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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mythril Wyrm

    Version: 1.17 | Updated: 01/16/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                      |
    | DOUBLE DRAGON NEON - FAQ/Walkthrough |
    |             Version 1.17             |
    |        Created by Mythril Wyrm       |
    |                                      |
    Table of Contents
    I. Update History
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    III. Playing the Game
         A. Controls
              1. Basic Moves
              2. High Fives
         B. Making Progress
         C. Helpful Hints
         D. Enemies
              1. Williams
              2. Linda
              3. Abobo
              4. Hoverbizzle
              5. Ichisumi
              6. Tape Worm
              7. Shun
              8. Roxy
              9. Missile
              10. Bimmy 'n' Jammy
              11. Jiang Shi
              12. Bao Boshi
         E. Mission Walkthroughs
              1. Main Street
              2. Back Alleys
              3. Space Lair
              4. Airlock
              5. Countryside
              6. Assault Zone
              7. Some Kind of Lab
              8. Genetic Research
              9. Haunted Forest
              10. Neon Fortress
         F. Shop Inventories
              1. Mission 2
              2. Mission 3
              3. Mission 5
              4. Mission 8
              5. Mission 10
    IV. Mix Tapes
         A. Stances
              1. Balanced
              2. Training Wheels
              3. Power Gambit
              4. Magic Gambit
              5. Stunner
              6. Rage
              7. Weapons Up
              8. Successive Strikes
              9. Desperation
              10. Absorb
         B. Sosetsitsu
              1. Knee Drop
              2. Bro Dozer
              3. Spin Kick
              4. Fireball
              5. Dragon Swarm
              6. One Inch Punch
              7. Bomb Toss
              8. Lightning
              9. Healing Touch
              10. Song Snatch
    V. Secrets & Unlockables
         A. FuzzFace
         B. Secret Mission
         C. Others
    VI. Questions & Answers
    VII. Special Thanks
    VIII. Contacting Me
    To skip to a specific section, press Ctrl + F, type in a section name, and
    press Enter.
    I. Update History
    v1.00 - Completed all lists and walkthroughs for missions. Will expand Controls
    section, Secrets and Unlockables section, analyses of mix tapes, and perhaps
    some of the boss strategies after further experimentation and/or receiving
    e-mails from readers. May also add drop lists for enemies.
    v1.10 - Revised the Controls, Helpful Hints, Enemy List, and Questions & An-
    swers sections, changed the formatting of the Secrets & Unlockables section and
    the enemy encounter lists in the Mission Walkthroughs section, and made numer-
    ous minor changes.
    v1.11 - Added drop lists for enemies and a missing area to the walkthrough for
    Mission 8, revised some boss strategies, and made numerous minor changes. Will
    revise drop lists if any new discoveries are made.
    v1.12 - Revised the Helpful Hints section, enemy drop lists, some of the boss
    strategies, and some of the mix tape descriptions. Added a link to a site with
    the song lyrics to the Questions & Answers section, and made numerous minor
    v1.13 - Revised the Enemies section to include missiles and list the missions
    in which each enemy appears, and made a few minor changes.
    v1.14 - Added a drop for Bimmy 'n' Jammy and a reader tip for the first fight
    with Skullmageddon, updated the Special Thanks section, and made some minor
    v1.15 - Revised the walkthroughs for Missions 5 and 6 and the strategy for the
    second fight with Skullmageddon, and made a few minor changes.
    v1.16 - Added two new Helpful Hints, revised the Enemies section and some of
    the enemy encounter lists and mix tape analyses, and made some minor changes.
    v1.17 - Updated Questions & Answers section, changed a subsection name, and
    made some minor changes.
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2012-2015 by Devin McCain. At this time, only the sites
    on the list below have my permission to host this FAQ:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    IGN (http://www.ign.com)
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    Super Cheats (http://www.supercheats.com)
    Please notify me as soon as possible if you find it posted anywhere else. If
    you want to post this FAQ on your own website, you may do so only if you obtain
    my permission in writing and agree to leave the FAQ completely unchanged. If
    you post it without my explicit permission or change it and try to pass it off
    as your own, there will be unpleasant consequences when I find out. Feel free
    to print a copy of this FAQ for personal use, but do not publish or distribute
    it with intent to turn a profit on it. I'm sharing it free of charge, so please
    respect that.
    All other copyrights and trademarks mentioned in this FAQ are the property of
    their respective owners. I neither claim nor challenge their ownership.
    This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    I take no responsibility for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
    from the use of this FAQ or any of the information contained herein. If you're
    that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    III. Playing the Game
    A. Controls
    1. Basic Moves
    S = Square
    T = Triangle
    O = Circle
    U/D/L/R = Up/Down/Left/Right
    F = Forward
    S        | Light attack; chains into a one-two punch. When holding a weapon,
             | uses the weapon.
    T        | Heavy attack; chains into two kicks followed by a spinning kick.
    S + T    | Hold down to break dance or beat box.
    X        | Jump or enter a doorway. To jump farther, get a running start.
    X + S    | Dive kick. Propels you forward quickly.
    X + T    | Axe kick. Propels you upward slightly.
    O        | Pick up items or grab and throw enemies. You can grab two enemies at
             | once if they're close together. When holding a weapon, throws the
             | weapon.
    D + S    | Use a karate finisher on a downed enemy.
    L2       | Duck. Allows you to avoid high attacks. A well-timed duck will trig-
             | ger the Gleam, a red flash that doubles your attack power for a few
             | seconds.
    L2 + L/R | Dodge roll. Allows you to avoid incoming attacks. A well-timed dodge
             | will trigger the Gleam, a red flash that doubles your attack power
             | for a few seconds.
    L2 + S   | Foot sweep.
    L2 + T   | Flying knee.
    R2       | Run in the direction you're facing. To stop running, tap the analog
             | stick or control pad in the opposite direction.
    R2 + S   | Slide tackle.
    R2 + T   | Shoulder bash.
    R1       | Use your equipped Sosetsitsu. You'll hear a tone if you try to use
             | it with insufficient energy.
    D, D, L2 | Prone stance.
    F, F, S  | Sucker punch.
    Start    | Pause the game. Allows you to quit a mission and access the menus.
    Select   | Bring up the mix tape menu. Allows you to switch your Stance and
             | Sosetsitsu.
    2. High Fives
    These moves can only be used during a two-player game.
    U/D/L/R = Up/Down/Left/Right
    RA = Right Analog
    U on RA   | Life split. Shares some health with the other player.
