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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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     PMMMMMMMM]M# ]MM MM@~~~     BMc_MM&_M# #MM  #MM    #M_pM~ ]MM[MMM&  Mf MMMMf
       ]MM8   #MMNNMM]MMMMM      ]M#QMM##M&yMMM6 ]MM    MMMM`  ]MM[NMMM, M&BM  __,
        MM8   BM&  MM BMNggg      QMM BMM$jM  BM6#MM&pgcMMf"M, ]MM[QM#]MMM6BM&gNM#
       ]MMf   4M#  MM MMMMM&       M&  MM M8  ]M&#MMMMMf#M5 ]M  MM[4M& MMM6 #MMMM8
        ,gggpg,             _pgggg_pg__ __         ,___,      ,p_,pgpgq_
        MMMMMMMM&gg         #MMMMMMMMMMMMM#        #MMMMc     #MMMMMMMMMMMpp
       ]MMMMM  `~MMMMMMM&   MMMMM#                MMMMMMM&    MMMMM&    MMMMMMMMg
       "MMMMMn     MMMMMM6  MMMMM8               gMMMMMMM#    #MMMM#      ~MMMMMMg
       ]MMMMMf      #MMM##  BMMMMM               MMMMMMMMM    #MMMM#       `MMMMMM
       ]MMMMMf       #M&NB& MMMMMM              ]MMMM"MMMMY   jMMMM#        ~MMMMMc
       ]MMMMM6       ]M#&M& BMMMMMMMMNgc        #MMM# MMMM#   #MMMM#         #MMMM8
       ]MMMMMf       #MMMMM BMMMMMMMMMM        _MMMMf #MMMM   #MMMM&         #MMMM#
       ]MMMMM        BMMMMMf#MMMMMMM~M"        MMMMMMMMMMMM&  ]MMMM&        _#MMMM&
        MMMMM       gMMMMMM BMMMM6            4MMMMMMMMMMMMM  ]MMMM&        #MMMMMf
        MMMMM      pNMMMMM' MMMMM6            QMMMM" ~~#MMMM, #MMMM&      _pMMMMM#
        MMMMM    ppMMMMMM   MMMMMf            MMMMf    4MMMM& ]MMMMf    _NMM8MMMM~
        N#MMMgpgMMMMMMM#`   MMMMS5           4MMMMf    ~MMMMM ]MMMML__gMMMMMBMMM'
        M~~~~~              M##MM#M#MMM7@M! "~F#F        MM#M! MMM@MM~^^`
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                Platform:   PlayStation 3
                 Version:   1.00
            Last Updated:   08/28/2012
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                Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
           Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt
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    O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O
       Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction.......................................................[WD-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[WD-CON]
     - Tips and Tricks....................................................[WD-TIP]
     - Chapter 1: The Long Ride Home................................[WD01]
     - Chapter 1: The Woods.........................................[WD02]
     - Chapter 2: In The Yard.......................................[WD03]
     - Chapter 3: Meeting Clementine................................[WD04]
     - Chapter 4: Hershel's Farm....................................[WD05]
     - Chapter 4: Shawn or Duck.....................................[WD06]
     - Chapter 5: Welcome Home......................................[WD07]
     - Chapter 5: Clementine Attacked...............................[WD08]
     - Chapter 5: Motor Inn.........................................[WD09]
     - Chapter 5: The Girl in Room 9................................[WD10]
     - Chapter 6: Brother...........................................[WD11]
     - Chapter 7: Doug or Carley....................................[WD12]
     - Chapter 8: Safe... Mostly....................................[WD13]
     - Trophy Information.................................................[WD-TPH]
     - Version History....................................................[WD-HIS]
     - Credits............................................................[WD-CRE]
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
     Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a walkthrough of The Walking Dead: Episode
    1: A New Day. Ever since my wife showed me the show on TV I've been a big fan
    (Video game guy likes zombies!!? Surprise!). So when I see a game come out
    based on the series I was immediately interested.
     I've played an awful lot of Telltale games in the past few years but I've
    never written for any of them, and since this series is currently underway I
    figured why not start now! After playing through the game multiple times I
    never found myself REALLY stuck, so I don't know how much good this guide
    will do, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    ~ Bk
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                               Controls                               >==O
    Here are the controls for The Walking Dead:
                    _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
                   |  _____ |                            | _____  |
                   |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
                 ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
                /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
               !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
               |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
               !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
               |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
               | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
               |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
               |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
               |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
               \         /                                  \         /
                \       /                                    \       /
                 `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'
     |                                                                        |
     | Left Stick: Move Character.                                            |
     |                                                                        |
     | Right Stick: Move Reticle.                                             |
     |                                                                        |
     | X Button: Action.                                                      |
     |                                                                        |
     | Circle: Action.                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Square: Action.                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Triangle: Action.                                                      |
     |                                                                        |
     | Directional Buttons: Actions.                                          |
     |                                                                        |
     | Start Button: Pause.                                                   |
     |                                                                        |
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O
     Here you can find tips and tricks to surviving in The Walking Dead.
     First of all, an explanation:
     - The MAJORITY of the game is just like most of Telltale's games: a
       point-and-click adventure game where you talk to others, gather items and
       solve puzzles. There is very little ACTION in this game.
     - Despite that, the game DOES feature section of action-oriented game play,
       mainly with PANIC EVENTS! These events will catch Lee by surprise and often
       require quick thinking on your part to survive, and may incorporate using
       items and/or brute force. Panic Events are symbolized throughout the guide
       to stress their timed nature, as failing a panic event or taking to long
       will often result in your death (and a GAME OVER).
     - You control much of the action with a cursor, which is designed to also
       give you certain options for item interaction when you move it over items
       or people. The cursor is sectioned into up, down, left and right buttons.
       Each action is usually assigned to a certain direction, for example
       "Investigate / Look At" is usually the UP button. The ACTION button is
       usually the BOTTOM button. Keep this in mind, as I often say "Press the
       action button" when I mean press down!
     - My "Results" section after your choice options are all "choice
       notifications". I don't mean "results" as in whether people will be happy
       or not, but "results" as in what choice notifications the GAME tells you
       if you pick that particular choice.
     o Pick up any item you can find! This game doesn't believe in Red Herrings!
       You'll find SOME use for it.
     o Keep cool in panic events! Remember to try moving and don't be afraid to
       use brute force! Also be aware of any and all items lying around as you
       may very well NEED them.
     o Not EVERY choice in the game is really a choice. There are many "choices"
       you'll make that don't really affect anything. However...
     o There ARE choices in the game that DO really matter. I will be just
       flat-out telling you what dialog choices do but its up to you to decide how
       you are going to be playing the game.
     o The dialog choices are always assigned to a certain button, but are random
       on subsequent playthroughs. I'll list them in order from shortest to
       longest and let you know what happens if you pick them.
     o Choosing NOT to pick any dialog options IS an option! The "..." is just
       a faster way of being silent than WAITING for the timer to expire.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                    Chapter 1: The Long Ride Home                     >==O
     OK, let's get started. Go ahead and select "New Game" and you'll have to make
    a choice between display options:
     STANDARD: More help from UI and feedback when you make important choices.
