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"Beautiful and engaging but with some questionable plot elements"

To all extents and purposes Crysis 3 is essentially a combination of the first two games, which should make for a Triple A title in the minds of all but the most unintelligent players out there. In recent years the series has become known for providing the most beautiful environments ever found within a video game ever whilst also packing a hell of a punch with its fast paced first person shooting game play. The first game was an open world shooter which introduced several staple characters of the series and treated the player to a gorgeous island to explore and blast their way through. The second game took the high octane action into different territories and instead set the player in an urban jungle with linear mission structures and was slightly less well received, although many still considered the action to be as tight as it gets due to many of the cool moves your player character has. Crysis 3 is the 2013 third main series installment that takes the open world style of the first game and sets it in an urban landscape similar to that of the second game and pitches you against various hazards whilst upping the visual ante to a crazy degree.

The actual environment that you will explore is a post-apocalyptic rendition of New York divided into seven distinct zones as was revealed in the video clip The Seven Wonders Of Crysis 3. There is much foliage growing over the once glorious skyscrapers that towered above the New York skyline and this is one of the most detailed and enjoyable playgrounds found in a video game to date. The scope of the game is a lot bigger than that of either of the previous two games with numerous missions to approach how you feel fit. Throughout this game you will guide player character Prophet through many action packed missions that are handles very well with a non-linear feel to them that allows you to tackle them any way you see fit. To cater for this the game has gifted Prophet an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, starting with a high-tech bow and arrow and working your way through various pistols and machine guns and even alien weaponry. The combat works very well with the environment and the bow and arrow setting as the game really gives you a feeling of being a hunter with the power over your own fate which is something that is undeniably handled flawlessly.

The graphics on this game are among the finest that will ever be found in a game. For the console version they have been massively dumbed down from the PC version but this by no means that Crytek have created ugly nor bland environments for Prophet to explore. Every leaf on every tree has been delicately created to be as accurate to real life foliage as possible, and every room that you will enter has been lovingly crafted by the Crytek staff. For those who thought they had seen the finest graphics that consoles had to offer with games such as Final Fantasy XIII and The Witcher 2, Crytek delivers a kick to the teeth. Crysis 3 is a beautiful interpretation of a former glorious city overrun by overgrown trees and bushes and the graphical beauty does not end there. The character models in this game are some of the best out there with as many moving polygons on each character as physically possible to create with the technology currently available giving the feel that you are really controlling a person instead of a mass of pixels. When it comes to visuals Crysis 3 is among the best available on this generation of games consoles.

One thing that this game really does not do very well is the longetivity as it is a very short game, lasting around six hours. This is shockingly short compared to the past two installments in the series and is, frankly, a disappointment. The writing and story are also not the best out there and feel quite rushed and many of the character's are generically written. One of the most questionable plot elements is the idea of the Nanosuit that your character wears having fused to him and given him access to part of the former owner's memories and thoughts. The use of the Nanosuit in this game does nothing to add to the life span of this game as it really does make the game too easy and make you feel too over powered due to the fact you can just turn invisible in the thick of combat and run away and snipe your foes from a distance. Aside from these minor blips, Crysis 3 is among the finest shooters on the current generation of consoles and is a far cry away from being the same generic action title as every Call Of Duty installment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/25/13

Game Release: Crysis 3 (US, 02/19/13)

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