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Reviewed: 10/16/12

Beyond GOTY

Hey guys! Off the bat I want you to all know that I did NOT buy this game from amazon. I bought it from gamestop but if youre like me, always using amazon as a place to get review knowledge.

First, this game is great, especially for consoles! I dont think this rpg could compete with some of the major pc games like diablo or wow or whatever since its not a traditional rpg in the sense, but if youre an avid fps on consoles but you like the occasion rpg, say like skyrim then this game is the perfect choice! It is a fps with the elements of an rpg, gain levels, unlock skills, do quests etc.

What else adds to the fun is that this game actually supports coop play! Oh how I miss the days of coop games..I swear those days are now becoming far and in between.. I couldnt stand split screen on cod games, blops or mw3 (seemed more laggy then I think cod games are a joke with the p2p connection...but that review belongs somewhere else;)

The short of the story here is that Borderlands 2 is awesome and one of the few recent releases I have purchased at full price new and not had later regrets. So far, the game is amazing in almost every aspect. It's not perfect, but the few issues I've had thus far have not warranted taking away a star.

If you want to buy this game;
-Like cell-shaded graphics
-Like doing side quests (don't need to, but you'll want to)
-Have some desire to do a little research in finding the best weapon setups for your missions/game play style/charater build
-Don't hate grinding to get to where you need to be.

-Need more fast travel stations
-Having to run back through a board where everyone respawns if you're not quick enough
-EXTREMELY low XP for enemies that are a level below you yet can still mess you up like no other

Without spoilers, I am on my first playthrough at level 20. I am a commando, as I enjoyed being a soldier the first time around. I love my turret but I miss some of the perks that once were included with the turret. Team health was sweet.

The story is engaging and the missions, including the side missions, are better laid out and longer this time around. That is a positive for me as it adds to game play and replay value for me. I don't feel cheated by a 6-hour game like many of these new games do. This is a longer game if you want to do all the missions and focus on building your character to a high level.

I will admit to not being the largest fan of the first game. Unforuntately, my experience with the first game was hampered mostly by playing for the first time with someone who had played multiple times and led me around instead of followed me, so I didn't get the same experience as I have had playing for the first time with friends who are still on their first time through. The enemies are repetitious, but you expect that in these types of games. I am still going to new areas and don't feel cheated by the shortage of different enemy types.

This game does have a good sense of adult humor. Perhaps it's not appropriate for children, but if you're the type that will buy your kids Call of Duty, than this will fall on deaf ears anyway, so whatever. The game is hilarious. Great writing and great visual experience. Highly recommended to all, if it's your type of game. Hack and slash gamers will probably NOT enjoy this game as you have to still worry about upgrading and building your character.

Also the UI is alot better in this game, like mini map, options menu, oh and you are able to choose between horizontal or vertical split screen, def a plus!

This game is def made to play with other people. Make sure you are friends somehow with the people in your party..I can potentially see alot of ninja looting going on from a complete stranger making you miss out on some solid loot after taking down a baddy!!

solid 5 stars IMO..but a negative 5 stars for money grubbin microsoft forcing me into multiple accounts (interesting thought, if microsoft didnt own the rights of halo, I would imagine most of us would be playing for free on ps3..but because we all signed up years ago, we all dont want to switch)

thank you for reading my review and I apologize for the offshoots of my opinions.

Also if I could use your help..Ive read many things online stating that you cannot have 2-2 split screen players to form a 4 player party over this true? That only 1 console can have split screen? If anyone can comment below who have already tried this I would greatly appreciate it.

Just know your 60$ is well spent in this game..plenty to offer and GREAT improvements since borderlands 1 with multiplayer..I wish I had more experience with the game but alas it is still day 1 of release!

Happy Hunting!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Borderlands 2 (US, 09/18/12)

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