     MINIMAL: Turn off UI hints, help, and choice notification.
     Basically using STANDARD will help you out a lot more than MINIMAL, but since
    you're reading a guide on the game I doubt it really matters what you choose.
    I'm here to help you no matter what, right!?
     The game starts off with your character, Lee Everett, being transported in
    the back of a police vehicle. The police officer driving will try to start up
    a conversation with you:
    Well, I reckon you didn't do it then.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Silence is a valid option)
     [2] Does it really matter? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Why do you say that? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You know what they say about reckoning. (RESULT: Nothing)
    After that you'll get another dialog choice:
    Usually is 'bout now I get the "I didn't do it."
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Every Time? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Not from me. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] And what do you say? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that you will be able to look around with the right stick if you wish.
    Not really much you can do though, and soon the officer will speak up again:
     I followed your case a little bit, you being a Macon boy and all:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What'd you think? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're from Macon then. (RESULT: He picked up on that)
     [4] So you've got an opinion. (RESULT: Nothing)
     The cop will "pick up" on some responses here (although it REALLY doesn't
    matter in the long run). He'll go on about what he knows about you, teaching
    you a LOT about Lee in the process, including his families business, Lee's
    profession and a glimpse into what he could have done. Soon you'll get
    more dialog:
     You wanna know how I see it?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Sure. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Not really. (RESULT: He picked up on that)
     [4] I got much choice? (RESULT: He picked up on that)
     That last question really exists to set up the next one:
     Regardless, could be you just married the wrong woman.
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Fuck you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Could be I did. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Or she married the wrong guy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Pick what you will and the officer will tell you a rather entertaining
    story of another guy he was transporting.
     "Mama, it's all a big mistake! It wasn't me!"
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Man. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] So, did he do it? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Maybe he was innocent. (RESULT: Nothing)
     No matter what you pick you'll learn the man was caught red-handed. Sounds
    like he isn't getting out of that one! The officer will start to tell you
    another story before you see a body in the road:
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Crash!)
     [1] OH SHIT! (RESULT: Crash!)
     [2] WATCH OUT! (RESULT: Crash!)
     [3] IN THE ROAD! (RESULT: Crash!)
     [4] FUCKING DRIVE! (RESULT: Crash!)
     No matter what you pick the officer will hit the body, which of course cause
    you to crash. The car will flip end over end and Lee will soon black out.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 1: The Woods                         >==O
     Once you come to you'll notice your leg is messed up and you're still
    handcuffed.... not good! Once you can look around you'll see the officer
    face-down outside, which is even worse since he must have the keys! You can
    yell out to him if you wish. Other items you can look at are the SHOTGUN on
    the ground and your HANDCUFFS.
     To get OUT of the car, you need to find the window IN FRONT OF Lee and hover
    over it with your cursor to be able to use the 'X' button and KICK it. Go
    ahead and kick the window out (it'll take a few tries) and move towards it.
    Press the action button again to have Lee climb out of it.
     Once you're out you'll hear some VERY bad noises coming from your leg.. urgh!
    Use the left stick to move around the car. Once you do you can interact with
    the shotgun if you wish, but Lee will note it is EMPTY and won't carry it with
    his cuffs on. Look near the front of the car to see a SHOTGUN SHELL. Go ahead
    and pick it up.
     From here, head over to the officer and stand by his side. The view will
    change and you'll see his KEYS. Pick them up and then use them with your
    handcuffs. Lee will try to unlock them awkwardly and will drop the keys by
    the cop's face. Yeah... probably the LAST place you want to reach, right?
    Well, we have no choice. Go ahead and pick them up and you'll be able to
    unlock your cuffs now. And yes, you need to unlock BOTH of them (I thought
    that was a little silly, but hurrah for realism!?). Once you're done you'll
    see the cop COME TO LIFE and spring at you!
      P A N I C   E V E N T !
     Once you hit the ground, quickly move backwards using the left stick (you
    can "look at" him if you wish). You'll end up against the car soon. Once you
    regain control, look to your left and use the action button to PICK UP the
    SHOTGUN. Lee will try and load it, but will end up dropping the shell. Once
    you regain control, pick up the SHOTGUN SHELL on the right and Lee will try
    again and will load the shotgun this time. Now that you have a loaded shotgun
    don't hesitate! Shoot the cop right in the face (remember: cursor over the
    face, hit the action button!).
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Out of the Frying Pan' trophy now.
     With the threat over, Lee will throw the shotgun down and you can look
    around. The dialog Lee says when investigating the cop is hilarious by the
    way! Right now you may not know it but you have to call out to the MYSTERIOUS
    FIGURE in the distance, who you will likely spot once you know what you're
    looking for. Once you do find her in the distance call out to her and she'll
    run away. After that, look over to the right where the noises are coming from
    and a cutscene will take place now with Lee following after her once more
    zombies start to appear, and he'll end up saving himself by climbing a fence
    into a yard.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                        Chapter 2: In The Yard                        >==O
     Once you have control over the fence, you can feel free to look around the
    yard (like the treehouse and tea set). You'll eventually need to head around
    to the back porch where you can interact with the sliding glass door. Look at
    it, then interact with it (using the DOOR icon / circle icon!) and Lee will
    cautiously enter the house looking for help. Now that you are in the house
    you can check out a few things if you wish (the fruit and the coloring book),
    but we need to head to the kitchen. You'll slip in the blood pool when you
    do, even IF you inspect it. Apparently Lee isn't very aware of his
    surroundings even if YOU are.
     There are quite a few things to look at in the kitchen... there are a LOT
    of cupboards after all, but they are mostly empty. There's an interesting note
    on the refrigerator though. The cupboard you MUST look in is the far LEFT one,
    by the fridge. You'll find a walkie-talkie in here, which Lee will keep. From
    here, head back to the living room. You've undoubtedly heard the beeping from
    the ANSWERING MACHINE, so go over to it and listen to the three messages
    (quite sad!). There's a few items you can check out while you listen, but
    just keep listening until the end and afterward you'll hear a message on
    your walkie-talkie!
     You need to be quiet.
     [1] ... (RESULT: She wonders why you're not talking)
     [2] Are you ok? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Who is this? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'm not a monster. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Hmm, sounds like that person we saw before is alive. You can move around if
    you want but more importantly you can now talk to this new person:
    (-NOTE-) You can ask a variety of questions here, not just one!
     [1] ... (RESULT: She wonders why you're not talking)
     [2] Are you safe? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Where are you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] How old are you?? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] What's your name? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [6] Where are your parents? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Keep asking questions until a cutscene shows Clementine in the treehouse.
