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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BahumautZero

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/24/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Written by: Bahumaut/ Ben Buttenshaw
    ******************************** VERSION INFO ********************************
    Version 0.80 - Campaign levels complete, strike missions, intel,
                   and all other info will be added in future update
    Version 0.90 - Achievements completed and three strike missions complete
    Version 0.99 - Spellcheck complete, Intel locations finished
    Version 1.00 - All strike missions complete. Small grammar corrections.
                   Guide finished.
    ******************************** INTRODUCTION ********************************
    Who this guide is aimed at:
    This guide is intended both for those who are playing through for the first
    time on lower difficulties as well as players specifically on Veteran
    difficulty. Due to this there is probably more detail about cover and
    strategy than in more generalized guides which should help players struggling
    with lower difficulty run-throughs and give tips and advice to players on
    Difficulty of the game:
    Veteran mode in this game is a joke... really. The difficulty level of
    veteran mode in this game is reduced by many factors but the most common ones
    are - Ammo refill crates (meaning you will never be down to your last clip,
    desperately hoping to scavenge a half decent gun). Future scopes - These
    light up enemy soldiers like Christmas trees meaning most of the time they
    barely see you before you put them in the ground. Lastly - Lack of timed
    sections - I am glad these aren't there anymore but they definitely make
    veteran mode far easier in their absence.
    Grenade spamming is also far less common and there are no infinite spawns
    here so there should be very little frustration involved in comparison to
    earlier CoD campaigns. Especially if you take the access kit perk.
    The access kit perk and story choices:
    Black Ops two has two major new changes - The access kit. Which is essentially
    a glorified shortcut device and decisions to make that affect the outcome of
    the story. This isn't the typical karma based decision of either A or B at
    the end. No sir. This one has choices at several key points which determine
    how the conflict develops and if some key characters live or die. If you
    are achievement hunting you will have to play through sections several times
    just to make the set of choices that unlock them. I will highlight decisions
    of this nature in the guide and list detailed info on how to unlock these
    story achievements in the achievements section. If you want your campaign to
    be a lot easier, use the Access Kit. Please. It will save you hours of
    Please email me at benbutton600@hotmail.com, PM me at Gamefaqs.com at username
    BahumautZero or message me at trueachievements.com (gamer tag = Bahumaut)
    with any comments or suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. With all that
    out of the way, lets get our boots wet in CoD Black Ops II.
    ****************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS *****************************
    Just use Ctrl + F (the find function) and key in the code for the level to
    skip to the portion of the guide you need.
    --------------------------------- VERSION INFO -------------------------------
    --------------------------------- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------
    ------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------------------
    ----------------------------------- CAMPAIGN ---------------------------------
    LEVEL 1 -  Pyrrhic victory...............................................(PV1)
    LEVEL 2 -  Celerium.......................................................(C2)
    LEVEL 3 -  Old wounds....................................................(OW3)
    LEVEL 4 -  Time and fate.................................................(TF4)
    LEVEL 5 -  Fallen angel..................................................(FA5)
    LEVEL 6 -  Karma..........................................................(K6)
    LEVEL 7 -  Suffer with me...............................................(SWM7)
    LEVEL 8 -  Achilles' veil................................................(AV8)
    LEVEL 9 -  Odysseus.......................................................(O9)
    LEVEL 10 - Cordis die...................................................(CD10)
    LEVEL 11 - Judgement day................................................(JD11)
    -------------------------------- STRIKE MISSIONS -----------------------------
    STRIKE 1 - FOB spectre....................................................(S1)
    STRIKE 2 - Shipwreck......................................................(S2)
    STRIKE 3 - I.E.D..........................................................(S3)
    STRIKE 4 - Second chance..................................................(S4)
    STRIKE 5 - Dispatch.......................................................(S5)
    --------------------------------- ACHIEVEMENTS -------------------------------
    --------------------------------- LEGAL STUFF --------------------------------
    *********************************** CAMPAIGN *********************************
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  PYRRHIC VICTORY (Angola 1986)                                   PV1
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 1986 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            FAL with ACOG sight
    I      I Secondary:          M1911
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang
             Perks:              Access Kit
    Mission objective: Rescue Woods
    These games sure like their graphic opening scenes don't they? That's probably
    why we love them. Well first things first, enjoy the barbeque and meet your
    partner for this level. He hands you a machete for melee attacks (bet you
    wanted that grenade launcher instead right?) instead of the usual combat
    knife. The only difference is the animation though so it's just a nice touch.
    Objective: Prepare for incoming MPLA attack
    Objective: Push forward with the convoy
    Take your precarious perch on the truck and take a short ride into battle.
    When the mortars finish firing you finally get to enter the fray. CHECKPOINT.
    Four machete wielding MPLA soldiers will immediately sprint at you as soon as
    you step off the truck. If you haven't had much practice with the ACOG scope
    it may be better to just swap to the pistol to quickly eliminate these guys
    before they reach you and then swap back to the FAL.
    The damage inflicted by the enemies in this first section is a joke for
    regular veteran difficulty players. You have ages to retreat or take cover as
    they cannot two shot kill you like they normally can. However damage can still
    accumulate and take you out so it is best to pick one of the following
    strategies to keep your health at safe levels. You can firstly do what the
    game is telling you to do and stay behind the cover of the truck, popping out
    to kill off the MPLA soldiers. The other option is to stand about twenty
    meters back from it taking out the soldiers with your ACOG scope from range
    as the further away they are the less damage they inflict. Both methods work
    quite well and it simply depends on how quickly you want to get through the
    section. Several checkpoints will appear at various intervals as well.
    There is an access point at the tipped over truck to the right of the path
    the Buffel takes which contains some mortars.
    INTEL (1/33): In the crater next to the tipped over truck
    Objective: Eliminate the mortar crews
    Advance on the first crew by using the line of rocks leading to them for
    cover. Stop at each rock and clear the surrounding area before moving on as
    MPLA soldiers like moving past you towards the front line and then turning
    around and shooting you in the back. Empty your primary weapon into the mortar
    crew and then turn around and retreat back the way you came, keeping an eye
    out for any newly appeared MPLA soldiers. Race back to your vehicles and look
    at the last target icon to see a your final crew member. Pick him off from
    range to finish the objective.
    Objective: Destroy the first wave of tanks
    CHECKPOINT. Now you have some air support (ever see a COD game without it?)
    and you can call in your helicopter to bring the pain. I found the rockets
    to be far more effective than the machine gun here and you have an infinite
    supply, so just line up your targets and blast away. There will be four in
    the first run to destroy so this should be pretty easy as the rockets fire
    so quickly you can take them out in about five seconds.
    Objective: Eliminate the mounted gunners
    CHECKPOINT. Now this is probably the first place that may kill you. You are
    expected to take out the gunners of a pair of trucks. The left target is out
    in the open and can be easily taken care of (watch out that your cover doesn't
    roll away or you will be shelled to death). The second on the other hand is
    behind a large rock, clear the nearby enemy soldiers and peek around the side
    to shoot the gunner. Once he is dead use this location as a base until you
    regain your air support. Activate it as soon as it appears.
    Objective: Destroy the second wave of tanks
    CHECKPOINT. This wave contains four and then another five tanks. The first
    set are the same difficulty to destroy as the previous ones. The following
    five on the other hand are more difficult due to the chopper's angle of
    approach. Try to hit them from the left first and as early as possible as you
    won't get much time to take care of them.
    Objective: Mount the Buffel to lead the final push
    CHECKPOINT. Back on your ridiculous (read: suicidal) position on the side of
    the truck. Note that your character magically becomes invincible and that
    you don't actually need to fire a single shot here. It's hilarious. Savimbi:
    "We must lead the final charge." Me: Dude, if you make me immune to bullets
    in a COD veteran campaign, I'll follow you anywhere!" Two CHECKPOINTS will
    occur during your 'god mode.' Deal with the enemies if you wish until your
    exit arrives.
    Objective: Secure the barge and rescue Woods
    This descent can be surprisingly deadly as I've been killed before I can even
    leave the chopper. It depends on how cheap the AI is feeling here. Definitely
    hold forward when you reach the barge to exit the chopper ASAP. After your
    tumble onto the deck meet the welcoming locals and take cover behind the
    shipping container to your left.
    CHECKPOINT. Use the left side of this container to clear the bridge of the
    ship as this is you best location to take out single enemies at a time. Hudson
    will offer some support here to make it a little easier. Explosives will rain
    down upon the deck shortly as the gunboats behind you move up. Race for the
    access icon (if you used another perk, well you'll have to take your chances).
    INTEL (2/33): On the left side of the bridge behind a wall (upper area)
    Inside are flak jackets which negate most of the blast damage from the
    explosives making your life a hell of a lot easier. This also means you can
    just stand on the mounted machine gun and ignore most damage as you mow down
    the pursuing boats (wow, I never expected 'shortcuts' in a COD game after
    Heart of the Reich' in the first Black Ops) cackling like a madman. Focus on
    the boats that are further to the right first as these can flank to the far
    side of your vessel and board it. Several CHECKPOINTS will go off as the enemy
    boats are destroyed. Once you hear the cry of "they're boarding us!" Hop off
    the machine gun and immediately head to intercept the newly arrived soldiers.
    Be very careful of the soldiers that appear on the bridge as they have a good
    position and can hit you on most of the deck (the shipping container is once
    again your friend).
    Now that bit of unpleasantness is out of the way refill your ammo from the
    crates on the deck and help Hudson open the shipping container that probably
    saved your bacon to find it saved someone else's bacon as well.
    Objective: Use the Valkyrie Launcher to destroy the hind.
    Oh, it's suddenly turned into an escort mission. Damn. Well at least Hudson
    has to deal with it as it's your job to take out the helicopter. Grab the
    Valkyrie from the deck and aim it at the chopper. You control the rocket it
    spits out so guide it into the hind. Repeat this to reach the shore and
    watch the chopper spin crazily out of control into a building. Swim away
    from the sinking wreck with Woods in your arms (not much of a spoiler as it
    is in the mission objectives). When you reach the beach Hudson will give you
    some encouraging news and now you both get to carry Woods around.
    Objective: Escape into the jungle
    Objective: Get to the village and radio Savimbi for extraction
    CHECKPOINT. Move up until Hudson tells you to take cover, do what he says if
    you like staying alive.
    Objective: Do not get discovered
    Follow Hudson's instructions to avoid being spotted to eventually reach a
    place to hide Woods, which means you can scout ahead to find the radio.
