    treasure chest. To open the chest, hold both hands out in front of you as 
    though you were gripping the on-screen handles. Then lift up with both hands to
    flip open the chest lid to receive the goodies inside.
    Gabriel will keep pushing through the cave system, which means you have to 
    fight a bunch more bugs. An Elite Rockmite will be the climax of these attacks,
    but this guy is fairly easy if you keep alternate between Push and Bolt so that
    he can't even get an attack in edgewise. Finally, Gabriel will reach the 
    control pillars to the bridge.
    But wouldn't you know -- the bridge is controlled with magic! The left pillar 
    has a green orb and the right pillar has a blue orb. They need to be taken out 
    simultaneously, so perform both spells at the same time to take out the two 
    orbs and bring down the bridge.
    Rockmites will start crawling at Seren and Theresa, so protect them by blasting
    away at the rockmites. Get their attention and then continue to attack them 
    until they are all dead. Gabriel will then get back on the wagon to take 
    control of Seren's reigns yet again.
    Ride Seren through the cave. A troll will awaken and start attacking by 
    punching the walls, throwing rocks, and trying to squash the wagon with his 
    huge stone fist. Steer out of the way of these obstacles as you speed Seren 
    out of the cave system.
    Outside, follow the path to the next resting area. This will be a campsite, 
    and features numerous activites to do. First, you have to calm down Seren. To 
    do this, slowly wave your arms around and speak in a calm voice. When Seren is 
    calmed down, next you'll need to heal her hounds by placing your hands on her 
    various wounds that are all over her body.
    When she's healed, you are free to explore the camp. You can pour water for 
    Seren's trough. You can feed Seren an apple, and you can also find a treasure 
    chest in the area to open. When you're ready to leave, lean over to the wagon, 
    hold your hands up, and then lift up the hitch to get back on the road again.
    Keep riding until a swarm of Stingers halts the wagon. Blast them away. After 
    the initial swarm is defeated, Gabriel notices a treasure chest nearby, but 
    it is surrounded by two Stinger hives. Kill all the Stingers and then open up 
    the chest to receive a collectible. After that, it's back on the road to 
    Thorndeep Forest.
    The path to Thorndeep will be blocked by a wooden barricade. Using Bolt, 
    destroy the Barricade, then continue into the forest. Another barricade will be
    in the way, so destroy that as well and continue moving down the path. Theresa 
    will then explain your objective in a clearer manner. There are three Willstone
    tablets that are to be collected to improve the powers of the Gauntlets, as 
    they were created by old heroes to ensure that one day heroes could be created,
    and the creation of heroes wasn't dependent on bloodlines.
    There is a temple nearby that is supposed to have one of these Willstones. 
    Theresa suggests to stop at a village and ask for directions. The village is 
    overrun with Hobbes, however, which then leads to a series of Hobbe battles. 
    Be careful to counter their attacks when they get close, and deflect the thrown
    rocks of the ones from far away. Red barrels can be blown up to kill multiple 
    Hobbes at once, and remember to use Aftertouch whenever necessary.
    When all the Hobbes are defeated, Gabriel returns to the wagon and they 
    continue through the woods together. If you hug the right side of the path, 
    you will have multiple opportunities to rest Seren and heal her injuries. You 
    will reach a specialized door that is locked with three different pillars. 
    Use Push to grab onto the top pillar and then yank it to the right. Yank the 
    middle pillar to the left, and the bottom one to the right, then continue down 
    the path.
    Eventually, you will reach another Hobbe encampment. Gabriel means to go 
    through stealthily, but this obviously doesn't work. A Hobbe attacks, so be 
    ready to counter, then start blasting the Hobbes. Remember to hit the red 
    barrels to blow up the enemies and barricades as you move through the area 
    A new enemy type will show up. This is a Hobbe with armor and a shield. The 
    Hobbe will block all attacks unless you latch on with Push and then yank to 
    make him drop his shield, then hit him with Bolts repeatedly. Gabriel will 
    foolishly climb into a minecart, and a Hobbe will pull a lever, causing him to 
    speed down the track.
    This section is actually quite easy. The Hobbes basically can't even attack 
    you at all as they don't move fast enough to do anything. You can take them out
    for XP if you want, but this is more or less a shooting gallery and there is no
    real threat here for Gabriel.
