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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dgnslyr90

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/11/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     Remember Me
                               For Xbox 360 Version 1
                              Written By: David Harris
                              Gamertag: ForeverMidnight
     Hello, I am ForeverMidnight and this is my guide for "Remember Me." This 
    guide was created by me to help gamers proceed through the levels, find all of 
    the collectibles, and earn the achievements. When writing guides I leave out 
    all of the juicy reveals in a game because there are some experiences you 
    should see for yourself. When I write, I try and be relaxed and throw in a joke 
    every now and again because reading a guide can be a little stale after a 
    while. I am open to any suggestion or alternate ways of doing things in this 
    game and if someone emails me a suggestion or recommendation, I will add it 
    and give you a shout out. Well enough about me, lets get this game started.
    More than half of todays population spends a large amount of time on social
    medias; updating statuses and posting pictures and videos of almost everything
    we do. Well what if we took it a step further? What if we were able to upload
    and share our expieriences to the net AFTER we have already lived them. What
    if the new medium of online sharing was no longer pictures or videos, but our
    In 2084, the Memorize corporation has made that a reality. Releasing a brain
    implant dubbed Sensen, the Sensation Engine, almost all of the worlds 
    population is now able to share their very own memories on the web. As the 
    public see's this as a great thing, it also gives the Memorize corporation
    great powerand control over the population that craves their technology.
    Enter, Nilin. A memory hunter who is employed by the Memorize company to 
    steal or alter memories of people deemed a threat or of value to the 
    corporation...and that is where the original part of the story ends.
    Like most big evil corporation stories where you are an employer, your 
    memory becomes erased and you must set out to find what happened to your head.
                                Remember you soon...
    ================================Table of Content===============================
    1. Gameplay
         - Controls [CONT]
    2. Main Guide
         Episode 0                                                            [EP0]
         Episode 1                                                            [EP1]
         Episode 2                                                            [EP2]
         Episode 3                                                            [EP3]
         Episode 4                                                            [EP4]
         Episode 5                                                            [EP5]
         Episode 6                                                            [EP6]
         Episode 7                                                            [EP7]
         Episode 8                                                            [EP8]
    7. Achievements
         Script Kiddie                                                       [ACH1]
         Errorist Agent                                                      [ACH2]
         MemHunter Elite                                                     [ACH3]
         It's all in the details                                             [ACH4]
         You focus                                                           [ACH5]
         Gotta patch them all!                                               [ACH6]
         Pest Control                                                        [ACH7]
         God is a DJ                                                         [ACH8]
         Unbelievable truth                                                  [ACH9]
         Droning by numbers                                                 [ACH10]
         You missed me                                                      [ACH11]
         The fallen                                                         [ACH12]
         I do like spam!                                                    [ACH13]
         Can't Touch this                                                   [ACH14]
         The Shield is down!                                                [ACH15]
         Machines do it better                                              [ACH16]
         Fuzzy Logic                                                        [ACH17]
         Dropping L-Bombs                                                   [ACH18]
         Fiat lux!                                                          [ACH19]
         Out of the friend Zorn                                             [ACH20]
         Leader of the pack                                                 [ACH21]
         Fury lover                                                         [ACH22]
         Mix'em all                                                         [ACH23]
         I know kung fu                                                     [ACH24]
         Float like a butterfly                                             [ACH25]
         Queen of the hill                                                  [ACH26]
         The wheat and the chaff                                            [ACH27]
         8-hit wonder                                                       [ACH28]
         Lord of the ring                                                   [ACH29]
         Serve the servant                                                  [ACH30]
         400                                                                [ACH31]
         Dead man's chest                                                   [ACH32]
         You talkin' to me?                                                 [ACH33]
         Medical malpractice                                                [ACH34]
         Forged alliance                                                    [ACH35]
         Open Mind                                                          [ACH36]
         Christmas is over                                                  [ACH37]
         Jail break-in                                                      [ACH38]
         Trigger Unhappy                                                    [ACH39]
         Crime of Passion                                                   [ACH40]
         Murder Incorporated                                                [ACH41]
         Happy Birthday                                                     [ACH42]
         Birthday Crash                                                     [ACH43]
         Are you my mummy?                                                  [ACH44]
         Rust in Piece                                                      [ACH45]
         Mind Craft                                                         [ACH46]
         Towering Inferno                                                   [ACH47]
         Power off                                                          [ACH48]
         Biter Bit                                                          [ACH49]
         Final overload                                                     [ACH50]
    8. Legal
       Version updates
    If Assassins Creed, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Total Recall made a video game,
    you would get Remember Me. 
    This game has a lot of potential for greatness if the worlds were a little 
    more open with choices on how to finish the Episodes, like Dishonored. 
    However this game is very straightforward; get from point A to Point B while
    dealing with random enemies and assorted targets. This game brings some 
    originality with the memory remix theme. Being able to view memories and alter
    several details to get multiple outcomes. Unfortunently those events are few
    and far between.
    My playthrough is on the hardest difficulty, so if you seem to be finding 
    the enemies you are facing arent doing as much attack as I have listed, that's
    * Keep an eye on your combo gauges when you attack. She will sometimes start a
    combo over if you wait to long to press the attack button again or if you
    dodge over a different person you are attacking.
    *If you die in the middle of a fight, you start at the last checkpoint with
    full health but an empty energy bar.
    * If you are going for collectibles, keep an eye on where they are in the
    guide because if you go to far, you will have to start the level allll over 
    again to get to it. Same goes for memory remixing.
    * Dodging can be a little finicky. Be really carefull where you hit the stick,
    you may wanna dodge left but she could frontflip forwards.
    * The cameras can spin around uncontrollably in the middle of a fight, 
    especially in tight places like hallways. It could cause you to mess up a 
    combo or dodge right into the hands of another enemy.
    * Your Sensen device points out where you can climb with an orange arrow.
    Look everywhere before taking the main path, you never know where you may 
    end up.
    * Targeting sucks, plain and simple. You have to be looking directly at 
    whatever it is your trying to target and switching targets is very difficult 
    to achieve.
    * If you missed a collectible in the level, you can replay the mission later
    and everything you have already collected will be gone. Eliminating any doubt
    as to which one you are missing
    * Collectibles are labled in the guide by (collectible level.#) to make it 
    easier to locate. So if your missing a SAT Patch on episode 3, you would
    type in "SAT Patch 3." in your search and it will take you to all of the
    episode 3 SAT patches.
    ==Controls==                                                             [CONT]
    A- Jump
    B- Interact
    X- Attack
    Y- Attack
    LB- Target
    LT- S-Power wheel
    RB- Spam Attack
    RT- Junk Attack
    Right stick- Camera
    Left Stick- Movement
    Start- Pause menu
    Back-  Game Menu
    ==================================Main Guide==================================
    Episode 0                                                                [EP0]
    Well that seemed like an inordinate amount of pain. It seems that the company
    that we are working for has just finished releaving us of most of our memory.
    I also refuse to believe that the name of the doctor isnt a coincidence to 
    another sci-fi memory wipe film, might as well have called him Arnold.
    Use your left and right analog stick to regain control of Nilin, then follow
    the orange lines the floating robot highlights for you. Once it has you
    standing in the line, you get to witness another persons memory being erased.
    Not very pleasant, and luckily a mysterious voice in your head agrees and 
    thinks you are better off not in the machine.
    When he tells you too, look left so he can open the door. Saunter on over and
    slide under the door. 
    Move past the large robot here to the hallway. Some sensors go off and the
    "coercive unit" is deployed after you, which to me looks remarkably like The
    Iron Monger. Keep moving forward down the hall and stay as far away from the 
    approaching red line as you can, otherwise Jeff Bridges or whoever is 
    controlling the mech will get you.
    You escape the rampaging beast at the end of the hall and make it to a 
    human disposal chamber.
    When the cutscene plays, we are given a few key plot points. The voice in our
    head goes by the name Edge, an Errorist who fights against the Memorize 
    company. He fills you in on your past exploits as a hunter and how they fight
    against the company that is monopolizing memories.
    Episode 1                                                                [EP1]
    Collectables| 5 SAT patches
                | 6 Mnesist memories
    Well out of the frying pan and into combat with mutated freaks as they say...
    Use your left stick and press A to dodge the incoming attack from the 
    Leapers. Edge reminds you to use your Pressen, a combo that you get to 
    manipulate and change in the select menu that allows you to customize the 
    style and damage.
