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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by BenDstraw

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    FIFA 13 [PS3]
    By Time_Hero (BenDstraw)
    Version 1.00
    Copyright 2012 Ben Debebe.
    [TBLC] Table of Contents
    [TRPH] Trophies
    [STRT] Strategy
    [0000] EAS FC
    [1000] EAS FC Match Day
    [1100] Kick Off
    [1200] Live Fixtures
    [1300] Games of the Week
    [1400] View Form
    [1500] PlaystationMove Match
    [2000] Ultimate Team
    [3000] Seasons
    [4000] Career
    [5000] Online Modes
    [5100] Pro Club Seasons
    [5200] Online Friendlies
    [5300] FIFA Interactive World Cup
    [5400] EA Sports Arena
    [5500] Custom Games
    [5600] My FIFA 13 Online
    [6000] Skill Games
    [7000] Game Modes
    [7100] Tournaments
    [7200] Be a Pro: Player
    [7300] Be a Pro: Goalkeeper
    [CRDT] Credits
    [CONT] Contact Info
     [TRPH] Trophies
    (PS3 Trophies)
    - Football Legend
    Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)
    - Skill Legend
    Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges
    - Pack King
    Open 50 packs FUT packs
    - Road To Mastery
    Unlock a skill challenge
    - Challenging
    Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge
    - Division King
    Win a Division title in Seasons
    - Filing Cabinets
    Win a Cup in Seasons
    - Well On Tour Way
    Unlock 25% of accomplishments with your Online Pro
    - Press Conference
    Purchase a Gold player in the Auction House for 15,000 or more using buy it 
    - Promoted
    Earn promotion in FUT Seasons
    - Challenge Accepted
    Win a match against the team of the week
    - National Pride
    Get called up to the national team as a player
    - Impressive
    Achieve one of your season objectives as a player at any point in your career
    - EASFC Starting 11
    Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club
    - Bronzed
    Complete the Bronze stage of all Skills
    - Trolling for Goals
    Score a free kick after running over the ball
    - No Goal For You
    Goal line clearance
    - Creeping on the Down Low
    Wall creep, free kick is blocked by wall
    - Body Control
    Score an off balance shot
    - Cheeky
    Chip the keeper
    - Get In!
    Score a Diving Header
    - Brains and Brawn
    Shield the ball out of play for a goal kick
    - Road To Promotion
    Win a FUT Season match
    - Get Physical
    Seal out an attacking player to gain possession of the ball
    - 1 Week
    Win all the EAS FC Match Day Games of the Week in a single week
    - Go Live!
    Win an EAS FC Match Day Live Fixture
    - Getting Real
    Play 25 EAS FC Match Day Games
    - Hello World
    Play your first match with your Online Pro
    - On The Rise
    Earn a Promotion in Seasons
    - One Of The Bros
    Be part of a Club win
    - Bros
    Play a Seasons game with a guest
    - Good Start
    Unlock 10% of accomplishments with your Online Pro
    - Still Friends
    Win an Online Friendlies Season
    - Mr Manager
    Take Control of your own FIFA Ultimate Team
    - Silverware
    Win a Trophy in a FUT competition
    - Building My Club
    Open your first FUT Pack
    - I Love This Club
    Achieve a club value of 85,000,000
    - So Euro
    Enable European competition in the first season of Career 
    - For Country
    Become a manager of an international team
    - Way with Words
    Successfully request additional funds from your board in Career 
    - Wheeling and Dealing
    Complete a Player + cash deal in Career 
    - Nice Form
    Achieve your match set objective as player at any point in your career
    - Digi Me
    Start your Player career with a Created Pro
    - Packing Bags
    Go out on loan or transfer to another club with your Pro in Play as Player
    - Master Negotiator
    Sell a player by getting your counter offer accepted by the CPU
    - Maxed Out
    Reach the daily limit of XP in the EA SPORTS Football Club
    - EASFC Youth Academy
    Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club
    - Big Spender
    Redeem an item with EAS FC Football Club Credits
     [STRT] Strategy
    . Defense .
