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"A stunning game of a stunning series."

BO2 or more formally Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is by far one of the most exhilarating and fascinating game I have ever put a disk of into my Xbox 360. Although a lot of people needlessly criticize this game, I beg to differ. I expected BO2 to be a fantastic game and I can say without a doubt that it has lived up to the COD franchise. The game really sucks you in and you just dont want to stop playing.It brings many new cool things to the COD series but does bring a few minor glitches too. The gameplay is fantastic, the graphics are breathtaking and for some young guys like me who want to avoid abuses and graphic content, the censoring feature is pretty decent. My personal opinion is that if you would start ranking the COD games, this game would be at the top of the table.

The story of BO2 is pretty closely related to BO1s even though BO1 appeared to be quite climatic. It takes place in two time periods. The old late 1980s and the absolutely awesome and breathtaking 2025 era. In the old times you are once again in control of American CIA operative Alex Mason. In the 2025 era, you control his son David Mason, a navy SEAL in the JSOC counter terrorist force and codenamed "Section". The story is centered around a Niccaraguan drug dealer named Raul Menendez who plays the part as the villain and is associated with both time periods. The futurisic part of this game is how it contains highly advanced equipment such as the unmanned MQ drones, the formidable CLAW and ASD ground drones and the flying Quad drones which can turn the tide in any battle.

In BO2, before every mission, you have the choice of selecting your own loadout which lets you play to your strengths and see the game in a whole new perspective. Alot of new guns from the 2025 era are introduced such as the M27 assault rifle which loses all recoil if you add a foregrip and the XM31 grenade which is wrist fired andis a great handy tool for destroying even heavy armour. In the loadout screen, you can add up to 3 attatchments to your primary and secondary weapon. The story also allows you to make many choices during the game which will greatly influence how the game proceeds making it so that you have to play it over and over again and gain a little control on how you want your story to be. Special "Strike Force" missions are also introduced which are a type of Real Time Strategy mode making this game as versatile as it is fun.

The new guns from the future really make playing the game much more fun. While some players buy COD games for campaign, most want to have fun with its breathtaking multiplayer mode. Sadly the guns are probably the only new thing. The guns must be unlocked by prestige tokens this time. Also back is the terribly infamous headglitch. For players who dont know about it allow me to explain. The headglitch is such a thing that allows you to stay behind cover with only your head out and somehow shoot from your head. It really makes gameplay much much harder and very uncool. The maps I am afraid are a bit too small and dont have many secret areas around the map or something like that. If you bought the game to play just multiplayer then you may not like it as much as BO1. Another new thing is the Pick10 feature. You can pick only 10 items meaning if you want another attatchment, you may have to lose your stun grenade or if you want another perk, your frags may have to go.

Finally what we were all waiting for! The best part of this game and totally worth the games price. The BO2 zombies really is the ultimate source of fun for zombie addicts like me myself. This time, zombies features new people and you just simply cant use the old Nikolai or Tank Dempsey or Richtophen and the original lot. This time you have Misty, Samuel, Marlton and Russman. The best thing about the new zombies is the truly must play TranZit feature and the option of playing with up to four players. In the TranZit feature you dont have different maps to choose from but can travel to many smaller maps via bus ride.Multiple perk a colas are also present such as the juggernog, speed cola, tombstone, double tap root beer and many others. Also new are the incredibly useful buildables. You can collect many objects at workbenches placed at every stop in TranZit by collecting different parts scattered across the entire TranZit area including the ones where your bus driver T.E.D.D does not stop.

These buildables include the turret, the zombie shield, the turbine, the jet gun and various upgrades for your bus like the ladder to get to the top of the bus and the part that looks like the front of a train and blows away any zombies trying to get in through the front.If you try to travel in the fog when you have missed the bus, little demonic creatures known as "The Denizens of the Forest" hop onto your head and impair vision badly. The Mystery Box also arrives and is scattered across the field on the various bus stops. Giving you great guns such as the ray gun and the HAMR LMG, one must always stay cautious of the teddy bear whose appearance will transport the box to an entirely different area. Undoubtedly the most formidable zombie in the entire game is the electrical zombie or more commonly just known as "HIM" who is made alive when you switch on the power in the power station. HIM can only be killed by rapidly knifing him multiple times or by using an EMP grenade which one can only get via Mystery Box.

The game brings the standard of First Person Shooters to a whole new level and lets the players experience gaming like never before. It may have a few rough edges but then is there a game that doesnt? For multiplayer fans who like to shoot their buddies online and locally, this may not be the game of your dreams. For guys who want a good storyline, this game is one you are going to be playing quite a lot and finally for gamers who are just aching to kill some zombies, this game was made for you. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 really brings the environment of today, yesterday and tomorrow to create a gaming masterpiece. The game is a nonstop entertainment machine whitch gives players of all kinds enjoyment for a countless number of hours, days, months and for true game fanatics, YEARS! Hope readers are inspired by this and want to play this game but this is just my personal view. If you really want to know, buy the game and play for yourself. If you read this review, thank you for that and I hope that I get to write many more of these reviews and FAQs. Hope you like the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/20/12

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (US, 11/13/12)

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