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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BahumautZero

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/26/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	           Written By: Bahumaut/Ben Buttenshaw
    ******************************** INTRODUCTION ******************************
    Version 1.00
    Completed walkthrough
    Completed achievements
    Completed collectables
    Intended additions:
    spell check (just do it in post, ah how true).
    This guide is intended for those that are playing through for the first time 
    and/or playing through on hard difficulty. I have tried to keep both player 
    types in mind (more noticably early on when the first time player will have 
    very little in the way of upgrades) as I walk you through the levels. 
    Achievements for each level will be listed at the end of it, general and 
    cumulative achievements have their own separate section at the end of the 
    The difficulty level of the game varies mostly on which difficulty you 
    decide to start your first playthrough on. If you start on hard the game 
    poses a real challenge. If you are on easy it can still be annoying in some 
    parts but overall a relatively tame experience.
    Please email me at benbutton600@hotmail.com or message me at 
    trueachievements.com (Gamertag = Bahumaut) with any comments or 
    suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. Apart from those little things 
    let's get on with the guide.
    SOS Classmates: Can be found in nearly every level, saving every classmate 
    in the prologue as well as the entire game is linked to achievements.
    Lollipops: These are scattered in every level. They add to your lollipop 
    total as well as acting as a collectable. There are forty in total and an 
    achievement for collecting them all. You must be playing on hard difficulty 
    to find all the lollipops.
    Special Zombies: These zombies count as a collectable and are stronger than 
    regular zombies. Some only appear on a repeat playthrough and hard 
    difficulty so you will not get this your first time through. Defeating them 
    all nets you an achievement.
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    ********************************* WALKTHROUGH ******************************
     Classmates to rescue: 3
     	Lollipops to collect: 4
     		Zombies to collect: 3
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 13.0 . 11:04 . 119,700 .   20    .   401    .     15     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    You first gain control standing in front of the school gates with a cut icon
    on the gate ahead. Follow the prompts Y --> Down and tap X to break it down
    (this is the first of many such prompts in the game so get used to it). The
    gate will burst open, stunning seven zombies and giving you two free sparkle
    opportunities (a 4x sparkle hunter and 3x hunter on the stunned zombies). If
    this is your first playthrough just use the basic Y move to slash the 
    zombies to get the hunter combo otherwise you can use a more advanced move
    that covers more area to make it easier. Kill the two zombies behind and the
    other pair arriving from your left. I found that pom pom attacks if you
    begin on hard are almost worthless against normal zombies as they take far
    to many hits to stun. So use a combo (X,X,X,Y or Y,Y,Y) to weaken them or
    just repeat until they fall. Follow the only path to spy a helicopter and
    some exploding cars. Walk through the carpart to your first victim... I mean
    classmate in trouble. 
    SOS 1: Carpark - Awesome I'm still alive
    6 Zombie kills required
    You will have to ensure his health bar doesn't fully deplete while you take
    care of the six zombies. Focus on knocking zombies away from him first as
    there will be an initial two before the other four join the party. The main
    problem here will be lacking any strength upgrades which means it takes
    upwards of six hits per zombie to finish one. Use the X,X,X,Y combo to give
    yourself some room and do some respectable damage. Provided your X moves hit
    they will knock the surrounding zombies back enough to keep the classmate
    Jump on the freshly crashed bus and grab the lollipop on the way through (on
    hard difficulty you can only hold three of these so if you find another when
    you are full up, use one and pick up the new one to replace it as this game
    often prevents you going back to pick them up). Rip apart the back door and
    immediately head left through the gap between the bus and the hedge to grab
    five medals. As you pass the roller doors you will be instructed how to use
    the A button to slash zombies on the ground. On hard it is more useful to
    jump and press A. This will start a short QTE where you can press A to sever
    the spine of the unlucky zombie. You are also invulnerable while this plays
    out so it is a good way of staying alive (especially if you dodge 
    immediately after the event ends). 
    5 Zombie kills required
    Use the technique I just mentioned or A slashes to destroy the five zombies
    that come out of the roller doors (two from the far end, another one from
    that door and two more from the other door). If your strength is at three
    they only take one slash even on hard mode so you could use the last three
    as a sparkle hunter combo. Jump the bonnet of the bus to find the next
    classmate in distress.
    SOS 2: Van Roof - Ha Ha, Who am I? 
    10 Zombie kills required (no counter)
    Once again the main objective is to just keep them away from the student.
    If they are close enough to the van for long enough the zombies will grab
    and pull her down so make sure to knock them back. If they are not near the
    van you can focus on just putting them down. As usual the X,X,X,Y combo is
    your friend here so use that for crowd control. There will be initally five
    zombies there and another five will arrive after you have nearly dealt with
    the first lot (the second group are easier to keep away from the van).
    To the left of the van against the wall is a school bus and hidden behind it
    is the first lollipop collectable.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 1) - Viva very cherry: Behind the bus against the wall
    Hop through the back of the bus to go for a short ride and spot your last
    classmate in trouble for this level.
    SOS 3: Light Post - My favourite president is Warren G Harding
    8 Zombie kills required
    Similar to the van rescue it is just a matter of clearing the area around
    the light post to ensure the guy remains safe. Use your combos to clear the
    area around him and just keep cutting away until the area is clear. He will
    fall off the post and give you some medals but he isn't quite safe yet.
    7 Zombie kills required
    Four zombies will rush from the wall as he starts walking towards the gate.
    Take care of these guys and stop them from getting to the limping lunchmeat
    (He will stop and stand in front of the gate). Another three will arrive to
    take care of and then you can cut down the gate, moving into the next area.
    25 Zombie kills required
    Seriously? Ok you should probably use your sparkle power here to get rid of
    the zombies quickly here or they are just going to be too hard to keep away
    from your classmate. Press the RT to activate it and then just run up to the
    group of zombies and keep pressing Y to swing (which is an instant kill to
    even the toughest zombies). You will most likely get a few sparkle hunter
    group kills here as a result. Protect the guy as he limps towards the bus at
    the other end of the area and by the time your power wears out you should
    enter a short QTE sequence. Press B to not die and watch the car careen into
    a newly arrived group of zombies.
    8 Zombie kills required
    Around five of these zombies will be stunned by the car so quickly finish 
    them of with an A slash. Finish off the rest of the group but don't move up
    to the bus where your classmate is standing yet. Turn around and you will
    see another bus against the wall with a stash of medals as well as your next
    collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #2 (No. 3) - Double rainbow: Behind the bus against the wall.
    Head back over to your friend to have him finally get 'rescued' and your
    first phone call. You don't have to worry about actively collecting all of
    these as they will automatically unlock as you progress. Directly in front
    of you after the short cutscene is your first Chop2Shop where you can buy 
    eqipment, upgrades, threads and music. Before you acess it though look 
    behind the van to its left to find some medals and a lollipop. You might
    want to buy one of the combos but that will probably be the only thing you
    can afford at this point anyway.
    Kick the door down and head into the alley when you are done shopping. Five
    zombies will rush down the fire escape as you round the corner. (another
    two will be around the next corner making out). If you are on your second
    playthrough your first 'special' zombie will appear here.
    Z01 - #2: Zombie Girl - Mikaela
    As she only appears on repeat playthroughs you should be upgraded enough to
    handle her easily just use the homing jump (Jump + X) to daze and damage her
    while you handle the surrounding zombies until you can focus on her. Then
    just combo her to re-death.
    Jump up at the end of the alley and before dropping down grab the large
    stash of medals to your right along with another lollipop collectable.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 2) - Strawberry Storm: To your right after jumping up and
    out of the alley.
    Drop down and head up the slope to find four medals on the ground to the 
    left along with a sliceable pipe. As you head down onto the road the windows
    will rain zombies.
    26 Zombie kills required
    You may be tempted to activate your sparkle power here and there are three
    points in succession here where it is valid to do so. The 26 zombie kill
    section. The two special zombies following that or the final three special
    zombies. Depending on your playstyle, power and health levels I leave this
    choice to you but on the first playthrough I would suggest saving it for the
    final fight of the level. 
    If you decide to use it on the twenty six zombie encounter you will gain a
    heap of sparkle hunter medals so I suggest using it here if you are on your
    second playthrough as your strength will be upgraded which makes the special
    zombies far easier to deal with.
    Keep to the same strategies as normal, if you are having problems taking out
    zombies on your first playthough use the dropkick (Jump and X) to stun the
    zombies allowing you to one shot kill them. Once the final zombie goes down
    two very annoying special zombies will appear. One is an old lady pushing a
    walker. The other seems to be a breakdancing grandfather. These two can
    drain a suprisingly large amount of your health purely because of their 
    speed. Dropkick the man against the wall and swipe quicky with the chainsaw
    to end him quickly is your best bet. Otherwise you will have to use pom pom
    combos (they actually count as damage against special zombies) and quick
    strikes to kill him. Adding to the frustration the female zombie will 
    constantly charge you with her walker but she is the less damaging of the
    two so concentrate on her second. Warning: if you get either of these guys
    into rush mode look out! They speed up and increase in damage so they can
    quickly lay down the pain. Try to take them out with the stun-kill to 
    prevent this occuring but if it does dodge first, deal damage later as they
    pack a serious punch in this mode.
    Grab the collectable lollipop next to the barricade at the end of the road
    and find the crashed hellicopter as well as your next collectable special
    Lollipop #4 (No. 4) - Cherry birdy: 
    Z02 - #1: Zombie Boy - George
    This guy appears in all playthroughs and is at least easier to deal with
    than the two specials you just fought as he is slower. Dropkick is the 
    optimal way to handle him but he can be taken out pretty easily with normal
    6 Zombie kills required
    Grab the lollipop to the right of the flaming chopper when you have the
    chance as this was one of those fights that really frustrated me the first
    time I played the game (I started on hard) and you don't want to stop and
    grab it in the next fight that's for sure. The first three zombies shouldn't
    pose too much of a threat, it is the final three that are the problem.
    Z03 - #3: Zombie Hazmat - Jerry
    Use your sparkle power here if you haven't already!
    This guy is a serious threat to those on a first playthrough. He hits hard
    has indirect attacks and two frenzied allies. He also has a special ranged
    attack that does serious damage but he can only use it once. Concentrate on
    his two lackeys first as they are far faster than Jerry. As usual dropkicks
    work the best but because of their speed they may be hard to finish off
    before they recover. They have a fair chunk of health as well so you would
    likely be served best by short quick combos so they don't have time to
    retaliate. Once the dofus twins have bit the dust you can concentrate on
    Jerry. If he reaches half health he will throw his gas canister at you. This
    attack seriously hurts so be anywhere but where it hits (dodge repeatedly).
    He will then increase in speed and damage but become vulnerable to dropkicks
    from behind. So either continue whittling him down or go for the stun-kill.
    The best way I found was to jump over him, short combo (X,X,X,Y) and repeat.
    He always swings in the wrong direction and hesitates when you jump over.
    Kick down the gate and head for the fountain to end the level.