    L/R on RA | Gleam. Instantly gives the other player the Gleam.
    D on RA   | Psych. Steals some health from the other player.
    B. Making Progress
    You start each mission with three lives, though you can usually find more. The
    number of lives you have in reserve is displayed by your health and energy bars
    in the upper left. If you have a life in reserve when your health is depleted,
    you'll respawn and be temporarily invulnerable to enemy attacks. If you run out
    of health with no lives in reserve, you'll have to start the mission from the
    Your game will be automatically saved each time you access the mission select
    screen, leave a shop, or visit the Tapesmith. You can replay completed missions
    at any time.
    Throughout your search for Marian, you will come across several items that can
    help you:
    Weapons      | They come in many shapes and sizes. All except the whip can be
                 | thrown, and many can be used in melee. The durability of melee
                 | weapons decreases with each hit, and they will flash yellow,
                 | then orange, then red as they get closer to breaking.
    Cash         | Gives you money to spend at the shop. Single bundles are worth
                 | $100; piles of cash are worth $300 or $700.
    Dragon Kick! | A soda that's good for martial artists. Cans restore a little of
                 | your health, bottles fully restore it, and the rare Crystal
                 | Dragon Kick! fully restores your health and energy.
    Batteries    | Keep you fully energized and able to use Sosetsitsu. Individual
                 | batteries restore a little of your energy; stacks of batteries
                 | fully restore it.
    Extra Life   | A neon 1-Up symbol. Adds another life to your reserve.
    Mix Tapes    | Give you additional Stances or Sosetsitsu to choose from, or
                 | level up one that you already have. The maximum level of each
                 | mix tape starts at 10 and can be increased at the Tapesmith.
    Keys         | These unlock treasure chests, which contain mix tapes and large
                 | amounts of cash. If you find a key, do your best to hold on to
                 | it until you find a chest to open.
    Dragon Orb   | Appears at the end of odd-numbered missions. It will drop a mix
                 | tape or cash and fly high into the air every time you hit it,
                 | shattering and ending the mission when it hits the ground. Keep
                 | it airborne for as long as possible to maximize your rewards.
    Mythril      | A mystical metal dropped by bosses. The Tapesmith can use it to
                 | increase the maximum level of your mix tapes. You will need 2
                 | Mythril for the first upgrade, 6 for the second one, 10 for the
                 | third one, and 12 for the last one.
    C. Helpful Hints
    Practice ducking and dodging. Almost any attack can be evaded with the proper
    timing, and the Gleam will help you beat down your foes.
    If you're trying to hone your ducking and dodging skills, equip the Rage or
    Successive Strikes tapes. They'll reward you well for not getting hit and help
    you get in the habit of fighting defensively.
    You can switch mix tapes at any time. Always use the Stance and Sosetsitsu that
    are best for a given situation.
    Most enemy attacks only hit on a horizontal plane. If you have trouble timing
    your ducks and dodge rolls, move vertically or diagonally to avoid attacks.
    With the exception of Hoverbizzles, only stunned enemies can be grabbed and
    Enemies won't stagger if you hit them while they're swinging a weapon. Avoid
    and counter their attacks to disarm them.
    Undead enemies can't be stunned, but they can be knocked down. Bomb Toss and
    Dragon Swarm are useful against them.
    Be aware of your environment. You can often use it against your enemies.
    Falling into pits is harmful to you, but lethal to your enemies. You might miss
    out on their drops, but knocking or throwing them into pits is a fast and easy
    way to defeat them.
    Don't be ashamed to replay earlier missions. It's a good way to practice your
    skills, level up your mix tapes, and collect Mythril from the bosses.
    Defeated bosses drop more Mythril on higher difficulty settings (3 on Normal, 7
    on Dragon, 17 on Double Dragon). If you want great rewards, take great risks.
    D. Enemies
    The following is a list of all the regular enemies, their movesets, tips for
    fighting them, the missions in which they appear, and the mix tapes they drop
    when defeated or hit with Song Snatch. For boss strategies, look to the walk-
    through of the appropriate mission.
    1. Williams
    Skullmageddon's ubiquitous servant and whipping boy attacks with a two-punch
    combo, cartwheel kicks, and dive kicks. Alone, he's a pushover, but he becomes
    more of a threat in groups. It's usually wise to take him out last. Sometimes
    uses baseball bats, knives, boomerangs, or guns. If he has a hair pick, he'll
    drop it when defeated.
    Appearances: Missions 1-10
    Drops: Absorb, Balanced, Knee Drop, Lightning, Training Wheels
    2. Linda
    An alluring female fighter who really knows how to use her legs. Her kicks have
    good reach, are fairly powerful, and can knock you out of the air with ease.
    Stay on the ground, dodge her attacks, and counterattack while you're Gleaming.
    Often uses whips or grenades.
    Appearances: Missions 1, 2, 4, 7-10 
    Drops: Fireball, Spin Kick, Stunner
    3. Abobo
    This bald brute is slow, but very strong. His arsenal includes a headbutt, an
    uppercut, a kick, a powerful throw, and a two-directional punch that he uses at
    close range. He's resistant to stuns and knockdowns, and he can't be grabbed.
    Land a few punches on him, then dodge his counterattack and hit him while you
    have the Gleam.
    Appearances: Missions 1-6, 9, 10
    Drops: Power Gambit, Rage
    4. Hoverbizzle
    A hovering robot that spins toward you to attack. Dive kicks or throws will
    smash it with ease. Watch out for the red ones, which can self-destruct.
    Appearances: Missions 3-8, 10
    Drops: Bomb Toss, Successive Strikes
    5. Ichisumi
    A geisha who teleports about in a shower of cherry blossoms. She can throw her
    fan high or low, and will use a spin attack if you stand next to her when she
    appears. Dodge roll to avoid her fan, then pummel her. Don't bother trying to
    stun her or knock her down. She drops her fan when defeated.
    Appearances: Missions 3-6, 8-10
    Drops: Desperation, Magic Gambit
    6. Tape Worm
    When this overgrown parasite bursts through a wall, cheer. It has no offensive
    ability and can't be killed, but you'll get cash, Dragon Kick!, batteries, or
    mix tapes each time you hit a segment of its body. It's almost like a piƱata!
    Appearances: Missions 4, 8-10
    Drops: Variable
    7. Shun
    A kunoichi (lady ninja) who fights with kunai, kicks, and ninja magic at close
    range. She's fast, aggressive, and deadly on the ground and in the air. Wait
    for her to attack, then dodge and beat her down while you're Gleaming. She's
    fairly easy to stun, but she recovers quickly from knockdowns with a spinning
    kick. Approach her with caution when she first appears or has been downed. She
    drops her kunai when defeated.