    Objective: Enter village and find radio
    CHECKPOINT. If you picked the access kit you will be able to enter the small
    hut just ahead to collect some bear traps to slow your inevitable enemies.
    Grab them now as attempting to later may get you killed. The Dragnov here can
    be quite useful in the upcoming shenanigans (better than your pistol anyway).
    Refill your ammo here once you have selected your weaponry and continue up the
    path towards the objective. When you approach the radio hut you will see two
    soldiers sitting on a wall to the left, you can bypass these guys if you are
    crouched. Jump through the window to find it being used by someone else.
    Objective: Approach and overpower the radio operator
    CHECKPOINT. Watch the scene to suddenly have the entire camp after you. Wasn't
    it a good thing you grabbed those traps early?
    Objective: Fall back to the river
    Follow Hudson until he takes cover and stops. You will see a strategically
    placed sniper tower to the right of his new cover. If you grabbed the Dragnov
    from before this is where it can really shine.
    Objective: Defend Position
    Climb the sniper tower and start laying into the onrushing hordes of soldiers.
    Remember you can retreat down the back of the tower if you start taking too
    much damage. Focus on the RPG wielding soldiers first as they pose the biggest
    threat. Once Hudson throws his smoke, retreat from the soldiers and use this
    opportunity to place your traps in the chokepoint if you like.
    INTEL (3/33): In the next area, the first sniper perch on the left has the
    CHECKPOINT. Follow Hudson to his next cover position and use the sniper perch
    or take cover behind the trees to the side of the area to pick off the
    soldiers that rush forward. Once the next smoke pops, jump over the small
    waterfall and down behind some cover as a machine gun truck arrives at the
    top of the falls you just dropped down. Shoot the gunner to explode the
    whole truck (cause that makes sense right? What was he? Covered in fuel or
    A word of advice in the following skirmish: Don't take cover with Woods. If
    you do a rain of grenades and RPG fire will rake into your position making it
    impossible to survive. A better idea is to retreat further back to the beach
    using the Dragnov to pick off the troops following you. Keep defending until
    Hudson stops right in the middle of the path. You have to race up and help him
    with Woods until you reach the shoreline. It looks like it's all over. Both
    the mission and your lives. Or not.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  2 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  CELERIUM (Myanmar 2025)                                          C2
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            M27 with millimeter scanner
    I      I Secondary:          Titus-6
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade
             Perks:              Access Kit (definitely worth it here)
    Mission objective: Obtain celerium
    Objective: Rendezvous with Salazar and Crosby
    Well, we typically don't start a mission in this position... Cool, suction
    cup gloves. That looks like fun actually. The QTE's may be a bit confusing
    (believe me, the first time I got to this point I splatted myself on the
    nearest cliff face. Unintentional but bloody hilarious). After the first death
    you should get the hang of it though. Once you reach the cliff top a one in a
    million lightning strike will blast a tree next to you pulling you both
    towards the cliff. You will be saved from being a pancake by your third squad
    member. Follow your squad to another crumbling ledge to deploy a wing suit
    and leap into the air.
    Objective: Jump from the cliff to start your descent
    CHECKPOINT. Use the RS to steer yourself (you don't have to worry about
    altitude as that is automatic). This is a lot more fun than your typical
    knees bent, running about advancing behaviour so enjoy the ride.
    Objective: Reach the LZ
    After the joyride ends you will obtain your weapons and be tasked with
    infiltrating the base.
    Objective: Investigate the base
    Head for the squad objective marker for a CHECKPOINT and a look at your next
    destination. You will see the two guards directly ahead and then deliberately
    'not see' the guard that drops down in front of you. COD just went all Halo
    on me... EMP grenades disable cloaking so keep that in mind for any difficult
    encounters with 'shimmering' enemies. Stay where you are for the duration of
    the fight as this location is a lot safer than moving up. Once Harper has
    moved to the stairs, drop down from cover and move forward slowly. Moving up
    the steps and taking cover at the top until your allies push forward past you.
    CHECKPOINT. Move up behind your allies to see a drone starting to take off.
    Race up on the left side, shooting the lone soldier guarding the drone and
    use your access kit to take control of the 40mm machine gun attached to the
    drone. Kill the thirty or so enemies approaching the landing site with it to
    progress (seriously this access kit is worth its weight in gold!).
    INTEL (4/33): At the helipad near the drone you controlled is an alcove with
    a computer inside, the intel is sitting next to it
    CHECKPOINT. Move towards the marker while remaining on the lookout for more
    cloaked soldiers, a hut to the right of the gateway has an ammo refill inside.
    Move into the gate and take cover to the left inside as a turret opens fire
    on the area. This is a perfect location to just shoot the turret operator so
    take the time to do so. Ah, veteran mode is back... With all the easy sections
    so far it seemed like the enemies were throwing peanuts instead of firing
    bullets at you. This section isn't hard per se, it is just tedious if you
    don't want to be caught by surprise with a bullet makeover.
    Objective: Destroy the temple door
    CHECKPOINT. Watch the door get blown apart and follow your squad into the
    inky gloom within.
    Objective: Infiltrate the research facility
    Follow the corridors down until you reach something that looks like an
    umbrella installation from the Resident Evil games. Watch your team open the
    large door for a CHECKPOINT. In the next room an access box will be to the
    side with active camo inside. Feel free to pick it up and refill your ammo
    before entering the complex proper. As soon as you do you will be knocked onto
    your ass by an ASD (robotic sentry). Reactivate your camo (it is invaluable
    against the ASDs and enemies within) and decide how you want to deal with
    the ASDs. They are heavily armoured in the front but are vulnerable from the
    rear (so many unintentional innuendos in this game so far...). Let your squad
    circle round to the right, drawing it's fire while you calmly stand in the
    doorway waiting for the ASDs to turn away from you. When they do, unload a
    full clip into their exposed weak point and jump back into cover while it
    explodes. Repeat this for the second one and then mop up the remaining
    soldiers. Clear the room for a CHECKPOINT.
    INTEL (5/33): In the left room, next to where the ASD robots appeared from
    on a desk inside
    Climb the stairs and headshot the enemies with impunity as they can't see you
    unless you are very close. Clear out the five or so enemies on the upper level
    and get ready with a grenade as you descend the stairs on the other side as
    five soldiers will rise on an elevator through the floor. Release the grenade
    to kill them all in one shot.
    Objective: Infiltrate the lower labs
    CHECKPOINT. Be sure to re-enable your camo after it turns off and another
    ASD awaits at the bottom of the lift. Shoot the canisters to disrupt the
    soldiers shots, allowing you to take cover against the right wall and resume
    taking them out one by one. Head for the left hall as you don't really want
    to run straight at an auto turret do you? One thing to note is the turret on
    the ceiling. Make sure to eliminate that before moving up. You will see after
    clearing the area another access point. Inside is an ASD (squee!) to befriend.
    Objective: Open container
    Refill your ammo and open the container to progress. Put your camo back on
    after the box is opened and get to cover.
    Objective: Defend the area
    Use the 3D modelling machine on the left for cover as the enemies rush in.
    Your little ASD should be able to deal with the enemy ASD so it shouldn't
    bother you as you mow down the enemy forces. Once the room is clear and you
    have patted your little companion on the head/chassis/gearbox... whatever,
    refill your ammo and open the gateway.
    Objective: Obtain the Celerium drive
    CHECKPOINT. Put your camo back on (sigh, why don't they just have it auto turn
    on?) and enter the central area. The predictable death of your 'rescued
    captive' ensues and another wave of enemies enter the room. Put your camo
    back on AGAIN and follow your squad as they race for the objective.
    Objective: Rendezvous with extraction team
    INTEL (6/33): On a bench in the second room when following your team out (the
    one after where your little robot was found in).
    Keep pushing through the rooms towards the objective. Your camo gear should
    make this a cakewalk but if you like you can take this slow by following your
    team as they move up. Once you meet Briggs the mission ends.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  3 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  OLD WOUNDS (Afghanistan 1986)                                   OW3
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 1986 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            AK47 with extended clip
    I      I Secondary:          Makarov
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang
             Perks:              Access Kit
    Mission objective: Gather intel on Menendez Cartel
    Objective: Investigate Menendez's connection with the Soviets
    Watch the horsies fly overhead to gain control over your character.
    Objective: Follow Zhao to the Mujahideen base
    Take your new horse for a ride until you make it to the camp site.
    Objective: Defend the west blocking point
    INTEL (7/33): On boxes on the side of the room
    As you head out again towards your ride there is an access door to the left
    you can pick to obtain some mortars... just cause. Exit the exploding camp
    to the imaginary tune of flight of the valkyries as you see helicopters
    airdrop enemy soldiers in your path. The AK47 here is far more accurate than
    in past incarnations and still just as lethal so go to town on these suckers.
    After which your allies will sweep in to clean up any survivors.
    INTEL (8/33): Instead of following your allies move straight ahead until you
    see a red flag with an ammo refill crate next to it. The intel is at the base
    of the flag
    Sprint after your objective marker to reach a CHECKPOINT and see your allies
    embroiled in a skirmish.
    Objectives: Destroy the enemy BTRs
    Apparently BTR's are now as common as mud or should I say sand in a desert.
    Race out from behind the rock and take cover against the pillar to the right.
    This will allow you to take out the two soldiers in the open ahead as well as
    the soldier concealed on the building to the left. Once these three are down
    move down the path until you reach a small structure and worm your way through
    it until you can see the dwelling the icon is pointing to. Sprint through the
    bullet hell and take cover as soon as you reach the building because the BTRs
    don't like that kind of thing. When they roll away, take the chance to sprint
    up the steps and shoot the single guard to see your objective. The STINGER has
    a lot of ammo so don't worry about running out. Unload on the BTRs when they
    aren't shooting at you as much and blow them up to complete the objective.
    CHECKPOINT. Keep the STINGER (there is an infinite refill right next to where
    you picked it up from anyway). On the same rooftop there is another access
    icon which when opened gives you mines to play with. Try out your new toys on
    the advancing vehicles that want to wipe you out. Blow the arch and hop on
    your horse and ride into the distance. Seriously.
    Objective: Defend the base from being destroyed
    Race back to the base and pull out your STINGER (no innuendoes here folks!).