    Obtainable Achievements:
    n00b Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear the prologue, surpassing Dad's score.
    In score attack (or story mode) you must obtain a better overall score than 
    Dad (you don't exactly have to beat his 'score' points as I have still 
    ranked higher with less points than him in that stat, instead having better 
    score/s elsewhere.
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 0-1
    No Damage
    Sparkle Hunting: 4 Decaps
    All Classmates Rescued
    Stage 0-2
    Sparkle Hunting: 5 Decaps
    Speedy Finish: Street Battle
    No Damage: Hazmat
    Zombie Hunter Apprentice - 5G
    Buy a combo at Chop2Shop and use it.
    Self explanatory
    Leapfrog Girl - 10G
    Leapfrogged 10 times in a row
    Just leave one zombie alive in an area and keep practicing. You have to be 
    close to initiate a leapfrog.
    I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! - 10G
    Peeped under Juliet's skirt once
    Use the right stick to lower the camera and you will need to rotate it 
    quickly to avoid Juliet covering herself in time.
    Life Guard - 15G
    Rescued all classmates in Prologue.
    Check SOS sections for details.
    Unclean And Uncool - 15G
    Defeated Hazmat in the prologue.
    Follow the strategy above to defeat Hazmat.
     Classmates to rescue: 8
    	Lollipops to collect: 7
    		Zombies to collect: 7
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 18.0 . 31:33 . 214,500 .    29   .    681   .     20     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    5 Zombie kills required
    You abruptly begin in a small classroom with five zombies racing for your
    juicy flesh (I can't really say brains because I'm not sure she has any).
    In the small room the camera can be a real pain but the zombies aren't too
    aggressive so you should be fine. Another zombie should open the door when
    the first group are decimated so chainsaw him and exit into the hall. (You
    can find lots of medals in bins and other objects you can smash on this 
    level so take the time to find them if you aren't trying to beat Dad's 
    score as well as it adding towards Accidental Vandalism achievement).
    Head into the hallway and grab the lollipop then enter the next classroom.
    It seems class is in session as Mr. Fitzgibbon at the blackboard. He is a
    special zombie but you won't face him properly until later. 
    4 Zombie kills required
    Pretty easy as they tend to bunch up so just use a pom pom start combo and
    end with a chainsaw to get rid of them.
    8 Zombie kills required
    Just another small group of zombies, keep doing what Juliet does best and
    you'll soon clear the room. Fitzgibbon will escape out the window for you to
    meet later and you will be able to go out into the hallway again. Round the
    corner to meet your first rescue for this level.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 5) - The Fruity Bones: Behind the first SOS classmate.
    SOS 1: Hallway - Let's go hang out after school
    11 Zombie kills required
    You really need to race straight for the SOS guy as he will start off
    surrounded. Ignore the zombies in the way and make a beeline for him and
    knock the surrounding zombies away as best you can. Move slightly away from
    him and start ripping in to the zombies, keeping an eye on him to make sure
    none try to swarm him. Once the last zombie falls he is safe.
    You will now have a choice of two classrooms to enter (you need to do both
    anyway so pick the one closest to the red roller door to start with.
    7 Zombie kills required
    There are 7 zombies total in both rooms so don't be misled by the counter.
    This room houses four zombies doing a little light dissection in their spare
    time. Same as normal, these guys are nothing special and it shows. You can
    get six medals by smashing the workbenches in here. Exit this classroom and
    enter the other to meet your friend Mr. Fitzgibbon and a classmate in need
    of serious rescue.
    SOS 2: Classroom - I failed my math test
    This can be an annoying fight as you have to defend the classmate from a
    special zombie as well as two normal zombies in a very confined area. 
    Quickly work on getting rid of the two normal zombies. Once they are gone
    you will be able to focus on leading Mr. Fitzgibbon away from the victim and
    keeping him safe in the process. Once Mr Fitzgibbon is down the guy is safe.
    Z04 - #8: Zombie Teacher - Fitzgibbon
    In your first playthough this guy can be a real ass. He hits hard, 
    constantly swings and will often use a power attack. Treat him a lot like
    the final special zombie from the prologue (hazmat zombie with propane tank)
    and attack by dodging behind him and hitting him with a quick combo then
    quickly dodging again. Attack from the front is useless this time as it
    knocks you back and cancels damage dealt. Be very careful of the blue power
    up shockwave attack as it hits an area around him. Once you take him down to
    about a third of his health he will lose the desk and become enraged. Just
    stick to the same strategy and he will go down fine.
    A bomber zombie will open a new path for you so jump down and watch small
    cutscene. Depending on which way you run you will either have to outrun a
    bus or watch the game glitch by it not appearing (it doesn't affect the game
    but you avoid a QTE so I just ignore it). You will meet your first glowing
    body here with a collectable lollipop behind it. 
    Lollipop #2 (No. 9) - Rainbow Rush: Behind Nick's new blue body.
    Use Nick to break down the wall to find a Chop2Shop and a Nick Ticket (these
    can save you from death so they are always handy to have when you reach a
    boss zombie). You will be able to start purchasing stat upgrades for Juliet
    at this point so definitely buy the strength upgrade and an health one if
    you can. Head back to the open corridor to find another SOS classmate.
    SOS 3: Corridor - You're late Juliet
    This is another one of those get there quick or he dies routines. In hard
    difficulty he will most likely be at a third of his health by the time you
    reach him and surrounded by zombies. Knock them back and draw them away as
    fast as you can, then deal with the ones you sprinted past to save the
    Smash the lockers here for lots of medals before approaching the rescued
    student. When he fades away the roller door will open and seven zombies will
    pour out.
    7 Zombie kills required
    These guys will be very aggresive so they make good star hunter fodder if
    you can catch enough in your swing. They shouldn't be too hard to put down.
    Your oppressor will suddenly be shot by a special zombie that you will have
    to fight.
    Z05 - #5: Zombie Policeman - Ryu
    First playthrough this guy can be very dangerous as he is ranged and can
    rain bullets down on you as you approach. When he is firing directly at you
    dodge left and right while you head towards him to avoid the stream of hot
    lead. If he shoots up in the air, dodge while moving straight ahead to avoid
    the rain of bullets from the sky. When you get close he will do a red glow
    power attack. Once you are close to him you can either drop kick him to end
    the fight quickly (you can't dropkick him when he is charging his power 
    attack) or use the same strategy you used on the last two special zombies - 
    ie: jump over them, short combo and dodge. He hurts if you get hit but he 
    isn't as sturdy as the previous two specials.
    More lockers to massacre and another roller door. A quick scene will spawn
    to bomber zombies. Just dropkick them away and wait for them to detonate.
    Before you drop down into the next area go into the small room you 
    chainsawed open for some medals and a lollipop. As you drop down you will
    have your first death timer. This means you must either avoid an oncoming 
    danger or escape within a set amount of time. In this case it means you must
    chainsaw through the pillar in front of you within five seconds or die. Once
    you succeed in stopping the oncoming threat jump over it to find a classmate
    in need of rescue.
    SOS 4: Corridor - Those zombies totally pulled my underwear up my butt
    Another rush to help and knock away zombies but this one is a little more
    lenient as she is dangling out of their reach. You still only have a set
    amount of time to deal with them though so try to be quick. Bomber zombies
    will burst out of the lockers so you either need to dropkick them away, have
    upgraded strength to kill them in one combo or use your sparkle power to
    stop them blowing up your chum.
    Another zombie bomber will open a new path and let in seven assorted undead
    to attack you. There will be five normal zombies and two crawlers. Clear
    the hallway and smash the lockers for some more medals and a collectile 
    Lollipop #3 (No. 6) - Creamy Cupcake: In one of the lockers behind your SOS 
    Jump to the upper hallway and head for the two students at the roller door.
    The will strand you in the hallway so you'll have to cut through the 
    SOS 5,6 & 7: Classroom - I got video, I'm gonna post this shit on youtube.
    12 Zombie kills required
    Saving these guys relies completely on you preventing the fire zombies from
    reaching the trio. It also introduces the pole dance mechanic which is good
    for clearing a lot of zombies but doesn't last long enough to clear all of
    them. You can either jump straight on the pole or wait a couple of seconds
    for the zombies to get a bit closer then jump on and tap Y as quick as you
    can. When the pole sequence ends knock the remaining fire zombies as far
    away as you can otherwise you will fail this rescue. If you manage to keep
    them separate you will save the group. This is probably best attempted on
    easy difficulty or with some upgrades to strength.
    You can now cut your way through the roller door (Why you couldn't before I
    have no idea). You will see the jerk who closed the roller door on you
    before being threatened by two bomb zombies.
    SOS 8: Classroom - Juliet, I am so totally going to masturbate to you 
    		   tonight. (Is it just me or are these getting weirder?)
    7 Zombie kills required
    The last rescue for this level (finally!) will need to be kept safe from
    the two bomber zombies. The five normal zombies in the hallway aren't much
    of a threat so race in and dropkick the two bombers before they kill the
    student and then concentrate on the remaining regular zombies.
    Another green roller door and another new mechanic. This is like a souped up
    version of zombie walk from Dead Rising. You have to jump down then follow
    the QTEs to kill all the zombies. If you get them all you get a medal bonus.
    The roller door will open and you will traipse down a long section of 
    hallway. Grab the medals on the way and you will enter a sports/ exhibit 
    Before approaching the scrawled on doorway grab the lollipop collectable
    hidden behind a set of shelves. 
    Lollipop #4 (No. 7) - Slammin' Strawberry: In the sports room before the 
    zombie basketball game.
    Minigame time and it is a difficult one if this is your first time through.
    I would recommend playing normally for the first minute or so and then
    activating your sparkle power to ensure you get enough points to win (as
    the further in you get the quicker zombies spawn and the higher number are
    on the court at once). You pretty much have to use the power here to have
    a chance of winning if you haven't maxed out Juliet's strength. If you have
    maxed out Juliet's strength the zombies only take one swing to kill but you
    want to focus mostly on the blockers. The zombies that just stand in front
    of the hoop and bat the heads away. Make sure they die first before killing
    the other zombies surrounding you or it wastes the points. The next room is
    another react or die section, all you have to do is run out of the room and
    you'll be fine.
    A Chop2Shop will be waiting for you (if you didn't upgrade health before do
    so now) if you have any left over you might want to buy another Nick Ticket
    just to be safe for the boss fight but it is up to you. A new hallway a new
    set of zombies.
    10 Zombie kills required
    Some zombies in this mob will be guitarists. These guys are really annoying
    and frequently interrupt your combos. Try to take them out first before the
    rest as they are just too much of a pain left unchecked. You will also run
    into a basic special zombie here in this group.
    Z06 - #7: Zombie Basket Boy - Juan
    The guy is quick but easy to interrupt so you shouldn't have any problems
    with him. Just use your strongest combos and he should go down fast.
    Grab the medals under the roller door at the end of the hallway and enter
    the smoky classroom.
    15 Zombie kills required
    There are a mix of fire zombies, bomb zombies and even a special zombie as
    the teacher for the class. There is also a collecible lollipop at the front
    of the room next to the blackboard. You can either let the zombies blow each
    other up or try to take them out before they hug themselves to death.