    Appearances: Missions 5, 6, 8-10
    Drops: One Inch Punch, Song Snatch, Weapons Up
    8. Roxy
    A flying female who attacks with dives and a rocket-powered charge. The charge
    takes a bit of time to execute, but will knock you across the screen if it
    hits. Use dive kicks and axe kicks to hit her until her jetpack malfunctions.
    Flying knees are effective, as is trapping her at the edge of the screen.
    Appearances: Missions 7-10
    Drops: Bro Dozer
    9. Missile
    I have no idea what fires it, but it tends to appear en masse at inconvenient
    times. It's small, fast, and knocks you down on contact, but one good hit will
    destroy it. Dive kicks work wonders.
    Appearances: Missions 7, 10
    Drops: Dragon Swarm
    10. Bimmy 'n' Jammy
    Imperfect clones of the Lee brothers who rely on brawn rather than brains or
    finesse in a fight. Their flying knees are rather quick, but their fighting
    style is otherwise similar to Abobo's, and the same tactics can be used to take
    them down.
    Appearances: Missions 7, 8
    Drops: Knee Drop
    11. Jiang Shi
    A hopping vampire of Chinese folklore that attacks with its claws, fangs, and
    feet. It flies to pieces when struck, so land a few quick hits to dismember it
    and finish it off at your leisure. It can't be thrown, but its head can be used
    as a projectile weapon.
    Appearances: Mission 9
    Drops: Healing Touch
    12. Bao Boshi
    An evil magician who floats around and attacks with lightning and explosive
    magical orbs. Dodge his swinging staff and attack him at close range to defeat
    him with minimal difficulty.
    Appearances: Mission 10
    Drops: Lightning, Magic Gambit
    E. Mission Walkthroughs
    All of these walkthroughs were written while playing through the game alone on
    various difficulty settings. Enemies on Dragon and Double Dragon difficulty
    have higher stats and use powerful attacks more often, but the same strategies
    will get you through the missions.
    1. Main Street
    The game begins, in classic Double Dragon style, with Marian being punched in
    the gut and carried off. You'll emerge from the garage to save her, which you
    can do by heading right. Beat the 2 Williamses and press on to fight the fol-
    lowing foes:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (w/bat)
    Williams (x2)
    Defeat them all and keep going right to meet a whip-wielding Linda. Defeat her
    and continue on to confront:
    Williams, Linda
    Linda (x2, 1 w/whip)
    Williams (x2), Linda
    After beating them, continue to the right to find a key for the nearby treasure
    chest. Proceed to meet a Williams and a whip-wielding Linda. Abobo will burst
    through the wall after you defeat them. Beat him down and enter the makeshift
    Upon entering the new area, you'll notice a conveyor belt at the bottom of the
    screen that empties into a pit. You'll face:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x2), Abobo
    You can choose whether to defeat them by luring them into the pit or pummeling
    them with your fists and feet. Break the dragon orb to complete the mission.
    2. Back Alleys
    This is a small step up in difficulty from the last mission. Head right, and
    you'll meet:
    Williams, Linda
    Williams, Linda (x2)
    Williams (x2), Linda (x2)
    Defeat them all and press on, getting some soda from the mailbox if you need
    it. When you see the two explosive barrels, more waves of enemies will appear:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x4, 1 w/knife)
    Use the barrels to make quick work of them. Afterward, break the lamppost for a
    soda and climb up the ladder. There's a shop on your left, and 3 Williamses on
    your right. Defeat the terrible trio and go through the door.
    On the rooftop, break the trash can for an Extra Life and pick up the bat as
    you head to the right. You'll face:
    Williams, Linda (w/whip)
    Williams, Linda (x2)
    Williams (x2), Linda (x2, 1 w/whip)
    Beat them into submission and enter the shack to leave the area.
    Climb down the ladder to return to the streets, then knock the distracted Wil-
    liams into the pit. Continue past the Tapesmith to meet:
    Williams (w/knife), Linda
    Williams (x2, 1 w/bat), Linda
    Williams, Linda, Abobo
    Defeat them all, continue to the right, and watch the dojo blast off as you
    step through the door.
    Once inside the dojo, collect the Crystal Dragon Kick! and one of the weapons.
    Proceed to the right and prepare for your first boss battle.
    BOSS: Skullmageddon
    He'll start the fight by teleporting to the edge of the screen and launching a
    flaming skull when he's lined up with you. Dodge roll to avoid it as you close
    in. He also has a two-slash combo, a three-slash combo that ends with a fiery
    explosion, and a fire blast that he uses at close range. His three-slash combo
    and taunt leave him vulnerable, so get behind him and go crazy when he uses
    them. Slide tackles are good for closing the gap. He often attacks when recov-
    ering from a knockdown, so you have to be quick if you want to land a finisher
    on him. When he leaps off the screen, run to the opposite side and stay cen-
    tered, then move to a different plane when his hat comes flying in. If you get
    caught under it, he'll impale you with his sword, lift you up, slam you to the
    ground, and breathe fire in your face for major damage. Keep attacking until he
    One reader suggests using the hair pick against Skullmageddon:
    "If you throw it at him and it connects, it causes his hat to become 'stuck'
    which leaves him vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds and prevents him from
    doing that face attack move. Another plus to doing this is hearing what he says
    while trying to remove the pick from his hat."
    3. Space Lair
    Skullmageddon may have escaped, but he left you with a dojo full of minions to
    battle. Destroy the monitors and avoid the spike traps as you proceed to the
    right. You'll encounter:
    Hoverbizzle (x2)
    Hoverbizzle (x3)
    Destroy them, run past the spike traps, and dismantle 3 more Hoverbizzles. Con-
    tinue on to meet:
    Williams (x2), Hoverbizzle
    Williams (x3)
    Williams (x2), Hoverbizzle (x2)
    After defeating them all, kick out the grate under the barricade tape to access
    the shop. Continue to the right, break the container for an Extra Life, and
    jump over the gap. You'll meet:
    Ichisumi (x2)
    Williams (w/knife), Ichisumi
    Beat them all down, then jump the gap and climb up the ladder. Defeat the Wil-
    liams, jump across two more gaps, and defeat the Williams and Ichisumi. Jump
    across another gap to meet:
    Williams, Ichisumi
    Williams (x2, 1 w/bat), Ichisumi
    Williams (x3), Ichisumi
    Jump another gap, knock out the Williams, and climb down the ladder. Break the
    left container for a key and the right container for a soda, and continue to
    the right to find a treasure chest. Soon after, you'll meet 2 Hoverbizzles and
    2 Ichisumis, all of which you should dispatch. Avoid the spike traps, then de-
    feat the following waves:
    Hoverbizzle (x4)
    Williams (w/bat), Hoverbizzle (x2)
    Williams (w/bat), Hoverbizzle, Abobo
    Break the dragon orb to complete the mission.