    She'll have to you and soon she'll shriek and duck back inside, with you
    soon finding out why!
      P A N I C   E V E N T !
     Ah, its the babysitter!
     Quickly press the action button (jam it!) until the far brackets ( "<    >" )
    close in and press the button that appears after that. You'll see a scene
    afterwards with Lee bugging out and hitting his head against the stove! Gah!
     Your vision is VERY blurry now, but you are still very much in danger. What
    you need to do here is line up your ORANGE cursor with the zombie slowly
    crawling towards you and press the ACTION button! You'll end up kicking at
    the zombie, then trying to get away but the zombie will trip Lee up.
     You'll have the orange cursor again, so line it up and punch the thing when
    you can. It will keep coming after you while you head to the glass door (note
    CLEMENTINE moving nearby). You'll soon have to jam on the action button again
    and press another button that appears. Once you get the orange cursor again,
    Clementine should have opened the door and will be behind you, and while you
    CAN kick at the zombie if you wish what you NEED to do is to grab the HAMMER
    from Clementine.
     Once you have the hammer, just do what comes naturally... y'know, BASH THE
    ZOMBIES BRAINS IN! Hahahaha.... OK, I enjoyed that way too much...
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Adventures in Babysitting' trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                    Chapter 3: Meeting Clementine                     >==O
     After that whole ordeal, Lee will say 'Hi' to Clementine who will ask:
     Did you kill it?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Clementine seems afraid)
     [2] Yes. (RESULT: Clementine will remember that)
     [3] Something else did. (RESULT: Clementine will remember that)
     [4] I don't know. I think so. (RESULT: Clementine will remember that)
     Lee and Clementine will talk for a bit while Lee promises to take care of
    her. Soon you'll have to pick what to do next:
     1: Look for help, before it gets dark.
     2: Get out of here once the sun goes down.
     Now, THIS choice directly affects what you are going to do, but isn't TOO
    important. Pick one and you'll see one scene/do some stuff or pick the other
    and you'll see another scene/do some other stuff but the END RESULT will be
    the same. I'll take you through both choices:
     o You chose the safety of daylight.
     This was my natural choice as well. Lee and Clementine will leave through
    the glass door. Once you have control hobble your way to the gate you saw
    earlier and you'll see two guys trying to push a car out of the way. Before
    you can do anything though Clementine will bring up her reluctance to leave
    since her parents may come home:
     What if my parents come home?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't know... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] They won't. Let's go. (RESULT: Nothing) 
     [4] I won't leave you alone. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the talk, Lee will go talk to the guys you saw, who will be freaked
    out for a bit:
     Phew, thought for a second you and the little one were BOTH going to give
     us the chomp.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What is going on? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What are you doing? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We're looking for help. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You'll learn the skinny guy is Shawn Greene while the other guy is Chet.
    They'll offer to take you and Clementine (who they think is his daughter) down
    to Shawn's Dad's farm if Lee can help them clear the road:
     I'm not her dad. I'm...
     [1] ... (RESULT: Shawn drew his own conclusion)
     [2] ...a neighbor. (RESULT: Shawn noticed what you said)
     [3] ...her babysitter. (RESULT: Shawn thinks you're the babysitter now)
     [4] ...just some guy. (RESULT: Shawn noticed what you said)
     Lee will ask Clementine what she wants to do, but soon monsters will show
    up. Not good! Shawn will start to push the car out of the way again and Lee
    will come over to help.
     Once you have control (and regain your cursor), use it to push the car.
    There should be a dot on the hood you can interact with to push it. You'll
    need to do this twice, so don't dilly dally! Once you're done, Lee will jump
    in the truck and Shawn will take off.
     After hiding in the tree house until night our duo will leave. Head over to
    the gate and open it. Soon after you'll hear a gunshot and the two will take
     Are we going to die?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Clementine is really upset now)
     [2] No. (RESULT: You helped Clementine calm down a little)
     [3] I don't know. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] They're after me, not you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Stay down! Georgia State Patrol:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] OK! (RESULT: The trooper heard that)
     [3] We're friendly! (RESULT: The trooper heard that)
     [4] I'll come quietly! (RESULT: The trooper heard that)
     After your choices, the police officer will realize that you're not one of
    "those things". They'll introduce themselves and kinda apologize and will
    ask if you've seen any of those things:
    (-NOTE-) If you chose "I'll come quietly", you'll get a new set of questions:
     Wait; why'd you say you'd come quietly?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I was confused. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're the law, man. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I thought I was being arrested. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Did you see any of those things? One of them just got our buddy Chet.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Just a girl, inside. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] A lot, in the forest. (RESULT: Nothing)
     They'll then tell you to help them find the thing that got their buddy and
    they'll take you down to Shawn's Dad's farm, but not before the mistake
    Clementine as your daughter:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Shawn drew his own conclusion)
     [2] ...a neighbor. (RESULT: Shawn noticed what you said)
     [3] ...her babysitter. (RESULT: Shawn thinks you're the babysitter now)
     [4] ...just some guy. (RESULT: Shawn noticed what you said)
     Before the group can go look for Chet, Chet will come to THEM! Well, no
    need to search I guess. Everyone will run to the car and drive off. You'll
    soon be back at Shawn's farm while the police officer drives off.
     No matter WHICH choice you picked above, its off to the farm for you.
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'In Your Charge' trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 4: Hershel's Farm                       >==O
     Once you get to the farm, you'll see a small scene depending on whether or
    not you left during the day (Chet will head off home) or whether you left at
    night (cop will drop you off) and Shawn's dad Hershel will come out. They'll
    catch up a bit before he notices you:
    You've brought a couple of guests.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Your boy is a lifesaver. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We just need some help. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We need a place to stay. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Pick what you wish and after Hershel makes sure Clementine is OK in your
    care he'll notice your leg needs help and will tell you to go sit on the
    porch while he gets something for you. He'll come out soon enough with some
    bandages, even though I'm SURE that won't be good enough.
     Yeah, this is swollen to hell.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It's not too bad. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Could be worse. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It hurts like hell. (RESULT: Nothing)
     What did you say your name was?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Hershel will remember that)
     [2] I didn't. (RESULT: Hershel will remember that / pick again)
     [3] It's Lee. (RESULT: Hershel knows your name)
     [4] Doesn't matter. (RESULT: Hershel will remember that)
     How'd this happen?
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: You didn't answer his question)
     [1] I fell. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Car accident. (RESULT: Hershel made note of that)
     [3] Jumping a fence. (RESULT: Hershel doubts you)
     [4] I don't remember. (RESULT: You didn't answer his question)
     Answer truthfully with [2] to get another question:
     Where were you headed? Before the car accident:
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Follow-up question)
     [1] Home. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Nowhere. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Just out. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Out of Atlanta. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Since he's so nosy, he'll follow up with another question (if you got to
    the previous set of options, anyways):
     Who were you with? The girl?