    Blast the tanks trying to pound the walls of the camp. The STINGER should
    make short work of them (faster than mines anyway). Swap to the anti-air mode
    after taking out the tanks as a series of gunships that may give you fits or
    nightmares in later life... Take cover underneath the overhanging rock
    formation on the right side of the area when facing away from the camp. Use
    this spot to dance in and out of as you fire (get off the horse here as it
    will only get you killed). Once the final chopper goes down your new objective
    will appear.
    Objective: Retake the weapons cache
    Head for the objective, squishing enemies underfoot with your horse. There
    will be an arch on the left side of the entrance to the chasm which is a good
    place to dismount and start destroying helicopters and BTRs. Checkpoints will
    occur rapidly here as you take down the flying pests. If you head to your left
    from the arch there is a refill station. Work your way forward killing as you
    go, eventually your allies will take the weapons cache for you.
    INTEL (9/33): Stand on the first bridge and look across it to see a dark cave,
    the intel is on the floor at the entrance
    Objective: Return to Mujahideen base
    Charge of the Light Brigade much? You'll see what I mean. When the horse goes
    down hold RT and LT to remove the horse. The rest is all preset so just watch
    the pretty lights.
    Objective: Interrogate Kravchenko
    Guess who's back. Watch the series of cut scenes to end the level.
    Story Choice: When interrogating Kravchenko you will have the choice to resist
    the compulsion from the brainwashing to kill him. Story achievements depend
    on this so check which ones you are going for before you decide.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  4 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  TIME AND FATE (Nicaragua 1986)                                  TF4
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 1986 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            Galil with fast mag
    I      I Secondary:          Barrett M82A1 with variable zoom
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Smoke grenade
             Perks:              Access Kit
    Mission objective: Secure Raul Menendez
    Objective: Menendez
    Watch the opening scenes and then once you are rescued you enter a killing
    frenzy. That may be an understatement... The shotgun and melee both work
    equally well here as you move super-fast and basically one shot everything.
    Objective: Rescue Josefina
    This section seems to be more stress relief than actually difficult. Head
    for the objective decapitating everything in your way, taking cover when
    needed until you reach the axe. After displaying your pinpoint axe throwing
    skills, race up and machete more guys to the face.
    INTEL (10/33): Inside the burning barn next to a stack of hay
    Once you get to the massive open courtyard you will have to be more strategic
    in your approach as the insane number of enemy spawns can even overwhelm
    crazy man. Keep on the left wall and use the pillars to stay alive (keeping
    an eye out for enemies spawning behind you). You will most likely have to make
    a rush for the door and objective as the spawning seems infinite. When you
    make it to the top of the stairs you will witness another cut scene and
    you will be thrust into another soldier (wink, wink. Nudge, nudge).
    Objective: Clear the Cartel village
    Walk down the hill to trigger the enemy spawn and then retreat back up and
    pull out your sniper rifle. You may need to retreat all the way up the hill
    as these guys can be freakishly accurate at range. When you approach the
    village, circle round from the right first as this will most likely be clear.
    You will also see an access point inside a nearby building which contains
    molotov cocktails. As you move uphill, enemies will be waiting with bated
    breath (and unfortunately weapons too). This is one of those take it fast
    and die or take it slow and be bored but live sections. Use your sniper rifle
    to clear out some guys and follow your squad up the hill. A machine gunner
    will be waiting at one point but he is a pretty easy target.
    Once you are on flat ground again a CHECKPOINT will greet you. Watch out as
    a machine gunner truck will race around the corner towards you. Shoot the
    driver to gain the approval of your squad mates (Yay, the approval of AI. I
    feel so honoured), The villa ahead is swarming with enemies so you will have
    to take it slow and snipe your way to victory. There must be at least thirty
    guys here so I hope you brought enough ammo. Move up to the building once
    suppressing fire has been laid down by your squad and move to the entrance
    being careful of the three enemies up the stairs as you enter.
    Objective: Assault the mission
    Out the back of the building there is another access point with mortars
    inside. Prepare for another mass slaughter of another thirty plus enemies.
    Beware of bell towers, rooftops and grenades. Take your time again and
    snipe your way through. Don't stand still too long or you'll get a visit from
    the grenade fairy.
    INTEL (11/33): Halfway up the belltower
    Once the area is clear move up to the belltower and climb to the top to take
    a prime position for the skirmish ahead. This is more like it, most of the
    enemies don't even notice you so begin the massacre. Take out the RPG soldiers
    on the patio and the two snipers in the towers to the sides. Then start
    clearing the courtyard. There will be a lot of foliage blocking your sight
    line but you should ample ammo to compensate for this. A dragnov will be
    sitting here if you forgot to pack your sniper rifle.
    Objective: Clear the Cocaine Bunker
    CHECKPOINT. A bunker made out of cocaine? Open the access door to find a
    machete and a crapton of guns. Pick what you want and move out to the ammo
    crate room and use this spot to start picking off enemies with your sniper
    rifle or scoped weapon. The crate negates ammo worries so feel free to fire
    as many shots as you want. About twenty five enemies will be in the large
    production room here so it will take a while to clear it safely. After you
    can no longer see any enemies from the ammo room, walk out to the railing
    using the wall or crates for cover and snipe the remaining forces before
    moving towards the objective. Just before you reach the objective a final
    soldier will run out so just swap to an auto weapon and take him down.
    INTEL (12/33): In the small room to the left of the objective marker
    CHECKPOINT. Ten or so enemies will be waiting for you in the burning room
    but if you take it slow you should get through without any worries. If you
    want to get the intel for story achievements follow the flames around to the
    right to find a desk with a CIA envelope on it (get to it before the flames
    Objective: Find and capture Menendez
    CHECKPOINT. Climb the ladder to reach the outside world again and immediately
    take cover to the side of the small area as two enemies will automatically
    be firing at you. Follow the trail of destruction Woods leaves, putting down
    the odd one or two survivors until you reach a doorway to the inside of the
    building. Watch the unfortunate consequences of revenge and the level ends.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  5 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  FALLEN ANGEL (Pakistan 2025)                                    FA5
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            MTAR with millimeter scanner
    I      I Secondary:          Tac-45 with laser sight (swap with s/rifle)
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: Semtex/Concussion
             Perks:              Access Kit (worth it here)
    Mission Objective: Gather intel on Menendez
    Objective: Gain access to Anthem
    INTEL (13/33): In the room you start in on the right
    Seems the guys start off in a bit of a pickle. Once the CLAW is up and running
    let it go and as you enter the next room there is an access icon. This
    activates the Claw flamethrower, why is the access perk so broken? Follow
    behind the Claws marking targets and picking off distracted survivors as you
    go. As you move forward through the room an unmanned drone will appear at the
    far windows. Pull out your sniper rifle (you did read the swap part didn't
    you) and dig in halfway through the room behind the big wall. Peek around the
    corner taking shots whenever the drone exposes itself. After five or six shots
    (from the barret anyway) the drone should explode.
    Move forward to the end of the room for a CHECKPOINT. As you move outside you
    should spot the access icon on a panel near a metal roller door. This lets
    one of the CLAW head to a better vantage point up on the buildings. While they
    barbeque the enemies you can swap to your sniper again to clear the street
    and balconies of enemy soldiers. The CLAW's flamethrower is invaluable here,
    not because it kills the enemies but instead it locates them for you. Watch
    out for the movement of the water as it can push you out of cover as well.
    Waterfalls will also obscure your vision for a few seconds so take cover if
    this happens. You will have to move to the large arch at the end of the street
    to progress.
    After the CHECKPOINT at the end of the street, three more enemies will be
    waiting around the corner. Drop them quickly and move forward until a train
    carriage starts hurtling down the street towards you. Follow the objective
    and Harper to reach a simple QTE and safety. Before following Harper down the
    alley, take your first right to find an ammo crate. Locked and reloaded, mosey
    after Harper for a CHECKPOINT.
    INTEL (14/33): In the same side passage as the ammo crate on the ground
    Objective: Avoid being spotted by MQ drones
    Follow Harper's instructions here to avoid becoming Swiss cheese. After moving
    through the building you will get a CHECKPOINT. Just a note that you cannot
    use the same pillar Harper is hiding behind as the drone will spot you
    (Thanks sooo much for that Harper). Use the prior one.
    INTEL (15/33): When you enter the bank building (has a massive sign with bank
    on it) it is through the left entrance on the floor
    Just keep going until you see two guys on a wall ahead. Harper will tell you
    to take out the one on the right. Do so to move up and enter the sewer level.
    CHECKPOINT. Up the stairs will be an access point with some intel (not the
    collectable kind) inside. Play slip and slide as you follow Harper (just don't
    contemplate what the water has been replaced by). After a bit more squelching
    you will contact the admiral.
    Objective: Get to observation point
    Use the grappling hook you stole off batman to reach the rooftop. Above you
    will find two very easy targets ready for a strangling. Take the one on the
    right to clear the roof. After this you will be given a new toy to play with.
    An ID scanning glove. People who have played Alpha Protocol will know the
    deal here. Line up and scan a person to check if it is your targer. I'll make
    this easy for you, Menendez is wearing a white suit.
    Story choice: Depending on if you obtain enough info or not on Menendez's
    conversations you will void some story achievements for this playthrough (you
    can rewind the story but you will have to replay the level again) so make
    sure you get all the info.
    CHECKPOINT. Follow Harper along the rooftops, listening to his instructions
    to avoid detection.
    Objective: Record Menendez's conversation
    When you are forced to go prone to avoid the spotlight, you will have to
    record the next important piece of the conversation. Locate Menendez nearby
    and hold the glove's reticule on him until he moves out of range. Climb the
    boxes nearby and watch Harper take up amatuer surgery for a CHECKPOINT. The
    next recording will take place through the windows in this room so just wait
    till Menendez appears and record it.
    Objective: Reacquire Menendez
    CHECKPOINT. Follow Harper outside and resume your stop start mode of progress.
    It's like driving in peak hour here! When you reach the point that Harper
    comments "these guys are in our way." This supposedly translates to jump over
    the railing and melee them to death. Enter the door to find your third
    recording session.
    Objective: Reacquire Menendez
    Go for a nice relaxing little swim to reach a CHECKPOINT. And to find that
    not everything goes to plan (does it ever in these games?). Swim for your
    ass, or just your life as you get a new objective.