    4. Airlock
    Unsurprisingly, this mission begins in an airlock. The doors at the top of the
    screen will open every few seconds, sucking everything nearby out into space.
    Stay away from them when this happens; it's hazardous to your health. Survive
    the waves of Williamses and Hoverbizzles until you're able to proceed.
    You'll find yourself on a catwalk on the outer wall of the rocket dojo. The
    platforms with holes in them will start shaking when you step on them and col-
    lapse about three seconds later, so don't dawdle. Defeat the Williams and make
    your way across the catwalk until you reach a section with a gap in the middle.
    You'll face:
    Williams, Ichisumi
    Williams, Ichisumi
    Williams (x2), Ichisumi (x2)
    Throw the Williamses into the gap to make quick work of them. Continue to the
    right, beat a Linda into submission, then pick up the key and pass through the
    In the second airlock, you'll face waves of Lindas and Hoverbizzles. Many of
    the Lindas are armed with grenades, and it's easy to lose your key here if an
    explosion knocks you down. Try to lure them near the airlock door when it o-
    pens, or else duck and dodge liberally and attack whenever you have an opening.
    Use and abuse Spin Kick and the invulnerability it grants to survive. You'll
    know you're almost done when a Williams appears.
    If you still have your key, use it to open the treasure chest in the next area.
    A Tape Worm will burst through the wall as you work your way to the right; pum-
    mel it for prizes. Continue along to face:
    Williams (x2), Ichisumi (x2)
    Williams (x2), Linda
    Break the container for a soda, then continue until you reach a door. Break the
    bottom container for an Extra Life and go through the doorway.
    There's an Extra Life in the third and final airlock, as well as a slew of Wil-
    liamses, Hoverbizzles, Lindas, and a couple of Abobos. Fight defensively, and
    try to lure troublesome foes near the doors to dispose of them quickly.
    After leaving the airlock, go right and climb up the ladder. Get the soda, pro-
    ceed to the right, and take a deep breath as you prepare for a boss battle.
    BOSS: Mecha Biker
    Your android adversary starts the battle on a hoverbike. He attacks by zooming
    across the screen and trying to ram you, or roasting you with his afterburner.
    Stay near the center of the screen and move vertically to avoid both attacks as
    you wait for his bike to break down, then beat on him while he repairs it. A
    few combos will knock him off the bike, and he'll fight you on foot. His main
    attacks are a three-shot burst and a charged shot with his pistol, and a slide
    tackle that he often uses after jumping. On higher difficulties, he'll use a
    flash kick at close range that does high damage and knocks you back, so don't
    go too crazy with combos. His attacks are pretty easy to dodge, and the charged
    shot leaves him open for several seconds. Wail on him when you can, and he'll
    be reduced to scrap metal in no time flat.
    5. Countryside
    The rocket dojo has crashed in the country, leaving you to continue your pur-
    suit of Skullmageddon on foot. Put the knife-wielding Williams who falls from
    the sky out of his misery, then prepare to face 2 Hoverbizzles followed by 4
    others. Continue to the right to meet:
    Williams, Shun
    Williams, Shun (x2)
    Press on, get the soda, and climb up the ladder. There's a boomerang to your
    left and a Shun to your right. Knock her out, then jump the gap and defeat the
    knife-wielding Williams. Proceed a little farther, and you'll meet a new foe.
    MINIBOSS: Killacopter
    The Killacopter will fly back and forth, dropping Williamses and attacking you
    with homing missiles and showers of bombs. You can hit the missiles to destroy
    them, or dodge them to get the Gleam. Once you beat down 5 Williamses, the
    Killacopter will attack you with a salvo of missiles; watch the crosshairs to
    avoid getting hit. 4 more Williamses will jump out of the Killacopter to fight
    you. Punch their lights out, and it will fly away.
    A soda awaits you after the Killacopter fight. Jump the gap, pummel the Shun,
    and climb down the ladder. The shop is to your left, and there's a Williams to
    your right. In the middle of the field with the six planks, you'll face:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x4)
    If you can lure them onto the planks, step on the X marks to catapult them into
    the air. Beat up the Williams, bowl the Shun over with the barrel, and continue
    on to confront:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams, Ichisumi (x2)
    Shun, Abobo
    You can use the planks on either side of the screen to juggle your foes to
    death. After defeating them all, break the dragon orb to complete the mission.
    6. Assault Zone
    Pick up the shuriken near your starting point and throw it at the Williams by
    the crevice. Jump over it and avoid the rain of arrows as you face another Wil-
    liams. Continue to the right, pick up the sickle, and throw it at the Williams
    on the other side of the crevice; he and one of his clones will cartwheel to
    their deaths. There's one more Williams on the other side of the crevice, as
    well as another old friend.
    MINIBOSS: Killacopter
    This time, it starts the fight by trying to blow you into the crevice. Walk or
    run against the wind, being careful not to touch the rotors. It will soon take
    to the sky and launch homing missiles while you fight 3 Williamses, then 2 Wil-
    liamses and a Shun. Some of the Williamses carry knives or boomerangs, so be on
    guard. Defeat them all, and the Killacopter will launch salvos of missiles at
    you; watch the crosshairs and avoid them with timely dodge rolls. Next, you'll
    face 3 Williamses and a Shun as the Killacopter flies upside down and tries to
    chop you up with its rotors. It will come from the left first and then from the
    right, so stay out from under it. Finally, it will revert to its missile and
    bomb routine as you fight 2 Williamses, an Ichisumi, and a Shun. Take them all
    down, and the Killacopter will fly off.
    Next, you'll face a Williams and 2 Hoverbizzles. Defeat them and jump the gap,
    then grab the soda. Avoid the arrows, blow the Shun away with the explosive
    barrel, and continue to reach a field with arrows raining down in the middle of
    it. You'll encounter:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x4)
    Abobo (x2)
    To make your job easier, lure them into arrows and hit them with finishers as
    they lie on the ground. Continue to the right, break the tombstone on the right
    for a soda, and climb up the ladder. When you reach the section with the two
    elevated platforms and the rain of arrows, you'll face:
    Williams (x2), Shun
    Williams (x3)
    Williams (x2), Shun (x2)
    Stay under the elevated platforms and let the arrows soften up your foes before
    moving in for the kill. Once the screen is clear of enemies, climb the ladder
    and use running jumps and axe kicks to traverse the elevated platforms; you'll
    be rewarded with extra cash and two Extra Lives. Finally, proceed to the right
    to meet the boss.
