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    Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ----------------------------[ GOLDENEYE 007: RELOADED ]------------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ------------------------------[Playstation 3/XBOX 360]-------------------------
    From Gamefly.com:
    The action gets reloaded as PS3/360 owners get a crack at the new GoldenEye. 
    The aggressive Daniel Craig and his relentless 007 style have been inserted
    into the story, retrofitting the saga with a supercharged update. Step into the
    shoes of the world's greatest secret agent and enter Her Majesty's Secret 
    Service in this first-person shooter that plays as cleverly as the Bond films
    themselves. Use a combination of stealth and action on open-ended cinematic
    missions straight out of the film. Experience four new MI6 side missions
    featuring Assault, Elimination, Stealth, and Defense objectives. Multiplayer
    options include four-player split-screen locally and 16-player battles online.
    Goldeneye: 007 Reloaded and its characters are trademarks of Activision and all
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced without proper consent.
    For my other guides: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html
    This walkthrough is for the Operative mode (easy mode) strategies may change
    with the harder modes.
    Grab the P99 and head over to the firing range. Press the Reload button to arm
    the P99 and go through some shooting exercises. Shoot the first target then do
    the same to five more targets. Next aim at the red circle and shoot the target
    right on the bullseys. Do the same for five more. You will notice that when you
    press and hold L2/LT, it will aim at the nearest target. Press the Crouch button
    to take cover then press and hold the Aim button to take out then next set of
    Walk back to the counter to get two more weapons out of the three on it. You can
    get the Anova DP3, Signus 9 or you can the "AK-47, the very best there is. When
    you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room... Accept
    no substitues". I forgot which Samuel L. Jackson movie that line came from. Get
    whatever two guns you want and head over to the button. I took the AK-47 and the
    Signus 9. If you decided to get the Anova DP3, it shouldn't make a difference.
    Push the button and go through the door. Go right and jump over the rail. Go to
    left and head downstairs into the basement. Press left on the D-pad to equip the
    silencer if you want to but it's not really necessary here. Run up to the fallen
    vending machine and press the hop button. Crouch down near the vent and then use
    the Action button to pull off the grating and forward to crawl through it. Press
    and hold the Action button to push the grating on the other side down. Stay in
    Crouch mode and carefully sneak up on the guard. The Field Manual is a total
    pain in the ass. Keeps popping up when trying to get the sneak in. Fans of the
    Manhunt series will know what to expect when you get close enough, press R3|RS
    to do a stealth kill. Arm one of your chosen weapons then shoot the camera from
    afar. Head forward towards the elevator and kill the guard before he gets the
    chance to call in reinforncements then go into the elevator. Push the button and
    that ends training.
    -Dam/Northern Dvina River-
    + Infiltrate the Dam - Secure Transport and then infiltrate the dam.
    You and Agent 006 sneak up on two guards. Do a stealth kill on the right guard
    as 006 does the same to the left guard. Follow 006's lead and sneak to the next
    hiding spot. When the guard goes to warm his hands by the fire, sneak up on him
    and do a stealth kill. He will leave an AK-47 upon death. Sneak up the stairs
    and kill the snipers up there. Use the sniper rifle left behind to pick off the
    guards by the truck. Kill four more crossing the bridge and follow 006 to the
    truck and get in the passenger seat. Shoot your guns as 006 drives the truck in
    a fast-pace driving sequense. Whenever the enemy grabs your gun, press L2|LT to
    push him away to his death. Shoot the gas truck that blocks your path. Soon the
    truck will be in trouble and 006 bails while you are stuck in the truck the
    moment it rolls over. 006 will help you out of the truck. Trouble seems to be
    brewing as the two of you notice a giant airship. Both of you drop down into the
    elevator shaft. Press R3/RS to a breach attack which plays similar to the Call
    of Juarez sequence and shoot down the three guards while in slow motion.
    +Gather Intel on teh EMP Hardened Helicopter - Locate the EMP Hardened Helicop-
    ter and send photographic intelligence of it to MI6. (3 to take)
    GO left and from the top of the stairs. Use a headshot on the guard instead of
    sneaking up on him. Before going downstairs, try to pick off as many guards as
    you can from the balcony then go down. Shoot the lock on the far left and go
    inside. Go down the ladder and stay on the path till you reach another ladder.