    Defense is an essential part of soccer. I'm gonna explain formations, and how
    to control your defense in order to minimize the amount of goals scored on 
    5 in the back:
    This formation is effective if your team has attacking wingbacks such as
    Ashley Cole or Dani Alves, and 3 solid center backs. You will not have much to
    worry about in terms of the other team attacking you as long as your
    wingbacks come back and help on defense. Formations that have 5 defenders are
    very defensive-oriented and usually have 1 or 2 good strikers who can finish
    on any given breakaway. A very conservative form of play.
    4 in the back:
    This formation is the most common in the back. You want at least 1 solid LB
    or RB, and 1 solid CB. It helps if they have speed as well, as if you are
    caught in a breakaway, one can fill and cover for the person that has been 
    beaten. Go with this if you are a beginner FIFA player, or just have an
    overall balanced team.
    3 in the back:
    This formation is the most aggressive of the different types. When using a
    formation with only 3 CB's, you want to make sure at least 2 of those CB's
    have pace, as if you get caught on a breakaway, you'll be done if they can't
    catch up to your opponent's pacey forwards. Having only 3 defenders means that
    you have 7 players to distribute between your midfield and offense. Go with
    this formation if you are confident with the speed and ability of your CB's
    and need more firepower in your offense.
    -One on One Defending-
    There are two main aspects of defending in FIFA, and both hold true in real
    One is that you must never dive into a tackle, and instead, slow down
    and force the opposing player in one direction. If you are close to a 
    sideline, try to jockey them out of bounds (hold L2 and R2 if they are
    sprinting), while also having another defender coming to support the pressure
    (hold R1). By forcing them out of bounds, you are making them want to get rid
    of the ball to someone else, and then, with your other defender coming in to
    support, they are susceptible to an interception, or kicking the ball out of
    bounds for a throw in for you.
    The other aspect is to anticipate where the opposing player will go next. This
    comes with playing for a while, but you can learn.
    To play fast, you must first anticipate what your opponent will do, except it 
    needs to be 3 or 4 steps ahead. Most people online think a step ahead, maybe 
    For example:
    A step ahead: Pass comes from middle to player out wide (where the benches 
    are). You anticipate the movement back to the middle and step on it.
    2 Steps ahead: Knowing that you are going to step to the middle, let the ball 
    come to me and turn down the line instead.
    3 Steps ahead: Seeing that you probably wont go middle, knowing that he has 
    three options. Stand still, go down the line towarss goal, or play it back to 
    the defense. You anticipate that and come in at an angle to block off one 
    side, and then hold R1 to have another player block off his other angle. And 
    if he stands still, proceed with caution so he doesn't split the two of you.
    4 Steps ahead: Reading that he sees you moving 3 steps ahead by tryin to close 
    off the angles and instead plays a ball into the middle and makes the run down 
    the line for a give and go, rendering two of your players useless.
    As you can see, they are pretty complicated as you get more and more steps 
    into the tought process. Most of this has to become second nature, but that 
    actually comes with playing real socce at a high level, and as does vision. 
    If you can get the vision to see past the first group of players around the 
    man with the ball and look further down the field, you'll really become a 
    great player.
    . Midfield .
    Because there so many formations for midfields, I will instead go over the 
    importance of each position, and some good players in each of those positions.
    CDM: Central Defensive Midfielder
    Role: Usually a player with a great deal of strength, and some stamina. A
    player in this position will often be going from defense to offense, and back,
    in short time spans, which is why they are such athletic players, and also
    why it is so hard to find world class CDM's. This role is basically a defender
    who is pushing up as a midfielder, or a midfielder who is stepping back to
    Examples: Daniele De Rossi, Sergio Busquets, Arturo Vidal, Yaya Toure 
    CM: Central Midfielder
    Role: The most basic midfielder. This type of midfielder does not need to be
    fast, or strong, or particularly good at shooting, but this type of player is
    one who has the vision to see the whole field, thus being able to pick out a
    pass that could change the game. Many would argue that this is the position
    that the world's best passers play in.