    Objective: Rendezvous with Salazar
    Objective: Clear the rail yard
    Well this is certainly entertaining. You get to take command of both CLAW
    units to clear the yard outside. Have some fun and let off steam here as
    the CLAWs just wipe anything in their path out. Once the yard is clear make
    a break for your escape vehicle. Turns out the Admiral is a bit of an asshole
    and wants you to risk getting blown up even more. Ok, now this part seems
    difficult but it really isn't if you know what's happening. Pilot the drone
    to the barricade while taking out all the enemies along the way, then blow
    it up to start frantically driving out of there. Head for any open streets
    and generally take the left path unless told otherwise.
    Near the end of the chain reaction/ exploding fire everywhere part if you
    dodge the wall of flames you will get an achievement.
    Objective: Escape Anthem
    Objective: Get to the extraction point
    Thankfully you are out of the vehicle and on foot again. Head to the top of
    the slope to finish the level.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  6 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  KARMA (Cayman Islands 2025)                                      K6
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            PDW-57 with EDTech sight suppressor
    I      I Secondary:          KAP-40 with tactical knife (Sniper is better)
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/Flashbang
             Perks:              Access kit
    Mission objective: Secure Karma
    Wait, floating city? Someone's been watching too many Bioshock 3 trailers.
    I think it's more like a massive oil rig platform that has been converted
    into a giant corporate park.
    Objective: Get through security checkpoint
    Follow your squad members into the complex. Just relax and take in the scenery
    until you reach the second floor with the elevator. Two seconds in and
    security personnel will open fire.
    Objective: Head to the CRC
    Once the two mercenaries are down, head for the objective to meet 'ziggy.'
    Vent travelling time! Wow this is just like wall running with the aliens in
    aliens vs. predator as well as being equally sickening and disorienting. This
    is a very linear section that shouldn't pose any problems.
    Objective: Access CRC computer and search for Karma
    Open the retina scanning door for a CHECKPOINT. Immediately take cover to the
    right behind Salazar as this reduces the number of enemies with line of sight
    to you drastically. The far right side of the room has one particularly
    deadly enemy so be careful when trying to line him up. Immediately after
    killing this guy an enemy will spawn and try to bum rush you from the right
    swap to a close range gun and mow him down when he appears. Once the area is
    clear, head to the access point to get some targeting data.
    INTEL (16/33): On a desk on the right side of the room
    After finding out what Karma is it's time to hit the club. As you try to exit
    back out the way you came, more PMC soldiers will be waiting. The game tries
    to force you forward here, just be aware you can back up again to safety.
    Keep in mind that most of the enemies will rush past your allies here to try
    and take you out. On this difficulty it is best to push forward slowly to
    avoid getting surprised by spawners. The first objective is a door that will
    be kicked open and enemies will rush you. Retreat or meet them with an
    automatic gun and resume your slow advance. More corridors full of enemies
    greet you and the tactics remain the same. If you took my advice about the
    sniper rifle here is where it will really shine. Swap back and forth between
    your weapons (remember to swap to close range when healing or you could be
    bum rushed). Eventually you will reach the elevator again.
    Objective: Rendezvous inside Club Solar
    What an awesome looking club. Stroll past the bouncer like you are an A-list
    star until you meet up with your target on the dance floor. Once the crap
    hits the fan you will have to slo-mo kill about twenty enemies with an SMG.
    The checkpoint is at the start of this section so just repeat until you
    succeed. Definitely use the zoom to take them out accurately or they just
    become too much to handle.
    Objective: Stop Defalco from escaping with Karma
    Once you are back in control, notice there is an access point inside the
    armoury which was just opened. Grab the electric knuckles and whatever other
    weapons take your fancy before heading towards the next objective. This seems
    to be a rush to catch up with Defalco however I saw no timer or any means to
    assess if you are failing or not. I used the Barret for all of this section
    and moved through as fast as I could but didn't fail so I'm unsure if it is
    INTEL (17/33) A store on the ground floor with the sign d'Ho has the intel
    in the back behind the cash registers
    Most of the enemies you encounter in this section will be distracted by the
    security or your squad members so they are relatively easy pickings. The
    occasional one will run at you but otherwise this should be pretty simple.
    Keep pushing forwards to unlock a few checkpoints.
    Objective: Open the mall door
    Once you are told to open the mall door, you should see an access point to the
    left. Open it up to regain your little ASD friend from the earlier levels to
    help with the situation. Help Salazar open the mall door to reach the stairs
    to the outside. All the automated defences will begin to target all armed
    personnel so be aware that you may be shot in the back by your 'allies.' A
    couple of shots with a sniper should take out any ASD that gets in your way.
    As you continue moving keep an eye up for four snipers on the large raised
    garden in the middle of the area. This sequence is pretty much the same as the
    last, with most of the enemies being distracted.
    INTEL (18/33): After passing the upraised rocks with the snipers on, stick to
    the right hand side and you should see the intel on a small stall after a
    little bit
    Once Defalco actually appears as your objective, race for him as you have to
    try and stop him before he escapes now. A slow-mo scene will trigger when you
    approach and you will have to gun him down to succeed. Use the cover here as
    his shots are pretty lethal. You do have time to take his minions out as well
    so focus on removing them first as they will try to rush you otherwise. Take
    him down or let him escape to finish the level.
    Note: This is a branching story path choice
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  7 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  SUFFER WITH ME (Panama 1989)                                   SWM7
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 1989 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            MP5 with rapid fire (swap for s/rifle)
    I      I Secondary:          Colt M16A1 with multiple attachments
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang
             Perks:              Access kit
    Mission Objective:
    Objective: Meet up with Mason and McKnight
    Step out of your nifty wheels and head for the house which looks oh so
    photogenic. Meet Woods in the driveway, followed by McKnight at the door.
    Take a stroll round the back at McKnight's request to meet up with him.
    Objective: Retrieve bag from shed
    After grabbing the bag head back out the front to spot some punk tagging
    McKnight's ride. Watch him waste a perfectly good beer to fade into the
    Objective: Capture false prophet
    Enjoy the short and scenic boat ride to the shore and regain control to start
    the mission proper. Head for the sewer entrance (Seriously, two sewer
    sections? What's next the poisonous spiders). Oh, were going over them...
    My bad. Climb the ladder and distract the guard so woods can terminate his
    hopes in life and pull the RT as another guard walks out the door to the
    right at the same time. After planting your knife solidly in his face things
    will get very complicated real fast. Race inside the guard post so you don't
    get hit by the hail of lead headed your way. Use this safe position to
    'retire' the enemies spraying your cover. These guys are pretty grenade happy
    just so you know. As you move up after the initial wave a ute with five or so
    soldiers will roll in. A well placed grenade can instantly solve the problem
    or you can take the old fashioned approach of personal service.
    Objective: Assist SEALs
    Head down the ramp to spot an access point with eight nightingales inside.
    Head up the stairs for a CHECKPOINT. A bunch of distracted enemies are
    firing away on the roof so they should be easy pickings, be careful of staying
    in the staircase however as your allies can push you out of cover (Gee, thanks
    guys!). Keep following Mason and drop down onto the catwalk inside the
    building. Immediately move to the right and drop down again into better cover,
    unfortunately one enemy is in the hall already so make sure to get him as
    soon as you land. Another access point at the end of the hall has a useful
    flak jacket inside so be sure to grab it. Head back to Mason and enter the
    office to confront three or four enemies here. Use the corner or the boxes
    here to avoid their fire while dealing with them and then keep moving. Grab
    the RPG launcher on the floor here as you'll need it in about twenty seconds.\
    Intel (19/33): On a shelf just before you descend the stairs
    Tromp down another set of stairs for a CHECKPOINT and to re-join Mason. You
    will be tasked with firing an RPG at the leaving plane. Once it is a
    smouldering wreck set about sniping the enemies scattered on the runway and
    the building opposite (once again the sniper rifle being a far better choice
    than one of the pre-set weapons).
    Regroup with Mason once the runway is clear being careful of the occasionally
    cheap enemy spawn here (he can spawn to your side if you aren't cautious).
    Now you know where your target is it's time to move. Keep moving up as
    McKnight clears the path for you. Head for the motel room and breach the door,
    off the guards inside and capture your target.
    Objective: Escort false prophet to Army checkpoint
    You will have the job of dealing with the soldiers tormenting common
    civilians, show them your version of the Geneva Convention and come down on
    them with the big whacking stick. Head into the building and give a wry grin
    at how Mason complies with orders. Kick open the door and head back onto the
    street for a CHECKPOINT. Run for the checkpoint until you get to about 170
    meters away where your first armed enemy will be waiting behind a ute. Take
    him out quickly and as you move forward take cover as an enemy with a RPG
    will be in the next area. Sprint through the area using your close range
    weapons to deal with the three or so enemies in your path. When you get to
    the 120 meter mark you will have to deal with a few enemies who try to take
    up positions behind a car. Now this section can be annoying if you don't take
    the time to remove the major threat before racing across to the objective.
    A sniper is on the roof with perfect line of sight to where you would stop if
    you sprint across so deal with him before you even try. Killing as many of the
    enemies in the area as you can will also make it far easier. You can flank
    most of them by moving along the wall but the shrubbery will make your work
    INTEL (20/33): Before making the dash for the church there is a small building
    with a smashed wall in the middle of this area. Head inside and the intel
    should be on the bench
    Once you are satisfied, make the sprint across the gap and if the sniper is
    dead you should get a CHECKPOINT. Keep moving towards the objective taking
    out the remaining forces from your initial assault. Breach the door at the
    end of the street to watch another cut scene.
    INTEL (21/33): Move straight ahead after the cut scene to find it on a bench
    Follow the hallway until you rescue the trapped woman. If you still have those
    nightingales, they can come in handy after pulling yourself up. Throw one at
    the back of the corridor through the smoke and half the rush thats meant to
    come at you will instead run the other way (or you could try to take them all
    in melee for the points, just sayin'). Once they have been put down you should
    move through the smoke for a CHECKPOINT. Keep moving until you have to rescue
    your target. After the 'conversation' about following the rules you will have
    to sprint for the opposite building. Time your jump right and you should be
    fine. Trot along to the army checkpoint for yet another cut scene.
    Afterwards your new target is identified you will have to take the shot.
    Note: This is a branching story path choice
    The choice is shooting him in the head or in the chest twice (once standing
    and once on the ground). Doing the latter bags you an achievement.
    Story happens and the level ends. Pretty easy overall, just a lot of cut
    scenes slow it down.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  8 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  ACHILLES' VEIL (Yemen 2025)                                    AV8
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            Skorpion EVO with laser sight
    I      I Secondary:          B23R (swap with a sniper rifle)
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade
             Perks:              Access kit
    Mission objective: Capture Raul Menendez
    Objective: Join Menendez on stage
    Take the time to have a relaxing stroll, through the heavily armed platoon
    of guards to the balcony outside where Menendez's adoring public awaits.
