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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by homsarrunner3

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 07/30/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A FAQ/Guide by Homsarrunner3
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Guide for Minecraft: Xbox 360 
    Edition. The goal of this guide is to provide information on 
    how to survive and thrive in the wonderful randomly-generated 
    world of Minecraft! In this guide, you will find a general 
    guide to surviving your first night, getting a good mine 
    started, and gathering the resources you need to, well, do 
    whatever you want. One thing to keep in mind though, is that 
    the game you play will not be the same as the one I play. 
    Whenever you start a new game in Minecraft, you receive your 
    own randomly-generated world, with completely unique 
    topographical features. Randomness is not a guide-writer's 
    friend, so I must let you know that this guide will not and 
    cannot hold your hand through every problem you have, simply 
    because I cannot anticipate what is going to happen in your 
    Now, without further ado: The guide.
    v1.0: 7/4/12 First version of the guide completed and uploaded 
    to gamefaqs.com
    v1.1: 7/15/12 Of course, right after I post the first version, 
    they update the game. Anyway, added in information about the 
    update, skins, and an infinite cobblestone cheat. Added 
    credits section and slightly altered Legal section.
    v1.2: 7/29/12 Tiny little update. I was feeling ambitious, 
    so I added a section on the skins. Also fixed a couple of typing 
    For the sake of saving you time, this guide uses a text-based 
    search system. Here's how it works:
    1. Find the section you want to go to in this table.
    2. Copy the code next to it (including the brackets)
    3. Press CTRL-F on your keyboard to open the search submenu
    4. Paste the code into the searchbar.
    5. Press the ENTER key twice, and with the power of Redstone 
    Dust, you're at the section you want!
    Disclaimer: This is the first FAQ I've used this system on, 
    so it might not work. If this is the case, use that handy-dandy 
    scroll wheel of yours.
    Frequently Asked Questions----- [MINEFAQ]
    Controls------- [MINECTRL]
    Basics------ [MINEBAS]
    Surviving the first night------ [MINE1ST]
    The hunt for Obsidian------ [MINEOBS]
    The Nether------ [MINEHELL]
    Extra Stuff------ [MINEEXT]
    Crafting and Furnace-ing----- [MINECRFT]
    Cheating------ [MINENOOB]
    Achievement guide---- [MINEACHI]
    Contact------ [MINEMAIL]
    Legal------- [MINELEG]
    Q: What is Minecraft?
    A: Ah, our first cliche "Nobody would actually ask this." 
    question. *cough* Minecraft is an indie sandbox 
    survival/construction game designed by Mojang, originally 
    released on the PC in late November 2011 as a Java game. As 
    the name implies, the basis of the game is to Mine (break down 
    blocks around you) and Craft (turn them into tools to help 
    you mine a wider variety of blocks, as well as structures to 
    live in). The Xbox 360 Edition was released on May 9th, 2012 
    for download as an Xbox LIVE Arcade game.
    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: The Xbox 360 Edition costs 1600 Microsoft Points, which 
    translates to $19.99 U.S. and 19.20 U.K. (My computer doesn't 
    have U.K. currency symbols, sorry)
    Q: What's different in the 360 Edition?
    A: Besides the new control scheme, the Xbox 360 Edition is 
    largely the same as the PC version of Minecraft, with a few 
    changes. The most major change is the overhaul to the crafting 
    system. In the PC version, players need to discover crafting 
    formulas on their own by placing materials in a crafting grid, 
    with no instruction for how to make a certain object. In the 
    Xbox Edition, all of the crafting formulas are already given 
    to you. All you have to do is find the proper materials, 
    highlight the object you want to make, and press a button. 
    In addition, there is a Tutorial in this version of the game 
    for teaching new players the basics. There is split-screen 
    Co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players (but only if you have 
    an HDTV), and online Co-op (including voice chat) for up to 
    8. As always, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership is required to play 
    online. Finally, the Xbox 360 version's graphics and general 
    gameplay mechanics are on par with those of the original 
    release of Minecraft, and does not include the many updates 
    the PC version enjoys.
    Q: Wait, so this isn't the full version of the game? Lame.
    A: Hey, I never said that! The developers are planning to 
    update the game often, so that it will eventually be caught 
    up to the PC version.
    Q: Oh, alright then. Any word on DLC?
    A: Yes, actually. The 1st Skin Pack DLC was released in July 
    2012. It costs 180 Microsoft Points (2 U.S. dollars) and 
    contains skins of characters from licensed games, as well as 
    generic characters. A free version of the skin pack was also 
    released, containing only the generic skins. In addition, in 
    the Summer of Arcade sale in 2012, a pack of free skins was 
    released, featuring characters in the games of the SOA sale.
    Q: I heard that this version is harder than the PC version. 
    Is that true?
    A: I'm not sure, really. Many people I've spoken to have said 
    that the spawn rate for monsters in this version is higher 
    than the PC version, but that could just be bad luck.
    Q: What if I don't want to deal with monsters, and just want 
    to mine and craft at my leisure?
    A: Every time you go to load a world (save file), you have 
    the option to adjust the difficulty slider (unlike in the PC 
    version, where you can do this from the pause menu). The slider 
    has 4 settings: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. On Easy, 
    Normal, and Hard, monsters spawn at night and in darkened 
    areas, and do more damage according to how high the difficulty 
    is. On Peaceful difficulty, monsters will never spawn 
    (besides animals, and those won't attack you) and health that 
    you lose from fall damage, drowning, catching on fire, etc. 
    is restored over time. HOWEVER, you can still die on Peaceful 
    if you're really stupid about falling into lava or things like 
    that. Also, never having monsters spawn prevents you from 
    gathering materials that are necessary for several crafting 
    creations, most importantly bones, gunpowder, and strings.
    Q: When I create a new world, the game asks me for a "seed". 
    What do I do?
    A: A "seed" is a custom phrase that the game uses to create 
    a word. Though there are some seeds out there custom-made by 
    the developers to create awesome worlds, feel free to type 
    in your own phrase (like, say, your name), and see how the 
    game interprets it! Or, if you prefer, you can leave the seed 
    box blank, and the game will generate a random seed for you. 
    Left Stick: Tilt to walk/, click to change camera angle.
    Right Stick: Tilt to look around, click to crouch. Crouching 
    prevents you from falling off edges (unless you jump).
    RT: Hold down to mine the block in front of you, or attack 
    monsters or animals.
    LT: Alternative action: This changes depending on your 
    situation, and is used to do everything from opening doors 
    to eating food to firing arrows from your bow to placing down 
    blocks you are carrying.
    RB/LB: Scroll right/left along your hotkey bar.
    Start: Enter the pause menu. Note: This will not actually 
    pause the game.
    Select: Access the list of players in your world in 
    multiplayer. From here you can view others' Gamertags, or, 
    if you are player 1 in this world, kick unwanted players out 
    of the game.