    Examples: Frank Lampard, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Andrea Pirlo, Xabi Alonso
    CAM: Central Attacking Midfielder
    Role: This type of midfielder plays ahead of the midfielders, and behind the
    forwards. Their job is to play as a more conservative stricker, usually being
    able to dish out passes like a Central Midfielder, while also being able to
    take on players one on one and take shots like a striker. Players in this
    position are very knowledgeable at attacking.
    Examples: David Silva, Mesut Ozil, Wesley Sneijder, Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla
    As you can tell by each of this outline of the positions in the midfield,
    the midfield is a very pass-oriented line, but is able to participate in both
    attacking and defending, making them very well-rounded soccer players.
    Not much strategy in terms of the midfield, except for the fact that if you
    are not a CAM, and you take a player on one-on-one, you are leaving your
    defense open for a counter attack, and that could really hurt you. Stick to
    distributing the ball around the field for the forwards to take and you will
    be less likely to go wrong.
    One obvious but forgotten tip: look to play the ball into open spaces for your
    players to run on to. FIFA defenders often are bad at reading passes on their
    own, so unless your opponent can really read that pass and switch quickly
    enough to intercept it, then you should definitely think about this.
    . Forwards .
    Forwards are the most straightFORWARD position. They have one basic job: score
    as many goals as you can. Take defenders on one-on-one, beat the goalie, and
    bask in the glory.
    There are a few possibilities with forming your offense.
    1 up top:
    This formation is meant for teams who are lacking in the attacking department,
    but have one very good striker. Teams like Chelsea can benefit from this
    greatly by putting either Fernando Torres or Demba Ba up top, while having
    many midfielders who are proficient at distribution. Usually, you will want
    your lone striker to be tall, strong, and fast, and an overall good athlete, 
    because they will be doing most of the work on their own.
    2 up top:
    This is a very balanced formation. If you have two atheltic strikers, you
    can play a ST-ST, and focus on getting crosses into those strikers, or 
    playing a through ball for them to run on to and slot into the back of the
    The only difference with having a CF-ST, is that your CF probably doesn't
    have as much pace, but more strength, and is a great striker.
    3 up top:
    This formation is based on having two wingers, left and right, who are usually
    pacey, and can rival wingbacks, and then giving a cross into the middle for a
    striker to hit in, or distribute back out to a midfielder at the top of the
    box to reset the offense.
    . All-Around Tips .
    Aside from what I've already mentioned here are a few tips to making your game
    the best it can be.
    1. Slide tackle is only meant to be used sporadically, only if you know you
    are going to get the ball, and aren't in a dangerous area in the pitch (your
    2. Use L2+R2 to contain your opponent, rather than just running straight into
    a one-on-one and potentially giving them an upper hand if they beat you.
    3. Don't be afraid to take shots from outside of the box! Often times the
    opposing team's defense will be blocking the view of their goalie, giving you
    a split second to get a shot off while they aren't looking.
    4. On a one-on-one with your goalie against an opposing striker, hold Triangle
    for a second when they get nearby, to make them think you are coming out all 
    the way to get the ball from them, but then let go. They will have already
    pressed L1+Circle to take a chip shot, but your goalie would have enough time
    to get back into position to save it.
     [0000] EAS FC
    . Catalogue .
    In FIFA 12, a new concept of EA Sports Football Club was introduced. With 
    basically anything you do in FIFA, you get XP points. These XP go towards 
    your overall EAS FC Level.
    In FIFA 13, you also earn FCC, and depending on your Level, you can purchase 
    items in the EAS FC Catalogue. Every day you have a certain amount of XP and 
    FCC (Foootball Club Currency) that you are allowed to earn. 
    Items available span all of the different game modes.  Goal celebrations, 
    Increased funds in Career Mode, FUT Coin bonuses, Historical Kits and more.  
    You earn FCC and XP by accomplishing almost anything. Whether it is starting 
    mode, or finishing a skill game, you will most likely get FCC and/or XP from 
    Just a note: If you played FIFA 12, your Level carries over into 13!