    Lollipop #5 (No. 10) - Citrus Splash: In the front of the smoke filled room.
    Z07 - #33: Zombie Teacher Lady - Roberta
    Another unimpressive special zombie at least provided you kill her before
    she becomes enraged. If she does you can't dropkick kill her so it's back to
    the old fallback of quick combos and dodging.
    Once all fifteen zombies are in the ground a body for Nick will smash 
    through the window. Once he has cleared the doorway two special zombies will
    run into the room and open fire.
    Z08 - #6: Zombie Police Woman - Stephanie
    She poses more of a threat than the last special if only because there are
    two police zombies. Follow the normal dodging tactics for their attacks and
    try to separate them if you can. It is important to note that you can cancel
    their power attacks by leapfrogging them. 
    You'll exit into another corridor full of lockers (you should know what to
    do) and a lollipop in the middle. 
    10 Zombie kills required
    Ten zombies will be lying in wait on the floor so don't walk into the middle 
    of them. Just get close and wait for them to activate.
    8 Zombie kills required
    Four bomber and four fire zombies will appear at opposite ends of the hall. 
    One of the bombers will be a special zombie.
    Z09 - #4: Zombie Bomber - Jay
    The main thing about this guy is making sure he isn't taken out by another
    zombie or given the chance to off himself. Quickly get rid of the fire 
    zombies (as the bomb zombies take a few seconds to charge their self 
    destruct). Then turn your attention to the bombers, ensureing they don't
    take out Jay. If you're really worried about missing the zombie you can use
    your sparkle power but keep in mind there are better things coming up 
    shortly to use it on.
    6 Zombie kills required
    The roller door goes up, zombies spawn and the roller door goes down. Even
    Juliet realizes how annoying that is getting. There are two guitarists in
    the group so keep an eye out when dealing with the mob. A special hazmat
    zombie will spawn afterwards and you should know the pattern to take him out
    by now. Dodge, short combo and dodge. Just watch out for the thrown propane
    tank, it still hurts like a bastard. Slide under the roller door to enter
    the next area.
    A Chop2Shop should await you, buy what you need and head up the stairs. Grab
    the medals at the top and head through the door to meet a new main 
    character. After the relatively long (for this game) cutscene you will be
    standing in front of a cake.
    14 Zombie kills required
    It is a relatively open area so dodging and sparkle hunting should be good
    here. Weaken and then hunt as best you can. Before approaching the cake grab
    the collectable lollipop. 
    Lollipop #6 (No. 8) - Honey 'N' Lemon: In the room with Juliet's birthday 
    The next section is another of those times where if you are on your first
    playthrough you are probably going to need your sparkle power. Don't 
    activate it until you are past halfway through the total zombies though as
    they spawn too slow before that and it will be wasted.
    24 Zombie kills required
    Fire zombies will shamble slowly towards the explosive cake. Your job is to
    make sure they don't reach it. Simple, eh? You have a slight barrier 
    stopping one or two reaching it from each direction but don't rely on that
    to save your bacon if you let too many through. I'd recommend the dropkick
    for this section as it is your quickest way of taking out zombies until you
    get about halfway through the count then activating sparkle power to take 
    out the rest quickly. Once the sprinting fire zombies appear it is time to
    activate it. Run for the now open doorway to avoid the explosion.
    After several lengthy cutscenes you will meet your first dark purveyour. Zed
    will taunt you from the stage and also attack so the first thing you need to
    do is reach him. Dodge his screams from the stage and head down the only
    path through the junkyard. A small group of four punk zombies will be 
    waiting, they dodge a lot but are still easy to kill. A QTE will start after
    you move past them (Y then B). More flying letters and a car to cut through.
    6 Zombie kills required
    A small group of six zombies (with two specials) will be waiting to ambush
    you. The combination of the breakdancing grandfather and the maniac old lady
    are back and even more deadly in a group. Try to dropkick them if you can 
    but otherwise there isn't much strategy involved. Dodge and combo as best
    you can.
    Once the gate unlocks, kick it down and slide down the post for a 
    collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #7 (No. 11) - Mascot Melon: At the bottom of the post on the right.
    Four punks will be waiting for you there along with another QTE (B,B,B).
    Eight more punks will be waiting at the bottom of the next slide (if you
    have more than one Nick Ticket you will probably want to activate Nick Shake
    to stock up on some lollipops before the boss (you should get at least two).
    QTE time again and its a Y,B,Y,B,Y one. Grab the lollipop and flip down to
    the stage. 
    Z10 - #9: ZED
    This fight has several stages so: A) Don't get your hopes up the first time
    you slice the guy in half and B) Don't die or you will have to start the
    whole fight again. Yes the whole fight, none of those wussy mid boss 
    checkpoints here says Suda 51. It's all or nothing.
    STAGE 1: 
    Mic stand jab - 	Zed will run around at high speed and attempt to 
    			stab you with the stand. He is vulnerable if he 
    			misses for a few seconds afterwards.
    Wall of sound - 	Zed will fly into the center of the area and scream 
    			into the microphone creating a wall of letters 
    			similar to those you have already experienced. 
    			Either run around them or dodge over them. You can 
    			dodge over the letters and attack him.
    Mike stand slam - 	After running around Zed will slam the microphone 
    			stand into the ground normally more than once 
    			(depends on if he hits you). He is normally 
    			vulnerable after this attack. Can be dodge 
    He will also slam down from above or hit you with the mic stand if you get 
    too close.
    During the first phase he will mostly sprint around, occasionally stopping
    to hit you with an attack. To damage him you will have to sucessfully dodge
    the attack and get in a quick combo before he starts moving again. His
    attacks hurt quite a bit and you only have a limited supply of healing items
    so concentrate more on avoiding damage then getting hits in and you will
    eventually wear him down. Complete the QTE to move on to stage two.
    STAGE 2:
    Firey balls - 		Zed will launch two homing balls at Juliet from his 
    			perch on top of a speaker. Dodge to prevent these 
    			from dealing damage.
    Zed will spawn large amounts of speakers. You will need to destroy the tower
    he is standing on until they are all destroyed. The only attack he uses if
    you head towards him and attack the speakers are two homing balls of fire.
    Simply dodge forward over them and continue cutting up the speakers. Once
    the small speakers are dealt with a large one will fall from the sky with
    a cut prompt. Head up and start holding right on the stick. Zed will first
    scream down letters that are easy to dodge. Second he will come down 
    personally and attack you. Dodge and continue sawing. Another barrage of
    letters should be his final attack before you finish cutting through. Tap
    X to smash the speaker. Another cutting QTE will bring you on to stage 
    STAGE 3:
    Firey balls - 		Zed will jump into the center of the area and 
    			radiate wavy red lines. After this he will release 
    			the two red firey balls towards you. If you dodge 
    			them you will get the chance to stun Zed by dodging 
    			the returning balls. Use this to rack up damage 
    			against Zed.
    Mic stand jab - 	Zed will run around at high speed and attempt to 
    			stab you with the stand. He is vulnerable if he 
    			misses for a few seconds afterwards.
    Wall of sound - 	Zed will fly into the center of the area and scream 
    			into the microphone creating a wall of letters 
    			similar to those you have already experienced. 
    			Either run around them or dodge over them. You can 
    			dodge over the letters and attack him.
    Mike stand slam - 	After running around Zed will slam the microphone 
    			stand into the ground normally more than once 
    			(depends on if he hits you). He is normally 
    			vulnerable after this attack. Can be dodge 
    Similar to stage one he just adds another attack to his repitiore which is
    easy to take advantage of. Just stick to the same tactics from stage one and
    you should whittle him down to near death. He will then use a last resort
    attack which sends letters out from him in 360 degrees. Dodge over the 
    letters to land a single strike and enter the final QTE.
    Beginner Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear stage 1, surpassing Dad's score.
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 1-1
    Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Damage: Teacher
    Stage 1-2
    Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Damage: Police Officer
    Stage 1-3
    3Pointers Only: Z-Basketball
    Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
    No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    Stage 1-4
    Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
    No Damage: Bomb Cake
    Star Soul Mode Not Used
    Stage 1-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)
    Lucky Nick Not Used
    Lollipop Not Used
    Speedy Finish
    Watch Out For The Balls - 10G
    Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times.
    During stage three of the boss fight Zed will launch firey balls towards 
    you. Tap B to dodge them and stand near Zed and wait for them to return. Tap 
    B when the prompt shows up and Zed will be stunned. Do this 15 times to 
    unlock this achievement.
    Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead 15G
    Defeated Zed
    Use the strategy above to defeat Zed.
     Classmates to rescue: 4
    	Lollipops to collect: 6
    		Zombies to collect: 7
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 16.0 . 26:39 . 161,100 .   20    .    635   .     14     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    Try out your new ability the chainsaw dash (RB, cancel with the B button)
    over the two ramps. You will be greeted by three fire zombies and a football
    4 Zombie kills required
    Watch the football zombie most as his charge attack can become very annoying
    and can interrupt you. Take him out first if you can and then finish off the
    other three zombies. Take the newly formed ramp out of there. Take out the
    two zombies along the way if you like and drop down out of the bus at the
    other end. 
    8 Zombie kills required
    Eight fire zombies will be clustered around a liquid stun barrel so either 
    let them surround it and get your hunter on or just start wailing away.
    Another exploding car and a new ramp is formed. Take it (the first time I
    played this level the explosion glitched and never formed the ramp) and be
    ready as a special zombie is waiting for you. 
    Z11 - #11: Zombie Footballer - Alexander
    3 Zombie kills required
    Football zombies are a real pain and are even more so when they are in 
    packs. Dodge their charges and hit them quickly to cancel their power up
    phase. Try and concentrate on Alexander the most as his attacks do more
    damage than the regular football zombies. You can use the blue barrels to
    stun the zombies if you are having difficulty.
    Immediately after that another special will join the fray.
    Z12 - #14: Zombie Batter - Steven
    3 Zombie kills required
    These guys are a fair bit easier than the football zombies. Just dodge and
    combo them, using the blue barrels to stun them if you have any left. Steven
    will go down pretty fast if you concentrate on him and moves pretty slow.
    Grab the collectable lollipop before leaving via the newly formed ramp in 
    the bus.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 12) - Freedom Flavoured: To the left of the area with the
    three football and batter zombies.
    Chainsaw dash through the bus and over the firetruck to reach the entrance.
    Grab the medals and lollipop to your right before going in. A Chop2Shop 
    store is sitting there in front of you so buy whatever you need before 
    moving on (concentrate on the permanent upgrades if you can and prioritize
    strength upgrades first to make your life easier). There will also be two
    small groups of medals behind you as you stand in front of the store so
    absorb all of them before taking your chainsaw to the next pillar.
    Follow your stricken schoolmate to find him in the clutches of three fire
    fighter zombies.
    SOS 1: Hallway - I need a girlfriend.