    I'll be honest with you, it is much easier to let yourself get spotted in order
    to get to the next checkpoint as you will eventually come across a locked door
    that blocks access. When you get spotted, backup will arrive from that door and
    when you kill everyone, you can proceed through that door instead of doing a lot
    of sneaking in that area. Go to the door and open it. Shoot a red barrell so it
    can explode and kill any nearby enemies then when they are all gone, head down
    the stairs ahead then enter the door and kill the guard and everyone else that
    is inside. You will fight your way to the elevator. Hit the green button to go
    up. Headshot the first guard while the other two talk. Wait for them to finish
    their conversation before you sneak up on them. Headshot them if possible and
    then at the top of the stairs, press down on the D-pad and take three photos of
    the Helicopter.
    + Infiltrate the Dam - Secure Transport and then infiltrate the dam. (Again)
    The enemy is onto you. Kill everyone that appears then make a break for the dam
    as soon as possible. Carefully make your way past the tower to the elevator but
    kill the enemies you come across on the away and avoid the sniper fire. Press
    the green button to go down. Sneak kill the guard and sneak to the ladder and
    go down. Sneaking is useless. Blast your way to the next area. No more enemies
    to fight here. Meet up with 006 and the level is over.
    -Weapons Storage Facility-
    +Infiltrate the Weapons Facility - Infiltrate the Weapons Facility by using the
    air ventilation shafts.
    After helping 006 get a boost, go to the green sign and go through the vents as
    you head to the bathtoom. Kill the guy taking a shit before you get out of the
    vent. Exit the bathroom and go right and estart going through a couple sets of
    doors that open up as you get close. Kill the guard before he can set off the
    alert and there is less guards to worry about. You can also pick off the guards
    from the rafters so they won't be much of a bother when you come around. Make
    your way to the next checkpoint.
    +Release the Lockdown - Proceed to the master engineer's office. Release the
    Security Lockdown.
    Run ahead and go to the right door and shoot the guard. There is a Sigmus 9 in
    the locked storage. Kill the other 2 guards and shoot the camera hear too then
    go to the door past where you killed the 3rd guard (room left of the camera).
    Shoot the lock and go inside. Enter the vent and wait for the two guards to go
    away before shooting the camera. Kill the one at the vending machine then kill
    the one at the computer. Go through the doors then go into the room on the left
    and into the vent. Cross the pipes and bridge here. Drop down into the hole and
    kill the guard. Shoot the camera and head for the lower bridge. Ignore fighting
    as much as possible and run for the checkpoint. Enter the vent and at the end,
    some grenades from an unknown assailant will take out some guards. Kill all of
    the guards that remain and go upstairs. Use the breach to get in and kill the
    two guards here. You will make the doctor here release the lockdown. Get the
    AS15 MK12 from the locked case and leave.
    +Enter the Inner Facility - Proceed through the Lockdown dorr to the inner
    Use the new weapon to snipe all five guards then head to the next checkpoint by
    vaulting over the railing and going through the door.
    +Rendezvous with Agent 006 - Navigate through the interior of the facility.
    Rendezvous with Agent 006 by the fuel tanks.
    Follow the marker until you see 006's marker on the radar. Enemies will come
    out and station themselves. Snipe the guards as safe as possible. That's is not
    a sniper up there. That is 006. Proceed to where the marker takes you then take
    out the camera before killing the next set of guards. Soon you will see 006 get
    out of a vent. Use your smartphone to hack the system. This will make all but
    one scientist flee. He gets taken out by 006. Proceed through the doors that
    006 opens for you and take out the lone guard. 006 will take out the next two
    +Sabotage the fuel tanks - Sabotage the fuel tanks by planting your remote mines
    on them. (6 to plant)
    If you got more silent sniper ammo, take out the next set of guards. Sneak up
    to the red marker and plant the explosive on the tank. Shoot any cameras you
    see while doing this. Once all 6 are planted...
    +Rendezvous with Agent 006 - Rendezvous with Agent 006 to excute the final stage
    of the mission.
    Follow the marker to 006 and since your name is James anyway, it's safe for me
    to say... He's dead, Jim ;_; Press the action button when instructed to blow the
    place up.