    At the end of the track, continue attacking the Hobbes. A human yells for 
    Gabriel's help. He is being held upside down with a rope tied around his rope. 
    Kill the Hobbes around him and then save him by shooting a Bolt at the rope 
    that is holding him up.
    Watch the scenes. To open the gate, turn the wheel like you would turn it in a 
    real life situation. Gabriel offers a ride to his new friend, so move down the 
    path until you reach his house.
    At the house, he will ask you to light four lanterns for him. Gabriel will 
    follow him around, and when a lantern comes up, reach your hand out like you 
    are grabbing the chain. Then yank down twice to light the lantern. There will 
    also be a short shooting gallery section where he sees how many mugs you can 
    blow up with Bolt, and a door puzzle that uses Push, just like the one that 
    the Hobbes had. There will also be an activity where you must throw five 
    chickens into their pen using Push.
    Balverines will then attack. Fight them off using a combination of Bolt and 
    Push. They are very dangerous, do a lot of damage, and take a lot of attacks to
    kill. They can grab onto you and attack repeatedly, so to counter their 
    attacks, make sure your arm is in position long enough to counter both the 
    first and second attack.
    The Balverines will climb around on trees and the like. When they are doing 
    this, pull them down by grabbing onto them with Push and then yank them off the
    tree. This will also stun them, leaving them wide open to multiple Bolt 
    As Gabriel rushes through the area, he will hit a tripwire and get caught 
    upside down. Fight off the Balverines while you're upside down until you are 
    saved. Defend Fergus from the Balverines as he fights them off with his 
    Then Gabriel will come face-to-face with a White Balverine. This is a more 
    powerful version of the Balverine and will pose even a bigger threat. Gabriel 
    rushes to the barn where Seren and Theresa are as he realizes that's the 
    direction the White Balverine is headed!
    Try to defeat the Balverines quickly in this segment. Gabriel will eventually 
    stop trying to fight them, and will just run through at a sprinting pace. When 
    this happens, be ready to counter the attacks to hit them with a spell before 
    they are able to land their attacks. One shot will do, but blocking is probably
    easiest at this juncture.
    At the barn, Seren will knock down the doors and take out the White Balverine. 
    Fergus is ready to tell you guys goodbye, but then the Devourer shows up, and 
    he is stuck along for the ride.
    Escape from the Devourer and his evil goo just as you did before. Seren will 
    be in full sprint automatically the entire time, so don't worry about cracking 
    the reigns, just focus on steering her around the goo and making sure she stays
    to the safe part of the path.
    This will go on for a while until you once again reach the light. There will be
    an area to stop and heal Seren if need be, but shortly after that, Hobbes 
    riding bulls will become the next issue. They will barrel in front of you, so 
    take them out. Some of the Hobbes will have shields, so you'll need to drag 
    them to the left or right to get the shield out of the way, which will leave 
    them open to Bolt attacks.
    Remember to stop at the horseshoe-designated pit stops to heal Seren if need 
    be, and continue riding along the path. Once the Hobbes are taken care of, it 
    is smooth sailing from there. You'll come across a village that has been 
    destroyed, and then Gabriel will automatically stop to set up camp.
    Gabriel sees a green apple he wants to feed to Seren. He automatically goes 
    over to the apple. Reach out with your arm and grab the apple off the tree. 
    However, Gabriel soon finds out that the tree is growing out of the head of a 
    The troll picks up Gabriel and tosses him far away. The fight with the troll 
    is fairly straight-forward. Constantly barrage him with Bolt. Push is useless 
    here, except you can grab the boulders he throws out of the air and toss them 
    back if you are accurate enough.
    Eventually, Gabriel will move in closer to the troll. The troll will start 
    smashing the ground. When he does this, lean to the left or right to move 
    away from the tremors and avoid taking damage. Then continue attacking the 
    troll. He will spit Stingers out of his mouth, but they can be killed in 
    bulk with single Bolt blasts.
    When the troll's health meter is drained, he is defeated. Gabriel gets back on 
    the wagon, deciding to find a new place for camp. Ride forward through the 
    next few areas and pick up the XP. You'll round the corner and move through a 
    lava-filled area. Avoid the obstacles and then you will make camp right outside
    the Temple.