    Home: Open the Xbox 360 Home menu. This will not pause the 
    A: Jump.
    B: Drop your equipped item. If you are carrying a stack of 
    items, this will only drop one.
    Y: Open your inventory. From here, you can rearrange the items 
    you are carrying, assign items to your hotkey bar (you can 
    only use items assigned to this bar), and equip armor. Opening 
    this menu will not pause the game.
    X: Open the Handcrafting menu. Crafting is the bread and 
    butter of Minecraft, but this particular menu will become 
    basically obsolete when you craft a workbench. See the 
    "Crafting and Furnace-ing" section for how to use the 
    handcrafting and workbench crafting menus. Opening this menu 
    does not pause the game.
    Day and Night:
    Minecraft employs a day/night cycle to show the passage of 
    time. Each day consists of 10 minutes of broad daylight, a 
    90 second sunset, a 7-minute night, and finally a 90-second 
    sunrise. During those 7 minutes of night (which feels like 
    much, much longer), there is enough darkness to allow monsters 
    to spawn outside, and if you're not safely in your home, you 
    run the risk of bumping into some seriously nasty critters. 
    See below for more on monsters and their spawning. The only 
    weapon you have against the night is a bed, crafted from wooden 
    planks and wool. Fall asleep in a bed, and time will progress 
    to just after sunrise the next morning. Monsters can no longer 
    spawn on the surface, and many of the monsters left over from 
    last night will burn to death in direct daylight. Good 
    Health, healing, and death:
    This is pretty important. Those 10 red hearts at the bottom 
    left of your screen represent your health. If it hits zero, 
    you're dead. If you die, you will reappear with full health 
    at your original spawn point (the place you were when you began 
    your game). Nothing in the world has changed, except for the 
    tiny fact that you dropped EVERYTHING you were carrying. You 
    now have 5 minutes to hoof it back to the place you died and 
    grab all your stuff before it disappears forever. Harsh? 
    Maybe. But that just makes it all the more important that you 
    DON'T let your health hit zero. You lose health by getting 
    attacked by monsters (or other players, in the instance that 
    you have scumbag friends), drowning (When you're underwater, 
    a line of 10 bubbles appears above your health bar. This is 
    your air meter. If it hits zero, you start losing health 
    rapidly. Surface to replenish it.), stepping in lava, 
    catching on fire (which quite often follows the lava 
    stepping), falling from a height of over 3 blocks, getting 
    buried by blocks that follow gravity (sand and gravel), and 
    touching a cactus. It's a dangerous world, huh? Health is 
    replenished by eating food, and there are many types:
    Raw Porkchop: Dropped by dead pigs.
    Cooked Porkchop: Cook a raw porkchop in a furnace. Dropped 
    by dead Zombie Pigmen.
    Bread: Made from 3 wheat.
    Cake: Made from 3 wheat, 3 buckets of milk, 2 sugar, and 1 
    egg. Cakes function differently from other food in that you 
    place them down like a block, and then by pressing RT on them, 
    you eat a slice. There are six slices in each cake.
    Raw Fish: Catch with a fishing rod in any body of water.
    Cooked Fish: Cook a raw fish in a furnace.
    Cookie: Made from 2 wheat and 1 cocoa bean. Cocoa beans are 
    only found in treasure chests in dungeons.
    Mushroom Stew: Made from 1 bowl, 1 red mushroom, and 1 brown 
    mushroom. After you eat it, you recover the bowl.
    Apple: Found in treasure chests near monster spawners.
    Oh, yeah, and when you sleep successfully in a bed, your spawn 
    position is set to the location of that bed, so that's where 
    you'll respawn if you die. Handy! Sadly, sleeping does not 
    restore your health.
    Behind every great game is a cast of wonderfully nasty 
    villains, and Minecraft is no exception. In this game, light 
    is life and darkness is death, literally. You see, every area 
    in Minecraft is lit up to a certain degree. This degree of 
    light is measured by an invisible counter that goes from 0 
    (darkest) to 15 (brightest). Monsters can spawn in light level 
    7 and below. Here's a list of all light sources and their light 
    The Sun: 15
    Fire (from burning blocks or Netherrack): 15
    Jack-O-Lantern: 15
    Lava: 15
    Glowstone block: 15
    Torch: 14
    Active Furnace: 13
    The Sun with rain: 12
    Nether Portal: 11
    Redstone Torch: 7
    The Moon: 4
    (For light sources that are placed (Fire, Jack-O-Lantern, 
    lava, glowstone, torch, furnace, nether portal, redstone 
    torch), the light level decreases by 1 for every block away 
    from the source.)
    The three exceptions to this rule are Slimes, Ghasts and 
    Zombie Pigmen. Ghasts and Zombie Pigmen only spawn in The 
    Nether, and will spawn no matter what the light level is. 
    Slimes only spawn very deep underground, and they are 
    incredibly rare. Also, animals are TECHNICALLY classified as 
    monsters, but they can spawn in any light level (but not 
    Here is a list of all the monsters and animals in the game, 
    with general information on each:
    The original brain-munching walking corpse is the most basic 
    monster in Minecraft, and can be classified by their 
    human-like shape and constant moans and gurgles. They attack 
    by walking into you and (inexplicably) drop feathers on death. 
    Zombies burn in direct sunlight, unless they are underwater.
    My personal most hated and feared monster in the game, 
    Skeletons make a distinctive bone-rattling sound when they 
    are nearby. The other sound they make is the *twang* of arrows 
    flying out of their bowstrings and right towards your head. 
    That's right, Skeletons are the ranged specialists of 
    Minecraft's monster lineup, and they have deadeye aim. It's 
    difficult to even get close enough to smack these suckers 
    without taking a couple hits. And if you meet one in the 
    cramped quarters of an underground cave? Yikes, good luck with 
    that. They drop arrows and bones when they die. Thankfully, 
    they burn in direct sunlight, unless they are underwater.
    The official mascot of Minecraft, Creepers have a very odd 
    attack pattern. They make absolutely no noise until they get 
    very close to you. Then, they start flashing white and letting 
    out a hissing noise. If you haven't already seen it coming, 
    it's already too late to turn around and fight it, because 
    that hiss means it's about to explode. When a Creeper 
    explodes, it not only hurts you A LOT (It can 1-hit kill you 
    if it's right next to you when it blows), it also rips up all 
    the blocks around it, breaking them down as if you had mined 
    them all. Now just imagine you were standing near your house 
    when this happened. Yep, I hope you were ready for a renovation 
    anyway, because that wall is coming down. These habits, 
    combined with the fact that they don't burn in sunlight, makes 
    Creepers a highly annoying foe. They drop gunpowder when you 
    kill them. (But not if they blow themselves up.)
    Note: Creepers also have a second item drop on death. These 
    are music discs, which you can use in jukeboxes to play music. 
