Lego batman 2 completion 99.97%?

  1. Hi Guy's,

    Probably coming a bit late with this one but I've only just got round to buying it. I've completed it all, got all the gold bricks, however, I'm missing a land vehicle and an air vehicle. The problem i'm having is I can see one of the vehicles on the map when i scan, but when i get there nothing appears, It seems to be right next to where the news reporter van appeared, but nothing comes! I know it's an air one as when I get on top of the building there are markers for an air race, which i already completed with a different vehicle due to this one not appearing! I only want to get the 100% acheivement!! also I haven't completed the bonus level on free play, perhaps this will take me up to 100%

    Has anyone experienced anything similar?

    User Info: Gamergirl777

    Gamergirl777 - 4 years ago


  1. I believe the vehicles that you are missing are the:
    Land Vehicle: "Harley Quinn's Motorbike"; & Air Vehicle: "Joker's Helicopter"

    (Taken from CyricZ's FAQ/Walkthrough for the Game:)

    To get the Land Vehicle: "Harley Quinn's Motorbike":
    The "Bonus Level: LEGO Gotham City
    "Free Play - The only significant thing to note about Free Play is that you'll have whatever characters you want, so you can open the Joker and Riddler Boxes to make life easier. Also, you get a reward for this: Harley Quinn's Motorbike."
    (Note: It is automatically unlocked Once you complete The Bonus Level, - "Lego Gotham City", in Free Play Mode.)

    To get the Air Vehicle: "Joker's Helicopter"
    Joker's Helicopter -
    Location: On top of the building at the north end of the five-sided block west
    of the park.
    Price: 250,000
    If the Above doesn't help at all, see if the one Below will help any bit:
    * Joker's Helicopter * - Found in Gotham City (near Ace Chemicals)

    User Info: RandomHelper101

    RandomHelper101 - 4 years ago 0 0

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