    +Escape from the facility- Fight your wway to the runway to find a means of
    At the end of the conyeor belt right, shoot everyone in sight with the AK-47
    next to you. Shoot the barrels to kill the enemies faster. Run to the next spot
    On the way, Watch out for the explosions. You can also go into a storage room at
    the first set of stairs to recover from any injuries you got. The enemy won't go
    in. A guard will wait outside and will be clueless to your presence when you 
    exit. Kill him then go back downstairs and then proceed to the next point. Go
    into the next door to the left. Use this room to recover when you sustain heavy
    damage as you kill all the enemies on the map except the copter. When clear, run
    forward and up the stairs blasting your way to the top and enter the door. Kill
    the three guards here then the two guards on the next floor (and the top floor
    if you want) then exit out the building on the 2nd floor to board the motorcycle
    outside. Shoot the guards to your right who are also riding motorcycles. Shoot
    the guard coming out of the plane's rear door and when the motorcycle goes off
    the cliff. Press both trigger buttons repeatedly to get inside the plane. Get
    to the cockpit and press the trigger buttons repeatedly to regain control of the
    +Locate Sergeant Garcia - Search the main club for Sergeant Garcia. Use the
    facial recognition application on your smartphone to confirm their identity.
    Go upstairs and you can walk past the bouncer while he is dealing with an unruly
    visitor. Answer the smartphone. You get a clue to use your smartphone for the
    facial recognition app. Ignore the guy on the phone and go right and enter the
    door. Make your way downstairs to where the dance floor is. You can use your app
    to see who will be your enemy later on in the level. Once at the bottom floor,
    go up the hill and go right. Seargent Garcia is a female so when the smartphone
    icon appears, scan the female nearby and that is her.
    +Meet with Zukovsky - Follow Sergeant Garcia to gain access to Zukovsky's office
    Follow Seargent Garcia up the flight of stairs. The guard will confiscate your
    gun and let you in. While you are speaking, the waitress with the counterfeit
    vodka you met earlier will kill Zukovsky and frame you for it.
    +Escape from Zukovsky's nightclub - You have been framed for Zukovsky's murder.
    Find an exit out of the club before the police arrives.
    Kill the five guards then run down the stairs. You may have noticed a painting
    in the room before with four faces. You can shoot it to reveal a safe but for
    some reason you can open the safe behind it. Right now just fight your way back
    to where you entered the dance area upstairs. Go to the next checkpoint and use
    the slowdown to kill as many guards as you can. I'll be straightforward for now.
    Keep an eye on the red dots on the map and when they are all gone then its safe
    as the red dots represents the enemies and that's pretty much what you do for
    the rest of this level. If you get the SLY 2020, you're a force to be reckoned
    with. The guy in the kitchen has one for the taken. Once you get the message of
    the police surrounding the building, head forward and kill as many of the guards
    as you can then when clear, make a break for the long hallway and run down and
    hang a left at the end to end the level.
    ==MISSION 3: DUBAI==
    +Meet with Sky Briggs - Locate Sky Briggs. Your contact at the arms fair.
    Go upstairs to talk to Mr. Briggs. He talks all that crap about the safety of
    the chopper and he gets shot dead. Is it so wrong to laugh at this part?
    +Pursue Ourumov and Onatopp - Pursue Ourumov and Onatopp, prevent them from
    stealing the prototype helicopter onbiard the carrier.
    Run after the two and kill the enemies in sight. There is no time limit here
    if you're wondering. Use the smartphone to hack the laptop and also hack the
    node to lift the gate. Hop over the rail and once again this is a level you
    won't need help on for a while since it's run and gun. When you get to the part
    about a captain being unable to reach anybody. Go left instead of right then
    crouch tio drop into the floor vent there. Use the smartphone when prompted to
    hack a computer pod that kills everyone inside. Go up the stairs and kill all
    the guards including the ones planting charges. Go forward through the door and
    go down the ladder. Go through the door on the left and go right. Use breach to
    kill the enemy here and rescue a hostage. Go down the next ladder. Ignore the
    first two doors and save the hostage with another breach. Get out and kill the
    enemies that appear then go right and kill the ones there. Go through the door
    and up the stairs. Sneak up on the next enemy.
    +Release the Lockdown - Reroute the engine pressure to end the lockdown and
    release the bulkhead door.
    Silently kill the three closest guards and use the smartphone to guide you to
    the nearest hack target. Once hacked, kill the remaining two guards here. Shoot
    the guard downstairs from the balcony and he'll blow up. Now you are safe to go
    to the checkpoint. Just vault to get to the target faster and use the smartphone
    to hack it. Go back upstairs and use the breach to rescue another hostage. Get
    out and go through the door. Quickly kill the two enemies here and the guy that
    is upstairs. Kill the two other guys below. Head over to the cargo lift and then
    activate it. Kill the enemies that are riding the lift and then go to the next
    checkpoint and ride it up yourself.