    The main thing is distracting the fire fighter zombies as they will burn
    through the victims life really fast with their fire breath attacks. Lure
    them away and focus on one at a time while trying to avoid the others firey
    breath. They have a fair bit of health and are hard to dropkick (impossible
    during the power up phase) so you can either try to get lucky or just take
    them out one by one.
    Smash through the roller door and head for the top of the stairs. Behind
    some desks here you will find another collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #2 (No. 15) - Juicy Hearts: Behind some stacked desks on your left
    at the top of the stairs.
    If you head through the roller door you will be locked in and four zombie
    football players stand in your way.
    4 Zombie kills required
    Stick to the same tactics you used on the previous squad of football enemies
    and try to avoid the charge attacks. If you stay in the hallway you should
    only have to deal with a pair at a time which should make your job easier.
    Slash down the next roller door and grab the lollipop to your left before
    going up another flight of stairs to get locked between two roller doors.
    15 Zombie kills required
    It will be a while since you fought a large group of crawling zombies so
    remember to use either your A slash attacks or the jump and A stab to kill
    them off. If you have some upgraded low combos you could potentially get a
    few star hunter medals here as they tend to cluster up. The only downside
    is the small area you are in doesn't let you use any long combos before they
    attack you so stick to short three button combos to make it easier.
    Another Nick body, another wall to smash through and another staircase 
    before your next encounter with the living impaired. A group of five fire
    fighters are lurching towards you after a cutscene. Concentrate on one at a
    time, keep moving to avoid the flame breath and leapfrog or hit them to
    counter their power up phase. Once they all hit the floor a window will
    smash open giving you an exit to the roof.
    Do your shopping at the Chop2Shop and get ready to stop after the second
    chainsaw jump here to grab a collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 13) - Poison Punch: As I just said, on your left after the
    second chainsaw jump.
    Resume your frantic pace and hit the three basketball zombies for a free
    hunter combo. Lightning will strike all of a sudden and you will be on a
    new bit of roof. Follow the linear path until the big jump. You will land on
    half a basketball court (you know what this means don't you). The horrible
    return of zombie basketball. Overall I found this one easier as you have 
    less points to make up, the downside is there are some tougher opponents 
    this time. The dark skinned basketball zombies are really difficult to deal
    with if you don't have much strength as they won't be interrupted and will
    attack you before you get past the second swing in any combo. I just advise
    you activate your sparkle power and blast through the game so you don't pull
    your hair out trying to get past these guys.
    The next part consists of a pretty basic rooftop course, take the first high
    road to get a lot of medals and get the three zombie kill before jumping 
    onto the next rooftop. This is a timed death section so make sure you don't
    stop for anything before dropping down onto the third rooftop. This one is
    just a trail of pickups so follow the oil cleaning up the two groups of 
    three zombies on the way. You will big jump off the rooftop to land in a
    workout room.
    11 Zombie kills required
    Your main priority here should be the pitcher zombies as they will 
    constantlly range attack you which also acts as an interrupt as well as
    damage source. After the first five zombies are down, two special zombies
    (the breakdancing grandpa and his missus) will come out to play. The same
    tactics as ever apply here: "Dropkick the man against the wall and swipe 
    quicky with the chainsaw to end him quickly is your best bet. Otherwise you 
    will have to use pom pom combos (they actually count as damage against 
    special zombies) and quick strikes to kill him." Once he is down do the same
    to his lady and a new special zombie will appear.
    Z13 - #12: Zombie Fat Old Woman - Danielle
    She will attack normally and power up before a whirlwind attack so keep 
    these in mind when you face her. If there are any leftover zombie pitchers
    make sure to take them out first as they will constantly interrupt you 
    otherwise while you try to take out this special. When she is alone the room
    is set up perfectly to dropkick her and take her out in a single swing so
    do so if you can. Otherwise her unreasonably long health bar and high damage
    will burn through your lollipop stash pretty fast.
    Grab the Nick Ticket in the corner of the room along with a collectable 
    lollipop as you exit the doors.
    Lollipop #4 (No. 14) - Kiddy Krunch: Behind the left door as you exit the
    workout room.
    Another lollipop will be in your path as you head onto another section of
    the roof (how many rooftops has this school got anyway? Imagine a top-down 
    photo of the place. Would it actually make sense?). Three students are being
    threatened by zombie cheerleaders so its time to get it on.
    SOS 2,3 & 4: Rooftop - I ..... need another tampon
    This is a dangerous situation on hard difficulty as it requires you to be
    quick and specific in how you take out these zombies, otherwise your friends
    will die (and we don't like that kind of thing.... missing out on 
    achievements anyway). The best and fastest strategy on any playthrough is to
    dropkick the cheerleaders against their closest walls and one shot them. If
    you try to slice them up in any other way they lose their legs, dodge far
    better and take longer to kill. This results in you taking longer to rescue
    the victims and most likely one of them will die.
    Z14 - #13: Zombie Cheerleader - Josephine
    4 Zombie kills required
    She should be in the last group you attack. Dropkicking her before she loses
    her legs should work fine. If you do cut her up to the lost legs stage she
    becomes really hard to hit, does large chunks of damage and can interrupt
    you quite frequently. Trust me, just dropkick her before any of that bad
    stuff happens.
    Use the springboard to make it up onto the staircase and shop for supplies
    at the Chop2Shop upstairs (You'll most likely need a lollipop or two). Race
    on to be stopped by a phone call. Jump the ramp and three football zombies
    will join you shortly. 
    3 Zombie kills required
    Try to put something between yourself and the other two zombies as you 
    concentrate on taking them out one at a time. Once all three have been
    dispatched head behind the ramp to find a collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #5 (No. 16) - Raging Rainbow: Behind the ramp on the rooftop with
    three football zombies.
    Stick Nick's head on the body to have him clear the ramp and it is your turn
    to do the same with a big jump. You will land on a thunderstruck rooftop
    (yes I know its really 'lightningstruck' but it doesn't sound as good.
    Especially if you like the band AC/DC). Follow the trail of medals until
    you enter the fenced off area. Four firefighters will drop in to say hello
    and one of them will be a special zombie.
    Z15 - #10: Zombie Fire Fighter - Paul
    Same as before: concentrate on one at a time, keep moving to avoid the 
    flame breath and leapfrog or hit them to counter their power up phase. Once
    Paul is the only one left you should just focus on your most powerful combo
    as you won't get interrupted by the others now they are gone. Make sure you
    keep moving to avoid the lightning and you should be OK.
    Lightning will clear the next ramp for you. Stop after you clear the first
    one as there is a collectable lollipop behind the small structure here.
    Lollipop #6 (No. 17) - Lemony Lovebird: Behind the fenced structure after
    the jump following the firefighter fight.
    The next sequence is a long trail of medals to follow with a split halfway.
    The safe path is to the left but has no medals. If you take the right path
    you need to leave juliets movement to auto as much as possible otherwise it
    will slow you down and you won't make it. 
    Once you clear the big jump at the end you will float down and be introduced
    to another minigame: Zombie baseball.
    The first phase entails you shooting three pitchers in the head. Just grab
    the ammo and get used to aiming before lining them up and firing (LT to aim
    and RT to fire).
    The second and far harder phase has you protecting Nick as he slowly runs
    around the diamond three times. Hopefully you have played a few shooters
    and/ or have the aim set to manual so you can get headshots.
    Z16 - #15: Zombie Pitcher - UWE
    This guy requires one headshot and will appear directly in front of you on
    the pitchers mound when Nick starts his second lap. Laughable really.
    Once you get through that rigmarole you can exit via the stands. Stock up at
    the Chop2Shop, break down the door and watch the cutscene before 
    subsequently ending up on a viking ship.
    Z17 - #16: VIKKE
    STAGE 1:
    Body Slam -	Vikke will rush towards you before jumping and landing on 
    		you if you are slow enough to still be standing there.
    Axe Swing -	Just a basic axe swing. Nothing fancy.
    Drum Solo -	Vikke will retreat to his drums meaning he can only be hit
    		with your launcher. Pick up ammo from the barrels on the 
    		deck when you can to be ready for this. If you take too long
    		to damage him he will summon flying zombies and launch them 
    		at you. Shoot or dodge them to stay safe.
    This guy can prove painful if you just attack him willy nilly. When he is
    charging up he will repel your attacks and likely hit you immediately after.
    Only attack him in melee if he just missed an attack. Short combos work best
    before he has a chance to start charging again (X,X,Y or X,X,X,Y). He can be 
    leapfrogged to interrupt him so do that if he is powering up on you. If he
    retreats to his drums shoot him up quickly to keep the enemy spawns to a
    minimum. Keep wearing him down to start the QTE for the next stage.
    STAGE 2:
    Axe Swing -	Just a basic axe swing. Nothing fancy.
    Kick -		A joke really but it can hurt if it hits you too much.
    Lightning -	Will randomly strike and also hit at the end of Vikke's
    		chains of attacks. His most dangerous move at this point so
    		do your best to dodge.
    Vikke will be split in half. This just means he is twice as annoying. His
    legs will constantly come after you, kicking away and his to will continue
    to swing wildly with the axe. The legs don't have much health but also don't
    count when killing him. If you are too near the edge and the legs kick you
    they will knock you overboard. The QTE to save yourself is pretty easy and
    you get an achievement so it isn't a big deal. Try short combos on the torso
    or blast away with ranged attacks to bring his real health down. Once you
    land a final chainsaw swing it will take you to stage three.
    STAGE 3:
    Lolaser -	Vikke's mouth will glow before sending a trio of lasers in
    		your direction. Continue dodging until all three have been
    Lolaser V.2 -	Vikke's mouth will glow and he will release a constant 
    		stream of blue laser at the deck and scythe it up towards
    		you. Move and dodge like the other laser attack to stay 
    Slip and Slide -Vikke's head will drop onto the deck and smash from side to
    		side. Dodge the initial few smashes until he starts to slow
    		down. Then wail away at him with your best attacks.
    Now the real battle starts. Vikke's head takes up a large portion of the 
    deck, deals heavy damage and its movements are hard to predict. When he does
    land on the deck wait until he stops moving before pulling out your best
    combos. When he is in the air shoot him with your launcher to keep the 
    damage ticking over. Once he finally weakens activate the final QTE to 
    remove him from the world.
    Intermediate Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear stage 2, surpassing Dad's score.
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 2-1
    Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
    No Damage: Football Zombie
    No Overheat Experienced
    Stage 2-2
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    No Damage: 4F
    No Damage: 2F
    Stage 2-3
    Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
    No Overheat Experienced
    No Damage: Gym
    Stage 2-4
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    No Overheat Experienced
    3 Headshots
    Stage 2-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)
    Lucky Nick Not Used
    Lollipop Not Used
    Speedy Finish
    Gunn Struck - 10G
    Struck by lightning 10 times.
    Stand still on the rooftop.
    Cheerleader Overboard - 10G
    Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke's ship.
    During the second stage of the boss battle when Vikke's legs are present. 
    Stand next to the edge of the boat and wait for them to kick you overboard. 