    However, Creepers only drop music discs when killed by a 
    Skeleton's arrow. You can't imagine how difficult it is to 
    accomplish this task.
    No, these aren't your everyday daddy longlegs. These are 
    hairy, red-eyed, arachnaphobia-inducing tarantulas the size 
    of small dogs, and to top it all off, they can run faster and 
    jump higher than you can. Spiders can jump over walls two 
    blocks high, making them nearly impossible to outrun. Their 
    cry is an unearthly, static-y screech that does nothing to 
    make them less scary. They drop string when they die, and 
    although they do not burn in sunlight, they become friendly 
    in the morning, and will not attack you. They also screech 
    less often in the daytime.
    Ghasts: Probably the strangest and spookiest monsters in 
    Minecraft, Ghasts inhabit The Nether. They are large, white, 
    cube-shaped, ghost-like beings with sad faces. They attack 
    by floating out of reach and spitting flaming cannonballs at 
    you. Combined with Netherrack's forever-burn nature, Ghasts 
    can turn the very ground you walk on into a firey deathtrap. 
    Because they float so far away, the only ways to kill them 
    are to pelt them with arrows from a bow, deflect their 
    cannonballs back at them with a well-timed sword swing, or 
    (pros only), use a fishing rod to pull them right up in your 
    grill and hack away at their bodies with a sword.
    Zombie Pigmen: The other, less-dangerous inhabitants of The 
    Nether are these creatures. Similar in form to Zombies, but 
    decked out in worn armor, Zombie Pigmen are unique in that 
    they will not attack you until you fight them first. Then, 
    they chase after you and bash you with their swords. Nearby 
    Pigmen will also rush to their comrades' aid in battle as well. 
    They are certainly tough, but because they drop cooked 
    porkchops when they die, the reward might just be worth the 
    Slimes: This RPG cliche makes its' way to Minecraft in a rather 
    obscure way. Slimes only spawn deep underground (below Y level 
    40 on your map) in natural caves, and they are very difficult 
    to find. They resemble jiggly green blocks of gelatin, and 
    attack by hopping toward you and ramming you. They come in 
    several sizes, with the larger ones being stronger. When dealt 
    lethal damage, larger Slimes split up into several smaller 
    ones. They drop Slimeballs when they die, which are used to 
    craft Sticky Pistons.
    Cow: This farm animal wanders lazily around the world, as cows 
    often do, mooing its' little heart out. When they die, they 
    drop leather, which can be crafted into weak armor.
    Pig: The most useful animal in the game by far, pigs drop raw 
    porkchops when they die. Going pig hunting is a great way to 
    restock on health-restoring items.
    Chicken: These lil' guys wander around aimlessly, clucking 
    and crowing and clucking some more. They drop feathers when 
    they die, but you may want to consider letting them live. Every 
    five minutes or so, a chicken will lay an egg, which can be 
    used to craft yummy cakes, or you can just chuck them at your 
    buddies. Interesting note: Throwing an egg has a small chance 
    of hatching a live chicken.
    Sheep: These fluffy animals come in several different colors 
    in nature. Killing them causes them to drop 1 block of wool, 
    but pressing LT on them with shears makes them drop up to 4 
    blocks and become bald. There is no reason to kill them after 
    shearing the wool, as they don't drop anything on death when 
    they are bald. Eventually, a sheared sheep will regrow its' 
    wool, and can be killed/sheared again for more wool. Also, 
    if you have dye in your hands and press LT on a sheep, you 
    will dye the sheep's wool the color of the dye. Have a whole 
    flock of blue, pink and yellow sheep if you want!
    Squid: These rarely-seen sea creatures lazily swim around in 
    large bodies of water. They drop ink sacks when they die.
    Wolf: Uncommon, sheep-hunting members of the canine family 
    that, at first glance, don't seem to be very special. They 
    don't drop anything when they die, and are the only animals 
    that actually fight back when you hit them. Furthermore, if 
    a wolf sees his buddy getting attacked, he will come after 
    you as well. However, wolves are very special for one reason: 
    they can be yours. By feeding a wolf a bone with LT, you have 
    a chance of taming the wolf. It may take several tries (and 
    bones) to succeed, but when you see hearts popping out of the 
    wolf and a red collar appear around its' neck, that wolf is 
    now yours. Your new pet will follow you everywhere (except 
    into The Nether), and will help you fight enemies (except 
    Creepers). By looking at a tame wolf and pressing LT, you can 
    make them sit if you want to go alone for a bit. If they get 
    hurt enough, they will die. Prevent this by feeding them raw 
    and cooked porkchops. Tame wolves show their health condition 
    by the position of their tail. A perked-up tail means a healthy 
    Dungeons and Monster Spawners:
    Deep underground, there exist special areas. These areas, 
    denoted by unique Mossy Cobblestone lining the floor, are 
    known as dungeons. In the center of each dungeon, there is 
    a blue cage with a tiny spinning pig inside. This is a monster 
    spawner. These are very bad things, because every few seconds, 
    a certain type of monsters (either spiders, skeletons, or 
    zombies) spawn around the cage, in groups of 3 or 4 at a time. 
    Monster Spawners can be broken, but a better way of disabling 
    them is to place torches on all sides of the spawner block. 
    This prevents monsters from appearing out of the cage. And 
    leaving a spawner intact will allow crafty players to make 
    devices to mass-produce monster items. I have no idea how to 
    do this, and if you want to find out how, your best bet is 
    to look it up elsewhere on the Internet. Finally, the thing 
    that makes dungeons worth finding, are up to two treasure 
    chests in each dungeon. These are filled with random items, 
    including strings, gunpowder, bread, empty buckets, music 
    discs, and saddles (used to ride pigs!).
    Fun Fact: Character Skins
    This has nothing to do with anything, but if you press the 
    Start button to open the Pause menu, then select Help/Options, 
    you can choose from a limited selection of skins for your 
    character. Want blonde hair and a red Speedo? You can have 
    that. Want a James Bond suit? You can have that, too.
    This is a hidden line. It is an anti-theft measurement. If 
    you find this guide is on a website that is not in the list 
    of approved sites in the "legal" section, please send me an 
    This is assuming you don't wimp out and set the difficulty 
    to Peaceful on your first night.
    When you start a new world, you will appear in a random area. 
