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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Chapter 5

    Hop off of the truck and clean up the greasers below. There's a couple of blue barrels on the ground below. Feel free to use them to get some Sparkle Hunting done. When the truck crashes into the other cars, shoot it to clear a path. If you need ammo, there's an ammo spawn up by the 18 wheeler you started the level on. There's a shop just beyond that point if you'd like to shop. Go up the street and turn right.

    You'll be in an alley with a dozen zombies and a teacher zombie. The teacher will be carrying a podium and you'll have to get around behind him to kill him. They are pretty close together so go Sparkle Hunting. When the Hazmat team drops down, kill them too. They shouldn't be any tougher than the last time you fought them and if you want, you can just shoot them to kill them. Cut through the fence at the end, grab the ammo in the next alley and then hop over the car nearby to get into the garage.

    Directly in front of you is a truck with an explosive barrel. Blow it up and underneath will be a Golden Lollipop on normal. Go a little further ahead to find another lollipop. Grab that and then continue through the garage until you hit a dead end. You'll be attacked by a variety of zombies (greasers, bombs, and a farmer) and when they are killed, others will replace them. You need to survive until the timer runs out. Just keep dancing around and killing if you can manage it. Once you are free, you'll be outside and flying zombies will attack. Kill them as they come out but watch for the three bomb zombies that will appear. Just hit them and run so they explode. When you've killed all the zombies, a helicopter will try and fall on you. Shoot it down.

    Inside of the next garage, you'll have to rescue a student. Saw through the fence and then you'll have to keep the exploding zombies away from him. If you can do that, you shouldn't have a problem killing the rest before they kill him. Eventually, he'll walk through the hole in the fence making a nice choke point. Just be sure to follow him quickly as he goes outside because more exploding zombies will explode at his destination. Go back inside and to where he was. You'll find a Golden Lollipop on normal hiding behind a car and a bunch of ammo opposite that. Follow the row of medals to the exit.

    Five zombies will come out of the next building. You should be able to make short work of them. When they are dead, more greaser zombies will appear. Kill them too and head into the nearby garage. Inside, you'll see a bunch of crawling zombies on the ground to the left. Go in and start dropping on them to kill them all. Grab the lollipop here and then head over to the fence.

    Go up the stairs and grab the ammo, then jump over the fallen column. Start dodging along this path because there are cops in the next area that will shoot at you. Dodge up to the three cops and you'll get into a good fight with them. Just kill them all like previous cop zombies. When they are dead, watch out for the zombie who comes through the nearby door. He'll be covered in explosives. Kill him and go up the stairs.

    In this area, move around for a little bit until all the zombies arrive, then activate your special meter. You're going to have a few small zombies and plenty of bigger zombies appearing. Just run around and kill as many zombies as you can while you're all powered up. This should net you some serious gold medals and if you can get some Sparkle Hunting going on at the same time, you're going to be rich. If you run out before the timer does, just dance around until then. Now just kill the various zombies that appear. It's going to be a similar variety, including bomb zombies so be careful. Use the blue barrels in the area if you can. After you've killed them all, jump over the barrier with the lollipop on it.

    Collect the next lollipop and drop down into the yard. You'll be attacked by more greaser types. When you've killed them, you'll be attacked by flying and bomb zombies. Kill those and a farmer and other minor zombies will come in on a bus. Kill these in the same way as the others. It might be easier in this space to clear the smaller zombies so you can dodge around the big guy without fear. In this group will be some football players so watch out for their charge.

    Climb on the bus and go out the back. You'll come to another shopping terminal. Move along and you'll enter a building under construction. Rosalind will come with a crane and wrecking ball. There is an achievement for not getting hit by the wrecking ball so be diligent about your dodging. Kill the enemies in this area and feel free to use special if you'd like. Rosalind will open a wall for you. Jump across the zombie heads here and then when you land, kill any flying zombies around. When the area is clear, Rosalind will lower a ramp for you.

    Dash up the ramp. At the top will be ammo on either side, Rosalind's crane and a bunch of zombies both on the crane and flying around. You have to also not get hit by the wrecking ball here to get the achievement. Getting hit in either instance will not get you the achievement. Shoot the zombies off the outside of the crane and the flying zombies. When the crane moves closer to you, just move out of range and keep firing. Grab the ammo and head through the hole in the wall.

    • Achievement: Little Sisters are the Worst!

    There will be a shopping terminal here. Shop if you'd like, then get on the lift. You'll have to kill zombies to keep them from breaking the lift. If you use your Homing Attack on them, it can push them right off the edge but I don't think you get all of the medals when you do this so it's at your discretion. You can have up to 1000 Kg on the lift and if you are aggressive, you should never come close. Plenty of zombies will drop onto the lift so see if you can get some Sparkle Hunting going on. After a little while, a couple of cables will snap. Keep fighting and finally the whole lift will collapse.