    +Plant your smartphone on the Prototype Helicopter - Get to the Protoype Heli-
    Copter and plant your smartphone on it. This will allow MI6 to track its loca-
    Immediately "Get to the Choppa" before it gets away and James will grab onto
    the bottom and plant his smartphone.
    +Escape from the carrier - Escape the Prototype Helicopter's attack. Proceed to
    the front of the carrier.
    Kill the enemy on the ground as you run from the helicopter's fire and watch out
    for fire and explosions. Kill one more enemy and head to the end of the level.
    +Track your smartphone - Track the signal from your smartphone hidden on board
    the stolen Prototype Helicopter.
    This first part you can do yourself. Just stay low and shoot the guards before
    they alert the others. A wierd satellite will cause an explosion that brings a
    jet and a chopper down. The latter will fall on you.
    +Find the lower compound - Explore the immediate area and find a route to the
    lower compound.
    The enemy troopers will be running alot on the bridge above. Kill the ones who
    are on the ground with your P99 + Silencer as you stay along the right wall area
    as you sneak your way to the next checkpoint. Stay out of the fire as you sneak
    under the wreckage and ignore the enemies to your left and just head over to the
    flipped jeep. Use this for cover. Pick off all enemies and even if you get seen,
    fight as best as you can then climb up some rocks and run down the path to the
    the final checkpoint before another objective is given.
    +Avoid the Crossfire - The Russian base is under attack from an unidentified
    force. Avoid the crossfire and continue to the lower compound.
    Don't worry about the gunfire going on, stay crouch as you proceed through this
    next area. Only kill who is shooting at you and reach the next part.
    +Infiltrate the Lower Compound - Find a route from the lower compound up to the
    Once again, only shoot whoever stands in your way. The next area seems to be
    confusing but you know you're going the right way when you pass by the white
    truck. Run past it to enter a building. Once inside the tunnel you complete
    this objective. 
    +Navigate the tunnel - Navigate your way up the funicular tram tunnel to reach
    the bunker.
    Take off the grill of the vent then shoot the three guards in this room. If you
    try to sneak attack the third guy, a sniper kills him instead. When you reach
    the next point, snipers will open fire. You will hear someone say "help me open
    the door". Stay away from that wall if its loud as a bomb will go off. Kill the
    enemies who comes through. This will only blind you a bit so keep firing to be
    safe. Ignore the snipers and just go through the door ahead and go through the
    +Enter the bunker - Gain access to the bunker built into the mountains.
    Make a break for the blue doors quickly then kill anyone that is in your way.
    At the doors. Press the trigger buttons to "part the red sea" (that's what it
    looks like here). The level will end here.
    +Investigate the bunker - Investigate the bunker. Locate the server room and
    discover what Gurumov's men are looking for.
    Don't let the exploding steam vents scare you (the player). They can catch the
    average player off guard especially those faint at heart. Sneak around and kill
    whoever you can without being seen. Don't shoot the bombs if you are too close.
    If you shoot one that kills an enemy. The others will chalk it up as something
    that was his fault if no one spotted you beforehand. Eventually you will come
    to a spot where you must use a breach to kill two guards to save a woman. When
    she runs away...
    +Locate the power generator - Use the auxilary power terminal to release the
    security lock on the door.
    Head to the door for a tutorial on night vision. Press up on the D-pad to use 
    it then open the door. Turn off the generator and...
    +Continue the investigation - Navigate your way through the bunker and locate
    the server room.
    Go out and open the other door and kill the guards to the left. Destroy the bomb
    on the wall and go the other way while crouched. Enter the door and then use the
    night vision to go through the room. The fire can be blinding with them on. Kill
    all of the enemies possible.If you get spotted, kill everyone and head for the
    elevator door. Press the trigger buttons to open it, and drop in the shaft. Kill
    the guy you see. If the enemy is alerted, get to the stairs and wait for them to
    come to you and blast them like the sitting ducks they are until they are all
    dead. Go downstairs and kill the guard messing with the bomb then go through the
    door and force it open. Pull the handle to make the elevator fall.
    +Neutralize Ourumov's men - Neutralize Ourumov's men who are guarding the server
    Pretty self-explanatory. Kill the four guards here then go to the switch and
    pull it. Kill more guards that show until the door fully opens.
    +Follow the device - Follow Ourumov's men carrying the device.