    Wherever you are, your first priority is to get wood. OK, OK, 
    have your laugh. I'll wait. All done? Good. Anyway, go run 
    around until you find a tree, then hold down RT to punch one 
    of the wood blocks making it up until it breaks and a 
    collectable block of wood pops out. Grab it, and repeat until 
    you have a good supply of wood. 20 or so will be more than 
    enough for now. Next, open your crafting menu with the X 
    button. You should have Wood Planks highlighted. Mash the A 
    button repeatedly until all your Wood has been crafted into 
    Wood Planks (1 Wood= 4 Wood Planks). Next, we need to upgrade 
    your crafting menu to allow for more options. Highlight the 
    Crafting Table (some people call it the Workbench). You'll 
    need 4 Wood Planks to craft this bad boy. You only need one, 
    so don't waste your planks. After you craft it, make sure it's 
    equipped to your hotkey bar (open the inventory with the Y 
    button, and use A to move stuff between your inventory and 
    hotkey bar). Equip the Crafting Table and place it down on 
    the ground with LT (you can break it with RT to pick it up 
    and move it later). Press LT on the Crafting Table, and you 
    will have access to the complete Crafting menu, with all the 
    options unlocked. Right, for what we want, we need sticks. 
    Stick are made using wood planks, so highlight them and make 
    a good supply (but not so many that you waste all your wood 
    planks). Next, press RB to change tabs in the crafting table. 
    This section is your tools, and your option on the far left 
    is the bread and butter of Minecraft: The pickaxe. Highlight 
    it and craft a Wooden Pickaxe out of 3 Wood Planks and 2 Sticks. 
    Equip that baby, and our next priority is finding some coal. 
    By now, it might be getting a bit late, so hurry up and find 
    it! Coal Ore stands out against normal Stone by having big 
    black flecks in it. Break it with your pickaxe to gather the 
    coal from it. Note that you cannot mine coal, or even stone 
    for that matter, with anything besides a pickaxe. The block 
    *will* break eventually, but you will not be able to gather 
    the resource. Anyway, once you collect a bit of coal and a 
    good supply of cobblestone (you get cobblestone by mining 
    stone), you can build your first house. It doesn't need to 
    be fancy, just a little hut. You can also make it out of Wood 
    Planks if you're hurting for Cobblestone, but make sure to 
    upgrade to cobble ASAP. Wood-based blocks are not the best 
    building material, trust me. Now, craft some torches with Coal 
    and Sticks, and place them inside your house to light it up. 
    Craft a door with Wood Planks, lock yourself inside, and... 
    relax. You did it. You survived your first day and night. 
    Assuming your house is secure, your torches are placed, and 
    your door is shut, no monsters can get you. You're safe. If 
    you still have time before sunset, go out and smack some sheep 
    until you get 3 Wool of any color. Use it with Wood Planks 
    to craft a bed, place that in your house, and you have a way 
    of instantly turning night into day.
    Worst-case scenarios:
    1. I spawned in a desert/other area with no trees! What do 
    I do?
    Find some. There is no substitute for wood. Birch wood can 
    be used just as well as normal wood, if that's all you have. 
    Really, if you can't find ANY trees by the your first sunset, 
    you can consider the world a flop anyway.
    2. I can't find coal, and it's getting dark!
    Alright, this is a pretty common problem, and fortunately 
    there is a workaround. What you want to do is gather some wood, 
    but only craft some of it into wood planks. Mine some 
    Cobblestone (you can find stone, I presume), and use it at 
    your Workbench to craft a Furnace. Place that down, and use 
    the planks as the fuel, and the wood as the ingredient. This 
    will create Charcoal, which functions exactly like Coal. Make 
    sure to find natural coal as fast as possible, because making 
    charcoal is just a waste of wood unless there is no other 
    After you survive your first night, your main goal in 
    Minecraft is to find and mine iron, then diamond, then 
    obsidian. Firstly, you will need to start a mine. This is 
    sometimes as simple as digging down (but not straight down!) 
    into the ground until you randomly stumble upon a natural 
    cave. Then, just explore the cave systems beneath the earth's 
    surface until you find iron ore. Iron ore looks like stone, 
    with light brown/tan flecks in it, similar to coal ore. 
    However, mining out iron ore does not give you workable iron, 
    instead it just gives you a block of the iron ore itself. To 
    turn it into Iron Ingots (which is what you use to make iron 
    tools), you need to smelt the ore in a furnace (made with 8 
    blocks of Cobblestone at a Crafting Table) with fuel, ideally 
    coal. However, charcoal, wood, wood planks, sticks, saplings, 
    etc. can also be used as fuel. Once you have iron ingots, you 
    can craft an Iron Pickaxe. With the Iron Pickaxe, you can mine 
    any block in the game... except one: Obsidian. For that, you 
    will need to find Diamonds. Diamond Ore looks like stone, but 
    with light blue/green flecks in it, and it is even rarer than 
    Iron Ore. Thankfully, when you do mine Diamond Ore, you do 
    not need to smelt it, as it will give you a Diamond directly. 
    Now, we need at least 10 blocks of Obsidian to complete our 
    main quest. Obsidian, for those who don't know, is volcanic 
    stone that is very, very durable. In Minecraft terms, that 
    means it can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe (and even 
    then, it takes a long time to break). Finding Obsidian is even 
    more difficult than mining it, unfortunately. Obsidian is 
    created artificially when water touches unmoving lava. So, 
    you'll need to craft a bucket (3 Iron Ingots), fill it with 
    water, find some lava, and pour the water all up in there. 
    Break it with a Diamond Pickaxe, grab the Obsidian before it 
    falls into the lava, and rinse and repeat 9 more times. Hey, 
    nobody said it was easy!
    Once you have your 10 Obsidian, you'll want to arrange it 
    (preferably on the surface) in this pattern: 4 blocks across 
    by five blocks up. The corners do NOT need to be made of 
    Obsidian, and if you want the corners, you will need a total 
    of 14 Obsidian. After the Nether Portal is constructed, craft 
    a Flint and Steel (1 Iron Ingot, 1 Flint from digging up 
    Gravel) and light the center. The Portal will now make eerie 
    noises, and purple haze will be inside the center. 
    Congratulations, you have reached the theoretical extent of 
    what you can accomplish in Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition! But 
    what lies behind the Nether Portal? Well, that's an entirely 
    different story altogether. (See the "The Nether" section 
    The Nether. Quite literally the "Hell" of Minecraft, this 
    strange place is home to strange creatures (Ghasts and Zombie 
    Pigmen) and new and intriguing types of blocks. Each step 
    taken in The Nether equals three steps in the surface world, 
    so if you build two Nether Portals, you can use the Nether 
    to travel more quickly between distant areas. What else is 
    in The Nether? Danger, and lots of it. Lava flows like water 
    here, the very ground beneath your feet is incredibly 
    flammable, and certain sections can slow your movement down, 
    making you easy pickings for the Ghasts. It's nice, but I 
    wouldn't build a summer home there.
    So, you've built your portal and had your fill of The Nether. 
    What should you do while you're waiting for the next update 
    to come out? Try some of these little tricks to make your 
    Minecraft experience that much better:
    1. Achievement hunt! (See the Achievement section below)
    2. Take the fight to the monsters by crafting a bow and making 
    a stockpile of arrows!
