gaining access to Quinn's Secret Store?

  1. How do you do it?

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  1. (copy & pasted from my DE - Missing Links walkthrough notes. whole thing came from misc places that I didn't bother keeping track of, so I can't say what the original source on this is)

    Side Quest: Quinns Scavenger Hunt

    After completing the Meet Up with Netanyas Contact, Affirm yourself during the conversation and ask about the Special Offer. Admit that the plan Sounds Perfect to complete the Find the Scope Assembly objective.
    Choose to Enter the Shop and purchase whatever necessary goods you can afford before leaving.follow the map indicator and press the elevator button. Enter the car when the doors open and activate another panel to ascend, then move forward when you reach the top and take a left at the industrial fan on the wall.
    Make your next right to head towards the map indicator until you are 13 M away and next to an orange door. Move through the orange door and search the room for supplies, then exit the area and approach the map indicator that marks Detention Camp 5.
    Instead of entering the camp, take the stairs to the floor above and enter Pieter Burkes office. Take the Spare Retinal Protheses off of Burkes desk and exit the room after searching it for supplies, then return to the floor below and move forward at the bottom of the stairs.
    Turn the corner at the end of the corridor and make the next left, then climb the stairs ahead and open the door at the top. Enter the next room and move up the walkway on the left, then take a right down the stairs and continue towards the left corner.
    Make a right into the red shipping container and approach the table to complete the Find the Trigger Module objective. Turn around and exit the shipping container, then move back up the previous stairs and enter the door on the right.
    Use the computer to disable the cameras and exit through the door in the back, then make a right along the containers and continue forward along the left wall. Drop off the edge ahead and turn right when you hit the floor below, then enter the blue shipping container and pick up one of the boxes.
    Turn around and exit the container, then make a right and drop the box youre carrying on the lower ledge of the yellow structure ahead. Return to the blue shipping container to pick up another box, then head back to the yellow structure and jump on top of it.
    Drop the crate youre carrying and return to the ground below, then collet two more boxes from the corner of the room by the stairs and arrange them on the yellow structure as a set of steps. Use the stack of crates of youve created to enter blue shipping container hanging from the ceiling, then collect the weaponry and return to the ground below.
    Move through the set of automatic double doors with green-tinted glass on your left, then head left again and turn the corner. Make your next left in the large room and avoid being detected by robotic sentry, then climb the ladder ahead and enter the room at the top.
    Exit through the door in the back and move up the walkway, then climb down the ladder ahead and collect the crates stacked in a corner of the room. Move across the room without being detected by the robot sentry until you reach the area by one of the far corners where boxes marked Fragile have been stacked against the wall.
    Place the box youre carrying on top of this stack and jump on top of them, then turn to face the red shipping container ahead and leap across the gap to land on top of it. Jump across the gap in containers on your left and approach the next edge ahead, then hop down onto the container slightly to the left and jump into the open container above.
    Complete the Find the Launcher Barrel objective, then exit the container to return to the elevator and use it to descend. Approach the store ahead on the left when you reach the bottom and speak with Quinn, then ask about the Special Offer to complete the Bring the Rocket Launcher Parts to Quinn objective.

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  2. to get inside Quinn's store, you have to do the [ALL OF THE ABOVE] achievement and Save EVERYONE! from the gas.
    After you save everyone Quinn contacts you and says he left you some supplies at his shop.
    when you go there everything is open for the taking.

    hope this helps

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