    BOSS: Giant Tank
    This expensive experiment has to be taken down one step at a time. Avoid its
    various attacks and use the platforms to destroy its three turrets. Climb up
    and to the right, destroy the steampipes, and avoid the Williamses who emerge
    from the doorway. Destroy the main gun and the two mortars, then leap onto the
    scaffolding to the right and hurl an explosive barrel at the glowing red weak
    point. The Killacopter will fly in from the left to join the fight. Dodge the
    falling satellite, then climb back to the top of the tank while avoiding the
    Killacopter's missiles and the tank's Williamses. Leap back onto the scaffold-
    ing and toss another exploding barrel at the weak point. Dodge another satel-
    lite, and the tank will supplement the Killacopter's missile volley with mis-
    siles from its own launchers. Use dive kicks to ascend the platforms and smash
    the missiles that come at you from below as you make your way up to the scaf-
    folding again. One more explosive barrel will blow the Giant Tank away.
    7. Some Kind of Lab
    The explosion from the Giant Tank knocked you unconscious and got you kidnapped
    by Skullmageddon's scientists! To find out what they did with you, break out of
    your glass cell, head right, and descend the ladder. You'll face:
    Roxy (x2)
    Linda (x2)
    Williams (x2), Roxy
    Press on to meet another Roxy, and take out the 2 Lindas you meet next. Contin-
    ue on to confront:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams (x2, 1 w/bat), Hoverbizzle (x2)
    Williams (x2, 1 w/bat), Linda, Hoverbizzle
    Go right and ascend the ladder. Dodge or destroy the missiles that fly in from
    the right and run under the ceiling-mounted claws. Lay a Linda to rest and con-
    tinue on to reach a dark area where you'll face 3 Williamses, then 4 more. Use
    the claws to help dispatch them. Climb down the ladder, break the machine for
    an Extra Life, and defeat the Williams. Proceed right to face:
    Williams, Linda, Roxy
    Williams, Linda (w/grenade), Roxy (x2)
    Clear them out, and Bimmy 'n' Jammy will break out of their specimen tanks and
    come after you. Show these two wannabes how a real Lee brother fights, then
    break the dragon orb to complete the mission.
    8. Genetic Research
    This mission begins on an elevator. Before it reaches its destination, you'll
    have to defeat the following enemies:
    Williams (x2), Linda (x2)
    Williams (x2, 1 w/bat), Roxy (x2)
    Linda (x2), Ichisumi (x2)
    Williams (x2), Shun (x2)
    Roxy, Bimmy 'n' Jammy
    Fight defensively, and save the barrels and melee weapons for use on the most
    bothersome foes. The bottom right barrel holds an Extra Life.
    After getting off the elevator, beat on the Tape Worm that bursts through the
    wall. Break the machine for an Extra Life, defeat the gunslinging Williams, and
    climb up the ladder. You'll face:
    Williams (w/gun), Hoverbizzle
    Williams, Hoverbizzle
    Williams (x2, 1 w/gun), Hoverbizzle
    Climb up another ladder and avoid the claws as you proceed. Fight the Shun,
    then 2 more Shuns with the help of the claws on either side, then drink the
    Dragon Kick! and go through the door.
    You'll find yourself in an area with collapsing platforms. Defeat the Roxy by
    the first one, then press on until you see an arrow sign. Step onto the plat-
    form next to the sign, let it collapse, and jump off when you see a platform on
    the right. You'll see two doors; the one on the left leads to the shop, and the
    one on the right leads to the next area.
    Run past the claws and step onto the conveyor belt. As it slowly carries you to
    the right, you'll encounter:
    Williams, Hoverbizzle
    Williams, Linda
    Williams, Linda, Hoverbizzle (x2)
    If you throw them under the claws on the far right, they'll have a hard time
    escaping in one piece. After eliminating them all, run under the claws and exit
    right to reach the boss area. Use the Dragon Kick! to heal up before the fight.
    BOSS: Marian II
    This Little Shop of Horrors reject starts the battle with two bulbs on long
    tendrils. It will try to crush you with them, first from the sides and then
    from above while the main mouth spits bones at you. It sometimes spits power-
    ups instead of bones, which you should collect with haste. Avoid the plant's
    attacks and pound on the bulbs, which will burst open and reveal surprises af-
    ter taking enough damage. The bulb on the left contains a tyrannosaurus head
    that spits an energy beam at you, and the bulb on the right contains a shark
    head that shoots incendiary missiles. Both heads have wickedly powerful bites.
    The beams are harder to avoid than the missiles, so I suggest focusing on the
    left head first. After you crush both of the heads, the main mouth will open to
    reveal a core. Pulverize it to put an end to Marian II.
    9. Haunted Forest
    The hardest part of this mission is the beginning. You'll be coasting down a
    rocky slope on Marian II's jaw while Williamses, Lindas, Shuns, and Roxies as-
    sault you. You have very little room to maneuver, and it's almost as easy for
    the enemies to knock you off the platform as it is for you to knock them off.
    Duck frequently, and use One Inch Punches, Dragon Swarms, or a combination of
    Spin Kicks and throws to send your enemies flying to their deaths. Be extremely
    careful when the Roxies appear; their rocket dash WILL knock you off the plat-
    form if it connects. If you see one preparing to dash, either jump out of her
    way or hit her to interrupt it. The gauntlet of enemies ends with an Abobo.
    Once you're in the forest, break the two statues on the left for Extra Lives
    and the two on the right for sodas. You'll meet a lot of undead enemies here,
    so use Healing Touch if you've got it. Advance to the right to meet:
    Jiang Shi (x2)
    Williams (x2, undead)
    Williams (x2, undead), Jiang Shi (x2)
    Watch for falling bones as you proceed to a part with a crevice in the middle.