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Hershel will definitely remember that)
     [1] Nobody. (RESULT: Hershel will definitely remember that)
     [2] A Police Officer. (RESULT: Hershel believes you)
     After the string of formalities, Hershel will ask about Clementine:
    (-NOTE-) You get this question if you didn't tell him about the car accident.
     What type'a danger has the girl seen?
     [1] Plenty. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Who knows. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Nothing bad. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] She's safe now. (RESULT: Nothing)
     In the end Hershel will offer the barn for you to sleep in and will mention
    that there's another family sleeping in there as well. Shawn will come out
    and try to stress how important reinforcing the farm is but Hershel doesn't
    seem too worried about it:
    (-NOTE-) The following options only appear if you left during the DAY! If
             you left at night Hershel will agree just based on what happened to
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] Your son is right. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I wouldn't worry too much. (RESULT: Nothing)
    Pick [1]:
     Shawn will ask you to tell his dad what you've witnessed once he seems so
     Lee, come on, tell him what you saw out there, man.
     [1] A man got ran over. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Dead people, walking. RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] A girl with her guts spilled out. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] A dead cop crawling on the ground. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Hershel will say OK and will finish your bandages. After joking about
    putting you down, we'll learn Lee plans on heading to Macon. Soon we'll see
    a scene in the barn, with Lee and Clementine lying in "bed":
     It smells like...
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Shit. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Manure. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You know... (RESULT: Nothing)
     An... interesting conversation. Clementine will miss her parents and will
    ask how far away Savannah is before going to sleep while Lee has some
    memories resurface.
     In the morning, you'll be woken up by a new face who will introduce
    himself as Kenny. You'll get to meet his son, Ken Jr. as well (who they
    call "Duck"):
     We call him Duck, though.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Duck? (RESULT: Nothing).
     [3] Dodging or quacking? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Where do parents name their kid "duck"? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Kenny will bring up the fact that we're headed to Macon and we'll learn
    Lee has family there. Kenny will bring up the subject of traveling together:
     Well, Macon's on the way and, personally, I'd appreciate the company of a
    guy who can knock a couple of heads if he has to.
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] No thanks. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'll ask the girl. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Sure, we'll tag along. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Maybe. Let's see how things turn out. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon Shawn will come out and everyone will head out to do their own thing.
    Clementine will hang out near the porch with Katjaa. Once you regain control
    you can go talk to whoever you wish. I'm starting with the ladies:
     Hey there, girls.
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: End conversation)
     [2] What do you do? (RESULT: You learned Katjaa is a veterinarian)
          [1] No, I USED to (RESULT: Katjaa learned you were fired)
          [2] My mistake (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How was the city? (RESULT: Leads to another set of dialog)
     [4] You two actually look relaxed. (RESULT: You learned Clementine is a
                                                 first grader)
     While I recommend going through all the choices, if you pick [3] you'll get
    a new set of dialog to respond to:
     Don't you want to go back to the moment before you knew about all of this?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Who wouldn't? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Was bad before. (RESULT: Katjaa will remember that)
     [4] Things happen for a reason. (RESULT: Katjaa will remember that)
     After talking to the ladies, head over and talk to Kenny who is nearby
    working on his truck (you can look at the truck and have Kenny comment on
    it to):
     Hey there, uh, Kenny.
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: End conversation)
     [2] Need any help? (RESULT: Leads to another set of dialog)
     [3] What's your plan? (RESULT: You learned about Kenny's boat)
     [4] How's your son doing? (RESULT: You showed in interest in his family)
     While I recommend asking EVERYTHING, if you choose [2], you will get some
    dialog choices once Kenny asks you a question in return:
     You got kids of your own?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Kenny noticed your silence)
     [2] I'm ok. (RESULT: Kenny learned something about you)
     [3] No kids. (RESULT: Kenny learned something about you)
     [4] I have no idea. (RESULT: Kenny learned something about you)
     After that, head to the left and around the house to the back. You'll see
    Duck sitting on a tractor while Shawn is working on the (rather pathetic)
    fence. Talk to Shawn and ask if he needs help. You'll soon be sawing some
    wood nearby while the two of you chat:
     Just shot him right in the face:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Damn. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You gotta do what you gotta do. (RESULT: Shawn disagrees)
     [4] Was the boy one of the walkers? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Have you had to off one yet?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Shawn noticed your silence)
     [2] I had to shoot one. (RESULT: Shawn won't forget that)
     [3] I bashed a poor girl's brains in. (RESULT: Shawn won't forget that)
     [4] Sometimes it's kill or be killed. (RESULT: Shawn won't forget that)
     How's your family?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm not too close with my family. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I don't know where my ex-wife is. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] My parents are in Macon with my brother. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Whew, quite a long talk, no? At the end Shawn will ask you to help his
    dad out. You can also look at the tractor and talk to Duck (who is being
    goofy), but once you're ready make your way to the barn where you saw
    Hershel enter. Hershel will start up a conversation about your honesty
    when you get near:
     How'd you get out of Atlanta?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] On foot. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I got a ride. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I was on my way out anyway. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Where's your family now? Parents? Wife? Girlfriend?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No family. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] No wife anymore. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] My parents are in Macon. (RESULT: Nothing)
     He'll then ask about Clementine and how you came to find her:
     You just stumbled up-on her?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What are you getting at? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I was looking for help in her house. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I was being attacked and she came to my rescue. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Can I give you a piece of advice?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Sure. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What is it? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Mind your own business. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the chat, you will hear a scream! Well, THIS can't be good....
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 4: Shawn or Duck                        >==O
      P A N I C   E V E N T !
     The game will show you a cutscene of Hershel running to get his gun while
    Lee runs over to where Shawn is. What you'll see there is NOT good. Shawn
    is PINNED under the tractor with a zombie trying to get at him while Duck
    is looking around. Soon Duck will be grabbed by a Zombie and will be
    struggling against it.
     We have to either try and save SHAWN or try and save DUCK. Choosing who
    to help is easy to do, but note that you CANNOT HELP THEM BOTH.
    (-NOTE-) I'd recommend HELPING DUCK. You can read why down below.
    (-NOTE-) You can optionally choose NOT TO DO ANYTHING. Kenny will come
             save his son and run off, of course, and then you can either
             choose to help Shawn or, once again, NOT DO ANYTHING. Not doing
             anything is like you helped Duck, though.
     You will run to the front of the tractor. From here you can interact with
    the tractor itself or with a board of wood to the left on the ground. If
    you hit the zombies with the wood it'll break though. You'll also see a scene
    of Kenny coming over and rescuing Duck from the zombie that grabbed him.
    Shawn will ask him to help, but he'll run off...