    When you first land, there will be a few flying zombies to kill. Move along the catwalk and down to the lower level. Kill the three construction zombies on the lower level. You can just shoot them if you like. There will also be a couple of cop zombies around the next corner. Try and lead some zombies into the previous room to kill so you don't have to deal with the cops shooting at you. It seems like these two in particular are programmed ONLY to shoot. You may even want to try and shoot these two from around a corner if you can. Kill the 13 zombies and round the next corner. To the right will be a lollipop and medals while to your left there will be a little cart to ride. Hop on.

    At the bottom, you'll come to some kind of zombie party. There are three Boom Box zombies on the upper level. Try and Shoot the two on the right and then shoot the barrel on the bottom floor to drop the one on the left. Run down, kill him and then clean up the assorted zombies here. Cut through the shutters to get to the next area. Unfortunately, you'll come to a room with even more shooting cop zombies. I would try and use the pillars or walls as cover and shoot these zombies if you can. Take out the four cops and go through the hole in the next wall. You'll find a couple of construction zombies. Kill them both and head down the nearby ramp. Two bomb zombies will come slowly up the ramp so shoot them if you can to deal with them quickly.

    You'll come to a room with a hole in the ground that zombies keep jumping out of and a structure you need to drop to cover the hole. DO NOT attack the zombies that come out, just avoid them. If you kill them yourself, it will cause the zombies to stagger rather than come out in groups. This is bad because if you don't kill them, you dodge for a moment and then they blow up together, leaving you a good deal of time to cut the supports. If you stagger them, it'll be much harder to find time to cut. Once you've dropped the structure, you may now kill the stragglers. Grab the ammo and lollipop from the room and continue.

    This next room is filled with red barrels and a student!. The FIRST thing you want to is shoot the barrel directly in front of you. This will kill some zombies and get rid of the barrel. If you dont do this, the student will almost certainly die. There will still be bomb zombies around so keep on top of them and feel free to blow up barrels after the student has passed them. When the room is empty and the student is ready, hit the blue barrel by the exit to put out the flame.

    You'll have to protect the student in this next room too. A small group of zombies will attack but the student will be safe as soon as he gets to the pole and swings down. Finish killing the zombies here and slide down yourself. Go through the cathedral and the giant doors. There will be 30 zombies in this next room so feel free to use your special meter. There are some normal zombies, a couple of construction zombies and even a firefighter zombie so try to take them out if you can take them out first so you don't have to when the special is over. After the cutscene, grab the items scattered around the room before jumping into the hole.


    The Fight starts out with Lewis riding around on a bike. Feel free to keep shooting him here. You'll likely run out of ammo before you kill him but that's ok. Whenever he stops, run up and hit him a few times to do some damage. When he's nearly dead, he'll go outside the arena and then charge at you. When he does, counter his attack by hitting the chainsaw button. He will fall off of his bike. DO NOT finish him. There's an achievement for countering his attack ten times. If you don't finish him, he'll get on his bike again and allow you to counter him again. He'll repeat this until you finish him, meaning you can just keep doing this until you get 10 counters and the achievement. After you do, Finish him.

    • Achievement: Elephant Tamer

    His bike will convert into an elephant mech. He will charge around and try to hit you. He also has a machine gun that he'll try to hit you with as he backs up. Dodge his electric physical attack with the saw and then get close to deal some damage. If he looks like he's clapping, get ready to dodge as he's going to charge you and get stuck in a pillar. When he's stuck, hit him. Eventually, you can finish him again.

    The next round is very similar to this one but he'll add a jump attack where he goes into the air and comes down with a shockwave. You only have to clear a portion of his health this time.

    This next round, he turns into a little elephant tank. He's pretty fast and has a spinning attack that is hard to dodge if you are attacking him. He always executes this attack after you've hit him a few times. Then he'll try and ram you. Move to avoid that attack. If he stops in front of you, he's going to swing his arm in a hammering motion. Once you've dealt enough damage, finish him off. Then you'll have to repeat that process to chop off the other arm.

    Now he'll just try and ram you but he'll be electrified so it'll do more damage and stun you. Otherwise, treat him the same as you did last round.

    This last round, he will be upright and his vehicle will move around while shooting rockets at you. Keep dodging his dash and rockets, then close in for the kill.

    • Achievement: Rock 'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore


    Killabilly will start throwing cars at you. Hit the cars with the chainsaw as they pass. When a car passes, you'll be prompted to hit it. If you hit every car that you are prompted to hit in both this section and the next, you will get an achievement. For right now, hit the four cars and then dash across the gap. When you get stopped by a group of zombies, you'll find two named zombies David and Marie during a second playthrough on hard. Continue through them towards Killabilly.