    Tap B to save yourself and unlock the achievement.
    Viking Metal Rules! - 15G
    Defeated Vikke.
    Follow the strategy above to defeat Vikke.
     Classmates to rescue: 1
    	Lollipops to collect: 7
    		Zombies to collect: 3
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 23.0 . 36:31 . 294,900 .   39    .    882   .     27     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    Walk forwards a few steps to meet the first group of zombies in this level.
    4 Zombie kills required
    These guys are just slightly quicker, armed versions of regular zombies from
    previous levels. Combos work fine against them so just burn through them.
    Pick up the ammo to the right and cut through the tree to follow the 
    careening bus. Blast the rock that falls and loot the mass of medals to the
    left of the trail.
    4 Zombie kills required
    Four farmer zombies are centralized around a red barrel. Fire the launcher
    at the barrel and they should vapourize. Cut through another tree to find
    the bus doing doughnuts in the clearing.
    11 Zombie kills required
    You have to take out the zombies clambering over the bus. Some ammo will be
    on the deck so just pick them off. The bus has plenty of health so you 
    should have more than enough time. Drop down when you are ready to continue.
    10 Zombie kills required
    Two sets of blaster ammo will be to your immediate left when you drop down,
    along with ten farmer zombies to take care of. This is a good time to get
    started on your sparkle hunt combos as there is plenty of room to herd the
    zombies into a nice cluster. Once you are done, cut down the tree on the
    side of the area to grab a lollipop and blaster ammo before heading back to
    the middle of the area. In the half built structure are three more pieces of
    blaster ammo to pick up if you need it (max ammo = 36 shots). Stick Nick on
    the body when you are ready to go.
    There will be a lollipop directly behind you when you land along with eight
    zombies ahead.
    8 Zombie kills required
    Two bomber zombies will be amongst the group of farmers so you can just 
    swipe and run or deal with them however you want. Once they are out of the
    way a special zombie will join in.
    Z18 - #17: Zombie Fat Old Man - Mark
    This guy can throw zombies as a ranged attack, will try to grab you and can
    do a belly flop. The main threat to your health is the thrown zombies as 
    they do a respectable chunk of damage per hit. Dodge, short combo and dodge
    to take this prick down.
    Once the special zombie is down you can gather up the medals behind the new
    body for Nick and nearby a collectable lollipop.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 18) - Strawberry Heart: To the right of the fat body for
    Sumo down the small barn to start a small shooting gallery.
    8 Zombie kills required
    These zombies will rapidly climb up to your vantage point so blast the 
    bomber zombie quickly to cut their advance short. Drop down to start another
    10 Zombie kills required
    These zombies climb the fence and then attack. Their slow entrance means
    they bunch up and are good for sparkle hunting combos. Slice them down and
    shoot the tractor when it rams the fence. Grab all the goodies and use the
    Chop2Shop to stock up and power up. Jump over the fence to catch up with the
    runaway bus.
    3 Zombie kills required
    These guys don't pose a challenge, deal with them quickly.
    1 Zombie kill required
    This is your introduction to flying zombies (seriously how much blood do
    these guys have?). They only take one or two shots (depending on your 
    strength) to take down but they move fast and hurl ranged attacks at you.
    Blast the first one before he has a chance to move.
    3 Zombie kills required
    Three more will show up to test your skills so rip them from the sky with
    your blaster then grab the collectable lollipop behind you shown in the
    phone call cutscene.
    Lollipop #2 (No. 22) - Psychedelic Grape: Behind you after taking care of
    the group of flying zombies.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 19) - Sodapop Sensation: Shown in the bus breaking away
    cutscene, to the left of a group of cows. Behind a shed on a small rise
    (next to a tree). Directly opposite the stuck bus if you are still having
    problems locating it.
    Grab the ammo and approach the bus to begin some more blaster practice. 
    Shoot the rocks the zombies try to roll into the bus (right, left, high 
    right). Chainsaw the tree out of the way, pick up some more ammo and jump
    on the back of the bus. More target practice ensues with four boulders to
    blast, two flying zombies, another boulder and a single flying zombie. You
    will then make a gracefully executed exit from the bus. Not.
    Yes, check out that mushroom indeed. Saw through it to go on a trip and to
    meet a 'special' special zombie.
    Z19 - #18: Zombie Big Chicken - Chat
    This guy has two main methods of atteck, a peck move and a rapid charge. The
    charge is just like the football zombie charge but without the power up glow
    warning. Chat has a lot of life and cannot be interrupted so short combos
    allow you to break off your attack before he charges you (no longer than
    four button presses). If you are running low on health you can finish him
    off with the blaster or if you are desparate use your sparkle power. Chop
    his head off and hop in the bus to end the trip.
    You will wake up at the controls of a harvester.
    100 Zombie kills required
    If you were doing this via normal methods this would take a while. However
    you are in a harvester so just chase the zombies around and have fun. If you
    are trying for the achievement for clearing the field of grass, make sure
    you leave one or two zombies wandering around as you hunt down the missing
    stalks (I really enjoyed the music choice here as well).
    Dust yourself off and get ready for some zombie to try a drive by tractoring
    (yeah it sounds silly to me too). Shoot the three zombies before they hit
    you and you will automatically jump over the tractor.
    SOS 1: Farmyard - Don't worry about the smell. I just shit myself.
    4 Zombie kills required
    Four zombies will be surrounding your schoolmate who is hanging like a
    scarecrow. Either blast them away quickly or use some X initiating combos
    to knock them away. Pretty easy save really.
    Six zombies will break down a fence to let you out. Cluster them up and go
    sparkle hunting if you like. Before leaving the small area, grab the ammo
    and lollipop you probably ran past trying to save your friend the jump the
    4 Zombie kills required
    Four flying zombies will ambush you (two on each end) so pull out your 
    blaster and take them out before they charge you. Grab the ammo and cut open
    the fence to find a Chop2Shop. Take the lollipop on the left as well as the
    blaster ammo. 
    Lollipop #4 (No. 23) - Bitter Berry: To the left of the glowing blue body
    for Nick where the zombies appear.
    Two fat farmer zombies will be in the small plot next to the glowing body so
    take them out first. A small gap between the sheds leads to a trampoline. 
    Lollipop #5 (No. 20) - Dynamite Drop: When you reach the trampoline follow
    the button prompts to reach this lollipop.
    Grab the medals from the upper floors if you ace the trampoline and then
    return to the glowing body and use Nick's head to continue. This will take
    you to a new ledge with the bus in trouble again.
    Shoot the encroaching bomber zombies with the blaster to save it again (try
    to aim for zombies in the middle of the group to hit all the others with
    the blast radius as this saves on ammo). Three tractors will also try to 
    kill the bus (I know she is annoying but isn't this a bit much?). Shoot all
    three and drop off the bus to find another magic mushroom.
    3 Zombie(???) kills required
    Wow, back in tripland and you have to kill three special zombies. Same 
    moveset as the guy you fought last time. I'll be honest as I just used my
    sparkle power to kill all three in two seconds. They just have too much 
    health to make it any fun fighting them. After all three are down it starts
    getting weird (yeah, I said starts!) The bus will begin attacking you. Shoot
    until it tries to squash you and dodge it so you can strike. QTE each of the
    three poles to defeat it and leave this nightmare behind.
    300 Zombie kills required
    Another harvester section will greet you when you wake up. There is a path
    through the field that the zombies walk so follow that and don't worry about
    getting them all this time as they respawn (there are more than you need) so
    just relax and you will reach three hundred in no time.
    You will regain control with the bus ahead of you. On the right are some
    goodies to pick up as well as a Chop2Shop ahead. Take the ramp when you are
    14 Zombie kills required
    Normal farmer zombies and a pole, need I say more?
    Lollipop #6 (No. 24) - Red Raspberry: In the right corner of the area.
    18 Zombie kills required
    Slash open the gate and step out onto the bridge. The short scene here will
    show you a creek you have to pass down as well as the strategically placed
    red barrels to kill the flying zombies. Just blast the barrels as you go to
    make it easy.
    A lollipop will be waiting at the end of the stream as well as another 
    Chop2Shop. Six fat farmer zombies will be waiting in the next area for you
    to deal with them.
    Lollipop #7 (No. 21) - Lightning Lime: Around the corner near the fat farmer
    A QTE awaits you as you enter the field (what are they growing here? 
    8 Zombie kills required
    Dispose of this first wave with normal combos and attacks but try to save
    the barrels (you'll see why).
    16 Zombie kills required
    Same again, try to keep the barrels.
    32 Zombie kills required
    Here's where you can finally cut loose. Use as many of the barrels as you
    want (sparkle hunters should use the blue ones obviously). This is a fun
    section if you set up this last wave right. Grab the Nick ticket when the
    ride is over and chop open the fence.
    Three special zombies will arrive (fat farmer, breakdancing grandpa and
    crazy walker lady). You can either do your best with dodging and short 
    combos or use the sparkle power you accrued in the last section to make 
    short work of them all. Grab the lollipop when you are done. Slash the tree
    and cross the bridge to the Chop2Shop. Last chance to stock up before the
    boss fight. You have been warned.
    Z20 - #19: MARISKA
    STAGE 1:
    Bubble love -	She fires bubbles that slowly move towards you. They deal 
    		a bit of damage if they hit but are easy to avoid.
    She won't be very active in this phase as she mostly just scoots around in
    her bubble and fires bubbles at you occasionally. Fire away with the blaster
    and pick up ammo from the area as you need it. When you get her down you 
    need to race over to her to activate the QTE to move on to the next stage.
    STAGE 2:
    Bubble love -	She fires bubbles that slowly move towards you. They deal 
    		a bit of damage if they hit but are easy to avoid.
    Reaper -	She will drive a harvester slowly around the edge of the
    		arena. Hurts quite a bit if it connects. Shoot her bubble to 
    		stop it.
    Crane Slam -	She will appear at the end of a long crane like arm and slam
    		down on you. Shoot her quickly or dodge the slams to avoid
    		taking damage.
    Really? That looked like it hurt. Ok there are four of her now. She acts 
    mostly the same as before but the effect of shooting her is different. 
    Concentrate on a single incarnation at once (as the effect of shooting the
    same one will always be the same). Even once you have killed one they will
    still reappear periodically to attack you so don't expect it to get easier
    the less there are. Fire fast to keep the pressure on and slice her up to
    reach the third stage.
    STAGE 3:
    Bubble love -	She fires bubbles that slowly move towards you. They deal 
    		a bit of damage if they hit but are easy to avoid. She will
    		only fire this when is weakened.
    Butterfly -	I haven't failed the QTE for this so I don't know its damage
    		or real effect. All you have to do is tap B to prevent it so 
    		it is pretty simple.
    Hand of God -	She summons a giant hand that slams down on you and then 
    		follows after you around the stage. It can be outrun but it
    		is hard to keep an eye on it and attack at the same time. I
    		think it is possible to blast it but am not sure if it is 
    		worth it.