    . News .
    FIFA 13 is now directly linked to Facebook to allow your friends to see what 
    you're doing. You can send your FIFA news and activities to your facebook 
    wall to share your progress and successes with your friends.  You can also 
    share new items you’ve just redeemed in the Catalogue and even try to get 
    feedback on players in Career Mode. 
    Your friends on PSN also get notifications on new things you've done, like 
    creating a Pro, or opening a pack in FIFA Ultimate Teams.
    . Challenges .
    FIFA 12 challenges have appeared again in 13. Challenges are real life matches
    that already happened, and you are given the task of winning the game with the 
    given handicaps that occured in real life. One game it might be that you have 
    to score a goal to win the game with only 1 minute to go, or you might be 
    forced to play with only 10 players and have to come back from a 2 goal 
    defecit. The possibilites are endless.
    The whole point of Challenges is to get XP. Depending on the difficulty you 
    chose, you get a corresponding XP. For playing Legendary, you get the highest 
    You can do the challenge as many times until you finally win. You can play 
    the challenge again after you've won your XP, but you won't get XP again if 
    you win.
    . Support Your Club .
    "Prove to the world that you are the best supporter by automatically 
    generating XP for your club in this virtual football world!" - EA Sports
    All the XP goes towards supporting your favorite club in the race to see 
    who's club has the best supporters. You don't really do much directly 
    involved with this besides winning XP. So just keep winning XP and you'll 
    help your club out!
    . Leaderboard .
    Just a leaderboard that lets you see which of your friends rank higher in EAS 
    FC by All-Time, Weekly, or Daily lists (toggle R1 to change the list). People 
    are ranked based on XP or level, depending on the leaderboard.
    The club that the user supports in Support Your Club is highlighted in the 
     [1000] EAS FC Match Day
    . [1100] Kick Off  .
    Kick Off is your standard FIFA match. On PS3, you can have up to 7 humans 
    playing at once. If you are connected to the internet, it will automatically 
    download the Match Day squads, which is basically the team that played in the 
    past week. If the team did well, most of their good players will have boosted 
    stats. If they are in bad form, they will have players with downgraded stats. 
    You can chose from an abundant amount of teams, which I list elsewhere in the 
    You can change how long the halves are in real life time (4 minute halves, 6 
    minute halves, 8 minute halves, etc.), with the longest being 20 minute 
    halves. You can also alter the time of day, weather, pitch pattern, etc. to 
    match your ideal conditions.
    Just your standard offline head to head match.
    . [1200] Live Fixtures  .
    In Live fixtures, it takes the club of your choosing, and lets you play 
    against the teams that its playing in its next 4 games, with the same form 
    that those teams are currently in.
    The whole idea of live fixtures is to get a feel of how your team might do in 
    real life. 
    In reality, its just another head to head offline match.
    . [1300] Games of the Week  .
    Games of the Week is another Match Day feature, which shows you all the big 
    games of the week, and let's you play them with the players in their most 
    recent form.
    You can scroll though Top Goal scorers, injured/suspended, and what players 
    on international duty (obviously for both teams).
    Nothing special.
    . [1400] View Form  .
    Here you can see the stats used in Games of the Week. A green arrow pointed up 
    means they did well and their stats got a boost, and a red arrow pointed down 
    means they did badly and their stats went down.
    Once again, nothing hard to understand here.
    . [1500] Playstation Move Match  .
    "Now you can play FIFA using a PlaystationMove motion controller! Simply 
    connect a PlayStationEye and a motion controller and then press the Move 
    button when you see the call out on the main menu."
    The controls are simple enough. It's hard to get used to, in my opinion. 
    Most people prefer regular matches, but try it out and you might find 
    something new that you really like!
     [2000] Ultimate Team
    In my opinion, Ultimate Team is the most rewarding FIFA experience. 
    You can play online, against random opponents or against friends. You 
    build your team from scratch. Starting from random players from teams you 
    never heard of, you play your way to the top, earning coins which you can 
    use in the auction to buy players individually from other Ultimate Team'ers, 
    or you can save up and buy packs.