    Once you regain control after the fight, follow the Leaper that comes out of
    the rubble, use the aid station if you need it. Edge tells you to find a way
    out of the Leapers lair to find a bar owner who can help you. Use the skills
    you have perfected playing Assassins Creed to climb up the ledges. Once you 
    drop down on the left, there is  Mnesist Memory [1.1] on the ground to the 
    right. Climb up the wall and when you get inside a broken train, turn right 
    instead of left to find Mnesist Memory [1.2]
    Continue around the walkways and ledges till you find a picture of a 
    hidden stash left for you by an Errorist. The stash is across the walkway 
    to your immediate right, its SAT Patch [1.1] 
    Walk to your left and climb the ledges here, follow the instructions and 
    you will climb over to an area filled with Leapers. Now you have new Pressens 
    to equip, where the first ones were power attacks, these Pressens will give  
    health. Use the new combo you created to regain some of your lost health and
    defeat your enemies. Climb up the red wall after you are done with them and
    shanty around the ledges till you can climb up the next bulding. Before you 
    jump the gap, follow the grate to the right around the wall to find Mnesist 
    memory [1.3]
    There is a health pack in front of you and the controls to a machine blocking 
    your path on the bridge. After you beat the two Leapers that jump you, you 
    find that your XP that flies into your head as you defeat them have unlocked 
    a new Pressen for you to use. Jump the gap and take a look to your left to 
    find SAT Patch [1.2]
    Climb the pipes ahead and show off your amazing parkour skills as you avoid
    hot steam and jump from ledge to ledge as you make your way up. Enjoy the 
    cutscene as you are introduced the the Skinner. A larger version of Leapers
    that gets stronger when others are around. As your fight progresses, more
    of the Leapers will join the fight. They will have to be dealt with before you 
    finish attacking the Skinner.
    Once that is taken care of, activate the crane controls to move the platform 
    to your area so you can use it to climb over to the upper ledge. Hop across
    to the giant screen and allllll the way to the right to make it to the market.
    Edge points you in the direction you need to go. Hop down to the market and
    proceed forward, go to the right of the Errorist message and you will find
    Mnesist Memory [1.4]. Go across the little bridge and head left to find SAT 
    Patch [1.3] where the message pointed. Around the corner is a ladder, go past
    it and to the left you fill find Mnesist Memory [1.5] Once you climb up the 
    ladder, around the corner to the right is SAT Patch [1.4] by a robot.
    Run/jump across the two catwalks till you get to the upper ledge of the 
    marked building. To the right is a window you can kick in to gain access to 
    the upstairs where Nilin will pull a new power out of her head that you cant 
    use just yet. Defeat the Leapers and follow your markers around the ledges 
    till you can jump down to a grated catwalk. Keep moving forward or else 
    gravity will send you to your doom. Run around the corner and jump to the 
    ladder, climb down and scuttle to your left. The game wants you to climb up,
    but instead you should drop down and on a ledge to the left is Mnesist
    Memory [1.6] Take the previous ledges till you reach the Leaking Brain bar.
    During the cutscene you should see the fifth SAT patch, if you missed it, just
    head around to the right when you regain control to find it on a tub of eels.
    Talk to Tommy to recieve your new(ish) outfit and ditch the scrubs. During the 
    cutscene you are introduced to Nilins unique ability, memory remix. You
    can view others memories and alter them to change certain outcomes. Follow the
    instructions during the cutscene to see how you can rewind memories so you can 
    interact with glitches to change the memory. There are many different glitches
    that give you different ends. Try them all for yourself to see what happens if
    you are going for the God is a DJ achievement.
    o Olga's Memory o
    Your options are-
       Switch capsules
       Mover the trolley
       Ping machine
       Invert Memory Flux
       Untie Anaesthetic Mask
       Unlock Strap
    * Secret Ending- Take off Davids anaesthetic mask
    * Bug- Invert Memory Flux
    To remix her you need to: 
          Switch the capsules, take off the mask, remove the restraint
    Episode 2                                                                [EP2]
    Collectibles| 4 SAT Patches
                | 2 Focus Boosts
                | 6 Mnesist Memories  
    After your escort drops you off, your head away to steal info from Kaori 
    Sheridan-Architect. Sounds like Edge really doesnt like this place.
    Head around the corners till you enter the main pavillion. Down the steps to 
    the right is a preacher preachin somethin, thats not important, what is 
    important is the Mnesist Memory [2.1] around the right of the base of the
    stairs. Go back up the stairs and go straight down the hall to randomly run
    into a robot I dubbed the White Rabbit... If you enjoy books or Tim Burton you
    will get it. Around the corner and you will run into a new enemy... The Bad 
    Voice Actors guild, er I mean The Enforcers.
    These guys hit harder than Leapers do so watch your evades, do enough Power 
    Pressen damage and you will see a B prompt to overload their brains, finishing
    them off much faster. Once they are all down, climb up the ledge next to the
    Errorist message. Shimmy behind the wall and drop down to find SAT Patch [2.1]
    Climb back over the wall, then back up to where you were so you can grab the
    pipe that suddenly reminds me of Mirrors Edge, must be another coincidence.
    Climb across the roofs to another Enforcer fight where you will unlock your 
    first S-Pressen power, Sensen Fury. Its essentially a combo builder, allowing
    you to move freely from target to target building a higher combo, with each
    attack getting stronger as the combo builds. When you run out of time, you 
    have to wait 60 seconds for it to recharge.
    After you defeat your first wave of enemys, reinforcements show up. 
    Convieniently you also recieve a new Pressen, one that gives you a cooldown on
    your S-Pressen abilities. After you give these guys a whoopin, climb the red 
    pipe and scurry across the sign before the rotating panels knock you over.
    Follow your waypoints till you find yourself hanging from a pipe just after
    the section with the robot electrifying the ledges. Continue right instead of
    down to find a Mnesist Memory [2.2] Go back to the pipe and climb down to 
    enter the rotunda where your contact is waiting.
    Once you regain control, walk to the left to find SAT Patch [2.2] Continue to
    the right to meet up with Bad Request.
    Now we have to follow his Remembrane, virtual projections of memory that can
    lead us down the correct path. In the passageway, you will get in a scuffle
    with two guards. Afterwords you can climb the ladder to the next room. This 
    room requires you to jump on a flying robot to reach the elevator ladder.
    Activating the Remembrane out here will inform you of the robots hidden sensor
    cone and how you can see it if you are linked to a Remembrane. Once you make
    it across and climb up a ledge, hop down to your left to find SAT Patch [2.3]
    Follow Bad Requests not so gracefull jump with your own and you will end up
    inside a house where you will find Focus Boost [2.1] up the stairs in front
    of you. In the room right before you leave you will find Mnesist Memory [2.3]
    Outside you must climb to the roof to fighttwo groups of Enforcers. Use your
    S-Pressen power to dispatch them quickly so you can continue climbing back
    up to Bad Requests Remembrane. Follow Bad Request until you find yourself in
    another apartment. Go around the counter and follow the path to the right, it
    should take you to a childs room and Mnesist Memory [2.4] Now follow the path
    you came from and stay straight to go down some stairs to find SAT Patch [2.4]
    Back upstairs, follow Bad Requests message to raise the wall to give you 
    access to the next building where he bids you adieu. Beat on the guys here 
    Edge will tell you whay he is hoping to get from your target. Outside the 
    window you will find Mnesist Memory [2.5] Leap across the buildings to steal
    your targets memory. Now you have to climb higher to get a clear frequency.
    Follow the building around and some droids will startle you into falling.
    When you come across one of those changing signs, you have to time your 
    movement to coincide with the rotation returning back to you. Continue 
    climbing till you see a statue. When your feet touch the ground, there is 
    Mnesist Memory [2.6] on the floor in the chamber behind the statue.
    In the next room you face your first boss.
    *BOSS: Kid X-Mas*
    Thats right, were fighting that loud mouthed memory hunter wannabe we have 
    been listening to for the whole level. He has a variety of attacks as you go 
    through three phases of the fight.
    Phase 1
    Kid just wanders over to you to pummel on you. If you try to attack he will 
    just block it and counter punch you in the face. Your goal is to get him to
    charge you, you can tell when he swings his hands down like hes going Super
    Saiyan. If you do anything other than dodge left or right, he will hit you.
    Dodge to soon and he will follow you around and hit you. Once you dodge, he
    will stumble, giving you a change to pummel him with your long combo. Back up
    and repeat this process.
    If you have your Fury ability ready, thats an automatic block breaker, you 
    will beat the mess out of him with that equiped.
    You can hit him while he is blocking to use your Pressens, but it wont do 
    any actual damage. It will also build a little of your energy bar.