    Objective: Rendezvous with Menendez at the Citadel
    As is often the case in CoD games, things go bad real quick and you are forced
    to beat a hasty retreat. Your sniper rifle will immediately come in handy here
    as it will allow you to take down the little flying scuttly buggers in one
    shot. Clear the courtyard using this technique (they do stop spawning) and
    head for your objective.
    INTEL (22/33): On the right side of the courtyard is a set of stairs which
    has a small room filled with carpets at the top. On the floor here should be
    the intel
    Take the left path out of the courtyard as this provides more cover and
    remember to look up for the flying gunners or else they can ruin your day
    pretty fast. Stay left to find an access point with a sword inside. Yeah a
    sword, I did a double take too. Did this game become skyrim without me
    looking? Oh well. Resume your advance up the left side, taking the time to
    experiment with your new melee weapon. At the next small building you should
    receive a CHECKPOINT. After leaving this cover you need to head diagonally
    to the right instead as this is your next best cover location.
    An American will be waiting at the exit door so be ready to fire once he is
    down watch the drone fall from the sky. More soldiers will continue running
    in from the right of where the drone crashed so you need to thin their
    numbers before making a dash to the opposite side of the street. Once you
    think it is safe enough sprint across to the next building. You will meet
    several allies holding off four or so flying gunners so pull out the sniper
    and dismantle them (I'm sure the default pistol would have helped a ton with
    these things, right?). Through another archway to more defenders holding
    their own against superior technology. At the end of this walkway are crates
    containing RPG launchers and an ammo refill to the left of them. Walk past
    the ammo to find yourself flanking an ASD advance, use this to your advantage
    by putting two sniper shots in the rear of it to turn it to scrap. You should
    be fine clearing this courtyard as all the ammo was just refilled. Carefully
    move up the left side afterwards as large numbers of enemies will run in
    from the far end of the plaza.
    This battle can be tedious as enemies are firing from every direction, so the
    best way to approach it is to bunker down, sniping enemies while your AI
    allies push forward. Be cautious when the street 'looks clear' because your
    buddies may ignore the ASD or the two final spawning soldiers completely.
    Head for the objective to find an ammo refill and CHECKPOINT. More ASDs,
    flying gunners and soldiers are waiting for you around the corner so use
    the refill location as cover while you shoot out the door or windows.
    Fortunately this enemy encounter is far shorter as there are less troops
    here so mop up and move into the next building. Open the door to rejoin
    Another story choice will present itself here and depending on a series of
    choices in the game can lead to various achievements. Read the achievement
    section for more details.
    Shoot Harper - Farid lives
    Shoot Menendez - Farid dies
    Objective: Pursue and capture Menendez
    CHECKPOINT. Follow your squad down the alley and you will gain control of
    the drones you spent the first half of this level shooting. Ironic isn't it?
    Maybe it's just Karma... Yeah, horrible I know but I couldn't help it. The
    drones can be a little hard to control at times as you seem to paint an area
    and they shoot it until you command them to do something else, even if the
    enemy you were aiming at moves slightly to the side they don't compensate.
    So they are a helpful asset here rather than an I win button. After clearing
    the first small room race around to the door and get inside as there is a
    RPG wielding enemy overlooking the street and he is a very good shot.
    INTEL (23/33): Behind some boxes in the first room is the intel
    Climb the stairs and use the window or balcony to start picking off the
    enemies above street level that you couldn't see before. In the last room
    before you reach the objective marker is a sentry turret. Use the window to
    take it out before you enter.
    CHECKPOINT. Poke your head out into the sunlight to spot the two enemies on
    the roof and one on the stairs leading to your next cover location. Once these
    three have been removed from the realm of the living, swap to a mid-close
    range gun and head up the stairs. Depending on how efficient your allies and
    drones have been there may be up to about three enemies in here to deal with.
    Clear the building and head up the second set of steps for your sniper's
    perch. Use this to crush the waves of opposition they send your way (imagine
    trying to kill all these enemies without the sniper!). After your drones have
    ceased fire, move forward and continue the attack for a CHECKPOINT.
    The sheer number of people on the screen was hilarious at times, I had to
    shoot through my own allies several times to hit enemy soldiers because they
    ran in the way. Or when a heap of enemies spawn in a conga line resulting in
    taking out three or four enemies with one bullet. Classic. This section is
    a target heavy environment allowing you to take out dozens of enemies quickly
    as they are often distracted by your drones. Make sure to clear both paths
    before you advance or you could get a bullet to the back. Once you reach the
    first large building you can use it as cover while you take out the multiple
    RPG wielding soldiers on the opposite side of the canyon (before they can
    one shot you anyway).
    INTEL (24/33): On the roof of this building, climb the ladder outside to
    reach it
    Enemy drones will also spawn as you move up from the building so be on the
    lookout for those with red lights. Clear the way until you reach your next
    sniping point. Another crumbling building.
    Once all the RPG soldiers you can see are dead you can sprint across the
    bridge to the other side of the canyon. CHECKPOINT. Gee, you glad you packed
    all that ammo yet? Definitely one thing I noticed in this veteran campaign
    is you nearly never run out of ammo unlike some other versions. Take your
    time, snipe whenever you can and when you reach the objective you will reach
    Menendez once again. Can't tell he wants to be caught can you? Once he is
    secure the level ends.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  9 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  ODYSSEUS (USS Barack Obama 2025)                                O9
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            M8A1 with hybrid optic
    I      I Secondary:          M1216 with millimeter scanner
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/shock charge
             Perks:              Access kit (definitely worth it here)
    Mission objective: Interrogate Raul Menendez
    Hmm, normally these scenes are the other way round in Black Ops games. Step
    into the room and listen to Menendez's cryptic words until everything goes
    pear shaped. Oh seriously, how the hell did he end up in that position? Did
    he lie down and give Menendez his gun? Anyway wake up after your snooze to
    be woken up by Salazar. An access point will be right in front of you
    containing the stun knuckle weapon (they have a name but I'm feeling lazy).
    Objective: Get your weapons
    Pick up your guns off the body on the floor (did this guy steal your weapons?
    Was he holding them for you? Did they leave them on his corpse? I really
    would like to know. This one single guy is more fascinating than the whole
    aircraft under attack scenario. Once you've selected which guns look the
    prettiest head back to the hatch and open it for a CHECKPOINT and new
    Objective: Regain control of the ship
    Immediately take cover to the right and start clearing the hallway. Don't
    move up too far until your squad do as the enemies here are true veteran
    enemies and can take you down very fast. Your AI also likes to ignore them
    sometimes until they have passed them so again don't race up too fast.
    A CHECKPOINT will trigger at the bottom of the stairs. Salazar will split
    off and you will be left with the AI red shirt wearing brigade (yeah that's
    probably too old a reference unless you watched reruns of it). Essentially
    these guys are predestined to be screwed over ok? Head back into the sunlight
    and stop at the next corner. A well placed grenade can clear this hallway
    pretty much so if you want to be efficient do that. You will most likely have
    to travel through the small rooms on the right to make it up the hall as
    enemy fire seems to travel up it even though there are no enemies left.
    Watch the redshirts die and listen to Briggs before doing anything else
    (besides shooting the one suicidal idiot that rushes you). If you have the
    access kit than your job just got a whole lot easier. Sprint for the access
    point and activate it to gain control of the turret and go nuts on the
    sitting ducks inside. There are a lot of them but you should be able to kill
    them all before anything untoward happens. If you don't have the access kit
    umm... have fun? There are at least fifteen enemies scattered through this
    room so you will take a while. Take it slow and you should get through but
    kill the turret first. Once in the room you can exit through the right or
    left doors but there will be enemies in both so duck back into cover after
    your initial peek.
    INTEL (25/33): To the right of the computer terminal
    Pick them off and access the computer terminal.
    Objective: Assist the SEALs using a sniper rifle
    CHECKPOINT. Head down the staircase to see a squad firing out at the wave
    of approaching enemies below. Grab the sniper rifle if you haven't got one
    already and take out the encroaching soldiers (I accidently shot one of the
    defenders, whoops). After killing twenty or so enemies the SEALs will finish
    moving up and the objective will be complete. CHECKPOINT. Just a note that
    you should definitely hold onto the sniper rifle as it will come in handy at
    several other points in the level. Head past the prisoners and when you reach
    the stairs either use them as a snipe point or run down them and take cover.
    Six or so enemies will be at (and reinforce from) the other end of the room.
    End their troubles in this life to be greeted by another set of stairs. A
    single soldier should be waiting for you to descend so put him out of your
    misery. The hallway is another perfect grenade lobbing range so feel free to
    work out your throwin' arm. The only real threat here is the turret. If you
    brought a sniper you should be golden otherwise this may take a while.
    Be careful of your angles after taking out the turret as reinforcements will
    arrive from both the end of the hall and from the door on the right side.
    Leave no pane of glass unshattered as you gun them down. The redshirts will
    wait for you to move up so the barrage of enemies will have to be faced by
    you. I don't know if it's infinite but it sure seems like it with enemy
    after enemy rushing out of spawn closets. Once you make it to the door into
    the room with the access point you should finally receive a CHECKPOINT.
    Another turret controlled massacre ensues here so clear the room or cry as
    you have to deal with the enemies the hard way. This area has a ton of
    enemies and many cheap death zones so be very cautious, use your lemming
    allies to tell you what's ahead and keep to an assault rifle or SMG here as
    it is all close combat.
    Objective: Check the CCTV feed
    Once you reach the stairs at the rear of the area you should see a refill
    crate right ahead. Use it and stomp over to the objective. After seeing
    the Admiral's plight there is nothing you can do. Oh or you get to be
    Menendez doing it. That's fine too I guess.
    Objective: Subdue Admiral Briggs
    Grab the Admiral and watch the big dramatic reveal and make yet another
    story affecting choice. Shoot him in the leg or in the head. Wow that was
    screwed up. Didn't 'see' that coming. System ready: Enter command> Mess
    shit up... Did Menendez just gain control of the entire American automated
    war machines? Damn, that's a step up in badassness right there.
    Objective: Reach the server room
    INTEL (26/33): On the right side of the area, near the red doorway to your
    objective should be a small set of stairs leading up. Up these should be the
    Regain control as Mason and enter the ventilation shaft to reach the
    server room. Help the Admiral if he isn't dead and then head for your new
    Objective: Get to hangar bay
    CHECKPOINT. Walk through the destroyed innards of the carrier until you reach
    the hangar.
