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    Character Recruitment Guide by Starscream

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Character Recruitment Guide
    Table Of Contents
    1) Information
    2) Version Fixes/Updates
    3) Introduction
    4) Recruiting...
       -Love Shockers
       -Noise Tanks
       -Poison Jam
    5) Credits/Thanks/Other
    1) Information
    Author: Matt McKeogh
    GameFAQs Nickname: Starscream
    Email: i_zombie@subdimension.com
    Date: 03/04/01
    Submitted For: GameFAQs.com
    Version: 1.1
    Specs: Designed for 1024x768 resolution, Windows 98, Netscape 4.0+
    Reproduction, without consent of the author (me), is strictly forbidden.
    2) Version Fixes/Updates
    Version 1.1 (03/04/01) - Fixed info on Goji, realized I had the wrong dates (February instead of March) :)
    Version 1.0 (03/02/01) - First version released.
    3) Introduction
    I've noticed that while there are several Jet Set Radio FAQs and guides, there are very few for Jet Grind Radio (the North
    American version of the game). This wouldn't bother me as much if the character names stayed the same, but there are
    some differences in the names, and that frustrates people who need help getting a certain character in JGR, but can only find
    weird, unfamiliar JSR names. Now, this is not a walkthrough. It is strictly for recruiting the characters found throughout
    the game. In writing this FAQ, I'm assuming that you already know how to play the game. If you don't feel comfortable with
    the controls yet, fool around in the Tutorial mode for a bit, then come back when you feel prepared. Ready? Okay, here we go.
    4) Recruiting...
    (In alphabetical order)
    COMBO: To get Combo to join you, you must play as him and defeat Beat in a race. The first person to tag, wins. Now, I don't
    have a real strategy here, but don't press the little X in the top corner yet! First, instead of following Beat I go off to
    the right, down the stairs and into the halfpipe. Keep going the same way (straight) throughout the entire pipe until you see
    Beat waiting for you (he'll make it there first). Now, this is where the footrace begins. All I suggest now is using turbo
    and constantly jumping to get as far ahead of Beat as possible. Then, when you get to the end of the pipe, you should see
    a cage door built into the pipe. Climb up the side of the pipe and enter through the door. Turn left, and keep to the
    sidewalk. Make SURE to pick up some spraypaint on the way down this sidewalk (there should be some on a green rail
    somewhere). Now, remember back when you had to do Tab's challenge, the one where you had to grab onto the back of the car,
    get the paint and skate down again? Do you remember which rail you grinded on, and which window you tagged? Good, because
    it's the same rail you tag here. Grind the rail and on the way by, spray the window to win. I find it helps to follow Beat
    through the race once and let him win, but keep your eye on him the whole time. Memorize where he goes, and replicate it.
    CUBE: Recruiting Cube is pretty easy. Follow what Gum does: turbo yourself over to the rail on the left, then, making sure
    you have adequate speed, jump across the street and over to the rail on the right sidewalk. From there, jump up onto the
    rooftop right in front of you.
    GARAM: 1) Turbo forward through the barrier in front of you, jump at the wall at an angle and wallride/jump off of it to land
    safetly on the other side.
           2) Really easy, just jump on the rail and ride it all the way down. Jump off and soar over the cable and onto the
    green rooftop. Make sure you use some turbo before grinding the rail to pick up some speed.
           3) This one is trickier, I usually have to do it 2-3 times before I get it. Turbo forward onto the rail on the right,
    then cross over to the rail on the left. Wait about 2 seconds on that rail, then hop on over further left and land on the
    next rail. When you jump off to do the wallride/jump, force the joystick as far left as possible so you can reach the wall.
    Becareful with your wallride/jump, don't overdo it and land in the sewage!
    GOJI: Finish the Grind City levels with Jet rankings to get Goji.
    GUM: 1) Skate forward using turbo, turn right, then head straight for the green parked car. Jump on top of the car.
         2) Skate forard, jump onto the rail and grind it until the end. She mentions using the L-trigger for the camera during
    her explanation, but I don't think it's necessary. Do it anyways (hit the L-trigger while grinding the rail).
         3) Skate forward, grab the two paint cans and tag the two parked cars to your left. Then grind along the green rail,
    getting the paint cans there, and tag the car and truck found parked beside a long green rail in front of you.
    LOVE SHOCKERS: Complete every Shibuya-cho level with a Jet ranking.
    MEW: 1) Turbo forward and jump on the rail on the right. You should be jumping off the rail as the rail crooks a bit in the
    opposite direction, near the lampost. Make sure you land on the last car in the train set, the grey one. It doesn't matter i
    f you fall down or not, because you more than likely will.
         2) Turn right and head up the spiraling stairs. When you get to the thick rail, get some turbo and then skate directly
    on it, don't try to jump on it. Before the rail comes to a complete end, jump off and steer your character a touch to the
    left, allowing him/her to land on another rail. Grind that one until the end and then fall off onto the platform.
         3) Now for this one, you may need to take a few tries. Turbo forward and hit the pink edge at an angle so that your
    character lands skating upwards. Just before the edge ends, jump off and blindly head forward and pray that you land on the
    right rail. If you do hit the right rail, wait about 2 seconds on the rail, then jump a bit to the left and propel yourself
    through the gate. If you land on the rail before the one you're supposed to be on, you can actually launch yourself to the
    right and you do have a chance at making it through the gate. I've done it this way before, so if you land on the wrong rail,
    don't lose hope!
    NOISE TANKS: Complete every Benten-cho level with a Jet ranking.
    PIRHANA: 1) Turbo forwards and grind the rail on your left, then jump off towards the end and land on the rail to your right.