    Phase 2
    Once his first health bar goes down, he will ralley the crowd and equip his
    Super Spammer, a digital gauntlet that can fire digitized bolts at a target.
    During this phase its very similar to phase 1 except he will fire several 
    bolts at you every now and again. You can dodge them or more simply run in 
    circles around him, I found that to be much more simple. Repeat the steps for
    phase 1. You should also use your Sensen Fury ability, it will break his block
    and allow you to pummel him while building up your fuel gauge to recharge 
    Phase 3
    For his remaining health, he realises that charging you is not such a good
    idea and stops it completely. He also fires trip mines around the ring, step
    into the red ring and it will go kablooy in digitized explosings. This fight
    you should primarily be using your fury ability as he blocks nonstop. You can
    usually get two of your button presses in before he hits you, building up 
    health or reducing cooldown time as needed.
    Once his health is low enough, a three button quicktime event will occur where
    you introduce his face to the floor. Overload his memory to defeat him and 
    obtain the Spammer for yourself.
    Now that you have the spammer, take a second to get used to it. When your 
    ready, aim at the anchors keeping the forcefield up to knock it down. When the
    force field goes away, go to the right of the door you walked in through to
    pick up Focus Boost [2.2] Now you can open the emergency door and make your
    Enjoy Cortana telling you of the consequences of your actions.
    Episode 3                                                                [EP3]
    Collectibles | 5 SAT Patches
                 | 2 Focus Boosts
                 | 6 Mnesist Memories
                 | 10 Scaramechs
    It seems the more we play, the more collectibles they throw at us.
    Walk around all of the closed booths till you get to a locked gate. To the 
    right is an alley that leads you to SAT Patch [3.1] Back at the gate, use 
    your spammer to open it to reveal your first Scaramech [3.1]. These are 
    parasitesthat give off a distincticve sound, similar to clogs or gears. Shoot 
    themwith your spammer to gain bonus PMP. To the right and down some stairs you 
    will find a half closed gate to a shop with Mnesist Memory [3.1]
    At the bottom of the stairs ou will unlock a new combo bar to use against the
    Leapers here. Once their dead, turn around and you will find SAT Patch [3.2]
    to the left of the stairs as you are looking at it. Unlock the new gate and
    proceed forward. Shoot the lock across from the fallen wire to open the door
    in the broken robot shop. When you go around a corner to stairs leading down,
    go to the left of the stairs and aim at the building to the right to shoot
    a lock revealing Scaramech [3.2]
    Continue as you can and you will find youself in a familiar ambush. You would
    think Nilin would have learned to avoid that by now. You can use your Spammer
    to shoot the Leapers off the walls. Deal with all of them, then shoot the 
    two shutters to give you a path up. When you make it back over to the roof 
    area of the previous alley you were in, instead of climbing down you should
    shanty to your left. Hop backwards and follow this alley to a secondary roof
    overlooking where you were fighting. On the wall is another locked door 
    hiding Scaramech [3.3] Across from that in and opening in the wall is SAT 
    patch [3.3]. Now hop down and follow the path back to where you were.
    Jax the panda huh? Bet that wont be an important plot point or anything.
    Climb forward over the signs and around the corner will be Mnesist Memory 
    [3.2] on a table. Press on until you get in a fight with a bunch of Leapers.
    In the middle of the fight you will recieve a new Pressen, the Chain Combo 
    Pressen. Equiping this will multiply the effects of the pressen before it.
    Side Note: Now is a good time to earn the "You Missed Me" achievement with all
    of the space on the roof.
    Shoot the ladder release button to climb up and around the building. Once you
    see the Errorist message, there will be a ladder behind you that takes you to 
    Focus Boost [3.1] Climb back up and go through the door, in front of you 
    should be Scaramech [3.4]
    Mdesist [3.3] is just past the fire, to the right of the stairs going down.
    Continue down past the crane you have to activate till you get to the shutters
    you have to raise. Underneath the shutters is Scaramech [3.5]
    After the cutscene, proceed slowly through the hallways here, shooting the 
    floodlights to reveal the Leapers as you see them. Once you make it through to 
    the open area, you are thrown into a fight with the mutants. You have to 
    frequently shoot the floodlight on the floor in order to see the creatures so 
    you can attack them.
    There is a health container to the left a little when you leave the warehouse.
    More climbing, more falling. Once you open the door after your little tumble,
    you will find Mnesisit Memory [3.4] behind the fence to the right of the 
    locking bar.
    After you climb the locking bar you will see a nice, large, open area... Dont 
    worry, no enemies attack when you jump in. Run over and open the new door, so
    you can be ambushed by more invisible Leapers... I said when you jump in so 
    I didnt lie.
    The floodlight to defeat them is to the right of the door. Defeat the two 
    attacking you and another will take out the light. Thats okay because nows 
    the time to learn your second S-Pressen power, Sensen DOS.Using this will shut 
    down all nearby sensens, stunning most enemies and revealing the invisible 
    ones. Convienient, right?
    Use it to defeat the enemies quickly. If your ability runs out before you can
    defeat all of the invisible ones, then use your recharge Pressen to reduce the
    cooldown of the power. Its a long wait otherwise.
    Press the button to lower the crate above you. On top is a panel that accesses
    several corrupted locking bars across from you. You need to shoot them with 
    your spammer to set the bars up to allow you to climb to the top, it should 
    look something like this
    My art degree is paying off 
    Jump across and into some wind turbines. After you climb your way around to 
    another ledge, turn around to find Scaramech [3.6] on the left "column." Shoot
    the turbo button to stop the fan and jump through. Down the steps to the left
    is the button for a delivery drone. To the left of that is a few ledges 
    leading you to SAT Patch [3.4]
    Activating the button will open a door for the drone that you can walk through
    which will take you back to the Leaking Brain, which seems to be suffering
    from an infestation of Leapers.
    After you defeat the first group of Leapers you are given an upgrade to your 
    spammer that allows you to shoot structural weaknessess. Use the blaster to 
    shoot the designated areas with RT, which will close up the hole the Leapers
    are spawning out of.
    Once you make it into the twisty turny of the sewers, stop when you see some 
    bodys hanging from the ceiling. There will be three openings on the left side
    before decending down. There is a button across the fence you can shoot inside
    of the third openind that brings the machinery cloer to you. Backtrack to the
    first opening and shoot the hard to spot Scaramech [3.7] Continue down the 
    tunnel and keep going straight, take a right at the end and you will run into 
    Focus Boost [3.2] Turn around and go straight to a hole that leads you to
    some Leapers. Follow the path and the wall to another structural weakness you
    can blast.
    Continue along the path and you will run into Johnny Greenteeth. Give him a 
    mega blast from your spammer and the train will take off. You have to move
    your way through the compartments to get to the front of the train. 
    Compartment one has a small handfull of Leapers that shouldnt give you much
    of a problem. Compartment two has those same Leapers, but also Johnny
    trying to get through the door on the far side. Use your super spammer to 
    blast the nodes to keep the door shut. When all of the smaller enemies are
    defeated, start downloading Johnnys brain.
    After the abrupt stop, run straight forward and you will find Scaramech [3.8]
    on the back left of the wall. The door to the left leads you to the path and
    to Mnesist Memory [3.5] Follow the trail down and your Sensen markers around 
    the crashed tunnel where you will find Scaramech [3.9] on the inner wall of 
    a fallen train car eventually climb under a gate to the outside with more, you
    guessed it, Leapers. One Skinner and two Prowlers stand in your way.
    Along the path are more Remembranes, the first shows some interesting info
    about the flood. The second shows you how to get around some hidden mines. 
    There is a gap between the mines on the right which will give you 
    Mnesist Memory [3.6] Back through the path you will climb up a ledge which
    will take you to a gap on the right. Instead of jumping that gap, jump 
    backwards to find the hidden SAT Patch [3.5] Go back up and climb along the 
    buildings till you can stand again. On a roof directly across from you is 
    Scaramech [3.10] Follow your Sensen markers and you will drop down to the
    lower floors with more Remembranes and mines. You have to be quick to follow 
    them because they deactivate quickly. The third set has an option to 
    deactivate the hidden mines.
    *Mini Boss: Zorn*
    I call him a mini boss because hes not all that difficult. The only weapon
    that can hurt it is the Spammer. Fire a few mega blasts into its arm and it 
    will leap into the air to pound you, getting its arm stuck in the ground
    for his trouble. Finish blasting it while its stuck to deactivate it, 
    otherwise it will repair itself. Repeat this process with the other arm to
    initiate the final attack. It will charge up something in its chest and 
    release an orange energy wave. Press the dodge button when this happens and
    blast its chest while it recharges. This will lock it up allowing you to run
    over and press the terminate command, issuing a quicktime event to finish the
    mech off.