     In the end, no matter what you do, the fence Shawn was working on will give
    way and he'll be bit. Herschel will come over and blast the zombies away while
    Shawn talks to him until he goes. This will of course make Herschel furious.
     You tried to help him, but this piece of shit let him die.
     [1] ... (RESULT: You said nothing)
     [2] It's my fault. (RESULT: Kenny will remember that)
     [3] It's Kenny's fault. (RESULT: Kenny will remember that)
     [4] It's nobody's fault. (RESULT: Kenny will remember that)
     In the end, Hershel will insist that you all GET OUT and after Lee looks at
    Kenny for a bit Kenny will offer him that ride...
     Duck is being grabbed by a zombie and needs help!
     You can do THREE things here. PULL Duck, PUNCH the zombie, or GRAB the
    piece of wood to the right. You can do a variety of things to free him, as
    Kenny will come over soon and help, but the FASTEST way to help him is to
    grab the piece of wood and hit the zombie with it!
     However, Shawn will be overtaken by zombies!
     Hershel will come kill them all and will then of course explode in rage at
    his son being gone, telling you all to leave:
     And YOU. You didn't even try to help.
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm sorry. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I panicked. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I thought I could help them both. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I was worried about the little boy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     No matter what you say Hershel will want you OUT. Lee and Clementime will
    look at Kenny and he'll offer you that ride to Macon, if you want it.
     Poor Shawn...
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Rock and a Hard Place' trophy after the whole
             tractor event.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                       Chapter 5: Welcome Home                        >==O
     Out of the farm and into the city! You'll see a scene of our new group of
    survivors exiting the truck. Watch the scene (not much else you can do) and
    soon you'll be saved by two unknown people (well, fans will recognize one
    of them at least). You'll soon be safe inside the local Drug Store where
    tensions will automatically begin to rise, leading to the dialog below (note
    that the group will continue talking until you make your timed choice):
     We don't know who these people are; they could be dangerous.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We're ok. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We have kids. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Chill out, lady. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Despite the ultra-important discussion, Clementine will tug on your sleeve
    and tell you that she needs to go to the bathroom:
     I... I have to pee.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Just go. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] In a minute. (RESULT: Nothing)
     The group will argue about what's going on (as SOME people are clearly
    more compassionate than others) and soon you'll get some more dialog options:
     You'll have something in common.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] She's not wrong. (RESULT: Lily noticed what you said)
     [3] She's the leader. (RESULT: Lily noticed what you said) 
     [4] She's an asshole. (RESULT: Lily will remember what you called her)
     During the talking you'll have noticed Clementine heading off to the
    bathroom but once you're done talking the big guy will start freaking out
    again as he thinks Duck was bitten:
     Son of a bitch, one of them is bitten.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Oh shit. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] He wasn't bitten. (RESULT: Nothing)
     It doesn't really matter what you pick, the big guy will want to "end it"
    which of course puts him at odds with Kenny. A lot of tough talk and
    re-assurances will take place but the big guy just isn't backing down:
     Lee, what do we do about this guy?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Kick his ass. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty)
     [3] It's him or Duck. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty) 
     [4] Reason with him. (RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny)
     People will freak out some more until the big guy points out the obvious
    about the bitten turning. This will make Katjaa speak up again:
     Lee, stop this! It's upsetting him.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It's his SON. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Sit down, or else. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] If it was your girl? (RESULT: Nothing)
     More arguing and such will go on while the big guy starts DESCRIBING
    what Duck would do if he turned:
     The first thing he'll do is sink his teeth into his mom's face.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Deal with it. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty)
     [3] He's just a boy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We do what you say. (RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny)
     Finally the argument will come to a head and the big guy says he is
    tossing him out NOW:
     It is and we're tossing him out NOW!!!
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] NO! [STOP HIM] (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty)
     [2] You're right [LET HIM] (RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny) 
     [3] Hit him, Kenny [STOP HIM] (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty)
     [4] I'm sorry, Kenny [LET HIM] (RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny)
     Right AFTER your decision is made you'll hear a scream from Clementine!
    She's in danger!
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                   Chapter 5: Clementine Attacked                     >==O
      P A N I C   E V E N T !
     Clementine is being attacked by a zombie that was hiding out in the
    bathroom! No! Lee will run over to her but will fall. You'll be on your side
    but soon Clementine will come out from the right. Hover over her and press the
    action button to save her!
    (-NOTE-) If you DON'T press the action button or fail to do it in time, the
             reporter will shoot the zombies and "Clementine will remember that
             you didn't save her". Of course if you DID save her you'll get "Clem
             remembered you protected her".
     Once you're wrestling with the zombie you'll again have to jam on the action
    button, but the fight won't last long as the girl will soon shoot the zombie
    in the head with her gun. You'll then see a scene with everyone being quiet
    until Larry goes on a rant and then falls down, clutching his chest:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What's wrong with him? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Was HE the one bitten?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I told him to calm down... (RESULT: Nothing)
     Larry is apparently in bad need of Nitroglycerin pills and needs to get into
    the pharmacy. His daughter will ask you to get in there:
     Behind the counter, where the pills are.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Looking for? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Through the office. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We'll do it somehow. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon after that, the group will talk about their current location and will
    agree that it isn't permanent. Glenn will than say we need gas and he knows
    of a motel not too far off that he'll travel to and back:
     I'll work my way towards it and then loop back, siphoning what I can.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You're insane. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] That'd be great. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You know your way around town? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the talk Lee will give Glenn his radio... just in case he gets in a
    tight spot. Kenny will then get everyone's names and form a plan, irking Lily
    quite a bit when Carley calls him "boss".
     Once you regain control, we'll start to GATHER supplies and items from around
    the room. Now, you should be near Carley and behind her on the shelf is an
    [_ENERGY BAR_]. Grab it. There is a 2nd [_ENERGY BAR_] over by Lily and Larry,
    on the blue shelf in the foreground, and then there is a 3rd [_ENERGY BAR_] in
    the corner of the store with the bathroom door and telephone. It is on the
    ground, to the lower right. Finally, there is a fourth [_ENERGY BAR_] by Kenny
    and his family, to the left on a shelf.
     Now that we have all these energy bars, we can go about handing them out.
    Below is what happens when you hand them out:
     First of all, we should give one to CLEMENTINE. When you do so, you'll get
     "You took care of Clementine".
     If you give it to DUCK, you'll get "Kenny appreciates your concern for Duck".
     If you give it to CARLEY, she'll ask about Clementine and, if you've fed
     her, will end up taking it.
     If you give it to LILY, she'll say your really sweet.
     You CANNOT try to feed DOUG, KENNY, or KATJAA.