    Heal Seren. Watch the scenes. And then Fergus and Gabriel head into the Temple,
    where they find the remains of Fergus's wife that was taken by Balverines long 
    ago. Bummer. A swarm of Balverines will then attack, so fight them off using a 
    combination of your spells until they have all been defeated. This fight will 
    last quite a while.
    When the Balverines are defeated, Gabriel will move deeper into the temple. He 
    will come across a locked door. At the top of the lock is a blue orb, and at 
    the bottom is a glowing orb that needs filled. Rotate the three different slabs
    so that there is a line leading from the blue orb on top to the empty orb on 
    the bottom, which will unlock the door.
    In the next room, Gabriel will meet two souls that are floating around. They 
    will try to run away from Gabriel, but their door is broke and Gabriel is able 
    to reach them easy. They've raised two sections of the bridge leading to the 
    next set of doors, so Gabriel has to make the bridge complete again so he can 
    traverse the lava.
    First, there are three different pumps that need to be interacted with to 
    reveal the first switch orb. The pump on the far right contains the orb, so 
    grab it and yank it down. It will spit out the orb, so fire at it with Bolt. 
    It will fly over to some cogs, so blast it again to get the machinery working, 
    fixing the first part of the bridge in the process.
    Gabriel will use a chain to zipline to the area below where the second orb 
    switch is located. This one is protected by fencing. Move the fencing around 
    using Push to reveal the orb. Then blast the Orb. It will move over to gears 
    in another area, so switch around the fences again to reveal the cog/orb combo,
    and blast the orb again, which will put the platforms in place and allow 
    Gabriel to reach the doors.
    The next room will be filled with Rockmites. Kill them all as you continue to 
    move to the next orb switch. There will be another pump. Yank down on it to 
    reveal the orb, then blast the orb. It will float over to a cog that is 
    separated from other cogs. Latch onto the cog and then swing your hand to the 
    left to connect that cog with the others, then blast the orb switch yet again.
    This will bring down an elevator. Kill the Rockmite and then Gabriel will climb
    onto the elevator. Spin the wheel to reach the top of the area and then Gabriel
    will face the next puzzle. There is another orb switch which is blocked by a 
    fence. Latch onto the fence and yank it up to reveal the orb. Shoot the orb, 
    and it will float up and attach itself to a cog that is being blocked by the 
    Pull the fence back down and shoot the orb again. This will cause another 
    elevator to drop. Ride this one to the top and then Gabriel will reach another 
    basin like the Pool of Sight. Stick your arms into the water to be granted 
    with the Fireball ability.
    To use Fireball, wave your right hand or simply say "Fireball", and Gabriel's 
    Bolt attack will be converted into a Fireball. Gabriel will move forward and a 
    door will block the way. To open the door, light the two torches on either side
    of it by using the Fireball ability.
    Test out the effects of Fireball on enemies by blasting the Rockmites with it. 
    As you continue, another door will be in the way that features a bunch of 
    different colors of orbs to shoot. Hit the blue orbs with Bolt, the red orbs 
    with Fireball, and the green orbs with Push to get the door open. There will be
    vents shooting out gas that you can hit with fire to create flaming obstacles 
    that will keep the Rockmites back.
    Fight off the regular Balverines while also doing battle with the White 
    Balverine. White Balverine will try to get close to attack, so be ready to 
    counter while simultaneously firing off a Fireball. If done effectively, the 
    White Balverine will take damage and also be stunned momentarily, leaving him 
    wide open to multiple attacks. Lay into him and repeat the process, fighting 
    the regular Balverines as well, until the White Balverine is killed.
    From there, there are two vents on either side of the door spewing gas. Light 
    both to open the door. Gabriel will thank the spirits and then head outside to 
    meet back up with Fergus. However, they are attacked by the Devourer!
    Now it's time to do battle with the Devourer. He'll spawn Balverines, so kill 
    them, and then Gabriel will turn his attention back to the Devourer. Block his 
    projectiles that he throws, and also be ready to move out of the way of his 
    ground attacks. Wait until Gabriel notices the crystal hanging over the vent, 
    and then shoot the vent gas with a Fireball to explode the crystal, causing a 
    great blast of light that injures the Devourer.