    This is where you can earn the "Out of the friend Zorn" achievement.
    Episode 4                                                                [EP4]
    Collectibles| 1 SAT Patches
                | 4 Focus Boosts
                | 6 Mnesist Memories
                |10 Scaramechs
    Follow the tunnels till Nillin has a word with Edge, around the time you
    will find an Errorist message. Around the next corner is a drone that patrols 
    the hall. When it starts to patrol backwards, run to the first opening on the
    right and wait a tick. When it turns around, run back out and continue to the
    next right opening for Focus Boost [4.1] When the drone makes a second sweep,
    run out and climb the wall opposite of where you entered at to get to the next
    There is a group of Prowler Leapers and Strangler Leapers here. You can blast
    the turbine to reveal them or use your DOS power as well. Make good use of 
    your combos and spammer here or you will get swarmed. When all is said and 
    done, look at the wall where you hopped over. To the right, where the giant
    8 is painted, you will find some grabbable ledges. Use those to climb up and
    around to where Mnesisit Memory [4.1] is hiding. There is a pipe to the right
    of the turbine button that leads to the upper balconey.
    Recovering the detection module here allows you to see the cones of the 
    flying drones, allowing you to avoid them more easily. As you progress down 
    the drone filled hall, use the corners to stay out of range of the detection
    cone to get around the drones patrol path. Once you see the Errorist message,
    look at the drone in the next room. There are two that patrol in the square 
    path. Straight ahead and on the right is SAT Patch [4.1] Wait for the next 
    drone and follow behind it till you find the Sessen climb point. Follow it up 
    and along the walls of the chamber. Call your "elevator" and take a ride to
    the prison.
    Once out, turn around and head over to the droid thats hoviering in the hall.
    Go along the outer left of the cone, hugging the wall. In the next hallway is
    a very hard to spot Scaramech [4.1] Turn around and follow the path, using the
    empty cells as cover from the patroling drones. When you reach a door with an
    open button to La Bastil, turn around and peer over the edge to spy 
    Scaramech [4.2] Now go down the rest of the path, using the empty cells some
    more, until you reach the final cell which has a Mnesist Memory [4.2] Back 
    track to the door and go through it.
    At the end of the hall on the ceiling is Scaramech [4.3] Follow the path to
    the right till you get to another door. The hallway to the right has a 
    patrolling drone and Scaramech [4.4] on the wall. Follow the drone and stay 
    on the outside of its detection ring. Follow the path around to the left and 
    do the same for the other drone. At the end of the hall is Focus Boost [4.2]
    Follow the drone back around and go into the hallway on the left.
    Follow your target into the locker where you have to fight two waves of four 
    Enforcers. Steal the memory you need and head out to follow more Remembrane
    trails. Down the stairs you run into an Enforcer with a heavy shield, 
    unfortunently for him, one shot of the Junk bolt will take it out.
    There are two doors in here opposite of where you came in from. Take the door
    on the right and find Mnesist Memory [4.3] on your right. Take the other door
    in this room to find yourself going into the gym. Three guys in here, so not
    much trouble. A new group swarm in when they are dead and you get a new power
    , the Logic Bomb. An explosive sensen that destroys heavy shields and deals
    massive damage. You attach the digital bomb to an enemy that doesnt have a 
    shield, you then have to escape the radius of the blast while the bomb does
    the rest. Once you beat the snot out of those enemies, take the door out and
    glance to your left to find Scaramech [4.5]
    Follow the path back into another prison yard, seems like Madame is a bit P'd
    off that someone has come in and ruined her pimp walk for the day. The machine
    she activates will blast anything caught in its light sensor. Don't go into 
    the light!
    Wait for the spinning lantern to face you and you will spot Scaramech [4.6] on
    its top right, on the other side is Scaramech [4.7] on its bottom right. Use 
    the pillars along the edge to stay in the shadows and avoid the light. All the
    way around this thing is an empty cell with a Remembrane solution out of here.
    If you look to the right after you go down the stairs you will see a patroling 
    drone. Go left and around the bright light to end up behind it. Tucked away in
    the left corner of his patrol route is Focus Boost [4.3]
    Pressing forward you will see an inmate get blasted my a new enemy called a 
    Seraphim. Its a flying droid that performs annoying ranged attacks. Blast it
    with your Junk Bolt and it will enter a shielded state for a bit, once that
    wears off another blast will finish it off. First its only the Seraphim and
    an Enforcer. Once their dead you are greeted by two Seraphims and a handfull
    of Enforcers. I suggest taking the Seraphims down quickly as two ranged 
    attacks become annoying to dodge while attacking guards.
    When everything is dead, you will find Scaramech [4.8] up the stairs on the 
    left. Through the door are the interogation rooms, Focus Boost [4.4] is behind
    a turbine behind the robot sweeping. Go down the hall through door number six
    to witness Madames' crazy shenanigans. Through the door to the left there are
    two doors, the one in front of you leads to Mnesist Memory [4.4] and the one
    to the right leads to the rest of the mission.
    When you hit the second courtyard, you run into the Nephilim. The droids 
    anchor themselves to the ground and create a cone around them that will attack
    all unauthorized personel. It also creates an impenitrable shield around it
    while doing so. Its only vulnerable when it unanchors and is about to leap
    towards you to create a new anchor spot. A few blasts from the spammer when
    it does this and you will turn it to parts.
    Your first fight is one of these droids and two Enforcers. After the three are 
    taken care of, you fight two more Nephilims and more Enforcers, luckily you 
    aquire the Rust in Pieces power which allows you to take control of a droid 
    so that it will fight for you, then self destruct. Equiping a droid with
    Rust in Pieces sucks all of the other enemies towards it then self destructs 
    causing damage. Run around and blast the final droid to death before dealing
    with the rest of the guards. Next are two Seraphims and some guards.Equip one 
    of the droids with Rust in Pieces and it should take care of a good portion.
    Of the fight, sweep up the rest of the enemies to finish the fight.
    Facing the two doors, open the one on the right. Go in then take a right, 
    left, and another right to find Mnesist Memory [4.5] Back track and activate
    the remembranes to hear some dialogue. The second shows Madame has a few more 
    tricks than she lets on with her activating two doors. Scaramech [4.9] and 
    [4.10] are on the roof of the left and right hallways at the top of the 
    Through the door you will activate a very hostile Remembrane. These soldiers
    are significanly weaker than normal ones, add in that you just recieved an
    eight slot combo bar and you should breeze through this easily. Take the 
    elevator up to face Madame.
    Trust the waypoints and follow them forward to find Madame deep in this
    Animus-esq zone
    *Boss: Madam*
    Madame has great power over the relm, but that doesnt mean she is very strong
    formally. Even though she has two health bars, there are different phases.
    Phase 1
    Blast her with your Spammer to knock her down, hit her with enough till she
    shows the threat bar. She then will hop across the roof, unable to be hit
    unless you knock her down with a DOS attack. If you dont have any energy, she 
    creates digital enemies you can use to build it up.
    Phase 2
    She drops heavy "weights" across the room trying to knock you down. Just keep
    running around and repeat the steps for phase 1.
    Phase 3
    This occurs when her first health bar is knocked off. You blast her out of the
    sky but she creates a bunch of clones of herself with two Seraphims shooting
    from the corner. You can attack the clones till you find her, or if you are
    going for the "The Wheat and the chaff" achievement, use DOS to fade all of
    her clones away so you just target her. Hit her enough and she will dissapear 
    and send more enemies at you. Use them to reduce your cooldown on the 
    DOS ability so you can get her again when its ready. Its not an overall hard
    fight if it wasn't for the Seraphims respawnning and being a pest to target.
    Once you regain control of Nilin, dont download Madam yet. Turn around and 
    find Mnesist Memory [4.6] on the floor in the back left. Download her and
    she will give you the power of the Force...Spammer. Similar to the "Force
    Unleashed" you can use your spammer on certain objects to be able to move 
    them around. Use the spammer to move the memory station along the railings
    in the room to release the memories.
    o Forlan's Memory o
    The things you can alter are-
       Sliding the Table
       Removing the gun safety x2
       Deactivating the suitcase GPS
       Knocking over a bottle
       Knocking over a cigarette
       Knocking over a trophy.
    *Secret ending
       Knock over the bottle, Slide the table, and finish the memory
    *Bugs-There are two
       + Remove the gun safety when he throws it on the table
       + Knock over the bottle and finish the memory
    To remix him, you need to:
          Knock over the bottle, slide the table, and take the gun safety off 
    while it is on the table.