    When you get to the next gap, hit three more cars to create another ramp. When you've successfully done that, you will have to dash across and then keep grabbing the gas cans to move along. If you see a ramp to your right, try to hit it so that you land on a school bus for a Golden Lollipop on normal. A building will start to fall and you'll have to get past it before it lands on you. Keep your eyes to the left for an arrow. You want to go onto that side street. When you get there, the achievement should unlock for the cars you hit earlier.

    • Achievement: Aced Auto-shop Class

    There will be a group of zombies on this street. Kill them all using the barrels and then go shopping if you'd like. Head into the next street and Killabilly will start shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Make our way up the street using debris for cover. In a couple of instances, you may need to wait for him to destroy a piece of debris before you can get through. Keep pushing up until you get behind an overturned truck and zombies appear. There will be 10 zombies and as long as you stay close to the truck, you'll be safe from the lasers. Just take these out like any other zombies. Eventually, the truck will explode and you'll have to dodge the laser (no prompt). Dodge and start dashing towards Killabilly again.


    The first stage of the fight is actually pretty simple. You can move left and right by pushing left and right (she'll use the chainsaw to control him). You want to shoot him in the eyes. When he opens his mouth, he'll shoot a red zombie at you that you can't kill. Your only option is to dodge it. Dodge and then keep shooting. If you push too far right, he'll try and flick you for which you'll be prompted to dodge. If you run out of ammo, flying zombies will appear and fly up close to you. Each one killed will give you an additional 12 shots. Keep shooting his eyes.

    You'll find yourself on the ground now and have to fight regular zombies as you fight him. It's important that you don't kill him too quickly. You want to cut off his fingers when he puts his hands down. Eventually, they will grow back. You want to cut off 20 of them for an achievement. Watch out when he opens his hands palm up or his tongue rolls out quickly because he's going to throw a car or two full of zombies at you. You'll also have to watch out for exploding trucks that drive around and other flying vehicles.

    • Achievement: Fingered

    Kill the zombies he throws at you so that he'll come closer to the ground. Whenever you can, get close in to his arms and start hacking at them. It might seem like this fight is taking an unusually long time but that's just how this fight goes. There's not a whole lot you can do about that.

    Once inside, cut your way through the structures in front of you. After you get past them, you'll have to dodge and cut a few more things as prompted. Doing so will end the game. If you have saved all of the students, you'll get the good ending. If not, you'll get the bad ending.

    Zombie Album

    The numbers on the left match with those in the game's catalog but the name will be the actual name that appears in game, rather than the one shown in the album since the name in the album isn't really useful in any way. Locations with stars (*) have to be obtained on a second playthrough of the level. Question marks are zombies I haven't found yet and I'll fill them in when I find them. All others should be obtained simply through the story.

    #Zombie NameZombie Location
    1GeorgePrologue - Chopper Crash Site
    2MikaelaPrologue - alley**
    3JerryPrologue - Chopper Crash Site
    5RyuStage 1 - Long Hallway
    6StephanieStage 1 - Smokey Classroom
    8FitzgibbonStage 1 - Upper hallway classroom
    9ZEDStage 1 - Boss
    10PaulStage 2 - Lightning Rooftop
    11AlexanderStage 2 - Front courtyard
    12DanielleStage 2 - Gym
    16VIKKEStage 2 - Boss
    17MarkStage 3 - Farm
    18ChatStage 3 - Mushroom World
    19MariskaStage 3 - Boss
    22WesleyStage 4 - Roof
    24JOSEYStage 4 - Boss
    30Lewis LEGENDStage 5 - Boss
    31KILLABILLYStage 6 - Boss


    This is a work in progress so I apologize for any errors and I will definitely fix them ASAP but I just wanted to get out what I had.

    1Stage 1 - behind bus
    2Stage 1 - above alley
    3Stage 1 - past flagpole/gate on the right*
    4Stage 1 - Just before chopper crash site on right*
    5Stage 2
    6Stage 2
    7Stage 2
    8Stage 2
    9Stage 2 - Hard?
    10Stage 2 - Hard?
    11Stage 2 - Hard?
    12Stage 3
    13Stage 3
    14Stage 3
    15stage 3 - Hard?
    16stage 3 - Hard?
    17stage 3 - Hard?
    18stage 4
    19stage 4
    20stage 4
    21stage 4
    22stage 4 - Hard?
    23stage 4 - Hard?
    24stage 4 - Hard?
    25stage 5
    26stage 5
    27stage 5
    28stage 5 - Hard?
    29stage 5 - Hard?
    30stage 5 - Hard?
    31stage 5 - Hard?
    32stage 5 - Hard?
    33stage 5 - Hard?
    34stage 5 - Hard?
    35stage 5 - Hard?
    36stage 5 - Hard
    37stage 5 - Hard
    38stage 6
    39stage 6 - Hard?
    40stage 6 - Hard?


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