    3. Make a wheat garden and have a renewable resource of food! 
    Making a wheat garden is one of the most underrated practices 
    in Minecraft, fairly complicated though it is. First off, 
    you'll need some seeds. Seeds can be found by ripping up tall 
    grass and ferns. Once you have seeds, you'll need to craft 
    a Hoe to till dirt (preferably in a designated area fairly 
    close to your house). Next, you need to make sure that the 
    seeds have two things they need to survive: Water and constant 
    light. The former is as easy as making an infinite spring (See 
    the Cheating section below) and piping some of that water to 
    furrows in the ground near your tilled dirt. When the dirt 
    becomes very dark brown, seeds will begin to grow in it once 
    planted. For constant light, set up torches in and above the 
    garden. This not only stops monsters from spawning in your 
    fields, it also lets the wheat grow at night, when there is 
    no sun. Finally, we need to make sure that curious animals 
    and monsters can't get into the garden and trample the growing 
    wheat! Craft some fences with your Crafting Table (6 Sticks 
    makes 2 fences), and surround your entire garden with them. 
    Leave one space for a Door so you can enter and exit the garden 
    as you please. Now, just wait for the wheat to grow tall and 
    turn brown. Then, smack the crop with RT and you will recieve 
    1 Wheat and up to 2 Seeds. Replant a seed back in the open 
    plot, and start it all over again! With wheat, you can craft 
    many food items, most importantly bread. Bread is a cheap 
    alternative to Cooked Porkchops for restoring health.
    4. Build a minecart track for easy access around the world! 
    The only thing to keep in mind for this is that you will need 
    Powered Rails as well as normal rails to get your minecarts 
    moving, and those need to be powered by Redstone to be 
    activated. I recommend placing Redstone Torches along the 
    sides of your minetrack wherever you have powered rails.
    Skins are, basically, alternative characters to play as. The 
    skin you are "wearing" does not affect gameplay in any way. 
    In the original release, the skin you had was dependent on 
    what player you were (player 1 in a world was always Steve, 
    player 2 was always Tennis Steve, etc.)
    Standard Skins: These come preloaded when you buy the game.
    1. Steve (green shirt, jeans)
    2. Tennis Steve (Tennis uniform, blonde hair, headband)
    3. Tuxedo Steve (Tuxedo and dress pants)
    4. Athlete Steve (African American, white tank top, jeans, 
    gold chain)
    5. Scottish Steve (Orange hair, tuxedo, kilt)
    6. Prisoner Steve (White hair, orange prisoner's jumpsuit)
    7. Cyclist Steve (Red sports top, Speedo)
    8. Boxer Steve (Blonde hair, boxing gloves, boots, jock strap)
    Skin Pack 1: The first 15 skins can be downloaded for free 
    via the Skin Pack 1 Free Trial. The rest will cost you 180 
    Microsoft Points (2 U.S. dollars)
    1. Racing Driver 1 (Blue)
    2. Racing Driver 2 (Green)
    3. Racing Driver 3 (Red)
    4. Racing Driver 4 (Yellow)
    5. Nurse
    6. Prisoner (Traditional black and white striped uniform and 
    7. Victorian Swimmer
    8. Deep Sea Diver
    9. King
    10. Queen
    11. Jester
    12. Knight Templar
    13. Black Knight
    14. Wizard
    15. Creeper Man
    16. Squid Man
    17. Zombie
    18. Herobrine
    19. Jack of Blades
    20. Hero (from Fable 3)
    21. Garth
    22. Reaver
    23. Hammer
    24. Locust Drone
    25. Cole Train
    26. Clayton Carmine
    27. Master Chief
    28. Covenant Grunt
    29. Covenant Brute
    30. Banjo
    31. Grunty
    32. Bottles
    33. Tooty
    34. Mumbo Jumbo
    35. Klungo
    36. Trials Rider
    37. Freestyle
    38. Old-School
    39. Biker
    40. Combat
    41. 'Splosion Man
    42. Scientist Wilson
    43. Scientist Danklef
    44. Ms. 'Splosion Man
    45. Mandy Elite
    Summer of Arcade 2012 Skin Pack: Free for a limited time in 
    the summer of 2012. Downloaded from the Minecraft tab in the 
    Summer of Arcade 2012 menu, accessed from the Xbox Dashboard. 
    These skins feature characters from all the Summer of Arcade 
    2012 games.
    1. Paladin
    2. Wariant
    3. Randall Wayne
    4. Stella Patterson
    5. Skinny Zombie
    6. Female Zombie
    7. Wreck
    8. Knight
    9. Hot Goblin
    10. Bunny Suit Goblin
    11. Dust
    12. Fidgit
    13. Tony Hawk
    14. Ollie
    15. Officer Dick
    What an undertaking this is, huh? Eh, whatever. Crafting is 
    the potatoes of Minecraft (the meat being the Mining, of 
    course). All sorts of things can be crafted in Minecraft, and 
    this will show them all. I've added personalized notes to 
    entries that require specific detail. Now, without further 
    1. Wood Planks (makes 4 Wood Planks)
    Ingredient: 1 Wood
    Very versatile crafting and construction tool. You will use 
    these a lot throughout the entire game, especially at the 
    2. Sticks (makes 4 Sticks)
    Ingredients: 2 Wood Planks
    Used in bulk to craft Torches, you will mostly use these for 
    crafting the various tools throughout the game.
    3. Sandstone
    Ingredients: 4 Sand
    This does not follow gravity like Sand does, making it better 
    for construction. It's also found naturally underneath Sand.
    4. Snow Block
    Ingredients: 4 Snowballs
    5. Clay Block
    Ingredients: 4 Clay Balls
    6. Brick Block
    Ingredients: 4 Clay Bricks
    7. Crafting Table
    Ingredients: 4 Wood Planks
    This is used to open up the full crafting menu. Absolutely 
    essential for crafting anything useful.
    8. Furnace
    Ingredients: 8 Cobblestone
    Used to smelt ore into ingots, burn wooden things, turn Sand 
    into Glass, and cook raw meat.
    9. Chest
    Ingredients: 8 Wood Planks
    Used to store items safely, and are found naturally in 
    Dungeons. If two chests are placed side by side, they share 
    a double-sized inventory.
    10. Bed
    Ingredients: 3 Wool (any color), 3 Wood Planks
    Used to turn night into day. In multiplayer, all players must 
    be sleeping at the same time in different beds for time to 
    11. Fence (makes 2)
    Ingredients: 6 Sticks
    Treated as 15 blocks high for players, animals, and monsters, 
    but 1 block high for blocks.
    12. Ladder (makes 2)
    Ingredients: 7 Sticks
    13. Wooden Door
    Ingredients: 6 Wood Planks
    Press RT or LT to open/close. Keeps animals and monsters out.
