Review by skeletorissatan

Reviewed: 11/12/12

For once a huge game that is not a letdown.

To say that Halo is a gargantuan series of incredible proportions would most likely be the largest understatement of all time. A game that at one point had over a billion annual online sign ins, the main series was considered dead and buried following the third installment but rumors continued to be whispered until, eventually, the fans eagerly awaiting any news on this were finally made happy by the announcement of a fourth installment. Halo 4 was to be the beginning of a new trilogy entitled the Reclaimer trilogy and would mark the return of the Master Chief as the main character as opposed to the characters whose stories were explored by ODST and Reach, the previous two games in the series. However, the main question that was being asked was would this first installment in the new trilogy manage to either match or surpass the quality levels found on the previous installments in this world renowned juggernaut of a franchise?

To put it mildly, it does so and then some. What Halo 4 is is the pinnacle of first person shooters to grace the Xbox 360, coupling slick controls, beautiful level design and utterly breathtaking graphics the likes of which are unlikely to be matched on the Xbox unless the upcoming third installment in the Crysis series manages to pull any surprises. This game packed one hell of a thrill ride into its twelve hour long masterpiece story line without ever once pulling any punches. Forget anything you either think you have known or else what you perceive a first person shooter to consist of as Halo manages to far outclass any generic corridor based Call Of Duty or Battlefield game released to date, almost reinventing what the genre means along the way.

The game play is similar to that which is found in the other Halo games in that you play as the super agile Master Chief working as a one man army to fight your way through hordes of enemies but the slick styling of it somehow surpasses anything the genre has produced to date. This is a serious endeavor, one that will both test your mettle as a marksman and also your patience, as the difficulty level of this game is off the scale for a Halo game. Gone are the days of being able to plow through the levels as the super soldier that Master Chief really is and instead this requires a much more tactical approach, being considerably more difficult game than any in recent months other than perhaps Borderlands 2.

The level design on display here is some of the best in the history of three dimensional gaming, with each level feeling completely fresh and not being the same old boring corridors that we have been exploring since the days of Duke Nukem. As a gamer, one should expect better than this and Halo 4 really does deliver to its fullest potential making for one of the most engaging set of environments in the games industry. Couple this with the beautifully designed textures and well modeled characters and the game was already set to be an absolute masterpiece. However, it is the story telling that carries this game into the upper echelons of gaming, with every character being perfectly written and crafted. The voice acting is completely believable and gives the game a feeling of intensity unrivaled by any game of today.

Forget Call Of Duty or Battlefield, Halo 4 is the dawn of a new trilogy that every gamer should experience coupling everything together beautifully to create one of the best games in recent years. Buy it. Play it. Love It.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Halo 4 (EU, 11/06/12)

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