    Gabriel will move forward as he pushes back the Devourer. Keep fighting with 
    the Balverines and attack the Devourer. He will have more advanced attacks that
    can be destroyed while they're charging in his hand with Fireballs if you want 
    to deal a little damage that way as well. The second crystal won't be in the 
    correct position, so grab it with Push and then yank it over the gas. Then 
    shoot the gas to create the next explosion.
    The third time is easy. Just blast the gas under the crystal and the Devourer 
    will take even more damage. He'll snatch up Gabriel in a last-ditch effort to 
    survive. Fergus will fire a flaming shot with his shotgun at the Devourer to 
    save Gabriel, but then he himself is smashed onto the ground. Quickly blast the
    gas under the final crystal to kill the Devourer.
    Ride on. Avoid the mines the ground by steering Seren clear from them. Hobbes 
    riding bulls will try to run you down, so steer out of their way as well. 
    As you continue, a Hobbe arrow will pierce Seren's side. Continue riding until 
    a trio of Hobbes on bulls get in front of you.
    Gabriel will then start wielding his magic. Take out all the Hobbes, using the 
    Fireball spell to deal splash damage to the other Hobbes. Keep wailing on them 
    until they are gone. Stop at the next rest stop to pull the arrow out of Seren 
    and to heal all her wounds.
    Then it's back to the road. Keep riding and following the path. Stop at any 
    rest stops that you need to, but otherwise keep going. Eventually, you will 
    reach a gate that is blocking the way. Gabriel will get off the cart and find a
    way to get to the crank at the top that operates the gate.
    Immediately inside the first area, a quartet of Hobbes will open gates in a 
    gladiator-style arena. The gates will bring out Rockmites. Kill them, then 
    kill the next two waves of Rockmites. Stingers will also be released by the 
    Hobbes, so be prepared to fight them off, too.
    Kill the four Hobbes that were opening the gates. And then a bunch more Hobbes 
    will come out and fight you. Kill the waves of them until they stop showing up.
    To end this segment is a huge Hobbe that is heavily armored. To defeat him, 
    grab him with Pull, and then spin him around so he is dizzy. Then nail him 
    with a Fireball spell. Don't let him get too close, and remember to keep 
    spinning him with Pull whenever he is not dizzy, and then nail him with the 
    Fireball spell.
    When he's defeated, Gabriel will move deeper into the Hobbe camp. There are, 
    of course, more Hobbes to deal with, but for the most part, it is easy does it.
    Blast away the Hobbes that you see, and deflect their projectiles back at them 
    as well.
    At the end of the camp, you'll find the crank. Use the crank as though you were
    turning it in real life to raise the gate. Gabriel will then reunite with 
    Theresa and Seren on the wagon. Ride to the next campsite and heal Seren's 
    Afterwards, you'll be tasked with getting into the second temple, at the "henge
    of stones" (Stonehenge? how silly!) You have to align the three stone tablets 
    in the correct position. The top tablet needs to be in the middle. The middle 
    tablet needs to be to the far right, and the bottom tablet needs to be to the 
    far left. Use Push to manipulate the tablets. When they're aligned, the door 
    to the second temple will open.
    Inside the temple, there will be Rockmites to greet you. Kill them all and 
    then continue through the cave system. Fight off the rockmites and you will 
    then reach another locked door. Adjust the tiles so that the blue orb can ooze 
    into the empty orb on the bottom, which will in turn unlock the door.
    Continue fighting your way through the caves as more Rockmites show up. You 
    will find a door that is glowing blue. To open the door, grab the bottom of it 
    with Push. Then lift up to raise the door, and Gabriel will be able to continue
    through the temple.
    The next room is innocent enough, but then a giant boulder will come rushing 
    down at Gabriel. Lean to the left to avoid the boulder. Then move back into 
    position by leaning to the right so that Gabriel will continue down the next 
    path. He will slide through a collapsing tunnel and then find a set of 
    platforms leading to the next door fall into oblivion.
    There are four statues with flames that go out as this happens. You need to use
    the Fireball spell to ignite the torches that all the statues are holding, but 
    the torches send out wisps that will put out/start fires in the other torches. 