    15. Iron Door
    Ingredients: 6 Iron Ingots
    Can only be opened by a lever or Redstone circuit.
    17. Trapdoor (makes 2)
    Ingredients: 6 Wood Planks
    Basically a vertical door.
    18. Wooden/Stone Stairs (makes 4)
    Ingredients: 6 Wood Planks/6 Cobblestone
    Used to make compact staircases
    19. Wooden/Sandstone/Stone Slab (makes 3)
    Ingredients: 3 Wood Planks/3 Sandstone/ 3 Stone OR 3 
    1. Wooden/Stone/Iron/Diamond/Golden Pickaxe
    Ingredients: 2 Sticks, 3 Wood Planks/2 Sticks, 3 
    Cobblestone/2 Sticks, 3 Iron Ingots/2 Sticks, 3 Diamonds/2 
    Sticks, 3 Gold Ingots
    Needed to mine Stone and Ore
    2. Wooden/Stone/Iron/Diamond/Golden Shovel
    Ingredients: 2 Sticks, 1 Wood Plank/2 Sticks, 1 Cobblestone/2 
    Sticks, 1 Iron Ingot/2 Sticks, 1 Diamond/2 Sticks, 1 Gold 
    Digs Dirt, Grass, Sand, Gravel, and Snow faster, required to 
    gather Snowballs
    3. Wooden/Stone/Iron/Diamond/Golden Axe
    Ingredients: 2 Sticks, 3 Wood Planks/2 Sticks, 3 
    Cobblestone/2 Sticks, 3 Iron Ingots/2 Sticks, 3 Diamonds/2 
    Sticks, 3 Gold Ingots
    Chops Wood-related blocks faster
    4. Wooden/Stone/Iron/Diamond/Golden Hoe
    Ingredients: 2 Sticks, 2 Wood Planks/2 Sticks, 2 
    Cobblestone/2 Sticks, 2 Iron Ingots/2 Sticks, 2 Diamonds/2 
    Sticks, 2 Gold Ingots
    5. TNT
    Ingredients: 5 Gunpowder, 4 Sand
    Used to make big booms. Set off by hitting with RT or a Redstone 
    6. Fishing Rod
    Ingredients: 3 Sticks, 2 Strings
    Used to fish in any body of water. Press LT to cast, and again 
    to reel in a Raw Fish when the bobber sinks underwater.
    7. Shears
    Ingredients: 2 Iron Ingots
    Used to more efficiently harvest wool from sheep, and can also 
    be used to gather leaves, instead of just breaking them.
    8. Flint and Steel
    Ingredients: 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Flint
    Starts fires, activates Nether Portals
    9. Bow
    Ingredients: 3 Sticks, 3 Strings
    Ranged weapon. Fires arrows.
    10. Arrow (makes 4)
    Ingredients: 1 Stick, 1 Flint, 1 Feather
    Used as ammunition for the Bow. They don't need to be in your 
    hotkey bar for you to fire them, they just need to be in your 
    11. Bucket
    Ingredients: 3 Iron Ingots
    Used to transport water, lava, and milk. Press LT to gather 
    and again to pour.
    12. Bowl (makes 4)
    Ingredients: 3 Wood Planks
    13. Wooden/Stone/Iron/Diamond/Golden Sword
    Ingredients: 1 Stick, 2 Wood Planks/1 Stick, 2 Cobblestone/1 
    Stick, 2 Iron Ingots/1 Stick, 2 Diamonds/1 Stick, 2 Gold 
    Used to fight monsters more easily.
    14. Torch (makes 4)
    Ingredients: 1 Stick, 1 Coal OR 1 Charcoal
    Lights up areas, preventing monsters from spawning. Melts 
    snow and ice.
    15. Jack-O-Lantern
    Ingredients: 1 Pumpkin, 1 Torch
    Brighter than Torches and more festive than Glowstone Blocks. 
    Melts snow and ice, and can be placed underwater.
    16. Glowstone Block
    Ingredients: 4 Glowstone Dust
    Exactly the same as a Jack-O-Lantern, but less festive.
    17. Clock
    Ingredients: 4 Gold Ingots, 1 Redstone
    Shows the position of the Sun and Moon. In other words, 
    completely useless.
    18. Compass
    Ingredients: 4 Iron Ingots, 1 Redstone
    Points to your spawn point, or to the last bed you slept in.
    19. Map
    Ingredients: 8 Papers, 1 Compass
    Shows a map of your world, with X, Y, and Z coordinates and 
    colored markers for different players in multiplayer. Filled 
    out automatically when you walk to new places with it 
    TAB 3: FOOD
    1. Mushroom Stew
    Ingredients: 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Brown Mushroom, 1 Bowl
    Health: 5
    You recover the bowl after you eat it.
    2. Cookie (makes 8)
    Ingredients: 2 Wheat, 1 Cocoa Bean
    Health: 0.5
    3. Cake
    Ingredients: 3 Buckets of Milk, 2 Sugar, 1 Egg, 3 Wheat
    Health: 1.5 per slice, with 6 slices
    Placed like a block, press LT or RT to eat 1 slice at a time. 
    Formerly, you would lose the Buckets when you craft it, but 
    this has been fixed.
    4. Sugar
    Ingredient: 1 Sugarcane
    Cannot be eaten, only use is in crafting Cake.
    5. Bread
    Ingredients: 3 Wheat
    Health: 2.5
    TAB 4: ARMOR
    1. Leather Cap/Iron/Diamond/Golden Helmet
    Ingredients: 5 Leather/5 Iron Ingots/5 Diamonds/5 Gold Ingots
    2. Leather Tunic/Iron/Diamond/Golden Chestplate
    Ingredients: 7 Leather/7 Iron Ingots/7 Diamonds/7 Gold Ingots
    3. Leather Pants/Iron/Diamond/Golden Leggings
    Ingredients: 6 Leather/6 Iron Ingots/6 Diamonds/6 Gold Ingots
    4. Leather/Iron/Diamond/Golden Boots
    Ingredients: 4 Leather/4 Iron Ingots/4 Diamonds/4 Gold Ingots
    1. Lever
    Ingredients: 1 Stick, 1 Cobblestone
    2. Redstone Torch
    Ingredients: 1 Stick, 1 Redstone
    Provides less light than Torches, so little that monsters can 
    spawn in their light.
    3. Redstone Repeater
    Ingredients: 2 Redstone Torches, 3 Stone, 1 Redstone
    4. Button
    Ingredients: 2 Stone
    Stays activated for about 1 second after being pressed, then 
    automatically turns off.
    5. Pressure Plate
    Ingredients: 2 Wood Planks
    Activated by a player, animal, or monster stepping on them, 
    or when an item is dropped on them.