     After all that, go talk to Clementine:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] Any word from Glenn? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Can I get you anything? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We should get to know each other. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Next, go to Carley and examine the radio that she is tinkering
    with. She can't seem to make it work and Lee will ask to see it. Once you have
    it in your hands, flip over the radio (using the far right action) and then
    examine the battery door to the left. Yep, no batteries... brilliant, Carley.
    She shows even more brilliance by stating that she "wouldn't know what to look
    for" when you offer to FIND the batteries... *sigh*
     Let's find the batteries now. First, head over to Katjaa and look to her
    right. There should be big blue shelving over there, past a sign that says
    "Copies". You'll find one [_BATTERY_] over here. The second [_BATTERY_] is
    over by Clementine, on the ground to the right of Clementine. Now that you
    have them both, give the to Carley. She still won't be able to make it work
    though, once you talk to her! Time for us to take over.
     Go ahead and flip over the radio again and, once again, examine the battery
    door. You'll see that she has put in the batteries backwards! Interact with
    them to flip them around then close the battery door. Flip the unit over again
    and press the power button to get it to work. For your reward you'll hear
    Carley's station broadcast what sounds to be their last broadcast...
     With the radio fixed, let's talk to Carley. Lee will mention how good of a
    shot she is:
     Well you don't fuck with a reporter, especially one that's three days out
    from her last cup of coffee.
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] Are you ok? (RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog)
     [3] You ready to head out? (RESULT: Leads to the Motor Inn)
     [4] You handle yourself well. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] That guy saved you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [6] How'd you end up here? (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you choose [2] (which only appears AFTER the radio has been fixed),
    you'll get more dialog choices:
     I'm fine.
     [0] ... (RESULT: Carley noticed your concern)
     [1] Alright then. (RESULT: Carley noticed your concern)
     [2] You don't have to be... (RESULT: Carley noticed your concern)
     [3] Really? Everyone's dead! (RESULT: Carley will remember you said that)
     You can also talk to Kenny and company to get some comment on the Larry
    incident. Eventually you'll get to some dialog choices:
    (-NOTE-) If you DIDN'T SIDE with Kenny, you'll be faced with a choice before
             you talk to the family:
     [0] No. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] I am. (RESULT: Nothing)
    (-NOTE-) The above option is pretty much Kenny's way of venting to you. You
             get the following option either way.
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] What's the plan? (RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog choice)
     [3] How's Duck doing? (RESULT: Nothing; leads to more dialog choices)
     [4] Are you guys all right? (RESULT: Nothing; leads to more dialog choices)
     If you picked choice [2], you'll be asked about your family (y'know, since
    you said they were from Macon):
     Where are they? Should we go looking for them?
     [0] Say nothing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] They're gone. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't know. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] They owned this place. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you picked choice [3], you'll be asked how Clementine is doing as well:
     [0] Say nothing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] Her family is dead. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] She's good, I think. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How should I know? (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you picked choice [4], Kenny will pull you aside to tell you what
    happened on the farm:
     I panicked, you know. I'm not proud of it.
     [0] Say nothing. (RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny)
     [1] It happens. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You let that kid die. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] It happened pretty fast. * (RESULT: Nothing)
    (-NOTE-) You only get option [3] if you didn't try to save Shawn. Also, option
             [2] turns into "We let that kid die".
     After that first set of choices you have one other option:
     [0] Say nothing. (RESULT: Kenny noticed that)
     [1] Console? (RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty)
     [2] Ignore? * (RESULT: Nothing)
    (-NOTE-) You only get option [2] if you tried to save Duck.
     You can talk to Lily as well who will get your name and soon you'll be
    able to ask her some questions:
     And that violence before; with my dad -- that didn't help.
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] You're from here? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What's wrong with him? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] What do you think about all of this? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] Was anyone here when you guys got the pharmacy (RESULT: SiC, Nothing)
     [6] He's got a temper. (RESULT: Nothing, more dialog choices)
     If you pick [6], you'll get some more options:
     It's just that...
     [1] We've got kids here. Families. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Nevermind. I'm sure he's a good guy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After ALL that chatting, let's finally head to the office, which is
    just to the right of Larry.
     Once you're inside the office, you'll notice Clementine comes in with you.
    In here Lee will comment on his family. Go pick up the picture by the mattress
    in the middle of the room to see a picture of Lee's family. This will bring
    back memories and give you the [_PICTURE_] item before Carley comes in:
     Find anything?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No, nothing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Just a picture. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] A photo of the family the owned the place. (RESULT: SiC; Nothing)
     Carley will then let you know that SHE knows who you are. Not surprising,
    coming from a reporter.
     Did you tell anyone out there who you were, or that you were tied to
     this place?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What's it to you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It's the apocalypse. Who cares? (RESULT: Nothing)
     In the end, she'll do some reasoning with herself and end with:
     I'll just keep it to myself.
     [1] Thanks. (RESULT: Carley will remember you trusted her)
     [2] I don't trust you. (RESULT: Carley will remember that you didn't
                                     trust her)
     [3] How can I trust you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that she'll leave, and Clementine will ask you a  question:
    What if my parents come home and I'm not there?
     [1] They'll find us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't think they will. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Now we have to clear the path to the pharmacy door back here. Move the crate
    and a cane will fall down, sparking a cute discussion about it between the two
    of you. Next try to move the door and Clementine will ask to help. During the
    move you can talk to her:
     [1] How are you doing? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Things have been scary, huh? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You don't need anything, right? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Clementine will also ask YOU something too:
     You don't have a family?
     [1] Let's just move this thing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] ...What do your parents do? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Let's not talk about that. Do you play sports? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Despite your best effort at dodging the question (even if you have NO choice
    of being honest), Clementine will ask a follow-up question:
     Do they like... hate you?
     [1] Because they're dead. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I wouldn't blame them. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I hope not. It's just complicated. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that little talk you'll get a chance to tell Clementine even more:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm not a bad guy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I... killed someone. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I got in some trouble, but keep that between us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Pick as you wish (I liked how he couldn't even bring himself to tell her
    the truth) and you'll go back to moving the desk. Clementine will hurt herself
    this time. Not to worry, there is a FIRST AID KIT in the office to the right
    of where Clementine is sitting. Head over to it and interact with it to obtain
    a [_BANDAGE_] then go use the action button and then the bandage choice on
    Clementine to patch her up!
     After that, check the LEFT drawer of the desk Clementine is sitting on to
    find a [_REMOTE_]. You can use it on the TV here if you wish but it does no
    good. We need it for later though, so hang onto it (not that you have a
     Try and leave the office now and you'll have a little chat with Clementine:
     Was that because he was one of the things trying to eat you?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Yeah, he was. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] No, he wasn't. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It's complicated. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Sometime after leaving the office, Glenn will call back on the talkie and
    advise that he needs help, leading to a scene between Lee and Kenny about who
    should go help them.
    (-NOTE-) I've encountered a bug where the call from Glenn just.. doesn't call.