    So this means that you need to hit each statue in a certain order. The order 
    is as follows: bottom left, bottom right, top left, and top right. This should 
    make it so all the fires are lit, and the bridge will rebuild itself.
    A wisp will introduce itself as your guide for this area. However, there really
    isn't any puzzle-solving going on in this temple. Instead, this temple focuses 
    almost entirely on combat. First, you'll be fighting with Rockmites. There will
    be a special door that will need color-coded orbs to be hit with their 
    corresponding spells as well, plus another glowing blue door that needs lifted 
    with Push, but otherwise, it is a straight-forward affair.
    This temple introduces new enemy types in the form of the Hollow Man and its 
    varities. These walking skeletons have armor and also have swords they can use 
    to deal a lot of damage. You can rip their heads off with Pull and then blast 
    them repeatedly with Bolt or Fireball to deal damage to all the Hollow Men in 
    the vicinity.
    As the Wisp leads Gabriel through the area, he'll have to fight plenty of 
    these Hollow Men. A Kamikaze Hollow Man will also introduce itself. These run 
    at Gabriel crazily and explode on impact. It is wise to blow them up before 
    they get too close. If they happen to run by a couple of other Hollow Men, 
    blowing them up at that point can be a good strategy to deal damage to multiple
    Hollow Men all at once.
    Spear-throwing Hollow Men will also serve as a threat through this temple. To 
    kill them, you can attack them with spells from afar, or if you are having 
    troubles being accurate from a long distance, you can block the spears they are
    throwing to send them flying back at them to kill them instantly.
    As you near the end of the temple, you will see what appears to be a coffin and
    another basin similar to the Pool of Sight. Kill the Hollow Men and fight your 
    way to the pool. Stick your hands in the pool like before, and you will be 
    granted with Magic Shards. These are pieces of a sword that can be thrown like 
    a spear.
    To use this move, hold your hand above your head. And then fling your hand 
    forward like you were throwing a real spear, aiming at whatever you want to hit
    on the screen. For now, a chain will drop down with a huge sword attached to 
    the end of it. Throw the spear at the chain to break the chain. This will cause
    the sword to fall into the coffin below, which serves as a key to unlocking the
    way out.
    As you continue, there will be another obstacle in the way. There will be two 
    dummy skeletons standing guard. If you destroy one at a time, they will simply 
    regenerate. To bypass them and get the door behind them to open, you'll need to
    use the Aftertouch ability on the Spear. Throw the spear, and then swipe your 
    hand either to the left or right to send a volley of spears in that direction. 
    So, throw the spear high above the skeletons and make the volley come from 
    either the left or right to destroy them simultaneously, which will open the 
    Gabriel will continue, but then be attacked by another troll. This troll is a 
    bit different from the one encountered earlier. For one, it summons Hollow Men,
    which are certainly more powerful than the Stingers that the other troll could 
    summon. For two, the arena in which you fight the troll is markedly different 
    than the first battle.
    There are three barricades lining the room. Stay at the one in the center at 
    first and pelt the troll from a distance. He will summon Hollow Men and 
    retreat. Kill the Hollow Men, and then focus your attention back on the troll. 
    When the barricade is destroyed, move to another one. Also be sure to avoid the
    troll's ground attacks by leaning to the left and right as well.
    The reason you want to stay behind the barricades instead of blocking is 
    because this way you can spam your attacks quicker and drain his health meter a
    little faster. When his health meter goes below half, the troll will quit 
    hiding in the ground when summoning the Hollow Men and will instead continue to
    throw rocks at you while you try to fight them off. In this situation, focus 
    all of your effort on taking out the Hollow Men. Then when the troll throws a 
    boulder, be quick to block it. When the Hollow Men are defeated, start fighting
    off the troll again.
    When the troll has about a quarter of health left, a sword will drop down above
    its head. Use a spear on the chain to break it. This will cause the sword to 
    fall and pierce through the top of the troll's head. To finish off the troll, 
    cast Push on the handle of the sword and yank it downard to drive the sword 
    through the troll's head, effectively killing it. Finally, Gabriel is able to 
    leave the second temple and reunite with Theresa.