    Just run and gun it till you get to the switch to open the door. You will even
    here the "get to the chopper" line here too.
    +Escape the bunker - Escape the bunker before it is destroyed by the explosive
    charges planted by Ourumov's men.
    More running and gunning here. You are basically backtracking where you came
    from earlier in the level. Keep following the checkpoint and kill all who stand
    in your way. The red ladder at the beginning that was unusable earlier can now
    be used to get across the gap. Open the vent and make your way to the woman you
    rescued earlier. Follow her till the end of the level.
    +Escape the military archives and pursue Ouromov - Escape the military archives
    and pursue Ouromov. He will lead us to Janus.
    Ouromov shoots dead the interrogators. Use the AK-47 and shoot the guards. Go
    up the stairs and kill two more. Go through the left door and vault through the
    glass and open the other door in this room to get around the bars. Kill more of
    the guards on the way to a vent and use that to get around the next set of bars.
    Kill one guard and the next one will meet is death foolishly by jumping through
    the glass window which you dispose of him right there. Take out the guard inside
    the room and go through the door instead of the vents as they lead to the same
    spot. Open the next door and shoot the lock to get ammo. Go back out the room
    completely and head to east side of the map and shoot the guards on the way up
    the stairs. At the top, blast them with your Shotgun weapon and proceed to the
    checkpoint. Press the red button to open the security door and kill the guards
    inside. Shoot the gas tank to make it explode and fight to the next checkpoint.
    Go up the stairs and kill everyone inside in the room and go the next spot. You
    will see a green spot on the radar. Kill the guards and make your way over to
    that area by taking out the two guards upstairs before going up. Take out more
    guards once upstairs. Once you make to the next area, the phone will ring. A
    call from MI6 says Ouromov is off to St. Petersburg.  The enemies will now use
    Smoke bombs. Stand your ground and let it clear or let the enemies come to you
    and attack them. Use the smartphone to hack the node by the door to open it.
    The girl you rescued earlier can be heard. Run downstairs to the elevator and
    press the button. It won't open until you deal with all the other enemies. When
    it opens, go inside and press the button. Once in the basement, this will be a
    tough firefight. Have an AK-47 for this fight. Also watch out for the guards
    upstairs in the skybox. Once everythin is clear, make your way to the skybox
    and press the button. You will see plans for a tank. Go downstairs and finish
    everyone off before getting into the tank.
    +Purse Ourumov - Ourumov is escaping with Natalya. Give Chase. But do not elimi-
    nate him.
    This level is like a walk in the park. Shoot everything that's in sight and show
    no mercy. Use missile on the choppers. You can get killed while in the tank so
    don't be like Chuck Norris here. Ti ji ji~!! ^v^
    +Enter the train - Find a way onto the derailed train.
    Fight your way to the checkpoint and shoot the enemies attacking from the ground
    and the scaffolding. When you drop down, go to the right and fight through the
    tunnel then fight through the scaffolding to get up there. Hop over the rail and
    go into the crane. Get out and make two lefts. Get to the ground and you are
    going to down the incline through the tunnel as the upper road is blocked by a
    cage. Shoot the enemies and enter the train. Go from car to car and Onatopp will
    take out Ourumov. Kill the three guards to rescue Natalya during the slowdown
    mode. These guys are deadly. Shoot the two who fire actively then take out the
    one who is stunned by Natalya. Onatopp will throw a grenade inside.
    +Escape the Burning Carriage - Shoot the latches and remove the hatch in the
    floor to escape from the burning train carriage.
    Do just that. There are eight of them and they are red and gray. The two of you
    +Investigate Memorial Park - Investigate the Janus presence at Memorial Park.
    Shoot the guard from afar then head forward. You can just sneak straight ahead
    in a straight line next to the car. In my opinion it's best to kill everyone
    with the gun one of the guards leaves behind then go to the checkpoint. The next
    spot can be accomplished easily by sneaking off to the the right side of the
    outer area and then shoot the guard by the door. Too easy! Next, go inside of
    the building and follow the two guards to a door they seem to be messing with
    then take them out quickly. Go up the ladder. Don't chase the car as it will
    stop and people will get out and enter a building. Duck off to the right and
    climb the ladder to subdue the sniper and use the P99 to kill off the other guys
    below. Ignore everyone inside the building and go down and sneak around the side
    of the building to the right and go up the steps. Carefully kill the guards hear
    and go to the gate and use the triggers to open it. Kill everyone you see in the
    courtyard then run through to climb onto a pillar and go through a hole. James
    gets a phone call.