             But remember, you can TALK TO CARLEY to head out whenever you wish.
             Be sure to talk to a few people as well, to try and trigger this...
     When you're ready, talk to Carley and head out.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                        Chapter 5: Motor Inn                          >==O
     Once you get to the motel watch the scenes until you are re-united with
    Glenn. Well, that was easy. Things can't be TOO easy though, as Glenn will
    point out that there is a survivor trapped in one of the upper rooms. The
    group will talk and decide to save her. Before you regain control, you'll
    see a sweeping scene of the area, which helps to note what you'll be dealing
    with. Lee will then comment that we must kill ALL of the zombies to make this
    work. Oh boy....
      For starters, notice that you can PEAK around the wall you're hiding
     behind (noted by the arrows on the screen). Don't peek too long though,
    or you'll get noticed, and being NOTICED equals DEATH...
     For now, look around the left corner and interact with the nearby [_PILLOW_]
    to pick it up. After that, our main actions right now are to MOVE, either to
    the RV in front of you (look off to the left) or to the TRUCK to the far right
    (look off to the right). We want to head to the truck. Once you get over
    there, look into the window and notice there is a screwdriver in there...
    but we can't get to it right now (you can try if you want for some funny
     Time to be bad ass! With our handy new pillow, look to the left (from the
    truck). See that zombie sitting down over there? You should now have a pillow
    icon once you hover over to him. Hit it and enjoy the scene. Afterwards, open
    the door and search the car. In particular, grab the [_SPARK PLUG_] on the
    seat and then use the action button on the gear shift. Once you do that,
    get out and push the car to see it crash and pin the zombie by the motel.
    And, of course, take notice of the AXE here...
     After that you'll be back out by the truck. Go investigate the window and
    you'll see you can use the spark plug. Do so and you'll see a scene with
    Glenn, who will help you out, then use the spark plug (or what remains of it)
    on the window. Once it breaks, reach inside and grab the [_AWL_]. Hooray, a
    weapon! Now that we have this let's go scramble some brains!
     Head back to the wall and then look over the top. Use the AWL symbol on
    zombie to sneak up behind it. You'll need to be quick here though and move
    the ORANGE cursor over the zombie and use it again to kill it (otherwise it
    will turn around and kill you!). From there you'll move to the motorhome.
    Peek around the left side and use the AWL symbol and Lee will whistle,
    drawing the zombie over. Once it gets close, use the awl on it to stab it in
    the chest and then again (quickly!) to stab it in the eye.
     Once both zombies are dead, the group will head to the pinned zombie. Go
    ahead and try to grab the Axe and the zombie is just too close... So instead,
    use your awl on his head to take him out! You'll lose the awl but hey,
    there's a brand new [_AXE_] for you! Head to the right and head up the
    stairs. Lee will tell the others to hang back, just in case. Head up the
    stairs and get closer to the zombies. Once you do, you'll be able to put your
    cursor over the zombies and attack! Note the cursor will be orange here and
    then as you get close enough (or the zombies get close to you) it will pop up
    the AXE symbol. Use it quickly on both zombies to take them out with one
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                    Chapter 5: The Girl in Room 9                     >==O
     Once its safe, Lee will try to talk to the lady in the room. She'll want us
    to go away, but we're not about to do that! (SEE IF YOU CAN LEAVE...) Once
    you can, go ahead and use your axe on her door. Lee will cut the wood and
    will kick the door trying to get in since it's locked, but the lady will
    finally agree to come out once she realizes we're coming in no matter what.
    You'll soon see why she was locked up... Now don't you feel good?
     Please, just leave me, please go.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Ok, we'll leave. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Come with us, we'll get help. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] What if you turn and come after us? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that, she'll notice that Carley has a gun... and will ask to
    "borrow" it:
     PLEASE. I don't want to be one of them. They're... they're... satanic.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Give it to her. (RESULT: You made a difficult choice)
     [3] You can't have a gun. (RESULT: You made a difficult choice)
     If you choose options [1] or [3], you'll see a scene where the girl will
    rush at the gun, leading you all to fall down to the parking lot. Watch what
    happens after that and you'll soon be back at the drug store.
     If you choose option [2], you'll tell Carley to let her have it, but
    Carley will have her own opinion on the subject:
     [1] Do it! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Then shoot her. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Look at her. Please give it to her. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We can't take the risk of her alive. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the gun is passed, the group will want to head out, but Lee will
    remind them that someone needs to pick up the gun afterwards, so he'll stay
    behind. You can say one last thing here though:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Goodbye. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] God bless you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'm here with you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Say what you will and the deed will be done... watch the scenes and soon
    Lee will grab the gun and leave.
    (-NOTE-) You'll get the 'It's Just One Bullet' trophy now.
     Now that Glenn is back, you can talk to him:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] What's your next move? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Back at the Motor Inn... (RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog)
     [4] Do you know the combination to the lock outside? (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you choose [3], you'll get some more dialog options:
     If you give her the gun:
     Why the hell would you do that?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Mercy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] She didn't want to live. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] She was dead anyway. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you didn't:
     Why wouldn't you tell Carley to just give it to her?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Would you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] It was a waste of a bullet. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] People can't be giving up yet. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Be sure to check in with Clementine as well:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] How's your finger? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We should get to know each other. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I know I'm not your dad... (RESULT: You checked on Clementine)
     Now it's time to head outside with Doug. Head over to him and tell him
    you're ready to go outside.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 6: Brother                           >==O
     Outside you can talk to Doug for some dialog:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog choices)
     [2] Go back inside. (RESULT: Head back inside)
     [3] How'd you end up here? (RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog)
     [4] Any idea where the pharmacy keys might be? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] Do you think we're safe here? (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you pick [3], you'll have to answer a question:
     What about you?
     [1] I grew up here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What's it matter? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I just ended up here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I know some folks here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     OK, action time. The big things to take note of out here are:
     - The LOCKED gate.
     - The TV store to the left.
     - The BRICK right outside the gate.
     - The TRAPPED WALKER to the right.
     Check all of these things out and get familiar with them.
     Once you look at the "trapped walker", you'll get some dialog from Doug:
     What? Do you know that guy?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No, it's just sad. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Kind of. He has a familiar face. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] He could be a drugstore employee. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Time to solve a series of puzzles. First of all, we need to prove to Doug
    that the trapped walker has the keys. You can do that by using the PHOTO we
    picked up in the office to show that he worked here. Once that is done and
    now that we have an AXE, we can BREAK THE LOCK out here (you were stuck
    without the axe if you came out here before...). With the lock broken, you
    can OPEN the gate latch (yes, you must do that!). After that, go ahead and
    grab that nearby [_BRICK_].