    Episode 5                                                                [EP5]
    Collectibles| 3 SAT Patches
                | 3 Focus Boosts
                | 6 Mnesist Memories
                |10 Scaramechs
    As you start, turn around and go through the door behind you. Down the hall a
    bit is Scaramech [5.1] on the underside of a lamp and Scaramech [5.2] around 
    the corner on a box.
    Backtrack to where you were and approach the electrified water. Use your 
    spammer to lift the sign out of the water so you can walk through it. Let go
    when you reach the other sign in the water you can use to jump forward.
    Once you duck under the gate you have to lift you will encounter a brief 
    tussle with some Leapers. Take them down and hop on the boxes at the end of
    the alley to find Focus Boost [5.1] on top of the scaffolding.
    Climb the open ceiling inside of the store to end up in a vent shaft. Take 
    your first left around the corner to find Scaramech [5.3] behind a fan. 
    Proceed back through the shaft to reach another rotunda area where you have to 
    lift an elevator to give you access to a giant hanging circle. Use that to 
    leap to the other side of the rotunda where you will find Mnesist Memory [5.1]
    to your right. Climb the pipes and ledges to the roof where you will find more
    easily avoidable drones. At the end of the path you have to shoot open a door 
    to let a drone fly in so you can get to the door. Focus Boost [5.2] is inside
    the room you opened. Just wait in the door to the building, let the drone fly
    away, then run in and grab it. Wait along the wall until the drone flies in
    and away again otherwise your going to get spotted.
    Continue along the path until Nilin laments the flood from episode one. Drop 
    down on the ledge you are standing on and climb over to the red pipe. follow it
    and it will take you to SAT Patch [5.1]
    Take the path till you are on the right side of the giant Jax sign. Scaramech 
    [5.4] is on its other side. On the roof with the picture of the Enforcer
    with the heavy shield on it, climb the two bricks, then go to the right and
    around to find Focus Boost [5.3] on a balconey.
    Back around, you will end up on a roof with some stranglers. Take them out in
    the light cast from the sign to build up your power gauge. When they are dead,
    the light will flicker and more Stranglers and a Skinner will attack. You can
    use your DOS or run around and wait till the light flickers on for a brief
    When you reach a door inside, turn around and climb the red pipe on the wall.
    It will lead you to another balconey with SAT Patch [5.2] Inside is a 
    patrolling drone you have to watch for. There is a door to the left you can 
    take which leads to an upgraded Elite Enforcer. The electric field he has 
    causes you to take damage no matter what you hit him with, and he is also 
    immune to the DOS power. You can only die if he hits you though, so dont give 
    him the chance. Keep nailing him with health combos and you will be fine.
    The glass door on the side of the hall leads you to Mnesist Memory [5.2] 
    sitting on a bar. This next room has two drones patrolling through the halls
    and an empty room. Go forward and look into the open room, shoot the door 
    button when the drone flies out. Hop over to the second room and shoot the 
    door to open it. Then hop back across and open the door to the first room. 
    Then the drone flies into the first room to check it out, shut the door and 
    lock it in. When the second drone flies into the second room, walk past it to 
    the next hall.
    Outside, interact with the crane controlls, then drag the box over to the 
    ledge so you can jump on to it. Climb up and use the crane consol again to 
    move it back. Scaramech [5.5] is across the street on the roof. Hop on over to 
    the VIP roof. 
    Why cant anything be easy? Then it wouldnt be fun I guess...
    Run away from the giant thing shooting you. Keep following the markers until 
    you fall for the second time. Turn around and Mnesist Memory [5.3] will be 
    on the floor.
    Jump over to the next scaffoldy area and drop the shutters so you dont get shot 
    up. Climb the walls in here and wait for his bullets to stop before jumping, 
    otherwise your going to have to start over. Half way up your going to have to
    jump backwards so you can shut a drone access door so you can safely make it
    across. Once you jump to a lit up bridge, turn around and shoot 
    Scaramech [5.6] Through the door you have to run on collapsing floors. Stick
    to the right for the easier path and jump as you approach squares that have 
    fallen. The last two rows of the hall will collapse but jump anyways and 
    Nillin will take care of the rest. 
    Go through and handle the two guys that attack. Back outside, climb over the
    bridge ledge and quickly move to each marker before your turned into swiss 
    cheese. You will be thrown inside before you can finish, and have to do some
    fighting in the next room against an Enforcer, Elite Enforcer, and Heavy 
    Enforcer. I suggest logic bombing the Elite Enforcer which will break the 
    shield and leave ol sparky open to a finishing attack.
    Run into the hall on the right and peer into the open elevator shaft on the
    right for Scaramech [5.7] The door to the right leads to another Enforcer and
    the rooftop access. On the roof your playing another game of dont find me with
    the spotlight. On the third brick wall on the roof you will find 
    Scaramech [5.8] Activate the turbine when you see it to distract the guy long
    enough for you to make it over to a ladder. Climb to the roof, then jump onto 
    the plane.
    Once you regain control after stealing the memory, turn around and look for
    some pipes on the right hand side. Follow those up, and a red pipe across to
    another roof that you can use to access the roof with SAT Patch [5.3]
    Once you follow the path and make it into a pink room, Scaramech [5.9] is on
    the plant wall to the left. Out in the hallway, Mnesist Memory [5.4] is on the 
    floor of the hallway on your left. After you make it inside the next building,
    Mnesist Memory [5.5] is in the left hallway next to the robot on the right.
    Follow the path until you are back on the VIP roof where you have to fight 
    Leaper Enforcers and an Elite Enforcer. Then you have to fight another wave
    of assorted Enforcers, followed by another wave with two Nephalims. I suggest
    using The one Logic Bomb at a time untill the final wave with the bots. Then
    you can destroy one bot, use the Rust power followed by the bomb, or you can
    use two Rust powers and sweep up the leftovers.
    Activate the Remembranes to access the lock for the VIP. You are then given 
    0-9 triggers for the security code. The Remembrane has the code in a riddle
      "My first is[second when counting them all
       My second is frozen when absolute
       My third has all its senses
       My fourth tapdances like a spider."
    With that in mind the code is 2-0-5-8
    The second lit up piller on the left has Scaramech [5.10]. Both sides of the 
    hall have two drones patrolling it leading to the last hall. Once you get past 
    the drones, head in the office facing the previous hall to find Mnesist 
    Memory [5.6] Afterwords, head into Scyllias office
    o Scyllas Memory o
       handbag- open
       lcd screen-turn on
       Jax- activate (if you open the handbag)
       windshield- break
    * Secret Ending- Cupholder, open bag, activate Jax
    * Bug- Deactivate the airbag
    To Remix the Memory you need to:
          Activate the cupholder, open bag, activate Jax, then break the 
    Episode 6                                                                [EP6]
    Collectibles|  3 SAT Patches
                |  2 Focus Boosts
                |  5 Mnesist Memories
                | 12 Scaramechs
    I actually felt a little bad for Scylla, am I a bad person?
    Move forward and around the corner there is a little hall to your left you can
    hop into. Scaramech [6.1] is at the end on the left. In the original hallway, 
    use your spammer to open the door leading to an elevator and Strangler fight.
    Avoid them until the elevator arrives, casting illumination on your otherwise 
    hidden foes.
    Go down the stairs and pull down the condol in the middle of the room so you
    can climb up to the prisoners lockers. Use your spammer to change all off the 
    lockers, skipping Bad Requests until you get to yours. Inside is 
    Focus Boost [6.1] Now backtrack to Bad Requests to pick up his Pick Socket.
    You can use this to pick security locks by sucking out energy packs from one
    panel and shooting them into another. After you open the door here, run inside
    and you will find an open door on the right with Scaramech [6.2] Go back out
    and pull the pack from the panel and shoot it into the panel through the 
    window in this room. Inside the office, go through the door on the right to 
    find Mnesist Memory [6.1]
    Now pull the energy out of the panel in the office and shoot it through the 
    window to activate the orange door in the office. Once you go through it, 
    pull the panel out again and insert it into the door at the bottom of the 
    stairs. Inside you will find SAT Patch [6.1] on a table.
    Pull it back out and insert it into the far green door on the second floor.
    Take the ladder in this room to get to the second floor where Bad Request 
    is staying. 
    After you fight of the first Elite Enforcer and his dynamic duo, another 
    Enforcer comes with a herd of them. Luckily you recieve a new power called
    Sensen camo, which turns you invisible and allows you to overload one enemy.