    A new feature this year is the addition of FIFA points. In an effort to have 
    a more effective way of buying packs with your PSN wallet, EA Sports 
    introduced FIFA Points. FIFA Points can be used to buy Silver and Gold Packs.
    / Prices /
     Quality (# of Rares)
    ....................  Bronze  .   Silver  .   Gold  . 
    .    Regular (1)   .    400   .    2500   .   5000  .
    .    Premium (3)   .    750   .    3750   .   7500  .
    . Premium Jumbo (7).    N/A   .    N/A    .  15000  .
    These are all the packs that exist at the moment. Premimum Jumbo only exists 
    as a gold on Happy Hours. 
    Happy Hour is when EA announces 1 or 2 things. A different type of pack is 
    available to buy (ex. Premium Gold Jumbo), and it is worth the same value as 
    2 regular Premium packs, except includes another rare card. Another thing
    that can happen (although very unlikely), is a double chance Happy Hour, when 
    you have twice the chance of getting a player that is hard to get. So if 
    there is a 1/20 chance of getting a card, you then have a 1/10 chance of 
    getting it during Happy Hour. As the title suggests, it is usually an hour 
    long, however, I've seen it go on for a day.
    In FIFA Ultimate Teams, an alternative method of attaining players is by 
    means of Auctioning. Any player, manager, training card, etc. can be put up 
    for auction at a minimum bid price of 150 and minimum buy now price of 200. 
    Auctions must last at least 1 hour and go for 3 days. In your Trade Pile, you 
    may only have up to 30 cards (40 with EAS FC Upgrade).
    I am not going to write an in-depth guide on how to make lots of coins in the 
    auction house. All I can say is don't buy packs. They almost never have 
    anything worthwhile. 
    There is a new way of playing matches in Ultimate Teams this year.
    -Single Player Tournament
    Many tournaments against the CPU with varying difficulties, teams, and prizes. 
    I suggest not doing these. 5 games for not very much of a prize.
    -Online Tournament
    Same thing as Single Player tournaments except you play actual opponents and 
    get a bigger prize for winning. I also suggest not doing this as you almost 
    never win more than 1 tournament in a row.
    -Single Player Season
    A season in which you play the CPU a maximum of 10 games per season. There is 
    a certain amount of points you must get in order to advance or stay in your 
    division, otherwise you are relegated. The highest division is Divison 1, and 
    if you win division 1, you get a Premium Gold Pack along with whatever prize 
    you would normally get. Better than tournaments, but can be tedious 
    considering you have to play at Ultimate difficulty for alot of Division 1 
    matches, which is almost harder to do than play online opponents.
    -Online Season
    Same thing as Single Player season, except you play actual opponents and get 
    a bigger prize for winning. Definitely the most rewarding, so I'd go for this 
    one if your team can compete online.
    There is also an option to Play a Friend's Squad (offline), or Play a Friend 
    Online (online). Pretty straightforward. You don't get coins for either of 
    these, and your players don't get tired either.
    --Team of the Week--
    Every Wednesday, EA chooses a team of the players who, in their eyes, had a 
    really good game the past week and deserve an upgraded card, known as an 
    "In-Form". These have a high quick sell value, and are also more expensive on 
    the Auction market. You can challenge them for coins every week, but you can 
    only challenge the current team.
     [3000] Seasons
    Seasons is basically the same thing as Ultimate Team's Online Season, except 
    you get Trophies and such, and you use real squads and not an Ultimate Team 
    You can customize your team how you like it, save it, and use it like that so 
    you don't have to keep changing it every match. You can also change 
    matchmaking Settings to the way you like it. Sort by controls, quit %, club 
    quality (how well their club's rating matches yours), club type (club vs 
    international), and whether or not you allow someone with a guest.
    Pretty addicting, be careful!
     [4000] Career
    In Career, you have 3 options.
