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"One shall stand"

Its hard to find a good transformers game nowadays, the franchise has suffered a list of horrible attempts at creating a game for the fans of Transformers....a list that includes the likes of Transformers and Transformers Battle to save the earth on the Commodore 64, Transformers beast wars on the playstation, and the games based on the Michael Bay films. As a long time fan of the transformers, the first time I saw War for Cybertron, I went in expecting another terrible attempt to gain money on a popular franchise. BOY WAS I WRONG! War for cybertron was everything I had hoped for in a Transformers game so I was preeeeetty excited to hear a follow up in the form of Fall of Cybertron.....and I am not disappointed in the least!

Graphics: Normally I don't really care about graphics in a game, I usually say gameplay over graphics. But this game's graphics are a vast improvement over the War For Cybertron game, everything is smoother and dare I say, pretty to look at...explosions especially. When you fire an explosive'll know it from the massive dust cloud and scorch marks that will appear upon Cybertron's landscape...which leads me to comment about the WFC there was alot of indoor fighting and you rarely got to see Cyberton's cities and landscape, there was also alot of Fall of Cybertron, you have alot of outdoor fighting with great lighting effects...from Optimus fighting through decepticons just outside of an old archive building with Starscream flying all over the massive towers of Shockwave's fortress in Kaon...everything looks bigger and brighter then in War for Cybertron

Sound: Explosions, gun fire, screams of agony, and Optimus Prime......the sounds are all here. Peter Cullen never misses a beat when voicing the most famous leader of the autobots, Steve Blum voices Shockwave and does a pretty good job of him, though I do wish they chose someone else to voice Swindle, though he also does a great job voicing Sharpshot..Greg Berger picks himself up and returns to voice the infamous and powerful Grimlock...Fred Tatasciore returns to voice Rachet and Megatron but also the mighty Metroplex....all in all, the sounds and voices all come together to create a deep and engrossing experience

Gameplay: The nitty gritty here, the stuff that everyone wants and needs to know War for Cybertron, everything fell into place with you vehicle form, your melee attacks, your abilities, and your gunplay. The gameplay at its core is a third-person shooter...similar to Gears of War.....however, Marcus Fenix wishes he could turn into a truck...thats what its all about the click of a button you can hit vehicle form to gain better mobility and weaponry...In the campaign mode, you even get special vehicle only abilities such as Optimus Prime's battering ram or Starscream's barrel roll...though I do not understand why these were removed form Multiplayer...but thats a different topic I'll get to soon enough...anyways, every gun functions differently and all are very satisfying in my opinion...Slicing enemies up with the gear shredder is fun, watching enemies rust and fall apart from the corrosive slime cannon is just satisfying, some of these weapons are just so awesome to play with despite some of them having poor stats...also we now have the ability to swap camera angles...This makes it easier to line up shots from behind cover rather then move out of cover since your camera is locked behind you...I honestly feel alot of other 3rd person shooters should implement this tactic

Story: if you're like me and a die-hard transformers fan, then an important part of any transformers game is the story. War for Cybertron did an excellent job with their storyline, depicting the initial start of the Cybertronian civil war all the way to the point where Optimus was forced to order an evacuation of Cybertron...Fall of cybertron takes place 6 days after those events, depicting the autobot's struggle to escape their dying homeworld while fending off the relentless attacks by Megatron and his decepticons...I was overjoyed with so many things I learned in the story...example: Why does Shockwave have only 1 arm? Why are the insecticons so unstable and uncontrollable? What happened to Metroplex? Everything ties itself together and makes the story one of the best transformer experiences I have ever seen

Multiplayer: this is a separate section of this review for a reason....alot of players base their overall enjoyment of a game by how fun the multiplayer is and I can understand alot of people being upset with this game's multiplayer after coming off of War for cybertron's multiplayer...but lets go over what we got right...First off...much better maps in my opinion from the cramped quarters of the open areas of Desolation and Tempest, each map offers a different playstyle..Desolation isn't my exact favorite because its so large and so open (scientists love this map) where as Spire just allows for a massive chaotic battle in the middle while trying to get down very narrow and very tight hallways (infiltrators at the end of hallways are nasty)...the maps make each battle different because of how different each map is..I like that, also each class has been balanced out so none feel like they're destroying the others....titan's are big and slow but have a hefty amount of close quarters weaponry as well as a large amount of health...Infiltrators are small and agile with lots of long range and mid range combat abilities but suffer low health...same can be said of the scientist class while the destroyer has low ammo reserves and small ammo clips, they can dish out alot of damage real fast...this makes it much easier to get a hang of each class because each class works just as well as the others...tie in the fact that all classes can sprint and dash now...everything just starts to fall into place..also, host migration, why War for cybertron went for P2P is beyond my understanding...Lagouts and host quits were everywhere due to the poor server and connection host migration was a welcome change....We also now can actually build our own transformers, every character in the game has been chopped up and can be used to design and create your own autobot or decepticon, colors are a bit lacking, but pick your head, shoulders, arms, legs, metallic sheen, your voice, and what vehcile you want to transform to, if you're a tank, you can pick your tank barrel..Now for some things that I just have to wonder about in Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer....pickups for one...these I don't mind being there, but the pickups spawn way too quickly and it just annoys me to no end to see one or 2 players camping next to a spot so one of them can get the Energon recharger while on the other side, no one even looks at the intercooler or power core...I feel they should either randomize the pick ups completely or increase the spawn times...Next, the removal of vehicle abilities (I mentioned this before) I don't get why these were taken out, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing them return, I hardly used them in War for Cybertron but they were still actually cool to use...Grenades were also taken out, no flak grenades for the titan, no mines for the destroyer, and no healing grenades for the scientist...only the emp grenades return and if you wanna use them, you have to forgo your cloaking ability on the infiltrator...Killstreaks are gone as well, but this I'm on the fence about, killstreaks are something I don't care for at all...COD had some of the WORST killstreaks ever to be used making the games frustrating and un-fun...War for cybertron had some decent killstreaks...orbital beacon, ammo matrix, overshield matrix, intercooler were just a few of the good killstreaks as they helped the TEAM and not just you...the Leader's POKE was one of the more terrible ideas...a 1-hit kill weapon for the Fall of Cybertron, there are no killstreaks, do I miss them? Yes and no, I prefer a game with no killstreaks over a game with overpowered and un-balanced killstreaks honestly

Final comments: This game is a die hard transformer fan's dream...the story mode while albeit a bit short is one of the best transformer experiences I have ever witnessed and with friends to play with, the multiplayer can still be fun aside from the things I mentioned...this game stands tall amongst its predecessors at a 9/10...Primus himself would play this

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/31/12

Game Release: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (US, 08/21/12)

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