Need help beating invincibles?

  1. Can anyone help me with any good items to beat invincibles? I have tried multiple times with no success and its getting frustrating?

    User Info: frorge69

    frorge69 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Which one? There are specific methods to beat each one of them, most of the time items won't do all the work.

    Generally speaking, it is a good idea to acquire the Bee (legendary amp shield) if you want to solo them. A good fast firing weapon is recommended to go with the Bee (there are a lot depending on what you like, a few examples:conference call shotgun, Hellfire smg, B*tch smg, good purple weapons...) . Transfusion grenades are useful too as a mean of healing yourself.

    Pete is the one who requires more specific items if you want to do it properly:

    -inflammable shield (purple rarity)
    -alkaline shield (purple)
    - A good shock weapon
    Those items are to deal with his shielded stage, when he prepares his novas: switch to the shield granting immunity to the element he is charging.

    After he loses his shield, he launches fire and corrosion at the same time, so immunity shield only blocks one element. You will need to use the water valve, or better: observe his patterns carefully to hide behind the scaffolding when he does a double element nova. Additionally the shock weapon will not be efficient at this stage, and you should switch to a non fire, non corrosive good weapon, unkempt Harold (explosive legendary pistol) is a good possible choice.

    User Info: igniz666

    igniz666 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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