    +Gather photographic evidence - Gather photographic evidence of any other organ-
    ization associated with Janus.
    Shoot the snipers and try to sneak past the other guards in the courtyard along
    the left side and use you smartphone to hack the node and make the gun shoot all
    the enemies dead. Go up the stairs and...
    +Secure the room - secure the room before gathering photographic evidence.
    Press the keypad to lock the door.
    +Gather photographic evidence - Gather photographic evidence of any other organ-
    ization associated with Janus.
    Get your smartphone and take a picture of the laptop. Natalya is taken again.
    Shoot everyone that enters the door. Finish everyone else off and run to the
    next door. You get night vision goggles. Use them to take out the enemies who
    will ambush you in the dark. Once they are all dead, enter the far door and go
    after the ground enemies closer to you then sneak up the stairs to the right.
    Kill the lone guard back here that'll see you and go into the sewer where the
    hole in the wall is. The guards are waiting for you here as they appear on the
    radar out of nowhere. When back in the courtyard, you are home free. GASP! Agent
    006 is alive.
    +Escape the Prototype Helicopter - Find a means of escape from the prototype
    Press the Left Trigger to launch the ejection seat.
    +Locate the Pan-African power solar plant - Navigate through the jungle and
    locate the Pan-African power solar plant.
    Kill the 3 guards from afar and run down the hill. Get the Vargen VH-7 and use
    it against anyone you come across. The last two won't even see you if you stay
    low so ignore them and then once out of sight, run to the checkpoints. You'll
    slide down a slope. Shoot the next two guys in the back of the head. The third
    one will walk away. Use your smartphone to hack the node. Move down the path and
    only kill when necessary as you can stay along the left side to avoid being seen
    for the most part. You want to make it to the node to hack the laptop but if you
    get seen, just take everybody out. Run through the jungle until it autosaves.
    Duck off to the right and hide in the bushes as the guards run by. Proceed down
    the path and watch the radar as you will see more of them rushing. Avoid them by
    going on the upper hill and watch them pass by. In fact, stay on the high road
    and kill the 2 guards before they alert anyone then when you are down on the
    ground, move along the left route. Hack another laptop and if you are lucky you
    can make it to a spot where you have to worry about one guard and hack the gun
    to kill most off the others. Make your way to hack the other gun by going under
    the left tunnel then up the hill to hack the other laptop. Follow the marker to
    your next destination. Kill the guard heading towards you then move forward and
    take out the one that is walking away from you. It's better to fight it out as
    that gun is going to be a pain when sneaking. When everyone is dead, open the
    door and go through the other side of the cabin. Kill the guard outside. Don't
    bother shooting the barrels. They alert the others upon exploding. Make your way
    downstairs and get some kills in if you want. You will want to go through both
    sides first (Take out the guard on the closest stairs then go back up and go
    down the bridge and kill the guards on the other side to make you you are not
    spotted easily) but if you want to be cheap, blow up the truck with gunfire to
    the red tank as I found out the hard way that they do explode. This is cheap as
    you kill them during their conversation and it alerts no one else. Hack the gun
    to take out everyone else. Hack the other gun so it won't be a bother. Hack the
    node next to the fence to open it. Go to the next checkpoint into the building.
    +Neutralize Xenia Onatopp - Fight your way past Onatopp's soldiers and then
    eliminate her.
    Stay away the helicopter fire and mow down any enemy you see as you make a break
    for it. Shoot the truck tank before anyone exits for a quick kill. Use the shot-
    gun to kill enemies in a hurry but use your shots wisely and retreat when you
    have to. Once all the men are dead, sprint across the bridge and then try to
    fire the missiles at it. Onatopp will try to stop you so press the buttons you
    see on the screen when prompted. After a few moments, repeatedly press on the
    prompted buttons to launch the missiles and that gets rid of Onatopp as well, as
    the copter crashes and pulls her with it.
    +Infiltrate the pan-african power solar plant - Navigate your way through the
    solar plant. 
    Kill the two guards talking then move up ahead. In the room to the right, shoot
    the camera. Kill the guard inside and continue down the path. Kill the guard in
    front of you then kill the guard on the right and take his gun. On the map, stay
    on the ride side of it and hack the gun to kill many of the guards. Shoot the
    rest of them while staying away from the other gun until you hack it. To get
    past the pair of sensor guns, is to make a break for the room and survive their
    onslaught then hack them. Let them kill as many guards possible then proceed
    forward and run n' gun your way through the level. Shoot the lock on the door
    and open it.
