Zombies' server and dashboarding?

  1. The black-ops 2 zombie server is the without a doubt the worst server in video game history. All the time friends that you usually connect with have trouble connecting to each other and somebody has to back out to another menu and keep trying until we all connect, this is very common. It's actually rare for it to work properly. Even starting a solo match sometimes doesn't work, it wont create the lobby and I have to back out to another menu. On Grief mode I have lost 20 times on both town and farm put together and won aout 51. Out of the 20 losses, 10 of them are disconnects due to the host dashboarding or me timing out, almost everygame I see at least one person time out if it last long enough. So, instead of a 5 win loss ration, i have about a 2.50 due to the bad servers and usually some lag due to it always picking a bad host. When or why will treyarch not fix this problem? Or if somebody knows a good website to go to, to get good information on stuff like this it would be great.

    User Info: KaosKiller

    KaosKiller - 4 years ago
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    It's not that some people have bad connections when this problem is this common. Let's just say I'm in a lobby with 7 playing grief. My buddy could host us all and be ok. I cant host more than 1 or 2 people and it picks me to be host, instantly kicking me out, cause it kicks the host to migrate to another host. The server does stupid stuff like this all the time. Me and 3 friends are in a lobby, somehow we get seperated from the party leader, Most of the time it takes an act of god to get back in that lobby and connect to somebody we were just connected to. Dashboarding on the 360 is where you hit the x-box button and then press Y to dashboard sending you out of everthing and to the start up menu to where you turn your x-box on. Turning your xbox off or dashboarding ends the game immeditely if your host, the server will not migrate host. The same with multiplayer too. Why would they not fix this problem? In blackops this is what stopped every win streak I was on in multiplayer. It counts as a loss to everybody when the host dashboards, except the host- it's as the game was never played for him.

    User Info: KaosKiller

    KaosKiller - 4 years ago


  1. What exactly is the question? It seems like your asking "Why do some people have bad connections?"

    User Info: HowlingCargo144

    HowlingCargo144 - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. What is dashboard

    User Info: Jwmgreen

    Jwmgreen - 4 years ago 0 0

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