    Objective: Find Menendez
    Grab some ammo before you exit the hangar and get ready for a dick move by
    the level designer. As you walk outside the elevator you are standing on will
    rise and enemies will spawn behind you on the platform above. If you aren't
    in cover quickly you are screwed. Hide behind the jet engine and take
    pot-shots at the soldiers until Mason requests a VTOL for extraction.
    Objective: Get to the VTOL for EVAC
    CHECKPOINT. Glad you still have that sniper rifle here aren't you? With such
    open views you can go on a rampage here, gunning down dozens of enemies in
    a few seconds. Just be careful of the occasional bum rushing enemy who will
    waltz up to you while you are scoped and just lay into you. Look to the left
    after clearing the elevator to see an access point that will make life so
    much easier. Inside is the controls for a CLAW, yes those awesome
    indestructible automated robots. You now control it. Have fun. This is a long
    and tedious section but there is a checkpoint halfway in the scrapped jet.
    INTEL (27/33): In a parked jet to the right of the wrecked building in the
    center of the runway
    Take your time and let the claw do the heavy lifting and with patience you
    should get through.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I 10 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  CORDIS DIE (U.S.A 2025)                                        CD10
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            Type 25 with reflex sight
    I      I Secondary:          Storm PSR
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade
             Perks:              Access kit
    Mission objective: Protect P.O.T.U.S
    Objective: Get POTUS to the 'Prom Night' bunker
    Well. That didn't go well. Nuff said. This is one hell of a high status
    escort mission isn't it?
    Objective: Use the SAM turret to shoot down the drones
    Immediately sprint for your objective as otherwise you won't last long.
    The SAM controls are pretty easy so just lock onto the drones and keep firing
    until you succeed.
    Objective: Regroup with protection detail
    Well at least we have one jet to support us right? Huh, we now get a
    highlighted choice as to what to do. You can either rappel down with the
    group or provide sniper overwatch. Hmmm... which one has less chance of
    being turned into a bullet magnet. I choose sniping as you are far less of
    a target. I may be wrong but let's see how we go.
    Objective: Protect POTUS
    Objective: Save all 3 MRAPS
    The sniper they give you is pretty neat as it has a really nice scope to play
    with. Seek out highlighted targets and make sure the President is safe at
    all times. You only need to kill a set number before you automatically succeed
    so just keep on top of things. Oh, and the gun can shoot through walls like
    in Eraser. Just sayin'. Rappel down for a CHECKPOINT and take cover as there
    are still more enemies incoming.
    INTEL (28/33): Past the bus to the left of the road behind a burning car
    There is an ammo refill crate slightly ahead that offers good cover and a
    nice sniping position. Once you move up it's time to stop and take a
    breather. Nah, just stand still and start sniping enemies through the truck
    in front. It's cheap I know but then again all of veteran mode is cheap so
    it deserves some payback. Once your satisfied there are no yellow outlines
    still standing move up to the President's location.
    Objective: Head for the 'Prom Night' bunker
    CHECKPOINT. Ah driving again. Well that wasn't a long driving section was it?
    I was going to complain, make some references to how Forza this ain't but
    that was like 50 seconds so I think I'll just let it go. Get trucked. No
    Objective: Destroy the C.L.A.W.s
    After your hundredth concussion this campaign you will wake up in
    a magically unsmashed vehicle. Climb out and prepare to be ganked by CLAWs.
    INTEL (29/33): In the Hotel along the left wall after you wake up on the
    reception desk
    Quickly grab the RPG directly in front of you and flank to the right behind
    cover then line it up and fire. Four times. Repeat another two times to win
    yes? Well, you can make your job slightly easier by opening the access point
    to the right of the destroyed CLAW to find drones to control. They may not
    work on CLAWs but they will work on the soldiers scattered everywhere. The
    path through the area is pretty obvious. Just don't miss too much with the
    RPG and you should be ok. There is an ammo crate inside the truck to use if
    you run dry anyway so ammo shouldn't be a problem.
    Objective: Regroup with POTUS
    CHECKPOINT. Well-deserved I might add. Another slow move up section will
    follow (same thing just no CLAWs to worry about). Head into the buildings
    where possible and use your fancy sniper rifle to scan for threats, killing
    them before they even see you (that would be so broken online).
    INTEL (30/33): Inside the buildings to the left, up the escalator on a rack
    to the right
    After reaching the first objective marker here you will get a new objective.
    Objective: Save G20 leader
    Time to rescue the French leader. Well I tried (failed miserably). I am unsure
    if you can actually save him or not but if (like me) you couldn't succeed in
    protecting him you are knocked out again and wake up staring at a burning car.
    Objective: Get to the FA-38
    Check on Anderson before hopping in the jet.
    Objective: Follow Anderson's ambulance
    Objective: Protect the President's vehicle
    Looks like you're providing the air support now so follow the ambulance until
    you catch up to the Presidential convoy. Now you have to focus on taking out
    helicopters and vehicles before the President's vehicle approaches them.
    Missile locks make this incredibly easy just look for any red points on the
    screen and wait for a lock then blow them away. The annoying part is when you
    have to shoot down waves of drones while the afterburners are on. I hit many
    a building doing this but I managed to keep it together long enough to make
    it. Don't bother with the machine gun against the drones as it takes far too
    long to destroy them, just do your best to get those locks ASAP and you should
    be good. Oh and the level ends.
    -I  L I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I 11 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  JUDGEMENT DAY (Haiti 2025)                                     JD11
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Primary:            SCAR-H with target finder and grenade launcher
    I      I Secondary:          XPR-50 with dual band scope
    IIIIIIII Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade
             Perks:              Access kit
    Mission objective: Find Raul Menendez
    Objective: Shut down the transmission
    Awesome, jetpacks! The missiles can be a pain if you attempt to drop in a
    straight line as they spawn directly in your path. Keep moving from side to
    side to avoid them easily until you reach the ground (that guy cartwheeling
    as he botched his landing was priceless).
    Objective: Gain entry to the military facility
    Take cover at the first corner and use the scope of the default sniper to
    spy through the smoke and chaos to find several enemies up high (multiple
    snipers and RPG soldiers). So concentrate on taking them down first before
    thinking about the CLAW.
    INTEL (31/33): After climbing some stairs there is a brown building with the
    number 27 on it. Up the stairs inside is the intel
    Use your XM31 grenades to destroy the CLAW and then reload at the ammo
    refill it was guarding. Stalk up the left hand side and take cover before
    the three soldiers behind the barrier ahead pop up and kill you. Spatter
    them and then turn your attention to the building ahead, it has a sentry gun
    in the window and a large number of enemies inside. After emptying the
    windows of enemies and machinery move up with a close range weapon as
    enemies will still run out from the building. There is an access point
    behind the structure with a targeting device inside. Enemies past this point
    start wearing the camo suits again so be alert.
    Retreat once they start spawning at you, keeping an eye high for several
    snipers on the roof in front of you. Use your safe position to take out the
    snipers and then help your allies deal with the cloaked enemies. Move up
    until you can see a massive staircase around the corner. This is another
    one of those, slow plodding, sit in cover shootouts so get it over with.
    Look to the left and right of the steps (not on the steps themselves) to find
    the most enemies. A pair of enemy CLAWs and several enemies will be waiting
    for you at the top in the direction of the objective marker. Use your
    grenades to take out these CLAWs as well. There is an ammo crate and RPG
    launchers on the wall if you are having trouble though. Or you could use your
    orbital launch thing from the previous access point. Many options all
    resulting in BOOM.
    CHECKPOINT. Once you reach the doorway, a squad of friendlies will appear
    upstairs on the right and push through to the left slowly. This leaves you
    with clearing the ground floor and then assisting the squad. Once the room
    is cleared, head downstairs and the doors will open for you. Never a good
    sign. Two or more enemies will be sequestered inside. Use your weapons to
    unsequester them or just let your squad do it if you're lazy. CHECKPOINT.
    More enemies will rush in after the initial spawns have been put down so just
    hop into cover and give the AI a hand speeding things up. Unless you stand
    right out in the open the only threat is grenades here. As you head for the
    balcony overlooking the lower area ASDs will roll out as well as another wave
    of soldiers. Head to the far right to find an access terminal that will allow
    you to gain control of an ASD to help out. Yet another wave will follow after
    the first with two ASDs in it. After rounding another corner you finally
    enter the control center.
    INTEL (32/33): Up the middle staircase in one of the left aisles on a desk
    CHECKPOINT. Quads and yet more soldiers will enter from the rear control
    center doors, so take cover and let the shooting gallery begin. If you still
    have your sniper rifle taking out the quads will be a piece of cake.
    Objective: Shut down the drone control
    After making your way to the top of the control center you can finally shut
    off those aggravating drones. They're off now anyway... Not how you intended
    but meh *shrugs shoulders*.
    Objective: Find Menendez
    The newly opened doorway contains another rush of enemies so be ready to
    counter their assault. At some points the helpful scenery may save your ass
    so thank it and move on. Camo suits are back in so use your scope to find
    them before they rush you. This whole section is all about taking it slow and
    sniping absolutely everything. Without question. This is one of the only
    frustrating parts of the game, if you try to race through you will fail.
    INTEL (33/33): Wow is this one well hidden. In the large circular room, just
    before you reach your final objective (it has a catwalk above and sparks
    flying everywhere). You can actually walk through the generator on the lower
    floor to find the stairs down. Head down here and you will find it sitting
    there sulking on a crate
    Once you reach your objective you will have a slo-mo shooting sequence and
    Menendez will finally be within your grasp.
    Make the call and with that the war is over except for a few scenes before
    and during the credits. If you powered through it that's another veteran
    campaign down and congratulations. Was pretty easy overall though thanks to
    the ammo refills and future tech. Hope they ramp up the challenge next time.
    Oh and the scene after the credits kicks ass.
    ******************************* STRIKE MISSIONS ******************************
    -I  S I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  FOB SPECTRE (India 2025)
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Strike force teams: 3
    I      I
    I      I Units available:
    I      I
    IIIIIIII Seals
    Mission objective: Defend the facility from SOC attacks
    NOTE: None of these strike missions need to be completed for the veteran
    mode achievements. It is far easier to do them on an easier difficulty on
    a repeat play through when you attempt to get the story achievements.