    Back on Seren, ride on the path. It is a calm ride, with no Devourer there to 
    cause havoc, it should be. However, you will come across a group of burning 
    wagons, and a lone survivor from what appears to be an especially brutal 
    Keep riding until you reach Honeyholm. This place is infested with Stingers and
    Hobbes and you need to clean it up. A new type of Stinger called an Elite 
    Stinger, that's blue, and obviously more powerful than the typical Stinger. 
    Kill all the Stingers and then kill the Hobbes. When Honeyholm has been saved, 
    Gabriel will hop back on the wagon and the journey, as it were, will continue.
    Continue riding. You'll reach a gate, a ghost at the top of a tower, and a 
    bunch of spawning Hollow Men. Instead of getting off the wagon, Gabriel will 
    stay on Seren and continue riding to Stonehaven. Hollow Men will spawn 
    everywhere, so either dodge them or run them over.
    At Stonehaven, more Hollow Men will show up. Kill all the Hollow Men, and that 
    is really all there is to this area. Lots of Hollow Men to kill. Remember to 
    pull the shields away from shielded enemies. You'll also do battle with a 
    Captain Hollow Man that is slightly more powerful than typical enemies, but 
    nothing too bad. Face him like you would others.
    As you reach the top of the tower, more ghosts will be offed by Hollow Men, 
    leading to more battles. Fight them all off, and when they're dead, your next 
    goal is to light the beacon. Use Fireball and throw it at the torch to light 
    the beacon and complete this area.
    Ride along the path until you rach a bridge with a toll collector. After the 
    scene, destroy the barricade blocking the bridge and ride across to the other 
    side, over the river. As you ride through the next area, a few chickens will be
    blocking the road. Grab them with Push and throw them out of the way.
    Hobbes with bulls will be the next enemies. Defeat them. Then you'll move 
    through Northward Fort, which is filled with Hobbes as well. Kill all of the 
    Hobbes, and then you'll set up camp in the enxt area. Heal Seren and then 
    watch the scenes.
    In the middle of the night, Betty is attacked by the Temptress. Speed to 
    Betty's location, avoiding the black goo that is all over the place. When you 
    reach Betty, watch the scenes, and then Gabriel will head inside the third 
    temple to reach the finall Willstone.
    Inside the temple, there is too much corruption goo that is blocking the way. 
    Knock out the nearby window to let light through which will eliminate enough of
    the goo so that Gabriel can continue. Whenever Gabriel is stopped, break a 
    window to let light through to get rid of the corruption.
    Gabriel will then reach the room with the Willstone, except that the room is 
    separated into segments. By grabbing the small pillars on each segment, you can
    drag them back together. First, drag the floating piece to the right and drag 
    it to the center so Gabriel can move forward a bit. The tree and basin that 
    holds the power to the next Willstone is covered in Corruption.
    To the left, there will be a segmented piece of land and a window. Drag it 
    closer to the tree, then hit the window. Manipulate the mirror that the light 
    is reflecting off of so that the beam is aimed directly at the tree. Then do 
    the same for the mirror on the right, which will get rid of the corruption.
    Stick your hands in the water to get your next power. This is the power of 
    Light. What it does is that it imbues your Push spells with a glowing light 
    that makes it possible to rid the area of corruption. Try it out on the 
    corruption that's blocking the path, then use Push to drag the glowing blue 
    door up.
    Gabriel will go through and find himself in another strange place. Just get rid
    of the corruption with Light as it shows up. In the next area, there will be 
    crystals that you have to hit with light to power a portal. Move through the 
    portal and then in the next area, you will be introduced to Corrupted Hobbes. 
    You have to blast them with Light to rid them of the corruption.
    Defeat the Hobbes, shoot the crystals to power the portals, and get rid of the 
    corruption. It's as simple as that. Gabriel will go through another portal and 
    wind up back outside with Theresa and Betty. Unfortunately, it turns out that 
    Betty is the Temptress all along! After a short scene, Gabriel will wake up on 
    the wagon without the gauntlets.
    This trippy sequence will end with you blasting dream-Betty in the face. Then 
    you will wake up again and start doing battle with the Temptress. She will be 
    too far away to attack at first, and she will constantly spawn Corrupted 
    Hobbes. Defeat the Hobbes and deflect any projectiles coming at you. The 
    Temptress will disappear after a few Hobbes have been killed and pop back up 
    when they are all dead.
