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Reviewed: 05/20/13 | Updated: 09/18/13

Good but not great


It brings the game to life. FIFA 13 is fun. I don’t know how I’m addicted to it. When you have it there are so many gamed modes.
Game Modes

You can do the Career mode. In Career mode you can be a Manager or a Player. They took out Player Coach this year. Manager is more fun than Player career in my opinion. In Player Career you have to play every match unless you get injured or suspended. You can ask to be transfer listed or asked to be loaned out. You can get transfer listed or asked to be loaned out automatically, though if your performances go down. When playing a game in Player Career you can change the settings in settings to make your players run speedy or shoot faster. Manager Career has lots of options. You pick a team you want to manage and you manage. You can buy players, loan players, loan-out players, sell players etc. A down side is sometimes your team’s star player or any player gets unsettled. You can give a team a player and money for a player that team has that you want. There is a Trophy for that too. They sometimes become happier and don’t ask to be transfer-listed but, if they do you should sell them because if you hold onto them and think they’ll stay the board forces the sale. You can extend player contracts. You can hire a scout if your club is rich and scout youth players and sign them in the coming years. You can ask the board for money. I love doing that. There is also a PS® Trophy for doing that. In manager career it may take 4-8 hours to complete a season without playing any matches if you are a good, wise manager.

I like playing the Challenges. There is one every 2 or days. They can give you XP ranging from 550 XP to 1000 XP. They are usually easy to get so you may only have to try once to complete the challenge. Challenges can only be completed once so you can’t keep beating the challenges to keep getting XP.

While playing Fifa 13 you will get XP for certain things you do in every area of the game. When you get XP you can buy stuff to use in the game. Examples of the stuff you can buy are new celebrations, new team kits (there are team kits you can buy from the 1900s and 1800s),overall boosters for your pro on career mode or your online pro and have a chance to play an extra game in Seasons. Please remember these are only about 10% of all the things you can get.
The Ups and Downs

Fifa 13 is a fantastic game. I think it is more complete than the PES®(Pro Evolution Soccer) games by Konami. It totally beats PES® with its game modes.

Fifa online isn’t all that great. Online players tend to quit when losing in a game. EA® make online players lose XP for quitting a match for whichever reason.

Fifa 13 is absolutely outstanding. If I had to rate Fifa on a scale of 1 to 10 it would rate a solid 7. Fifa bring everything to the game for a true footballer(Soccer player if you live in the United States).

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: FIFA Soccer 13 (US, 09/25/12)

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