    Welcome to a new type of mission. COD just went from a first person shooter
    to a RTS hybrid. Who woulda thought? A tutorial will run you through the
    basics but probably won't stick in your mind. As these missions generally
    require both tactical decisions and direct control of your forces, some
    veteran first person shooter players may have problems adjusting to this new
    style of play (As Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw says: "It's a stealth RTS but not
    one where you have to backstab a guy with a convoy of tanks."
    This method for Veteran was posted by Silent Fanatic so all credit goes to
    the author:
    The first thing you want to do is set one of the groups of soldiers to guard
    the satellite. The other group should be put next to / inside the little
    building that's across from the satellite. The one with an alley that leads
    to the fence where more enemy soldiers spawn from.
    With your soldiers in place, you should now take control of your claw.
    Position it over by the power station, pulled back so you can see both the
    stairs leading down from the area where a helicopter drops more enemy
    soldiers, as well as the door of the building where your second group of
    soldiers are placed. The one right next to your first turret. Your job will
    be to just shoot the enemy soldiers, drones and whatnot as they show up.
    Your own guys will be wiped out periodically, but there's not much you can
    do about that. Just keep sweeping your aim from one area to another,
    shooting things down as you see them.
    One thing to keep in mind is that enemy soldiers will often make it up the
    stairs to the satellite dish and begin to wear it down. It can be kind of
    hard to see them at times, so just do your best with spraying some fire
    across that zone from time to time. Don't worry about hitting your own guys,
    there's no friendly fire on these missions.
    A good way to gauge if you're going to be successful is by how long the
    satellite manages to last. If you reach right around three minutes or less
    by the time the bad guys start to swarm the inner building, you should be in
    good shape. What you do from here is pretty much up to you, but I find it
    handy to take over the inner turret until it gets destroyed, then just
    making sure to take out the EMP device if the enemy gets a chance to plant
    Oh, and the mission isn't over once the timer runs out. You still have to
    kill any remaining enemies left on the map. It shouldn't be too hard from
    that point, just take it slow and you should be in the clear.
    -I  S I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  2 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  SHIPWRECK (Singapore 2025)
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Strike force teams: 3
    I      I
    IIIIIIII Seals
    Again this method for Veteran was posted by Silent Fanatic so all credit
    goes to the author:
    This mission is equal parts luck and strategy on Veteran. Your first impulse
    might be to try to secure each of the sites before moving on to the next.
    This is a mistake. The timer and small amount of friendly assets mean you
    have to move quickly on ALL three sites.
    The trick here is to move from site A to B to C, dropping your devices as
    you go. Don't bother stopping to make sure they're successful or assigning
    any troops to defend the area. Just drop the device and move on to the next
    point. Your main hope here is that site B is successful above all else. If
    you're really lucky, you'll end up with site A as your final spot, but there
    are no guarantees with this level.
    Positioning can go a long way here, though. For site A, I like to put the
    device right at the edge of the crate as you're entering the area. At site
    B, I put it at the rear of the truck. With site C, I place it on the
    right-hand side of the target, towards the water. There are no "perfect"
    areas here, but it does help to shield the devices from as many directions
    as possible. Once all three sites have been secured, you'll get a prompt to
    launch a missile at the ship. Just press X when directed and direct the shot
    at the highlighted area.
    Again, this level relies heavily upon luck. I'd say if you're down to three
    minutes and don't have two sites already secured, you might as well restart.
    Just dashboard out and come back in so you won't lose any strike teams.
    It will definitely take a lot of patience, but it IS doable!
    -I  S I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  3 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  I.E.D. (Afghanistan 2025)
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Strike force teams: 4
    I      I
    IIIIIIII QR Drones
    Due to the way this mission is set out this strike mission can be quite 
    difficult unless you know a few essential things. Use tactical view for this
    one as it will make it much simpler to prepare for enemy threats.
    The four main enemies you face will be (in order of danger level):
    1 - Tanks: Use the missile strike long before your convoy reaches them to 
    prevent massive damage.
    2 - RPG soldiers: These guys can survive for a surprisingly long time even
    with a full squad attacking them. Your drones are the best method for dealing
    with these enemies as they work best against unarmoured infantry. They are 
    often placed on mountains as well so make sure to target them quickly so your
    drones gain height fast enough to take them out before the convoy arrives.
    3 - Helicopters: I've never actually taken damage from these so I'm not sure 
    how dangerous they are. Your ASDs will make the best damage dealers agains
    these airborne threats.
    4 - Horse riders: Weak but fast cavalry units that are best taken out with 
    your drones. Normally in large numbers but if you can anticipate their rush
    they will go down fast.
    The final danger are I.E.Ds (improvised explosive device) which will be placed
    in the path of the convoy dealing quite a bit of damage. They can be hard to
    see but the little glowing blip is there. Shoot them with your drones to 
    destroy them before the trucks roll over them.
    Enemies on this map all spawn at preset locations (some are affected 
    differently by attacks however they all begin in a set spot) so this map is
    mostly about prevention and memorization of where the danger zones are. Take
    out a tank immediately every time your missile strike becomes active and use
    the correct units against each enemy type to come out victorious here. Only
    one truck has to survive so focus on defending the one with the most health
    and you should eventually win.
    -I  S I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  4 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Strike force teams: 4
    I      I
    IIIIIIII QR Drones
    This mission only appears if you let your target get captured by the enemy
    in the mission "Karma."
    Your objective is to run to each of the search markers and search the room.
    In one of the rooms you will find your target. The location of where the
    target can be found is randomized each time so if you fail just reset to the
    dashboard and try again (hoping for a better spawn). With some luck and skill
    you should reach your target fairly easily for a Veteran mission. Oh and you
    can also play as the target once they have been rescued. You might want to do
    this as the target can be a bit suicidal at times and will run into the open
    and die quickly without your intervention. Return the target to the VTOL and
    you will win.
    -I  S I-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    _I  5 I_______________________________________________________________________
     I    I
     IIIIII  DISPATCH ( 2025)
    I      I______________________________________________________________________
    I 2025 I
    I      I Default loadout
    I      I
    I      I Strike force teams: 4
    I      I
    IIIIIIII QR Drones
    This is pretty much a wave mode level like most other shooters, to start it
    however you must reach the hacking point first. There are two main ways to
    approach the first section. If you are very good at playing the soldier you
    can clear the path yourself while leaving your squad behind to keep casualties
    to a minimum or you can move your whole squad together to provide intense 
    focus fire on appearing enemies (although make sure you don't rush them into
    ASDs or turrets as the AI can't seem to handle armoured units). Both 
    strategies mean the best survival chances for your units which are very handy 
    once you activate the hacking device in the second area.
    The waves will start crashing in at this point and you will need your 
    remaining squad to hold the point while you personally deal with the largest
    threats until the timer runs out. Once it ticks down to zero the mission is
    complete and you've won.
    ******************************** ACHIEVEMENTS ********************************
    Story related: Unmissable
    No Man Left Behind - 20G
    Rescue Woods
    Gathering Storm - 20G
    Investigate the jungle facility
    Shifting Sands - 20G
    Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan
    Driven by Rage - 20G
    Take down Menendez and his operation
    Waterlogged - 20G
    Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot
    What Happens in Colossus... - 20G
    Find the Karma weapon
    False Profit - 20G
    Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice
    Deep Cover - 20G
    Capture Menendez
    Sinking Star - 20G
    Interrogate Menendez
    Late for the Prom - 20G
    Escort the president to the secure location in downtown LA
    Death from Above - 50G
    Stop Menendez once and for all
    Difficulty related achievements:
    Old Fashioned - 50G
    Complete 'Pyrrhic Victory', 'Old Wounds','Time And Fate', and 'Suffer With Me'
    on Veteran
    Self explanatory
    Futurist - 50G
    Complete all future levels in Veteran
    All the levels that aren't in the previous achievement fall under this one
    Black Ops II Master - 15G
    Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty
    Self explanatory
    Challenge related achievements:
    Just Gettin' Started - 10G
    Complete 1 challenge in any level
    See Giant Accomplishment
    Mission Complete - 10G
    Complete all challenges in any level
    See Giant Accomplishment
    Giant Accomplishment - 50G
    Complete all challenges in Black Ops II
    Well this is a doozy and will take you a fair whack of time. Each level has
    ten challenges that must be completed including the strike missions. The best
    write-up of this I have seen is posted on trueachievements.com by ErnaP. So
    all credit goes to him/her for this comprehensive guide:
    I won't add it physically to the guide as it would make it instantly far too
    Strike mission related achievements:
    Singapore Sling - 15G
    Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminal
    Complete Shipwreck (Read the guide for specific tips on these missions)
    Desert Storm - 15G
    Successfully escort the VIPs to safety
    Complete I.E.D
    Defender - 15G
    Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion
    Complete FOB Spectre
    Art of War - 25G
    Successfully assassinate SDC Chairman Tian Zhao
    Complete Dispatch
    Bind Date - 15G
    Successfully rescue HVI
    Complete Second Chance (Only appears if your target was lost in "Karma"
    Story related achievements:
    Family Reunion - 10G
    There are two futures
    During the mission "Suffer with me" you will be told to headshot a captured
    target in the final section. Shoot him in the chest when standing and then
    again when the target is on the ground.
    Hey Good Looking - 10G
    Plastic surgery avoided
    At the finale of the mission "Fallen Angel" when driving the car you will
    reach a tunnel with sheets of flame across your path. You need to slow the
    car down and avoid the flames to obtain this achievement.
    Showdown - 15G
    A duel between rivals
    Step 1: In the Mission "Karma" let DeFalco Escape with Karma
    Step 2: After this, dont play the Strike Force Mission "Second Chance"
    Step 3: In the Mission "Achilles Veil" as Farid you must kill Harper, not try
    to shoot Menendez
    Step 4: In the Mission "Odysseus" in the "Briggs" Shooutout. Farid kills
    DeFalco, DeFalco kills Farid and you earn this Achievement automatically.
    Dirty Business - 15G
    Listen and think before you shoot
    1. Resist the compulsion to kill Kravchenko in "Old Wounds"
    2. During the level "Suffer with me" you will interrogate Noriega after which
    the achievement will pop
    Ship Shape - 10G
    Reinforcements on the way
    Note: Follow the Good Karma guide to get both achievements in one play through
    Step 1: All strike missions beside "Second Chance" must be completed
    Step 2: During the mission "Oysseus" when playing as Menendez you must choose
    to shoot Briggs in the leg
    Dead or Alive - 15G
    Jailor or executioner
    Capture or kill Menendez in "Judgement Day." You do have to make the decision
    to get this achievement though because if you wait too long it will
    automatically make it for you and you miss the achievement.
