Review by tumblingernie

Reviewed: 09/12/12

Madden has issue (Xbox 360)

It is playable...but:

(1) Computer AI have the ability to reach through the receivers to pick the ball, even when the receiver has position on, for example, a curl route. I've instant replayed it multiple times on multiple plays and am shock this type of glitch still exist this far into this series life.

(2) New this year, if a defender (both ways) brushes a offensive player...he is going down. It is really annoying when trying to run the ball in the trenches and a blocked defender doesn't get more than an elbow on the running back and he is down.

This does go both ways, but a computer AI is better at the cuts than me.

(3) Challenging plays has kind of always sucked...but here is my complaints. (a) inside two minutes the AI will never challenge a play in there favor...only in mine and I never win....never. (b) the game must have replacement refs too...I caught a ball a yard in the endzone. Was tackled back out to the two yard line, and they placed the ball there. I challenged...and of course lost.

Some maddens (I forget which year) had the ability to give yourself an undo play (or rewind feature). Some people hated this, I loved it so I could at least replay plays with horrific game glitches occurred.

I don't play Madden online, which I have heard had major changes so I have no opinion on these functions.

As for franchise mode, it is still sort of there but hidden and I guess you can get fired which might annoy me if I get for enough. The screen navigations in terms of viewing players details, trading players, and some other things is really annoying. Start a trade offer on one screen and go to another screen to see if it is accepted. Placing players on or off the trading block has to be done on the player via view roster. Huh? What happened to the trading block screen so you don't just leave the player on it all year if you forget to remove this going to effect extension talks?

I've never played ESPN football but would really like to see it come back so there are two companies competing for the same market pushing eachother to be better.

Worst rating I've given Madden in years. Maybe it is related to expectations...but really the game play is no better if not worse than 2012.

Madden player since 1998...this very well might be my last year. Feel like I kindof wasted my money.

I hope Halo 4 does not disappoint me in two months.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Madden NFL 13 (US, 08/28/12)

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