    +Acquire explosive charges - Acquire explosive charges so that you can sabotage
    the underground power plant.
    Kill the three guards once you get upstairs. Head forward and make your way down
    the stairs and there is a button you can press to open the solar panel. Fight
    your way to the lower level. Pick off the guards dropping down from the copter.
    Kill everyone off before you get the explosives off the crate.
    +Sabotage the cooling towers - Sabotage the cooling towers in the underground
    power plant by planting your explosive charges on them.
    Shoot more guards then head to the lower level and go into the elevator. Once
    the ride is over, kill the guard with his back turned to you. Shoot the cameras
    on each side and go down either side and aim a shoot at the camera ahead. You
    may have gotten the sniper rifle from next to the first guard. Use that to pick
    off the other guards. Kill everyone and head to the button to press it to sound
    the alert. There will not be as much guards to this one to deal with the other
    ones gone. Kill off the rest of the guards as you use cover. Once everyone is
    out, go to the elevator where the alarm sounded and go down. Kill everyone on
    this floor and plant the bombs on the coolers. There are 3 of them. Kill all
    the remaining guards and go into the elevator. Go up and now face off against
    a large number of guards espcially onces with RPGs. Take those guys out first.
    Theres one on the upper right and one on the lower right. Take out this set of
    guards then fight your way forward and get to the gray doors where James gets
    Note: This is the last level for this version of Goldeneye 007. The N64 version
    was longer.
    +Defend Natalya - Eliminate the threat to Natalya and the computer consoles
    while she tries to destabilize the Goldeneye's orbit.
    After the bombs go off, use the gun you get to defeat the three guards during
    the slowdown sequence. This next part is tough. You shoot enemies from all over
    the place and you got to keep them from destroying the console. When she does
    all three computers, meet up with her.
    +Get to the machine room - You have 4 minutes remaining to prevent Trevelyan
    from re-stabilizing the Goldeneye's orbit.
    Run to the checkpoint and go through the door and make them open up with the
    trigger buttons. You got foure minutes to complete this objective. Shoot the
    guards you see. The electricity on the floor is an instant kill. You must find
    a way around that. The door you want to use is on the right side of the radar.
    Get outside and take everybody out as you go. Watch out for the missiles (?)
    being fired. When you see light, stay out of it. This is the only level where I
    know you can fall to your death so stay mobile. Hesitation is deadly to you.
    Make your way to the machine room and fight him the same way you fought Onatopp.
    He'll win this fight.
    +Create a system overload - Get to the antenna and create a critical system
    overload that will destroy the cradle and end Trevelyan's plan.
    Go up the ladder then go forward and go down another one. Vault over the railing
    and work your way to the bottom.
    +Deal with Trevelyan - Deal with Trevelyan in order to access the facility's
    crital systems.
    Don't bother trying to kill Trevelyan, he is invincible for now. But shoot him
    until his guards arrive.Kill the guards that come in until the next objective
    comes. Trevelyan's guard has a grenade launcher so beware of that. Soon there
    will be a helicopter joining in this fight. This will be the last wave before
    you see Trevelyan jump off the outside rail.
    +Create a system overload - Get to the antenna and create a critical system
    overload that will destroy the cradle and end Trevelyan's plan.
    Go to the elevator and get on the keyboard to overload the system. Finish off
    this fight with Trevelyan to get the upper hand. Use the triggers to pull you
    up then shoot Trevelyan to beat the game.
    Just like in the N64 version, James and Natalya kiss. Then we get the credits.
    007 (Silver)	
    Complete all objectives for every mission on 007 difficulty.
    Agent (Bronze)	
    Complete all objectives for every mission on Agent difficulty.
    Arkhangelsk Dossier (Bronze)	
    Complete all objectives in Arkhangelsk on 007 difficulty or higher.
    Au-ned (Bronze)	Public Match: 
    Achieve 79 kills with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode.
    Barcelona Dossier (Bronze)	
    Complete all objectives in Barcelona on 007 difficulty or higher.
    Boxing Clever (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Earn all accolades specific to Black Box.
    Boys with Toys (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Kill 50 enemies with Proximity Mines.
    Braced for Impact (Bronze)	
    Public Match: As Jaws, survive a shot to the head which would otherwise have 
    killed you.
    Bullet Dance (Bronze)	
    Get 40 kills with the Wolfe .44 in 'Nightclub'.
