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"343 Has proved they can take the ball and run!"

"Halo 4 is a success"

Campaign- Halo 4 stars our old friend Master Chief who is awoken by his trusty A.I. Cortana to find out why the Covenant is attacking and who our new enemy to the series is! The campaign hosts 8 new breath taking levels for you to explore and conquer in this amazing first person view shooter. The main story focuses on Master Chief (John 117) as a person and what makes him human. Every level is finely detailed and different from the previous. The sound track grabs you and makes every second feel like you are doing something amazing! It reminds me of Star Wars. You can tell 343 put a lot of work into this game. Its my personal favorite of the entire series!

Multiplayer- This is what defines Halo 4. 343 changed everything that was wrong about Reach and improved it greatly with all kinds of additional features. You have your basic playlists like Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Swat, and many more! You have 10 maps to start off to play on with more thanks to upcoming and current DLC. Every map is different from the last and not one has any flaws. They added a new feature in Halo 4's multiplayer called, weapon drops, load outs, and a point system similar to Call of Duty. The weapon drops allow you to select what kind of weapons or add ons you would like to drop down on the map while playing. The point system works by each kill you get by awarding points for your job and yourself along with distraction kills. The load out system allows you to customize what weapons you would like to start off with that can be used in specific play lists. In the load out system you can buy new weapons to you for your load outs. The higher you rank up in Halo 4's multiplayer the more unlockables you get like different parts for your armor, and spartan tag. Something new Halo 4 brings to the table that no other Halo titles have brought before was the ability to drop in the middle of a match. Yes no longer will you get stuck in 1 vs 4 team slayer matches because of your other team mates disconnecting. 343 has enabled other players to jumped into games to always make it fair.

Spartan Ops: Something completely new Halo has never done before is Spartan Ops. In this mode you are a Spartan part of the Crimson team upon which you go through level after level of completing different tasks and killing hordes of enemies. You can play with people online or by yourself. Each level is comprised of an episode. There are 5 chapters to each episode. Currently there are 6 episodes released for free with more to come in the future.

Overall- Halo 4 is a fresh breath of air for the series that brings back Master Chief and surrounds you with an impressive story and amazing multiplayer. Even with all the new features Halo 4 introduces you can reassured when you pick up the controller and play it will feel just like the Halo you knew and loved before but better. Halo 4 gets a 9/10 for its breath taking environment, multiplayer, and campaign.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/24/13

Game Release: Halo 4 (US, 11/06/12)

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