What is the best team for battle ?

  1. I want a good character and 2 good supports

    User Info: Rivera013

    Rivera013 - 5 years ago

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  1. Not to quote many people on here, but there is no absolute good character and good supports. It's all down to which characters you are able to use. A lot say Masked Man, but I'd rather use characters like Kakashi or Kankuro. Try out the characters available and see which ones you are able to fight well with.

    User Info: IllusionsInc

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  1. well,my mains are Masked Man,with Karin and Itachi as support(best if you put them in "balance),Haku with Masked Man and Kabutomaru as support,those are my best teams,i will list you some good supports:Mizukage,Obito,Taka Sasuke,Juugo,Sage Naruto,Konan,Shikamaru(TS),Neji(TS or PTS),the Third,Second and First Hokage,Kakashi,well those are the ones i use most,my favorites and the one which suits me best,and i think they will suit you as well

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  2. I have different ones depending on who I go against.
    Against long range fighters
    -Tenten (Part 1) Support Suigetsu Part 1 Sasuke
    -Temari ~any~ Support Asuma Ino (Part 2)
    -Deidara Support Tobi Kisame
    -Kazakage Gaara Temari Obito

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  3. A Good Team Would Be A Guard Like Pain or Neji Along With A Good Long Range Attack Like Itachi or Temari

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  4. My favourite team is Kisame ~ Suigetsu ~ Zabuza. Using both users of Kubikiribocho as support will make distance between you and your opponent (One of them balance, second attack or defense). Next you can simply attack him by normal Kisame combo, or charged jutsu, and again summon supporters.

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  5. Ok to make sure and clear::!!! Anyone who uses masked man is because they can't play naruto. Masked man is cheap and easy to spam with but anyway I always defeat players who use masked man.

    User Info: Gamer0459

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  6. a good team? if you like to dash in a lot then use a full tai justu team: Rock lee with sup, neji and hinata. Try it out and you wil get it soon enough why.

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  7. ANYBoDY can use naruto! Ill beat naruto bout every time with masked man or mifune but I rely more on staying close using combos an making the opponent burn through his subs for support I usually use pain an neji just incase I need time to charge

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  8. This is all my opinion, ok? just to get this straight.

    Madara Uchiha (edotensei) is by far one of the strongest characters in the game. He is a melee ninja, but has range due to his susanno'o. So he deals the same damage as any other melee guy, but because he has range, he is better in more ways than one. Therefore you should learn to play him, by abusing his long range melee and landing combos.

    So my team comp:
    Madara Uchiha (Edotensei) - main character
    Nagato (Edotensei) - support 1 (Guard)
    Tobi (ninja war) - support 2 (Balanced)

    Why, Nagato?
    He is like pain, with his AoE defence mechanism and his spell time is actually faster than pain.

    Why Tobi?
    His fan of flames thing is really overpowered, it follows your opponent and has a lot of range.

    Why this team comp?
    It deals insane damage with just madara alone, added that the enemy can rarely touch due to his range, and nagato. If you find your self getting owned by deidara or something, spam tobi, since his spell destroys any kunai. Madaras awakening is SUPER OP. so much range, and it's hard to time the substitution. You can use ninjutsu while in awakening, which is a different one than great flame annihilation. It is Yasaka Magatama, and each individual bead deals AoE damage. So you can spam this and it deals IMMENSE damage. I have yet to try this on real people, since my internet is bad, but I have not lost a single AI Battle yet.

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  9. LDrago123456 are u blind? The question is asked for NSG not NSR. How the hell are u expecting to use Nagato & Madara Uchiha in NSG? LEARN TO READ CAREFULLY.

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  10. Gamer0459 how the hell can u spam masked man? The only characters that spams in the game are Tenten, Temari, Shino, & Deidara. Masked man doesn't not spam. It's like saying Danzo spams when he doesn't. Both of the characters are balanced. Kakashi's spam is annoying. Constant lighting blades back & forth.

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