    6. Dispenser
    Ingredients: 7 Cobblestone, 1 Bow, 1 Redstone
    Place items inside, then activate it with a Redstone Circuit 
    to make it dispense them. Dispensed Arrows, Snowballs, and 
    Eggs are fired rapidly,break on impact, and can damage 
    monsters or players.
    7. Note Block
    Ingredients: 8 Wooden Planks, 1 Redstone
    Plays a note when activated by LT. Use RT to change the pitch. 
    Plays different instruments when placed on different types 
    of blocks.
    8. Piston
    Ingredients: 3 Wooden Planks, 4 Cobblestone, 1 Iron Ingot, 
    1 Redstone
    When activated by a Redstone circuit, it pushes forward. When 
    the circuit is cut, it retracts. I'm not really good at using 
    Redstone mechanisms, you should find somebody else to teach 
    you how to use these.
    9. Sticky Piston
    Ingredients: 1 Piston, 1 Slimeball
    Created to (finally) make hunting Slimes worthwhile, the 
    Sticky Piston functions similarly to the Piston, but the block 
    it touches when it extends becomes "stuck" to it and when the 
    Sticky Piston retracts, the block will stay with it.
    1. Rail (makes 16)
    Ingredients: 6 Iron Ingots, 1 Stick
    2. Powered Rail (makes 6)
    Ingredients: 6 Gold Ingots, 1 Redstone, 1 Stick
    When activated by a Redstone circuit, makes Minecarts move 
    3. Detector Rail (makes 6)
    6 Iron Ingots, 1 Redstone, 1 Button
    Pressure Plate that is only activated by a Minecart rolling 
    over it. Needs to be activated by a Redstone circuit.
    4. Minecart
    Ingredients: 5 Iron Ingots
    5. Minecart with Chest
    Ingredients: 1 Minecart, 1 Chest
    For transporting items along rails that won't fit in your 
    inventory. Harder to move than Minecarts.
    6. Minecart with Furnace
    Ingredients: 1 Minecart, 1 Furnace
    Can move on its' own and push other Minecarts when given fuel.
    7. Boat
    Ingredients: 5 Wood Planks
    For quicker travel over water than simply swimming.
    1. Wool
    Ingredients: 1 Various Wool, 1 Various Dye
    Different-colored wool.
    2. Dye
    Ingredients: Various items
    Different-colored dyes for wool.
    3. Block of Iron/Diamond/Lapis Lazuli/Gold
    Ingredients: 9 Iron Ingots/9 Diamonds/9 Lapis Lazuli Dye/9 
    Gold Ingots
    Placable blocks, used for high-class construction or more 
    compact storage.
    4. Breakdown Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond/Lapis Lazuli Dye 
    (makes 9)
    Ingredients: 1 Block of Iron/1 Block of Gold/1 Block of 
    Diamond/1 Block of Lapus Lazuli
    5. Jukebox
    Ingredients: 8 Wood Planks, 1 Diamond
    Plays Music Discs.
    6. Paper (makes 3)
    Ingredients: 3 Sugarcanes
    7. Book
    Ingredients: 3 Papers
    8. Bookshelf
    Ingredients: 6 Wood Planks, 3 Books
    9. Painting
    Ingredients: 1 Wool (any color), 8 Sticks
    10. Sign
    Ingredients: 6 Wood Planks, 1 Stick
    Displays text players can write on it.
    The Furnace is a crafted item that, when placed, allows for 
    firing of objects. To use the furnace, you must put a 
    compatible object in both the ingredient and fuel 
    sections. Some types of fuel burns longer than others.
    Sticks: Very short fuel time (smelts 1 block)
    Wood Planks, Saplings, Birch Saplings: Short fuel time 
    (smelts 3 blocks)
    Coal, Charcoal: Medium fuel time (smelts 8 blocks)
    Bucket of Lava: Long fuel time (smelts 100 blocks, but you 
    lose the bucket)
    Many objects can be fired to become different items:
    Wood or Birch Wood----Charcoal
    Iron Ore----Iron Ingot
    Gold Ore----Gold Ingot
    Cactus----Cactus Green Dye
    Raw Porkchop----Cooked Porkchop
    Raw Fish----Cooked Fish
    Each firing process takes a bit of time to occur, signified 
    by whether the furnace is lit or not. A lit furnace generates 
    high amounts of light, enough to prevent monsters from 
    spawning! Also, furnaces can be combined with minecarts to 
    create a minecart that can travel on the fuel placed in the 
    furnace, without the need for Powered Rails and Redstone to 
    power them. I highly recommend using Powered Rails and 
    Redstone Torches, though.
    I know of a few cheats so in this version of the game. Before 
    this guide was written, there was a duplicate items glitch 
    with the Dispenser, but to the best of my knowledge, that has 
    been patched.
    1. Infinite Spring glitch
    You'll need two bucketfuls of water for this. Dig a 2x2 ditch 
    in the ground, place a bucket of water in one space, allow 
    it to fill the hole, and pour the other bucket in the space 
    diagonal to the first Now every space in this tiny lake is 
    a "source" block, and you can collect as much water as you 
    need from any space in the lake without ever running out.
    2. X-ray vision/See caverns glitch
    For this glitch, you need to dig deep underground, then dig 
    a very long, straight tunnel that is just big enough for a 
    character to fit through (2 blocks high). Stand at the 
    entrance to the tunnel and go into third person mode. Position 
    the camera so it is behind and slightly above your character 
    and run forward. If the camera is angled correctly, the 
    bobbing of the camera should allow quick glimpses through the 
    ceiling of the tunnel, allowing you to see undiscovered 
    natural caverns on the horizon. When you see them, head 
    towards them and mine over to them, and loot the treasures 
    3. Cobblestone Generator
    There are several ways of creating these. This one was sent 
    in (complete with ASCII, which is beyond my realm of skill) 
    by reader "Necrolythe".
    Required Items:
    At least 20 stone or cobblestone
    1 bucket of lava
    2 buckets of water
    1 ladder/sign
    1 wood/stone/sandstone/cobblestone slab
    Start by placing 3 pieces of cobblestone on the ground in a 
    V, then build each spot up to 3 blocks high. At the opening 
    of the V, make another stack of cobblestone 3 high, and mine 
    out the middle piece. Pour the bucket of lava into gap between 
    the 4 blocks at the top of these stacks. Should end up with 
    something like this:
    The lava will flow down, and not spread through the gap. Now, 
    place a block of cobblestone on the ground on 2 opposite sides 
    of the generator, and make a V on each side, resulting in this 
       [c]     [c]     [c]
         [c]         [c]
    Place 2 cobblestone on the ground diagonally from the inner 
    2, until you have a shape like this:
       [c]     [c]     [c]
         [c]         [c]
            [c]   [c]
            [c]   [c]
    In the 1 block wide opening, dig down one block and put in 
    a slab. Place a sign or ladder on the side of the cobblestone 
    next to this hole, as this will keep the water from flowing 
    out of the generator. Follow this up by pouring a bucket of 
    water into the middle of the side Vs, which will finish the 
    generator. The final product should look something like this:
     [c][w]   [c]   [w][c]
        [c]         [c]
           [c]   [c]
           [c][s][c] <---sign/ladder in middle
    now, by standing on the slab in the hole, you can mine the 
    cobblestone in front of the lava flow, and a new one will pop 
    up, with the flow of water delivering the mined block to the 
    player. When lava flows into water, it makes a block of 
    cobblestone, while water flowing into water
    does nothing. A simple way to get a lot of cobblestone is to 
    tape down your RT button, and walk away, coming back in a few 
    minutes to check on the progress. Hope you enjoy the infinite 
    supply of building materials.