    ROCK-et Power -	A rocket will raise up in the central area and flames from 
    		its jets will scorch the area. Dodge over them while 
    		grabbing ammo to make the most of this attack. 
    Ok, this is getting ridiculous. There are eight of her now, blast away 
    quickly while picking up ammo as you strafe. Fire into the mass and don't
    really worry about aiming as you have to take them all out anyway. Knock
    her down and race up for the finish. If you managed to avoid all the bubbles
    in this fight you will recieve an achievement.
    Advanced Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 3-1
        No Damage
        No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
        Speedy Finish: Bus Shoot
    Stage 3-2
        No Damage
        Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
        No Damage: Bus
        No Damage: Fat Old Man
    Stage 3-3
        No Damage
        All Classmates Rescued
        No Damage: Big Chicken
        Speedy Finish: Combine Event
    Stage 3-4
        Sparkle Hunting - 7 Decaps
        No Damage: Big Chicken
        No Damage: Combine Game
    Stage 3-5 (During boss battle only)
        Lucky Nick Not Used
        Lollipop Not Used
        Speedy Finish
    Legendary Harvester - 15G
    Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.
    Explained above.
    Third Eye - 10G
    Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.
    Self explanatory
    Dirty Hippy - 15G
    Defeated Mariska.
    Read the boss section for tips. 
     Classmates to rescue: 3
    	Lollipops to collect: 6
    		Zombies to collect: 5
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 13.0 . 26:32 . 127,600 .   15    .    583   .      9     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    3 Zombie kills required
    The posing nerd zombies are probably the most dangerous in this initial 
    group as they can throw molotov cocktails at you. Concentrate on them first
    then the less lethal zombies.
    6 Zombie kills required
    An elevator will arrive after the initial group is dispatched. It contains
    a special zombie to take out.
    SOS 1: Arcade - I just made poop in my pants (they really have a one trick
    		pony with this joke eh?
    Zombies will come from both directions so choose one group to focus on at a
    time. The molotov zombie or special should be singled out as they are the
    main damage dealers. Try to get rid of one of these as quick as you can, 
    then most of the other lesser zombies will be hit by collateral damage from
    the fight. Use some blaster ammo if you are worried about the health of the
    Z21 - #21: Zombie Geek Woman - Anastasia
    She acts like a cross between a cheerleader and a fat old woman, she has the
    high evasion and twirl attack to make your life miserable as well as finally
    she has the molotov attack as well. Quick combos and dodging are your best 
    bets here. You can also try for the dropkick kill if you are fast enough.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 25) - Peppery Peach: Behind some cabinets on the right of
    this room.
    Head into the elevator to play 'pac man.' Collect all eight keys to open the
    exit but don't advance until you collect the collectable lollipop in the
    center. If you need help with this simple game I'm amazed you made it this
    Lollipop #2 (No. 26) - Gonzo Grape: In the center of the maze after 
    collecting all eight keys.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 28) - Metal Mint: Directly behind you after leaving the
    arcade game.
    6 Zombie kills required
    Z22 - #20: Zombie Geek Man - Tobe
    He is a powered up molotov zombie so he packs a punch. He is very good at
    interrupting your attacks so short is best. He is very hard to dropkick
    properly so just resort to the tried and true method of dodge, attack and
    The other zombies don't really pose much threat and you'll probably just 
    kill them with collateral damage. Activate the cheerleader body to reach the
    next level.
    SOS 2 & 3: Upstairs - Thanks Juliet. I'm totally going to friend request you
    There are only two zombies to kill which can simply be taken out with 
    dropkicks so this a nice easy save.
    Circle round and slide down the pole to enter the lower area again. Grab the
    blaster ammo and activate the arcade machine. This one can be a bit 
    confusing (unlike the earlier one). You can pass through the doorways in the
    background and your goal is to reach the top floor of the building. 
    Take the elevator on the right and rush the police zombie (dodging over to
    the other side of him when he opens fire). Enter the door behind him and go
    up the pink elevator to the side. As you move along this floor the lights
    will go out and eight zombies will spawn. They are just normal zombies so 
    they are easily taken care of. Take the pink door on the right and then the
    pink elevator down (yes that's right, down). Step into the now accessible
    door to appear on the left side of a new floor. Step out of the elevator
    and the floor will explode. A zombie jump QTE will happen to clear the floor
    below. If you fail you can still take a door up it just isn't as quick. Take
    the elevator up and walk out to see a blue Nick body appear. Go through the
    pink door to activate it. Go back down and activate the elevator. A police
    zombie will be in the center of the floor. You can either just charge in or
    use the door to dodge around him. Up another floor and tap Y after being
    eaten to access the final elevator.
    12 Zombie kills required
    You will appear on a stage with a zombie crowd around you and a pole in the
    center. It take a real rocket scientist to work out what to do here. Try to
    let the zombies cluster together before activating the pole. The first group
    will be six zombies followed by a special zombie, guitarist, molotov and
    three normal zombies. 
    Z23 - #23: Zombie Metal Boy (Lucid)
    The stage area is perfect to dropkick him in so he should be easy to get rid
    I would suggest dropkicking all of these guys as it is far simpler than 
    trying anything that can be interrupted.
    6 Zombie kills required
    Your first boombox zombie will arrive leading five others (the boombox 
    drives other zombies into a frenzy making them much more dangerous). 
    Therefore focus all your effort on the zombie holding the boombox. Once he
    is down the others return to normal and are pretty easy to make exit the
    Another arcade cabinet will await you at the end of the hall. A game of 
    breakout will begin with you in the middle. Your only real target is the
    blue zombies. Each time you take one out the enemies paddle gets smaller.
    Lollipop #4 (No. 29) - Pineapple Punch: On the left side of the area before
    exiting the breakout game (after winning).
    10 Zombie kills required
    The breakdancing grandpa and crazy walker lady are back so resume normal
    tactics for taking these two out. Five molotov enemies are also in this 
    group so prepare for an annoying fight. Pick up the Nick ticket and use the
    Chop2Shop to replenish your supplies.
    10 Zombie kills required
    A boom box special zombie will come out of the elevator at the head of a 
    small group.
    Z24 - #22: Zombie Break Dancer = Wesley
    Although he has more health and hurts more than normal he is still a boom 
    box zombie. Jump behind him and lay into him with your best combos. If you
    don't want to engage him directly the blaster works suprisingly well and
    you can restock ammo at the shop after the fight so there isn't really a
    downside to using some.
    After this group is done for you will get a chance to shoot down a 
    helicopter or die. Blast away as quick as you can to down it.
    Lollipop #5 (No. 27) - Royal Cranberry: Should be behind the airconditioner
    on the far left of the roof.
    Arcade time again and here we have the gondala game (source of pain and
    hatred to achievement hunters the world over). The concept is pretty simple
    you just have to reach the top without getting hit once. The normal way is 
    to take it slow and shoot any hazards as they appear. This method is pretty
    easy it just takes a while.
    You have finally reached the top. Shop here for the boss fight ahead. 
    Lollipop #6 (No. 30) - Starfish Sparkle: You need to ace the vault here to
    reach the lollipop.
    Enter the penthouse to meet the boss.
    Z25 - #24: JOSEY
    STAGE 1:
    Tip Your Hat -	Josey's flying hat will scrape across the stage in an easy
    		to dodge manner.
    Funk Beam -	The hat Josey is riding will do a small wiggle and Josey
    		will fire a beam of light at you. If you spot the tell it is
    		easy to dodge. As he takes damage the number of beams can
    Crush -		Josey will rise up in the air and smash down on top of you.
    		Watch the shadow to dodge him as he falls. This is the best
    		time to pour on the damage with melee attacks.
    Below 1/2 Health:
    Bomb Shield -	Bombs will spiral out from Josey and detonate shortly 
    		afterwards. The bombs also hurt if they hit you physically.
    		Use ranged attacks when he enters this phase.
    Josey is nearly constantly mobile so ranged attacks are your best option
    unless he is recovering after an attack. After reducing him to half health
    he will start using his bomb shield. Use the raised slopes that appear to 
    gather ammo and have a safe place to shoot from that he can't blow up. At
    this point just use ranged attacks to damage him as it is far safer. Once
    you have drained all of his life you will automatically enter the QTE to
    move on to stage two.
    STAGE 2:
    Head Rush -	Josey will spawn small heads that home in and charge you
    		while you try to destroy the weak spots of the UFO. They are
    		not really worth your time as you only have a small amount.
    		Try to angle the weak point of the ship between them and
    		yourself to slow them down while you work on it.
    Electric Funk -	This is a stream of electricity that is repeatedly pumped 
    		out to the weak points of the UFO to disrupt your attacks.
    		Stop attacking before the charge reaches the point, 
    		otherwise you'll recieve a nasty shock.
    You now have three minutes to deactivate all the weak points of the UFO 
    before Josey jumps to hyperspace. The overall idea is pretty simple and he
    only uses two methods of attack so its just a matter of speed. If you defeat
    Josey within the last ten second you will unlock an achievement. Slice
    into the now open cockpit to end the battle.
    Super Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad's score.
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 4-1
        Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
        All Classmates Rescued
        No Alert: Dokuroman
        Speedy Finish: Dokuroman Game
    Stage 4-2
        All Classmates Rescued
        No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
        No Damage: Building Dungeon
    Stage 4-3
        Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
        Speedy Finish: Block Game
        No Damage: Pole Room Battle
        Climber Game: Nothing Broken
    Stage 4-4 (Note: Only during boss battle)
        Lucky Nick Not Used
        Lollipop Not Used
        Speedy Finish
    No Fear Of Heights - 15G
    Beat the Gondola game without shooting.
    Requires patience and careful movement. Very frustrating.
    Critical UFO Finish - 10G
    Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds.
    Smash all the weak points with 20 seconds left. Initiate the QTE with 15 
    seconds on the clock.
    Disco's Dead - 15G
    Defeated Josey
    Follow the boss strategy. 
     Classmates to rescue: 2
    	Lollipops to collect: 7
    		Zombies to collect: 6
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 29.0 . 36:31 . 366,800 .   39    .   1,888  .     27     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    12 Zombie kills required
    Drop down off your perch and group up some of the zombies before smashing a
    stun barrel. The guitarists are your only nuisances here so you shouldn't
    have any trouble. A truck will slam into the barricade with a red barrel in
    the boot. Shoot it to clear the path and do your shopping at the Chop2Shop.
    Round the corner to run into your older sister.
    13 Zombie kills required
    Although this is a small area you do have fire support from your sister. If
    the enemies are too much you can just dodge repeatedly as she whittles them
    down. The downside to this is she can steal your kills if you are trying to
    set up sparkle hunter kills. After they are all disposed of three hazmat
    specials will drop out of a chopper. They are the same three enemies that
    you fought in the prologue. Dropkick the two running hazmat zombies and
    dodge behind and use short combos to safely drain the zombie with the 
    propane tank.
