Any way to get VC easy or quick other than buying it?

  1. Can't seem to find any good ways to get VC on this game quickly and I'm not going to sink low enough to buy some. I just want to get some elbow pads and clothes for my MyPlayer. He looks pretty plain on MyCareer. I also don't have XBL Gold but I do have silver, so I can't play ranked matches(that's what people have been saying you get a lot from). Any help would be nice.

    User Info: Half_Moon981

    Half_Moon981 - 5 years ago

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  1. I've found that playing on the blacktop gives you 150 per game, I've only done it 1v1, and I've always used my player. There seems to be some limits on it though. I played 2 straight games, got 150 apiece, then went for a third and noticed I didn't get any for that one. I just exited and went back to the main screen, did it again and I could get VC again. Point being I think there is a two game consecutive limit, that is solved by exiting to the main and starting over.

    User Info: killa-d

    killa-d - 5 years ago 1 0

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