How do you survive/defeat the console room in the final chapter?

  1. I am playing on X360 with the 1008MB patch, at agent level. Up till this point the difficulty has varied, but nothing I couldn't handle. Now suddenly it's gone vertical on me. I am in the shootout where you have to defend Natalya (?) as she hacks three consoles in a long narrow room.

    I was enjoying this game a lot right up until that point. A nice mix of stealth and gunfighting, with plenty of tactics to learn as you go. Then, suddenly, you are thrust into a situation where none of that matters: all you can seemingly do is keep running around and avoiding the waves and waves of guys who keep appearing from every direction, and who blaze away in complete disregard of anything, including each others' bullets (in a real-life analogue, half the bad guys would be killed by the other half).

    At this point I've lost track of how many times I've reloaded. Aside from the glitchiness of trying to shoot the bad guys with that golden glow in your face, it doesn't seem to matter if Natalya (?) finishes the third console: I've gotten to the point several times where the third thermometer bar appears full, and I'm shooting the last man standing, and suddenly the game announces

    User Info: dhecht

    dhecht - 5 years ago

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