Specialization code from XBox?

  1. I did not pre-order the game and have maxed out at SR70 having completed Wetwork and Operator. I read in an earlier thread that XBox would send codes to activate the other six specializations for playing online between the launch date and Nov. 20th and that the e-mail would be sent by the 30th. I have not received an e-mail of that sort and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or have received the e-mail from XBox.

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    STARSKR34M - 4 years ago


  1. Did you sign up with the Xbox Live Rewards program? I did a while ago and did get my email from XBL rewards with the code for Specialization Priority Alpha.

    Just some additional advise - I'm not sure if it's too late if you weren't on the rewards program before hand. But if you can still get the code after signing up, when you see the code (looks like most points codes) you'll probably just redeem it from your broswer window.

    I did that too but when I started up Halo 4 from my console, I saw no extra specializations. So I went back to the dashboard to my account management and looked up my download history. Sure enough SPA was there in my history (even though accessed from my PC) so I figured I should 'Download Again' to have it done through my console.

    Weird thing is it said the content was "assigned to another console" when I first tried. Maybe having to download from PC on the web?? Not sure, but it took me about 5 attempts to finally download through console and then I did see the 6 specs available (but still needed to be unlocked) in my career menu.

    So from my experience, best thing to do would be to print that code from your browser and redeem it on your console. Just my 2 cents, and again, hopefully it's not too late if you sign up with the rewards program after the fact.

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    AdobeArtist - 4 years ago 0 0

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