    Overload the Elite Enforcer then take down the rest of the Leapers. Another
    Enforcer hops into the fray and is  easily taken out by another Camo power.
    Pull the panel from the emergency ladder and throw it into the panel in front 
    of it. All the way down the hall is an office looking at the cells with 
    Mnesist Memory [6.2] Take the panel back to the cells and use it to go through
    the trauma office, up an elevator, and into the third cell on the right 
    side of the second floor for Scaramech [6.3] 
    Now jump down and repeat that whole process, this time going down the left
    side where you will find Scaramech [6.4] on the back side of the farthest 
    The door behind you leads to the cell moving chambers. When you jump across 
    the first ledge, hop over to the right and jump down. There is a small hallway
    to the left of the wall behind you that leads to SAT Patch [6.2] When you 
    return to the wall with the wires, shoot the cell controlls to scramble 
    everything, giving you access to the upper door. Climb back up and after Bad 
    After the platform you jump to falls down, turn around and blast another node
    giving you access to an area with Scaramech [6.5] Hop back across and on the
    other side is Scaramech [6.6] on the right side of the ceiling light.
    After you play left right up down with the cells, you briefly reunite with Bad
    Request, fueling your fire to stop Dr. Quaid. Follow the Remembranes, 
    taking the Panels the digital Dr. Quaid gives you and using them on the cell 
    door on the right side of the room to reach Scaramech [6.7] Then use it to 
    open doors via remot controlled chairs. Once you have the panel on the second 
    floor, use it on the door labled "Door" on the left side which leads to a room 
    with Focus Boost [6.2] 
    Do the chair route again to end up on the lower floors, Scaramech [6.8] is 
    above and behind the frame where the glass door that opened is. After you beat 
    the baddies down her, look for the little droid scurrying around the floor. 
    Scaramech [6.9] is hitching a ride on the back of it. Go counter clockwise and 
    activate the Remembrane, then run clockwise to get to an empty room with a 
    window where you can activate the panel to steal.
    I dont know if it will do this to you, but my chair glitched, went through the
    wall and off to wonderland. However I waited next to the glass for a bit and
    it eventually scanned it like it was there.
    Once inside the room, you will find Mnesist Memory [6.3] on a blue table in 
    the corner. In the next familiar hallway, Mnesist Memory [6.4] is located at 
    the end of the hall in your cell. Take the panel from your cell and load it 
    into the door leading to XP Unit B. To your right is a door you can open 
    with SAT Patch [6.3]
    In here you have to take down several 
    guards including some Seraphims, its a good idea to use the Rust power on 
    the first Seraphim, then blast the second while the Enforcers are being shot 
    by the corrupted one. The second wave has one Nephalim you can use the Rust 
    on as well to make easier work of the Enforcers that come with it. After you 
    regain control, approach the white chair and blast Scaramech [6.10]
    Lift the blast doors and go after Quaid. Nilin points out the Zorn that chased
    her during the prologue, which springs to life as you approach it. Blast it
    with your spammer to earn the "Rust in Piece" achievement. On its back is
    Scaramech [6.11]
    In the next hall, Scaramech [6.12] is inside of a vent on the right side, past
    a cleaning droid. The next room is a mini arena where you have to fight
    three waves of baddies. First is a shielded Elite with a handfull of Leapers,
    Second are a handfull of Enforcers, Third are two Elite Enforcers and two
    Skinners powered by each other. Blast the Skinners with a Junk shot to take 
    them down fast, then focus on the Enforcers.
    Hop down the hole and walk towards Bad Request.
    *Mini Boss: Johnny Greenteeth*
    Similar to the Zorn, hes not really a boss, just a type of enemy you dont 
    fight often called a Mourner Leaper.
    This fight is more annoying than it is hard. Johnny doesnt have a visible 
    health bar so you just have to kinda wing it when it comes to tracking 
    Johnny has a few forms of attacking.
     He screams, summoning a group of Leapers to hassle you
     He screams again, giving the Leapers augmented strength, barely noticable
     And he teleports over to you to scratch you.
    The strategy for this is to build up your blue bars to have enough energy for
    you to use your Sensen Fury and DOS. Using DOS will stop Johnny from 
    teleporting around the room, but wont to anything to the Leapers. I used my 
    Fury to quickly dispatch the Leapers after he summons them and they surround 
    me, then use DOS to stun Johnny long enough for me to wale into him with my 
    There are a few times he is solid enough around the room for you to shoot him,
    but with how selective targeting can be and being surrounded by Leapers, I 
    tend to avoid trying to shoot him.
    After the fight, blast the gate down you can see and follow the hall to 
    Mnesist Memory [6.5] Then return back to the caskets and take the familiar
    ride out of there.
    Episode 7                                                                [EP7]
    Collectibles|  4 SAT Patches
                |  2 Focus Boosts
                |  5 Mnesist Memories
                | 11 Scaramechs
    As the level starts you are forced to fight some Enforcers and some Seraphim.
    After that wave is over you get One Seraphim, two Neraphims, and a handfull
    of more Enforcers.
    Beating them gives you access to lower the platform your on. As you decend you
    get to fight another Zorn, same drill as last time. Once the fight is over,
    blast the ladder to give you access to the door. At the top of the ladder, 
    turn around and blast Scaramech [7.1] thats chilling in an open room. Inside of 
    the hall and down the stairs is SAT Patch [7.1] located underneath the stairs.
    Follow the hall to outside and activate the cart console. It delivers a ride 
    to you to take you to the next station. Turn the cart off as you get there, 
    otherwise it will take you through a deadly security field. Climb down to the 
    lower path and run all the way forward behind the boxes to find 
    Scaramech [7.2] 
    Bring forth the control cart to allow you to hop across and go down. Activate
    the next cart and as it passes by the CAUTION sign on the right, stop the
    cart and use the ledges to climb up and to the left. You will drop off on a 
    platform full of boxes and SAT Patch [7.2] is located behind the boxes.
    Use the control panel here to reroute the carts so you can summon another to
    you. Use it to take you back around so you can climb up and use the second
    story cart to take you to the location of the door to the O'Osmoze.
    The opening to your immediate right, where the robot is sweeping, leads you to
    Focus Boost [7.1]. Back through leads you to a waiting area, admire the giant
    cube, its shiney. Head over to the right and into the room on the left after
    the guards attack. This side room has Mnesist memory [7.1] on the table next
    to the window. Face the button controlling the blast door and yank out the 
    panel and run under the glass before it shuts. Back in the hallway, at the far
    end where the guards came from is Scaramech [7.3] on the floor to the left.
    Use the panel you removed to activate the one controlling the elevator. Once
    you reach the shopping center, run around the upstairs area till you see
    a crashed in store to the right of the stairs. Scaramech [7.4] is munching on
    a pillar under a green cleaning droid.
    Once you decend the stairs and hop the "barracade", you will get to fight
    two waves of Leaper Prowlers and Skinners. Cakewalk by now with all of your
    nifty powers. Go through the door down here and at the bottom step is
    Scaramech [5.11] on the wall to the right. Follow the path and, when you can
    go through the door, go left. Avoid the drone and go into the room on the 
    right to find SAT Patch [3.4]
    As you backtrack, you see your target go through a door. Ignore it for now and
    go into the party room on the left. There are two droids patrolling around a
    piano, as they should, because Scaramech [7.6] is on the far side. The little
    VIP looking section on the far side has Mnesist Memory [7.2] on the back 
    table. You should now go through the previously mentioned door.
    Go through the door after you defeat several waves of enforcers, Scaramech
    [7.7] is on the floor to your right. Through the next door is a patrolling
    drone, behind the rubble to the left is Scaramech [7.8] Go through the door on 
    the right and turn around to find Scaramech [7.9] hiding behind a painting.
    Around the corner we witness Trace being attacked by two Leapers similar to 
    Greenteeth. Hop over the railing and across the wall till you can fall to the
    ground floor. Go to the left over to the fallen piece of white equipment. Use
    that to climb up to a balconey where Mnesist Memory [7.3] is located.
    Back on the floor, take whats left of Traces mind and go through the door 
    after the Leapers. Take the path on the right, then backtrack when you hear 
    the glass. Follow the Leaper into the next room, Scaramech [7.10] is on the
    rubble in front of you as soon as you enter.