    Circle round the building and jump over the wall of cars to enter a survival
    zone. You will have to survive for a minute total so you can either fight
    back or just run and dodge. Two special zombies will also enter the enclosed
    Z26 - #25: Zombie Punk Boy - Bill
    Z27 - #26: Zombie Punk Girl - Christina
    These two are just two powered up regular zombies so no real strategy is
    needed for them. The fight itself is a good point to activate your sparkle
    power to take out all the specials that spawn and the regular zombies as 
    Lollipop #1 (No. 31) - Crazy Coconut: The car in the garage which has a red
    barrel in the back can be exploded to reveal the lollipop.
    Leave the garage when you are ready (you don't have to rush really). You 
    will have to help cordellia clear the area of flying and bomb zombies. All
    the zombies here will fall to one shot from your blaster so just unload on
    them. A helicopter will spin out of control towards you, rain fire upon it
    until it explodes. Cut through the car to find your first SOS for the level.
    SOS 1: Garage - I think those zombies were trying to bukkake me.
    Wow could this guy have chosen a worse place to be attacked? There are a
    large variety of enemies in the small area and a few are bombers and several
    are special zombies. This means that this is a real headache unless you have
    some sparkle power. If you do just start carving away. If you don't then
    focus on the bombers first to ensure he isn't insta-killed. He will move
    through the area so you must keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn't wander
    into danger. After the bombers are taken care of just make sure to knock 
    back any surrounding him. Don't relax just yet as after he wanders through 
    the fence he will be accosted by three more bomber zombies. Knock them away
    quickly before they detonate. Deal with any remaining threats then claim
    your reward.
    Lollipop #2 (No. 32) - Pumpkin Pie: In the rear corner behind the car.
    Follow the trail of medals and grab the lollipop on the right then smash 
    down the door.
    5 Zombie kills required
    The batters are the priority targets here but overall they are pretty easy.
    9 Zombie kills required
    The next mix contains a fire fighter, guitarist and normal zombies. You will
    be getting support from your sister so you can just take your time if you
    are on the first playthrough. 
    10 Zombie kills required
    The elderly pair of specials is back again. You really should know how to 
    deal with them by now, draw them away from the eight inactive zombies on the
    ground. Use your low slashes to take out the remaining enemies. Round the
    corner to find more zombies to kill.
    4 Zombie kills required
    Three zombie policemen will be waiting for you. These are hard nuts to crack
    as all of their attacks are severely damaging. If you get lucky you can get
    rid of them with dropkicks but they will get in a lot of damage if you 
    can't. Think about either using some blaster ammo or your sparkle power to
    get rid of the ruinous trio. The last enemy is just a bomber zombie so
    dispatch him and move on.
    21 Zombie kills required
    Another assorted group of zombies scattered with fat farmers and fat ladies.
    The guitarists are also a nuisance, quickly dropkick as many specials as you
    can before they start attacking. Dropkicks and short combos should see you
    through the remaining enemies in this encounter. Follow Cordellia down the
    street grabbing both lollipops as you go. Drop down into the small area
    to fight again.
    9 Zombie kills required
    A group of five guitarists and two normal zombies await, you really need
    decent sized combos to cover enough area to keep them off balance. Otherwise
    you will just be constantly interrupted. If you don't have any then dropkick
    or blast them to keep on to of the fight. Two flyers will arrive after the
    ground zombies are cleared.
    9 Zombie kills required
    Flyers and a single bomber special compose this wave. Either deal with the
    bomber quickly or ignore him while you pick off the flyers. When you see
    him start to glow, continue dodging until he explodes and then you can 
    resume the aerial massacre.
    10 Zombie kills required
    Zombies will pour out of the bus in front of you. A fat special zombie, 
    three footbal zombies and several normal zombies are a recipe for disaster
    if you don't keep an eye on the chargers. Quickly deal with the fat special
    and then move on to the footballers. You will probably take out the regular
    zombies with collateral damage.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 33) - Peach Paradise: To the left of the bus.
    When you are done head through the bus to find a Chop2Shop and two pipes to
    cut. Let Rosalind open a new path for you and another mixed group of zombies
    15 Zombie kills required
    Lollipop #4 (No. 34) - Orange Explosion: Behind the wall on the left next
    to the newly demolished wall.
    If you can avoid getting hit by the wrecking ball during the entire section
    you will get an achievement. The large mixed group contains a lot of 
    annoying enemy types: fat man zombies, fire fighters and several others.
    Grab a corner and defend it to avoid the wrecking ball or use it to help 
    take out the zombies if you are good at dodging.
    12 Zombie kills required
    Zombie jumping makes a return here so just don't miss those prompts to kill
    ten zombies straight away. The remaining two are flyers and one is a special
    Z28 - #29: Zombie Flying Man - Peter
    Just blast him down to the floor and either continue firing or hit him with
    melee combos.
    21 Zombie kills required
    Rosalind will make a new ramp for you to scale, when you reach the top and
    activate the flying attack on the crane settle into one side of the area to
    avoid being hit by the wrecking ball. Fire away at any zombies you see and
    make sure you get the ones on the crane body as well.
    Once Rosalind opens the final wall you can grab the medals, lollipop and
    shop at the store. Step on to the elevator to get going again.
    The elevator has a weight limit of 1000kg which should be worrying but 
    enemies are so easy to dropkick off the threat doesn't really have much
    in the way of bite. If you're really in trouble you can use your sparkle
    13 Zombie kills required
    Lollipop #5 (No. 35) - Watermelon Wave: You have to suceed at the trampoline
    QTE to reach this lollipop.
    Take out the three flyers that appear in front of you and then descend the
    scaffolding to meet the fat miners. Dropkicks will end them fast and the
    two police zombies can be taken out best with the blaster. Any leftovers
    can be removed by normal combos. Take the medals and lollipop to the right
    as you pass through the hole and then jump in the mine cart. 
    14 Zombie kills required
    Three boom box zombies will be in plain sight so blast the boxes out of 
    their hands. Another sneaky one will be on the ground floor which can be
    hit from the scaffolding before you drop off the end. Do so and then mop up
    the sedate leftovers. You may have to shoot the zombies who remained on the
    Four police zombies will be in the next room, use the blaster to get rid of
    them then start on the bombers and miners in the corridor.
    The next room has a large platform held up by four weakened pylons. 
    Lollipop #6 (No. 36) - Apple Ahoy!: Once you have finished chainsawing the
    platform you can reach it.
    You need to slash all four to stop the flow of bomber zombies. Let the waves
    blow between each pillar or else they will explode while you are cutting.
    Once the hole is blocked you can slash your way into the next room. 
    SOS 2: Work Site - 
    The room is full of explosive barrels and fire fighter zombies, this is a
    bad combination and the victim moves through the room too. Dropkicks, 
    leapfrogging and any other knockback combo you can use to keep the guy safe.
    The radius of the barrels are just to big for safety so try to stop them
    being detonated. You will have to hit the blue barrel to let the guy out.
    If you manage this you will have rescued the final SOS classmate and 
    unlocked your achievement.
    Down the pole we go and through the cathedral doors.
    32 Zombie kills required
    The next melee is a brilliant time to activate your sparkle power to rack
    up those sparkle hunter combos. 
    Z29 - #27: Zombie Rocker Boy - Brett
    Z30 - #28: Zombie Rocker Girl - Samantha
    Tear through these two with your sparkle power along with the rest.
    Lollipop #7 (No. 37) - Bubblegum Burst: In the far right corner of the room.
    Once they are all gone you get your final chance to shop before the boss.
    Z31 - #30: Lewis Legend
    STAGE 1:
    Batter Up -	Lewis will pull back his guitar to swing. If you can press
    		the prompt in time you will counter the swing and deal some
    		damage in response.
    Gunnery -	Lewis will fire his machine gun in a moving trail. It is 
    		slow and easy to dodge.
    Wheelie -	Lewis will charge at you from outside the area very fast so
    		dodge as best you can.
    Blue Blaster -	Three blue beams will fly out at wherever you are standing.
    		Another ranged attack so you can't do anything but dodge.
    Lewis will start by racing around the outside of the area on his motorbike.
    He cannot be hit by melee while behind the blue flames and he moves pretty
    fast so ranged attacks would be wasted. When he shows off in flames doing
    tricks activate your sparkle power to hit him (otherwise you will get 
    knocked back). Once you have drained his life you will need to counter a
    batter up attack to knock him off his bike. QTE him to make the change to 
    the next stage.
    STAGE 2:
    Cable Swipe -	The mech will whip an electrical cable towards you multiple
    		times. Dodging it affords you the opportunity to attack the
    Slam -		The mech will rocket into the sky then slam down to the 
    		ground. It is pretty easy to dodge overall.
    Cable Whip -	The mech will stretch a long cable across the arena to hit
    		you. The attack is quite fast and painful. If you manage to
    		avoid it you can get in a few attacks.
    Gunnery -	The mech will fire a line of machine gun fire towards you.
    		Strafe or dodge to avoid it.
    Lewis will morph into a massive elephant mech and race around the arena on
    flaming roller skates (the equivalent of). You will have to time your 
    attacks to hit after successful dodges. The main threat is his cable attacks
    so keep them in mind when dodging. Wear him down until the QTE activates and
    you move on to the second mech form.
    STAGE 3:
    Cable Swipe -	The mech will whip an electrical cable towards you multiple
    		times. Dodging it affords you the opportunity to attack the
    Thunder Charge -The mech will race towards you surrounded by electricity. 
    		The move is pretty easy to avoid and leaves him open. Attack
    		until he starts to shake (he will counterattack at this 
    Homing Missiles-The mech will launch several waves of missiles into the air.
    		If you keep dodging they won't hit you and you will be able
    		to attack the mech after.
    The mech will lose some strength but gain increased agility. The basics 
    remain the same. Dodge his attacks and get in your hits when he is 
    recovering. There are three phases to this stage and they are pretty much 
    the same but he will only have a quarter of his health so at least its 
    STAGE 4:
    Blaster - 	Lewis will shoot off blasts similar to yours at you. The
    		attack is easy to dodge but leaves little time to attack.
    Fire Missiles -	Lewis will fire flaming missiles into the sky that loosely
    		home in on you. The retaliation opportunity is longer.
    Thunder Charge -Lewis will race towards you surrounded by electricity. 
    		The move is pretty easy to avoid and leaves him open. Attack
    		until he starts to shake (he will counterattack at this 
    Minecraft -	Lewis will spray mines in random directions and distances.
    		If you can reach the center you can land some free hits.
    More of the same really it is just a different looking Lewis with slight
    changes to his attack pattern. Keep blasting or cutting away and use up
    any sparkle power you have left as this is his final form. Once you initiate
    the QTE he will finally die.
    Obtainable Achievements:
    Excellent Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad's score.
    In score attack (or story mode) you must obtain a better overall score than 
    Dad (you don't exactly have to beat his 'score' points as I have still 
    ranked higher with less points than him in that stat, instead having better 
    score/s elsewhere.
