Story Mode Level 1 Free Play help?

  1. I have everything except 1 Mini Kit. Right after you beat Harley Quinn and jump down the hole in the floor. In the room with the band playing there is a room on the other side of the wall to the left there is a Mini Kit with a Bat Suit. I cant seem to find a way into this room. Can someone help me out please? Thanks.

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    Izad1980 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To get this, you absolutely have to have Cyborg available. (It helps if you have the Joker as well, but you can use the charge from Batman's Electric Suit in the castle stage room.)

    To the right of the orchestra room (after Riddler knocks the wall down), there's a room gated by a gold padlock. Use a character with laser eyes to destroy the padlock, then go inside and use Cyborg to magnetically pull down the blue bicycle on the right side. This will open a trap door and let you drop through the floor.

    Move to the left under the stage and you'll be able to come up inside a room with a pipe organ. In the back left corner, there's a switch that must be charged with electricity--you can either use the Joker's joy buzzer, or the single charge you get on Batman's Electric Suit in this level to power it on. This will power up the pipe organ.

    Next, you must play a song on the pipe organ by pressing the four colored buttons in order. If a red light flashes, it means you pressed the wrong button and must start over.






    SPOILER--The correct tune on the organ is played in the following order:

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