    Here, you'll face:
    Linda (x2, undead w/whips)
    Williams (x2, undead), Ichisumi (x2)
    Ichisumi (x2), Shun (x2, undead)
    Continue on to fight:
    Linda (undead w/whip)
    Linda (undead w/whip), Jiang Shi
    Williams (undead), Linda (undead w/whip), Jiang Shi
    Ascend the ladder, avoiding the spiked rollers by running, jumping, or rolling
    appropriately. You'll reach a section with rollers on both sides, where you'll
    Williams (undead), Shun (undead), Jiang Shi
    Williams (undead w/bat), Jiang Shi (x2)
    Use the rollers to help flatten them, then grab the key and descend the ladder.
    Avoid the falling bones and move on until you reach an area with planks, where
    you'll fight:
    Williams (x2, 1 undead), Linda (undead)
    Williams (x2), Shun (undead)
    Williams (undead), Linda (undead), Shun (undead)
    Knock them all out and enter the cave.
    Once inside, pummel the Tape Worm that bursts through the wall. Use the key to
    open the treasure chest, pass the Tapesmith, and exit the cave.
    You'll soon come to a section with planks and two rollers, where you'll meet:
    Linda (undead), Shun
    Linda (x2, undead), Shun (undead)
    Williams (w/gun), Abobo
    Avoid jumping and try to use the planks to launch your foes into the rollers.
    Break the dragon orb to complete the mission.
    10. Neon Fortress
    You're so close to Skullmageddon, you can practically taste his fear! Advance
    to the right to face:
    Williams (w/gun), Linda (w/whip)
    Bao Boshi
    Williams (w/bat), Bao Boshi
    Continue to the right, knock out the lone Linda, and smash the vase on the
    right for an Extra Life before going through the door.
    You'll find yourself on a bridge. The pillars obscure your view, which is lim-
    ited to silhouettes anyway. You'll fight:
    Williams (x2)
    Williams, Linda
    Williams, Linda, Abobo
    After beating them into submission, exit to the right.
    Run under the three sets of claws as you proceed to the right. In the section
    with a plank in the middle and a gap on the right, you'll face:
    Williams (w/gun), Shun
    Williams (x2, 1 w/gun), Shun
    Shun, Bao Boshi
    Beat them all down and jump the gap, then avoid or destroy the missiles as you
    work your way past the claws. Timely dodge rolling will help. When you reach
    the end, go through the door.
    You'll soon reach a section with spiked rollers on both sides. You'll fight:
    Williams (w/gun), Hoverbizzle (x2)
    Williams (w/gun), Hoverbizzle (x2), Roxy
    Williams (w/gun), Roxy, Bao Boshi
    Defeat them all and continue to the right. Smash the vases to find an Extra
    Life and some soda, and exit through the door.
    In this area, climb the ladder and beat down the gun-wielding Williams. Climb
    another ladder and ride the third collapsing platform down to find a shop and
    an Extra Life. Go through the door on the right.
    You'll find a soda in the vase at the beginning of this area. Proceed to the
    right and defeat:
    Hoverbizzle (x3)
    Hoverbizzle (x2), Bao Boshi (x2)
    Hoverbizzle (x2), Abobo
    Smash all of the vases near the door; most of them contain grenades, but two of
    them contain Extra Lives. Exit through the door when you're ready.
    You'll find yourself on an elevator with gaps near the sides. As it descends,
    you'll face the following waves of enemies:
    Williams (x4, 2 undead, 2 w/guns)
    Roxy (x4)
    Hoverbizzle (x4)
    Hoverbizzle (x4)
    Williams (x2, 1 undead, 1 w/gun), Hoverbizzle (x2), Roxy (x2)
    Ichisumi (x2), Abobo (x2)
    The enemies appear in quick succession, so don't let your guard down. Take care
    of the Roxies quickly, and try to knock your enemies into the gaps to save time
    and health.
    After getting off the elevator, smash the vase on the left for an Extra Life.
    Proceed to the right, beat the stuffing out of the 3 Tape Worms that appear,
    and use the key to unlock one of the three treasure chests. Flex your thumbs,
    crack your knuckles, and prepare for the penultimate boss fight.
    BOSSES: Evil Marian and Skullmageddon
    Your worst nightmare is back, and he's backed up by a magically empowered and
    brainwashed Marian. He's faster than he was when you first fought him, and some
    of his attacks have changed - he can now launch multiple flaming skulls at you,
    and when he leaps off the screen and throws his hat, it will linger in the mid-
    dle of the screen for several seconds before he reappears. His three-slash com-
    bo still leaves him wide open, so seize the opportunities to beat on him while
    avoiding Marian's energy bolts and energy fields. Ignore the sweet nothings
    they whisper to each other, but watch them both carefully - she can create an
    aura of darkness around Skullmageddon that draws you towards him, and when he
    surrounds himself with green fire and the screen starts to shake, Marian is
    preparing to unleash her ultimate attack. It's impossible to avoid, but landing
    a hit on her will disrupt it. The best defense is a good offense in this fight,
    so attack Marian as necessary and keep Skullmageddon under heavy pressure until
    he falls.
    After his second defeat, Skullmageddon will escape through a portal and dare
    you to follow him. Marian will be restored to normal and use the power of love
    to help you pursue Skullmageddon safely. You'll arrive in what appears to be a
    post-apocalyptic wasteland...in a new, robotic body. Awesome! Immediately head
    left, gulp down the Crystal Dragon Kick!, and climb down the invisible ladder
    right below it. You'll find a secret area with two keys, three treasure chests,
    and three Extra Lives, which will be a huge help in the near future. Climb back
    up the ladder, head to the right, and hit the Williams who stands in your way.
    A single blow will send him hurtling off into oblivion, and you'll be able to
    inflict the same kind of pain on the 4 Williamses, 2 Bao Boshis, and 4 Abobos
    who appear next. After knocking them all into next week, proceed to the right
    to begin the final battle!
    FINAL BOSS: Giga Skullmageddon
    A robotic lich against a robotic martial artist? Man, what a finale! Watch out
    for Giga Skullmageddon's sword slashes; they create flaming skulls, and if the
    sword itself hits you, you'll go flying across the screen and probably get
    caught in a combo that will end with you getting a faceful of fire and losing a
    ton of health. In addition to these attacks and the fire blast that he uses at
    close range, he can shoot lasers, hurl waves of flaming skulls at you from the
    side of the screen, or teleport to the middle and summon bombs, lightning, mis-
    siles, bones, or the occasional cache of power-ups while he protects himself
    with a fiery shield. If he dashes off the side of the screen, watch the cross-
    hairs to determine where he's going to attack. He teleports around a lot, but
    he has to stand still when firing lasers or hurling flames. Run and dodge roll
    past these attacks; if your timing is good, you'll be Gleaming when you reach
    him and you'll really be able to lay the smack down on him. You can also attack
    him when he drops his shield after a summoning. As always, approach him with
    caution after knocking him down; he'll attack in a wide area as he stands up.
