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Reviewed: 11/13/12

Halo Reborn

Campaign: Halo 4’s campaign begins four years after Halo 3 and puts you, the Master Chief, into a new adventure that takes you across multiple landscapes in various breathtaking environments. The design of many of these locales in the campaign are amazing and you never lose attention because you are fighting in a different environment every level. The story is in my view a bit deeper than your typical story and the focus is in the relationship between the Master Chief and an aging Cortana. The storytelling is paced well and does not feel rushed at all, and overall I feel fans will appreciate the story told in Halo 4. As for length of the campaign you probably have a good eight hour adventure ahead of you, but I do not recommend rushing through this story because it really is worth your time to carefully move through.

Multiplayer: The most overhauled and changed component in Halo 4 is multiplayer or Infinity Mode as it is called in the game’s main menu. This new multiplayer has your classic deathmatch, capture the flag, and territories with new twists. For example in capture the flag you can dual wield a flag and pistol combo or in deathmatch mode you can request weapon drops after gaining so many points in the match, similar to Call of Duty’s care package system. We also have very revamped modes such as Spartan Ops which replaces firefight mode and instead creates a cooperative experience with a story that you play with friends online. Though this mode is not an endless wave onslaught like firefight it does add a depth to the game’s overall story. Another change is with the infection game mode, now called Flood where the infected players become flood after being hit. These flood characters have special abilities such as boosts or cloaks that help them stalk enemies. So as you see lots of modes have changed and many classic modes have been slightly tweaked with weapon drops and a new loadout system.

Loadout System: The biggest overhaul in Halo 4 builds on Halo Reach’s system but besides just unlocking armor permutations you can use points to unlock weapons, grenades, and armor abilities you start with when you spawn in a multiplayer game. You gain credits after leveling up in online multiplayer and these credits are slowly gained so picking when to use them becomes important as you may want to save up to unlock a DMR or Jetpack to use in multiplayer. This loadout system adds more depth to multiplayer because it allows players now to build around what they want their multiplayer character to be like.

Overall: Halo 4 is a refreshing take on the Halo franchise that takes the typical Halo mold and shapes it into something different and refreshing. The game feels new to a longtime Halo fan without sacrificing that Halo magic the franchise has. As for new players to the franchise they will appreciate the more in depth multiplayer where you build unto your character as you level up, thus creating tons of replay value. When you look at the campaign and multiplayer you see that Halo 4 truly is a great start to the new Halo trilogy and a great start for 343 Industries in their handling of the Halo series. Halo 4 gets a nine for its innovative changes and addicting gameplay in all aspects of the game from campaign to Infinity Mode.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Halo 4 (US, 11/06/12)

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