• Ro-bro

    On The level select screen press LT,LB, click the left stick RT,RB click the right stick then press back and start at the same time, if done correctly you will hear a sound and when you start a level you will be ro-bro.

    Contributed By: KttanBachika.


  • Concept Art Gallery

    Complete the game once and the Concept Art Gallery will unlock on the main menu, with 97 pages of unused concepts, drawings, and early game screenshots.

    Contributed By: Punnyz.

  • Double Dragon Gamerpic

    To use in for your Xbox Live profile

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Double Dragon 2 Billy Lee GamerpicStart the game up for the first time and press start at title screen

    Contributed By: Punnyz.

  • Harder Difficulties

    The harder the difficulty, the higher the drops from enemies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Double Dragon DifficultyBeat the Game in "Dragon" difficulty
    Dragon DifficultyBeat the game in "Normal" difficulty

    Contributed By: Punnyz.


  • Secret Area

    In Stage 7, "Some kind of lab", you will start out right next to a punching bag. Attack the bag EXACTLY 87 times (1987 being the year Double Dragon came out) and you will hear a chime indicating you unlocked something. Immediately stop and the game will teleport you to a different area of the stage full of enemies, traps, and platforms. As an added easter egg, every character, including the Lee brothers, all have Yoshihisa Kishimoto's face instead of their normal face. He is the one that developed and made the original Double Dragon. As soon as you complete the area, the secret achievement "A Foot Face?" (5) will unlock.

    Contributed By: Punnyz.

Secret Items

  • Finding ''Fuzzface''

    On stage 6 "Assault Zone", after the Hellacopter section and right before the first ladder, there are two gravestones sitting on the bottom of the screen. Go between them and press the dodge button 7 times and it will unlock "Fuzzface", a strange and out of place creature that can fly and talk. He'll hover over you for the rest of the game and occasionally give you power ups and items, making the game much easier.

    Contributed By: Punnyz.

Area/Level Hints

  • Secret area before Giga Skullmageddon

    On the very last stage of the game, after becoming a Ro-Bro, head left. Eventually, you will reach the left side of the screen. When you do, head down. You will climb down a hidden ladder with multiple 1-ups, and two unlockable chests.

    Contributed By: giantnine.

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