    As Giga Skullmageddon gets weaker, he'll move faster and start using deadlier
    attacks. The most dangerous one is indicated by four huge crosshairs that ap-
    pear and converge on your position. When you see them, run and jump out of the
    way IMMEDIATELY or he'll slice you into atoms. Keep dodging and attacking when-
    ever he leaves himself open, and don't let impatience get the better of you.
    He'll give you fewer opportunities to attack as he weakens, and you'll have to
    be fast to seize them, but they will come. Fight like the dragon you are!
    When Skullmageddon is one hit away from defeat, he'll dash to the edge of a
    nearby cliff. Finish him off with a move of your choice, and enjoy the ending
    theme as you watch him fall. Congratulations on saving Marian and vanquishing
    the forces of evil once again!
    F. Shop Inventories
    A list, complete with prices, of all the items and mix tapes sold in the shops.
    1. Mission 2
    Crystal Dragon Kick! $200
    Extra Life           $500
    Fireball             $900
    Spin Kick            $900
    Dragon Swarm         $1100
    Balanced             $1100
    Training Wheels      $900
    2. Mission 3
    Crystal Dragon Kick! $200
    Extra Life           $500
    Bro Dozer            $1000
    Bomb Toss            $1000
    Magic Gambit         $1200
    Successive Strikes   $1200
    Desperation          $1200
    3. Mission 5
    Crystal Dragon Kick! $200
    Extra Life           $500
    Spin Kick            $900
    One Inch Punch       $1000
    Song Snatch          $900
    Power Gambit         $1200
    Weapons Up           $1100
    4. Mission 8
    Crystal Dragon Kick! $200
    Extra Life           $500
    Dragon Swarm         $1100
    Bomb Toss            $1000
    Healing Touch        $1000
    Rage                 $1300
    Desperation          $1200
    5. Mission 10
    Crystal Dragon Kick! $200
    Extra Life           $500
    Knee Drop            $900
    Lightning            $1100
    Stunner              $1200
    Successive Strikes   $1200
    Absorb               $1300
    V. Mix Tapes
    The following is a list of all the mix tapes in the game and my analyses of
    their usefulness.
    A. Stances
    1. Balanced
    Effects: Powers you up evenly across all stats!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: If you're looking for stat bonuses without bells or whistles, this is
    a good tape to use. I default to this tape, switching for special situations.
    2. Training Wheels
    Effects: Increases stats with a focus on defense!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: As the name implies, this a good tape to use when you're learning the
    ropes. The huge health and defense bonuses will help you survive longer, but
    you'll probably want to swap this tape out for a more offense-oriented one when
    you become more proficient at the game. 
    3. Power Gambit
    Effects: Increases stats with a focus on attack!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: Good if you're a button masher, but there are better tapes out there.
    4. Magic Gambit
    Effects: Increases stats with a focus on magic and increases your magic re-
    generation rate!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: Good if you rely heavily on Sosetsitsu. Try using it with Lightning
    to rain electric death on your enemies.
    5. Stunner
    Effects: Melee attacks Stun enemies more easily!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: Another one of my favorites. Stunned enemies won't retaliate against
    you and can be thrown or beaten down with combos. It also gives a nice attack
    boost, making it a good default tape if your style strongly emphasizes offense.
    6. Rage
    Effects: Increases your Gleam time, giving you Double Damage for longer!
    Level Up: Increases Stats and Gleam time!
    Analysis: Once you get the hang of ducking and dodging, this is a great tape to
    use. I can't overstate the usefulness of the Gleam, and this tape makes it more
    useful still.
    7. Weapons Up
    Effects: Increase damage and durability of weapons!
    Level Up: Increases Stats and improves weapon durability!
    Analysis: This is a great tape to equip if you're fighting in an area where a
    lot of weapons are available. It gives a nice boost to defense, but it doesn't
    provide much energy and it's too specialized to be a good default tape.
    8. Successive Strikes
    Effects: Become stronger as you hit enemies! At 50 consecutive hits, become
    more than twice as powerful!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: Equipping this tape adds a counter below your energy meter. The more
    hits you land without being hit yourself, the higher the counter gets and the
    stronger your attacks become. It's a great one to equip once you master the art
    of evasion.
    9. Desperation
    Effects: Get a huge damage boost when below 50% health!
    Level Up: Increases Stats!
    Analysis: I haven't used this one, but it could be useful if you're willing to
    take some hits or you're not going to try or expect to collect any Dragon Kick!
    for awhile. Outside of those situations, I wouldn't recommend it.
    10. Absorb
    Effects: Regain some health with each hit!
    Level Up: Increases Stats and absorb rate!
    Analysis: Another one of my favorites. The stat boosts are similar to Balanced,
    but a little smaller. It's good for keeping your health up if you're low on
    lives, especially when combined with a multi-hitting Sosetsitsu like Spin Kick.
    Note that it also works when attacking inanimate objects.
    B. Sosetsitsu
    1. Knee Drop
    Effects: Drop from the air to hit enemies! Only works while airborne!
    Level Up: Increases Damage!
    Analysis: Fairly damaging, hard to interrupt, and can be used against airborne
    or downed enemies. Not terrible, but there are better tapes to use.
    2. Bro Dozer
    Effects: Dash repeatedly across the screen with a flying elbow!
    Level Up: Increases Damage!
    Analysis: "Across the screen" is an exaggeration. The range isn't that great,
    but it can be chained and does good damage for its energy cost. A solid choice.
    3. Spin Kick
    Effects: Knock many enemies around with an invincible spin kick!
    Level Up: Increases Damage and knockback force!
    Analysis: This one is awesome! It hits multiple times, knocks enemies back, and
    provides you with a few seconds of invincibility. It can be used while jumping,
    which makes it effective against airborne foes. The energy cost is fairly high,
    but it's worth it. I default to this tape, switching for special situations.
    4. Fireball
    Effects: Conjure a powerful fireball!
    Level Up: Increases Damage and blasts through multiple enemies!
    Analysis: This one is pretty good. It's got good range and can blast through a
    line of foes when leveled up, and the energy cost is reasonable. Good to use on
    bosses or enemies you don't want to approach closely.
    5. Dragon Swarm
    Effects: Call the spirit of the Dragon to aid you!
    Level Up: Increases Damage!