    Butter Hook (Bronze)	
    Public Match: As Tee Hee, get the most kills with a melee strike (min 3 melee 
    Cheated (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Get killed the most times by Oddjob's hat (min 3 deaths).
    Choppers Down (Bronze)	
    Shoot down 15 helicopters in 'Tank'.
    Classic (Gold)	
    Complete all objectives for every mission on 007 Classic difficulty.
    Clobbering (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Achieve 64 melee kills with the KL-033 Mk2.
    Console Compliancy (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Capture and defend the most consoles in one match of GoldenEye
    Dance Commander (Bronze)	
    Surrender to the music in 'Nightclub'.
    Dressed to Kill (Bronze)	
    Single Player: Complete any mission without collecting any body armor on 007 
    Classic difficulty.
    Dubai Dossier (Bronze)	
    Complete all objectives in Dubai on 007 difficulty or higher.
    Emblem Elite (Silver)	
    Single Player: Find and destroy 50 Janus emblems.
    Emblem Hunter (Bronze)	
    Single Player: Find and destroy a Janus emblem.
    Emblem Marksman (Bronze)	
    Single Player: Find and destroy 20 Janus emblems.
    For England, Alec (Bronze)	
    Public Match: As Bond, kill 006 with an explosive device.
    Full Deck (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Play at least one complete match of Classic Conflict with every 
    Get to the Chopper (Silver)	
    Complete 'Carrier' in under 11:00 (007 difficulty or higher).
    Going Dark (Bronze)	
    Get to master engineering in 'Facility' without reinforcements getting called 
    Had Your Six (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Kill six enemies with the Wolfe .44 or Gold Plated Revolver 
    without reloading.
    Hat Trick (Bronze)	
    Public Match: In one life, make three kills with Oddjob's hat.
    Haven't Got Nine Minutes (Silver)	
    Complete 'Airfield' in under 4:35 (007 Classic difficulty).
    I am INVINCIBLE! (Bronze)	
    Single Player: Complete any mission without taking any damage.
    Invisible Descent (Bronze)	
    Get to the server room in 'Bunker' without reinforcements getting called in.
    Lucky Seven (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Defuse a planted bomb which has exactly 0:07 seconds remaining on
    its fuse.
    Made you feel it, did he? (Bronze)	
    Single Player: Silently subdue 30 enemies.
    Master at Arms (Bronze)
    Single Player: Make a kill with every weapon.
    MI6 Ops Elite (Gold)	
    Earn 44 stars in MI6 Ops.
    MI6 Ops Recruit (Bronze)	
    Earn 10 stars in MI6 Ops.
    MI6 Ops Specialist (Silver)	
    Earn 25 stars in MI6 Ops.
    Nigeria Dossier (Silver)	
    Complete all objectives in Nigeria on 007 difficulty or higher.
    Operative (Bronze)	
    Complete all objectives for every mission on Operative difficulty.
    Orbis Non Sufficit (Bronze)	
    Public Match: Complete a match on every map.
    Phone a Friend (Bronze)
    Get 20 kills with hacked drone guns in 'Jungle'.
    Reloaded (Platinum)	
    Unlock all trophies.
    Rocket Man (Bronze)	
    Kill an enemy with the RPG in 'Dam'.
    Royal Flush (Bronze)	
    In 'Facility', successfully kill the enemy in the toilet cubicle without any
    shots being fired.
    Russian Escape (Silver)	
    Complete 'Archives' in under 15:10 (Agent difficulty or higher).
    Secret Servers (Bronze)
    Destroy all the servers in 'Archives' within 40 secs of the first being damaged.
    Severnaya Dossier (Silver)	
    Complete all objectives in Severnaya on 007 difficulty or higher.
    Solar Agitated (Silver)	
    Complete 'Solar' in under 13:00 (007 Classic difficulty).
    St. Petersburg Dossier (Silver)
    Complete all objectives in St. Petersburg on 007 difficulty or higher.
    The Man Who Cannot Die (Bronze)	
    Public Match: As Baron Samedi, survive a bullet which would otherwise have 
    killed you.
    The Other Cheek (Bronze)	
    Public Match: As Bond, kill Zukovsky with a melee strike.
    Welcome to Russia (Bronze)	
    Make the initial rendezvous with 006 in 'Dam'.
    Activision for making the game.
    GameFAQs for hosting my FAQ.
    The readers for reading the FAQ.
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