Assassin Skill Tree?

  1. Hey all you assassins out there, what do you think as the best skill set to develop for Assassin? I'm using his sniping abilites a good bit, but I really like his deception skill when things are too close to snipe.

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    applejacks03 - 5 years ago

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  1. You can't go wrong... to singhellotaku's point, respecing is so cheap you could change it up for each mission if you wanted to.

    Do you prefer to hang back and kill from a distance? Then Sniping is an obvious choice.

    Do you prefer to run in for close combat, fluidly switching between gun and melee attacks before delivering a killing blow? Bloodshed.

    Do you prefer a more tactical approach... adopting to long, mid and short range depending on the situation (and whether your in deception or not)? Cunning.

    I went with Bloodshed and here's why:

    Greater the risk, greater the reward - with Bloodshed you're going for mostly a short range play style, you're in the middle of the fight and you can really rack up a lot more kills a lot faster - the downside is you will also take a lot more damage (elemental SMG for Fight for Life?).

    That's how we play - I've got a core team that I play with I beat Borderlands 1 with several times (Hunter and Siren) and I got tired of snipping and losing the best loot or having my team advance faster and leaving me in the dust with my Bloodwing - so I quickly switched to gunslinger and just felt like so much more of a BA. Pretty much had to go with Bloodshed for B2.

    It feels f'ing ninja - while you've got your turrets down and the gunzerker whittling down everyone's health, there's nothing more satisfying than running around lopping off heads with your killing blow skill maxed. Better yet, if your siren is phase locking someone leap and melee that sitting duck - you're pretty much Ruroni Kenshin with a gun.

    Be warned... that's what works for me and the Sniping tree has amazing abilities if you want to deal death from a distance... who doesn't want to lay down their deception, carefully line up the perfect head-shot take down targets who will never know what hit them. And I don't want to discount the Cunning tree as this is probably the most versatile (kill from a distance, kill up close, kill, kill, kill). Just be happy you picked the right class :-P (and I've been playing with all four).

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  1. With each tree being dependent to your playing style, I find that sniping is a bit boring (and to be honest, I'm not that good at it), so I found the Bloodshed tree is much more for me. With great bonuses to melee and gun damage I get right into the middle of a firefight as fast as possible and just lay hate. It's just all in how you play the game.

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  2. I would suggest going for bloodshed early. The early sniping skills kind of suck, it really starts to shine later on when you can spot enemy weakpoints, and eventually stack critical damage bonuses.

    I'm currently sniping with my points in the bloodshed tree, will respec when I can get the good sniping skills.

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  3. Just experiment, remember respecing is very cheap

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  4. The cunning skill tree is also pretty good, increasing gun damage and the counter skill is excellent for melee. Plus at higher levels, you get health regen and movement speed while cloaked.

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  5. I find bloodshed outstanding i have a level 28 assassin and tear through most enemies like tissue paper. I also have a sheild called order that when combined with a pistol with the name of law (mine is called fine law) every melee attack returns health to you i tend to just sit and trade with badasses. i rattled off a 44000 crit with a melee attack at around level 18.

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  6. Get a level 50 Law Pistol and Order Shield, with Bloodshed tree and parts in Cunning you will pretty much one shot mobs and chain deception between a large group and keep your health up against badasses with resurgence and Law+Order. I have a great Slag Rocket Launcher for those Oh Crap moments when I need to hit something that backed up if I was in a bad spot from a fail Deception chain. Or just for those harder enemies. I love my Law and order combo with Bloodshed. It makes Zero feel like there is no skill to playing him. Trying a Mechromancer now.

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  7. Ok, here's my build

    1/5 Head Shot
    1/5 Fast Hands
    5/5 Counter Strike
    5/5 Ambush
    5/5 Unforseen
    1/1 Deathmark
    1/5 killing blow
    5/5 Iron hand
    5/5 grim
    5/5 follow through
    5/5 backstab
    5/5 Resurgence

    Shield- Order
    Class Mod- legendary hunter
    grenade mod-bonus package
    other thing(feel dumb forgot categories name), blood of terramourphous

    -BY punching someone, entering deception standing behind them, then at 0 seconds using the execute skill you do 2190% regular melee damage
    -do to the law and order combo, you heal huge amounts of hp, and due to resurgence you gain even more
    - great for boss a battles due to the high one hit damage, and heal per hit
    - can use execute to quickly rush enemy's, or use on flying enemies to get really high
    - great for duels,one on one
    overall, at close range your invisible, mix it with the nukem in case you ever need a second wind, and your invisible

    - no bonuses to sniper rifle, except for the 6/5 head shot skill
    - has trouble engaging multiple aerial eenemies at once
    -has none of the final skill s(there under powered though)

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