    Ultimate Sacrifice - 15G
    Only one can survive
    During the mission "Achilles' Veil" when you are presented the choice between
    shooting Harper or Menendez you must shoot Menendez for the achievement.
    Good Karma - 20G
    Crack the celerium worm
    1. During "Old Wounds" you must resist shooting Krawchenko
    2. Complete all Strike missions as they become available on the first attempt
    3. Grab the intel (folder) from the cocaine bunker in the mission "Time and
    4. Successfully record enough dialogue in "Fallen Angel"
    5. Complete "Karma" and allow DeFalco to flee
    6. During "Achilles' Veil" as Farid you must kill Harper
    7. Complete "Odysseus" and shoot Briggs in the leg
    8. Achievement should unlock in the shootout that follows
    Intel related achievement:
    High IQ - 20G
    Collect all intel
    Follow the walkthrough to find them all
    Misc achievements:
    Back in Time - 10G
    Use a future weapon in the past
    Finish your first future mission then replay a past mission with it in you
    Man of the People - 15G
    In mission four (Time and Fate) when you are playing as Menendez at the start
    you must kill all the soldiers actively attacking civilians (7 civilians being
    attacked in total). For a video guide on the locations watch this one.
    Gun Nut - 10G
    Complete a level with customized loadout
    Change the default loadout and complete a level with it
    Ten K - 15G
    Minimum score 10K in every mission
    Doing nearly anything in missions gives you points, as well as difficulty and
    completing challenges. If you are playing veteran you should get minimum
    30000 a level without trying so this shouldn't be too hard. If you are having
    difficulty try completing challenges as they give you 2000 each time you
    complete one.
    Welcome to the Club - 10G
    Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match
    Depending on skill level and modes played this will probably take one hour
    to three hours tops. Play in any public match type online until you reach
    level 10. Simple.
    Welcome to the Penthouse - 50G
    Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match
    Same idea as the previous achievement but a hell of a lot slower. You will
    probably need to play for 20+ solid hours to reach your first prestige
    Big Leagues - 20G
    Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division
    To start with you must enter the league play section and complete five
    'placement games' to become placed. You then must win five league games
    total, not in a row or any other thing. Just win five games.
    Trained Up - 10G
    Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists
    Party Animal - 10G
    Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists
    Tower of Babble - 75G
    In Tranzit, obey the voices
    This is the simplest guide that I could find to completing this achievement.
    All credit goes to the author EvilMoomin to finding out how to complete this
    vague achievement.
    I want to make a guide that is less ambiguous than many others I've read, so
    here is my attempt. You need to be on Original difficulty level. This is all
    we did to get this achievement, we didn't assemble any obelisks or super
    weapons. This guide does assume you have some knowledge of how to play
    Step 1:
    You need four players. In the bus station EVERYONE needs a windmill turbine.
    One player needs to have an EMP grenade. So keep using the box as soon as
    you start. Let one player kill all the zombies for the first 2 rounds and
    you should have enough money for three turns on the box at the Diner. If you
    don't get EMPs then restart the game.
    Step 2:
    Then at the end of the second round leave a couple of zombies alive and have
    one player look after them at the Diner so the rest of the players can go
    off to the power room (including the player with the EMP grenades), which is
    two bus stops after the Diner. Turn on the power by assembling the switch,
    then turn it off again after the voice tells you to (this step has created
    the electrical man that you need to kill with an EMP in step 4). Use a
    turbine to leave the power room and get back to the bus, but don't forget to
    pick it up again. Two players then walk back the way the bus came to get
    back to the cornfield and the overhead power line pylon that is there. One
    player needs to get back on the bus and ride it to the town where the bank
    Step 3:
    Once you have found your way to the pylon through the corn field, knifing
    the little goblins on the way when they jump on you (Don't hate them, they
    just want a little love), you need to put 2 turbines down inside the base of
    the pylon, you will be safe from the goblins here too. When the electrical
    storm is overhead at the cornfield, kill the remaining zombies to start a
    new round. (Some guides say that doing this when the storm is overhead
    guarantees that the electrical man will appear in the cornfield, though in
    my experience this hasn't been the case, but it doesn't hurt to wait until
    the storm is overhead, just in case).
    Step 4:
    You may need to fight a few waves of zombies until the electrical man
    appears, but when he does, wait for him to get into the centre of the pylon
    base, then EMP him to kill him. Loads of weird stuf will start happening
    then at the pylon. The player at the Diner should then put down his turbine
    under the street light outside the shed with the white doors at one end of
    the area, this will turn the light on. The player at the town should run
    back down the road the way they came on the bus (knifing goblins that jump
    on you) until they get to a street light and put the turbine down under it.
    Achievement Unlocked.
    Don't Fire Until You See - 30G
    In Tranzit, have all doors opened without being set on fire
    Another tricky achievement for zombies, this one requires you aren't set on
    fire at all until the doors are open. There are 18 in total so this one
    will take a while. If you have a good team you could let them open the doors
    for you while you sit on the bus.
    The Lights Of Their Eyes - 5G
    In Green Run, Pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP
    You will need to obtain the EMP grenade first from the mystery box for 950
    points (it's random so it may take several attempts).
    Cluster 10 undead together in a level, some good locations are:
    The underground power room in Tranzit
    The farm level in the house with the mystery box
    Then throw with LB
    Undead Man's Party Bus - 15G
    In Tranzit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game
    There are three items you can locate and add to the bus to make it more
    effective at repelling and escaping from zombies.
    Ladder - to access the bus roof
    Cattle catcher - kills zombies in front of the bus
    Manhole - to access the roof as well
    The items are randomly distributed at four specific points in the tranzit map
    1. Create a generator in the spawn room (tail fin - next to wall phones,
    mannequin - random location in room and Fan - on chair near table). Take these
    one by one to the construction bench and create the generator.
    2. Use this fan to open the white doors nearby to find one of the bus parts.
    3. Repeat step two on the white doors in the diner, farm and town area to
    find the remaining two bus parts.
    Dance On My Grave - 5G
    Two players required!
    In Green Run, save up enough points to buy the tombstone perk and let a
    zombie down you. Let your buddy complete the round and then you will be
    revived. Pick up the tombstone from where you died and the achievement will
    Standard Equipment May Vary - 25G
    In Tranzit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game
    This list was posted by coreymawf on trueachievements.com so all credit goes
    to the author.
    ITEM 1 - Turbine - SPAWN ROOM
    Building table is in the spawn room.
    Part1 - TAIL-FIN - found on the ground below the telephone on the wall
    Part2 - MANNEQUIN - random spawn (in the spawn room usually near the map)
    Part3 - FAN - on the chair near the building table
    ITEM 2 - Zombie shield - DINER BUS STOP
    Building table is in the car jack building.
    Part1 - TROLLEY - found in the diner
    Part2 - CAR DOOR - found in the same building as the building table
    ITEM 3 - Turret - FARM BUS STOP
    Building table is on the bottom floor of the farm house.
    Part1 - MOWER - random spawn (somewhere on the farm)
    Part2 - RPK - random spawn (somewhere on the farm)
    Part3 - AMMO - random spawn (somewhere on the farm)
    ITEM 4 - Electric trap - POWER ROOM BUS STOP
    Open the door near the AK74, build the power switch.
    The parts can be found in the power room; a switch, a switchboard & a zombie
    The building table is near the power switch.
    Turn the power on and wait for the roller door to open.
    Alternatively, use your turbine (item1) to open the roller door.
    Building table is in the gravestone perk room.
    Part1 - BATTERY - random spawn (usually on the catwalk gravestone room)
    Part2 - METAL BALL & ROD CONDUCTOR - (usually on a box, same room)
    Part3 - LIGHT - random (usually in a window, same room)
    You Have No Power Over Me - 15G
    In Tranzit, defeat "him" without being attacked by "him"
    Posted by stejward on trueachievements.com all credit goes to the original
    First you must turn the power on, to do this travel to the 4th (i think)
    stop on the bus route, you will find a warehouse type building with a shack
    next to it. Open the door and drop down. You will be in a bright white
    corridor, go into the main room and follow the walkway round till you reach
    a small room. In front of you is a workbench, now you need three components
    for it because you need to build the power switch, they are:
    - A back panel
    - A 3 pronged switch
    - A zombie hand
    The zombie hand is the most difficult to find because it looks exactly like
    the hands that get littered around when you kill zombies. All three are
    somewhere within the main white circular room, the entry corridor and the
    workbench room. To pick them up just walk up to them and there will be an on
    screen prompt for you (X for 360, square for PS3). You can only carry one
    part at a time, once you have a part, take it to the workbench and hold X or
    square to build the part. Once you have built all three, you can then switch
    on the power, the circular white room will become electrified and a tube
    will rise with the electrical zombie boss in it, who will then escape! Fun
    Secondly, you need an EMP grenade from the random box (alternative to the
    monkey bombs). Now hopefully when the zombie boss attacks he doesn't do it
    while your on the bus and its when at a stop. When he arrives, avoid him and
    throw an EMP grenade at him. That should kill him and providing nobody got
    attacked by him, the achievement should pop for all people in the game.
    I Don't Think They Exist - 10G
    Simply enter one of the foggy areas between stops in a Tranzit game until
    a winged enemy latches onto your face. Melee swipe at it until it dies to
    earn this achievement.
    Fuel Efficient - 10G
    In Tranzit, use an alternative mode of transportation
    Posted by ZasterModa123 on trueachievements.com, all credit goes to the
    Start the Game, build the Turbine, kill the Zombies, buy the first door, go
    outside and left.
    You see a Lamp behind the Bus. Use the Turbine at this Lamp, go into the Fog
    and wait for the "Goblin"
    Once the Goblin is on you, walk to the Lamp, hit melee 2-3 Times when you
    walk to the Lamp.
    The Goblin builds a Portal, use it and the Achievement is yours.
    Happy Hour - 10G
    In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power. 
    Posted by R3LAPZE on trueachievements.com, all credit goes to the
    First off build the Turbine and knife all the zombies in the room. Buy the 
    quick revive and an M14. Use the Turbine to get outside and then ride the bus 
    to the next stop. Open the door to the diner and then gain 3000 points to buy
    the speed cola! Use the Turbine on the Speed Cola to turn it on.
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