    Gabriel will run over to her. BLast her neck with Light to open a sizable hole 
    in her throat. Then use the spear and chuck it at her neck to take away a 
    decent slice of her health meter. When you come back to the dream sequence, 
    new flying enemies will be there. Deflect their projectiles and wail on them 
    with shots from afar until they are all dead. Then the Temptress willl appear 
    again. Blast her with light and throw the spear.
    Following this, three more flying enemies will spawn. Defeat them, and then 
    blast the Temptress with light again. This time you'll have to hit her in the 
    head with Fireball before throwing a spear at her. This will drain her health 
    meter completely and she will have been defeated.
    After the battle, you will be in camp. Do whatever you want in camp. Then you 
    can sit down with Theres and she will basically tell you the plot to Fable II, 
    and expand a little bit on what was going on behind the scenes in the game. 
    The next morning, Gabriel and Theresa continue their journey to the Spire now 
    that they have all three Willstones. Those flying enemies that were helping 
    the Temptress fight appear, so fight them off as Seren continues galloping 
    along the path.
    When they're dealt with, CorrupteD Hobbes will appear next. Defeat the Hobbes 
    and destroy the gate blocking the way. Then ride on until you find Gabriel's 
    tribe...or what's left of them, anyway.
    Corrupted Balverines will then be yours to deal with. Fight them off in the 
    manner that you've fought all Balverines before, but be prepared to use a lot 
    more force than earlier. There will also be a short stint with Corrupted Hobbes
    as well as more Balverines...just keep at it until they are all dead.
    Back on Seren, keep riding along the path. There will be barricades blocking 
    the way, so blast them with Bolt. Ride along the cliffside, through the burning
    village area, kill the Hobbes when they appear, and just keep going until 
    Gabriel eventually stops to find a way to clear a path for the wagon.
    Upon stopping, Hobbes will rush immediately, so kill them. Gabriel will move to
    a mine cart track. Knock the cart forward to create an explosion that will kill
    the Hobbes and blow a path open to a chest. Open the chest, and then Gabriel 
    will continue exploring the area.
    He'll stop and look at a track. Two carts will roll by with explosives inside. 
    Knock them off the track and then kill the Hobbes that appear. Fight off the 
    Hobbes below the track as well, and then Gabriel will move forward into another
    area with even more Hobbes. Kill the Hobbes, blow up the explosives, and then 
    Gabriel will finally working his way behind the wrecage that is blocking the 
    path of the wagon.
    There will be an explosive barrel that is blocked by a piece of fencing. Pull 
    the fencing away, and the barrel will roll out in front of the wreckage. Blow 
    up the barrel to get rid of the wreckage and then Gabriel will get back on the 
    wagon. Ride your way to the elevator and ride it to the top. A rest stop will 
    be just ahead if you need to heal Seren.
    Continue riding. The path is somewhat dangerous, so be prepared to avoid 
    running into obstacles and to keep Seren from falling off the side of the 
    cliff, obviously. As you near the Spire, Theres awill realize that the 
    Corrupted is here!
    Fight off the flying enemies, but then corruption goo will start filling up the
    road. Avoid this, and Seren will go into permanent sprint-mode. More flying 
    enemies will show up after that, so kill them quickly, and then keep riding and
    avoid the goo.
    You'll then reach the teleporter to the Spire. Theresa will have bad news. You 
    can't take Seren with you through the portal to the Spire, which will doom her 
    to die by the hordes of the Corrupted. Stand your ground and fight off the 
    Balverines that are attacking.
    Flying enemies will show up as well, so fight them off too. Eventually, Gabriel
    will give up and concede to going through the portal to the Spire. At the 
    Spire, Theresa will reveal that she has discovered a way to destroy the 
    Corrupted, and it is by channeling the Light through her.
    Shoot the crystals that are marked with Light. Flying enemies will show up, so 
    kill them to protect Theresa. After all the crystals are hit and the enemies 
    have been efeated, there will be a tunnel area that Gabriel is floating 
    through. You have to lean to the right and left to avoid the obstacles. And 
    after that, the game is over!
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    3. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360 with Kinect!
    Feel free to check out all my other stuff on GameFAQs and Cheat Masters!

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