    Bonus Requirements (score attack)
    Stage 5-1 (Score Attack)
        Sparkle Hunting: 4 Decaps
        Hazmat killed with own bomb
        No Damage: 3 Hazmats
    Stage 5-2
        Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
        All Classmates Rescued
        Lollipop Not Used
    Stage 5-3
        Sparkle Hunting: 5 Decaps
        3 Headshots
        Lift Kept Under 900kg
        All Wrecking Balls Dodged
    Stage 5-4
        Sparkle Hunting: 7 Decaps
        All Classmates Rescued
        Lollipop Not Used
        No Damage: 4-Pole Battle
    Stage 5-5 (During boss battle only)
        Lucky Nick Not Used
        Lollipop Not Used
        Speedy Finish
    Little Sisters Are The Worst! - 15G
    Do not get hit by Rosalind's wrecking ball.
    From the time she appears with the crane to the time she leaves you have to 
    avoid being hit. There are some tips in the guide above in the relevant 
    Elephant Tamer - 10G
    Counter Lewis' attack 10 times
    During the first stage of the boss fight when you get the QTE to 'finish 
    him.' Don't finish the QTE (the A prompt) and Lewis will get back on his 
    motorbike again. Do this 10 times to get the achievement.
    Rock n' Roll Isn't Here Anymore - 15G
    Defeated Lewis Legend
    Follow the strategy above and defeat the boss
     Classmates to rescue: 0
    	Lollipops to collect: 3
    		Zombies to collect: 5
     .             .  LV  . TIME  .  SCORE  . SPARKLE .  MEDALS  .  P MEDALS  .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
     . Dad's Score . 9.0  . 22:47 . 80,700  .    13   .    219   .      8     .
     .             .      .       .         .         .          .            .
    The stage begins with a quick QTE which demonstrates what you have to do to
    progress. Successfully slice four cars to form a bridge across the gap. Jump
    over the newly created ramp to run into your first special zombie for the
    Z32 - #34: Zombie Obachan - Marie
    Z33 - #35: Zombie Ojachan - David
    19 Zombie kills required
    The final revenge of the breakdancing grandfather and his souped up missus.
    The same stale tactics as usual apply here for these two but the other
    seventeen zombies in the mob might keep you on your toes! You can use the
    cars the boss throws to damage the group (and the specials) if you want to
    take the indirect approach or even just blast away if you still have some 
    ammo after the last level.
    Once they are down head towards Killabilly again and slice three more cars
    to cross the next chasm.
    Lollipop #1 (No. 38) - Salty Tuffy: Stick to the ramps on the right of the
    road to reach this lollipop. It is on top of a bus.
    Continue down the road with the chainsaw dash and make sure to focus on 
    slamming into those oil containers as a death sequence will begin where you
    have to outrun a falling building. Make sure to hit the oil to keep your
    dash going and turn left into the side street before the building crushes 
    11 Zombie kills required
    Grab the blaster ammo on the right of the area and use the blue barrel to
    stun the mob. You should easily be able to get a couple of hunter combos
    against these guys. Shoot down the flyers and blast the rock away to move
    Lollipop #2 (No. 39) - Vanilla Pudding: In the middle of the road after
    killing the zombies.
    Lollipop #3 (No. 40) - Caramel Kiss: When you are back on the main road you
    will find it near some buses in plain sight.
    Stock up at the Chop2Shop if you need to and then head back out onto the
    highway to hell. Yay, giant eye lasers of death. This section just involves
    moving forwards, doging the lasers and hiding behind the objects that need
    to be destroyed to open a new path. When you reach the oil cans, start
    dashing and keep going until a zombie counter appears. 
    10 Zombie kills required
    There is a blue barrel here so just cluster and slice to finish them off.
    The bus blocking your way will explode, leaving you with one last frantic
    dash to the boss (with a last Chop2Shop on your right).
    STAGE 1:
    Fondle -	Killabilly will move you within range of his other hand and
    		try to touch you (I have never failed this QTE so I can't
    		tell you what it actually does. Pass the QTE to avoid 
    Spit Take -	Killabilly will swill his mouth around and launch a flaming
    		zombie at you. You cannot damage this zombie you can only
    		avoid it by moving the arm with the left stick.
    Brill Creamer -	Killabilly will smooth his hair and a flying zombie will
    		attack shortly afterwards. Tap Y to get rid of it.
    So it begins, your fight with the final boss of the game. You will start off
    being held in his hand. You can use the left stick to 'steer' his arm to
    line up your blaster shots and avoid attacks. The one and only target in 
    this stage is his eyes. He will try to hide them with his hand but you can
    move to the far left to shoot over his hand when he peeks at you. He will
    eventually try to eat you. Just tap B to move on to the next stage of the
    STAGE 2:
    Hand Slam -	Killabilly will simply slam both hands flat into the ground.
    		Does fair damage but is pretty easy to predict and dodge.
    		Use your longest combos when his hands stop after this 
    		attack to really bring the thunder.
    Tonguing -	Killabilly slams his tongue into the ground, dealing heavy
    		damage if you are in its path. He retracts it too quickly
    		to attack unless it is part of the long vehicle spawn
    		attack sequence.
    Chevvy Spawn -	Killabilly spawns cars from his hands, hair and then attacks
    		with his tongue. He also spawns a wave of basic zombies to
    		annoy you. After most of those fall, bomber zombies will
    		arrive and then finally three fire fighter zombies.
    Truck Spawn -	Killabilly will start playing with a truck that (after he
    		releases it) will relentlessly hunt you down for a set
    		amount of time. Dodging is required as it can hit you
    		multiple times before vanishing.
    Eye Of the King-Killabilly will fire purple lasers at you for decent damage.
    Killabilly is an imposing sight. He hits hard and has a large variety of
    attacks and the ability to summon minions. He will often slam his hands into
    the ground or leave them hovering above it slightly (you can still hit them
    with the Y button combos as they slash upwards). Use your strongest combos
    when they are on the ground and change to Y combos if he raises them. His
    spawn attacks are the biggest overall threat though as they require you to
    dodge his intitial attacks, destroy the zombies he creates and avoid flying
    debris from his air guitar. Powerful combos and sparkle power will come to
    your aid here (especially against the trio of fire fighters).
    When Killabilly reaches half health a helicopter will be swatted down 
    towards you. Blast it to prevent taking damage then return to smacking down
    Killabilly. Once you have finally got him down to the finish point you will
    have to wait for him to slam his hands into the ground to activate the QTE.
    The sequence will be quite complex and the final button tap is really short
    (its a B by the way). If you pull it off successfully you will enter his
    body for one final QTE.
    This is simply a matter of dodging spikes and it is easier (albiet longer)
    than the previous QTE. Once you have completed it you will have finished the
    game and defeated Killabilly. Congratulations!
    Obtainable Achievements:
    Master Zombie Hunter - 30G
    Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad's score.
    In score attack (or story mode) you must obtain a better overall score than 
    Dad (you don't exactly have to beat his 'score' points as I have still 
    ranked higher with less points than him in that stat, instead having better 
    score/s elsewhere.
    Bonus Requirements (Score Attack)
    Stage 2-1
    Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
    No Damage: Football Zombie
    No Overheat Experienced
    Stage 2-2
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    No Damage: 4F
    No Damage: 2F
    Stage 2-3
    Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
    No Overheat Experienced
    No Damage: Gym
    Stage 2-4
    All Classmates Rescued
    No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    No Overheat Experienced
    3 Headshots
    Stage 2-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)
    Lucky Nick Not Used
    Lollipop Not Used
    Speedy Finish
    Aced Auto-Shop Class - 15G
    Clear All The Kill Car QTE's In A Row
    Basically don't mess up a Y button prompt car slash in this level.
    Fingered - 10G
    Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight!
    Slash away at Killabilly's hands whenever you have the chance (the fingers 
    regrow) and you'll get this in no time.
    I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass - 15G
    Defeated Killabilly
    Beat Killabilly using the strategy above to get this one.
    Horrid Birthday - 15G
    Watched The Bad Ending
    Complete the game without rescuing all the SOS classmates (you can choose 
    your ending if you did save them all so don't worry about missing this).
    Congratulations! Happy Birthday! - 100G
    Watched The Happy Ending
    Rescued every SOS classmate and finished the game.
    Endorsed By Cordelia - 10G
    Get 30 headshots.
    Turn off auto targeting in the options menu and headshot 30 zombies with the 
    chainsaw blaster.
    Sparkle Hunting Master - 10G
    Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting.
    Can be done in several locations, the earliest is in the prologue. Watch the 
    video for a good spot.
    Super Shopper - 15G
    Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom.
    Self explanatory
    Love Nick - 15G
    Kissed Nick 100 times.
    You have to activate 100 Nick Tickets successfully to get this one. Each 
    time she does one she kisses Nick.
    JULIET51 - 15G
    51 successful dropkicks.
    Jump and X at zombies (and hit them) x 51. Pretty simple.
    International Zombie Hunter - 15G
    Registered in world leaderboards for all stages.
    You must be playing on ranking mode on the level select screen (press X to 
    swap). You must complete and save afterwards each of the seven levels.
    Groovy Hunter - 10G
    Kill 500 zombies.
    You'll get this in a single playthrough.
    Zombie Slayer?! - 30G
    Kill 3,000 Zombies.
    This will probably take 2+ playthroughs. Keep trying!
    Rich Hunter - 10G
    Pick up 1,000 zombie medals.
    You should get this in one playthrough.
    Millionare Hunter - 30G
    Pick up 10,000 zombie medals.
    Again this should take 2+ playthroughs.
    San Remero Knights Savior - 30G
    Rescued All Classmates.
    Complete all SOS events in the walkthrough to unlock this.
    Lollipop Addict - 30G
    Collected all lollipop wrappers.
    Follow all the locations in the walkthrough. Should unlock when you pick up 
    the final lollipop at the end of stage 6.
    Always On The Phone - 30G
    Collected all telephone messages.
    Collecting these is automatic, you should get the final one after beating 
    the final boss.
    Zombie Fancier - 30G
    Completed the zombie album.
    The only zombie not listed in the walkthrough is:
    Z35 - #32: Zombie Happy Bird - Jack
    This zombie can only be found in ranking mode and is the transformed version 
    of the Chop2Shop store. Can be found on any level including the prologue.
    Once all have been killed the achievement should pop.
    OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool - 30G
    Collected all BGM.
    You have to beat the game and buy all the music in the store (repeat 
    playthrough may be required) as well as beating Dad's scores in the 
    Perfect Body - 30G
    Completely level up Juliet.
    Just buy all the upgrades at the store to get this.
    Master Sushi Chef - 30G
    Collected all combos.
    Buy all the combos at the store to get this.
    Accidental Vandalism - 15G
    Destroyed 300 objects in the game.
    This will probably come naturally but a good area is the school in stage 1. 
    Smash all the desks and objects you see.
    Go, Medal Racer, Go! - 15G
    Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash.
    During the rooftop section in stage 2 you will have to use the chainsaw dash 
    to pick up the medals on the rooftop. You can cancel out of the dash with B 
    and still pick up the medals. The video shows it far better than I could 
    explain it.
    NOTE: This was obviously supposed to be in stage 2 but I ran out of 
    characters in the post.
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