    1. Taking Inventory
    Press the Y button to open your inventory. Done.
    2. Getting Wood
    Punch a tree until a block of Wood pops out. Easy Peasy.
    3. Benchmarking
    Gather 4 blocks of Wood Planks, and craft a Crafting Table. 
    Also easy.
    4. Time to Mine!
    Using a Crafting Table, use 3 blocks of Wood Planks and 2 
    Sticks to craft a Wooden Pickaxe.
    5. Time to Farm!
    Using a Crafting Table, use 2 Blocks of Wood Planks and 2 
    Sticks to craft a Wooden Hoe.
    6. Time to Strike!
    Using a Crafting Table, use 2 blocks of Wood Planks and 1 Stick 
    to craft a Wooden Sword.
    7. Hot Topic
    Using a Crafting Table, use 8 blocks of Cobblestone to craft 
    a Furnace.
    8. Acquire Hardware
    Smelt a block of Iron Ore in a Furnace and collect the Iron 
    Ingot that is made.
    9. MOAR Tools
    Using a Crafting table, craft 1 Pickaxe, 1 Shovel, 1 Axe, and 
    1 Hoe.
    10. Getting an upgrade
    Using a Crafting Table, use 3 Cobblestone and 2 Sticks to craft 
    a Stone Pickaxe.
    11. Cow Tipper
    Kill a cow, take the Leather that pops out.
    12. Monster Hunter
    Kill a monster. I suggest using a Sword.
    13. Dispense with This
    Using a Crafting table, use 7 Cobblestone, 1 Redstone, and 
    1 Bow to craft a Dispenser.
    14. Leader of the Pack
    Kill lots of Skeletons and gather a stockpile of bones. Carry 
    them around with you while exploring the surface. When you 
    find a wolf, feed it bones until it is tamed (hearts come out 
    of it). Repeat for 4 more wolves.
    15. On a Rail
    Construct a REALLY long minecart track (over 500 blocks long) 
    in one direction. Craft Rails, Powered Rails, and Redstone 
    Torches and lay them down until you can travel 500 blocks on 
    the track in a Minecart.
    16. Delicious Fish
    Craft a Fishing Rod, press LT to launch it into a body of water, 
    wait for the bobber to go all the way under, then press LT 
    again to reel in a Raw Fish. Take it and cook it in a Furnace, 
    and take the Cooked Fish.
    17. Bake Bread
    Grow and harvest 3 Wheat by following my instructions in the 
    "extras" section, and craft it into a loaf of Bread.
    18. The Lie
    Grow and harvest 3 Wheat, craft 2 Sugarcane into 2 Sugar, craft 
    3 Buckets(3 Iron Ingots each) and fill them with Milk (press 
    LT on a cow with the empty bucket equipped to fill it with 
    Milk), and follow a chicken around for a few minutes until 
    it lays an egg. Craft it all together to make a Cake.
    19. When Pigs Fly
    Find a dungeon with a Saddle in one of the chests, find a pig 
    standing on a cliff, attach the Saddle to the pig, ride the 
    pig, and hope it falls off the cliff and takes fall damage. 
    If you have a friend, he or she can punch the pig to knock 
    it off the cliff early for you. Note that you lose the Saddle 
    when the pig dies.
    20. Into The Nether
    Construct a Nether Portal with at least 10 Obsidian following 
    my instructions in the "Hunt for Obsidian" section.
    If you want to contact me for FAQ related reasons, send me 
    an email at homsarrunner3@aol.com . Please use "Minecraft 
    FAQ" somewhere in the subject bar, so I know that it's 
    referring to this. I reserve the right to ignore emails that 
    I can't understand. If you send me a tip or point out a mistake, 
    I will fix it and credit you below.
    Also, not to be a beggar, but if you like this guide, please 
    click on the "recommend to other users" link at the top of 
    the screen. It's free, it (literally) only takes a second, 
    and it helps me in ways you can't imagine.
    This guide was written entirely by me, homsarrunner3. It is 
    based on my own experiences with Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, 
    and some extra information was gotten from the free Minecraft 
    wiki at minecraftwiki.net . Minecraft was created by Mojang, 
    and all characters, names, etc. belong to them. It was brought 
    to the Xbox 360 (minus Herobrine) by 4J Studios and Microsoft 
    Game Studios. I did not create anything pertaining to 
    Minecraft or Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, besides this guide. 
    I am not making a monetary profit off of this guide in any 
    way, shape, or form.
    This guide may not, for ANY circumstances, be used for any 
    purpose other than personal use. It may NOT be used for ANYONE 
    to make a monetary profit in any way. If I wrote the guide 
    and I'm not making money off this thing, you aren't either.
    If you want to put this site on your NON-PROFIT website, I 
    only ask that you shoot me an email to ask my permission first. 
    I'm not stingy, if you ask I will probably say yes.
    As of right now, this guide may only be used on the following 
    It takes many people to raise a child, and making a guide is 
    no different. I gagged a little bit just by writing that. But 
    anyway, this section was missing from Version 1.0, and with 
    the V1.1 update, I decided to remedy that. In the words of 
    Steve Jobs, 
    "I have many faults, but ungratefulness is not among them."
    Thanks to gamefaqs.com for being the first to host this guide.
    Thanks to Mojang, 4J Studios, Microsoft Game studios, and 
    anybody else who worked on Minecraft or Minecraft: Xbox 360 
    Thanks to minecraftwiki.net for extra information that helped 
    make this guide.
    Extra thanks to 4J Studios for not bringing Herobrine into 
    this version of the game.
    Thanks to Herobrine for not murdering me for that last 
    Thanks to you, the reader, for reading this guide and putting 
    up with my idiocy. 
    inkatthetopofthepage *cough*
    Thanks to Necrolythe for sending in the Cobblestone Generator 
    cheat, and for taking the time to fix up his original 
    instructions to make it more clear for my tiny brain.
    Thanks to delarosa1101 for confirming that the cake glitch 
    that made you lose your buckets has been fixed.
    If you are reading this far, I hope that this guide helped 
    you. Have a nice day.
    ---------END OF DOCUMENT-----------

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