Easy Way to Level Up Styles Quickly (DMC3)?

  1. So I am playing Devil May Cry 3 on this Collection, and I am just going to say this now: I am a pretty big Achievement Hunter. I really want to get Dante's Styles all up to Level 3 not only for the achievement, but also so I can have an easier time on Very Hard and DMD mode. I know I probably could just get it by playing the game, but I also want to get some money to get my abilities and Devil Trigger up as well (I can get health upgrades when I go back on hard to hunt for those blue orb fragments and Secret Missions). Does anyone know any good Chapters to grind (never though I would use that word in DMC) EXP for my styles? I am not to worried about getting money, as I just want the EXP right now for styles I am not very good with, like Royal Guard or Sword Master. Please Help!

    User Info: sora_heart

    sora_heart - 5 years ago

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  1. I've heard Jester's first fight is a good place to level up styles. Just fight him, beat him (of course), save, restart. In terms of practicing with them, I guess Blood Palace wouldn't be your worst option.

    User Info: crazyj10

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  1. If you're going for all of the achievements anyway, simply playing through the game would be your best option, as you can max out two styles per run with good play.

    As for individual missions, I would normally recommend Mission 18, as bosses give you chunks of EXP. The 1000 orbs per kill and the experience gained fighting these bosses repeatedly is also a great bonus. However, you may run into trouble with certain bosses if your normal strategy against them is style-dependent.

    Mission 20 is also a great option, as it can be cleared in just a minute on lower difficulties once you get it down.

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  2. Skipping the first 2 missions (or do them, but they don't give that much exp) just play the whole game and you can level up two styles completely and get to level 2 on another (only possible if you're really good) I would suggest doing trickster on lower levels, and swordmaster and gunslinger on the missions 13-20

    User Info: xUchiha1993

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