Spare Captain Curnow?

  1. So I just got the game and I was stopped and given the quest where I have to become Captain Curnow's bodyguard. My question is: Where do I do this optional quest? I don't see a waypoint for it and Samuel just took me to the distillery district and there's still no waypoint for it

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    demondor - 4 years ago

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  1. It really doesn't have a way point its self. He is with the Overseer you are sent to kill.

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have a few options like ford817 said when you enter the room the way point is leading you too you check the glasses of wine on the table and you can either switch the poison killing the Overseer saving Curnow, mix the drinks killing both, or spill the glasses (braking them).

    Another option is if you have the freeze time power you can freeze time and knock out dart them both but then you have to pick Curnows body up and carry him to a dumpster out side. If you follow this route its best to go out the window follow the duct work to the right drop down to the AC unit sticking out of the building then drop to some boxes before falling to the ground, Then sticking to the right thru the court yard to a hole in the big fence then to the dumpster down the road. It also helps to clear the court yard and all of the road before doing this.

    Other wise like ford817 said you have to follow him and the overseer thru the building past 3-4 guards if you haven't already cleared the building. And then stop the Overseer before he stabs him in the back, Curnow is great full that you saved him and agrees you go your way he goes his. there is also a rune on the other side of the room from Sokolov's painting in a display case.

    Following them is the only way to get the Ghost achievement too. I also think its a little bit easier of the ways too.

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  1. It'll appear further on in the mission.

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  2. MINOR SPOILER ALERT:Later in the mission Captain Curnow will be in danger of being killed via poisoned drink. You can switch the glasses or destroy them, BUT if you destroy the glasses of wine then you will have to follow Curnow and save him from being stabbed in the back when he and the person who attempted to poison him are alone in the secret room with the Sokolov painting.

    User Info: ford817

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