    Player - Play as a customized Virtual Pro (offline only), and make your way 
    as a player on any squad you choose. Beware, as you start off at a low rating, 
    so it might be hard to make the first team for a good squad. You'll probably 
    get put on loan for a season where you have to meet objectives while 
    completing accomplishments in order to get your player to grow. They also 
    made it so you can finally get subbed out!
    Manager - Control any team you want. You play as that team for a season, 
    trying to win all objectives that the board asks of you. You get to choose 
    your lineup, and there's no virtual pro. It's basically like you're managing 
    a real team, but you get to play against each opponent yourself, or you can 
    simulate the match. Plus, there is a very sophisticated Transfer Market. If 
    your players don't feel that they are getting playing time, they will ask for 
    a transfer, and more realistic things like that. 
    Player Manager - As the name suggests, it's a mix of the above two. It's 
    basically Manager Mode except that you can use a Virtual Pro (offline only), 
    on your team. Eventually, you get to the point where you are allowed to 
    retire, and become a manager. But that's gonna take some really good playing 
    Not the best mode, but there are alot of trophies involving career mode, 
    plus, it gives a lot of replay value to the game. See if you can get Ronaldo 
    and Messi on the same team!
     [5000] Online Modes
    . [5100] Pro Club Seasons  .
    Basically the same thing as Seasons, except you use a Virtual Pro (separate 
    from the one on Career mode). This new feature lets you join an online club 
    and play with other peoples' Virtual Pros. A lot more addicting than Seasons 
    if you are into building up your Virtual Pro!
    . [5200] Online Friendlies  .
    Wanna play your friends online? Send them an invite and play out a season (5 
    games), and see who is the best! It's a very simple game mode. Just the same 
    thing as an exhibition match, except you play online against a friend online.
    . [5300] FIFA Interactive World Cup  .
    FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), is a very special game mode. The same 
    concept as seasons, but you can play any team and every player will 
    automatically be made into a 85 rated player in order to balance the playing 
    However, there is a catch. There are 6 seasons. Each seasons is a month long, 
    the entire competitiong going from October 1st, 2012 to April 1st, 2013. 
    Enter while you can!
    . [5300] EA Sports Arena  .
    EA Sports Arena is where you can bet money on a match (play FIFA for money!). 
    Register at EASPORTSarena.com and it will guide you through registration.
    Once registered, you can either enter a paid pool or a free one, and find 
    someone to play. Paid pools have a higher payout obviously, but you are 
    risking your money. Free pools require you to win handfuls of matches, so 
    you have to be the best of the best.
    I can't tell you much about this one. I have only played it once, and it 
    wasn't too interesting considering I didn't bet any money.
    Must be 18 or older to enter.
    . [5300] Custom Games  .
    Here you have 3 options
    -Head to Head
    -Team Play
    -Match Lobbies
    All squads must be updated. Pretty straightforward. 
    Head to head is just you vs someone else, and play with any club or 
    international team that you choose.
    Team play is the same thing as Head to Hea. This mode is unranked and you 
    play with more than one person on your team. You get 60 seconds to have as 
    many people join the game. You then pick a position that you want to play. 
    Be quick!
    Match lobbies are where you can pick a head to head match based on someone 
    else's ranking or where they are from.
     [6000] Skill Games
    Skills games are a new addition to FIFA 13 that are designed to help you 
    improve your shooting, passing, and dribbling. 
    We will go through each of the 8 categories. All Legendary skill games are a 
    mix of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, so if you master them, you should be fine. 
    1. Crossing
    -Bronze: Get into the boxed area then by varying how long you hold down the 
    cross button, you will try to hit the huge targets.
    -Silver: Here you're going to try to make early crosses. Hold L1 when you're 
    in the second zone while crossing to make that cross.
    -Gold: This is a little tougher than Bronze and Silver. You'll have to dribble 
    into the last zone and vary how long you hold the cross button and how many 
    times you tap it. To get the ones in the buckets, I recommend doing a ground 
    cross (cross button x3).
    2. Free Kicks
    -Bronze: Use B to make a curved free kick, and hold L1 to do a driven free 
    kick. Use the left stick to curve the ball left or right, or up or down to 
    get top or back spin, respectively (before and after you kick the ball). 