    Analysis: It looks amazing, it freezes enemies when used, and it damages and
    knocks down everybody on the screen. The big drawback is its tremendous energy
    cost - when you first get it, you probably won't have enough to use it without
    equipping Magic Gambit or a leveled-up Balanced tape. It's great for giving you
    a breather when you're facing down a crowd, but watch the timing when using it
    against Ichisumis and Shuns.
    6. One Inch Punch
    Effects: A short range but very powerful attack!
    Level Up: Increases Damage and meteors enemies across the screen!
    Analysis: The damage and knockback make up for its lack of speed and range.
    Good to use against large, heavy enemies, but it becomes outclassed by multi-
    hitting Sosetsitsu at the highest levels.
    7. Bomb Toss
    Effects: Bust out a bomb that can be thrown at foes!
    Level Up: Increases Damage!
    Analysis: This one is interesting. The bombs can be dropped or thrown, and they
    damage every enemy in their blast radius. They also score knockdowns easily and
    are able to damage downed enemies. On the downside, it requires good aim and
    has a high energy cost. It works well against undead and slow enemies, but I
    generally prefer Sosetsitsu that do immediate damage.
    8. Lightning
    Effects: Summon homing magic that is fast, but weak!
    Level Up: Increases Damage and hits more enemies!
    Analysis: It's guaranteed to hit its target, it costs very little energy, and
    it can be spammed. Works very well on crowds, and against stronger enemies at
    higher levels. Just don't use it when there are no enemies on the screen, or
    you'll strike yourself.
    9. Healing Touch
    Effects: Heals your bro or the enemy! Also great against the undead, liches,
    and super liches!
    Level Up: Increases Damage!
    Analysis: I haven't used this one very much. In single-player games, it's only
    useful in three missions, but I can see it being a great boon in co-op games
    and against Skullmageddon at higher levels.
    10. Song Snatch
    Effects: Use this move to make the enemy drop an item...maybe!
    Level Up: Increases Damage and loot yield!
    Analysis: It costs next to no energy and does very low damage, but it's a good
    way to get extra mix tapes from regular enemies or an extra piece of Mythril
    from a boss. Don't expect it to work very often until you level it up.
    V. Secrets & Unlockables
    A. FuzzFace
    When you see the two tombstones at the foot of the ladder in Mission 6, stand
    between them and duck seven times to reveal FuzzFace. This strange furry faerie
    will follow you from mission to mission, flying overhead and periodically drop-
    ping Dragon Kick! and batteries to help you out.
    FuzzFace disappears when you quit the game or return to the title screen, so
    you'll have to revisit Mission 6 each time you play if you want his help.
    B. Secret Mission
    At the beginning of Mission 7, hit the punching bag exactly 87 times. When you
    hear the tone, wait for 5 seconds to access a secret mission where you and all
    the enemies have Yoshihisa Kishimoto heads.
    The mission is short, but pretty tough. Start by heading right, and you'll face
    the following waves of enemies:
    Williams (x6)
    Hoverbizzle (x6)
    Hoverbizzle (x6)
    Abobo (x4)
    Defeat them all and continue heading right. Smash the machine for a Crystal
    Dragon Kick!, then ascend the ladder. Walk under the eight spiked rollers, and
    you'll come to a wide pit. To reach the other side, you have to cross four col-
    lapsing platforms as missiles fly at you from the right. The best way to over-
    come this challenge is by standing on the left edge of each platform, doing a
    dive kick, then walking to the right edge of the platform and doing another
    dive kick. You should plow through any missiles in your way and reach the other
    side in good health. Continue to the right, defeat the 3 Abobos who show up,
    then exit through the door to return to the beginning of Mission 7.
    C. Others
    Beating the game on Normal difficulty will unlock Dragon difficulty and the
    Concept Art gallery.
    The last piece of concept art has a special code on it. To play as a Ro-Bro,
    press and hold L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, Select, and Start on the mission select
    screen. You'll hear a tone if you input the code correctly. To reverse the ef-
    fects, input the code again.
    Beating the game on Dragon difficulty will unlock Double Dragon difficulty, the
    ultimate test of your fighting prowess.
    Just for a laugh, pause the game during the fights with Skullmageddon.
    VI. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Double Dragon Neon FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I enjoyed playing through the game.
    Q: Should I get this game?
    A: If you like the Double Dragon series, beat 'em up games, or the music and
    culture of the 80s...yes. Yes, you should.
    Q: This game is too hard! What can I do to make it easier?
    A: Practice ducking, dodging, and reading your foes' attacks. It takes time to
    get the hang of it, but you'll take a lot less damage and be able to dish out
    much more (with the Gleam) once you do. Leveling up your mix tapes also helps,
    but you'll need to master the art of evasion if you want to survive the higher
    difficulty settings.
    Q: I can't reach one of the monitors in Mission 3! How am I supposed to break
    A: Use Bomb Toss.
    Q: Where can I find lyrics for the songs in the game?
    A: Right here:
    Q: Do you think Evil Marian is hot?
    A: Yes. She's also pixels.
    Q: Who's your favorite girl in the game? Mine is...
    A: Please don't finish that sentence.
    Q: Is it just me, or does FuzzFace kind of look like the botched Jesus fresco?
    A: It's not just you.
    Q: Skullmageddon sucks! He's nothing but a cheap ripoff of Skeletor!
    A: That's not a question, and Skeletor could only dream of being as competent
    or likeable as Skullmageddon. (This, by the way, is coming from a lifelong fan
    of He-Man.)
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
    really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: Yeah, I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with Double Dragon Neon or the
    FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    VII. Special Thanks
    I would like to thank...
    ...WayForward Technologies and Majesco, for bringing us Double Dragon Neon.
    ...Technos and Taito, for bringing us the Double Dragon series.
    ...Winston Hasado (ssj4goku050682@hotmail.com), for his reminder about throwing
    the hair pick at Skullmageddon in Mission 2.
    ...GameFAQs, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Super Cheats, for posting this FAQ.
    ...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    VIII. Contacting Me
    If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to the following address:
    Be sure to replace [at] and [dot] with the appropriate symbols, and put the
    word "FAQ" in the subject line of your e-mail to ensure that it doesn't wind up
    in my spam folder. I check my e-mail every day, so you should receive a reply
    quickly in most cases. I happily accept praise, corrections, and constructive
    criticism, and will give you credit for any information you share with me that
    I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or unintelligible e-mails will be ig-
    nored or mercilessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep your e-mails clear
    and polite if you want me to respond in kind.
    I also use Skype and various IM clients occasionally. If you want my contact
    information, ask for it via e-mail.
    Happy gaming!

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