    Around the corner you have to face off against two of the Mourners and their
    merry possee. Keep hopping around, attacking the Prowlers if you dont have 
    any energy saved up, I recommend two bars at least. Then hit them with some 
    DOS to stun them and Fury to hit them hard. Once the two and the minions
    are dealt with, go through the open door and take the panel from the sprinkler
    system. Through the door on the right, follow the hall all the way around and
    go to the door on the left. You should see a glass door with the activation
    panel on the other side. Activate it and enter to find Focus Boost [7.2] on 
    the floor. That should be the final focus poence, maxing you out at four bars
    and getting you the "You Focus" achievement.
    Take the panel back, and insert it into the emergency ladder panel. Take it to
    the second floor and go through the door, the Mnesist Memory [7.4] is 
    on the table in front of you. Through the next door is a drone approaching 
    you, run right and around the corner till you see a door you can open on
    your right. Go through it and follow the hall till you see a bathroom on your
    right you can go in. SAT Patch [7.4] is in the second stall. That being the
    final patch earns you the "Gotta Patch them all!" achievement.
    Exit the bathroom and take the door in front of you to take you back to the
    previous hallway. Fallow the drones around and go through the security door 
    to the Conception cube chamber. Before activating the Remembrane, lets get 
    the last collectibles in the level. Mnesist Memory [7.5] is on the back right,
    on top of a fax machine looking thin, earning you the "It's all in the 
    details" achievement. Back where the Remembrane is, Scaramech [7.11] is on
    the top of the column closest to the Remembrane.
    Activate the Rememranes here to get a earfull of more codes. Gotta love em
    Along the wall are the words Hominis-M3morize-Evolutio. After hearing the
    Mneumonic, you are able to move the letters to the middle to activate the 
    console. The clue, for those who want to figure it out, is this 
       "May Memorize error fall
        As mankind hold its head up high
        And evolutions end looks down upon all that has gone before"
    The solution from left to right it     H-3-O
    Activate the Remembrane near the staircase to get access to the Synch Button 
    on the second floor. More riddles.
    "The wife listens to her husband, but abandons her child
     The Husband admires his wife but cannot listen to her any more
     The child loves her protecting father as she does her deserting mother"
    This isnt as bad. You have to shoot the statues so that the key phrases 
    representing the figures feelings towards one another are pointing at the 
    right person. The wife listens to the Husband and Abandoned the child, The 
    Husband admires the wife and protects the daughter, the daughter loves both.
    Take the elevator up and walk down the enlightened path. You get trapped with
    some Leaper Prowlers, Nephalims, and Skinners. Nothin serious. Walk on and 
    face your Daddy issues.
    Episode 8                                                                [EP8]
    Collectibles| 2 Scaramechs
    As soon as you start, turn around and shoot Scaramech [8.1] on the back left 
    statues arm.
    Go back and through the doors till you reach the main chamber. Hop over the 
    railing and go back and forth between the handing squares to reach the railing 
    on the ground level.
    Now its time for the final remix.
    o Charles' Memory o
    The things you can interact with are
       Glove prototype
       Cup holder
       Lcd screen
    *Secret Ending- Retract cup holder, windshield
    *To remix and cause the bug you need to:
       Glove, Cup holder, Seatbelt, windshield, Jax, Plug
    Make your way through the twisting and turning paths of the ever changing
    chamber as you relive some childhood memories. Once you reach the end, after
    young Nilin tells Jax to giver her his hand, turn around and backtrack a bit. 
    There is a corner on the right that wasnt there before with the final 
    Scaramech [8.2] Return now to the final chamber
    o Boss: H3O o
    Phase 1
    You are presented with a black cube. This cube hold the worst memories ever
    downloaded. Build your Fury ability against the spawning Leapers and use it
    to destroy the cube. Another cube will form along with more of the digital
    Leapers. Destroying the second one forms a floating cube you have to use
    your Spammer against while H3O dropps the digital weights on you, 
    similar to Madam.
    When you do enough damage to it, you are wisked over to H3O to pummel a 
    golden cube to take off the first chunk of health.
    Phase 2
    This time H3O gets into the fight, which is odd for someone who wants to die.
    He will occasionally give our a mighty roar, then yell digital waves at you.
    They are easily avoidable if you are not in the middle of an attack. This time
    you get a digital Seraphim in the corner to hastle you along with digital 
    The idea is the same, just different tactics.
    The black cube is up in the air this time, and since you cant shoot it 
    yourself, why not make the Seraphim do it for you? Rust the Seraphim and it
    will shoot the black box, giving you plenty of time to use your cooldown 
    Pressens to get your next shot ready.
    Attacking the gold cube takes a little longer than last time and its here
    that I recieved "Fury Lover", you should be able as well.
    Phase 3
    A swarm of Leapers attack you while H3O is still roaring digital waves at you.
    The block is invisible this time so you have to save up two energy blocks to
    DOS your surroundings and Fury punch the hell out of it when its cloak fades.
    When the blocks are destroyed, leaving the one in the air, the Leapers will
    not go away. They will respawn and chase you around while H3O continues to 
    drop the weights. Just keep running around, Spamming the weakpoint when you
    get an opportunity. Use DOS or the invisible power if you get swarmed.
    Its dangerous to get knocked over by the weights due to the swarm ready to
    leap on you and you being unable to stop it.
    When its finally destroyed, you get a nice long time to lay up to a x20 Fury
    combo in that golden cube.
    Congrats, you just beat the game. You can now go back through any level you
    want with the health, focus, and combo upgrades you have unlocked. Certain
    abilities will be unavailable to you unless you are in the level or beyond 
    where you aquired it.
    There are the usual achievements that deal with difficulties and using x power
    against x enemy. There are some secret achievements that deal with using the
    memory remix powers as well. The only things that make the achievements 
    difficult is if you miss a collectible or secret remix, you have to do the
    entire episode over if your checkpoint is past where you need to be.
    First off are the difficulty achievements. They stack, so if you start on the
    hardest difficulty, you will unlock the two others when you beat the game.
     ***Script Kiddie- 10g                                                  [ACH01]
        Finish the game in Script Kiddie Mode
          - The games version of easy mode
     ***Errorist Agent- 20g                                                 [ACH02]
        Finish the game in Errorist Agent Mode
          - The games version of normal
     ***MemHunter Elite- 50g                                                [ACH03]
        Finish the game in MemHunter Elite Mode
          - The games version of hard. Since the game is very linear with handfulls
    of enemies here and there, this difficulty is not that hard to achieve. As 
    long as you frequently use your healing Pressen combo attacks then you should 
    be fine.
    Now for collectibles, or what is essentially collectibles. All collectibles, 
    not including the memory remixes, are marked in the guide numerically by 
    episode and by order found. So if your missing the third SAT Patch from 
    episode two, you would look for SAT Patch [2.3]
     ***It's all in the details- 30g                                        [ACH04]
        Find all Mnesist memories
     ***You focus- 20g                                                      [ACH05]
        Find all Focus Boosts
     ***Gotta patch them all!- 20g                                          [ACH06]
        Find all SAT Patches
     ***Pest Control- 30g                                                   [ACH07]
        Find all Scaramechs
     ***God is a DJ- 40g                                                    [ACH08]
        Find and activate all interactions in all memory remixes
          -Not all interactions have anything to do with the memory really, just 
    extra things you can do to mess with people
        Olgas Memory
         o Switch capsules
         o Mover the trolley
         o Ping machine
         o Invert Memory Flux
         o Untie Anaesthetic Mask
         o Unlock Strap
        Forlans Memory
         o Sliding the Table
         o Removing the gun safety x2
         o Deactivating the suitcase GPS
         o Knocking over a bottle
         o Knocking over a cigarette
         o knocking over a trophy
        Syllas Memory
         o Airbag
         o Cupholder
         o Handbag
         o Lcd screen
         o Jax- activate (if you open the handbag)
         o Windshield
        Charles Memory
         o Glove prototype
         o Cup holder
         o Seatbelt
         o Lcd screen
         o Windshield
         o Jax
         o Plug
     ***Unbelievable truth- 20g                                             [ACH09]
        Reach all memory bugs in all memory remixes
          - Memory bugs are details you change in the memory that end up killing 
    the person you are remixing. 
       - Invert memory influx
       - Remove the gun safety when he throws it
       - Knock over the bottle
       - deactivate airbag
       - Coffee holder, seatbelt, windshield, Jax, plug.
    The next group deals with enemy and combo related achievements.
     ***Droning by numbers- 30g                                             [ACH10]
        Get hit five times by a drone during a playthrough, on any given difficulty
          - You find the drones for the first time on the roofs of Episode 2. Just
    walk into their detection cones five times and you will get it. There are 
    plenty more as you progress through the game
     ***You missed me- 20g                                                  [ACH11]
        Dodge a Skinner's charge five times in a row
          - When you fight a Skinner, he is usually flanked by others to boost it.