    3. Ground Pass
    -Bronze: Pass the ball to the targets around the field. Your pass is affected 
    by how much power you use.
    -Silver: Same thing, except you have to pass it through a narrow gate.
    -Gold: Same thing as the last, except there are defenders to intercept your 
    pass. Timing is the key.
    4. Lob Pass
    -Bronze: Kick the ball into the bins using the cross/lob button, and vary your 
    power depending on how far you want to kick the ball.
    -Silver: Drive the ball on the ground, or lob it to the far left or right. Hit 
    as many targets as you can.
    -Gold: See how many times you can hit the cross bar in the given time. Each 
    time, you move further out. Crossbar challenge!
    5. Penalties
    -Bronze: Shoot once the ticker is in the green area, and use the left stick to 
    move the blue aim circle to hit a target.
    -Silver: Use the chip button while shooting (Classic is L1+Circle), to get it 
    over the boxes and into the net, or buckets for maximum points.
    -Gold: Stutter step by using the shoot button to power up, then click it 
    again. Some of the targets will activate, so you can only shoot at those ones. 
    6. Shooting
    -Bronze: Pretty simpe, just shoot at the targets from inside the box.
    -Silver: Use the finesse shot to hit the targets by curling the ball around 
    the walls.
    -Gold: The ball will come in from a cross, and you will want to volley it in. 
    For fancy volleys, hold the L2 button when you shoot.
    7. Advanced Shooting
    -Bronze: Chip the ball into the back of the net, as there are boxes blocking 
    the way.
    -Silver: Drill your shot with power, as you will try to hit all the targets in 
    the net.
    -Gold: Hit the targets, but obviously don't let the goalie save it! 
    8. Dribbling
    -Bronze: Dribble in the directions that the arrows are pointing, and avoid the 
    -Silver: Using the L2 button, slow down your dribbling in order to weave in 
    and out of the poles and around the cones. The longer you take, the fewer 
    targets there will be to shoot at.
    -Gold: Basically just an obstacle course. Make sure you've mastered all 
    aspects of dribbling! Get through as quickly as possible, while not bumping 
    into anything.
     [7000] Game Modes
    . [7100] Tournaments .
    In tournament mode, you'll be pitted against other teams in a tournament-style 
    match up. You'll play your first match, and if you win, you can advance. This 
    can be fun if you are playing with friends and want to create a tournament 
    with your favorite teams and see who wins. The games aren't any different from 
    an exhibition match.
    This is one of the less played game modes, but can be fun in the right 
    . [7200] Be a Pro: Player .
    In this mode, you pick a team, and choose a player on that team that you will 
    control the whole game. You can get subbed out, you see your match rating 
    constantly changing at the bottom, and you can call for other players to pass 
    to you, or you can even tell a teammate to take a shot. The camera angle is 
    head-on, meaning it puts you in a perspective that looks like you are actually 
    on the field, playing a game of soccer! 
    Super fun, and is one of the most realistic modes in FIFA.
    . [7300] Be a Pro: Goalkeeper .
    In this mode, it is similar to the player mode, except that you are the 
    goalie. You can do everything that a player can, but you have to protect the 
    goal too!
    Use L1 to keep your goalkeeper in position. It keeps your keeper from running 
    too far out of position. If you don't like this, use L2 to take smaller steps 
    in order to position yourself, and still maintain composure. A little harder 
    to do, but if you are willing, then go for it. Try not to use L1 when you are 
    in a 2v1, when their forwards are coming straight at you. Stay in the middle 
    of the goal, and don't let them draw you in, then pass it to the other forward 
    at the last moment. Also, during corners, hold your position, unless 
    absolutely sure that you can make an acrobatic save.
     [CRDT] Credits
    EA Sports for creating the game, and giving me some cool quotes :)
     [CONT] Contact Info
    Willing to help fix up this guide? See any mistakes? Got any questions?
    Feel free to email me at:
     [VRSH] Version History
    1.0 - First Release

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