How do u get the hack tool?

  1. I was just reading on gamefaqs about the moon zombies level and i seen there was a hacktool that allowed one player to do a variety of things like decreasing door and weapon costs.I was just wondering how u get it and use it. Is it in the Random Box?

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  1. The hack tool is in a room in the labs. You have to through the door on the M14 side of the base & down into the labs. I would recommend turning on the power before you grab the tool as it replaces your P.E.S & turning on the power restores life support.

    It is used to hack all sorts of things, but it is mainly used to stop the excavators from doing whatever they do. If you want more information you should check out the guide for the moon base.

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  2. The hacker is a new equipment-type addition to zombies. Once you enter the power room and turn the power on, open the door to the right of the black pyramid.

    This leads to the laboratory area which houses Double Tap in the first room. There are three rooms here, the third of which requires an extra door to be opened.The third room houses two doors: One leading to the Biodome on the right and the other leading to the moon's surface on the left where Mule Kick is; and the MP5K in-between.

    In each room, there are two desks (total of 6). At the start of the game, the hacker randomly spawns on one of these desks. It is free to pick up but replaces your P.E.S suit so if you plan on keeping it, I recommend staying in the Biodome area and not let it de-compress.

    The hacker has a variety of functions. I'm still not sure if I know them all but I will list what I know:

    Hack other players to give them 500 points
    Hack wall weapons to reverse the prices of ammo (upgraded ammo costs what normal would costs and vice versa)
    Hack doors to open them for 200 points (this takes 20-30 seconds)
    Hack the Pack-A-Punch to close the gates around it
    Hack barricades to gain 100 points and completely rebuild them
    Hack the box if you opened it and don't want the current weapon to try again (costs 600 points rather than 950). Hack it again to turn the new weapon into a pick-up for any team-mates and recieve 950 points
    Hack perks you already have to get rid of the perk and recieve a full refund (e.g. get rid of PHD Flopper and recieve 2000 points)
    Hack the excavator control points in the recieving bay (quick revive area) to gain 1000 points and stop an excavator from breaching the base

    One last advantage the hacker has is that if you keep the hacker for a certain amount of rounds without swapping it for the P.E.S suit, you wil start to gain bonus points at the end of each round. You will first gain 500 points but will then gain 500 points more than last time if the hacker is kept for longer. This will continue until you gain 2500 points at the end of each round. It will reset if you swap the hacker for the P.E.S suit

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  3. One thing I forgot to add:

    Hack a box spawn point to make the box appear and give you a random weapon (costs 1200 and disallows that spot when a fire sale is picked up)

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