MJOLNIR Mark-VI armor questions?

  1. 1: Why is the armor Chief wears different from the armor you get in War Games? 343i said that War Games is canon, so why does it look different then Chiefs?

    2: Why did they show Spartan-IIs in the opening cutscene in armor that looked identical to the Chiefs? Master Chief wears Mark-VI armor which he got at the beginning of Halo 2. So why are they showing a large group of S-IIs in armor that shouldn't even exist yet?

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  1. It is canon. Chief is a SPARTAN-II. The ones you play as in Spartan Ops and War Games are SPARTAN-IVs. Thus their armor is obviously going to be different. And more advanced. You can also get Chief's armor for your War Games spartan by beating the campaign on Legendary. It includes his helmet, chest piece, arm pieces, shoulders, leg armor, and the gold visor that Chief has.

    And as for the opening cutscene... That is a flashback. Halsey is remembering her time with her Spartan twos. And they are wearing MJOLNIR MK-IV armor not MK-VI or MK-V. It is the original power suit they got from the canon in the books. Read "The Fall of Reach" to know exactly where it comes from. Halsey never once saw her Spartans in anything beyond the MK-IV armor except the SPARTAN-IIIs in the game "HALO: Reach." There ya go.

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  2. Nobel Team was not Spartan III's only as Jorge was a Spartan II hence why Halsey knew him when she didn't have any input with the Spartan Three operation. Previously Rosenda-344 had been in Emile's place as Noble 4 and she was a Spartan II as well. It is assumed Halsey would know of the program for Spartan III's but had no say in it as it was a black ops program run by ONI personnel. Add to it technically Halsey should have seen more armor mods since Reach, she did see Kelly in the book Ghosts of Onyx along with Chief after the Halo incident.

    She may have remembered special missions she had access to briefly but still she would have known of the upgraded armors and possibilities. Add to this The reason for the difference in the armor used on the Chief and the War Games Spartan's isn't just the Spartan rank (ie: Spartan II or Spartan IV). It would also stand to reason that the armor is different due to advances in technology and different recruitment methods of the new Spartan's. Master Chief was given a suit originally that no human could use without his enhancements, over time it stands to reason that ONI would have pursued means of lowering the level of enhancements needed while also cheapening the cost of the armor manufacturing.

    However threw it all the books and the movies, Forward Unto Dawn and the animated movie as well, all have various issues that don't clearly match up with the games properly. This falls back to the problem of plot holes made to leave room for sequels and then not being used. Such as the teleportation technology Guilty Spark uses on Chief in Halo, yet in Halo 4 its portals which I don't recall being used before yet its known to Cortana. But the mistakes, the confusion, and the story are what make it all worth it in my eyes. Well that and sticking a plasma grenade to someones head from behind and shooting at them to get them to turn just in time to see you before they go flying over your head.

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  3. Because of the different in chiefs armor between 3and4 is because while adrift on the forward unto dawn cortana reformed his amor after the mark iv version using nano machines.

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