     Now, check out the TV's across the way to the left. Go ahead and use the
    REMOTE on them and Doug will do his dorkly deed and program it to work with
    those TV's, turning them all on. It's not enough, though, but now that we
    have the brick, throw it through the window of the TV store. Doing this will
    make all the roaming zombies in the area head over there and hang out, their
    backs turned to you.
     Now's our chance! Move the cursor over Lee's brother and head over there.
    This... well, this is going to rough...
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I shouldn't have left. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I'm sorry I wasn't here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I have to finish you off, now. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Say what you wish and then you'll have the unenviable task of killing off
    Lee's brother. It will take SEVERAL axe swings, but keep going until you hit
    the head and then search him with the action button to find the [_PHARMACY
    KEYS_]. You'll need to run back into the drug store though, as the TV will
    no longer hold the zombies attention...
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Hey, Bud' trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 7: Doug or Carley                       >==O
     Now that you have the keys, go ahead and use them to enter the pharmacy
    door with Lily. Once you do, you'll hear the alarm go off... NOT GOOD! You'll
    then see a scene of the place being surrounded! People will head off and start
    to get ready to leave (which includes you losing your axe in the process).
     Once you regain control, head over to the door with the others (if you
    don't do ANYTHING for a LONG time, everyone will die). Once you do, Glenn
    will head off to help Katjaa while we hold the door. Doug will then make
    a comment to us:
     Hey Lee... if we don't make it through this, you should know that...
     I think you're a great guy.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Uh, thanks. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Shut up, Doug! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We'll make it through this! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Despite the bro love, and Carley trying to say something to Doug, the
    zombies will overpower Lee for a second. You'll need to hit the action button
    on the door to take over again. Some more dialog will ensue but soon Carley
    will stop to kill a few zombies that appear near Doug while Lee asks
    Clementine to look for something to put in the door's handles. As soon as
    she leaves you'll need to take back the door again. After the easy way of
    taking it back you'll need to take it back a third time by JAMMING on the
    button and overpowering the zombies to close it, then pressing a random
     Soon Clementine will come back with the CANE and present it to you. Grab it
    from her, then interact with the door behind you to put it in there. We are
    safe now, but the others aren't so lucky...
     We have to either try to save CARLEY or DOUG. This time your choice
    really does matter...
    (-NOTE-) You can optionally choose NOT TO DO ANYTHING, however this will
             result in MULTIPLE DEATHS (including yours) so it's wise to
             choose SOMEONE!
     So you've chosen to save Carley. To do so, look to the right and you'll see
    her purse. Interact with it and Lee will find an ammo clip and toss it to
    Carley, who will immediately make use of it to save herself. You will
    additionally see what happens to Doug... 
     To save Doug, simply look to the left and run over to him (use your cursor).
    Lee will throw him out of harm's way, while the window holds up (which has
    to make you wonder how he got in trouble!). You will additionally see what
    happens to Carley...
     No matter what you choose, Kenny will come in and announce we are ready to
    go! However, Clementine need your help! She is being grabbed by a zombie!
    Hover your cursor over its head and use it to STOMP the zombie and save Clem.
     Once you do, run to the door, and...
     Larry will punch you down! Argh! Just wait though and soon Kenny will come
    back for you, killing the zombie and commenting on whether you are "a good
    friend" or "an asshole". Take his hand and you'll be out of the drug store. 
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Two Enter, One Leaves' trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 8: Safe... Mostly                       >==O
     Back at the Motel, Lily will be stacking up the dead while Lee reflects on
    his photo. Head over to Glenn and you'll learn that that he's going to head
    back to Atlanta as he has friends there:
     [1] Find your friends. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I think that's the wrong call. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You gotta do what you gotta do. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Glenn will bring up your choice from the Motel and will head off...
     Time to check in with everyone else. Go talk to Kenny and company. After
    that, go talk to your survivor:
     If you choose CARLEY:
     I think that I liked him.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm sorry, Carley. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You'll be alright. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'm sure he liked you too. (RESULT: Nothing)
     She'll then ask you a hard question:
     We both needed you... you picked me.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I didn't. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I though you need the help. (RESULT: SiC, Nothing)
     [4] I was going to help you both. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you choose DOUG:
     it's...  probably just that survivor thing, but I really liked her:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm sorry. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] She liked you too. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You'll be all right. (RESULT: Nothing)
     He'll then ask you a hard question:
     We both needed you... you picked me.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I didn't. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I was going to help you both. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It looked like you needed help. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Next, go talk to Clementine:
     I fell... and my walkie-talkie broke. Glenn had the other one.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Aww, I'm sorry. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] So? It can't help us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It's just a walkie-talkie. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the talk, Larry will want to talk to you...
     You like my daughter?
     [0] Say nothing (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] She's fine. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Not really. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Yeah, she's great. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Her dad tried to kill me, so... (RESULT: Nothing)
     That... conversation is followed by you talking to Lily and Kenny about
    staying at the Inn. Watch the rest of the scenes and soon Episode 1 will be
    (-NOTE-) You will get the 'Everything's Going to be Okay' trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
     In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. Getting trophies
    in this game is EXTREMELY easy, as basically all you have to do is play
    through the episode to get them!
    (-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.
       .——————————————————————.                                 .——————————————.
     __|   The Walking Dead   |_________________________________|   Platinum   |__
        Description | Earn all trophies in: "The Walking Dead"
      How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                    | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                    | unlock. You'll need to wait until every episode is out,
                    | though. (PS3 Only)
       .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
     __|   Out of the Frying Pan   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 1 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
     __|   Adventures in Babysitting   |__________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 2 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   In Your Charge  |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 3 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
     __|   Rock and a Hard Place   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 4 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
     __|   It's Just One Bullet  |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 5 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
     __|   Hey, Bud   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 6 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
     __|   Two Enter, One Leaves   |______________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 7 of episode 1.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————————————————————.                        .——————————.
     __|   Everything's Going to be Okay   |________________________|   Gold   |__
        Description | Complete Episode 1: "A New Day"
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                           Version History                            >==O
     Version 0.40: August 11th-22nd, 2012
     After playing through Episode One and Two through PSN Plus with the wife
    and deciding this is my favorite Telltale Game so far, I've decided to do
    a guide for the series. Taking my time doing it though, as I'm doing a
    Growlanser guide right now (Growlanser: Wayfayer of Time / PSP) and it is
    taking priority right now. But I'm already past the farm, so not a bad update.
     Version 1.0: August 23rd-28th, 2012
     Finished up the guide. Took a LOT of play-throughs, but its finally done.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                               Credits                                >==O
     o Tetraninja for his "Let's Play" on Youtube. Helped me out a lot.
     o Jeremy Wise from Cheatmasters.com for the support.
     o Johnathan Sawyer for the controller ASCII.
    YOU KNOW WHAT                                        Document © Bkstunt_31 2012
    THEY SAY                                Walking Dead: The Game © 2011 Tell Tale
    ABOUT RECKONING...                                E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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