             2) Turbo up the side of the halfpipe, performing a trick and tagging at the top. Do this two more, at the
    appropriate spots.
             3) Turn to your right, and, keeping turbo hit the entire way, jump on the second platform, then to the third one,
    then to the one near the "Big F billboard" then finally jump to the one with the video screen.
    POISON JAM: Complete every Kogane-cho level with a Jet ranking.
    POTS: To unlock Pots the GG's mascot and pet dog, play through the entire game once, unlocking the aforementioned three gangs
    and Goji. Then, using the same save game, play through again but make sure to finish the Monster Of Kogane level before
    Benten Boogie. A Noise Tank will challenge you after Chapter 2, and if you win, you unlock Pots. Here are the Noise Tanks'
    guy's challenges:
    1) Jump off the airwalk and onto a cable until you reach the wall the Noise Tank jumped off. Jump off it as well, wallriding
    and jumping off backwards onto the other rail. Then jump off that rail and onto the next airwalk.
    2) Grind the telephone line until you get to the wall. Jump off the line, wallride the wall, and land back on the cable. Jump
    off the drainpipe and then onto the neon sign on the roof.
    3) Turbo forward and land on the rail. Gain a little speed by jumping, the once the rail ends, propel yourself onto the
    blue fence, and then the barrier. At the end of the barrier, jump off towards the left and grind in the middle of the road,
    and then jump further left onto the rail of the stairs. Grind this rail, then at the end leap the gap and land on the next
    rail ahead, grinding it down. Jump onto the next blue barrier, then grind the next stair-rail. Once at the extremity of this
    rail, jump off onto the rail on the left and get off where the Noise Tank does.
    TAB: 1) Skate forward being careful not to fall, and collect at least 2 of the blue cans. Then at the last platform, spray
    the tag on the big billboard. Don't fall!
         2) This is an interesting challenge, because you don't even need to grab on to the back of the car to complete this one.
    If you can't hack getting on to the back of the cars, just skate your way up the hill and turn left when you see four yellow
    spray cans. Get at least one of the cans (all you need) and then skate back down. You'll know when to turn right because
    it's the only place where you have a choice of going left, straight or right at once. Choose to go right, grind the green
    rail and on the way past, spray the tag on the window.
        3) Skate forward using turbo and land on the green rail in front of you. Before the gray box in the middle, give yourself
    some room and jump forward, over the gray box and landing on the next green rail. Continue along until the green rail stops
    and you have to jump off onto a yellow stair-rail. Do so, then contine that one up, then straight. When the yellow rail
    starts sloping downwards, get about halfway down then jump up and land on top of the bus shelter.
    SLATE: Like Combo, you have to race, only this time you go against Slate, not as him. This one is very straight forward.
    Starting at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the residential area, skate past the stairs and down into the sewers.
    Get to the exit in the sewer tunnel, and go through that until you get to the outside. You'll find yourself in that blue-
    colored warehouse type place. Skate out of there, jump up onto the cars ahead to get out, then hang a left. Keeping towards
    the left side, jump through the opening in the steel cage to get out of that area and keep going forward until you hit the
    rooftops. Don't fall off, otherwise you're pretty much done for. The tag is at the very bottom of the roofs, but before you
    jump down to make the tage, pick up a can of spraypaint on the way. Just go straight down the rooftops until you see the red
    arrow, and spray.
    YO-YO: Yo-Yo's challenge is also a race. To get the jump on him early on, continually grind and jump onto the traintracks
    and grind those until you come to the steel door on the right. Jump through. Now here's where you can really pull ahead of
    Yo-Yo. See, Yo-Yo will go to the pink thing and grind that up, then land on a rail and go through to the next section. You,
    however, are smarter than the little punk, and as soon as you fall through the steel door, you head immediately right and up
    the back of the white flatbed truck, jumping up, landing on a rail and grinding through the poster and into the next section.
    Now keep to the right here, and do you remember how you got Mew, when you grinded on the green rail and jumped off to land
    on the train? Do the exact same thing, making a right at the first chance possible. Now, grind the same rail and jump off,
    but instead of landing on the train, land on the furthest walkway, which leads you into another section. Yo-Yo will again
    take a longer way here. Don't follow him. Instead, go straight and under the stairs and go directly down into the little
    subway station. Skate through there until you surface. Turn a bit to the left, and then go straight until you come to the
    same stairs as in Mew's other challenge. Climb up the spiraling stairs, and grind on the rail. Do the same thing as you did
    in Mew's challenge, and paint the red arrow before he can. Use the two shortcuts I mentioned, and you'll have him beat
    5) Credits/Thanks/Other
    First off, I'd like to thank and give credit to Jet Grind Online (http://jgo.evild.com) which is where I got the info for
    Pots and the Noise Tanks challenge.
    Also, GameFAQs.com and the GameFAQs.com Jet Grind Radio message board, a great place for information with some helpful folk
    Thanks to Tarheel from the GameFAQs message board for correct information about recruiting Goji.
    If you notice a spelling mistake, a misprint, or you feel that something could be made clearer, _do not hesitate_ to email
    me at i_zombie@subdimension.com. I'll try to help you as best as I can (the subject doesn't just have to be character
    recruitment) or you can just talk to me at the JGR message board at GameFAQs.com (Starscream is my name).
    I do not have a problem with anyone reproducing this FAQ, AS LONG AS THEY LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT. There is a 99% chance that
    I will let you reproduce my FAQ on your site, as long as you send me your site's URL and as long as you don't claim
    ownership of it (I take that very seriously). Just drop me a line and I'm sure there won't be any problems. Thanks for
    Matt McKeogh (C) 2001

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