Why can't I open Franklin's garage as Franklin?

  1. I can't open his garage in Vinewood hills. Help!

    User Info: Mariofan923

    Mariofan923 - 3 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
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    User Info: marioluigi1412

    marioluigi1412 - 2 years ago

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  1. If you pull up too close to the garage door it will not open just like the los santos customs doors. This is because the doors open out and up. So if you are too close the door hits your car and stops. bobbyxie you are incorrect, each of the 3 characters have a home garage that holds two cars, no purchase nessisary.

    User Info: Doughbizzle

    Doughbizzle - 1 year ago 1 0


  1. Each character has a specific garage. Franklin's garage is in South Los Santos, on Grove Street. The garage you're trying to gain access to is Michael's garage. It will not open for Franklin or Trevor, and their garages will not open for Michael.

    User Info: jontheemo

    jontheemo - 3 years ago 0 2
  2. Ignore that answer, the garages can glitch at times, Michaels did this to me when i had a heavily modded car in it which i also couldnt access (also wasnt there from the house entrance). Just reload the game, this worked to get michaels open again and my missing car returned

    User Info: bluedragon619

    bluedragon619 - 3 years ago 1 1
  3. I think you guys misunderstood his question.

    Franklin's vinewood hills garage doesn't open. His driveway serves at the "garage". These freebie garages don't really store cars. They only give you your default cars back so don't even bother.

    Cars will only be saved in the 4 car garage that each character purchases on his own. Locations are set. Can't pick and choose.

    User Info: bobbyxie

    bobbyxie - 3 years ago 1 1
  4. Just go to the garage door and it should come up with an icon saying 'enter garage' and press the indicated button on the dpad and if this doesn't work then just reload the game. Hope this helped

    User Info: marioluigi1412

    marioluigi1412 - 2 years ago 0 1

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