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"Amy is a real challenge worth taking it!"

Hello everybody, first of all sorry if my English is not that perfect, I'm Brazillian but I really love English language and of course video games.
Now let's talk about Amy.

Graphics 6/10 - The character models reminds me Silent Hill, I really enjoyed the details on the characters clothes and bodies. The way Ana looks when the contamination starts affecting her it's very creepy. My only problem with the graphics are some textures in the scenary, and some graphical glitches. Some things just appear and disappear without any explanation, dead soldiers body parts on the floor for example, apart from that I really enjoyed the graphics.

Gameplay 7/10 - The game is pure puzzle and trial and error experience, so if you don't like this kind of game, don't even think of playing Amy. The first time that I played, it looked like Forbidden Siren, a hard as hell game. Amy is hard, very hard and very old school the check points are the big problem here. You really need to stay calm, pay attention in the enemies behavior and stealth. The combat mechanics are very simple but they work well in most part of the game, there are some glitches though. Then you have Amy, the girl has some special powers to help you when she draws some gylphs, it's a nice touch to the gameplay and I thought it was very creative.

Sound and Music 8/10 - For me the best thing on this game. The music is excellent giving you the feeling of isolation and desperation. The sound effects are very good too, Lana screams gave me lots of scares while I was playing, when she starts becoming a zombie too, those voices and groanings that she starts listening were so creepy.

Story 6/10 - The story is very nice but also predictable it has its moments though. The cutscenes sometimes are comic book like and sometimes in game engine and I thought that was a great touch.

Overall 7/10 - Amy is not a perfect game, far from that, but it's a very nice one. It's not a game for everybody, it's a game for people who like challenge and of course survival horror, it's a real survival horror experience. So if you like the old school survival horrors like Silent Hill and specially if you like Forbidden Siren you should pick up this game or at least try the demo. Most of the reviewers are bashing this game and thanks god that I didn't listen to them!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/17/12

Game Release: AMY (US, 01/11/12)

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