    Take care of the smaller ones first, then just keep your distance and dodge
    when you see it charge.
     ***The fallen- 20g                                                     [ACH12]
        Make 50 Leapers fall off walls
          - After you get the spammer in episode 2, you will be able to shoot the
    Leapers when they are clinging to the wall to jump on you. Just shoot 50 
    throughout the game.
     ***I do like spam!- 20g                                                [ACH13]
        Finish 15 Enforcers off with the Spammer
          - Doesnt matter what the Enforcer type is, just blast them when they are
     ***Can't Touch this- 20g                                               [ACH14]
        Defeat five Elite Enforcers without using Combos or Spammer attacks
          - You run into these guys the same time you get your Logic Bomb. They 
    are the ones with the electric shield. An easy way to do this is to use your
    Powers to knock them out.
     ***The Shield is down!- 20g                                            [ACH15]
        Destroy 20 Heavy Enforcer shields
          - First encountered in episode four, you can use your spammers Junk 
    Shot, the Rust in Piece on Nephalims, or use a Logic Bomb to destroy them.
     ***Machines do it better- 20g                                          [ACH16]
        Use the Sensen RIP to make robots knock 20 human enemies out
          - The humans can take a beating, especially on the harder levels. Go 
    around and pummel them a good bit before using the RIP to better your chances
    of getting a KO
     ***Fuzzy Logic- 40g                                                    [ACH17]
        Hit five enemies at once with a Logic Bomb while they are stunned by the 
    Sensen DOS
          - Group five enemies together and use your DOS to stun them and follow
    it immediately by the Logic Bomb. An easy place to do it is during the 
    double Mourner battle in episode 7.
     ***Dropping L-Bombs- 20g                                               [ACH18]
        Trigger two Logic Bombs in less than 15 seconds
          - Stack up your recharge Pressens and use that combo to be able to reduce
    the cooldown fast enough to use it within 15 seconds.
     ***Fiat lux!- 20g                                                      [ACH19]
        Beat 15 Stranglers without using the Sensen DOS
          - There are several times that you run into these creatures and an
    outside source of light is available for you to use to shine a light on them.
    Use that light instead of your DOS ability to defeat them.
     ***Out of the friend Zorn- 20g                                         [ACH20]
        Beat a Zorn in under 120 seconds
          - The first time you run into one of these guys is at the end of episode
    3. Refer to the guide for the strategy to defeat it.
     ***Leader of the pack- 20g                                             [ACH21]
        Beat a Mourner without beating its supporting sidekicks
          -The first, and easiest, time you fight this is at the end of episode 
    6. They spawn Leapers to attack you while it teleports to slash you. At a 
    distance it is solid enough to be hit with a Spammer attack. Unfortunently
    it doesnt do anything to them.
    I recommend trying this on easy after you have aquired your 8x combo bar. You
    can use your DOS ability to stun him and most of the Prowlers it summons. 
    There is usually always at least one of the white Prowlers which are immune to
    DOS. So when you run up and attack the Mourner, he will follow you and hassle
    you, which makes using the Fury ability dangerous because you might kill it.
    My strategy, which does take a while, is to equip your 8 combo bar with 
    cooldown reduction and the chain Pressens. One successful combo will drop all
    the time away from your cooldown. Use DOS to stun the Mourner, then run up and
    start tagging him with that combo. The white Prowler will usually come up and 
    interrupt it, just start over after he hits you. To build up focus, just use
    your health pressens on a few Prowlers. Anything thats not a Power Pressen will
    take a while to kill them. Keep at it and restart the checkpoint (aka: die) if
    you accidentally kill a Prowler.
    If you are brave/foolish enough to try it on level 7. Keep an eye on which one
    you are hitting, the yellow jacket is usually a lot easier to spot than the 
    other. The amount of white Prowlers they spawn vary from 1-3, so just pray you
    get the one white Prowler.
    I have also heard to build up your focus ahead of time and use it at the 
    beginning of the fight to prevent them from summoning Prowlers, this has not
    worked for me because Nilin just waits patiently till after they have summoned
    them. Maybe it will work for you.
    For a video, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlIqcv3loGw
     ***Fury lover- 30g                                                     [ACH22]
        Reach x14 with the Sensen Fury
          -If you knock out the white Prowlers during a Mourner fight, and DOS it
    before it summons more, it is possible to get this attacking one of them. If
    you didnt get it, you will definetly get this achievement during the attack on 
    the final boss.
     ***Mix'em all- 20g                                                     [ACH23]
        Land 10 combos that combine four different Pressen types
          - This is looking for you to use a power, healing, cooldown, and chain
    pressen all in one combo.
     ***I know kung fu- 20g                                                 [ACH24]
        Equip 17 Pressens at least once in your Combos
          -Around mission six or seven, you will aquire enough points to buy 17
    Pressens to equip.
     ***Float like a butterfly- 20g                                         [ACH25]
        Beat Kid X-Mas in under five minutes without dying
          - This can be done on the easy difficulty and is recommended due to
    his more annoying habit of blocking and countering on higher difficulties. 
    Refer to the guide to read the strategy  
     ***Queen of the hill- 20g                                              [ACH26]
        Survive the entire Leaking Brain assault without using Power or Regen 
          - Basically dont attack with combos. Use your Spammer to defeat the 
    Leapers. You can also get them close to the ledge and use a single attack to
    knock them off the ledge. Your Fury attack works as well, since its not a 
     ***The wheat and the chaff- 20g                                        [ACH27]
        Beat Madame without hitting any of her clones
          - I note it in the guide, save up energy for a DOS blast to reveal to 
    correct Madam to attack.
     ***8-hit wonder- 20g                                                   [ACH28]
        Perform 40 8-hit combos
          - You get the eight slot combo bar late in the game, use it as often as
    you can for this achievement.
     ***Lord of the ring- 20g                                               [ACH29]
        Beat 15 enemies by making them fall off a platform
          - Have an enemy near an edge without a rail and either hit or spam them 
     ***Serve the servant- 20g                                              [ACH30]
        Beat 20 robot enemies
          - You should get this before or during episode seven.
     ***400- 50g                                                            [ACH31]
        Beat 400 enemies
          - You have to replay some of the levels in order to kill 400 enemies
    The rest of these achievements are SECRET achievements, none are really 
    spoilerific so no real worries.
     ***Dead man's chest-10g                                                [ACH32]
        Finish Episode 0
     ***You talkin' to me?- 20g                                             [ACH33]
        In the Olga memory remic: have David awaken and talk to Olga
          -You just need to remove his restraint and his anasthetic mask
     ***Medical malpractice- 10g                                            [ACH34]
        Remix Olga
     ***Forged alliance- 10g                                                [ACH35]
        Finish Episode 1
     ***Open Mind- 10g                                                      [ACH36]
        Perform your first memory steal on Bad Request
     ***Christmas is over- 10g                                              [ACH37]
        Finish Episode 2
     ***Jail break-in-10g                                                   [ACH38]
        Finish Episode 3
     ***Trigger Unhappy- 20g                                                [ACH39]
        In the Forlan Memory Remix: Have Forlan get the gun, argue with Alexia but
    not kill her
          - Knock over the bottle, then alter two random things except taking the
    safety off of the gun
     ***Crime of Passion- 10g                                               [ACH40]
        Remix Forlan
     ***Murder Incorporated- 10g                                            [ACH41]
        Finish Episode 4
     ***Happy Birthday- 20g                                                 [ACH42]
        In the Sylla memory remix: have Scylla and Nillin avoid the accident
    and get on their way home
          - Open Syllas purse and activate Jax
     ***Birthday Crash- 10g                                                 [ACH43]
        Remix Scylla
     ***Are you my mummy?- 10g                                              [ACH44]
        Finish episode 5
     ***Rust in Piece- 20g                                                  [ACH45]
        Destroy the Zorn that chased you in the prologue
          - During episode 6, Nilin points out the Zorn that chased her. When it
    springs at you as you approach it, give it a hearty Junk Blast to finish it 
     ***Mind Craft- 10g                                                     [ACH46]
        Finish Episode 6
     ***Towering Inferno- 10g                                               [ACH47]
        Finish Episode 7
     ***Power off- 20g                                                      [ACH48]
        In the final memory remix: have Jax short-circuit, but keep everybody safe
           - Coffe holder, windshield
     ***Biter Bit- 10g                                                      [ACH49]
        Remix Charles
     ***Final overload- 20g                                                 [ACH50]
        Destroy H30
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