Review by Myrdraal8

Reviewed: 01/07/13

Definitive Transformers

Concept: Experience the events of the Transformers fleeing their home planet, Cyberton by playing as famous Transformers in an action packed single player game or take the fight online in standard competitive multiplayer formats.

Graphics: The Transformers themselves are beautifully rendered perfectly in respect to the generation 1 1980’s cartoon. Cyberton is dramatically brought to life, including weather effects that add a wonderful new dimension to the planet.

Sound: The sound effects are standard blaster fire and explosions. Voice work of the Transformers is excellent. The music is appropriate to the action on screen with only a few memorable pieces such as the music played during the title screen.

Control: The shooter controls are precise and excellent. High Moon studios finally implemented a control scheme that avoids accidental transformations or dodges. Guns do not have a secondary fire function, but that loss is off set by the ability to carry two different guns at all times. Each character requires learning a new control scheme but the stages are well designed to quickly teach the player without detracting from the pacing and enjoyment of the story.

Game Time: 10 hours for a single player campaign

Fall of Cyberton follows in the footsteps of the best Transformers video game, War For Cyberton to become the definitive Transformers game.

The single player campaign is done extremely well in the vane of High Moon studios’ previous game, Dark of the Moon. Each of the chapters captures the essence of each Transformer and plays to the ideals of original generation one cartoons. The plot that is told is quintessential Transformers, and is extremely enjoyable. As in War for Cybertron two colossus Transformers are introduced within this new story, even one as a playable character! Even the introduction of the Dinobots is amazing, perhaps the best moment in Transformers gaming.

The multiplayer modes where not played at the time of this review. The inability to replay stages as other Transformers or cooperatively is a major disappointment. As great as it is to experience environments and stories tailor made to each character it is not hard to imagine other characters with similar abilities playing in those environments.

Recommendation: The story of War of Cybertron and the beginning of the civil war continues, so any fan of Transformers can not miss this game. For those looking for Gears of War type first person shooting action game should also consider Fall of Cybertron.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (US, 08/21/12)

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