Where can I find melon seeds?

  1. I already know they are in the caves with wooden planks and railrays but i havent found any of those since tu8
    and im in tu9. Do you guys know a seed im looking for?

    User Info: GameFAQkid

    GameFAQkid - 4 years ago

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  1. You can find melon seeds in a few locations. The first and easiest location would be to go underground into one of the tunnels and locate a dungeon. Dungeons are easily identifiable by the presence of mossy cobblestone and a monster spawner. The monster spawner will look like a cage with an image of the monster they spawn spinning frantically around in circles. There are usually two chests in each dungeon, each of which can contain melon seeds. The second way of finding melon seeds is to go into a fortress. To locate a fortress, slay enderman to obtain ender pearls. Take the ender pearls and throw them into the air. They will travel a short distance in the direction of the fortress. Retrieve your ender pearl and throw it again and keep following it until it doesn't go any further and then dig straight down. Fortresses can have chests in them, sometimes containing melon seeds. The last method is to locate a village with a blacksmith and search the chests in there for melon seeds.

    User Info: Inadvertant

    Inadvertant - 4 years ago 2 0

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